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    81 6/14 fir 7/18 gir 32 putts. Weather + golf = humbling. Got to play Pebble today and hit the ball well. Not that the score would indicate that but I did. Rained during entire warm up and stopped right after first tee shot. First hole was 5w to left fairway bunker 128 hole. Had to go around tree branches. Hit a prefect little knock down draw to 2 feet. Birdie Second hole fairway bunker again. 220 flag. Tried to hit 5w but was really a mistake. Thinned half topped hit lip but left me center of fairway 140 out. Another perfect 9 iron to 5 feet! Missed it though, no practice greens open so having a downhill slider for first real putt was not fun. Turned around on 3 and somebody turned the fan on. And I mean industrial strength fan. Blowing 20 steady and gusts closer to 30 for the rest of the round. I took my bag off the cart to take pic of it in 7 tee. Hoofer stand bag, blown over by the wind, no influence nothing. Not sure I have seen that before. I did bring 14 to it’s knees though. Driver 4 iron on green to just over 30 feet for my only other birdie. Alright enough babbling to the porn. Peter Hay par 3 under construction, I guess Tiger is part of it as he was on site yesterday.
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    PB ALERT 75 6/14 FiR 9/18 GiR 27 putts (0 3-putts) It finally happened. Things worked in unison and for the first time I felt like I could actually be decent at this maddening game! Sank a 15-ish foot putt on the first hole and thought, "oh no, the dreaded first hole birdie" After 2 bogeys and 2 more birdies, I stood -1 on the 9th tee box and totally blocked one to the right. Heard it hit the cart path and I would later discover that it went OB. Wasn't able to get up and down from 178 and made a disheartening triple. I thought that I completed the choke as I normally, inevitably do. However, after missing the green 10y right on the next hole, I chipped in for birdie and got back on the "what did I step in this morning, is this really happening" train. Kept it steady and I knew I was well below my previous best score of 79 standing on the 18th tee. Semi blocked one but got a lucky bounce and ended up here Thankful that I didn't choke, I hit the next one extremely thin into the front pot bunker. Almost up and downed it but lipped the putt because it had a little too much pace. I knew I had beaten my previous best, but didn't know it was by 4 strokes! Absolutely stoked right now!! Thanks for listening to my story, internet friends
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    ... So took my T100-S to the course for their first round today. Hit a decent drive on #1 and was left with 145, a tweeter yardage for me. Since these are new lofts I was unsure what to hit but since it was light rough I decided it might fly some so I just hit a full pitching wedge. Sweet feel, perfect trajectory and it was all over the flag. Hit just short, checked up and then rolled in the cup! What a first impression!!! ... Now it really would be awesome if that is what occurred but what really happened is I found out the forged hosel on the T100-S is really soft feeling. I did hit my 58* to 5 feet and managed to save my par. Obviously I have a big review to write and will need quite a few more rounds before coming to any conclusions. I will tease you with this: the Kuro Kage 105 Tini's are every bit as good as my Recoil 95 Prototypes. I also had a 201 yd shot slightly uphill on a tough par 3 and hit my T100-S 4 iron 15 feet from the hole and pin high. Felt great. Stay tuned...
