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    Took the day off of work, and I am sooooo glad I did! Walked 18 holes this morning and then did another nine this afternoon. Morning 18 - 41/38 = 79 (+7) - 7/15 FIR - 9/18 GIR (2 birdies, though one was a chip-in) - 34 Putts (2 3-putts, 13 2-putts, 2 1-putts, 1 chip-in) - 3:00 Round Time (Got caught behind a shotgun start group on 16, 17 and 18...) I finally broke 80! I really got off to a shaky start this morning, hit two not great six irons on the second hole, but before I knew it I was even after a birdie on No. 5. I doubled the par 3 sixth after finding the greenside bunker, and then hit an awful pull on No. 6 leading to another double bogey. Easily the worst holes of my day. Chipped-in on 12, which is such an awesome feeling. I'm most proud of my focus after getting cut in front of by the shotgun start. The owner didn't realize I was out on the course, so I played the last three holes in 50 minutes after playing the first 15 in just over two hours. I have The Grint app hide my score, and all I knew is that I was pretty low on the back. Hit a poor tee shot on No. 16 after waiting a while, but recovered and saved a bogey. Two pretty good drives and approaches on 17 and 18, followed by two awesome two putts from quite a ways away. Massive credit to Utley's chipping techniques and Rotella's mental techniques. They have been a huge help over the past couple of weeks. Afternoon 9 - 43 (+7) - 2/7 FIR - 2/9 GIR (0 birdies) - 16 Putts (7 2-putts, 2 1-putts) - 2:00 Round Time I really wanted to play 18 again this afternoon, but course was busy and I was behind a couple groups. Ho-hum round compared to the morning. I did not strike the ball well with any club at all. Hit some pretty massive slices with the driver, shanked a 4 iron off the tee on a par 3, hit a couple of chips fat. 'Tis golf, I guess! Didn't feel like my swing at all. All in all, a great day. Had a lot of fun and it's awesome to see my work throughout this season paying off. Our season is winding down, and I probably only have three or four more weekends to have good weather for 18 holes on Sunday mornings.
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    Moved my daughter into her dorm for he freshman year of college. Lots of emotions, but proud of her and excited for all the opportunities she has in front of her. Gotta get used to walking past the empty shelves in her room. Already ready for the next 3 1/2 hour drive to visit and drop off the few things that didn’t fit into the car.
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    Today has been a trying day. First I backed into someone and caused a bunch of damage to my vehicle. I haven’t been in an accident since I started driving. So I was extremely embarrassed and shocked that I could possibly back into a parked car... [emoji15] Then 5 seconds after I asked my boys to stop rough housing they shattered a big slider window, and one of my sons is in the ER right now getting stitches on his hip/butt... thankfully it wasn’t his face or a major artery/vein. Definitely will be going inside at any signs of a thunderstorm from now on. Tell your kids you love them people! A reminder today for me that although his pain caused me pain, it could have been extremely worse.
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    86 (45/41), 33% GIR, 36% FIR and 33 putts at Ko’Olina. Seeing how I had to borrow wedges, I’m pretty pleased with the round. This was the first round I played since I got back from my Tahoe trip and it was nice to get back to Hawaii golf!
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    72 ( par 71) 9/14 fir 10/18 gir 29 putts Played in a team match play event today at a course that I’ve only played a handful of times. I knew going in that making a lot of pars would give me a good chance to win. (He was +3 so I was getting 5 shots). 3 bogies and 2 birdies. First hole I hit 9 iron from 160 (normal 150 club) over green in the water. Took drop and made 15 footer to tie. Knew the ball was going to fly today as it was 107 but that was crazy. Next bogey was a stupid missed putt from 3 1/2 feet for a 3 putt. Two holes later I hit it OB off tee and made bogey to tie again. I love getting strokes. . 2 birdies were both of the 2 putt variety. Played whole match from behind but turned it around to 2 up lead with 2 to go. Made a good up and down on last hole to secure the win. Team didn’t fare very well though. Overall very happy with round. First time I have used putter in any competition and other than the one gaffe it was money all day.
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    Did you go to sleep? I find that every time I sleep I wake up with a new swing.
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    *Disclaimer: I am happy with bogey golf. Driver was bombing it but 3 bogeys was the best that came of it. 1 FIR, 0 greenies, one ball OB, 4-three putts and a 53 on the front nine later and I’m reminded of why it’s called golf for my worst scoring round of the summer. My irons hit snap hooks allllll day long out of the middle of the clubface. And wedges were carrying10-15 yards long. Funniest bit, I didn’t lose my ball until the 9th tee shot. . But the best part is, I got to play golf today.
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    75 8/14 fir 11/18 gir 32 putts Couldn’t make a putt to save my life. Hit it ok not great but definitely passable. Did have 2 bad swings that resulted in a penalty stroke each. All in all still solid and trending in the right direction.
