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    Testers Wanted (2) T100-S and (2) T200 Titleist Irons What better way to get our minds off of all the troubles in the world these days than a good iron testing. Well at MyGolfSpy, we don’t do good, we do MIND BLOWING--You Can Not Be Serious testings!! And that’s what we have here! When Titleist introduced its new T Series irons last fall, it included pretty much everything you’d expect from Titleist, all neatly arranged—T100, T200 and T300. The T100 fit the accomplished amateur and many tour pros, while T200 and T300 were designed for the distance and game improvement segments respectively. Now this spring comes the T100-S, and you can read the excellent First Look by our own Tony Covey here: Titleist launches T100-S. Titleist in the first ever Forum Testing opportunity that I can recall, is going to provide our members a chance to put these beautiful and now longer players irons to the test. But wait there’s more: Titleist doesn’t just dip its toes in the water, it goes off the high dive! It realizes most everyday forum golfers aren’t cut out for such a player’s club. So, it’s widening the testing field to include the T-200 iron as well! That's right two models, two testers each. So read the instructions closely, as not following them exactly could cost you an opportunity to be a tester. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. Provide us with the information requested below. 3. Be honest on your selection of desired test iron and handicap, it doesn't do anybody any good to have a 36 handicap testing an iron designed for tour players and single digit handicaps. - Your First Name - City/Sate - Your Handicap - Current Iron Model In Play - Desired Model to test- You Must Choose ONE-saying something like "either one" will get you disqualified. Lastly but just as importantly Please do not 'quote' this post when applying.. Per the manufactures request: this review opportunity is open to golfers who resides in the US. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back.
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    I hope you guys don't mind me posting this. Most people would do it on Facebook. But I consider each if you friends more so than the 500 some FB says I have My mom passed away this morning in Pensacola, FL. She was 89 and had suffered with dementia the better part of the last 10 years. It had gotten progressively worse the past two years. I last saw her a year ago. At that time It was sadly obvious that She had no clue who I was or any recall of past events. She was put in hospice care at that time. The fact she battled it for another year is a testament to her toughness. She grew up on a small farm in MS with her father passing at a young age and a mom in bad health. At age 15, She pretty much raised her baby sister and took care of the house while still graduating HS before marrying my father a year afterwards. I was 10 and my brother 6 when my parents divorced. She worked full time and raised two sons, without us ever wanting for a thing Or going hungry. Well I never did get that racetrack set for Christmas that I kept asking for I owe every value I have to this day to her. She taught us how to be honest, account for our selves and treat others kindly. She didn't see color in people, she just saw the good in then. .. whee and when she was raised, that is actually damn impressive. I received many of my physical traits from her or her family, she had older twin brothers who were 6'4. During my adult years I visited her as often as I could. But not often enough. Yet she always had a full pan of lasagna, a huge baking dish of Banana Pudding and dozens and dozens of Chocolate Chip cookies. Like I said. We never went hungry. The timing really sucks. Obviously I and my brother and sisters can't travel there now. She made plans a couple years ago to be cremated. So that's what they will do. A family friend down there will hold on to her remais. When everything clears up, my siblings and I will meet in MS for a service and say our goodbyes. This was my last picture with her. Time and illness had taken a toll on her. But she still managed a smile. Rest in peace Mom. I love you.
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    Folks - this isn't a request. Politics has no place in this golf forum. These are trying, politically charged times for all of us. MyGolfSpy doesn't care about your politics, and we expect you to respect that and leave them at the door. Let's use this thread for its intended purpose - to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas as we all cope with something I'd say nearly all of us have never seen in our lifetime. I get that it's hard to keep your politics out of it, but we're making it easy. Don't do it. There. It's that simple. The little white ball doesn't give a flying f**k who you voted for, what you think the virus should be called or who you think has or hasn't done what. Am I being clear enough?
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    And trust me, we can all use some these days. Then.....you may want to be where you can read the site at some time tomorrow. Just saying
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    Look what you guys made me do. I couldn't find wings at the store, but they had legs! Smoked them with some pecan wood and they turned out delicious! Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    We went out for dinner to Ches Peaksy. Oldest daughter did pre dinner cocktails and smoked salmon with cream cheese. I did cauliflower soup with a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blend. Main was fresh pasta with a Tomato and Pancetta sauce prepared by my youngest, paired with a Lange Nebbiolo. Desert was supposed to be a Lemon Meringue Pie prepared by my wife, but we wee all too full. Looking forward to dessert tomorrow. Making the most of a tough situation is a bit easier when you've got a small cellar of good wine and people you love to share it with.