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    My wife and I drove to Chattanooga to hit up a nursery to feed her plant addiction and on the way back stopped at the local DSG to check it out since they moved location into the mall. I walked out with a new pair of golf shoes after she talked me in to them. I think she was feeling guilt after spending money on plants the last couple of weeks and wanted to feel better about it. Got a pair of Adidas CP Traxion at a deal. They were listed at $79 and I got them for $59. My second purchase was made after we got back into town and stopped at the ReStore. I've been wanting to pick up a bladed club since I've seen numerous threads about traditional vs SGI clubs and wanted to see if they held merit with this high capper. I initially found a Ben Hogan 8 iron and was going to pick it up, but I looked and saw a Wilson Staff Fluid Feel in a 6 iron. Then I found another in the set, and another, and another. I found a complete set 2-PW! At $2 a club I just bought them all. They need a little TLC, they have rust spots on the heads and shafts. I'm actually going to try my hand at cleaning and buffing then out to see if I can make them prettier. The groups are in surprisingly good shape and still have some tack to them. I'm going to have to give it a little bit before I get out and hit them as the local driving range is still suffering from tornado damage. I took the 2 iron out and looked down at it and I think I'm going to have nightmares. I'm hoping to play an all iron round with them during the Hard Rock Challenge because I strangely like punishing myself. I think it might be bad. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    78 (38/40) and if it weren’t for three drives it would’ve been 74. Good day on the course! Should’ve been my lowest round ever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Well finally found some resemblance of a driver swing today. Everything was still a push fade or a pull draw but everything was still playable. I was hit and miss with the T200’s today and was able to get some good feedback for the review. Now the putter with the new Wristlock grip was something I didn’t expect. After carpet rolling it all week and managing to get to the practice green late last night I thought I would be lights out with it. However for some reason this morning it felt different. The swing weight seemed drastically different than last night. I didn’t make 1 putt over 4 feet today. All of that added up to a 43/42 day. I scrambled well on a couple holes by knocking the wedge to tap in distance. Today’s round showed me that I have the ability to shoot even par when things are good and that 50+ is possible when things get off. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Three rounds in for the weekend - Saturday Morning 9 Holes - 42 (+6) - 3/7 FIR - 4/9 GIR - 17 Putts (1 3-putt , 6 2-putts, 2 1-putts) - 1:20 Round Time Saturday Afternoon 18 Holes (Not at home course) - 47/48 = 95 (+23) - 7/14 FIR - 6/18 GIR - 38 Putts (3 3-putts , 14 2-putts, 1 1-putt) - 4:15 Round Time Very windy round and really struggled on unfamiliar greens. Also had a two-stroke penalty for not being able to find a drive somewhere in the rough on No. 17. Pretty sure the group in front of us took my ball, given that there was no where for it to go missing otherwise. We had groups behind us, so I opted to just take the penalty rather than drive back and re-tee. Sunday Morning 18 Holes - 43/43 = 86 (+14) - 6/15 FIR - 4/18 GIR (1 birdie) - 32 Putts (2 3-putts , 10 2-putts, 6 1-putts) - 3:15 Round Time Triple-bogeyed No. 17, was otherwise playing OK on the back, could have been at least a stroke or two better. Could write a bunch of commentary, but wanted to just highlight a few good shots: - No. 9 Saturday morning, pulled my tee shot left. Managed to sling two stinger 5 irons around the dogleg left and onto the green. Two-putt par. - No. 1 Saturday afternoon (downwind, downhill), caught my drive flush and totaled 304 yards. - No. 15 Sunday morning, a bad approach shot from the fairway, sunk a 50 footer for birdie. Grading out the rounds: Saturday morning - Driver Average, Irons Average, Approach Poor, Putting Average Saturday afternoon - Driver Good, Irons Good, Approach Average, Putting Poor Sunday morning - Driver Poor, Irons Average, Approach Average, Putting Good Some day I'll get "Good" scores in all of those areas during a round. Still, compared to this time last year I am playing much better, and my misses are more consistent. I'm happy with my progress. Made another video during Saturday morning's nine, this time hole No. 2. This was a blocked six iron to right rough, thinned six iron out of rough to in front of green, chip and two-putt bogey.
