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    I’m not sure your budget but check out @GolfSub70 They have amazing quality clubs at even better prices. The owner Jason goes above and beyond with customer service.
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    ... Knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to golf swings and equipment. I have always been meticulous about club specs going back to Flo and Spine when installing new shafts when QC mandated it. So I have 2 stories for you: I always played my driver at D1 after finding that weight worked best for my swing. 2 years ago in Phoenix for the winter I did not have access to my workshop and about a month before coming home I picked up a new shaft to try in my F8. I installed it and it felt a hair heavy but I took it to the course and hit it very well. I continued to hit it well for the remainder of my time there. I came home and curious as to the swing weight, I measured it and was surprised to find it was D7!?! That is just way heavier than I have ever played. Took it out for my first round back in Chicago and it felt like a sledgehammer. Same driver I played well with in Phoenix that was a hair heavy was now too heavy and unplayable. Nothing changed but my knowledge of the specs. Long story short, some remember Fred Couples taking a thru bore Ram 3 wood from Tom Watsons trunk and playing it in some tournaments and just killing it. Talking to a reporter after a round he stated it was the best 3 wood he ever owned. Watson heard that and next time he saw Freddie said he was surprised he was hitting an R Flex shaft so well. Freddie thought it was an X flex and after that sprayed it all over the course, they re-shafted it but never found the magic again. Nothing changed but his knowledge of the specs. ... So experiment away and if you find something that works DO NOT check your specs.
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    ... Did you say some new P790's? Epoxied them yesterday with a new GAPR Mid, so I just gotta cut the shafts and install the grips now that I am moving around like a human being again.
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    I’m with @GSwag here. Like most of you have said, nobody BUT Reed would get this reception after what happened at the Hero. And why is that? Well, because he has a reputation. If it happened to someone with a clean past, we could chalk it up to a honest mistake and move on. But since Reed is a notorious cheater, he deserves to have the moniker follow him around for a while. I also don’t mind him being called out for being a cheater. If you cheat, you need to be prepared for the consequences. I think people should be allowed to voice their opinion on someone whether or not those opinions are positive. The only thing I have a problem with is that we continue to drag Reed’s family matters into this. It should in no way affect our opinions of him as a golfer. While I agree the optics of his family aren’t great, I know firsthand how much things can get twisted. I personally don’t have a relationship with my father, and if y’all were to only hear from him, you’d receive a completely inaccurate portrait of him and me. He was an abuser, emotionally and otherwise, but if you heard from him, he’d portray himself as a saint, and wonderful father. This isn’t/wasn’t the case, but you wouldn’t know that just hearing from him. So please, stop bringing personal matters into a public setting. Nothing good comes of it, and we will likely never have the full story.
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    This is probably true. Who cares what the club says on the bottom? It is designed to go a certain distance. All the other clubs are designed to go a different distance. I carry a phone in my pocket, it's not a phone, it's a computer that can make a call, but it is still called a phone.
