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    Played ok today, getting used to my physical limitations, after a poor round last week. My last round was awful, probably pre determined by a few things,, a good score prior, a network hack at work, and, sadly finding out that a member of my club that I had a great relationship with had died just as I was walking off the practice green. I shed a few tears with his brother, who is also a great bloke. My game was garbage, but sometimes golf comes second. This week I decided to pay a bit of a tribute to my mate. He was the opposite of me in dress sense, but very similar in attitude. I gave him the nickname of "Fifty", short for Fifty Shades of Gray, as he always managed to wear multiple shades of gray, with actual colour rarely getting a run. Our sense of golf fashion couldn't be further apart. Happily I played pretty well. Had 11 over playing off 10, with a triple and 2 doubles. Putted well, and drove it solidly. A couple of awful 95 yard sand wedges cost me a bit. Great weather and great company made for a really enjoyable day. Catching up with my late mate's brother after my round was a great finish to the day. R.I.P. Garry.
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    ... I wasn't talking about hitting a bird in flight with a tee shot LOL. The irony is I still do not have a hole in one. Honesty can't say I have ever really scared the hole either. Plenty of shots within a few inches but never right at the hole or gently bouncing off the flag. The Golf Gods actually made fun of me at a resort course when I hit the green and spun it back in the water, then holed the next shot for par. So they let me know it is certainly possible, they just aren't gonna let me have one.
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    Was able to play for the 1st time since my wife had a baby. 1st round in over 2 months and shot a 85! That's one of my best rounds this year. Can't complain there. Now i've got the itch to play more and I can't haha.
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    Yes, there was a delay in the finalist selections. But for good reason. Not only did PRG make the tough decisions, they've also begun production. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog article coming soon that will include in-hand photos of the finalists' products. PRG was blown away by the amazing work submitted by our talented community. They were especially appreciative of the descriptive pieces that identified potential materials to be included. Great stuff Spies! Who are the finalists? You ask. Say no more fam: ...in no particular order.... by @cecil_nunchuck by @pj_engel by @cecil_nunchuck by @ascarmich by @cecil_nunchuck by @PD69 Voting begins, NOW. A poll is now attached to this thread and you'll also find polls on both of the MGS official accounts for Instagram and Twitter. Who ya got?
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    I take it twice a day and it helps both with pain and PTSD. I haven’t tried to up my dosage as I’m only taking .025. It has a calming effect so it could help with golf. Update: I changed my dosage to .050 mg once daily in the evening as it relaxes me too much in the mornings. I guess if I was really pumped up it could be a good thing however it made me want to hit the sack again..... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I played Beaverhead GC in Dillon yesterday. It was 40F when I left the house but forecast to reach 56F and full sun. I'm glad my wife convinced me to change from shorts to jeans! The wind in Dillon was blowing about 7 mph and I would have froze. The course was wide open; maybe 3 or 4 other groups out. I played solo and my normal 2-ball format. Snell MTB-X and a yellow Titleist ProV1. Snell shot a 45/43 and Titleist a 41/42. Snell found the bottom of the cup on the par 4 #7 with second shot 8i from 92 yards... the first eagle this year . My putting was less than stellar, but the rest of the bag was working. I had a drive on #9 (with the wind) that rolled out to 294 yards - that's a bomb for me! Better yet, the other ball was only 20 yards behind that...that G410P is pure awesomeness. The greens were "verti-cut" and sanded a couple weeks ago and still have lots of sand. The balls rolled just fine, so it was just a off day putting. It was kind of fun having the course to myself. I guess the colder weather and NFL Sunday kept most home. It was beautiful and sunny, with all the surrounding mountains covered with snow from the storm a week ago. Sadly, this may have been my last round here in MT for 2019. Another large cold front is heading down from Canada and forecasted to bring even more snow and colder temps than the storm a week ago . With a house carpet makeover upcoming next week, I may not get out again until we leave for Arizona early November. For damn sure I won't be wearing shorts .
