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    (4) TESTERS WANTED!! Galway Bay Rain Gear Looked kinda cold and wet out there at Pebble over the weekend, didn't it? I'd guess staying warm and dry as a spectator would be pretty important, wouldn't you? And never mind the players! I'd guess a lot of folks tripled up on pants at Pebble - some long johns, regular pants and them some pull-on rain pants. That's three pair of pants (if you count the long johns). Would just one pair of warm, waterproof pants be a better way to go? That's what Galway Bay thinks, and they say their pants are just the ticket. TESTERS WANTED! Galway Bay came out of nowhere to tie for top honors in MyGolfSpy's Best Rain Gear testing last year. Our testers loved the fact the rain pants were actual pants, with belt loops, pockets, a zipper - you know, pants - that were also waterproof. the rain jacket was a top performer as well, with plenty of ease of movement, lightweight and snazzy looking. That's what our testers thought, but we want to know what YOU think. That's why we're looking for FOUR of you to test, review and keep a set of Galway Bay rain gear - fitted, waterproof slacks and a rain jacket (valued at a over $470). This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada who's not averse to playing in a little rain. HOW TO APPLY: As you know, we take our Forum Member testing VERY seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read this instructions VERY carefully and apply ONLY in this thread (applying in the Comments section of the blog, while a nice gesture, doesn't count). To apply, please tell us the following: 1. First name/home state or province 2. Current rain gear 3. Worst rain you've ever played in We'll be announcing our testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
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    I got a chance to visit [mention=76062]golfsub70[/mention] today. If you follow my instagram (joshandersongolf) you probably saw the posts. I will be working with[mention=76062]golfsub70[/mention] and playing their clubs in 2019. Now today I got to hit the 639cb irons and they were every bit as good as my Srixon irons. I will give honest feedback all year and I hope all of you follow along in the Tour Talk thread. 2019 will be a great year and look for more posts as I get the clubs starting next week. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I think there is a large difference between what most of us would do and what is fair. I, along with most of us here, would offer the caddie additional money, maybe not 10% but still some extra money. Conversely, Kuchar's handling of the situation WAS fair. They had an agreed upon price before the tournament started and he kept that agreement. He didn't slight the caddie out of any money or wiggle out of paying him through a loophole. Kuchar did nothing wrong, he even offered the caddie additional money, something he didn't have to do. Again, while we might handle it differently, Kuch did nothing wrong. An agreement is an agreement. You can't retroactively change the agreement after the fact.
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    Probably because he already blew through the original 3K Hey. I'm usually pro caddie in all things. They have a pretty tough job and earn every penny. I have a couple good friends on tour as caddies. Having spoke to one. He has no problem with Kuchars handling of it.
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    Man this topic is HOT! Wow! I've been sitting back reading everyone's responses to date and my take is this: If it were me, I'd have without question taken the offered 15k on the spot, run straight to the bank and then begin planning my next vacation-with new clubs of course! Holding out for 50k? Naw, too late for that now. Now he (the caddie) just sounds like a d-bag... IMHO
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    Maybe I'm the outlier here, but they agreed upon $3,000 plus a percentage to be determined of winnings. After the win Kuchar and his agent upped it to $15,000, more than 5 times the agreed upon amount. The caddie refused it holding out for $50,000. I don't see a problem on Kuchar's end. The 10% is usually reserved for the full time caddie who goes through the ups and downs of a full season and often works weeks on end without his guy making a cut, and getting barely travel expenses. This was a one time gig for the guy and to be offered 5 times more than the original agreed upon amount, I don't honestly have a problem with that.
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    Just gonna say if there's any pro golfer that wants to pay me $3k to caddy for a week...I'm available. And I'll even pay for my own lodging and food.... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    He carried a bag. He didn’t perform nearly the same duties as a tour caddie or a fill in tour caddie. He also got to sleep in his own bed and not have to worry about meals, travel, lodging there or the next stop. He makes roughly $200/Day for his looping at the resort. There’s no requirement to pay him anything near what a tour caddie makes and whatever was agreed up if it wasn’t to his liking including the potential vagueness of the “unspecified percentage” that’s his fault and not kuch’s. if this was such a big deal why does he wait til late January to tell his side?