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    Hey everyone! Have been fan of MGS and it's one of my favorite golf websites so I thought I would join in on the fun. Little background....been playing golf since I was kid. Play to a 10 handicap...and like most of us on here, I have a golf-purchasing issue. Here's my WITB for 2020.... Driver: Ping G410 LST. 9 degrees, weight in the draw setting. Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 44 3/4 inches. 3 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 Stiff, tipped a 1/2 inch. 42 3/4 inches. 5 Wood: Cobra King Speedzone. Tour AD-DI 7 X-stiff. 42 1/4 inches. Hybrid: Ping G410 4 Hybrid. Project X Evenflow Black 6.0. Irons: Srixon Z-785 (5-PW). Project X LZ 6.0. Wedges: Titleist SM7. 50, 54, and 58. Dynamic Golf S300. Putter: Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. 35 inches. Taylormade Spider X. 35 inches.
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    This has been a good thread. Let’s keep it that way. An update on my son and daughter in law. They are very slowly getting better. We text several times a day, when they have the energy. Both say their lung congestion is improving, but they want to sleep and sleep some more. Thank you all for your concern.
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    Who's ready for a little GOLF MATH ?? Graphite Steel G(raphite) O(n) S(teel) T(echnology) Hybrid lower scores, more greens in regulation? Let's find out! Join me in congratulating our 4 testers of the Nippon G.O.S.T. hybrid shaft: @Jmikecpa @Bucky CC @tehuti @Dr Strangelove Fairways and greens gentlemen!
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    Official Review Thread: PING G710 Irons It's a special joy for me to announce the reviewers of the PING G710 irons. PING iron tests are always among our most-applied-for, (dare I say) most wanted review opportunities. I had the privilege of getting in on the test of the predecessor to the G710s and have shot the best rounds of my life with my G700s. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing how the sequels perform in the hands of our four forum testers! Without further ado, our reviewers will be: @perseveringgolfer @Berg Ryman @JonMUSC08 @McaseyM Join me in congratulating these four and in following their reviews here!
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    Update: It seems I'm signed up for unemployment. I got on at 3:30 am to try again. I punched in my PIN and got right on. It said I wasn't eligible for any new claims. I went to the current claims section and all my info was there from the last time I filled it out. After being shut out at the last of signing in, I would have thought everything was gone. It says I get the max payout. I guess I'll see if a deposit shows up in the near future.
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    I played my last Golf for next 2 weeks. I need to self quarantine. I came into contact with guys who were in contact with a family that have tested positive. It’s a second hand contact but a few of us have decided that it’s best to be safe and not spread it further. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    In another thread I said I would post 10 or so of what I would consider my best second hand putter finds. My criteria was very simple....nothing from eBay and value to me as a find. Some of these are not in the best shape but price paid certainly took that into account. I will try and post the price as best I can remember or at least in within a relevant range. Another thing to keep in mind is these were not bought as wall hangers and most of these have seen time on the course. So let’s begin in no specific order. 10. Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5. This is the putter that started the addiction and was my gamer for over a year. I bought this putter used at Golf Galaxy in Wilmington DE in 2003 for around $150 with a new grip installed and the original headcover. 9. Bettinardi BB54 36” counterbalanced. Bought for $130 at PGATSS in Westbury NY in 2014. This was when the counterbalance craze took off and these got hit so it was a steal at that point. Then again any Betti at that price is a steal. 8. Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport Beach. Got this out of the shop at Old Westbury CC in 2012 for $50 in shop credit and $50 cash. Always wanted one of these and this was right time right place. Spent a solid few months in the bag and the putter I used to shoot the low round of that summer. 7. Ray Cook Blue Goose BC1. Got this at PGATSS for around $15 and bought it just for the history. This was one of Scotty Cameron’s first designs for Ray Cook and what started him in the putter business. This one is a bit rough but a piece of history that I felt I had to have. 6. Toulon Madison Stroke Lab. Bought this recently at PGATSS and it is a unicorn since Odyssey didn’t make this in the Stroke Lab line. From what I can tell it was not done by Toulon and it was done well. 34” with the Stroke Lab shaft and the 20g sole weight to balance out the head. Rolls the ball well and was in my bag for my AZ trip. I will post the last five tomorrow morning and please forgive me for the pictures, stuck inside and doing the best I can in the basement. As an aside my best used rack find is unfortunately no longer with me. In around 2004 I found a Scotty Tour Laguna on a used rack in Golf Galaxy that I picked up for $125 and had authenticated by Cameron. It was my gamer for about a year until it was stolen out of my truck in late 2005. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Really NONE at All. The conversation began last fall with my trip out there. There are some new people in place at Titleist in the marketing and SM side, and they are BIG fans of MGS and wanted to jump in with the Forum as well!
