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    The Masters provided some excellent drama for us all. Tiger's first win in 11 years was a momentous occasion that was felt worldwide. Aside from the greater golf public, three special Golf Spies especially benefited as the first winners of #SpyStaffSlam of the season. Thanks to some improvements in the process, we're now able to release the full scoring spreadsheet for each to view their own ranking. I encourage anyone interested to download a copy to mine the data for interesting stats and charts. The link has been posted in The Masters thread, but here it is again: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw/edit?usp=sharing Before we get into announcements, here's some quick stats: 1150 Entries total making this year's Masters the largest #SpyStaffSlam yet. The Chalk picks of Rory, Kuchar, Poulter, Kisner, ZJ did quite poorly as a group but were pulled up as Kisner rose above the chalk curse by being a perfect in his Tier. As a group, Chalk finished at #608 on the leaderboard. Technically, "None" was the most popular pick for Tier 5. Apparently, reading is not fundamental. The Anti Chalk picks didn't fare any better; however, as they finished at #903 A perfect team would've been: Tiger, Xander, Webb, Oleson/Kisner, and Harding. Our winner had 4/5 correct!!! Speaking of winners, here's your honorable mention: 10) @TrippleBogie757 with $3,036,632 9) @curtis majeran with $3,050,571 8. @tbs0001 with $3,053,880 7) @dead aim with $3,144,591 6) @Sucina with $3,262,031 5) @David.lomberk with $3,361,311 4) @D_Golfer with $3,361,311 The margin was slim with a mere $300k separating these guys from 10-4. One different pick could've made the different and there was certainly room for improvement since 5 of these guys had invalid/none for Tier 5. Missed it by that much! Now, onto the prizes: 3rd/2nd actually came to a TIE!!! Both @GreasedUpStingers and @daviddvm picked the exact same team: Tiger, Xander, Cantlay, Kisner, Bjerregard for a total of $3,455,090. NOT ONLY THAT. Both spies picked -13 as the winning score. Equally close, equally PERFECT. You guys must be like soul mates or something. Wilson, being awesome as they are, has decided to give each of you both the 2nd and 3rd prizes: a D7 driver and a dozen golf balls of your choice. WOWZA. After the commotion of the co-runner ups has settled, time to announce our grand prize. With 4/5 perfect picks, our winner of ANY Wilson Staff Irons is: @Big Moody Winning Team: Tiger, Xander, Webb, Kisner, Mitchell for a total of $3,484,270 Congrats to the prize winners! Be on the lookout for a PM from me for fulfillment. If you didn't win, I hope you enjoyed the event. See you back at the PGA!!
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    This was just posted on the MGS Facebook account, but I thought I'd copy it over here. Dear Tiger, Today I saw something I have never seen before. My husband (owner of MyGolfSpy) watching golf. Not sure if you have ever heard of MyGolfSpy. But to his readers, this may be news to them, Adam doesn’t really watch golf, or play golf. But here he was today, in the kitchen, phone [propped] on the ledge of the window above the sink, making sure I too would witness redemption (while cleaning dishes). I turned the water off. On the screen were a few leaves blowing on the course, you in a red shirt. Adam watched with the glow of the phone on his face verging on tears, yet fist clenched ready to pump. A win for you Tiger is a win for my husband. All these years watching you struggle was a constant reminder of his own struggle. A struggle in which you don’t see, he won’t show and he is too embarrassed to tell. Before I met Adam, he was thriving in his 20’s. Financially successful young business owner of one of very first online golf shops, participant in the world long drive event, and golf club designer. A strapping former collegiate athlete. Cue fibromyalgia. At 30, he was 145 lbs., barely mobile, and near death. Adam was forced to sell his business. This was about the time we met, and even in his weakened state, I was struck by his passion, just like he is with yours. He was trying to win just like you. There were so many surgeries and no answers or relief, but he kept at it. During the pregnancy of our first child, and at his absolute bottom he turned to me with that same glow I saw today while he watched you. This time, the glow was from the computer screen “I am going to start a site called MyGolfSpy, I’m going to change an entire industry.” What I want you to know is that you mean something special to my husband down to his soul. You are not only a small part of why he is still here today you are part of why he beat a disorder they said couldn’t be beat. He never said never. So, I thank you. Was Tiger's comeback an inspiration for you? I know it was for Adam and the sport of golf. Wife of Adam, Carrie
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    OFFICIAL MGS FORUM REVIEW -BETTINARDI STUDIO STOCK #38 ARMLOCK PUTTER Stage 1 - Tester Introduction 4-15-2019 by GB13 I'd like to start off by thanking MGS and Bettinardi for the wonderful opportunity! I've was super excited to be selected for this test, and want to do my best to give y'all a killer review! INTRO I was lucky enough to do a review on True Golf Fit and Global Golf's U-Try program last year, so if you want to learn a little bit more about me personally, you can check it out here. (These reviews are a great read too, if you haven't checked them out already.) My bag hasn't changed too much since my TGF review. Obviously the Wilson C300 was added, and I also added a Callaway Rogue 3W and removed the Aeroburner 3W. I'm still a 4 handicap who is terribly inconsistent, (although I am improving with some swing changes). If I can get my putter to cooperate, I should be really close to scratch. Anyway, the club we need to focus on is the putter. I currently putt with a PING Sigma G B60 putter. It was 34" and standard lie. It's been in my bag for almost 2 years, and if I hadn't been selected for this test, it could have easily stayed for another 2 years. (Maybe, I'm kind of a club ho...) My putting is really streaky, (read: inconsistent). I usually hit a high number of greens per round (11-13), and end up leaving myself a lot of tough two putts. This puts my average putts around 32-34. In rounds where I miss more greens, my putting average is around 26-28. As you can see my putting stats can be very deceiving, so I wouldn't put too much stock into my putts per round. I'd focus more on whether or not my speed and line improve. While using the B60, I putted left hand low, with a quick tempo, and waaaaay too much wrist hinge. I chose the B60 because it fit my quick tempo and had 40°ish toe hang. I'm hoping to slow down my tempo and remove the wrist hinge with the armlock technique. My putting strategy is pretty aggressive. My goal is normally 2 feet past the hole. However, unfortunately, my goal and my reality is not the same. My speed is inconsistent at best and usually I end up leaving too many putts short. This is usually caused by an off-center hit. Then, later in the round, I overcompensate, hit one out of the center, and hit the putt 10 feet past the hole. To summarize this paragraph, my speed is extremely inconsistent. I usually start the ball on the line I want to. I putt with a line on my golf ball and just align the putter to the line. For me, it really allows me to focus on speed, and treat it like a straight putt. All I have to do is put a good stroke on it. I don't intend to change this with the armlock. What I do hope to change, is that pesky making a good stroke part... I make a lot of putts at 8-10 feet and am extremely confident from the 8-10 foot range. I really struggle with 3-5 footers. I know I should make most of them, but I just don't have the confidence standing over the ball that I'm going to make it. I'd rather have a 10 footer than a 4 footer, that is how bad I am putting from close range. Otherwise, I'd say I'm a pretty average putter from outside 15 all the way out to lags. One of my goals with the armlock is to get some sort of consistency from 3-5 feet, while not compromising the rest of my putting. INITIAL IMPRESSIONS First off, this putter is BEAUTIFUL! Bettinardi did a great job making a visually appealing mid mallet. Mid-Mallets (to me) are usually chunky and just ugly. Bettinardi shortened the heel-toe length and the SS#38 has a surprisingly small footprint. Bettinardi always nails the small details that set their putters above and beyond the competition, and the SS#38 is no exception. From the deep etch grip, to the premium milled face, to the classic graphics on the sole, every part of this putter has a premium feel and look. Now, you'll probably think I'm crazy for adding an entire paragraph for a headcover, but I just need to mention how nice and classy the graphics are. Bettinardi does have a reputation for their limited edition headcovers. I've almost always found their limited run headcovers, obnoxious. Bettinardi has definitely not made an obnoxious headcover here. It is actually quite simple blue