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    DRUMROLL PLEASE..... Spies - we are very excited for this test. This will be our first test with Honma golf and this driver finished in the top 4 in the 2020 most wanted driver testing. Very happy to let everyone know that these 4 lucky members will be testing the Honma TR20. Testing the 440 model: @golfingbrock @DPattGolf Testing the 460 model: @Getoffmylawn @Judge Smails
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    Testers Wanted (4) If you have followed MY Golf Spy at all in the last year you have no doubt read about Honma's effort to gain North America market share in the club business.That's no small task. However, Honma feels the TR20 drivers have what it takes to do that. The TR in TR20 stands for Tour Release and it’s replacing the confusingly named T//World 747 line. Honma is producing two drivers in the TR20 offering: a 440cc and a 460cc. According to Honma, the real TR20 driver story is weight, or, more precisely, it’s where the weight is and where it isn’t. The driver frame is titanium but the body is nearly all carbon fiber. But we are going to provide 4 of our Forum Members a chance to tell us and the rest of the community if they feel Honma has produced a driver to compete in one of the toughest segments to break into and capture any market share. How To Apply Reply Below-DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST and provide us the following information Right Handed Golfers Only First Name/City State: (US & Canada Applicants Only) Desired to Test: 440 or 460 Swing Speed: That's it. We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week, so check back and see if you have been selected. Good Luck
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    Ok I'm done toying around. Thanks for humoring me. If the main thread is anything like this past hour, we're sure to be in for a great summer. Without further ado.... Each tester is testing the same woods so I'm not going to list the SPEEDZONE woods they're testing but I will list the irons/wedges since those are different by tester please join me in congratulating our sacrifices...err.... COMPETITORS: @GB13 - Forged Tec - MIM @B.Boston - Forged Tec - MIM @edingc - SPEEDZONE - King Black @Headhammer - SPEEDZONE - MIM @daviddvm - SPEEDZONE ONE - KING ONE Let the smack talk begin!
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Tour Edge has made some of the most highly-regarded woods in the industry for a while now, so when they release a special edition club like the EXS Pro line, they should have all our attention. We've got four members who will be the focus of that attention here, as they tell us all about their experiences with the latest from Tour Edge! The testers are: @ncwoz @The 19th Hole @Zen Snake @zrumble [Might be the first time in MGS history we're had two reviewers with Z forum handles.] Congratulate our testers, and stay tuned for their reviews!
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    … I always find it amusing when someone says “If drivers were longer and better every year, I would be hitting it 500 yds by now!” Golfers don’t buy new drivers every year, they buy them when they are ready to upgrade. That might be every 10 years, every 5 years and for some, sooner than that. I was so impressed with the performance of my Cobra Speedback F9 last season, I just could not see playing anything else in 2020. Would the new Cobra Speedzone be that much better than my F9 Speedback? Again, I was so pleased with my Speedback F9 I was probably not going to find out. But then Cobra informed me they were releasing a Speedzone Xtreme driver that was forgiving. Xtremely forgiving. Who was I kidding? I was all in. … I do not envy any OEMs that are trying to appease golfers with sound and feel. One players explosive cannon is another players empty tin trash can and a wonderfully dense, muted driver can be dead feeling and sounding to another. For me, it just didn’t get any better than the sound and feel of the F9 which has that dense and muted sound and feel. The Xtreme is a little more modern sounding/feeling but without that explosive high pitched sound. Certainly not loud or tinny, but just the right amount of the modern sound that lets you know you have hit a big drive. I think Cobra nailed the sound and feel with a great compromise and it should appeal to a wide range of players. … The USGA sets limits for CT which measures the amount of spring like effect the club face can legally produce. CT stands for Characteristic Time, a measurement of how fast the ball comes off the face of a club. The springier the club face is, the farther the golf ball can fly and all OEMs basically now have the same CT so it is as close to the limit as possible. Engineering a driver that produces more distance has to be accomplished in other ways. Cobra has done that with speed and identified 6 Speed Zones to optimize driver speed. … The 1st speed zone is the Infinity Milled face and this is Cobra’s 3rd year utilizing a milled face on their driver. This year they have taken this technology another step forward with a fully milled wrap around face. Judging a club by early photo’s is never a good idea but we are all guilty of being excited about a sneak peek at a new offering. I was admittedly leery of the wrap around face coming up onto the crown, because in early photo’s it looked like it might be distracting at address. But to my surprise, it was not a distraction at all and seeing it in person I immediately thought it looks really good and on the course it actually aids in club head alignment. I think we should always judge a club by how it looks next to a ball on the golf course. This fully milled face expands the area for maximum ball speed when missing the center of the face. I would add the milling process makes the face up to 5 times more precise than hand polishing. A nice bonus is you can see where your ball makes face contact on every shot, a feature I find very helpful while playing. You can leave the marks for the entire round to see how you make contact for the day or you can wipe it after every drive. … The 2nd is from the Titanium T-Bar Speed Chasis. A titanium bar that extends from the top of the crown to the rear of the head creating a stronger frame that can stand up to the most powerful swings as well as improving stability. The 3rd comes from using 10% more carbon fiber that wraps around the head adding stiffness to the chasis. This wrap around carbon fiber covers 50% of the body and allows the engineers to utilize 25gms in a more ideal location to improve launch and forgiveness. Speed Zone Weighting is the 4th, utilizing 69gms of mass that is positioned as low as possible promoting a higher launch with lower spin, ideal for a combination of distance and forgiveness. Speedback Aero Shape is number 5. Cobra engineers are always looking to refine aerodynamics and with the Speedzone driver they have streamlined the shape even more and along with the milled perimeter leading edges, airflow is maximized with the potential for increased acceleration. Gone are the Speed Trips and the crown is cleaner and looks awesome at address. The last speed zone comes from the High MOI Design. Weight is strategically positioned around the perimeter creating an amazingly forgiving driver head when missing the