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    So How was that for good news!!
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    I've realized several things during all this. 1. I have a wife 2. I have kids 3. We used to eat out way too much 4. My wife can't cook My company makes some respiratory products and we can't make them fast enough unfortunately. It is really hard speaking to people on the front lines of this that need help and we can't deliver because of demand.
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    Ohio's unemployment web site is still crashed. Ya gotta wonder how they didn't foresee this when they put 3/4 of the state out of work in one day. Poor planning is an extreme understatement. If this is considered political, just delete it. I'm just freaking out over not having any source of income at this point.
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    Ping G410 LST 10.5. Because MGS 2020 Most Wanted Driver test [emoji6]. Also ordered a custom TZ5 55 M4 built the same as my TZ5 65. Black with white lettering and matte finish [emoji41].
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    Thanks but actually the great work has been done by everyone who has done a review here in he past couple years. My contact spent the better part of a couple days reading almost every review thread from the past 2 years and was blown away by the quality and depth and effort put into them. That was what sold them on wanting to be involved, I was just the messenger. So as Barbs always says and he's right...YOU GUYS ROCK!
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    I bought a full size piece of picanha and below is a picture after I cooked it. They normally sell the picanha in 5 oz slices, but I asked them for a whole piece which is around 3 pounds. I also bought some bottom sirloin and filet as well.
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    With the governor's shelter-in-place order going into effect yesterday early morning, I'm now working from home full-time. Not a bad gig as they let us take equipment home, so I'm setup with my laptop and a 27-inch monitor for the next few weeks. I will actually end up being more productive, most likely, because I tend to get the small things that get pushed off otherwise done while at home. Between Skype and Slack our team stays in pretty good communication anyway. Most of my systems are not end user facing, so I haven't been as busy as some of my colleagues who are dealing with all of our staff working from home. I haven't ventured out since last Friday for groceries, and will need to make another grocery run this Friday. I have enough food for us for two weeks, but I homemake my dog's food and have been having issues finding ground turkey for her since this started. Hopefully the supply chain is starting to catch up. My wife and I check our temperatures twice a day, and right now I'm thankful that I bought a squat rack and weights for Black Friday and also for a backyard big enough to chip in. I thankfully had enough stuff pre-bought for home projects and my vegetable garden, so I'm staying busy.
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    Anyone take in the 10 push-up challenge? I had a great couple motivators yesterday [emoji4]
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    Donated $9 to MGS just for giggles. Not sure another 18 yards is possible with a stock shaft, and for the Mizuno to show “stiff shaft” with a 115 mph swing speed seems unlikely, but would be fun to see! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm surprised the announcement of the results didn't crash the site. I also didn't expect Ping to take home the crown considering all the buzz over the SIM and Mavrik. Guess that goes to show that you gotta watch out for the quiet ones. Congrats to Ping, and thank you to all of those that contributed to the testing. Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Same in DC for the Cherry Blossom trees. People just don't get it, must be the same people who don't read the Forum Testing instructions
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    Can’t gather in groups of more than 10 so did a Baptism today for 8 with the others Skyped in. Then walked 18 and went 36-39 75 with these guys: The kid in the middle is a Yankee minor league trainer who just got off quarantine today. He has a beautiful swing and hits it a mile - we played the older guys tees. He the tips. On 16 I had told him to hit 4 iron 208 uphill into the wind. He tried to force 5, it didn’t work out. As we walked up towards his ball, in an impossible spot, my buddy said, “Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.” He said, “I feel like I have two angels telling me what to do on either side.” A few weeks ago I had a pro in the same spot, similar wind, he asked me what to hit, I said, 4 iron, he listened and hit it to 15 feet. Pros listen to their caddies. BTW, I texted the other angel and told him I forgot my hat - look at what he gave me. I rest my case... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Decided at about 430 pm to hit the course. Windy and rainy most of the day and I wasnt feeling it, but I need to walk anyways so off I went. 3 cars in the lot and 2 of them belonged to employees. Never saw another soul and never a drop of rain. Played 2-3 balls along the way and spent some extra time to hit my 3w from the fairway along the way trying to figure it out. Played well minus my wedge game which has been off for some reason. Distance is throwing me for a curve.