with white accents, and an American flag. Super classy. Bettinardi is billing the SS#38 Armlock as "compact mallet with maximum forgiveness and easy alignment..." and having "20% deeper grooves for an even softer feel at impact." Does the SS#38 live up to what Bettinardi says? I'm not convinced yet, but I've only begun to get know my new Betti. I ordered my Betti at 41", 6° of loft, and with a 72° lie angle. The stock model is 40", 5° of loft, and 71° lie angle. I went longer because I'm 6'2". I went with the higher loft because of the armlock technique, which requires a lot of forward press. And, I went with the more upright lie angle, well, because I putt with the shaft more upright. I'm super intrigued by the armlock putting style. It has been gaining a lot of traction on tour, and as we know, our games perfectly mirror tour pros. Kidding aside, I'm really hoping to end up with a more repeatable putting stroke, that can start the ball online with decent speed. I'm trying to grip the putter fairly "conventionally" just with the putter grip/shaft running up my left forearm. After I grip the putter, my goal is to just rock my shoulders. I'm trying to keep it simple, and not over complicate things. So far, my results have been mixed. I've been able to get a great end over end roll, with decent speed, however I'm struggling to get the proper alignment. Not only has the armlock technique opened my shoulders at set up, this putter has a full shaft of offset, and sets up open to my eye. When I first tried the armlock, it was really uncomfortable. This is not a technique that you will have a quick adjustment period to. I've been hitting around 500 putts on my putting green everyday, and about 2 weeks after first receiving my Betti, I'm just starting to get comfortable with my set up. CONCLUSION If you got bored halfway through reading that (heck, I probably would have too), here is the summary: I previously putted left hand low with a PING Sigma G B60. I have a quick tempo and lots of wrist hinge. My speed is inconsistent, but I'm pretty good on hitting my line. I'm looking to improve on my short putts while retaining my performance long putts. Bettinardi created a beautiful premium putter. I'm struggling to adjust to the armlock, but am improving every day. My goals, and what ultimately drove me to switch to armlock are; -Better speed control -Eliminate wrist hinge -Slow down my tempo -Help on short putts -And to MAKE MORE PUTTS If any of the above goals aren't met, it will be tough for me to keep the SS#38 in the bag. As of right now, I'd say the odds are 50/50 that it gets a "permanent" spot in my bag. My testing has come to a screeching halt with this lovely mid-April snowstorm, however, you can expect plenty of updates from me until the stage 2s drop. Again, I'd like to thank Bettinardi and MGS for this opportunity and providing us an place where we can write unbiased reviews! Y'all are awesome!
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    Stage One – Bettinardi SS38 Armlock - 4/15/19 My sincere thanks to MyGolfSpy and Bettinardi Golf for the opportunity to review this Armlock platform. Rather than bore you all over again with my story, I'll just leave this link to my Ping G400 LST review intro from last year - Stage 1 - Ping G400 LST If you'd rather not click through: (the short story) despite a very serious and time intensive approach to the game over the past 25 years, with age and hopefully increasing wisdom, it has become clear that truly having fun on the golf course was both an essential and missing ingredient from my experience. Don't get me wrong, I still _love_ winning, but have discovered it's personally a flawed foundation to build upon when the subject is playing my best golf. If you're interested WITB, my signature is up to date - all have spots for one reason... they work. My body (and life in general) no longer allow me to bang 500 balls a day, so I spend the majority of my time at the short game complex. I really enjoy working on all areas of the short game and my stat lines in that area are typically tidy. But the subject today is putting - more specifically Armlock putting (of which I am insanely curious). What the heck is Armlock putting? I'm glad you asked - it involves using a longish putter intended to take your hands/wrists out of the stroke via a design that intentionally "locks" the handle against your lead forearm. Why do I need an Armlock putter to take those body parts out of the equation? Another excellent question - technically you don't need an Armlock putter to neutralize their potential movement in your stroke...but it makes the task much easier. Why is important to neutralize those body parts? Many people actually don't think it matters much, but I disagree with those folks and I will explain further in Stage 2. I have not always been a good putter. In fact, I used to be a terrible putter or at the very least terribly inconsistent. Through High School my stroke was super handsy, some days it worked fine and others like I had never putted before. The stroke improved greatly in College but it was still pretty sad how close to the hole I was usually thinking "just don't 3-putt". I went through 4 putters over that stretch, all toe hanger blades. In 2004, I was introduced the concept of high-MOI faced balanced mallets. In my case, it was in the form of a center shafted Macgregor Bobby Grace V-Foil M5K GT. And it opened up a whole new world. It's been my gamer ever since, despite going toe-to-toe against 25-30 different face balanced mallets over the past 15 years. The M5K just won't go away. Let's talk a bit more in depth about my stroke - specifically path and face rotation. I adopted a straight back-through path in College. The face opens 1.5 degrees in my back stroke and is typically within 0.5 degrees of square (in relation to line) at impact. I'd say my tempo is somewhere in the middle of the road - not hurried but not really slow either. It's probably a combination of the M5K being a great putter for my tendencies, the experience of gaming it for over a decade and my love for practice, but I do not know anyone that putts better. Last season I played a stretch of 96 holes without a 3-putt. And there are also a few Spies that can additionally attest to the M5K's affinity for dropping bomb after bomb. Alright, thanks for staying through all the background, but I know you really came to hear about the Bettinardi SS 38 Armlock. Mine happens to be 40” long with a 71 degree lie angle and 3 degrees of loft. I say happens to be but those are actually the specs for which I was fit at my local Club Champion. I am of the opinion that being fit for your putter is important. And since this was my first real foray with the Armlock concept, I put myself in Mitch's (Manager - Club Champion Highlands Ranch) capable hands. First we confirmed my stroke stats with the M5K and then started comparing results with the Bettinardi Armlock putters they have in inventory. Almost all of my putters are set up with a 71 degree lie angle and 3 degrees of loft (2 degree of loft at impact is my ideal for USGA qualifier green speeds). At the end of my SAM Puttlab session, I was surprised to learn that my Armlock loft/lie specs were identical to my current gamers (more on why they matched and why I was surprised in Stage 2). Now let's dive into technical aspects of the SS38 Armlock with some putter porn. Bettinardi's packaging is both secure and classy. The deep etched blue cord grip (a Lamkin specialty product) is 15 inches long and feels firm, tacky and of a quality that will last for decades. I think Bettinardi has one of the cooler shaft band labels in the biz and the SS38 head is easy to sole squarely. 303 Stainless Steel is on the hard end of the metal spectrum from which putters are typically made and to soften up the face (and probably also improve the impact sound), Bettinardi milled some seriously deep grooves into the face. The top and face are both a matte gray finish but the polish can still shine back a bit under the right light (read: high noon). The sole is a much higher polish with a classy arrangement and paint fill, as is typical of Bettinardi. It's important to regularly check for cavities and also instructive to see the before/after of the rear cavity view to highlight how Bettinardi bumped up MOI on the relatively compact SS38 mallet. It's not quite face balanced (Mitch called it an eighther - roughly 10 degree toe hang) What does all this mean to me? Well, I'm intrigued but not certain of anything at the moment. Except that I intend to roll at least 200 putts a day on different practice greens (and a lot more dry fires in the living room sans golf ball) until I can conclusively determine what (if any) effect an anchored handle has on my path/face rotation, feel for pace and overall putting stats. In my experience feel -vs- reality can sometimes present an astonishing disparity, so I intend to continue analyzing and updating with video throughout the review process. Thanks again for reading and please reach out in the review thread if you have any specific questions or additional testing requests.