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    Wilson D7 Irons, Stage One: JohnSmalls (8/21/2019) Hi, I am John! I live and play most of my golf in upstate South Carolina at Spring Lake Country Club which is just south of Charlotte, NC. I grew up doing a variety of things from going on camping trips to playing just about everything that could be considered a game. My grandma enjoyed golf and her husband was an avid golfer along with being one of the first members at the club in my hometown. Sadly he passed away before I was born, but there was always golf equipment laying around my grandma’s house. Her brother, Joe was also an avid golfer and he gave me my first golf clubs when I was a very young boy. Ironically it was a junior Wilson set with a driver, fairway wood, 5, 7, 9, PW and a putter. I liked golf never enjoyed playing, because it wasn’t the cool sport and my first sports love was baseball. Nevertheless I played here and there through the grade school/high school years and kept up about once a year while in college. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I played my first truly enjoyable round with one of my best friends that I began to fall in love with this crazy game. I was very pessimistic about my game and distance so I played game improvement/super game improvement irons for my first two+ years(Cobra Fly-Z and Nike Vapor Speed), but as my ball striking improved over the past year I wanted to try something new so I put my current dream forged players irons in the bag the Nike Vapor Pro Combos. With this past year of lessons and practice I feel like I have unlocked a better understanding of my swing, all of this has come with the Pro Combos in the bag which I have come to love. I currently shoot in the low to mid 90s and that is finally trending down after what is looking like a year of growing pains due to a substantial swing change. Irons were the better part of my game before the swing change and look like they are coming alive again. I have a slower back swing leading into a moderately aggressive downswing that averages between 84-86 7 iron swing speed, and tops out a touch over 89mph. My instructor tracks data using Flightscope hitting to an outdoor range with Srixon range balls. Consistently well struck 7-irons with my Pro Combos are in the 153-157 carry range with around 8000 spin. My typical miss comes off the toe side of center and usually ends up with a 10% loss on carry distance ranging in the high 130s to low 140s. Really bad ball striking days end up with an awful tempo leading to my latest attempt at a ditch digging contest and some nasty pull hooks. With all of this I have a relatively good idea what to expect from my irons depending on how I am hitting the ball and this has led to a much more consistent and finally improving game. “Wilson’s new D7 irons with RE-AKT technology brings distance when you need it and precision when you want it. Long irons feature three rows of Power Holes and a thinner, more responsive face for maximum distance. Fewer Power Holes combine with optimal weighting and extreme feel in the shorter irons for the most precise distance control. With straighter lines, a cleaner top line and improved weighting, D7 combines the look of a player's iron with the benefits of Super Game Improvement Technology. D7 helps golfers play their best.”-- If that sounds like marketing material…it is. That is quoted straight from Wilson's website. Wilson intrigues me. I thought of them as a big box low quality company when I first started playing. But slowly through MGS testing, I am convinced they really do produce high quality clubs and especially irons. Wilson is one of the old school players in the game and their history speaks for itself with 62 major wins coming with Wilson Staff irons. I was fit by Ken at Victory Custom Golf in Lake Wylie, SC. We spoke about the shafts available, and tested a number of KBS shafts (Wilson Staff preferred), DG 105, and a few Aerotech Steelfiber options. As I saw at the D7 demo day, I do not like KBS shafts. I really wanted to, but I don’t get along with them. Steelfibers weren’t much better for me. But the DG 105 was the goldilocks choice of the day. So Ken fit me for 4-PW,GW, -0.25” and 1* flat for the D7s and in Dynamic Gold AMT R300 (closest to the DG 105). I chose the stock Lamkin Crossline but in black. The shaft length is exactly the same as my Nikes except for the PW (Wilson is shorter). Honestly, I am concerned about the loft comparisons to my current irons, and the low spin design of the D7 head. See below: Personally, I am excited to have Wilson’s back in my bag; it feels like I have come full circle with equipment. Wilson shipped them with the heads individually wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap, even though the box was a little beaten up, the clubs look great! I had Ken check the specs to what was ordered and every club ended up .5* to 1* flatter than the spec sheet, so we think it was a difference in machines. What I am looking for?: -Similar carry distance and ball flight on mishits (no 10% loss) -Ability to hit the ball low with long irons from the trees -Iron shots to hold the green with 5,6,7 irons -Cut down wedges/short irons to maintain enough spin to hold greens -Increased GIR and scrambling percentages Will the D7s and RE-AKT be enough to kick my favorite Nikes from my bag?
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    Went back to a fun little course I've played a number of times the past few seasons, but only once or twice this year. It's a short 9-holer, barely 2500 yds and unrated, with a few uphill/downhill shots and three doglegs. My goal .. as it is with any other course .. is to get down to bogey golf. Had not been able to do that here in the past ... always a few shots more than a bogey average. But I seem to generally be playing better more recently (including a career-to-date low of 92!) so went back there as sort of a test... Which I passed!! Finished at +8 (Par 35; one Par 5) thanks to four pars which offset a back-to-back Double and Triple, and also had three bogeys. Yea! The Double happened after a bad tee shot right on a dogleg right (yep - under the tree on the inside corner) .. then got the second close to about 10 yds left of the front of the green .. and instead of just bumping the third off a downslope to get onto the green I decided to get handsy (d'oh) and blade it all the way over the green.... And a too-tentative fourth didn't leave me close enough; two putt for a 6. The Triple on the next hole, a dogleg left Par 5 with an uphill approach, happened after I pulled my tee shot left into the trees OB. But on the flip side - I made very solid contact and that ball was MOOOVING! Second tee pushed right, but playable, so worked to finish with a bogey on that second ball from there which I did. Had another silly 2-chip on one of the Par 3s where (I was pin-high right about 5 yds off and) I left the first one short of the fringe and it stuck in the rough, plus two or three other places where I chipped a bit past my "spot" -- so still have plenty of work to do on trajectory and distance control. No 3-putts; plus had three or four decent chances to sink a nice 1-putt but couldn't quite get the speed and line exactly right... Overall happy with the progress of my game. Most tee shots are good or playable, and am starting to stretch out a bit of distance on a few of them; while second shots and approaches are also generally getting closer to their intended targets. Sure there are still misses and mis-hits (mostly due to my #1 swing error in not moving target-ward so hitting behind the ball...) but on the whole the trend seems to be positive!!
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    I'm not even gonna talk about today. Imagine getting beat by someone who borrowed your wedges
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    ... Crazy game huh? Sometimes I come home thinking I will take a week off I played so badly and my swing felt so foreign after shooting a 73. Other days I come home thinking I should have tried to qualify for a Champions Tour event after shooting a 73 but everything felt effortless and I just missed some putts. ... I am reminded of the comment (I can't remember who said it) that he was struggling badly with his swing so he took the rounds before playing off and just showed up Thursday with no practice and played. He won that week. He did it again the next week and won vowing to NEVER work on his swing again. The following Friday heading up th 18th fairway and missing the cut by 10 strokes he said he had no idea how to even start his backswing. He said it was then he realized the golf swing isn't something you own, you just borrow it for short periods of time.
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    39-39, 78 with 31 putts. I seem quite stuck at 5- just keep having an errant shot here and there
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    Had one of those mysterious brown boxes at the house today. Is it too late to join the Cobra club? Thank you MGS mods and Cobra for the unbelievable prize! I cannot wait to get this bomber out on the course!