center. In fact, My Golf Spy named the Xtreme the most forgiving driver this year and after just a few rounds I found myself in complete agreement. … These 6 speed zone optimizations create a driver that finds the fairway more than any driver I have ever played. Last year I saw a 5-7 yard gain with the Speeback F9 and while I only have a small sample size in 2020, the Xtreme may not add any more distance, but for me at least it is more forgiving which means consistently longer drives on average and more fairways hit. When my back is stiff, my miss tends to be a little toward the toe, not only losing distance but it usually results in a push that moves even further right. With the Xtreme I find the distance loss is minimal and the ball starts less right and does not move further right. I have had several big drives on the right side of the fairway that I thought would be penalized more based on my swing and how contact felt, confirmed when looking at the milled face and seeing the ball mark toward the toe. Those of you that have hit or play the F9 know it is no slouch in the forgiveness category, and this just shows you the Xtreme driver is amazingly forgiving. … The Xtreme produces the highest MOI of any driver Cobra has ever offered. Which as most of you know is a fancy way of saying it is their most forgiving driver. Considering how forgiving the Fly Z is, that is quite an accomplishment. According to Cobra, the Xtreme is ideal for golfers in the 10 - 25 index player, but I think many with a lower index will find the combination of mid to low spin and Xtreme forgiveness just too good to pass up. As a + index player I will be keeping it in my bag because it is the most forgiving driver I have ever played. Forgiveness equals more confidence and confident swings produce more distance and better accuraccy. Offered in 9.5* and 10.5* the Xtreme gives players options to provide the best combination of spin and trajectory for their swing. I also love that it comes in a 12* head, a great option for seniors, ladies, those with slow swing speeds or some that battle too low of a trajectory. And I tip my cap to Cobra again for the MyFly adaptor that works with shafts going all the way back to the Fly Z. Those of us that use high end shafts know the frustration of buying a new driver and finding out that expensive shaft you were fitted into doesn’t work in your new driver. Some of the labeling on the adaptor has changed, but the concept is identical and if your shaft fit your Fly Z, F6, F7, F8 or F9 it will also fit your Speedzone or Xtreme. … Club Fitters know more than a few golfers perform better with a shorter than standard shaft and to my knowledge Cobra is the only OEM to offer their Tour Length option. All things considered, your longest drives are not produced by longer shafts. Your longest drives are produced by hitting the center of the face. And for many players a shorter shaft makes it easier to hit the center consistently. Called Tour Length because players on Tour know this and play shorter drivers than most retail offerings and find their best combination of distance and accuracy is achieved with a shorter shaft. Byshortening the shaft length and adding a heavier weight low and to the rear, the Tour Length increases MOI and is even more forgiving. I have never played a driver any longer than 44.5” and that is exactly what is offered in the Xtreme Tour Length driver. It might be a Special Order as some retail stores do not stock Tour Length so ask your Sales Associate or Club Pro about ordering one. And of course Cobra’s Tour Length can also be ordered directly through Cobra’s website. … The Xtreme is offered in a Gloss Black/Yellow or a Matte Black/White. I think the Matte Black and White head is just stunning. A small matching colored chevron on the crown for alignment is subtle and a classy touch. The Xtreme is offered with premium stock shafts including the UST Helium 4 or 5, a lightweight shaft for distance with great feel and stability. Tensei CK AV Blue, a very popular shaft with coated fibers in the butt end to improve stability and stiffness with lower torque than previous models while maintaining its smooth feel profile. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow, a counter balanced design allowing for more mass in the club head to increase ball speed and a higher MOI. The Aldila Rogue Silver 110 features a stiff tip for the stronger player producing a mid to low launch with low spin. As a no charge option the Xtreme can also be ordered with two of my favorite shafts from last season as well. The Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 6 is a midweight shaft ideal for medium to faster swing speeds seeking a mid-launch, mid-spin profile in Regular and Stiff flexes and the ATMOS Tour Spec Black 7 with a stouter and heavier profile that is ideal for faster swing speeds seeking low-launch and low-spin in Stiff and X-Stiff. Cobra offers quite a few more ultra premium shafts offered at a reduced cost like the Ventus Blue/Black/Red, Tensei Pro Orange/White and most every Graphite Design AD shaft. … If you are in the market for a new driver this year, I highly recommend the Xtreme. In fact even if you are not in the market, I highly recommend at least demoing the Xtreme if you could use more forgiveness, and really who can't? The Xtreme is priced at $449 compared to most OEM drivers at $499 or higher. That makes the most forgiving and consistently longest driver I have ever played a bargain and something you should really experience yourself. https://www.cobragolf.com/speedzone-xtreme-tour-length-driver
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    Testers ANNOUNCED! The testers are: @ncwoz @The 19th Hole @Zen Snake @zrumble Full announcement here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/38954-testers-wanted-4-tour-edge-hybrid-exs-pro-hybrid/?do=findComment&comment=644873 ______________________________________________________________________________________ One of the most frequent complaints you hear from better players about hybrids, is that they are "hook machines" no matter what some players just can't keep them from going left-for right handed golfers. While hybrids and their natural tendency to go left is a blessing for most high handicappers, it can be a big turnoff to the better player, and keeps them from putting a higher lofted club in their bag for those long approaches. The compact head and deep face design is the preferred shape for better players and helps with a penetrating flight. To fine tune in your flight, the hybrids come with two adjustable weights a 5g and 20g weight that can be positioned for maxim fade or draw bias depending on your preference. Perhaps one of the most unique things about this line is that it comes in single lofts all the way from 16 to 22 degrees, so you can really choose the ideal loft for the gap you are looking to fill, as most companies offer them in 3 or 4 degree gaps. How To Apply Per the OEM's instructions, this testing is open to Right Handed golfers that reside in the United States In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying! First Name / State of Residence Handicap Current Hybrid in Play What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid That's it. Good luck to everyone. We'll be selecting the testers sometime in the next week.