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    TESTERS WANTED (4) So you think the importance of shaft design is only important to drivers. Well the engineers at Odyssey Golf among some of the best and brightest minds in the business want to show you otherwise. For years counterbalancing has been a big buzz word in the world of putter shafts. Well the new Stroke Lab putters by Odyssey Golf aren't just counterbalanced, they take weight shifting to a whole new level or should I say end. As in redistributing 40 percent of the weight from the middle of the shaft into the butt and head end of the shaft. The results show that you will make a much more consistent stroke with Stroke Lab than with the standard putter shaft. Don't believe it? We're going to give you...well four of you a chance to prove it to yourself and the rest of the forum. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following: - Your first name - State - Your current model of putter - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US or Canada. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...
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    First and foremost, a huge thank you to both MGS and Bettinardi Golf for providing the opportunity to test and provide feedback for this product. I’m honored to be a part of this test and will strive to provide an honest review that will give the readers more insight to this putter. A bit about me before we delve into the nitty gritty of the putter. I took up golf later in life around the age of 38 after retiring from the US Submarine Service. For some reason, brass frowned on driving a golf ball down the narrow passageways of the sub. I’ve been playing golf for around 30 years now and thoroughly enjoy the game. Until recently, I carried an 8 handicap. Following neck and knee surgeries, my game has slipped quite a bit, as has my handicap, moving up to between 10 and 12. I carry a driver and 3 fairway metals, all TaylorMade M4. My irons consist of custom fit Callaway Apex CF19 6-AW and a 54 and 60 degree Callaway Mack Daddy 4. Since the review is on a putter, I’ll only discuss my putting. I’m currently putting with an Odyssey Stroke Labs 7S putter. Prior to this putter, I was gaming a Taylor Made Tour Spider, both being toe balanced mallet putters and both being found by Club Champion as suitable to my putting stroke. Until going with these putters, I used toe balanced blade putters exclusively. My putting grip is conventional. Over the years, I’ve attempted to adopt other putting styles, including left hand low and various claw grips. None of them felt comfortable and I always returned to a conventional grip. I’ve never been a lights out great putter, but I’ve always felt as if I were a decent putter. My biggest fault putting is not aggressively stroking the putter to get the ball past the hole, preferring to die it in the hole. This method has often left me short or getting more break than I had planned for. I’ve tried to be more aggressive, but have never achieved comfort putting that way. Another fault is that occasionally my left hand will twist counter clockwise, closing the face at impact. Having said all of my, I stand over putts fairly confident on short putts from tap in to 6 feet out. On putts 6-15 feet, I feel confident that my line and distance control will leave me a tap in. As I get further out than 25 feet, I’m far less confident in my distance control and have a tendency to get further off line when taking longer strokes. Perhaps this armlock putter will be the answer these issues. Now on to the more important matters – the gear I and others will be testing and reviewing -- the Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 Armlock putter. The specs from the website list it at weighing 400 grams made of 303 stainless steel. It is face milled and comes with a custom 15 inch Lamkin grip. They further describe it as a compact mallet with maximum forgiveness and easy alignment with 20% deeper groves for a softer feel at impact. It comes in a hand polished platinum finish with a sharp sapphire blue paint scheme. They offer a number of fit options regarding length, lie, and loft. I opted to go with standard length of 40 inches, standard lie of 71 degrees, but I wanted a more lofted face and chose to go with 7 degrees of loft. It was suggested that length should hit your forearm 2 inches below your elbow. My reasoning to go with more loft was to overcome any forward shaft lean at impact while still providing 3-4 degrees of loft. From reading, the amount of forward lean is significantly affected by ball position. MSRP is a hefty $450. First Impressions! From the custom Lamkin blue grip with white lettering to the polished head, it is a good looking putter. It is a face balanced putter and it feels well balanced in the hand. The grip has a very nice texture to it, but isn’t too rough on the hand. At address, as you look down on the putter head, you see a duller matte finish to minimize glare. The compact mallet head has a single alignment line on the body of the mallet, leaving the top line of the putter void of markings. The design of the head also has a stepped build that also acts as a ball centering aid. The face has a blue logo on the heel of the putter and the center is adorned with grooves. As you look down at the putter, you notice the added loft but once you press the grip against your lead arm, the effective loft is offset by the forward shaft lean. While the head cover is attractive, it is a very tight fit on the putter and uses a Velcro closure at the heel. Personally, I would have preferred to see a mallet style cover with magnetic closure. I’ve been out on the putting green with it a few times and I have to say that it’s an awkward feeling to get used to putting with this style putter. After adjusting ball position and how far down the shaft to grip, I believe I’ve found the most comfortable position that is delivering somewhat consistent results. While it’s rolling the ball nicely and I’m controlling distance fairly well, I’m finding it difficult to align, mainly because of the forward shaft lean and the way my eyes want to set over it. Thank you for the opportunity to review this putter. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to give you my thoughts on that. Below are a couple of links to videos (no Oscars for them) 20190412_123900 by Carl Harsch, on Flickr 20190412_124913 by Carl Harsch, on Flickr
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    A fellow spy contacted me asking about the whipping of a friends 5-wood that came undone. He wondered if this is something most golf repair men still fix or if it’s something he could do on his own. I told him most old timers can probably do it, but it’s also something he could do himself, he just needed a little instruction and a few supplies. Now, this diy is to show you how to re-wrap whipping that has come undone, which you can remove and reuse, or if the whipping is completely gone, using new whipping. I didn’t have any clubs that were ready for whipping on my drying rack right now so I just used an old club that I’d found that already had the whipping removed. I have a few tricks to make whipping easier, like a whipping jig I built and use, but for this diy, I’m going to show you the easiest way for a guy at home in his garage using the most basic of clubbuilding tools can re-whip an old persimmon wood. First put your club in a rubber golf club clamp and gently tighten so that the club is secure but can still be spun easily in the club. This is important to make winding the whipping easier. Next, grab your whipping. You can remove and reuse the old whipping or you can use new whipping. I offer 5-yard spools for DIYers that will wrap one club, so that’s what we’ll use here. Take the spool and cut off about 8 inches of whipping and set it aside, we will use this piece later. Next, take the spool and unwind it a bit. Lay the end whipping on the spool about 1/2” down the back of the shaft at the top where the whipping begins. You usually see a discoloration on the shaft to see where to start, just make sure it’s on the back of the head. Wrap around the shaft about 5 times over the end to keep it secure. Now, continue wrapping by using your right hand to guide the whipping while the left hand twists the club head to rotate the shaft in the clamp/vise. Continue wrapping the whipping tightly until you are about five wraps from the end. Take the 8” piece of whipping you cut off earlier, make a loop with it, and lay it down on the back of the club head on top of the whipping. Continue whipping over top of the loop your final five or six turns. Once you have reached the bottom, thread the end of the whipping through the loop. Pull the loop up and the end of he whipping will be tucked underneath the last five rows of whipping. Use an Exacto knife to cut the excess from the tucked pieces at the beginning and end of your wrap. Apply some clear nail polish to to keep the ends secure. And there you go. A nice, tight whipping, and an old club ready for many more rounds.