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    Look what arrived yesterday! I almost bought the exact same pair of shoes about a month ago but held off in the hopes that I would finish near the top and get lucky with the Cobra/Puma prize. All of these look fantastic; they really 'blue' my mind with the choices. Admit it, that was a pretty good dad pun.
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    My wife and I were in Seattle this past weekend. Yesterday we played 9 holes with her brother on his course south of downtown. Here's a view down #. Seattle skyline in the distance, and if you look closely up in the sky, you can see a jet landing at SeaTac airport. They fly over at 90 sec intervals; drove me crazy!! I started off triple, double, bogey, par. Horrible, but I got better each hole I played, so there was that. Didn't get much better; didn't even keep score. Today we played at Mt. Si GC just off I-90 east of Seattle on our way home. We played with a bunch of friends that we see about once a year. We had 3 groups; two groups of guys and one group of ladies. So, of the 8 guys I was the third youngest at 72; five guys were between 75 and 79. Myself and the two younger guys played the White tees at 6100y; the others played the Gold tees at 5475y, which was also where the ladies played. The game was the two best scores per hole from the ladies group vs. the two worst scores per hole from each group of guys. The ladies won!!! I shot 80 with only one birdie and 2 doubles. 9 fairways 6 GIR 29 putts I've played this course once before about 7 years ago.
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    My 13yo has no idea about #finditcutit or MGS, but I came home to find this yesterday. He decided to experiment in his downtime after taking the Titleist ball plant tour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As of today, 8/21/19 I'm an 11.9 index trending to 12.0. One of my primary golf goals has been to get to at least a 5 index and maintain it and my focus on that goal has slipped some as of late, but no more! I'm creating this thread to share my journey, vent, hold myself accountable and to discuss things along the way. I'm all set on the equipment front and the last couple months I've been diving into Adam Young's content, which I've enjoyed so far. For stat tracking I use The Grint so if you use it, feel free to give me a follow! On the fitness/performance front I do my usual training 3 days a week and I'm currently halfway through the Fit For Golf off season program, which I do on my 'off' days. Once I complete that program, I'll be moving on to Mike's new power program that will be released some time in October. Currently, I get to the range at least once a week and I play every weekend. I also like to get an afternoon 9 in weekly as well since I loathe banging balls on the range. I mention this because I know that I'll need to maximize my practice time to start posting lower scores, so that's definitely an area I'm focused on. I had worked with a coach online from 6/17 to 3/20, but things fizzled out unfortunately so I'm going about this without any lessons at the moment. If I get stuck, I'll definitely look into lesson again, but for now, to use a phrase from Adam Young, I'm obsessing over the task, not the technique! I know there are plenty of middling handicaps like me who have went down this road before, so I'm interested to hear those stories! This is happening. LET'S F'ING GOOOOOOOOO!!!
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    OK .. good news.... But first... A really big THANKS!!! to everyone on here (and there are two in particular) who has offered me encouragement along the way. Next... the disclaimers: - a short, relatively easy course - 9-hole Par 35; 2,624 yds from the Forward tees; 65.1 / 110 Finished @ +7 .. better than bogey golf!! (...which has been my continuing quest the past few seasons) 4 Pars .. 4 GIRs 3 Bogeys 2 Doubles No penalties (finished with the same ball I started with!) 1 x 2-chip 1 x 3-putt Didn't count fairways hit but was in, or was just on the side of, most of them - including one astoundingly lucky "tree wedge" on the one Par 5 where I pushed my tee shot right .. right into the tops of the trees .. and was looking for it to drop into trouble but instead it got thrown out into the MIDDLE of the fairway! Lost like 1/2 the distance on the shot but I will take that! (Note to self: make a contribution to the National Arbor Foundation.) Ended up with a bogey on that hole after I chunked my 100 yd approach and still had to chip on. One of the Doubles was not "bad" shots but the second and third shots there were just not good enough .. and then I 3-putted on top of that. Second Double was definitely attributable to three poor shots and ball still not on the green.... But today's round actually follows up a previous 'better than bogey golf' 9-hole round two days ago, where I finished a shorter, easier course @ +8, so I had to have this second one in the bag to "claim it" Whoo-hoo! Oh, PS: I don't know what 'switched on' recently but I've stayed calm out there, thought about and focused on my shots, and just kept the ball moving in the right direction. Maybe the bunch of lessons - technical and mental - I took earlier this year, and I mean literally waaay back in January and February, are finally starting to permeate in through my thick skull......