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    The highlight of my golfing day. (but this is not a golfing story) There's a short 9-hole course on the grounds of a VA Med Center not too far from where I live; I've played there a number of times - it's a fun little course, classic design and definitely has some good golf challenges on it - and I also volunteered there several seasons. The other day my wife I went to play and as we got up towards the first hole and starting area we saw a Black Lab loose near one of the waiting groups.. ..as we got closer I noticed the service vest (and recognized the logo) and also saw the ink on the starters' arms as we showed him our card, so I asked: "Is that your dog?" and almost without waiting for an answer: "Is it OK if I pet her?" (..a lot of you on here know I'm a crazy dog person with two large black dogs of my own) .. ..and of course he said "Yes!", and I said thanks! and mentioned that I'm a regular contributor to the non-profit group that raised and trained this service dog .. and the conversation started flowing from there... John and Onyx. (fyi that's a wooden tee stuck behind his right ear) ..I asked about things like his experience with the vet dogs organization (overwhelmingly positive), how he'd found about it (from a Viet Nam vet), what was the status of service dogs within the VA (still non grata), things like that and he was remarkably open and forthcoming about himself, his troubles and .. naturally .. a lot about Onyx. I won't recount our whole conversation (probably close to 10 minutes!) but I will admit that at one point I almost teared up .. when he described himself before getting Onyx as "a broken human being" (that made me sad) vs. his life now not simply as "better" but as "a whole new life in a whole new way" (that made me happy).. ..He'd spent (apparently a lot of) time in and around Fallujah (and other areas) and .. like too many others .. had problems re-adjusting when he got back home. He became more and more isolated and withdrawn, and had recurring nightmares. It didn't take too long before he felt he couldn't function in society. The VA doctors had him on eleven (ELEVEN!!) medications .. all of which he is now clean from. [Repeat: for this vet, having a service dog has negated the need for all anxiety and depression meds.] ..One of the trained behaviors that Onyx does for him is when a nightmare occurs she.. 1. pulls the covers off of him; 2. pushes the rocker switch for the lights on; then 3. goes to kitchen, pulls a rope to open the fridge, pulls out a bottle of water, shuts the fridge and brings him the water. And if that's not enough, then on top of all that she'll lay down next to him and regulate her breathing so it's slow and steady and so John can use that as an "anchor" to help him calm himself. Absolutely amazing!! ..as we continued to talk John told us a bit about the training he went through at the vet dogs facility to learn to handle and work with Onyx (18 hour days for 2 weeks); and how just having her near and being able to pet and rub her helps relieve his stress - it seems she's also learned to recognize when he's starting to feel tense and she'll push herself up against him. He said caring for the dog has given him purpose and direction (and a lot of fun and happiness - no surprise to me there), and went on to talk about another aspect of this service dog program... ..a part of their puppy raising process is placing a young dog in the care of a prison inmate. Well, after he'd had the dog for about a year and a half he took her to visit that inmate .. who cried when he saw the dog and told John how that experience had transformed him and was a turning point in his life .. he'd started online classes and done some voluntary community service. John said the warden now trusts this prisoner so much he let him take the dog for a walk .. outside the prison gate .. unescorted. All in all this is what I call a huge success story! So... I'm relating all this to help raise awareness of these vets + dogs programs and the multiple benefits they provide, and to ask of anyone who has any interest and also believes it's a good thing to please consider: 1. if you have a few extra $$ making a donation to one of the non-profits providing these services**; or, 2. if you have some extra time see if there's an organization in your area that needs a good volunteer; or, 3. writing to the VA Administration and/or to your federal House Reps and Senators requesting them to urge the VA to .. (a) accept the growing body of research proving the therapeutic benefits of giving vets a service or therapy dog, and (b) to assign service / therapy dogs the appropriate status in their medical care regimen so that doctors can recommend them and so eligible, needy vets can receive one as a benefit. Thanks for reading!! ** Non-Profits providing vets with service dogs: There are many around the country, and there are online resources to research non-profits, but fyi a few that I believe do good work and have contributed to include... - America's Vet Dogs (you may have heard of Sully, former President Bush's companion dog? He went through the AVD training program.) - Warrior Canine Connection (they train vets to raise and train the dogs and then to train the recipient vets how to handle and care for them) - Paws of War - K-9s for Warriors
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    The good news is most of my friends have picked up golf in recent years and care enough to play regularly and practice and try to improve. We are even planning out first buddies getaway golf trip. However my friends differ from me in that they don't have the same manic obsession over golf that I do. I tried showing off my new driver to them and they didn't get it. Which brings me to you guys. I've been reading forever and joined the boards like a month ago. I was steered in the right direction for lessons then and now i'm back to show off my first What in the Bag. 16.9 handicap so my bag is built around forgiveness and limiting the big mistakes. I love the new Speedzone Xtreme Pars and Stripes that I just started gaming based on 2 rounds played and how it looks. WITB: Driver: Speedzone Xtreme 10.5° Ventus Blue 6 Stiff 3 Wood: XR 15° Project X LZ 50 Stiff 3 Hybrid: Steelhead XR16 19° Project X SD Stiff Irons: King F9 Speedback KBS Tour 90 Stiff Wedges: CBX 52°, 56° ,60° Dynamic Golf 115 Putter: White Smoke Big Fontana 35" Ball: Z-star
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    Honmas arrived. More pics in my fitting thread
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    I’m sorry I’m didn’t post about my fitting and resulting setup sooner, I started to write it at 2 a.m. last night, and it turned into a word salad. That said, my fitting was probably the 3 most rewarding hours I’ve ever spent hitting golf balls. My fitter was extremely knowledgeable and I have complete confidence in his recommendations, which is an extremely important quality in a fitter. I made it clear up front that my number 1 priority was reducing dispersion, and he was very receptive to that. The importance of a fitting cannot be over-stressed, the difference between what I thought I needed, and what I actually needed was quite vast. I’ll break down the fitting process and final results by club type below. If you have any questions for me at all, please ask: Irons: This was my first time seeing the Forged Tecs in person, and I was stunned. These irons are beautiful. @Golfspy_CG2 was not exaggerating about how nice these look. And, not to give too much away, they feel just as good as they look. Anyway, we started with the $Tapers, a shaft which I had predicted would be a good fit. I was very, very wrong. They felt so “dead” to me and made me wildly overswing. We quickly realized that 120g was too heavy for my swing and that 105g-110g was going to be the sweet spot. We tried several shafts in that weight range, and after a few swings with a shaft that I was absolutely stunned to later learn was the Nippon Modus 105, my fitter and I knew we had found the magic combination. Dispersion was amazing, contact was the most consistent we’d seen, and launch and spin was pretty darn perfect. We did have a pretty extended discussion about length, and debated back and forth between standard, and 0.5” long. At the end of the day, standard was by far the most comfortable, and again, produced the most consistent contact. The lie angle was very simple, after a few shots, it was quite clear that standard was going the be the best option there too. It was fascinating, I NEVER expected that I would be fit into a Standard length, standard lie set. For comparison, my (un)educated guess at my current setup has me playing clubs that are 1” too long, and 3° too upright. That is........ not ideal. Final result - Forged Tec 4-PW Standard Length and Lie Nippon Modus 105 Stiff Wedges: After all the iron analysis, we felt very comfortable keeping the same shaft specs especially since the Modus 105 have a softer tip/lower kickpoint for good feel