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    My last two rounds from yesterday & today. I guess I wasn’t even paying attention today, because I didn’t even realize I had four birdies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... Excellent replies from Pmookie and Plaid, From my teaching days I can assure you every student is different and unique. I loved when my students came to their first lesson knowing what they wanted from their lessons. "How much are you willing to practice?" ... "How much are you wiling to change?" ... "How long do you expect a change to become permanent" ... "How many steps back are you wiling to take before taking steps forward?" ... "Are you willing to play very poorly while the new swing takes shape?" ... These are questions I liked to ask before and during a lesson. Be 100% honest. Some admitted they were not going to practice, just play Saturday and come back for their next lesson. Some wiling to put in one day of practice and some practice every day. It makes a huge difference in how I would teach. I think one of the reasons I was so successful with word of mouth from my students is for the vast majority, I tried to help them do what they were already doing, just do it better. Meaning take a weak 25 yd slice and turn it into a more powerful 10 yd fade. Yes, I had some students willing to make huge changes and were willing to take a full year or longer with constant practice, but they were the exception. Most just wanted to make better contact, hit better shots and shoot lower scores. Not going from 110 to 79, but 110 to 90-95. ... And lastly, you should have a good rapoire with your instructor. I was a positive, encouraging, happy and friendly instructor because that is who I am. I started every first lesson with a smile and a plea "Whatever you do, please don't hit any good shots. It just makes my job so much more difficult. If you can hit some really bad shots and give me your very worst swings it will make my job sooooo much easier". Find an instructor that matches your personality or has a personality that appeals to you and your lessons will go much better. If you do not have a connection and/or do not like what or how your instructor gives you a lesson, find another. I had students that complained they really didn't like their previous instructor(s) and stayed with them too long. ... Lessons can be so much fun, so helpful and great for your game, so I wish you the best of luck gong forward!
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    Played much better vs. recently; was on a short 9-hole course with very windy and gusty conditions. Finished +5 (Par 35); have to check if this ties or is my new PB on this course. Didn't hit many fairways today but all the tee shots were playable; did hit 3 greens - including the hardest hole (dogleg left to a very small and sloped green) and the closing Par 3 (over a pond, wind from the right). Had one double after missing the green right .. I pitched it too low onto the slope running away from me and the ball rolled off the green and down the hill on the far side. Otherwise three bogeys and five (5!) pars (yeah!). Hit a new club off one tee - a Tour Edge HL4 iron-wood. They're offering a $40 trial of a #6 .. and if I keep liking this I may go for a #5 or a #4 to fill a gap b/w my current 6i and 4H.
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    Stage Two - The Review 10/8/19 *Photos coming soon Wilson D7 Irons – Official MGS Forum Review by JohnSmalls Intro Annnnd break. Stage two is here, and I wish this test could go on for a few more months (foreshadowing). My testing was done over 3 golf courses, one tournament, 3 full rounds, 4 or 5 “9 hole” treks (I lost count), and numerous afternoons after work practicing certain shots and distance testing out on the golf course and around the greens. Some launch monitor data was collected during lessons on Flightscope with Srixon range balls. In stage one I mentioned that for these irons to make a home in my bag, they needed to consistently hit expected distances across the face, not lose as much distance on off center shots, hit the ball low, hit a punch draw and a fade, and most importantly will these irons hit shots that will stick on the green. So how have they fared? Looks. (8/10) Like any good equipment brat, I love the look of blades and I don’t necessarily like the look of clunky golf shovels. There is a quality of the craftsmanship when you hold a blade or players iron, and they often look and feel like high quality precision instruments. SGI and GI irons often feel and look cheap, almost like they are toys. These are absolutely an exception to that. Wilson has far surpassed expectations in the looks department. I love the polished chrome finish on these irons, the ferrules and faces just exude the look of a quality golf club. These understated looks drew a few onlookers in to take a closer look at the clubs. Flipping the club over to the badging is when the story changes though. I generally don’t like the back of GI/SGI clubs. They often look cheap and chintzy and it is by far my least