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    FINAL PRE-DRAFT NOTES AND TIPS Hey everyone, it's your old pal @Berg Ryman here to leave you with some important notes and strats as we are now 36 hours away from draft night in America... or wherever you may be drafting from. Again, some of this will be old hat for the vets, some of this may be new to the rookies, but I hope everyone takes advantage of this info. 1) Click Here to be transported to the rules page for our league. There you will find our line-up structure and our scoring structure. Know them both. I'll also drop the line-up structure here in the post. 14 roster spots, starters first 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 Kicker 1 Defense/Special Teams 5 bench players 2) The draft starts at 9:00 p.m. EST. I would arrive to the draft 15 minutes early, throw some barbs in the chat, familiarize yourself with the draft , set-up your queue, etc. 3) If you will not or can not make the time, take today and pre-rank your players. By pre-ranking you will at least not force the computer to take whichever player they feel is best. Also attached to this... 4) If you will not or can not make the draft, please go into the draft room right now on Fantrax and set up your autopick settings. To do you, enter the draft room, click on where it says "Auto-Draft off" and select your settings. If you know you are not going to be there, select Always Auto Draft and then fill your queue with players you wish to target. Now, and this is important so I'm breaking it out here, you must choose whether or not to have the auto-draft fill active slots first, or just go in the order of your queue. For example, if you have fill active slots first, I could almost guarantee you that the computer will draft you a kicker and defense within the first 9 rounds. If you're cool with that, that's cool, but if you want to at least potentially fill your bench and get quality depth before going kicker and defense, you'll want to leave the fill active slots first box unchecked. 5) Now, some tips and strats for how to approach this draft The Zero Strats: So, there have been versions of the zero strats for years in FFB, but now they are classified as Zero RB and Zero WR, respectfully. The reason for these names is simple. You would eschew one of these positions early in the draft for an advantage at the other one. SO instead of bouncing back and forth between these two star positions, you heavily invest in one or the other, maybe missing stars in one, but hoping to land breakouts later on in the draft. The BPA: Sometimes though, you just take what falls to you, having a centralized draft strategy is nice, but it hardly ever goes to plan. You need to be able to adapt and adjust as things go and sometimes, that's just taking who you think the best player available is at the time. The Handcuff: Say you want to invest in an oft-injured player or someone holding out, you better know who the back-up is and you may want to get them on your roster, just in case. This is called landing the handcuff to your stud. It's a valuable strategy if you own say a Todd Gurley or a Zeke Elliott this season, and it's also a good way to fill out your bench if you wanna hold a guy who might go off. Take it from a guy who nabbed James Conner ahead of the LeVeon Bell owner in a different league last year. Also, phenomenal trade bait as well. The RBBC: The bane of all fantasy players existence, the Running Back By Committee. Some would say to avoid at all cost, some would say get the guy who fits your scoring system, some would say invest in the whole thing and work the match-ups. Your call as to how to approach the RBBC QB Depth: You listen to most experts and everyone is talking about how deep QB is. Sadly, it never seems that way in a drafts because sometimes people prioritize this position over others when other good solid options at the other positions remain on the board. MAybe that means you can get good value by waiting on a QB and scooping up more players to try and fill the quiver of arrows, or maybe you want to invest early in a star and get an advantage there. You'll see that this goes along with my next point... The TE Trinity: So, everyone is in agreement that Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Zach Ertz are the top three Tight Ends, in whatever order you want to do it. People also agree that below them is a lesser trinity of Evan Engram, OJ Howard, and Hunter Henry. The problem is, the top guys are all likely gone before the middle of round 4 and the second tier is gone middle of round 6. So, you need to choose, invest early, or take a shot later with a guy who might not bring it week in-week out like these guys, but could key you a win with a good performance and the rest of your team's overall strength. K and D's: I don't like picking them before the last two rounds, but to each his own. Remember too, our defenses get 4 points for a win, so maybe that defense that doesn't get a ton of turnovers, but you expect to win 9-11 games may just be a good call in the end. 6) HAVE FUN DRAFTING! Seriously, draft day is Christmas morning for most fantasy players, here's hoping tomorrow night you don't get coal.
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    Hi everyone! It's an honor for an old duffer like myself to be a member of such a fine community as this. Ive learned alot since I've been here just reading your posts about golf equipment and about golf in general. I hope to be able to keep up with the high quality of reviews. I would like to thank MyGOLFSPY and WILSON for the opportunity to test and review the new line of Wilson D7 Irons. And also thanks to my lovely wife for her years of patience with me as I've tried to hit that #%!* white ball around the course! So a little bit about myself. I'm a retired Chicago Police Sergeant with one amazing son and the aforementioned lovely wife! We have enjoyed traveling since I've retired and in our travels I've even been able to squeeze in a few rounds in the Azores and in Ireland. Currently I keep busy by golfing and working at Wrigley Field (Home of the 2016 World Series Champs) Even got one of these! Once I retired I thought golf would become easier what with all the extra time to practice and play. BOY WAS I WRONG! It seems the more I've been playing lately the worse my game has become! This year my handicap has gone up 2 points and once where I could expect to shoot in the upper 80s I've been struggling to keep it in the 90s! Somewhere along the way I developed a mean duck hook followed at times by a bigger hook (goose hook?)! Lately I've been getting rid of that ugly shot but it still pops up from time to time. They say understanding that you have a problem is the first step in recovery and I understand that my big problem is TOO much information in my head! I'm constantly watching this online instructor telling me to do one thing followed by another instructor telling me to do another. I've watched countless videos of different swings mechanics, every instruction show on the Golf Channel and bought numerous golf training aids from Golf Shirts to Power Package to special clubs. Orange Whip anyone! Currently I play once a week in a golf league with friends. But I try to get out to the range once or twice a week and try to work on my game.My misses are mostly left but I'm an equal opportunity golfer and I can miss right as well at times. Lately I've been trying to focus on impact and not worry too much about the swing, trying to keep my head clear of all the clutter I have put in there. Recently I purchased a set of Cobra King F7 irons which replaced a 10 yr old set of Adams and I've been satisfied with them but look forward to testing the Wilson D7’s to see if they can improve my game. I'll be taking them to a driving range a little way from me that actually has TopTracer Range (one of only 3 in Illinois). I've never been there before so Im looking forward to using that technology and sharing info on that location so other Chicago area golfers can benefit. After a few sessions there I'll take them out to the course and hopefully break 90! Despite the inconsistencies in my game Im still very passionate about golf and hope to be playing it for many years to come. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Right out of the box my first impression of the D7 was quite positive! It is a real good looking iron not unlike my current King Cobra F7’s. Both labeled as game improvement irons but the big difference is Wilson D7 lofts are 2 degrees less for each club compared to my Kings. Wilson D7’s also come with power holes (3 rows of power holes for longer irons, 2 rows for mid irons, and 1 row for PW and GW). Couple these with the super thin face these irons have and you are supposed to get greater ball speed for longer distances for both center and off center hits. I find it funny that I live just a few miles from Wilson headquarters and really did not know too much about the golf side of the company. I didn't know the rich history Wilson shared with the game of Golf. Wilson once was the golf club of champions from Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Billy Casper and Ben Hogan all played Wilson clubs! A quick search of the internet I also found a great article from MYGOLFSPYS own John Barba from 2014(wish I knew about this place back then!) that pretty much gives a rise and fall and rise again of Wilson Golf (A MUST READ!) Once overshadowed by the likes of Titelist, Taylormade and Ping, Wilson has upped its profile with Golf Channel’s Driver vs Driver show has Padraig Harrington, Kevin Streelman, and 2019 US Open winner Gary Woodland using Wilson clubs. Now with Wilson D7’s and more new clubs to come hopefully we will see a resurgence in the Wilson brand! Well that just about does it for Stage 1 if anyone has any questions please fire away and I will be happy to answer! I hope you enjoy the review, these clubs might not be for everyone but I think a large segment of mid to high handicappers will like trying these clubs out! So far I am very happy with the results and will share them in Stage 2.