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    EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Some golfers have an edge on others... ...but few have a TOUR edge. Join me in congratulating these 3 fine spies for being selected to test the MyGolfSpy most wanted best value driver of 2019! @03trdblack @ZJBogey2 @Badams69 Personally I am very excited for this specific test as this could be the best deal on the driver market this year. Have fun gents and can't wait for you to put this thing through the ringer. I'll be sending you a PM shortly.
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    It was a day. Started with a funeral where I met up with the two tall young ladies, sisters who graduated from our school. Neither played hoops or Golf BTW. Got back to church in time for the service. First Communion for 12 kids. We do first Communion in Sixth Grade. Sixth graders are 12, I’ve been at Grace 12 and a half years which means, yes I baptized nine of the 12 and held any number of them as babies in the nursery. It was a day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Hey everybody! It's been a while now since I've posted on this site so I feel like I need to reintroduce myself: My name is Louis and I've been an avid, die-hard golfer since I inherited my dad's golf clubs when he passed away 12 years ago. My Father is the all-time club champion at our local club. I got obsessed with golf equipment early on. I was and still am constantly wanting to learn everything there is about what fits me and why. I would be obsessively researching online what equipment would fit me best but always doubting myself because... let's face it; I'm not a pro fitter. Was I making the right choices? How can I be sure? I realized that my driver seemed to be spinning more than it should be. I was right. I was playing a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond with a Kuro Kage tini stiff shaft at 50g. I have a friend who owns an HD golf simulator and grabbed some numbers off of it. I was hovering around 3500 spin and my launch angle was around 9 even though the head was set to 10*. To that extent, I figured I had a negative angle of attack. My ball speed was good though, averaging about 160mph and I was getting around 255-260 carry. In Atlantic Canada where I live, there isn't many options for people who want to get fit. The closest place I could find with certified professional fitters was golf town in Moncton, which is 3 and a half hours away. Screw it, my bday was coming up so I called and was blown away when I was told a fitting was only $40 and that they would wave the charge if I bought the club. I made the appointment for my bday on March 29. My daughter had a volleyball tournament in Moncton that weekend so the plan was get there early and do the fitting. So I got there (and this place is literally heaven). I'm in awe at all the equipment. I brought my driver, shoes, socks (I'm that bad), my TP5x balls and wedges to warm up. After meeting with my fitter Steve and warming up, he set up the GC quad and had me hit shots with my driver. My spin was high, around 3200 but I was shocked that my AOA was actually positive! It played anywhere between level to +2. The other thing that surprised me was my ball speed: 155mph and not 160mph (my friends simulator must be off) First club he assembled for me a a Taylormade M5 with hzrdus smoke shaft in 75g. I could not get the ball up. It was a horrible fit. Steve explained that he usually goes from 1 extreme to another and not to worry. He put that away and brought the Callaway epic Flash Sub Zero with the same shaft but 65g. I was hitting this combo much better. All throughout the fitting, I was swinging very poorly. I was slicing the ball way more than I normally would. I informed Steve that I usually hit a small fade but that I was butt hurt over my ball speed being lower than I had thought. He said this was fine because if the club performs at your worst, imagine what it will do at your best! He then set me up with a ping g410 with a project x evenflow blue 65g shaft. I was constantly hooking the ball. The head weight, he felt, was wrong. Finally he brought in another head (which I didn't look at) with a Atmos black ts 65g shaft. Took 2 swings and was blown away by the feel. I thought it was the regular epic from Callaway but it ended up being the Mizuno ST190. I was shocked! So, numbers wise the Sub Zero and the St190 were the 2 that stood out. He had me hit 5 with each and although my longest drive was with the sub zero, the st190 provided consistent ball speeds. He recommended the Mizuno with the Atmos shaft. Ball speed with the Sub Zero was 155, 148 and a few numbers in between. St190 was 154 or 155. I dropped my spin rate from 31-3200 to a respectable 25-2600. Another thing was that he fit me in a low launch, low spin shaft. Something I would have never even considered since my launch was low (oh my launch angle sits around 10* now) They had a deal going on that they gave you 1.5x more value for trade-ins for a purchase of a new club. I traded my driver, Touredge cb4 3 wood (which I was no longer using) and Touredge xcg6 hybrid and got $160 off the driver. Happy birthday to me I decided for the first time in 12 years I was going to buy a new club. So, the moral of this story guys is if you can get fit - do it. I was a big proponent of not getting fit. To me it was a waste of time. Well I am man enough to admit I was wrong. Go get fit and you will learn so much from the experience. It was so much fun for me that next year I will be going in for a wedge fitting. Go.Get.Fit. Cheers, Lou Sent from my VTR-L09 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Skytrak!!! Partly influenced by @GolfSpy MPR and his very positive experience as told in his 'Single Digit Project"* quest; I'm also looking to .. among many other things .. sharpen my short game and work on wedge distances. Also splurged on a Real Feel mat to go with it. *EDIT: Ooops.... and also MPR's "Dude .. I'm Getting a SkyTrak" excellent thread on his experience using and learning with the SkyTrak.
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    I want to first start off by thanking Bettinardi and MyGolfSpy for this opportunity to test this beautiful putter and this style that is rapidly gaining traction on tour. Now let me tell you a little bit about me and my game. I am a scratch golfer and I play 6-8 times per month and also practice 2-3 days per week. I play all types of courses in the San Diego area. I played one year of Division 2 college golf before deciding that college just wasn't for me. Something about not having to go to class just sounded so good. I was young and dumb back then but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I tried some small mini tours and did well until I injured my back which it was only recently that I found out was caused by a birth defect in my spine the lead to scoliosis. Now I play competitive golf on the Veterans Golf Association Tour as well as USGA and SCGA events. I am currently prepping to try out for the All Navy Golf Team Tryouts in mid-May. In southern California we have a vast array of types of course I play. I have a few that are by the ocean and typically softer and shorter. Then I have a few desert style firm and fast courses that I can play also. The one thing nearly all of them have in common is Poa greens. A few have bent greens but most are that scary Poa Annua they talk about on Tour. The green speed can vary greatly also from 9-13. I tend to play the Military course as they save me a good amount of money on greens fees. They are all good course nothing to challenging but they have all drastically improved their greens over the last year. A little about my game and how I attack the course. I have been a bomb and gouge guy most of my life. I competed in long drive 9-10 years ago and I was pretty long for a guy who could reasonably control the direction with the driver. After several injuries to my back and a ruptured Achilles that I never fully recovered from I focus on iron and wedge play. I still have a club head speed between 115-122 depending on how hard I want to go at it. I have always felt like I have been a pretty good putter but like most golfers I am always searching for that lightening in a bottle. I have been extremely happy with my current putter after I did a putter fitting but this arm-lock style makes so much sense to me that I have been itching to try it. It’s that constant pursuit of perfection or uncontrollable urge to get better that makes me love the game. I love that I can control how good I can be by putting more time and effort into my game. The other part is that as a golfer you have an automatic connection with any golfer regardless of their skill level. All golfers understand each other. You step on the first tee with 3 complete strangers and by the end of the round you have a very good understanding of each person and who they are. The thing all Spies want to know the most is the WITB. Most of us are gear heads and that’s likely why we are here. Driver: Cobra F9 Yellow 9* 2G forward 18G back Accra TZ5 65 M5 tipped 3/4” plays 44.75 3 Wood: PXG 0341 15* set 1.5* lower HZRDUS Yellow 76 6.5 tipped 1.5” plays 42.75 Irons: Ben Hogan FT Worth Black or new PTx Pro both have KBS Tour V 120X shafts standard length 2* flat Wedges: Ben Hogan Equalizer 50, 55, 60 KBS Tour V shafts Putter: PXG Mini Gunboat H/Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Buttonback both have the P2 Aware Tour grip at 34.5 http:// This is a putter review so let’s talk about my putting. I have a medium arc stroke but that is largely influenced by the type of putter I use. I have a slower more controlled putting stoke also. The studies with blast Motion and other types of measuring devices show a 2 to 1 stroke pace is best specifically 0.6 seconds on the back stroke and 0.3 seconds to impact. I have tried to replicate this in practice but it just doesn’t work for me, I struggle with distance control. My slower tempo is also why I prefer to die the ball in the hole. I am looking for 8-14” past the hole as my target pace. My typical miss is low side on longer putts and a push on shorter putts as I sometimes steer the ball and not release the putter face. I am extremely confident inside 10ft I feel like I am going to make every putt. I am also a very good lag putter, I rarely 3-putt due to a bad first putt. First Impressions Enough about me let’s talk about the reason you are all here the Bettinardi BB38 Arm-Lock putter I chose to go with 40.5” 5 degrees of loft and 2* flat lie angle. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the beautiful finish and blue paint fill. The headcover is fantastic looking and fits perfectly, the quality of the cover is probably the best of any OEM in a stock offering. The grip is a really nice corded grip that is the perfect size in the hands in my opinion but it’s not perfect. The head shape is very clean and the lines are beautiful, aesthetically its very pleasing. The 400-gram head weight and 40.5” length create a really balanced feel. Everything about this putter screams high quality. They claim that the arm-lock style helps create a more pendulum motion and eliminates the hands in the stroke. To me this style is for people that are not the best putters and becomes more of a band aid. After some quick testing the putter feels great but this style is very uncomfortable at first. I was able to get used to the feeling and roll in a few putts. But this putter will have to show a noticeable improvement in my putting for me to make the permanent switch. Will the improvements out-weigh the uncomfortable feeling over the ball? Will I make enough putts to get over the embarrassment of using an arm-lock style putter? These are some big questions I will answer in my stage 2.