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    Back to the nearby short 9-holer with my honey (easiest course in the area to get a tee time on!) on a bright, warm late Spring day with an intermittent breeze. Side note: windsurfed yesterday for the first time in a looooong time, and yes .. lots of tired muscles today! So I wasn't "expecting" much .. just wanted to hit the ball solidly... **EDIT** ooops, penalty .. actually made +6, not +5 .. mentally reviewed the round and realized Hole #6 was a Double, not bogey..... After a great tee shot (center into the dogleg) had about 150 left into a small, sloped green so decided to lay up; that shot was ok but then I left the wedge in short and in the bunker .. got out ok but then 2 putted downhill .. so 5 strokes in all to get them from 150... (yuck) ** ...which I was able to do, for the most part, and finished with a +6 (Par 35) -- 4 strokes better vs last outing there and only 2 off my recent PB there. (Yea!) Started off with a solid tee shot, hit a solid enough 2nd but pulled it a bit left off the green, chip on was solid enough but rolled out further than desired and couldn't sink the first putt - so decent enough bogey. Second hole is where I stunk it up a bit .. topped tee shot (but hey still in the fairway ), chunked second and still short, pulled the 3rd left again but on the left fringe .. and then .. 3 putts .. from not that far way... (D'OH!) After that little detour got back to hitting a lot of solid shots -- if we're counting that topped shot (we are, right?) hit 6/7 fairways (absolutely unheard of for me) and the 7th I was actually aiming for the left rough and hit close to my target! Hit 5 GIRs (also absolutely heretofore unheard of for me), including the highlight shot today was an 8i from 130 out to less than 2 feet! If you zoom in (pin is back-left) you can see my pitch mark between the ball and the hole. Yes .. made the putt for a birdie (whoo hoo!). That pink ball is my wife's - she chipped on from in front of the green and just caught the slope going down towards the hole .. just a touch more ooomph and she would've been really close! On the flip side, the downside of my game today was putting; have been pretty good at generally avoiding 3 putts and 2-putting almost everything, and even an occasional look at an oh-so-close-cudda 1 putt. So overall... ..1 birdie, 3 pars, 3 bogeys, 2 doubles .. with no penalties, no 2-chips, but 2 x 3-putts (19 putts total). Oh, ps: surfing tomorrow morning. Hello Advil!
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    Never thought I would get to do it again, but i did. Broke 70 with a 68. Perfect weather this morning, slight dew on the greens which helped. They have the greens rolling to a 13. They are having a Pro Am tomorrow. Chipping was spot on and I was sticking it tight with the 60 degree on the ones that were not chippable (Over bunkers). Even had a sand save today. 33 / 35 12 / 14 FIR Funny the only two I missed I wasnt using a driver. 12 / 18 GIR Need to work on this. Good chipping and lob shots led to a lot of one putts though. Well the fun is over for today. I have to start the 3 hour lawn mowing process. Ughh.
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    The lightning storm passed through here on Saturday morning about 5am. It was spectacular!! The storm delayed the tee times about 30 minutes, and the course was soaked since the downpour came right after the irrigation sprinklers shut off. I managed to shoot another round of 80... 41/39. I lost consciousness on the par 5 #13 hole. Playing OK until then, but decided to pull my tee shot into the left rough. Hit my 2nd shot into the left rough; hit my 3rd shot into the left rough; hit my 4th shot into the left rough; hit my 5th shot onto the green from 132y out; from 20 feet, I ran my 1st putt 6 feet past the hole trying to make it but made the comeback for a double. WTH happened?? Next hole. Good drive on the short par 4, then thinned my LW past the hole and the ball rolled down the steep slope in the green to the lower tier. From 40 feet... I made the uphill-then-downhill left-to-right breaking putt for a birdie! Go figure!!
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    ... I was playing my P760's the most, more for the Recoil 95 Prototype shafts than the heads. But rotated in the Cobra Forged Tours with regular Recoil 95s. I am not as fond of the Steelfiber 95 shafts in my new P790's so they have been used the least. The T100-S certainly have a chance of being the only irons I use this season. The look at address is the best of all my irons and the Kuro Kage shafts might be just as good for my swing as the Prototypes.