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    About a month ago I was up in Rochester for a golf event and was going to pass through Buffalo so why not get a new putter along the way. A friend of mine that I played some golf with in Philly years ago is now a club pro and affiliated with T Squared so he hooked me up with a contact and a fitting. Without boring you on the story of T Squared I will link the MGS article on them. Needless to say it is a cool story. https://mygolfspy.com/meet-t-squared-not-your-average-putter-company/ The main thing that I liked about the putters, besides the customization, was that they make a face balanced long neck blade. These days it is like finding a unicorn and actually only the fourth long neck blade I own in my collection. On the day of our appointment I met up with Zak from T Squared at their shop and took a brief tour. It was pretty cool to see some of the designs they are working on as well as the quality of the machinery they are using. New Proto mallet heads Raw heads ready to rock After a tour of the shop we got down to business and building me a putter. I rolled a bunch of what they had but had my eye on the 713 I with a long neck and the aluminum insert. While trying to figure out colors and designs I got to roll a putter that was made for Donald Trump and it in a way became my inspiration. While trying to figure out a theme the options are overwhelming in terms of colors. Want a pink face inlay with a baby blue neck and a purple knuckle...check. Want lighter or darker purple....check. The color combos are almost endless as well as options for engraving. What I liked about the Trump putter was that it was blacked out with naked engraving. As much as I said to myself do something different I ended up with a completely murdered out custom. The template for the built is pretty damn cool as well. About a week after my fitting I got an email from Zak with the proof of my new stick that we just call Money. About two weeks later I had a box waiting for me at my house with my new stick. Once I got it open I was blown away. Black on black on black blade with some awesome engraving and a Best Grips micro perf grip. Specs are 34”, 71* lie angle with a 360g head. Overall it was a great experience and I came away with a putter that is really 1 of 1 (unless someone else wants my name on their putter). Besides looking great it does put an awesome roll on the ball and has been in my bag since the day it arrived at my house. Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer as best as I can. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Today's final round of my club championship was cancelled. We started off with a 2 hour rain delay but they decided to make it a one day tournament after heavy rains made the course unplayable. My score of 76 stands as the 2nd best out of 30 people. Unfortunately the one person with a better score was also in my flight. I should be happy with 2nd but I can't help but feel dissapointed that I didn't even have the chance to try and catch the leader. Oh well.
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    Round one of my club championship is in the books. I had two penalty shots off the tee and made zero birdies during the round. Everything else was nearly perfect and I ended up with a 76 to put me in 2nd place; one shot behind the leader. The final round is tomorrow morning. I'll check back in with the good news or the tears of sorrow sometime after the round.
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    I love it when I get this message on my GHIN app. Shot an 88 playing 18 with my wife. Drives were pretty decent - not quite the distance but straight. A birdie and several pars helped balance out the doubles (ugh). Shots from a couple of Par 3 holes - the first is an uphill 150 yds onto a fairly steeply sloped green. Go too long on this hole and you'll hit the limestone backstop which will eat your ball. Strategy is to go short and putt uphill. Missed my putt for a bird but at least walked off with a par. Second shot of our #14 is a short 95 yd. Par 3 surrounded 270* by water. Putted that one in for a bird [emoji4] I was a happy camper today - even my wife played well! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    ... That should be everyones rule and if everyone did it, we wouldn't have ball marks. I will fix extra's if they are deep and obvious. I am just amazed at how rude some golfers can be leaving very deep ball marks in the vicinity of the hole. I played behind a Jr Tournament and thought the greens would be pristine but I was shocked at how many ball marks were left on the greens.
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    Needed to post this here as well as on Twitter, because @jlukes deserves public thanks for his kindness to Kirke:
  28. 9 points
    SPIN CONTROL and a HOLEOUT CHIP SHOT! Did that get your attention?! Before I start writing about the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges, I first need to acknowledge Cleveland Golf for supplying the RTX 4 wedges and to MyGolfSpy for making the testing opportunity available! My past story can be found here: from the testing I did for the 2018 Cobra Connect Challenge. The current wedges in my bag consist of the Cobra One Length wedges in 52* and 58* lofts. Not much has changed since last year. My game can be hot one week and colder than ice the next. I have never been a strong wedge player since I’ve never been one of those guys that could hop and stop an approach or control the roll out on a chip, but with the short time I’ve spent with the Cleveland RTX 4’s, I can already tell this will be changing! I play to an approximate handicap of a 12 or 13 with a medium fast take away and a quick return to impact on the ball. Lately, I’ve been using a gap wedge for 100 yard approaches but started to use the sand wedge for those shots if needed. My typical miss for wedges are, well a shank. I didn’t want to type that word for fear it might spread – HA HA HA! Hopefully, the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges will help me in an area where I have never been particularly good at - approach and chip shots. First impressions are important, whether meeting people or unboxing wedges. Cleveland packaged the wedges for maximum protection of the heads and the shafts. There wasn’t a scratch or imperfection on the wedge heads, shafts or grips! The wedges look nice and clean with little to distract at address or looking at the back. When I picked up the RTX 4’s, the first thing I noticed was the heavier weight of the wedges. I ordered the 52* and 56* lofts and the default weights are D4 and D5 respectively while my previous Cobra F8 One length wedges had D1 swing weights. I won’t go in depth about the technology Cleveland Golf packs into the RTX 4 wedges. You can find that information here: https://www.clevelandgolf.com/us/rtx4-wedges.html I didn’t think that RTX4 would be any different than the myriad of wedges that I’ve played before…from the original Titleist SM wedges to the Nike VR wedges. Boy, was I wrong about that! The 4th generation of the rotex face is incredible! It generated more spin to the point I could actually see the backspin on the ball on chips! I was able to generate spin whether from the fairway or deeper rough! On only my second hole using the wedge, I was able to control the chip from 10 yards out, land it where I was aiming and hole out for a birdie! More to come in my stage 2 report, but suffice to say, I’m pretty impressed so far with how the RTX 4 wedges are performing. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me! A few more photos of the Cleveland RTX 4:
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    I did a fitting once and the fitter wouldn't even give me the tool to loosen the head in order to change the settings... Me: "what about the tool?" Him: "you don't need that, leave it where it is and if you want to change something come back and we'll get you on a monitor and make the change." Me: ""
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    Only my private club and 2 public courses were open in our county today. To say it was wet would be an understatement. Cart path only on my course is a brutal walk - might be better to walk in fact. I was happy with my 38-41 79 in those conditions. Did have a drive of 306 - it may have hit the cart path once or twice or thrice but what the hey it was 306 per shot scope so take that. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I actually bailed after 11. The play was so slow the GPS in my playing partners cart said we'd finish at 7:45pm...we teed off at 12:35pm. Some people should not be playing this course even from the forward tees.