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    For many many years I had to hold Soldiers accountable to the point where it changed their lives. However, once the decision was made and punishment enforced I was then charged with helping them put the pieces of their lives back together again. Tiger made some pretty significant mistakes as well. These mistakes not only changed his life but they also changed him. He hurt people who loved and trusted him. Those are eggs that cannot be unscrambled my friend. Today he won a Golf tournament; nothing more, nothing less. While I’m sure the struggle to get back to the victory circle has been incredible it pales in comparison with the private struggle he experiences every day to be a better man. In the quiet times when you take mental inventory of the quality of life you’ve lived it’s not the trophies you have collected that validate your reasons for being but instead it is the people you have positively effected that bring true value to your life. While the victory is without a doubt something he will cherish it is my belief that the hugs he shared as he departed the 18th green NOW mean much more to him than a green jacket. I don’t think his priorities have always come in that order. I’m not a huge fan of any individual athlete but I am a fan of the struggle. The struggle we all go through every day to be a better person. You see, we all make mistakes. Some of those are big public mistakes while others are small private ones. Life is a marathon with tremendous obstacles at every turn. The character of a man is most often revealed when faced with his biggest obstacle; a mirror. I was proud of Tiger Woods today for his outstanding play on the hallowed grounds of Augusta. I was even more proud to see the growth of a man as he sincerely embraced family and friends. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    A range about an hour from home opened this week! My boys and I got to watch non-virtual golf balls fly through the air.
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    During my i500 review, I took a few rounds to play irons only so I could play them from literally everywhere to stress them to the max. I've been searching for a similar test doing this G410 Plus test and think I've got it. Since my irons are at Ping for repair, and the spring is in full effect, I've decided to do some sans-irons rounds. This means I've got Driver, 3w, 3h, 52, 56, and Putter in my bag. It's a lot lighter!!! The special rule I've adopted is to play from the reds so I can swing away with driver and give myself as many eagle putts as possible. Today was my first time out with this experiment and I managed to get 12 holes in. I didn't play particularly well but I'll share the hole-by-hole for entertainment: Wind: Howling at 18-22 mph (per Arccos) hurting on 1, 3, 5, 16 across/hurting on 2, 4, 6, 17 and helping on 7, 8, 9, 18 Ground: Soft due to heavy rains last night ***Perhaps these weren't the best conditions to try an experiment. Oh well. For science!!! Hole 1: Killer wind dead into the face. Nice 3W Hole 2: Should've taken an easier swing at the driver. Launched it into the penalty area behind the green. Hole 3: Not relevant to driver, but missed a beauty of a shot by inches as it caught the lip of the bunker and rolled down. Hole 4: Launched drive #1 wide right thanks to harsh wind and compensated the other way for #2. Made a bomb of a putt to card a good double. Hole 5: Good shot dead into the wind (again) but left an awkward chip. Hole 6: Good shot, landed on front of green then scooted off. Nice up and down. Hole 7: Wind finally behind me. Tee shot into hazard I only ever reach with my second shots. Course management ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hole 8: Wind still behind, bombs away. Landed in the trap on the fly. Hole 9: Still wind, still bombs, smacked a tree Then onto the mini loop: Hole 16: Smoked dead into wind. The 2nd shot was all I've got with that club and it appeared to be coming backwards on the way down. Hole 17: Pin high, but left an awkward chip Hole 18: Wind helping, Smoked, but smacked another tree and came backwards. Cool little hybrid shot. Obviously, I'm not counting this round to my Arccos stats but it was a great time nonetheless. This was a poor display of short game so I've got room to grow there. Will probably get to do it again before my irons show up. Any fellow testers gonna give it a try??
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    My former driver was a G30 so this one is like a dream for me. Both drivers are louder on mis-hits but I'm finding the center of the club face much more often with G410 than I ever did with the G30. Instead of the usual CLANG or PAONG, I'm getting a very satisfying KABLOW BOOOM PIKAEWEEE The rest might feel otherwise comparing it to various OEMs
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    .... I have been playing Aguila here in Phoenix at twilite most every day. Greens are quite fast but a little bumpy, so not only difficult to read but putts tend to wander, especially downhill. The Mrs flew in today so I played "early" at 10:20 which is very early for me LOL. But the greens rolled much smoother earlier in the day so this bermuda either gets sticky in the afternoon or some poa is mixed in. Had 4 birdies and one bogie on the front then hit a log jam at 10 and waited 25 minutes to tee off and the wind picked up and I lost my mojo. Instead of hitting it close I was 20-30 feet or on the fringe and I also missed few fairways but mostly just didn't putt like the front 9. All pars and 1 bogie on the back and I am always amazed at how excellence can slip away so quickly. No complaints of course and played well on the back just not in sync like the front. In other words a typical day playing this silly, wonderful, frustrating and very rewarding game.