around the greens. The main discussion was focused around gapping after we ultimately decided against the Forged Tec gap wedge. The Forged Tec PW is 44° and I really wanted to keep a 58° as my highest lofted wedge and maintain proper gapping. We ultimately decided to go with a 50° bent 1° strong to 49°, a 54°, and then the 58°. The Versatile grind was an easy call on every wedge, and while we did briefly consider the Widelow 58°, we decided that it would limit some options around the green. Final Result - King MIM 50° (bent to 49°), 54°, and 58° Standard Length and Lie. All with the Versatile Grind. Nippon Modus 105 Stiff Woods: While my iron swing was rather good all day, my ability to hit the woods was at times, questionable. All-in-all, I’m okay with that, I want clubs that provide good dispersion on days that I don’t have my A game. (Or even B- game) After a few swings, we decided that with the goal of dispersion in mind, Tour Length was gonna be the way to go. After figuring out that having the driver set at 10° draw was producing the best numbers, the shaft choice became quite obvious. The HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 was producing crazy good numbers. The fairway wood, which gapping analysis determined to be a 3 wood, followed very much in the footsteps of the driver. Lofted up 1°, with the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70. Picking out my 13th club was a challenge, we waffled between a 3 iron built more as a driving iron, or a 3 hybrid for more versatility. I don’t usually get along with hybrids, but I felt that I hit this hybrid well enough that the versatility upside was worth the risk of it being a bust. I’m really looking forward to see how it works on the course. Final Result - Tour Length SpeedZone Driver 9° lofted up to 10° in the draw setting. HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 60 Stiff SpeedZone 3W lofted up 1° -0.5” Short HZRDUS Yellow Smoke 70 Stiff SpeedZone 3H Standard length Recoil ESX 480 Stiff
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    First hole in one ever thanks to my Cobra King F9 Black 50° wedge. 120 yard shot that landed just past the hole and spun back in. You guys are in for a real treat with these Cobra clubs! Whoever gets the first hole in one during the challenge has my complete support!
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    The second unboxing of the week, and probably last for well....until ? Cobra Forged Tec 5-P KBS Tour 90 R flex Lamkin Z5 Grip
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    So, as many of you saw over in the “What Have You Bought Lately” thread, I went to a thrift store and found an older set of blades. I was originally going to just get a single iron to play with from time to time, but then found a complete set. My weapons of choice? A set of Wilson Staff Fluid Feel irons 2-PW. Why would I do this? I’m a huge golf YouTube fan and one of the channels I enjoy is Stacked Golf. It’s a husband and wife team who go around thrift stores and flea markets and hunt old clubs. Also, there’s a lot of debate over traditional lofts vs loft jacking. I thought this might be a fun little experiment to see if a golfer like me could play an older set and still score well. This is in no way a scientific experiment, I just want to have fun and share my experiences with all of you. Plus, I thought it’d be nice to restore an old set to its former beauty. Right now I’m cleaning them up and really loving how they look. They started out a bit rusty, but a little Bar Keepers Friend, some steel wool, and a little elbow grease has them looking good. I haven’t had a chance to hit them since my driving range took some damage in a tornado back around Easter. I have gotten them out and hit foam balls a few times, but that’s just not the same as the real thing. It’s probably the worst idea ever, but I’m planning on taking them to the course soon just to see how I can make them perform. I’m planning on alternating rounds between my current gamers and these. Speaking of which, I’m currently playing with a set that is the polar opposite of these butter knives: Tommy Armour Atomics. These are super jacked, with large heads, and loads of forgiveness. This is going to be a long process, but I plan on having fun with it. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to advance the ball toward the hole with the Wilson's.
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    ****Alert ***** Alert!******Alert!****** sluggo shoots a new PB today !!!!!!!!!!! -4....... 67. ....... -4. ..... 67! ..... It was a Great day to say the least, and the oddest thing, it was so easy. crushed every drive, crushed all irons, putter was a demon, it was like I was smooth and easy, but the ball was just flying off the clubs. Narrowly missed about 3 or 4 other putts too. Got a chip in just off the green too. Just couldn’t miss...
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    Today was a good day. First hole in one ever. 50° Cobra King wedge from 120 yards. Hit just past the hole and spun back in. Shot 73 to tie my lowest round ever. Won my match 8 and 6.
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    To follow up on one of my teases from the other day. PXG Proto X 9 degree Evenflow Blue 5.5
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    There are a few threads detailing individuals paths to getting better. Some want to break into the 80s, some want to be single digit, some are trying to achieve scratch golf, I am trying to get to the low single digits. I thought it might be a good idea to report on my progress and what I am doing to play better golf; hopefully someone finds it interesting; if not it will just be my own blog that I can use as a reference. About me: I have been playing golf on and off since I was in my early teens but stopped and started many times since then. Finally started to play regularly in the 90s which happened to be roughly where I was scoring. Took a bunch of lessons and worked my handicap down to a 4 in roughly the 05-10 timeframe and shot a personal best 70 and have about a dozen rounds of 71/72. Over the last 5/6 years my game has been going the wrong direction and scores that were typically mid 70s are now low to mid 80s. My short game was a big mess and after a lesson last year it has started to get better but still needs some improvement. I play with a regular group weekly and play in my companies golf league. My recent golf league results are what really set this journey forward. We play 9 holes in league play and my last three rounds have been +15, +14 and +9 and I know I can play better golf. As a result, I reached out to my instructor and said I wanted to get better at the game. How I think: For those reading these posts, this is probably an important thing to understand. I really like to understand the details and learn as much as I can about a subject. I did this with putting; I found a coach that helped me understand how the putting stroke works and how my decisions impact the stroke. I learn the mechanics but move toward the feel side of the scale when actually playing. Now, my goal is to learn more about the golf swing and strategy to playing better Initial Goals: Get my scoring average to 75 Break 70 Improve course strategy Improve approach game (struggle with pull hooks, toe shots, and fat shots) Improve short game (still isn't where I want it to be) Improve distance wedges Improve iron distance control (in between distances) Initial assessment: I went for an initial swing assessment on the 20th. The assessment we did is based on Mike Adams swing dynamics. I learned about Mike Adams last year on an episode of the Golf Channels Swing Expedition with Chris Como. Essentially you go through a series of tests and based on the results of those tests it determines how you should swing. This assessment includes what your swing pivots around, grip (strong/weak, over, under, side), swing plane, stance width, etc. For the way I process things, it was ideal. Based on this assessment, I am a front post, side-on grip and release, launch.spin golfer. Once this was determined, we went through a series of drills to help work on ingraining the feels and to work on ground impact location. Early results: Since the assessment, I have played 2 rounds and done a couple of most wanted testing sessions. The approach seems to be working; I have been making more centered contact, less fat shots, and narrowed shot dispersion. It is interesting that my short game has shown significant improvement over the last two weeks as well. Last two rounds have been 79 and 80 and the swing changes seem to be a step in the right direction. Future plans: Obviously I will continue to work on the practice drills. Since iron testing is getting under way at MGS, I will be hitting lots of iron shots a couple of times a week. From a lesson perspective, it looks like I will be doing one in-person lesson a month and a couple of online lessons per month to answer questions, check on drills, and develop course strategy.