  32. 8 points
    Was having an awesome round, we were first group on after a 2 hour lightning delay so had no one in front of us. We finished the front 9 in 1:10 and I was +5, on hole 11 we caught a group and it took us 2:30 to play the last 8 holes. Finished with an 88... The back 9 is where I usually score low. Missed a Hole in 1 by this much. I put my foot next to the hole and the ball was at the back of my instep.
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    I am in complete agreement with this statement - it's kind of a matter of pride to GET to fix a divot that I created. It makes me wonder why muni greens have so many divots. Apparently others don't feel the same way we do.
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    Not sure how many of you saw this, but what a great story! Alexis Belton, a former student where I taught back in 2007, won the latest event, but not with her own clothes on her back, not with her own shoes, gloves, or even her DRIVER! Yep! Her flights got messed-up and she had to catch a ride to the location, getting in at 4am, with nothing but the clothes on her back. The WLD Tour contestants all got together and scraped-up clothes and items for her to wear during the competition. When Belton got to the finals, Phyllis Meti, the other finalist, let Alexis borrow one of her Tour Edge EXS drivers to compete in the last stage. Alexis is not sponsored by Tour Edge.... Alexis ends-up BEATING Meti by TWO yards with Meti’s driver!!!! Holy cow! What a STORY! Everyone came together, they took care of a fellow competitor, and she ended-up winning with someone else’s driver. Just awesome!!!! Great story! Competing is one thing, but caring for others and helping them compete as well was great to see! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Intro First off, have to say thank you to MGS and Cleveland for trusting me to test and review these new wedges. I have been golfing since I was about 12 years old (I’m 34 now) but up until about 3 years ago never put a lot of time or effort in to it. I would say I’ve been an avid golfer for 3 years. I live in southwest Pennsylvania and if anyone has played here you know how rarely you get to hit off a flat lie due to the hills! I am excited to test these out because wedges are not only one of my stronger parts to my game but also one of my favorites to hit with. My friends always laugh when we get paired up with people and I get to within 50 yards because they know as bad as I can be off the tee that I will make up many strokes there! Currently my bag is made up of Ping G30 driver, woods, hybrids, Titleist AP1 718’s, Scotty Golo 5 and the Cleveland CBX wedges 52* and 56* wedges. I picked the same lofts to be able to compare directly to what I am used to and good with. I got fitted for everything but the Scotty (I just wanted a Scotty). My handicap is my ability to get off the tee in to the fairway, well really my handicap is roughly 17, per the Swing U app (used to be Swing x Swing). I have a faster swing tempo, however when it comes to my wedges, it’s a very deliberate slower tempo to focus on impact. Distance isn’t an issue for me as the 52* club is my go-to 100 yd shot. Typical ball flight is left to right, mid trajectory and when I miss it is a bad slice. I have always been a Cleveland wedge guy, way back to the CG14 that were later deemed illegal. First Impressions The highlights of the upgraded wedges Cleveland promotes are: Tour Zip Grooves - Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot. More Durable Laser Milling - Longer-lasting laser milling brings face roughness right to the conforming limit for more friction and more spin on all shots. Centerd Rotex Face Milling - Milling that’s in-line with your strike pattern increases backspin on all full, pitch, and chip shots. Progressive Feel Balancing Technology - New Muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the center of gravity on both the vertical and horizontal axes, enhancing feel and distance control, even when you don't strike the face center. What does this mean to me? Well it sounds like the little bit of spin I can currently put on the ball will be increased and the face will last much longer. I would be interested in the durability over long term because I don’t play enough that the durability will be put to the test in the short time for this review. Usually get new wedges 3 years or so. Hopefully the feel balancing will mean fewer crazy mishits or blading the wedge off the fairway. The specs I picked most closely match what I have now in the CBX version, same lofts, shafts and grips. I am hoping that this newer upgraded version will allow me to have better control around the greens. My first impressions when I opened the box is these things are sturdy. Personally, I like a heavier wedge, feels like I have more control, and these meet my needs! The balance on them is great, they grooves feel deep and sharp. Really digging the look of the black satin. If you’re someone who needs things to look perfect don’t go with the black satin, it finger prints very easy. (Not a big deal to me but I know there are some people out there like that.) I have played a few rounds so far and am liking what I am seeing. My plan to test is to put them in the bag and see how they score. I also plan on going to the local range that has a green and chipping on to them. I really want to see how these compare to the original CBX that I am lights out with from 50 and in.
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    Played two days ago and forgot to update the forum. I usually only have time for 9 as I play after work but anyways, here it goes. Drove the ball decent just need to minimize my misses as per usual. Iron play was decent, I blocked a shot or two but aside from that, striking everything solid. Wedge play was fairly decent. I really struggle with putting as this was the main struggle of my round. I should not have 2 3 putts in a 9 hole round. That and my big misses are what leads to a score exponentially higher than what it should be. I hope to break par once more this year as I know I can do it, I just need to put my game together and play my misses. Score: 40 (+4) FIR: 3/7 or 43% which is extremely average for me GIR: 5/9 or 55% Up and down to save par: 2/4 or 50% Putts: 18 with 2, 3 putts.