favorite part of a GI/SGI club. With that said, Wilson designers really should be commended for their job here. The Wilson shield sits strongly in the middle and the little blue line is a nice touch. But it is still a badge slapped onto a golf club. The powerholes (slots cut out of the bottom, filled with urethane) are anything but classic and svelte. They scream for attention, and that’s where most people had questions. They aren’t the best looking feature of the golf club, but they are an attention grabber and question starter. Sound&feels. (10/10) These D7 irons are good lookers, but how do they sound and feel? They had their work cut out for them going against the forged sound and feel of my Nike Vapor Pro Combos. This was the single biggest surprise of the entire test. They DO NOT feel like SGIs. That is the best thing I can ever say. I don’t know what Wilson engineers did, but these clubs communicate shot feedback better than any GI/SGI club I have ever hit. They sound like a classic iron on good shots, bad shots, and generally anywhere in between. It is like the clubs are trying to talk to you in a nice clean and calm conversation. Poor shots send very clear feed back into your hands and your ears. You know where you miss the clubface with these, just like the Nikes. But the feedback is toned down one step. On bad shots the smaller Nikes are like your buddy slugging you in the arm, whereas the Wilson’s are more of a slap on the wrist. You know exactly where you have missed, it’s just not as pronounced. I think the feedback these irons give really lend to them looking smaller and instill confidence. The first few times I had them on the course, I found myself grinning like a child because I couldn’t believe I was getting this feedback from a SGI iron. *I got a chance to hit the new Callaway Big Bertha Irons, they don’t come close to the feel of the Wilson’s nor the fit and finish. Basic Characteristics. (12/20) Now that’s plenty of the looks and feels of the irons. How do they perform?? I got a good launch monitor session in at a lesson and spent a few nights around the greens and dropping balls from distance to see how consistent these irons were in a practice type of environment. On the launch monitor—I am seeing 88-89 mph clubhead speed with the 7 iron, with a carry in the low to mid 170s and a rollout of 7-8 yards and around 6000 spin. In practice, good strikes result in very high ball flight versus thin or toe side strikes that result in little total distance lost, but much lower ball flight and a little more runout. 7 irons into greens with a tour ball will take one big hop with a touch of roll. Two piece ionomer balls would hop and total run out around 10 yards. Accuracy was good and consistent with PW-7 iron during my testing on approach shots I made sure to get plenty of off centered hits mixed in with good clean strikes, these irons really do bring forgiveness to the table. Very little yardage is lost on thin strikes and toe struck shots lost less than the ~10% found in the players irons. But with that forgiveness, can you work these irons. I am proud to say that is a yes. I must be able to hit low punch draws to get out of trouble in the trees and I was able to do not only that but also fade the ball nicely with the ball flight being enough to hold a green. Now these clubs are not a bandaid for a bad swing. Put a bad swing on a ball and they will hit duck hooks for days. I mostly used the GW for feel shots around the green. The face is “hotter” (the ball comes off faster with less effort) than the single piece forged wedge of my Nikes. It took a week or two to get used to the speed of the ball coming off the D7, but that was a minor adjustment, the club has become automatic. I have used it from everything such as bump and runs to flop shots. The shorter clubs in this set are automatic. On course performance (21/30) As Billy Joel says, under pressure. How did these hold up to a swing that badly needs more practice and refining? Well I played some of my best golf ever firing a 42 on the front 9 Sunday afternoon at my home course and a cool even 90 on the worst driving day I have had all year (8 penalty strokes), on a course that I have never played before that is rated at a little bit more difficult than my home course. The scoring clubs have really shined. I have holed out twice with the GW something that hasn’t happened in 3 years. These clubs hold greens better than I imagined they would. The GW will hop and pull back on full swings and the 8 iron will come close to hopping and stopping. That fits the bill for what I need them to do. GW through 8 iron have been largely point and shoot through this test and are all go to clubs. The 7 iron has had some impressive shots, getting me onto a par 5 in 2 for the first time ever. But from 6 iron down to 4 iron, especially 4 & 5, they might as well stay at home. I have not hit these clubs well since they have gone in the bag. In fact they have been noticeably worse overall than my Nikes. Going into this test I thought the opposite would be true, but as someone who generally likes longer irons, I