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    I realized that I never posted the results of my fitting in here for everyone to tear apart so here we go... Firstly (@GB13 knows this is the correct way to introduce a topic due to his excellent academic achievements...), I was fortunate to be able to hit all of the Cobra clubs I’ll be playing with in some shape or form at a big box store that a friend works at. We were able to get a rough idea of what will work for me and which shafts felt nice in the event I wasn’t able to go see my usual fitter. But, as fate would have it, my fitter did not have any time slots open up so I went ahead with a tele-fit with a Cobra rep. Our call wasn’t overly long and we talked about my current gear, some of the stats that I know from launch monitor fittings in the past, and where my game currently is/where I want it to go. I hadn’t posted the results because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my hands on some of the shafts recommended to me as part of the competition. Our orders were just submitted to Cobra today, so unless I hear back saying I need to adjust my order this is what I’ll be dominating the #CobraConnect Challenge 4 with this summer: Driver: Speedzone 10.5 in Tour Length with a Ventus Blue 6X shaft. Mike felt this would be the best match compared to my current M5 and the results they have been seeing. I know I’m on the fringe of X and S, but decided to stick with his opinion here. Fairway: Speedzone 5-wood with a Ventus Blue 8S shaft. No need to go X with the heavier shaft here. I love my 5-wood so I’m really hoping this can up the performance even more. Hybrid: Speedzone 4 Hybrid with KBS Tour Proto 85 Stiff. Was fit for basically this exact setup recently, so I’m looking forward to that as the shaft seems to get rid of hooky thoughts in my hybrid swings. Irons: Forged Tec 5-GW with Nippon Modus3 120X shafts. I’ll be playing 1/2 inch short and 2 degrees flat. I’m also having the GW bent a degree strong to 48. The Modus 120 feels butter smooth to me, even in the X flex as the handle is relatively softer and the tip is more stout. Wedges: To round out the set I’ll be playing the MIM wedges with Nippon Modus3 wedge 125 shafts. I’ve been recently fit for these as well so I was happy there. I’m getting the 52-Classic, 56-Versitile, and 60-Widelow. I’ve enjoyed having varied grinds and bounces in the SM7s I have and wanted to maintain some of the freedom in shot selection that has allowed me, although the bounce is decreasing vs increasing with my current setup so I’ll have some adjustments to make there. These, like the irons, are shortened and 2 degrees flat. Bag: There was only ever really one choice for me. Black and Yellow ultralight Cart bag. I’ve been wanting to try a cart bag, and the black/yellow color way looks the best and screams COBRA. I’m very excited to get these into play and am happy I was able to maintain 4 degree gaps from the PW down. I’ve found this is more useful for me than having something in the 3-iron loft area as the 4-Hybrid and 5-wood compliment my swing best. If I’m that far away, I should probably be planning on a good approach area vs a wild swing into the green. TL;DR - I got fit, and I’m super excited to get these in play.
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    I had the wonderful opportunity this afternoon to get fit for this challenge at Leading Edge Golf in Okemos, Michigan. I've stuck a few pictures below and will create a gallery later with a few more. I had an awesome time! Josh, my fitter, spent several years fitting for PGA Tour players and is a member of an advisory board for Cobra, so I felt really comfortable from the get-go today, which made the nearly 90 minute drive for me worth it! (Another cool fact - he fits many of the local "celebrities," including several members of the Detroit Red Wings and various college coaches from many of Michigan's universities.) I really appreciated Josh was willing to talk numbers with me, as I am analytical by nature and also enjoy the various technologies employed by the heads, shafts, etc. Would I be a Spy if I didn't?!? We started with the SpeedZone irons, and without giving too much away, they are very easy to look at and launch. Loft-jacking aside, I saw some crazy ball speed numbers with good spin and descent angles, and I wasn't even swinging my best. I cycled through all of the shafts Cobra offers in the SpeedZones, but none topped the KBS C-Taper Lites, the same shaft I already play in my Maltby PTMs. Something about those shafts really suit my swing, and I love the feeling I get from them. To be honest, the biggest surprise with the irons was how much I hated the Nippon Modus 105s. Just felt all wrong to me. This was the first time I've spent significant time on Trackman since my lessons over the past few months, and I was ecstatic to see my club path with my irons has improved a lot. Most swings are now neutral or slightly in-to-out, which led to a bunch of nice draws with the SpeedZone 7-iron I hit. We then moved to the top of the bag, working through a few different combinations of hybrid lofts and shafts. I'm not a huge fan of hybrids, but I've found the Cobra hybrids seem to work pretty well for me. Josh was very careful to ensure that the combo we settled on didn't go left like so many hybrids can do. Obviously, the SpeedZone driver and fairways woods were the biggest pieces of puzzle for the day. I wish I could say I striped a bunch of great shots with both, but the reality is my driver and fairway wood swings need a lot of work. I am very steep with my wood swings, and generate a lot of spin. We cycled through a bunch of different head settings and shafts trying to knock that down and eventually settled on a tour length SpeedZone Xtreme, turned down to 7.5 degrees, with the Aldila Rogue Silver. I really liked the feel of the Rogue Silver and with a few tweaks I did start hitting some better shots. Just for fun we also cycled through some exotic shafts, and I'm now in love with the Fujikura Motore X... The final specs I will be submitting to Cobra are: Driver - Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme 9 Degree, Tour Length (44.5"), Aldila Rogue Silver 60 Stiff - Set to 7.5 Degrees 3 Wood - Cobra SpeedZone 14.5 Degree, -3/4", Aldila Rogue Silver 70 Stiff - Set to 13.5 Degrees 2 Hybrid - Cobra SpeedZone, -1/2", UST Recoil 480 ESX F4 4-GW - Cobra SpeedZone, -1/2", 2 Degrees Flat, KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff 54, 58 Wedges - KING Black, Versatile Grind, 3 Degrees Flat (if that can be done), KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff (soft-stepped once) Grips - Lamkin Sonar Cobra Connect Overall, today was an extremely fun and rewarding day.