  37. 7 points
    46/39 at Bridger Creek in Bozeman. Another Jekyll & Hyde round. On the front, I had 3 OB drives in succession . All three were literally within a foot of the marker... one a mere golf ball in diameter out... really! Two were fades that just ran far enough and one that ran straight through the hard dog leg on a drilled straight as an arrow drive (I was trying to cut the corner and didn't). I've had quite a few of these "tale of two nine's" rounds this year. Not sure what the heck causes that. Anyone else suffer these and figured out a remedy?
  38. 7 points
    another league day, another 3 under round.... one more week to go and an 8 stroke lead; pretty happy with how I played this year, worst round was even par and everything else was under and, being a best ball league, we use my shots more than 50 percent of the time. (ed: it's a 9 hole league)
  39. 7 points
    71 8/14 fir 12/18 gir 29 putts Finally getting my body to consistently repeat what I have been trying to do all year. Good things coming.
  40. 7 points
    Shot 42/36; 78 at Babe Zaharias today.....with one Birdie(Par 3 # 8). Started with a double on the first hole then went par, par, par, par....seemed to be striking the ball well today. Got paid for two Closest To The Pins and one Skin for $68..... Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    You can. It’s contagious. I played with a group of fellas last month, I started fixing random pitch marks. Over the next set of holes they all joined in. Everyone just needs someone to set a good example. Yes, some are too far gone to give a crap. Another example I was out with my second youngest out and there was a group of HS kids on the hole over from me that were cussing like sailors. I said hey, how’d your mom feel if she heard you talking like that. They apologized, “sorry sir” and went on with their day. Sometimes a little jab or course correction can make a difference.
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    Had our club championship this weekend and my have things changed since the last one I played in over 5 years ago. One I'm no longer a 12 handicap, I'm pretty much a 18. Number two the struggle was real on Sunday. Saturday I had a great round going up until 15 a long par 5 along water. After dunking one in the lake, I pulled the next one into a ditch, lost my footing, hit a poor chip tapping in for a 9. On 18 I 4 putted from an inch off the rough from 15. Sunday conditions were not good. The course was wet, but it was breezy. The scores in my flight were all 5-6 strokes higher than yesterday. My score was 101, but also had a 10 and 7 on the same nine. This year is so frustrating because I'm about 5-10 strokes worse than last year. I haven't had any consistency from round to round and it's one thing after the other. When I drive it, my irons are awful, when I can chip and putt, I can't stay on the course. Next year will be interesting now that I have a full year on this course.
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    Played 9 holes tonight with my middle son at Broadmoore with only an hour before dark. I hit the ball really solid - extremely flush and scored terribly - shot 2 over. On the Par 5 2nd hole a pair of walkers were out walking the entire length of the hole. They seemed totally oblivious to the fact that golf happened on a golf course. I got really irritated and it took me entirely too long to get over it. Oh well. I'm playing tomorrow and if I hit it as well as I did today - all will be well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Update on my tournament. Started off very steady with 4 straight pars, ended up shooting a smooth 37 on the front 9, two bogeys and one birdie. On the back 9, the wheels came off and I mean off. Ended up shooting an 83, after a 37 start I was disgusted. Took me out of the money by 1 stroke, one stupid stroke. And I forgot to mention my match play tournament starts tomorrow. My first opponent has the same handicap, so don’t have to give any shots. I’ll let you guys know how that goes tomorrow night. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It’s relentless - my friend got an email from the pro at his club stating he doesn’t recall ever seeing as much water on the course and that it would be closed through Saturday. That was yesterday - we’ve had at least three more inches of rain since then in the Bay Area. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  46. 7 points
    Maybe there should be a mandatory 5 day cooling-off period b/w running into the store and being allowed to take it home....
  47. 7 points
    When I walk onto a green my Divot Tool is ready to go wether it’s mine or anyone else’s. I hate unfixed divots !! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  48. 7 points
    So I mentioned in my opening post here that the NX9 HD would be replacing a very cheap, generic laser range finder. Going in, I honestly wasn't sure how much difference there really would be between the sub-$100 device and the more expensive device. There is a difference. And it's not just the obvious one: the slope feature. Yesterday, I got word that my NX9 HD was needed at the MGS home office, so I boxed it up and sent it away. <sniffle> So for my league match last night, I pulled out the old range finder. Yikes. Lots of yikeses. The accuracy was fine on a clear shot; I have a hunch that that part of the tech is pretty universal across all the range finders. But actually shooting the flag? What a pain! I know that from time to time, we who are using the NX9 will note that it doesn't always grab the flag on the first try, especially in tricky conditions (rain or lots of trees). But the cheap rangefinder really struggles, to the point that on certain shots, getting the yardage almost adds more doubt into your plan than it removes. After one round, I already miss my NX9, and am eagerly awaiting its return.