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    Got another round in today and hit the ball as good and bad as I can! Lol The course I played again today is a 9-holer so I get to play each hole twice which is great for doing reviews. The 8th hole is a 167 yard par 3. I put what felt like identical swings on a 7-iron. One was hit dead center and flew high and straight pin high. The other was ever so slightly toey and ended up short of the green a massive 30 yards shorter. I couldn’t believe it was that much shorter with such a slight miss. I would have expected maybe 10-15 yards shorter but still on the front of the green. These t200’s continue to show a lot of potential for greatness when hit dead center for me. Miss hits(slight or massive) not so much. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I was actually surprised to find a full set, I was just looking for one club just to play around with and I just kept finding these. They have good grips and are starting to shine up nicely. I've got to remove some rust from the shafts and a little from the heads and they'll be beautiful. I guess it was robbery since I was wearing my prescription sunglasses and a mask.
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    Congratulations! Sounds like you found the zone and were able to stay there after the problems on 9. Your putter was absolutely on fire, 27 putts is amazing. Looks like you skirted some danger on 18 with that goose, those things will chase you. Thanks for sharing, I love hearing stories like this. Jealous, so jealous. Great round on one of the most iconic courses in the world! Especially in those conditions rocking a new set of irons. Have fun at Spyglass today and I can't wait to hear how it goes. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I bought a Birdicorn divot tool to replace the one I got as a gift, which I lost last weekend. Lost the new one today - first time using it. [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One of the first things I did was a bag mapping on SkyTrak to try to figure out how far they went. Closest 2 irons you ask? 4 & 5 iron. @ 12 yards apart. (Typical for me as I think every set I have had is this way) 3 iron goes longer and there is separation, but I need about 327 yards of open land to get that thing to stop.
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    You can always move back . Statistically speaking, there is currently 100% less rioting! Honestly, playing places like Torrey or Pebble just don't sound that appealing to me. Sure, I would like to play them, but it's not like I would lose sleep the night before because of the name I guess I'm just not a big "course" guy? I appreciate greens that roll well, and everything else is just... meh. Might just be spoiled living in Hawaii, but honestly most of the courses I play at aren't particularly amazing, and @mr.hicksta can attest to that. Get me on a course with greens that aren't bumpy, and I'm a happy pineapple.
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    Man I sure hope you’re able to scrounge up a spare putter on such short notice.
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    Bought a grip remover and a caliper measuring tool. Grip ho-ing here I come! Already took off my standard sized Tour Velvet from my driver and replaced it with a MCC Plus 4 Undersized that was on a wedge shaft that was laying around. First time took about 5 minutes to get the grip off. Second time, it was easy-peezy.
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    Oh that first paragraph is dirty! tough with new gapping I am having the same issues and with no ranges open it’s been tough to get distances down goodnkick!
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    42-39; had a rough day with the wedges at Iron Horse Golf Club in Ashland, Nebraska. Bladed a couple and even broke out the dreaded s-word on another. I think when I get a wedge in hand I’m getting lazy and making an arm swing instead of a full turn. It would explain the hosel rocket and skulls. The sh1t of it (and I know many of you feel my pain) is I won’t get to a course or range until Tuesday, which gives me over 2 days to stew on it. In the interim, the same four GOLFTEC drills I do over and over and over and over... Plus, week 2 of SuperSpeed Level 1 begins Monday! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... After playing yesterday I came home to the Titleist box sitting by the front door. I was not expecting it til Monday or later so thanks to Titleist for shipping so quickly as I will play them this weekend. They really look just about perfect at address with the thinnest top line I have seen In a Players Iron. I am also looking forward to playing the Kuro Kage 105gm Tini shafts to see how they compare to my Recoil 95 Prototype and Steelfiber 95s. ... I was pleasantly surprised that the W2 wedge is labeled 48* as the "2" with the P can be small and not easy to detect in the bag and confused with P1. Just a nice touch. 4 1
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    Thought I'd pop in and give an update. Looks like it turned out to be a mild stroke I believe from talking to the doctors. Finally had the body CAT scan. It was negative. done second brain MRI & it shows it gone. So now also taking something for cholesterol, they're trying to keep me from anymore issues. So alive & kicking. Just still have coordination issues. But hey I'm good Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Another good day today. Finished at 1 over 72 with an adventurous start. Hit my drive on 1 into the left fairway bunker; 50* wedge over the back into a waste area, fluffed the pitch shot and then chipped in for a routine par. Shot of the day was a hybrid from 261 on the par five fifth hole that left me 30 feet for eagle...and a three putt par. Putting is still a work in progress but slowly coming around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, the closest course isn’t opening any time soon, and I’d be looking at 40 minutes plus drive to get a round in each week. Maybe next time.