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    Went to get fit at Edwin Watts golf today and I met up with one of their fitters name Jon a real likable sort of guy. Once he found out exactly why I was getting fit he was a little reluctant because he told me they don’t actually charge for fittings. They are paid on a commission of clubs they sell so he was nice and I have to go ahead and fit me and I told him him I’ll find something else and maybe I’ll look for a putter and so after the fitting that’s what I did ! I don't expect anyone to work for free! So he spent over 2 1/2 hours with me and this was the results SpeedZone 10.5 Driver, 14g weight in back, +1* draw setting, Tense Blue 65 Stiff Speedzone 3F and 5F same settings and shaft only in reg flex Speedzone One Hybrid 4 Catalyst 80 Stiff Speedzone One 5 - SW reg steel shafts KBS Tour 90 standard length 1* upright Kine One Black Wedge 60* This is what I bought for his time and effort after he spent more time fitting me for a putter Really a fun day Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The lovely Laura, who did my Motore Video and has taken many of my good review pictures over the years, got married today. As a college student she was Penny’s aid while at Grace (my church’s school). She’s now our Art Teacher and in many ways a big sister to Penny and a daughter to me. One of my favorite weddings ever. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    79 38/41 6/14 FiR 8/18 GiR 30 Putts (1 3-putt par from like 50' , 1 0-putt chipped in from like 10y) Hit the ball pretty decently on the front. Round kinda dragged because there were some slow folks a few groups ahead who were apparently holding things up. They left at the turn thankfully. Lipped a 2' tap in for birdie after hitting a nice 8i from 145 playing into a slight breeze -- thought I might've holed it. The bunker blocks the view of the cup. Put two in the drink, one on each 9, and consequently made 2 doubles. I should've searched for a hybrid a long time ago. It's so much more consistent for me than 4i or crossover was. Feels good to get back into the 70s though, I feel like I could live there on a much more consistent basis.
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    It’s time to make the picks. I’m not ready to do the announcement yet, but just letting you guys know it’s time.
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    Yesterday I had the opportunity to do my second fitting with Robbe Trout, the Honma rep for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We had been trying to arrange a meeting around his travel back to NELA and, like everything else in this world lately, it was delayed due to Covid. He came to Bayou DeSiard Country Club in Monroe, LA, again, and I met him there first thing as he was already pretty booked-up with members. The fitting was done completely outside on the range, hitting off the grass, using GC Quad. He and I had been communicating about my irons for almost three months, and we had talked at length about my set make-up, what issues I was having, what my misses have been, etc. I had sent him my Trackman numbers from last year’s fitting that included my Srixons, and the Honma TW 747 V irons so he could get a sense of performance differences and similarities. As we continued to talk, it became more-and-more apparent that the Modus 120X shafts were probably culprit number one, and the resultant spin off the head with these shafts was culprit number 2, so we knew that something like Dynamic Gold X100 was going to be a front runner. My goal for these irons would be to do one thing: reduce dispersion by eliminating the left side of the course, be more fade-biased. When I got to the course I warmed-up and stretched a good bit. I brought my SKLZ swing trainer for getting a “good lather”, then started hitting 3/4 seven irons using my Tour Striker Smart Ball. I brought my 7 iron, and my 50* and 58* wedges as we would be hitting the Honma 7 irons, and then double-checking my distances with my lowest lofted and highest lofted wedges to make sure we selected the appropriate lofts of the irons. As usual in fittings we started with my 7 iron. As I hit we began to talk about the shots: How did you strike that one? Is that the normal trajectory you see? What ball do you normally play? What ball flight and trajectory do you WANT to see? Is that your normal distance? What’s your big miss? Do you like how your shaft feels? Etc, etc. Any great fitting is going to have a LOT of back-and-forth. Even though Robbe and I had talked a lot leading-up to this, communication was still extremely important during the fitting. I showed my normal 15*-16* launch, 6500 spin, and 185 distance. I sprayed the shots both left, right, and at the flag, just like I do on the course. So, time to start trying the Honmas. Everything Robbe saw in-person was exactly as I described, so he knew right away to go with Dynamic Gold X100, +1” in the TR20 Tour V 7 iron, midsize grip. The added weight of the X100 should address some of my dispersion issues, which is what has been done with my driver shafts in the past. Immediately, at address, I could see these were smaller and more compact than the Z785. Not a ton, but noticeable. Similar top line, shorter blade length, and they seemed a bit shorter in the toe in terms of “height”, with similar offset, if not a TAD bit less than Srixon. The club was also lighter... I didn’t get the head weight, but the swing weight was definitely not the D8-D9 that mine are! The first few shots were noticeably lower trajectory. The feel off the face was as good as the Srixons. I liked the lighter weight right away. Robbe didn’t have the GC Quad set-up yet. He wanted me to get used to the club for a minute, see some shots, and ask a few questions before we turned-on the GC Quad again. This was smart. I wasn’t “numbers” influenced from swing one. I was paying more attention to the ball and where it was going. After about 10-12 shots, he started the GC Quad. Shot one: 181 yards, 2* to the right of the pin, spin at 6793... Shot two, 180 yards, 3* to the right, spin 6793..... Shot three, 184 yards, 1* to the right, 6793 spin.... I kid you NOT!!! The first THREE shots had the same identical spin! Holy crap. In addition, nothing left of the pin, all just nice fades, more piercing. In the first 10 shots I took, 6 of them had 6793 spin!!! CRAZY. Robbe then had me switch to the X100 in the Tour V with a shaft at 1/2” over length. Shots were just as good, with the distance being right around 180. He liked this a lot. He asked, “What do you think of going shorter in length, not going 1” over?” I’m glad he asked because I had tried this in the past and it didn’t work well. I’m 6’5” and when I have a club 1/2” shorter, when I finally get down to 9 iron and pitching wedge, I really feel like I have to WORK to stay down and get to the ball. In addition, I have a back disease that has taken all lordosis (curvature) out of my back, so I am pretty stiff in the lumbar region. In normal rounds I really start to get tight around the 16th hole, which coincides where I’m losing most of my strokes. He heard me, had me hit two more, then we went back to +1” and stayed there. Folks, this is key, You gotta have a fitter ask questions. You gotta have a fitter willing to listen to you. You gotta have a fitter that understands and can adjust and offer something different to see what you think. It’s crucial. Robbe has been in the business awhile and worked for Cobra before Honma. He played College golf. He knows the swing, and he knows components. He’s really good. If you’re in a fitting and conversation isn’t occurring, then you’re not in a FITTING! I then tried Robbe’s Tour V iron that had Dynamic Gold 120 X100 in them. I liked