just absolutely cannot hit these. Another trend I really noticed when these clubs were put in tournament mode was an aberration in shot distance with the gap wedge. This club should be carrying 120-125, easily. After sticking two GIRs for birdies, I had an approach into a green with the pin on the front right between 118-121. I came up 10 yards short of the green with a quality strike. This isn’t the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that it really meant something. The 7 iron has had some instances where distances don’t match the flightscope numbers and shots are coming in 10 yards short as well. Fliers haven’t been a problem, but completely unexpected distance loss on quality strikes has been a strange issue, one that hasn’t been resolved yet. Misc. (10/10) Wilson put together a neat package. The spec sheet to go with the irons was a nice touch by the custom build department. I checked previous Wilson reviews and it seems that the build quality issues with premature wear/tear and the paintfill issues have been fixed. Of course, the mirror finish is the first to wear, but these clubs are holding up well. I have had a couple of guys grab the irons out of my bag asking what they were, after complimenting how good they looked, one being surprised to see Wilson’s in the bag. The main comments are on the power holes, and after these two months, they do indeed work. One concern I had going into this was how thick the soles were, but Wilson designers have made almost a v-sole out of the sole and the turf interactions plays to a much smaller feeling footprint than what is present. Play or trade? (12/20) I am on the fence here, and am going to need another few months to decide the fate of the D7s. I love having Wilson’s in my bag. But the performance must justify the presence. Right now they aren’t quite where I would expect them in terms of results as a whole package and that is a problem. I have some gapping issues at the bottom of the bag, and as I have said before the long irons are almost useless in my hands. With that said, these irons have gotten me out of trouble that other clubs in my bag gotten me into, and still led me to the lowest scores I have shot all year even after not playing great golf. So there is something about these irons, and they are sticking around…for a couple more months of testing. Stay tuned. In conclusion, Wilson has made a seriously good iron with the D7. These clubs look like they belong on the course and the qualitative results are shockingly good. But the quantitative haven’t completely sold me yet. I am going to put that down as operator error and possibly a poor fitting shaft in the long irons, for now. The distance with these is real, that’s on a loft for loft basis. The versatility and the quality of this product is surprising and worth more than the asking price. The questions I had have been met with a strong performance and I look forward in gaming these in some upcoming tournaments. My GIR has increased, though just slightly. I feel like these will continue to be good irons for me, but I am not sure they are the irons for me. If you are in the market for a GI or SGI iron, these deserve special consideration during your next purchase decision. There isn't an SGI iron that will match the D7 for feel, distance, versatility all for a very reasonable price. Wilson is every bit back in the game of producing high quality golf clubs. They will be on the top of my list for my next irons. The Final (midterm) Grade: 73/100
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    My biggest question for selecting a coach is l: do you teach ONE method to all golfers? If the Pro can’t teach to your body type, your capabilities, to YOUR needs, and not just put you in a one-size-fits-all system, then I’d go elsewhere. Ask their philosophies on the swing, and how they specifically adjust for someone taller, shorter, more muscular, skinnier, older, or younger. If they can’t quantify, walk away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    John shot an 84. We both had one of those days where we hit some great shots and some that we said WTF was that?
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    What's a guy to do? During my round this past Sunday, I picked up 29 balls... yes, no typo, 29 balls. I was playing solo, the course was near empty, they had just turned off the irrigation ditches, and drained the pond guarding #5 par 3. At one of the ditch fairway crossings/culvert, balls collected into a small area obscured by the water and grass - like shooting fish in a barrel - they were calling out to me. This was the tally of those I kept (left at least half this many behind). This being a 9 hole course, I had two bites at the apple. (8) Pro V1, (4) Pro V1x, (2) NXT Tour, (1) AVX, (1) TourSoft, (5) Chromesoft, (1) Chromesoft-X, (2) E6, (1) ZStar, (1) Vice ProPlus, (1) Honma TW-G1, (1) TM Project(a), (1) Noodle Long & Soft The haul says something about ball choice statistics. It's clear that even an area that is rural and largely made up of farmers have a preference for top name/high end golf balls .