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    Okay I hope SuperSpeed checks in again because here we go from the Twilight Zone better known as the Revs back yard: Green stick regular swing. Fastest in that drill by 6 mph. Suddenly, I thought, maybe I will hit 120 one day. Blue stick regular swing, 113 righty and 108 lefty. fastest on both by 3 mph Green stick, double step. I guess I will hit 120 someday and that day was today. And then.... The middle of the last three swings the 120 came up with a regular swing green, too. Oh and For good measure I went 106 righty and lefty with the red club for new records there. I have no earthly idea how this is happening but it is. It’s fun. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Played with a guy today that watched me hit several 4 irons on the green from around 200yds while he struggled with hybrids and fairway woods from that distance. He asked me if I could give him just one tip, what would it be. I said if I could only give him one tip, it would be "don't release the club head". Now before I start, obviously the club head has to be released. But one of the flaws I see in higher index players is forcing the club head to release instead of just allowing it to happen naturally. We hear a lot about lag, but trying to achieve it can cause the opposite effect of not releasing the club head at all by attempting to hold the angle thru impact, which causes tension and slows the club head down. ... I will keep this simple. If you are holding the club with the proper tension and have loose hands, wrists and forearms it is impossible to not release the club head even if you make no attempt to do so. Swing the club forwarding doing nothing with your hands other than holding onto the grip and watch the club head zip thru the bottom of the swing. Many grip too tight and swing too hard with tight muscles, and while some may actually achieve some level of success doing so, it is infinitely easier to let the club swing and allow centrifugal force to sling the club head thru impact. For many this will be a completely new experience and goes against everything you have been doing. Start with very short mini swings attempting to just swing the club back and forth without releasing it but not holding it back either, then just allow the club to swing farther and farther until you get to a full swing and I am guessing most will be surprised by how fast the club head is moving with seemingly very little effort. Good luck!
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    Our very own @McGolf was quoted in the recent Golf Digest article in driver fitting. I got to share Lunch with Jim and his wife at the PGA Show. What a nice guy and very knowledgeable. I'm sure he'd also be happy to answer any club fitting questions anyone has. Congrats Jim. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/what-you-should-know-before-getting-a-driver-fitting-this-season?utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=gd&mbid=social_twitter
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    Today my son had to borrow the Grand Cherokee to tote something home. That meant that I had to drive his nearly 500 horsepower Mustang to my podiatrist appointment this morning. Now forget that I haven't driven a stick shift since, I would guess, the 1960s. (I used to have a tri-power Pontiac GTO when I was a young kid.) Well, it seems that the manual trannys are up to SIX speeds now. That must be great exercise for somebody with a desk job. Forget also that it started to snow on the way home and I'm used to driving a Jeep. It turns out that the Mustang goes just as fast turning multiple 360s as it does going straight. Thankfully, other people had the brains to stay home and I hit nothing but air on the usually crowded Route 495. A cruiser did see me but couldn't be bothered to come over and say Hi. Just another old man trying to drive his kid's Mustang, the trooper must have thought. The REAL problem was that I nearly put myself into the hospital just trying to climb in and out of that ridiculous little car. Would it have killed Ford to include assist handles as on a normal vehicle?. My son is 45, mind you. I would have had trouble getting in and out of that car by the time I was his age. I was driving Lincolns then. What the hell's the matter with these people?
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    My view on most situations that have a contentious or "hot" take is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Do I think that Kuchar should have paid more than $5k because he won? Yes. Do I think that the caddie was wrong to try and renegotiate for more than the agreed upon amount? Yes. Do I think that this situation clearly illustrates everything about who Kuchar and El Tucan are as people? No. It's not the greatest of looks in a PR sense for Kuchar, but he did stick to his word on the agreed upon price. I would be willing to work for someone that sticks to their word when things are going well and trust they would stick to their word when things aren't going well.