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    I picked up a blue chip tonight! One year sober and feeling and looking better than a coon pup on his first treeing
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    Howdy MGS's. Well, in addition to having played 5 rounds now with the G410 Plus, I was able to get a day at the range to see just how it was comparing to my Callaway Razr-Fit. With respect to the golf rounds, it was in the bag when I shot my best round (77) of the winter season at Mesa Del Sol. Not really sure how much further I was hitting it than my RF, but I did hit all but two fairways and the two missed were not bad misses. My last two rounds with it were not as good. At Cocopah GC, I was having trouble with fades. At Las Barancas both fades and hitting high on the face. But to be honest, the rest of my game was not exactly clicking on either round, so the G400 gets a pass. The Challenger Now bear in mind that I just recently (January 2018) purchased this used Callaway Razr-Fit, to replace my GBB Warbird, and have subsequently felt like I had stepped into another era of golf. While I immediately gained distance, perhaps 10-15 yards, the most striking benefit was the forgiveness in miss hits. As the the 2018 season rolled along, my driving accuracy kept increasing as did my confidence. I only wish I had taken the advice from friends to upgrade my driver years earlier. I'll also add that I picked the RF up at a shop in Tempe, AZ for a whopping $65.00 (which included a length adjustment and new Callaway grip). I mention this only because for me to hand over $500.00 for the latest in drivers would take some serious performance results. While I love being long off the tee, the decision is predominantly based on scoring... will that club help lower my handicap? Mr. PING G410 Plus, meet Mr. Callaway Razr-Fit (which, btw got some high praise from MGS https://mygolfspy.com/callaway-razr-fit-driver-review/). At the Desert Hills CG range, I onced again warmed up with my 6i and captured the data. Another big shout out to George for letting me use their LM and providing a free large bucket of balls - Thanks George! I hit about a dozen balls with each driver just trying to get into a nice hitting groove. I then alternated between the drivers, capturing this data and culled out the two best and two worst from each. George told me that their range balls are typically 10-15% shorter in distance to game balls. Club Smash Factor Spin Ball Speed Club Speed Carry Distance Razr-Fit 1.47 2132 128 87 206 Driver 1.46 2203 130 89 209 1.46 2218 131 90 211 1.42 2394 128 90 206 1.47 2174 132 90 213 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.48 2102 130 89 213 1.50 2096 129 90 212 1.46 2223 130 89 210 1.49 2138 131 90 214 1.47 2165.8 130.2 89.2 210.9 G410 Plus 1.52 1954 137 90 222 Driver 1.51 1978 133 88 218 1.47 2160 131 89 215 1.43 2386 132 92 213 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.44 2404 133 93 215 1.52 1936 134 88 217 1.51 1978 133 88 215 1.46 2248 134 92 217 1.50 2042 135 90 219 1.49 2106.4 133.5 89.8 216.6 PE2 6i 1.48 4827 101 69 141 1.49 4834 101 70 141 1.51 4931 103 68 144 1.52 4644 102 70 138 1.47 4853 100 68 134 1.50 4743 101 70 143 1.48 4805 100 68 140 1.49 4805.3 101.1 69 140.1 Bill's Most Wanted Swing Typical Hits on the G410 The numbers are improved across the board. To be really honest, I did not expect this. I am by nature suspicious of marketing claims. This certainly supports PING claims of the club heads aerodynamic performance - less resistance yielding faster club head speed and ball distance. What I cannot share in this test is the lower, more piercing ball flight I get with the G410. As I mentioned in my original stage 1 thread, I tend to hit high shots - driver included. I really love that my trajectory is lower with the G410. During my course rounds thus far, it's been REALLY nice seeing my drives roll out a little. I do plan to repeat this same test with my club fitter in Bozeman, MT who has state-of-art LM equipment and has graciously offered to help - Thanks in advance Woody!! So, this is exciting. Thus far, I really like the way the G410 feels and I'm not debating which boom stick to put in the bag. I have a few return to home (ranch) base projects that will occupy a bit of my time in the next month but, weather permitting, I hope to get a few more rounds in on the local courses - in advance of the peak season. Reading what @jlukesis experiencing using the weight adjust feature, I plan to monkey with that a bit - especially if that fade tendency comes back. I sure hope this is helping those of you out there interested in PING's latest driver. More to come, Thanks for reading!
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    Today is my last day before I get started with my new job on Monday. I'm leaving early to maybe get some golf in on what looks like a decent afternoon. Very excited.
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    Wow! What a way to start the Friday morning and kick off the weekend! Thank you @GolfSpy Stroker and #TourEdge for the opportunity. I'll put it through the ringer and hopefully provide a great test and review for the community.
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    4/17 Range Session Went to my driving range during lunch to pick up my irons and wedges which I just had adjusted (lofts and lies) and took the opportunity to hit a bucket of balls. I mentioned that I was missing a little right during my last round so I switched the hosel back to the neutral setting. I definitely noticed that the ball tended to start much straighter. However, as I continued to hit balls, I had a few balls finish a bit further left than I would like to see. I took the wrench and adjusted the hosel back to the flat setting and did something absolutely crazy: I adjusted my aim! I have been hitting big sweeping hooks over the last year or so my aim has crept to the right to play for the hook. Now that I found myself missing right (not slices, just starting right and staying there), I adjusted my aim more towards my intended landing area and the G410 did the rest. Just beautiful straight bombs to baby fades (wind was slightly off the left, so they were more likely baby draws and straight bombs). And my miss? It was to the right. As Lee Trevino is famous for saying: You can talk to a fade, but a hook won't listen. I have embraced that thought with the G410 and the confidence I am feeling with the driver right now is as high as it has ever been. One thing I need to reiterate throughout the testing: The adjustable settings 100% work, but they do not save you from an awful swing. There were a few where I got lazy with my hip rotation and double crossed it with a pull hook. No amount of adjustable weights, hosels or face settings is going to fix a double cross. I mentioned in my shaft fitting post that my tendency with the Ping Tour shaft is to miss a little low on the face and I saw that a bit today at the range. I really felt that the G410 performs pretty well off low face shots as the ball still launched relatively high and did not appear to balloon too much. This speaks to the MOI of the G410 Plus head and the lack of gear effect created (head tilting down) on low face strikes. I am scheduled to play Friday and Saturday morning (weather permitting) and I cannot wait to pull driver at every chance I get. Please ask me any and all questions and I will be able to answer them!
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    We got back at 1:30 yesterday morning after a 16 hour bus ride from Ohio where our kids placed 4th in the world in indoor percussion competition. It was my daughter’s last championships and my sons first. He had to go to urgent care after prelims with a nasty sinus infection but he didn’t let that stop him, he performed his butt off. They both did. My knees are going to hurt for another week after loading/unloading our 18 wheeler 15 times over 4 days, but it was so worth it. I’m incredibly proud of all the kids for kicking butt out there. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played an 18 hole Par 3 (last week) down near the beach that I really like .. it's a little scruffy, the greens can be rough and bumpy and are usually frustratingly slow - ie. my first putts are almost always way too short! - and as the course meanders around the wind is always coming in from a different direction .. but it's a lot of fun and *great* wedge practice! I've made one of my golfing goals to hole out from 160 and in with an average of 3.50 strokes -- so that's 1/2 the holes down in 3 and 1/2 the holes down in 4. Obviously near-term goals I may have to move that closer in to 100 yds and/or move the average up to 3.67 .. which would be 1/3 of the holes in 3. So this course, and two other Par 3s near me, are really good for working on this. Here's an overview pic (from ShotScope) of the course... That big "X" sticking out at the top-center? That's my second shot on the lone Par 4 on the course (#13) which can actually be played as a Par 3 - but it's a totally blind shot over pines and bushes and you don't know if the group ahead is clear of the green. So that day I didn't .. but probably should have .. gone for it... Tee shot was placed nicely into the center of the dogleg right but the second shot i-dunno-what and skulled it across the green and into the underbrush opposite... Took a drop and still managed to flub the next chip .. from 35 yds! .. so there I am with FIVE to get on and then 2 putts for a 7 on a 105 yard hole! There goes the scoring average! Ha but actually the rest of the round was pretty good with 10 bogeys, 6 pars and 1 birdie. So even with the one blow-up hole the 100-and-in average for this round was 3.67 (with one 3-putt and two 1-putts, rest all 2-putts). Parred #18 for the first time which I was happy with as this 100-yd hole is one of the most exposed to the wind and usually into it but not straight at you - the wind is typically coming in from just enough right or left to make it a little, ummm, extra "interesting" Hit the tee shot solidly and straight, though a little higher than I'd wanted, but it held its line and dropped straight down onto the front of the green .. yea! Oh, PS: Ended at +12 which I'm pretty sure is my PB to date on this course.