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    70 4/14 fir 11/18 gir 28 putts Didn’t hit it all that good. Driver was pretty erratic, but short game was on point. +2.18 Around the green on front 9 alone. Vokey’s are quickly turning into a wise investment.
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    Such a blessing she was. A true gift to her boys, and what an AMAZING example. You were blessed to have her as your Mom! Wow. Such a great tribute. Just awesome. My heart aches for you as it’s obvious how much she meant to you, and who you’ve become. May the Lord bless her soul, and help you and your family get through this at such a crazy time. God bless you and yours. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Doesn't classify as a new purchase but just got my SIM Max head back with 5 grams of hot melt added towards the rear center, slightly more towards the heel. Had it done by Ben Giunta who's current shop is called The Tour Van. He used to be one of the techs in the Nike tour van. If he is good enough to work on Tiger and Rory's clubs, he is good enough to work on my clubs
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    Me too. I made it almost two weeks without buying anything while confined to my house. The floodgates opened last week and now my wife is holding my eBay password hostage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nothing recently. I'm having to live vicariously through you all. Although I do have a $700 gift card to our pro shop that is itching to be used
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    SWMBO came across this in the kitchen about a week and half ago, seems to work OK. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    IMG_0165.HEICIMG_0166.HEICIMG_0168.HEICIMG_0169.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Still not sure about the overall benefits of the SuperSpeed C stick, but I do like seeing the high numbers with it!
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    My guess is @Golfspy_CG2 is putting all his unused gear up for a raffle.
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    I find myself shopping online a lot more with nothing to watch....nowhere to go....ha. Got 4 dozen TP5 HZRDUS Handcrafted Yellow 63 with a Ping tip And found this on eBay. Always like finding unique collectibles on eBay. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So my set of PTX Pro’s came with a 50 and 54° but no lob, so I’d been watching for. 60° on eBay with no luck. Only one 60°, but had the wrong grip, and he wanted close to $100 for it. so while looking, I saw a set of 3- a 50, 54, and a 60° that were barely used, and with a starting price of $89. Six bids took it to $99 with just a few hours to close. So I watched, and watched. so I waited until 5 seconds left and entered my amount of $136 and crossed my fingers. Bam! I’m the winner at $102 haha. So I’ll sell my 50 and 54 for $50 each, and get my 60° for free. gotta love eBay sometimes...
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    The testers already know this, but to update everyone on the forum so you don't start wondering where the hold up is. PING is currently in the middle of a two week mandated shutdown. When they do open, we don't know at what capacity it will be. PING is 100% committed do doing this testing, but will do so without putting their field reps and fitters at risk. So it may take a while to get everyone's fitting done, but I know the wait will be worth it for the testers and ultimately for the forum readers. We will keep you up to date on any information we get. In the meantime, keep the conversation going!!
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    Buddy gave a ridiculous deal on this! Should be here this week. Stoked. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hey guys! The weather finally broke so I was able to put my net up today. I wanted to see how well I was finding the center of the face with the new setup. Below is the link to the first swing and a picture after hitting 5 balls.
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    Hitting net is up! Hopefully he lets me get some swings in eventually
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    You're fine, my friend. And thank you to all for staying on topic and keeping it real. This is why our members are the very best - you guys make this place what it is. And as my old pal Red Green would say, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together...
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    Well, I survived Frozen 2 being replayed 5 times the other day...I'm not sure if getting Disney+ was a blessing or a curse..ha ha ha MDGolfHacker
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    Just spoke with the condo place. They let us move our date to Labor Day weekend. Out of the chaos, good things can happen.
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    Things were a little slow at my course today:
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    Just found out one of the guys in our Tuesday group is self quarantine. His son and family was visiting last week and now his son has been found positive for the Virus. It’s getting too close. This guy and his family needs our prayers. Also guys please don’t politicize this Virus. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Frozen is banned in my house... at least while I am here. Some might say I should Let it Go... But the sound of building a snowman irks me so... While ice and snow might be fun, wait no! The wind and waves of beaches flow... I’d rather watch a Rodeo... I hope that someday they outgrow... That terrible, terrible show!
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    We made it home, got in on the stoke of midnight. The flight from St Louis had 34 people on it so we were spread out. I'm off to get essentials this morning and then will bunker down.
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