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    Not personally, no. We use it with one of our dogs for anxiety though during thunderstorms and fireworks. Its use is definitely on the rise with plenty of former NFL players, e.g. Rob Gronkowski and Calvin Johnson, becoming advocates. Joe Rogan also advocates for its use and some people think Phil Mickelson was using it at the Masters this year for his rheumatoid arthritis. I think it'd be worth trying to see if it makes a difference in your quality of life. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Why the hell would you quit with 2 holes left? Unless the men's locker room was on fire or something I think I could've found the time to finish. And even then I might.
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    My shoulder... I’d say Woods can cause the most damage out of them all. If I don’t keep up practice it’s a guessing game.
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    Been focusing the past two days on getting back to what was working earlier this season. I limped through my round Saturday thanks to my driver and short game, which I got away with until the driver quit working for me on No. 16 and the wheels fell off my round. My iron contact was crap, just no distance and a bunch of weak high fades or thin/topped shanky looking things, such as the two I put in the water on 16 and 18. Couple of things happened over the past few weeks which I'm now trying to revert: 1) As I had mentioned above in my getting over the shanks post, I had been trying to change my hip rotation slightly and I overdid it, causing all sorts of problems. I think I have this fixed now, only had one shanky wedge today. 2) In the process of doing Monte's takeaway drill, my arms starting to work in a disconnected fashion from my shoulders/torso. I'm now focusing more on staying connected and really kind of speeding up my torso a bit in the backswing. Seems to help keep everything together more easily. 3) For some reason, I decided I needed to work on getting the club more toe up in my takeaway/backswing (P2 position or so...). This ended up being disastrous for me as I started extended my left wrist, coming way inside and leaving the club face wide open at the top. Queue the high, weak iron shots. (Looking at GAME Golf from the past round, I lost about 20-25 yards on some of my worst offenders.) Comparatively, it now feels like I'm hooding the club face and coming way outside on the takeaway, but checking myself I'm hitting much better positions. Feel isn't real! Anyway, I went back to what was working before, hitting tons of half 54 wedges in the short game area since the range has been closed due to rain. Toward the end of my practice I really starting honing in on the target flags from 40-50 yards or so. Results were pretty good!
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    Got a nice earlyish 9 holes in yesterday. We have had a lot of rain in Sweden this past week or so but the course did not feel as soft as I expected, sure the grass was wet and the bunkers super packed but I did not see any water in any bunkers or any water collected at the course. Now there is 17 days left before the greens are closed for the season and the winter greens will be in play so going to make the most of it as long as the weather allow. Btw did not make the putt... left it 2 inches short..
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    The OP's deal sounds like it's too good to be true, even at $1.1K/year. Here in central VA, the cheapest place I can belong is our First Tee's executive (4600 yard par 66) course at $199/month for a family membership. No point in joining since I'm a volunteer coach and my daughter is in the programs, so we both get inexpensive access to the facility. Next cheapest place is a decent course for $215/month, but it's just far enough away to be inconvenient for a quick nine. I used to belong to a private club, and I really enjoyed it, but I always felt terrible about playing anywhere else, and I played so little in the winter months that the economics didn't work out. Also, it was an equity club, and I was terrified of an assessment. One of the greatest things about having a membership (private, semiprivate, public with all-you-can-play) is that going out and playing 4 or 5 holes after work is economically viable. More public courses need to follow the lead of Canal Shores outside Chicago and have a reduced rate for a 4-6 hole loop. Unless a course's 9 hole rate is next to nothing, people won't come out and play less than 9. And courses are losing a ton of revenue to driving ranges and to people giving up the game because they don't have time to play. Even if people don't have time for 9, they're likely to have an hour to play 4 holes every week, and that keeps them interested between infrequent 18 hole rounds.
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    Hopeful... that I can get to a single digit handicap before I'm done.