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    Meanwhile in Carlsbad, Taylormade can’t keep up with P7TW, M6, Milled Grind Wedge orders, and in Georgia Bridgestone ran out of the Tour B XS (Tiger) edition. Nike’s sale on golf apparel will take a healthy jump. People who haven’t played in years will dust off the sticks, head to their old track, be reunited with old buddies, and they’ll bring the kids with them. Tiger winning The Masters this year will have a huge ripple effect. I hope he wins 5 more majors. I don’t care what he did in his personal life. Much like I don’t care what Tom Brady did. It has zero to do with me. But watching my childhood hero’s still competing at the top of the castle does. And I will continue to support them until they give me a reason athletically not to.
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    I have been indifferent at best regarding Tiger since his extramarital affairs, and I was another last year who said he’d never win another major. But I was wrong. He worked very hard to come back, and there are few if any other athletes, much less 43 yo PGA pros, who could come back to win the Masters. Sunday afternoon at the Masters is the greatest day in sports every year for me, and this was further proof. My favorite moment was in Butler’s cabin when Tiger noted ‘in 1997 my Dad was here to hug me when I won my first Masters, and now 22 years later I’m the Dad, hugging my kids after winning the Masters.’ Excellent! A well earned win, in a deeper field than he’s probably ever faced.
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    ... The Mrs is in town for a few days and she was just killing it off the tee. 210-230 with my old Fly Z cranked to 12* and a Tensei Blue L Flex shaft. Just a joy to watch. She hasn't played in 7 months so much of the rest of her game was very rusty but off the tee she was soooooo good. ... And saw one of the best shots I have ever witnessed on a muni. Playing Aguila's 6th hole, 347 from the Silver tees and I hit a 2 iron 261 leaving me 86 to the pin. Had a good 15mph wind at my back so I knocked down a 52* to about 10 feet*. Feeling pretty good about my 261 yd drive and my birdie putt, a ball rolls past my feet catches the tier and rolls back down to about 6" from the hole. We look around and see nobody until the guys behind us that were playing the tips at 377 are heading down the cart path ... and that was one of their drives!?!? They were looking in the desert 50 yds short of the hole and my wife yells at them "Your ball is on the green!" Guy drives up and apologizes and my wife says "Apologize? That's the best shot I have ever seen so nothing to apologize for" then walks over and high fives him. Am I a lucky guy or what? * No I didn't make the birdie putt.
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    Not surprised in the least, but Thank You for the great questions @goaliewales14 It is far from the most forgiving putter I have ever put in my hands (but I have been a high-MOI chaser for over a decade). My most consistent miss thus far has actually been a hair thin and subsequently short. This setup puts a very nice roll on the ball for me. But I think it’s mostly due to the effectively longer lever (putter head to shoulder blade) more than tech built into this mallet head. On the subject of setup and comfortability, I’m a little different from the rest of the group. My normal grip immediately felt natural. Because my specs were drawn from an Armlock + SAM Puttlab session, I was able to determine the exact length, lie and loft necessary to maintain my typical eye position. I simply set the head square to my line, set my eyes in their normal position (behind the ball) and the design makes the rest of the set up, paint-by-number simple. I think changes in feel from day-to-day can slightly alter the way you set up to a putt, but I think this design (when used correctly) removes a great deal of that potential variability. In addition to my own extensive testing, being a regular fixture at the putting greens around town the past few weeks has given me the opportunity to let several others try it out. The tendencies I’ve noticed: folks with solid strokes absolutely love the feel and the others think it’s extremely weird and can’t wait to hand it back to me. The real takeaway from that... sometimes feeling weird = better. And a lot of people apparently are not willing to get better if it means feeling temporarily uncomfortable. For me personally, typical left hand low would be the toughest grip to resolve with this particular putter.
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    Holy cow.i just finished the worst round I've played in about a year. It started on the 1st tee with a lost ball. I topped balls on 3 of the 1st 4 holes.. losing 2 of them.. chunked a couple of chips. Drove the ball great after 4 holes but just struggled my way around the front 9. Had 2 miserable par 3s.. So I guess the only real bright spot was my putting.... Oh that's right I was playing golf.. still better than working.. I guess it wasn't so bad.. lol Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Very happy with my +4 76 today Greens were punched 10 days ago and winds were gusting around 25mph. G410 was an absolute beast. Had 4 downwind drives (but not downhill) of 331, 341, 337 and 343. My buddy I played with was pretty depressed when he got up to his good drives that were gpsed at 280 and I was 50+ yards passed him. I've never hit a driver like this before.
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    Got my new freshies today The replacement took a little longer because they were trying to contact me while I was out of the country. Wanted to make sure I didn't wanna make a change in specs or to a different model. I thought hard about the iBlades but ultimately decided to stick with the i500s because I need more help than I'm readily willing to admit. Did make a spec change though, went with the Modus105 in X this time (instead of S) because I'm going after the ball much harder now on grass than I was during the fitting. I know it's the same basic set but there's still nothing like taking the wrappers off a brand new set of irons. This must be what it feels like to be @Golfspy_CG2
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    Perhaps not as many as some other threads. But i will say the quality percent is probably higher than some of those other testings. We've had a lot of really solid good contributing members apply for this. it'll be tough to pick the final group, we certainly won't be hurting to find good testers here. Stay tuned, selections could come very soon!
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    We (SWMBO & me)had a chance to spend quality time @ Disney ESPN with 2 of our granddaughters and their parents. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Sorry guys just saw this thread. The Sub 70 graphite shafts are made specifically for our company. Our owner, Jason, has been on the equipment side of the business for 20+ years and has a fantastic relationship with the guys at True Temper. He contacted them maybe two years ago to discuss what we were doing and to ask if they'd be interested in creating three shafts that they thought would work best for our driver and fairway woods. They came up with three profiles under the ProjectX name and got them sent out to us...and we then tested those as we tested our prototype heads as well. Of course we can get pretty much any graphite shaft out there if someone is interested, but the guys at True Temper/Project X felt that those three options would work for the large majority of golfers
  36. 7 points
    My Name is Louise and my hdcp is 8.5. I signed up for the Wilson D7 Challenge at Edwin Watts Golf in Fort Worth, TX. Despite having an email confirmation from Wilson Golf for my appointment at 2:00 on April 18th, I arrived and there was no Wilson rep nor did they know what I was talking about. I explained why I was there and did the challenge with a men's club because they didn't have a women's club. Not being sure it would be representative of a true comparison I went to a PGA store and repeated the process there. I have always played with men's reg length clubs, presently the Cleveland Apex, but I am considering switching to women's clubs so I did the challenge with both the men's and women's club, plus my own. I was surprised to see that the numbers across the board were actually better with the Wilson D7 women's model than the other two. The spin, disbursement, etc., and especially the distance. An average of 6 yards more with the 7 iron. The look at setup is great and the feel is pretty exceptional. I would really like to test this club to see how it performs over time. Below are some of the results of the fitting. Top iron was the men's D7 The Middle is the ladies D7 The Bottom is my current iron-the men's apex
  37. 7 points
    I'm not sure what the abuse of other companies was, or what happened. But I stumbled across a twitter thread by another site that asked readers to comment about NL (I don't even want to do them the justice of spelling their name) and Sub 70. I commented that I hadn't hit either one But based on the comments I've seen come out of both companies in SM, I would not even consider NL, and that you couldn't even compare the two. So just keep doing what you do. I like to think Class, professionalism and performance all win in the end!