them, especially in the 4 iron! DAAAAAANG! Nice little bullet fades landing at 215! Numbers were good with these, but dispersion went up a tad, so we went back to the standard Dynamic Gold X100s. Spin settled-in right around 6700-6900, distance and dispersion were all good. He asked if I wanted to try an LZ, or a PX, but I knew that I was right where I needed to be. We were good-to-go. We put the order in for 4/5 in the Tour P (like what I did with my Srixons and had Z585 in the 4/5 for slightly more forgiveness), and 6-10 (yes, 10, Honma doesn’t switch to PW) all with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 at +1”, standard lie, and we went -1* on the lofts. One note here is that we decided to soft-step the shafts. Robbe brought-up what we had talked about early in the fitting, my back issues, and losing strokes in the last few holes. He mentioned that if we softened the shafts just a tad, we could keep the weight, spin, launch, and dispersion, but make it easier for me so I didn’t have to swing as hard to activate the shafts. I wouldn’t have to work as hard. I was good with it! They’re sending me grips in the box with my clubs because I didn’t want to pay the extra $13/club for Lamkin Sonar midsize when I have them at home. Robbe is also requesting the clubs all be made at D6, which might include them drilling-out some weight to get them there, or at least finding the lightest heads in the batch. That’s another issue with a D8-D9 club and end-of-round scoring! So, I’m excited! I should have them in about 10 days. In looking back at my Srixons, could I have just re-shafted them? Sure, to get better dispersion, for sure, but I had re-shafted through Srixon back when I had Z545 irons and it was $350, plus shipping there and back. I had always sent clubs back to the OEM for repairs so they stay within warranty. Here, I can sell my current irons, some shafts, and two fairway woods I have and come-out owing less for new Honmas... It also goes back to last year’s fitting at Club Champion. The Honmas won the day, but I could get the Srixons at cost. Here I am, with GREAT irons, but just not seeing the results on-course, and I keep seeing my GIR going down more, and more. So, as I get closer-and-closer to getting my new swing mechanics down, I can do it with a set of irons that give me the visual results to have more confidence in what the I should see after contact, which is huge. To know that one has eliminated, or greatly reduced, a miss is enormous in scoring better. I will be very glad to know where I should be aiming with my irons going forward knowing I can trust that the outcome SHOULD be one way. Here are some pics I took. Tour P on the left, Tour V on the right Same. Tour P left, Tour V right
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    Typically, the rules are announced once all the competitors receive their full set up. Traditionally there is a weekly competition for the players and something for the forum members to chime in with. If you have an Arccos account, you can find the competitors and sneak a peak at the stats so the side-bets could be tough to keep honest. Without looking, I'm gonna say that @GB13 is gonna have the best approach stat, @edingc is gonna have the best driving stat, @daviddvm will have the best chipping stat, @Headhammer will have the best putting stat, and while not an official Arccos stat, @B.Boston is gonna have the best stat for watching his NFL team go from first to worst.
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    Had a fantastic outing this morning, even with plenty bogeys a double and a triple, I was able to shot an 87, made a beautiful 40ft putt for birdie on 17th. Today was a great day.
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    We didn't finish 18 in time because the course was crowded and playing slow, but... I got to ride this and it was so fun I don't even care that we didn't finish the round! Also that new Nike bag is sexy.
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    Forced to take most of the season off last year for health issues. Fourth round in this year and I carded an 84. Not sure how I managed it. Maybe I can repeat it
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    Ok so far it's all been who's city has the most trophies, who has actually finished puberty, who has the funniest accent (I win that for sure, just watch Flight of the Concords to hear it) but the more important questions are... 1. Can @GB13 make it through the challenge without @GolfSpy STUDque sending him to his room? 2. Can @B.Boston beat @Lacassem and his Pings? Also can he make it through without starting a bar brawl? 3 . Will @edingc bring class and decorum to proceedings or will he be in the brawl with B.Boston? 4. Will @Headhammerdemand that B.Boston play with his balls deflated the way that Brady used to like? 5. Can @daviddvm be the first to make the one lengths truly work or will he be just like the OKC Thunder, nearly but not quite good enough? Only time will tell....
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    Don't forget that @GB13is also like 12, so as long he is home before dinner, he can probably play every day. That assumes he doesn't do something dumb and get grounded.
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    And away we go! Alright fellas, listen up. Shout out to @GolfSpy STUDque for setting this thing up right and having my name on top of the list. I’ve got this thing wrapped up like cellophane so you might as well just lay down your clubs and fall in line. Where I’m from we take a championships seriously and I’m here to bring another title to title town!
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    Hello everyone, I used to be 600lbs and either on my way to not being here or would prob have been disabled. I had to make a drastic change and would have WLS to drop over 235lbs so far. During that time I would fall in love with the game of fold. So much so that I decided to use golf as motivator to keep going. I wanted to document my journey so I created a youtube channel to record my rounds and course vlogs. I'm always open to honest criticism and tips that anyone sees from the game where it can help me out. I've only been playing for not even 2 full seasons. Just looking to connect and make new friends even if from afar within the golf community.
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    - 40/38 = 78 (+6) - 9/15 FIR - 9/18 GIR (2 birdies) - 32 Putts (1 3-putt, 12 2-putts, 5 1-putts) Able to stick a new low round ball on my shelf! While I birdied No. 1 for the first time this year this morning, I got off to a sluggish start and didn't hit anything particularly well through most of the front nine. However, I avoided really bad holes (did double No. 3 after just spraying a tee shot so far right it almost landed on No. 8 green), and easily had my best round putting this year. During my lesson last Wednesday we opened up my feet in my driver and iron stances some because what feels square to me is actually closed. I did the same thing putting today and everything finally started on the correct line. I did have an awful three-putt on No. 17, but otherwise felt really good with the putter today. I hit 7/9 greens on the back and missed the other two by only a few yards short. I played most of the back nine in a light sprinkle that turned into a drizzle by No. 15, so with the rain and breeze I just clubbed up once or twice and hit low punchy iron shots. Best feeling of the round, however, was that I smoked two straight drives dead center of the fairway on 17 and 18 to end the round. According to Arccos, the first went 261 yards into the breeze and then turned around and went 287 downwind. Feels so good to be hitting the driver better.