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    Great round @yungkory!!! It’s a great time to journal your whole round while things are still fresh in your mind. Relive it over and over, write down all the situations you found yourself in, how you thought your way through them, what sort of emotions you felt. Really try to appreciate the things you did well. Work through some potential contingencies in the few spots you struggled and try them out next time you play those holes. I love reading about people smashing through their previous PB - thanks for sharing!
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    I'm playing my first round of golf this year Tuesday
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    Well for 3rd round of the season. I think an 87 is great. Opened with a front 9 40. Back 9 had the wheels come off a little with 3 doubles. But finished strong with a nice quadruple bogey on 18.. wind was a big factor. We got the wind from the storm@Kennyb got as we got to the back 9.. had a great day. Just a little sore this morning.. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I guess I'm not with you. I can't imagine watching 30 minutes of DJ or any other golfer hitting practice balls. However, if you'd like to stay up all night I'll send you 5 minutes of me warming up on the range.
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    These irons are starting to grow on me. Not sure if I missed the center of any today. First two holes 2 9 irons, one from fw bunker to 2 feet. Second one to 5 feet from fairway.
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    It's funny because on the practice green, I couldn't make anything from like 10 feet. Like I said, I stepped in some lucky dog poop or something haha. My friend's friend who played with us was like "wow how many birdies is that?" That's not something I've ever been asked!
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    Texted a bunch with my coach to get an idea of how to correct what I have going on, then went to the range. Honestly, I hit it well. Hit 50 balls just doing basic drills. Then I did full shots with various clubs. Then randomly grabbed clubs hitting to targets, then finished hitting 40 balls with the Tour Striker Smart Ball between the elbows rotating through the clubs, hitting to targets. A good day at the range! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Are you sure you weren't dreaming that you were the 'Bishop' in Caddyshack [emoji51] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Getting 2 9ers in Thursday/Friday before work (morning rounds again). Anything you guys want to see specifically. Really focusing on the wear aspect and moisture part of the club because I think that is their biggest selling point on top of the forgiveness/distant aspect. Let me know will incorporate anything you folks want to see specifically.
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    Played very well today (for me). Started out with a front 9 of 58, which wasn't good, but saw promising glimpses off the tee with driver. Then I went on to the back 9 and shot a legitimate 44 and this was from the blue tees since the guys I got paired with insisted on playing blue. I normally play white. No more snap hooks off the tee, and was hitting drives with 240 to 250 carry, which is a long distance for me. The change I made that turned my driver around from a complete liability was only two very simple things, switched from a standard size grip to an undersize, and then held the club in my hand more firmly. After my last round, I discovered my left palm was coming off the grip at the top of the swing, and then i would regrip which would cause my left wrist to cup and open the face. From there, I would usually snap hook it from trying to save it late, or I would hit it somewhere way right. This was no longer the case with holding the club more firmly.