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    It’s RTX 4 Review Day!!! Introduction: First, a huge thank you to MGS and Cleveland for this amazing opportunity to take part in this review! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike. This year marks 30 years of age and my 6th year of golfing. Over those 6 years, I’ve completely became a huge golf nerd! I’m blessed to have an amazing wife, and a corporate accounting job that lets me fuel the obsession. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me. This season I’ve really been exploring if my wedges are set up correctly in terms of gapping and the course conditions in Indiana. One of the biggest things I noticed was that I have a 100-yard problem. I have to take a lot off of my 50* set gap wedge to hit that distance, and my 56* maxes out at 90ish-yards. It’s to the point where I’ll take less than driver off the tee to make sure to avoid that 100-yard distance. To determine if my wedges are set up for the course conditions, I’ve been exploring my grinds. I am currently gaming the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges. This grind is made for diggers and soft conditions. While I can be known for taking a good divot, a lot of the courses I play are hard and fast. This is extremely true for the bunkers as well! I’ve been struggling with blading out of bunkers and always thinking it’s my swing rather than the bounce. Current Wedges: As I mentioned, I’m currently playing the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges in a 56* and 60*. I bought these wedges in 2017 after going through a wedge fitting through a local course. This was before I reviewed Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Academy, so my swing needed serious help as you may have read. The fitter suggested going with a wedge that has a lot of bounce to help me fight the chunk and trying to get out of the bunkers. He didn’t care on the brand, just as long as I had a lot of bounce. After hitting the Glide 2.0’s in thick rough, I knew those were the ones! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, a local pro shop was kind enough to lend me a demo Glide 2.0 wedge of the TS (low bounce option) grid to compare to my WS. The bounce difference….6* vs. 14*. We figured let’s play the extremes to see what I really like/need. The first few hits with the TS grind and I realized this is what I’ve been missing! These are all things I took into consideration when selecting the RTX 4 wedges. RTX 4 Wedges: If you haven’t read the MGS article on these wedges, you definitely need to check it out! https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-cleveland-rtx-4-wedges/ To recap that article, what’s new about the RTX 4 wedges over RTX 3? First, as you’d imagine, there’s a focus on getting more spin. What did they do to give you that spin? The other difference between the generations, and I believe more significant difference, is offering grinds with these wedges. With the RTX 3 wedges, all of the wedges had the v-sole. You can see below that the bounce just determined the position of the V. The RTX 4 wedges offer 4 different grinds, full, mid, low, and xlow. I think this makes them extremely more versatile in their offerings. We saw a similar trend with the Bridgestone wedges in an earlier review this year. They moved from a 1 grind option to 3 in their new wedges. I’ll be testing the “Mid” grind in the 54* and the “Xlow” grind in the 58*. What are each of those grinds meant to do? The “Mid” Grind: This grind would compare very closely to the RTX 3 wedges by having the V-Shaped sole. This is Cleveland’s all-around wedge grind. At 54*, this is the only option in terms of grind. I would have loved to see the “Low” grind in this wedge to cater more towards firmer conditions. I’m assuming that Cleveland believes that this degree of wedge will be used for primarily for approach shots into the greens rather than around the green. When looking at the options provided by Vokey and Ping at this degree, 1 grind seems a bit limiting. The “Xlow” Grind: If I had to choose a favorite before we started this review, this would be the grind. This grind has 3* of bounce. This grind is designed for extremely tight lies and hard conditions. My favorite wedge shot is to lay the face wide open and flop it. This grind should give me the ability to do that off of any lie. First Impressions: So I may have been watching my home security cameras all day at work until I say these clubs delivered…at last the FedEx guy comes!! Rushing home from work, I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning just waiting to tear into this box to see what’s inside. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s in there, you still can’t wait to see it. That anticipation didn’t disappoint by any means! See for yourself! These wedges look amazing! From the shine of the tour satin finish to the grooves laid into the toe of the club. Just looking at them makes you want to go out and swing them! I do have to say that I did a few practice swings and I noticed these feel heavier than Ping Glide 2.0’s. That is something I actually really love with my clubs. It allows me to keep track of the club head better during my swing. I can’t wait to get this review underway! What do I really need out of a wedge? Ability to open the face Flop it like it's hot! Distance control/trajectory Play off hard surfaces Both bunkers and fairways Confidence to get out of ROUGH Of course, stopping power Luckily, I have a great short game area at a nearby course that’ll be doing a lot of initial testing before I take them out on the course. Let the testing begin!!!
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    Let me introduce myself, My name is Josh and I'm a golf-a-holic. I'm from NE Indiana and have been an avid golfer since 2012. In the years between 1997 and 2012 I was a weekend hacker. You know the type, shoots a 120, brags about his 7 good shots a round. Drinks a lot of beer to either loosen up, or forget. In 2012 something clicked. I just realized that I needed a hobby, something to pass to do while not at work. I made a "life altering decision" I walked into Dicks Sporting Goods saw a price of clearance irons Adams A7's for $199.00. I became hooked. Now I say hooked, I meant hooked on buying equipment. You know the type, starts hitting a wicked slice, go buy a new driver! After 2 years of Scalding the ball across the green with a wedge, I decided to take my first lesson. I was actually high bidder at our Kids' schools charity fund raiser for short game practice session. So a tax free donation of $50.00 I was high bidder to hang out with my daughters Science teacher and learn how to chip. She had taken lessons and passed it on to me. Laugh all ya want, I'm real good w/ a wedge now! Now, I take my game serious. Not PGA type serious, but I actually don't drink on the course. I golf because I love the game and want to shoot well. Plus, it's great exercise, walking 18 with a push cart. That's where my game is now. I can break 90, 85 is my goal. I struggle hitting driver, my other clubs are accurate as all get out! So, I feel this test suits me fine, since I'm Dead on Balls accurate with my irons. (To use the phrase from "My Cousin Vinny") Imagine my surprise when I came home from work and this was at my door. Have you ever seen an overweight 43 year old dance? Well you're not going to for this, you just have to picture it! When I opened the box I felt like the kid from "A Christmas Story" when he finally gets his BB Gun! NO, I didn't shoot my eye out. Into the back up they go. Who agrees that putting new clubs into a bag is an AWESOME feeling? Tell me it's not just me. The Grips felt good and the Clubs were clearly labeled. I was impressed at the way they felt during my first range session. I went through them 4-AW and it was fun. Don't get me wrong, it was hot and I was giving them a good workout. How am I to know what my distances are, if I don't take them out and put them through their paces. I tried to hit every shot that I could think of on the range. No matter what, they still found the sweet spot. That'll bring up their stock value in my eyes. The below pic was right before my first swing. Putting in some work! I'm going to give these a test for who they are built for. The weekend players. I want to provide honest feedback. Will this club deliver on this promise? We shall see. I've already figured out they can get me out of a pine tree! If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know what you'd like me to try with them. It's an honor to have been selected to test this equipment. So that I can provide you with the best and most honest feedback that I can. Thanks to My Golf Spy for this honor. (And they finally made it into my Playing Bag)


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