  38. 7 points
    I actually got to watch lots of golf in both eras both live and on TV. There were not just 4 or 5 players during Nicklaus' era who could win a major - there were lots of very good players. Guys whose names are now forgotten just as many of these identified 15 players today will be forgotten in 30 years because they won't have won as many as anticipated. Beyond a doubt the bottom half of fields in Tiger's day have been stronger - certainly of late but one could make the argument that because Nicklaus had to contend with Arnie and Player early in his career, Trevino, Miller, Floyd and Weiskopf as contemporaries and Watson, Ballesteros, Faldo and Norman late that he had the tougher road - maybe they won more because they were better than the guys that Tiger is competing against. Early in his career Nicklaus had to deal with needing to work in the off season to make ends meet, something a modern great would find impossible to believe. The record is 18 - no one now says - well Bobby Jones would have had more had he not stopped playing or been a pro - in fact there is a tendency to poo poo his majors and go to Hagen is third on the list because his were won as a professional but he had one fewer major and lots of good players never turned pro - what do we make of that? I'm not buying that Jack's competition was weaker, especially if we are going to say that the top 15 in the field are better (all things being taking into account - equipment - course conditions - travel conditions - etc.) today than in Jack's era. Tiger does not have other guys who have won the Grad Slam or the numbers of majors that Arnie or Watson did (on the ends of Jack's career) to contend with. If we want to go the way of another thread yes - the ladies on the lpga are fitter and hit the ball farther than the guys did in Jack's day but hopefully you see my point. I'd say way to go if Tiger gets there and long live Jack if he doesn't. There's enough to argue about between the two simply on the merits of their current and/or evolving records without pitting the eras against one another. Plenty of hall of fame players in both eras. Each had enough worthy competition to provide a test. This is a much more interesting thread than I thought it might be at first - thanks for starting it!
  39. 7 points
    @Kenny of course I have felt this way before and no doubt will have the joy of feeling this way again. Everything was bad about yesterday. I didn't want to play but if I didn't we would have forfeited and we are tied for first. Its my busiest week of the year work wise, my wife was upset when I told her I was playing, my warm up was atrocious, everything was blocked or block faded. Predictably I duck hooked my opening drive into a fairway bunker left. I proceeded to knock a 7 iron 5 feet from the pin. Straight up the hill, couldn't have been an easier putt for birdie and I yanked it. Push blocked the next drive into the woods right, chipped out (I had a lot of those) to 70 yards, hit a nice 60 just over the flag, 15 feet slightly down hill, knocked it through the break 5 feet past, missed coming back, double, doubled the next from the middle of the fairway when I push faded my 9 iron 70 feet right of the pin and chunked my chip, doubled the next when I push faded my PW 50 feet left of the green and three putted from 20 feet after an indifferent pitch shot, hooked my 7 iron on the next hole into a trap - actually survived a push faded 4 hybrid lay up on the next hole because the ball somehow got through the trees and into the right side of the fairway (I was aiming down the left side because it was a right pin.) Snap hooked (if that's possible) my gap wedge to 65 feet left of that right pin and managed to two putt. That's enough - every club in the bag contributed to a nightmarish 9 - good thing it was only 9. The good thing is that I only lost 1 down and our team kicked butt - much better than the forfeit we would have take had I not shown. So we won by me playing like crap but holding it together enough to not get drilled (fortunately my opponent played down to my level - for example we tied 8 and 9 with double, bogey).
  40. 7 points
    Thanks everybody! I'm heading to Athens to pick up a smaller belt size and I don't mind spending the money. I love being fit and just remember, Today is the First Day of of the Rest of Your Life, be good to yourselves!
  41. 7 points
    I don't think I could have said it better. I'm no where near as consistent as @yungkory or @THEZIPR23, but when I put a good swing on the ball, the Epic Flash feels awesome and the numbers are amazing. I'm the unfortunate oddball on GAME Golf, but my rounds are public and can be viewed without an app here. I think my fitting was correct. I'm loving the decision to go +2 wraps. I did really like the feel of the Tensei Blue, it felt a little more responsive than the HZRDUS Smoke does, so that'd be my only question mark if I did it again. The shaft choice may be something to address down the road. But as I mentioned above, a good swing makes the ball fly far and straight, so I'm still loving the current combo. As far as fairways hit, I don't hit many. But most of my misses are a few yards left or right. In the three 18-hole rounds I've played with the Epic Flash so far, I can't recall having a terrible second shot on any hole because of my drive. That's a major improvement for me.
  42. 7 points
    I hit the range after the Masters Sunday for a full-bucket session. After warming up, I started in with the 410 SFT and it's "new" Alta R-flex shaft I picked up off of the Bay for a trial. This was the shaft my "fitter" recommended for me, but it just felt wrong in some way which is why I ordered my driver with the stiff Tensei Orange. First his with it were awful. Fiddled with loft a bit and this shaft just did not work for me. Chucked the Tensei back up on the neutral 10.5 setting and wham! 240 right off the bat with a slight fade. Tried that shaft once again later and just confirmed it is just not for me in any way. Hit my 400 and was steady with it out to 230 on my better hits, but the 410 feels like it maybe has more in the tank. I hope to hit the range again Thursday and than maybe play sometime this weekend. Side note: Our Range Troll coach dude offered some unsolicited help and identified that my grip needed some work. He was actually correct that my grip was overly weak and got me working on a much better strong grip that is proper. I had thought the way I was holding the club was with a strong grip, but I somehow had it backwards with my right hand way under the left. So this new feel will take some time to adjust to, but I see "hope".
  43. 7 points
    There's a difference between rumors and stuff you just made up...
  44. 7 points
    Looks like I lose the ranch! Thanks for chiming in - that head-shaft combo seemed to work well for me. Can't wait to give it a whack or two for real...
  45. 7 points
    In case you haven’t seen this. You are a badass Adam
  46. 6 points
    Celebrating 17-years of marital bliss today with the woman who stole my heart 21-years ago. Looking forward to our date tonight after we ditch the brats... I love you Honey! (Now I just hope she'll forgive me if I golf tomorrow instead of having Easter dinner with the in-laws...better not...)
  47. 6 points
    Which leads to one more disadvantage of leaving the stick in -- the ball's harder to get out and for those of you using the suction cup on the putter grip, it's impossible....hahahaha
  48. 6 points
    Flash is still going DEEP and I like how little curvature there is on my ball now. I'm not used to it not moving left, and I need to adjust my aim a little now. I'm pretty sure I can just take aim dead center and with the weight in the toe the ball will start right and baby draw back towards center. If it doesn't, hopefully at worst I'll be right edge depending on fairway width. I didn't have Arccos up today because it didn't have the correct yardages and par numbers, and I got butthurt and turned it off. Hit 4/6 fairways and one of the misses was a bomb down the left that kicked further left than I think it should've ended. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    ... I don't play those courses Kenny. Picture is from Aguila, a park district course and not a house to be seen. Same with Papago and one of my other favorites Verrado Founders, that has a few but mostly just desert, cactus and mountains.
  50. 6 points
    ^^ what he said, really well.. Adam .. you may not think you are lucky but you are to have such an amazing woman as your partner
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