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    Is the anticipation killing all you guys or what? [emoji23][emoji16][emoji23][emoji16][emoji23][emoji16][emoji23][emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Great pickup with those Wilson Staffs. I’ve cleaned up a lot of vintage iron sets and the best method for me has been Bar Keepers Friend and 0000 steel wool. Apply the BKF liberally to the head, scrub head the steel wool with a circular motion and then rinse with water. They will look like new. Also works great on any shaft pitting. Post some after pics. They will look great. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I've been able to play quite a bit over the past 10 days, playing six 18-hole rounds and one nine-hole round. All in all, I've played pretty well considering it is still fairly early in the season and that I've had exactly one range session since it stopped snowing. I had a goal of hitting a single digit handicap this season, but at the moment it is trending in the wrong direction. While I've put together some really impressive strings of holes (including scores of 38 and 39 on the front and back nines at my home course), overall I haven't put together a really low (for me) round yet, hanging out in the 83-86 range when I play OK and into the 90s when I'm playing poorly. As a result of playing more, I've bumped a bunch of my lower rounds from last season out of my calculation now, so my estimated WHS handicap has risen from 10-something to 13.3 at the moment. It's a little disheartening to move in the wrong direction, but I'm trying to take the positives away from each of my rounds. My ball striking has improved a lot since last year, but I'm still prone to losing strokes with some awful shots - tops, shanks, chunks. And with those in the back of my mind I haven't really been able to cut loose too often. Flashes of speed and distance are there, but right now I'm definitely giving up a club or more of distance just by playing a little too tightly. My goal for June is to work on going after shots a bit more, and trying to play with a bit more confidence and freedom in my swing.
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    Those Wilson's are as pure a blade as you will find!! That was daylight robbery getting them for $18
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    Me, me, pick me! I have the 939X and love it. I didn't think that any other brand could replace the Mizuno JPX-EZ that I had but I took a leap of faith with the Sub70 and couldn't be happier. It's great off the tee and pretty easy to hit off the deck. My suggestion would be to do the demo of one to see if you like it.
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    Heck of a round and greet pictures! To bad tiger didn’t come out for a round with you
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    Nice round!! On your second hole, technically... you had a 2-putt. The shot from the fringe was a chip with your putter. Sooooo, only one 3-putt!!!
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    Haha, not an option! Pebble and Monterey golf in general are on a completely different level. Torrey was totally underwhelming, but that’s largely because I’ve played so many other nice courses. Worse problems to have I suppose .
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    I remember a time when if you said gapping to me I would have thought you ment the spaces in the bag Now I am obsessed with it. It will be very interesting to see if you guys have the compression at the top end that most sets get.
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    Just hit 60 this year, hard for me to wrap my head around. I look in the mirror and can't figure how it is I see an "old" man but still feel like I did 20 years ago. Just doesn't add up in my mind. I keep moving as much as possible, pushing thru the pain, and my wife telling me to act my age. Walk the course as much as my legs will allow, sometimes too much, then I ride for a few days. I see guys in my age group that seem to just give up, sit on their keester and drink and watch TV. I'm not sure how or why they do it. Kinda scary to think I have more days behind me than in front..... Chris
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    Yeah, the left elbow, forearm pain has really been minimized with the Steelfiber shafts. I think the KBS steel shafts would have been a better fit performance wise but after playing these Steelfibers I don’t think I want to go back to a steel shaft. I figured since this is a review perhaps my experience going from stiff flex ~120g steel shafts to a lightweight graphite, whether positive or negative, will perhaps help another Spy that is making their first foray into graphite shafts after 30+ years of playing steel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Miller Lite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What have I gone and done now?.. So about a week ago I posted about my trade for a Callaway steelhead XR 3+ wood. Usually when I have an itch for a particular club, I find it, get it, and close the door. I was searching around for a driver for a buddy and just couldn't help myself when I found this.. bought it for $20 with the plastic still on the head. It came with a Mits Kuro Kage blue 60g "made for" S flex. Took them both to the launch monitor. Nearly identical #'s. I really like the Adams at address and seemed a tad more forgiving. Only thing I didn't quite like was that while smooth, the shaft was a bit whippy for my liking. So last night I murdered it out with my Pro Force Black that I used to have in my driver. Sorry folks.. when I can get similar performance out of a brand new 5 year old club for $20.. as a $250 club from today's market..
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