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    Maltby have a sneaky release of thier new head and usually dont do releases till late spring/summer. So it caught me a bit off guard. This one has a cast ti body of 8-1-1 and a face of 6-4 ti. They brought back an adjustable hosel and have thier signature single weight port. The new SIM driver arrived at the same time so a shootout ensued The SIM was a 9.0 with the Hzrdus Green S at 46", weight slightly heel side. KE4 TC had the Xcaliber Superlite55 S tipped an inch at 45". I also had along an M5 9.0 and an ISO-T 10.5. Right away the M5 was knocked out as it was out to the right and a slight but shorter but in a tight pattern. No doubt the distance was hampered by the fade. The ISO-T is not the one I have setup for myself but it was a good representation. This one spins in the 3200 rpm area and though it matched ball speed of 155 the spin kills the distance. But it is very straight. It was obvious this was between the KE4 and the SIM. The first chart shows how they stacked up. The KE4 carry numbers had a pair of 250 carries that hurt its numbers but overall it more than held its own. It bettered the ball speed yet was slower in club head speed. Had much better spin and was as consistent. Seeing this really intrigued me into wanting to get a matching shaft comparison. As the two drivers sit I could have played either one. Feel wise a slight nod goes to the SIM. it has a bit softer feel but not by a lot. Same goes for the sound,, it's just slightly softer. Both feel and sound with nearly any TM these days is a benchmark. The SIM is right up there.. with the KE4 its NOT a huge difference but it is there. Just a bit firmer and louder,, just a bit. The construction of the two is quite different and the carbon crown of the SIM plays a big role. So next I put a matching Xcaliber Superlite55 S tipped an inch in the SIM. Both are 45" long and matching grips. This was two days later and didnt quite have my swing from the previous test but it was repeatable. I hit the SIM first for 5 and switched. Viewed the data and repeated the 5 and 5. This test showed the KE4 to edge out the SIM again but this time it was a little more clear. There is not a huge difference but it is there in the numbers. Spin is still far better. Ball speed is nearly the same yet the SIM is still faster. The aero on the head is REAL. you can swing the SIM faster yet it was not showing the leap expected in ball speed. Smash factor reflects that as well. For the heck of it I repeated a 3 and 3 test on the E6 software and had the same results. The KE4 beat it out. As far as dispersion goes they were pretty equal. With the KE4 I can take the right side of the fairway out of play. With the SIM I need to aim down the middle. My misses were right and left but all still well in play. The KE4 was steadily left. not in a hooky sort of way, just left. Which for me is new. Once I get outside I'll play with the settings where I'm better able to see its actual flight. Now,,,,, I have $210 into the build of the KE4 TC. The SIM is $549. I'm not knocking the SIM as I really did enjoy the driver and certainly could play it, (I still could have adjusted setting with the SIM, as well the KE4), but there is no way I can justify over twice the cost. Maltby has a fantastic release with the top of the KE4 line up. I really look forward to spending more time with it getting it dialed in. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Tiger??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    “Bacon Boys 9” this morning, weather was awesome and course in nice shape. Played the Mizzies Hot Metal irons , man they are nice . I’m thinking they stay in the bag for a while. Putting was horrendous [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hit it today. Very consistent ball speed and smash, and SURPRISINGLY forgiving! I had a few I thought were way left or right off the face and, NOPE! Nice club. Set it down next to M5 and the SIM DEFINITELY sits much more square. Really nice looking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I don’t get people’s need to heckle anyone regardless of sport or action. How bad is ones self esteem they have to rag on someone to feel good about themselves or act like they got the better of the person. Also don’t get why anyone cares. Whose life is affected by either Reeds actions intentional or not or if the guy was right or wrong to heckle him? i get it that it’s a good forum and the season is still not really under way but that event is in the past and life goes on. Wish society to get back to just booing bad plays, cheering good ones and if you don’t like something avoid it. need more positivity than negativity in the world
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    Played a round at Wildcat Golf Club close to downtown Houston and wanted to share a little scenery. 125 yard 9 iron into the wind spun back pretty nicely. One of the outstanding views from Wildcat Highlands tee box #12...That's NRG stadium and the Astrodome right next door. I drove the ball exceptionally today. I played wildcat golf course today there was 15 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 30 miles an hour after 3 inches of rain last night it was cartpath only. it’s a really nice course with lots of hazards, Forced carries and large greens with lots of undulations so it was a demanding course for me to go out and play a ball for the first time especially under the conditions. The biggest impact on my game that I saw was with putting the ball. I had no feel for distance control with this ball compared to the pro V 1x that I normally play. I did putt on the practice green for a little while and I could tell the ball has a little bit more spring right off the face of the club and I just never could get comfortable with distance control all day but that’s something that I’m sure will come around and playing this ball a little more so I’m not worried about that.The other thing that I could see today was the ball seemed to come off the club with a very low launch angle. I was placing it back in my stance a little bit because I was trying to flight it down a little because of the windy conditions. I Need to play with the ball a lot more before drawing any conclusions. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    That's the most fight BIG 12 schools have shown on defense in a decade! Oh wait, this is a basketball thread.......