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    Well here's some great news: We just signed docs for purchase of a condo adjacent to #1 green at our club. We're doing the happy dance after 4 very stressful days wondering where we were going to live.
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    ... My son and wife took me to my favorite course for Fathers Day. Just a really fun day, although it was a little hot and humid for them but no complaints from me. My wife hasn't played since last September and shot a 104 but bombed a few drives well over 200yds. My son has only played once and shot a 93, stumbling in with a double-triple-double so he played better than his score indicates. I tried to draw a tee shot around a tree and over did it, hooking it into the water. Took my drop in the rough, hit an excellent 4 iron to the edge of the green and wedged it to 6 feet and made a bogie. 2 birdies early before the wind really picked up for the back 9 and 2 bogies so even par. Into the wind 7 iron pin high 123 yds, downwind 7 iron 177 yds and just short of pin high. T100-S were back to their accurate selves today after my last round when a stiff back produced a 78 with 0 GIR's on the front 9 and only 4 GIR's on the back 9. Family Fathers Day photo on the 1st tee:
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    I was absolutely no use to @palvord last year, but I play a lot of golf so if anyone needs a dead, useless, body to fill a spot this year... don't be shy to ask
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    Finally got in a round without rain. Played Maggie Valley shooting 42/44:86 yesterday. Front nine is flat but the back is almost insane. Very mountainous. Going for another this morning. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra King F8(10.5*) w/ Mitdubishi Tense ck Blue Regular; 3W & 5W Cobra King F8 w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular shafts; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts; Cobra King F8 Gw(50*)SW(54*)LW(58*)all w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ES regular shafts.Putter: Tommy Armour Impact No. 3; Bag: Cobra Ultralight Cart bag, Peaccoat Blue.
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    Detroit had Barry and there will never be anyone at that position as good as him. Say what you want about Payton, Jim Brown, Emmett Smith etc. No one moved like Barry and if he were on a better team, it would've been easier to convince folks that he was the goat RB. 1. I've never wanted to kick someone in the nuts more than now 2. his shadow: 3. This is also a very effective position for sh***ing your pants and not getting any on your legs/feet And last but not least:
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    I am usually a sucker for cute kids pics, and yes yours definitely qualify. But based on your team allegiances they are all going to grow up to be horrible people so you’re out. For me this is going to come down to @GB13 and @edingc. I tested the epic flash with @edingc last year and know that he has continued to improve his game. He is also dedicated to getting better. Probably the favorite going in. But there would be nothing funnier than watching a bunch a grown men devote 8 weeks of their life scraping and crawling to get to the top all to be beat by some kid who couldn’t even watch the MJ doc because it was past his bed time. They are not lying when they say his biggest challenge will be not to be grounded during the course of the comp. So guys show me what you got...
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    It's time. Yes, oh yes, it's time. This first post will be edited at a later date to include more details on the challenge. For now, let's enjoy some early smack talk! ALL readers of the forums will have chances to win some great Puma Swag (shoes, hats, polos) throughout the season. If you've paid attention to past challenges, you may already know about some ways to increase your chances starting....NOW
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    Two rounds into Arccos now as my replacement sensors arrived Friday evening. I'm finding it to be a little fiddly, but overall impressive. I'm not overly surprised to find approach shots to be my current strength, with driving, chipping and putting lagging behind. In GIF form, keeping with the theme of this thread, how I currently view my golf game: And how it probably actually looks:
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    Beautiful walk this morning. First group out at 7:30am and played with a couple good buddies. Swing felt good from the start and got it to (-3) thru the first 6 holes. Missed a 4-footer for par on the 8th after a stellar flop shot and turned at (-2). Added good birdies on 10 & 11. Got a little too cute with the tee shot on the Par-5 13th, found the creek and made a very disappointing bogey. Lost 2 more shots on the tough 15th trying to avoid the mowing crew in the fairway with my tee ball and then compounding errors. Bounced back with a great birdie on the 220yd 16th and closed with a 40 foot birdie bomb on the 18th. 11/14 FWY, 14/18 GIR, 26 PUTTS (-3) Thoughts for the day: Taking the weekend off from my Ranger Rick practice routine was much needed and I felt a lot fresher rolling out of bed this morning. My swing was totally under control and I had no issue working it both ways today. With better decision making on a couple holes it had the makings of a low round but I’m very happy with my game overall right now. My girlfriend also insisted on joining us and pushed my cart the whole day. Celebrating with a Nat Sherman in the shade after the round, it occurred to me that I’m about the luckiest guy I know.
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    37/42 .... the epitome of scrambling. Good news is I got my first Eagle of the season.... 190 yard 5 iron to 4 feet.
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    I received the gap and lob wedge heads from Arias Golf on Thursday, installed Steelfiber FC115 shafts yesterday and now they are ready to go. Can’t wait to take these out. Can’t say enough good things about these clubs. If you haven’t heard, Arias Golf is a small Canadian company that created the True Zero Offset irons and wedges. So no offset at all, actually, a slight amount of onset. I have been playing classic irons for awhile and these Arias irons look like a classic iron at address but with a full cavity back and a more friendly sole grind. They feel fantastic, just as good as forged, even though they are 431 stainless steel. They do a heat treatment to them which they say helps with the feel and also allows 6* of lie adjustment...so not your standard harsh stainless feel. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Finally got out on the course for the first time in over a month. What a gorgeous day! High 80’s, light breeze, perfect conditions. For the amount of rust I had to knock off, I’d say I played pretty well. I ended up 16 over with an 88 (47/41) but took ten penalty strokes. Once I get things cleaned up I’ll be in the 70’s in no time! Not bad for having a 6mm disc protrusion at L5/S1! Hopefully back out there soon!
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    when your "backup bag" is nicer than most guys regular bags.... ...present company included
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    Oh this is going to be good , there's a lot of big talk already and a little mud slinging. Not a lot of subtly though, still can't really expect that from someone from Boston or someone whose voice is still breaking...
  50. 16 points
    Ok time to announce the testers. Let me just get typing:
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