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    I'm with @cnosil. There's been no real mention of what was discussed prior to the round and it is very likely a flat fee was already on the table. Kuch offered an additional $15,000 and the guy rejected it. I wouldn't be complaining about making $5K over just one weekend and certainly would not have rejected the additional $15K.
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    GB13 is correct. Removing some weight from that area of the wedge allows us to adjust SW and move the CG on the face a bit. Better flight, feel, etc. As far as the raw wedges...they will certainly rust over time, but it's probably more of an aesthetic/patina thing than anything. I personally don't oil mine. Some photos of mine are attached. I only had them outside for 10-15 rounds so they're probably on the lower end of the weathering. I've seen others that have a much more distinct look and I'm sure mine will get there in the spring.
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    Just an FYI for you Spies that are interested in the classic game, my new website will mostly focus on persimmon woods and how they can be integrated into your current set. But I will be offering a few special sets of irons too for those that what the ultimate persimmon era experience. Here is a little taste. 1958/59 Ben Hogan Sunburst iron set 2-E, completely restored to new. For those that want the swagger, put these in your bag with a restored persimmon wood set and a blade putter and you’ll be transported to 1958. (P.S. these things are so shiny since the restoration I don’t even know how to photograph them [emoji16]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I want you guys/gals to take a look at three 4-woods I recently received from one of our forum members you all know; deejaid. I don't recall how our conversation started but I think it had to do with The First Tee program I've started here where I live. I do recall mentioning to deejaid that most if not all of our kids probably have never seen a golf club made out of Wood and that they'd flip and get a kick out of seeing one. Let alone actually hitting a real wood. deejaid said he'd send me one for the kids to try. Well, I thanked him and expected to get and old beater he had laying around. Boy was I wrong. Last week I received a box and inside were three Orlimar 4-woods deejaid had (professionally) refinished and returned to new condition. I was stunned!! deejaid had included three beautifully restored clubs in three different lengths to fit a variety of kids depending on their height. The persimmon heads look brand new. He installed new shafts, grips, and whipping. My photos barely do justice to how beautiful these clubs look. I contacted deejaid and told him, "I can't let the kids hit these." as they'd be scuffed up and ruined immediately. Then I had a thought. I'm going to have the sole plates engraved with our First Tee Chapter name and eventually present them to the kids as a special award for various achievements they've earned. Would that be cool or what?!! I think so and I think the kids will appreciate them as much as I do. Thanks again deejaid and thank you for your generosity. As a side note I've also learned from deejaid that he's started a business recently to restore old clubs like these and perhaps more importantly; to spark interest in once again playing clubs from days past. I'm certainly interested in perhaps putting a fairway "Wood" in my bag. I'm sure deejaid can tell all of us more about these types of clubs and how he does what he does and how they might just fit into our game. Be advised.... if you get one (and I think you should) you're going to want to show it off. Me? I'd like to get out there and actually play one. Anyone care to join me or deejaid?
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    It is strange to me that this is still a story or ever was for that matter. I have no idea which side is telling the truth or if they are both manipulating it for their cause. Now if it were me and I had just won a million dollars I would have definitely tipped 50G. That said, in my world I don't believe it is any of my concern what kuchar or anybody else does with their money. Just like it is nobody else business what I do with mine(although my wife would disagree). Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    How much do you think he should have paid? We have 2 stories and both are probably somewhat true. Typically agreements are made up front and unless you are a regular caddie you don’t get upwards of 10%. You can’t compare the winnings against what was paid unless you know why was agreed too. No one seems to have an issue when a player pays even though they missed the cut.