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    Alright, so I literally just got in the door from doing some testing on Trackman. I went by Haas Family Golf in Greenville, SC and spent some time with Daniel Clemmons, their in house master fitter. If any of you in the upstate SC area are looking for a fitter and/or lessons, give this guy a call. Very knowledgeable and super nice as well. Anyhow, results are below comparing my 6th gen Srixon ZStar vs the proto Bridgestone Tour B XS. CHS / Ball Speed / Smash / Launch / Spin / Carry Driver Z Star - 112.7 / 165.6 / 1.47 / 8.3 / 1909 / 263.2 yds B XS - 113.5 / 168.1 / 1.48 / 8.4 / 2917 / 280.2 yds 7 iron Z Star - 91.2 / 118.6 / 1.30 / 18.3 / 6966 / 166 yds B XS - 91.3 / 120 / 1.32 / 17.5 / 6725 / 170.1 yds GW - Note: was trying to hit my 100 yard approach, not full swing. I started getting a little flippy with the B XS in this comparison due to fatigue, which you’ll see with the numbers. Z Star - 81.9 / 79.9 / .98 / 27.1 / 10383 / 97.5 yds B XS - 82.9 / 78.3 / .95 / 29.2 / 10579 / 94.7 yds I realize 2900 rpm spin with a driver is a bit higher than ideal, but I’ve always had a negative angle of attack with my driver as you’ll notice with my lower launch angles. Today I averaged -2.6 degrees. But I picked up almost 3 mph in ball speed and 17 yards of carry. That’s including one that was low on the face and only carried 270. The other drives were all between 283.6-284.5. If I take the one low out, the avg jumps 20 yards. The feel off the driver is a touch firmer than the Z Star, but was negligible with the 7i and GW. Needless to say, I’m itching to get on the course with this revelation today. If nothing else, this has shown why ball fitting may be just as important as club fitting. Initial impressions: wow!
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    I received mine yesterday. I’m going to be a bit redundant, but it is a critical point. I caddie/coach/play and fit. My exposure to technology in Golf has brought me to a cynical beginning perspective. There was a time when I thought Trackman was the greatest thing since Titleist introduced the Professional. Nowadays I’m much more “it’s going to have to make the game better/faster on a $1=$1 basis”. In other words, I would spend my hard earned money with Arccos, I am impressed with Mizuno’s shaft optimizer, and I would invest in the company that is going to bring non-conforming equipment to the general golfer I meet that swings it 80 mph. I’m testing this against the whole arsenal. Bushnell, the best app’s on my iPhone, and Strackaline pin sheets in addition to yardages that are on sprinkler heads. It’s going to have to do a whole lot for me to say “go spend $300 and buy a yearly membership”.
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    And CPG comes through once again... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If there is interest I can take some pictures and do a full “review” of my experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    +1, well said. I watch the highlights on YouTube but I stopped watching the WM event a couple years ago. That's not my idea of golf and I hope that nonsense doesn't infect other tournaments, though it seems acting up and encouraging same is only becoming more common.
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    Finally ventured to the dark side and crossed the bridge to NJ to have lunch at Donkey’s Place. I was a bit apprehensive to buy into the hype but a solid cheesesteak that jumped immediately into my top 5. Even my three kids enjoyed them. Complete dive joint but worth the trip for the experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Goes to show you how MGS is changing the world of golf, one ball at a time, one swing at a time and one club at a time.