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    Someone is going to snap these up quick along with a doz 'straight and long' slazenger golf balls. Probably an aspiring tour player?? [emoji28] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Depends on what I'm paying to some extent. I will go on a cheap public course if I am just out practicing, and I don't expect to get a $$$ course for $ greens fees. I rate condition and layout first. Scenery is nice, but not a big factor to me. What I don't like is unfair holes, e.g. pin placements no one could hit in regulation, e.g. long approach to a pin tucked behind a trap - I just shake my head when I see it, and wonder what the greenskeeper or super was thinking when they cut that hole. Maybe it's just me but if I hit a great drive, I should have a shot at GIR without a miracle shot. One unfair hole out of 18 OK, but several is WTH? courses where the challenge is too uneven, some easy holes mixed with some nearly impossible holes. I appreciate some mix, but not from one extreme to another. I have played a few courses like that. And I don't have a problem with courses where all the holes a relatively hard, you should know what you're getting into before you choose to play them, especially these days with all the info online. courses where you can't hit a driver very often - a course I played regularly had a dogleg par 4 with a creek across the bend, that I couldn't tee off with more than a 5 iron. More than that and I was in the creek, but you couldn't carry the creek because the hole went 90 deg right after the creek, with trees on both sides. You could carry a longer club to the fairway across the creek, but you'd be in the trees at least 95% of the time - if you can't visualize, imagine trying to hit a both sides tree/deep rough lined fairway from 90 degrees! That's just an uncalled for hole design to me. There were 4-holes where you had to layup off the tee, I don't care for that.
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    OH! one other reason I quit a few rounds early was Gang fights on the 11th fairway! 2 rival schemes (housing projects in the US) would meet there armed to the teeth with iron bars, rocks and anything else (occasionally they would rob a couple of golfers of their clubs to use as weapons) and sort out who was the most stupid. Fortunately you could see ahead a hole and any movement in the adjacent fields meant it's time to retire early.
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    Game improvement is a misleading category. That’s a sales term and guarantees nothing. only way to improve game is moving dirt. it sounds like a bad fit in shaft, weight, etc with the g410s
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    Excellent review and looking forward to your follow up with these irons!
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    I will try again on this - the way courses that touring pros play are set up is 4 to 5 strokes more difficult than the average course that a scratch golfer plays - Even the tougher courses that we play or are members at are not set up like a tour event - I’m reminded of that every time I go to the Valspar and see the pin on 5 tucked behind a deep trap, with the wind blowing the opposite way, the green like cement running around 13. My course is tough - well tougher and longer than what the average scratch guy plays - it’s course rating is 74.4 and slope 144. It’s in primo shape and it has hosted tour events, in the old silly season - in order to host a regular tour event the rough would need to be brought in and thickened, the greens firmed up and rolled and 7 converted to a par 4. The 66 these guys that you are seeing these guys shoot bear no resemblance to a 66 in a PGA tour event. Heck, I shot a 66 once, for real, in a competition - there was no way I was taking that game down route 43 to Brown Deer Park, the easiest course on tour and shooting even par 71 with it with the course set up used for the GMO. There is the same gap between Brook’s Koepka and the industrial league golf guys as there is between LeBron and the church league hoops guys - the gap just looks different in golf and doesn’t feel the same because no one is getting posterized in golf. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    There are several PGA Tour pros that live on the course I belong to, mostly because the course is always in condition to host a PGA Tour event tomorrow, and the tips are at over 7,800 yards when maxed out. As was mentioned above, driving distance can easily seperate the haves from the have nots as far as professional golf goes. Using my pathetic game as an example, I can shoot in the low 70s consistently on a course of about 6,000 yards. But if you put me on tees of 6,700 or more I will be lucky to break 85. The guys on tour have the ability to not only overpower the longest of courses, but do it with wedge in hand on even a 500 yard par 4. Tour pros play par 3s of over 200 yards almost every time, where us normal mortals struggle with 175 yards and up. And as also was mentioned, putting is the great equalizer. My Dad once played a round with Bruce Fleisher at his home course years ago, where Fleisher had never played before, and had no idea about the greens. He shot 68 blind without a caddie simply by parring every hole and two putting all of the par 5s. That’s a tour pro who can use his distance to neutralize a course and simply play for par on every hole and take the par 5 birdies to shoot 68. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think I'd rather spend a few bucks for a waffle towel vs. the ambulance ride - but thanks for the heads up [emoji23] Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    When I worked on the ambulance, I loved how hospital towels were thin but had good texture. I took an extra one and it’s been on my bag for years. If you ever take a ride on an ambulance, pay attention, they’re fantastic. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We’ll look for her especially if they play UCONN. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Specifically, what's the most important factor in rating a golf course high or low? Conditions? Scenery? Layout? Greens? Challenge? In my way of looking at golf courses I look at the layout, and how interesting it is. Having a scenic backdrop sure as heck doesn't hurt a golf course in my book. Elevation changes seem to make a course more interesting to me, which is why I guess playing golf in the mountains, versus at home in Florida always gets me more excited when playing golf. Beyond the layout/elevation/scenery I would definitely say that good greens are a must for any golf course I would rate highly. You can have great tees and fairways, but if your greens aren't rolling true or good, then why waste my time, right? And I would even say the opposite is true. I played a course last night where the tee boxes were pretty worn out, and the fairways were ok, but not great, but their greens were fantastic bent grass, that rolled really true. Well, I can overcome the poorer conditions on the front end if I know that I'll have a great surface to putt on. And I guess with any golf course, if it's too easy, then I get bored and lose interest. I need a track that works me out not only physically, but mentally. My home course, for example, I am thinking on almost every shot, because I really have to focus to score well. And if I miss a shot out there I will pay the price. So any good course will really keep my mind engaged from start to finish. I played a course last night for the first time, where I had to pull out a GPS map, because on half of the shots I had no idea where I was supposed to hit it. But the end result was great, because I was definitely engaged for 18 holes. So what do you like in a golf course, more than anything else, that keeps you coming back?
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    We just got my wife a new Atlas. We really like it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Definitely the short game. I lose my touch easy if I don't play/practice enough. I can drive the ball well at most times, even with inconsistent playing. Irons are always hit and miss, so I would call that just normal.
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    Greens first, layout, varying holes, overall condition, flat(ish) tee boxes, challenging, numerous tee boxes, pace of play, practice area.
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    Please add some more pictures when you get a chance! Sounds like you have some great bags.
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    Happy birthday @newballcoach and a very happy birthday to a good mate @revkev! Have a wonderful day gentlemen!!
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    Another attempt was just made for this or a similar service. I dropped it in the proper can
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    Good looking wedge! I've never heard of them...
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    Bryce Canyon is may fav!!
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    20’ in FL nobody would stick their heads outside. 50’ is cutoff. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    It worked for me and the Blueprints. Can’t wait to give this system a try. Another testament as to why I love PING and their customer service.
  43. 2 points
    The Olympics are the preeminent amateur athletics competition in world history. There's not a one of those athletes not earning substantial amounts of money in the process. Pandora's box was opened when the US sent the "Dream Team" to Barcelona!
  44. 2 points
    My theory was more sound before the ankle injury... but I’m gonna stick with it and say that, it’s part of the plan as to not arouse suspicion.
  45. 2 points
    That's about 45 miles from me. I could see a few of my buddies and me making that trip.
  46. 2 points
    If you have daughter(s) in college, just be prepared; weddings = one year of college. Don't ask how I know.
  47. 2 points
    Hit a small bucket to try and figure out my driver funk. After a bunch of low and ugly shots, I pulled out the foot spray. First hit was way on the heel. I stepped back a few inches and addressed the ball with the toe of my driver, something I used to to but stopped for some reason. The next shot was out on the toe, so I adjusted again. And then? Pretty much every other shot after that change would have been playable and no penalties. I could have used that last week! Irons were very good, as was my fairway. Making an effort to make sure my thumbs point slightly back in addition to up in my backswing makes a world of difference. Sometimes I get lazy and just go up with the thumbs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  48. 2 points
    I don’t doubt it, Mizuno’s can Trash Talk [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  49. 2 points
    My not so little 13 year old playing in the twilight. He is about a year away from hitting it by me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  50. 2 points
    Don’t feel bad one of my best friends retired from IRS. According to him best job he ever hated.[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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