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    First, this is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion if MGS. I don’t work for them but can provide some insight into MGS appearing in the t-less commercials. My guess is the company that makes the T less driver wanted to get some actual data on how their club performed. MGS did a test in which players were asked to hit their 3 woods against the T less driver. The testing was filmed. I was one of the testers even though my swing speed is probably over the top end of what would be the recommended swing speed. We hit shots outdoors from fairways, divots, and sand traps. I also hit out I thick rough to do some of my own analysis. We also tested from a tee at MGS labs. From my observations and my own results the club works as designed and is more reliable than a 3 wood. The t-less driver is designed to impart more backspin providing a higher straighter ball flight than most players current 3 woods. The testers I observed gained distance and had better dispersion. They do not fix bad swings! Even for me the ball launched higher and spun more. This can be a blessing or a curse. For slower swing speeds spin will keep the ball in the air longer for more distance. For higher swing speeds, the ball may balloon and result in less distance. For me I liked the ball flight. I was hitting a fade with my 3 wood but higher straighter shots with the t-less. I have much better performance from divots and play from rough was quite good. Essentially i get more consistent performance and would use the club in places I would never consider using a 3 wood. To get the best performance you need to play the club more like a 7 iron and not a fairway wood. These infomercial clubs do work for the player they are targeted towards.
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    I have been meaning to share these images. The course is Hamilton Farms on south west New Jersey. Every October the Met. GCSA sponsors and Chapter Team Championship for all of the Golf Course Superintendents Associations in the Northeast. I was lucky enough to be part of the New England GCSA team and to play the wonderful Hurdanz, Frey designed course. Jim, the retired GC Super
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    Ok ok. No need to pile on guys. Let's play nice and help out our new members. Darrell, the best place for your application to be seen is in the testing thread. Here's the link if you'd like to head over and submit. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/30053-4-testers-wanted-galway-bay-rain-gear/ Also I'd recommend checking this thread out for some tips to help increase your chances:
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    Why no kick this one off and hope that it ends up being the biggest one! No not a new member but we have to start with someone! 1. I have been golfing most of my life, but only taking it more seriously the last 5 or 6 years. I've got my handicap down to a 9 and am typically in the low 80s and creep into 70s at my home track. And more importantly I'm a lefty! 2. I love golf for the ppl you meet along the way and taking time to be outside and enjoying all the different sights and landscapes many courses offer. Shout out to NZ who has many more courses I need to explore! 3. MGS is my home for everything golf. Although I have been a member here for a while Nunfa0 is the only member I have met in person. It's a great community and keeps me entertained during the winter golf withdrawals. 4. I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and play a variety of courses with Lost Creek Golf Club being my home track. 5. We have world class courses here that are truly stunning ... However we have horrible winter's that seem to never end. Being on the east coast of Canada out weather can be confusing and volatile with more severe storms each year. 6. I work as an ice technician for curling clubs and events. Different I know but I truly love what I do. Plus summers are my off season!! 7. Originally I used Danbrook (my last name) however after the year was up I was in need of a change and went with Apolloshowl. Apollo is my pup who is now 6 years old. He is a Alaskan Klee Kai which is a mini husky. He has a really amazing howl that is more like talking and makes me laugh and smile. It's a name I've used for fantasy teams and more and felt very fitting for here. Plus it harks back to my hometown growing up with me growinh up on Apollo road. So lots going on with it! Looking forward to reading more about my fellow international spy's!
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    Thank you for the kind words fellas. It really appreciate it. I’ve spoke to both of you through PM and enjoyed talking to you both. I just want to clarify a bit. The clubs I sent Plaid I did not restore. Those are brand new, all original, never hit Orlimar persimmon woods from the Orlimar factory in Oakland CA produced in the early 80’s. I did add some undersized grips and cut them down a couple inches so they would work better for the kids. I was able to rescue a collection of over 500 brand new, New Old Stock Orlimar woods that have been in storage for over 35 years and I now plan on offering them on my website poweredbypersimmon.com to those looking to experience the classic persimmon golf game with a quality club at affordable prices. But yes, I also restore old woods and have shared some pics of my work in a few other threads. Most are from the 1950’s as the clubs from that era are some of the most beautiful clubs ever produced. I will be offering my own restorations and will offer my services to those looking to have their clubs restored. But back to Plaid and his great work with The First Tee. I wanted to send him some quality clubs that can show his kids that you don’t need brand new clubs to play this game. Just get out and enjoy the game, no matter what you have. I’m really excited that he is going to share the history of golf with his kids. It makes me so happy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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