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    Back in the day, Cobra had a rep in Florida that was making over 1 million a year. He was making more that the company president. They fired him and changed the way they paid their reps. Now, most of the guys I see are independent and have several lines. These guys hustle and have a massive territory( Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana). The most successful guys are easily clearing 150000 in a good year, but it is entirely cyclical. Tough way to make a living. Sent from OregonMyGolfSpy
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    Okay, true story. When I moved south 9 years ago, I moved into a new development in a golf community. My neighbors and I all moved in within days of each other. Naturally the guys all wanted to talk about their golf games when we first met. I told my next door neighbor “My game is all over the place. I can shoot an 82 on a course, go back there the next day and shoot 92”... Well after playing together for a month or two, him and his wife presented me with a tee shirt they had made for me. It had a cartoon like golfer on the front with “Mr. 82” above him. i thanked them, but asked why they had that particular design made. He smiled, and reminded me of what I’d said about my game. “I’ve seen plenty of 92’s, but I’m still waiting for a 82...” he said. They moved back to West Virginia a few years ago, but we stay in touch. Every time I do shoot an 82 or better (not that it happens a lot, lol) I think of him, and how he’ always calls me Mr. 82.
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    With 54 holes in, it's still very early in the evaluation, but I did hit a handful of choke down lob wedge shots from < 80 yards, and got some unwanted backspin on them. As in, I hit them onto the front of the green, and the ball spun back into the fairway. I was playing a provisional on one par 3 towards the end of the day today, from the drop zone, and had about 75 yards into the pin, and hit my lob wedge into what I thought was a good shot on the green, and watched the ball spin back off of the front of the green, down into the ravine never to be seen again. But honestly, beyond these lob wedge shots, where I know I am producing serious backspin with my 58 degree Vokey wedge the rest of the overall shots all look the same to me, both in distance and launch angle, etc. I'd say the cost is the differentiator between the Srixon Z Star and this ball, but I can typically find the Srixon for $29.99 or less, and this Bridgestone ball apparently retails for $29.99. I'm gonna keep playing them and keep testing them, and we'll see where we are in a few weeks. Side note on conditions. Yesterday's round was played in overcast skies around 60 degrees with a healthy 20 mph wind and it had rained prior to the round, so it was a bit wet. Today's round was a brisk 45 degrees with sunshine, and that same 20 mph wind. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I played a round of golf without a 20+ mph wind blowing on me constantly. I'm so used to wind at this point that I won't know what to do if I ever get a calm day for golf again. I'll be shaping shots, expecting the wind to take it and there will be no wind to take it and screw me up.
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    I am committed. Today was brutal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hope so. Because with two replacement knees I won't be able to grab it and run.
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    I can tell you how to tell if there are 4 or not, but I haven't figured out how to get the exact amount yet. Edit: I lied, yes I can. Click on the player and scroll far right on the tabs toward the top of their player card, until you see "Ownership." Click on the ownership tab and you can see who all owns the player. Not super efficient, but it only takes about 5-10 seconds.
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    Looks like I know what I'll be saving for this year...
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    anyone catch the Korn Ferry "mic'd up" stuff? I thought it was pretty cool..... that would be **awesome** to hear in a major coming down the back 9 for a group that was in contention !
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    I have a former player still in the NFL and his team is still alive in the playoffs. I talked to him last night and he told me to tell my 16 yr old son that he has a deal for him. If my former player’s team wins the Super Bowl, he will be buying a brand new Lamborghini... He promised to take my son to and from school in it! My son attends the same HS my former player did. The funny thing is, my son is a gamer, and couldn’t even say on what team my former player plays! [emoji23] Not likely the team goes that far, but a nice gesture nonetheless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Pretty much even. My handicap can still buy me a beer in the clubhouse. The hunt for bogey golf continues.
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    I like it because I can get free Marshal passes, and I played the final 4 holes in -1 once!!!
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    I don't like the culture at sporting events these days. Everyone seems to feel entitled to do things that could land them a brief stay in the county jail if done under different circumstances. It's getting out of hand and will eventually boil over into something absurd. Considering Kapalua is probably the tamest crowd all year with the noted exception of Augusta, I think the heckling will only get worse as the season progresses. Especially when you factor in the media attention this is getting. Can you imagine what the New York crowd at Winged Foot is going to be like?
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    If you watch TXG and all you care about is the numbers that Matt is putting up rather than the discussions that occur in between each shot and the insight Ian brings about technology and fitting, than you are watching TXG for the wrong reasons.
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    I go to China several times a year and my wife is spoiled, no knockoffs for her which is why I have the sticks I have. If she gets purses from China I will be forced to buy knockoff putters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The one thing I miss moving from CT to FL was my access to a full Tool Room and Machine Shop. I sure miss the tinkering and making/modifying clubs & especially putters. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Tinker away my friend. It is always fun. I took the HZRDUS out of my flash too, didn't realize how bad it actually felt because the results were there. Also when I replaced it I went 45" and haven't lost a thing.
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    Thank you and I am really looking forward to the opportunity. I will hopefully get a chance to get some rounds in beforehand. You can see my current WITB below.
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    Wet but got 9 in. Shot 41 (+5). A few of my bump & runs turned out to be bump & splat. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. She just informed me that we are playing golf with some friends of ours. OK, looked up the weather forecast for Saturday... high 34, low 31 cloudy with wind 2-3 mph. I guess I will add another layer.
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    2019 was a mixed bag on the links. Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and a broken thumb limited practice to putting and chipping early in the year. Played a few singles and partner tournaments in the spring and early summer did quite well thanks to the putting and chipping practice. Handicap did go from a 6 or so to double digits, but started to fall late summer due to hands feeling better and practicing a bit. I did get back to my starting point of a 6 but went to an 8 recently due to the course playing longer. I did play about 10 new courses which was a kick and marked off several local courses that I had been wanting to play. I am finally able to pound pretty much unlimited balls with no pain. I need to start playing with different and better players that challenge me. I'm a better player with a little pressure and in the clutch. Always was in baseball and other sports as well.
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    Got out and played with my best bud whom I haven’t gotten to play with much since he got his new job. It was really fun, I miss playing with that guy... anyways, it rained 2 inches last night so it was cart path only. but my new higher plane swing is still groovey, and I had 2 drives over 300! gotta love it...
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    They are indeed. I've been to the factory and have followed the process from start to finish. It was really something to see. The amount of QA steps along the way was very impressive. Something like 19 checkpoints, I think it was.
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    And of course I will take pictures when they show up. Told me a week or so and they will be at my house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019-2020 Conference Bowl records SEC = 7-2 PAC12 = 4-3 BIG10 = 4-5 ACC = 5-6 (If you count Notre Dame) BIG12 = 1-5 Just a few thoughts.......Georgia and Alabama still managed to win their bowl match-ups fairly convincingly while missing several starters each. Oklahoma had no business being in the playoff. The BIG12 doesn't care about defense. If ESPN is guilty of anything, it's trying to sell a narrative that Oklahona's defense was significantly better than last year. It was not and that's absolutely not arguable! LSU could have dropped 80 if they hadn't called off he dogs in the 2nd half. Texas A&M was dominant in the BIG12. They are barely a middle-of-the-pack team in the SEC. Watch out for Florida in the next few years. Tons of talent and a real head coach for the first time since Urban Meyer left. Just my opinion but Ohio State and Clemson are on an SEC level. Everyone else is delusional.
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    Really excited for him to give some attention to a severely underrated brand
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    Tiger will be up and down again depending upon his health. If nothing else, he'll make it interesting in a couple big events. Hovland will be a top-ten machine, but he won't win this year. It'll take him another year or so because... putting. I'll watch even less televised golf, as my goal is to Play More Golf, not Watch More Golf. But I'll watch the last hour of just about all tournaments on the DVR late on Sunday nights. I want to watch more LPGA golf, because they play the tees I play and they can shoot in the 60s while I struggle to break 80 consistently. And they hit the coolest long approaches into greens.
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