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Shoe Recommendations for Walking


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23 minutes ago, bocaf said:

My brooks ghosts are so much more comfortable than the allbirds I have. I do like the allbirds for running errands though. But, it’s my brooks that I comfortably walked all over Switzerland with. I must have tried 12-15 different shoes before settling on the brooks ghosts as my travel shoes. While recommendations are helpful, it's so important to try out different shoes to see what is most comfortable for your feet. I have always valued comfort over style when it comes to shoes.

I'm still all on for allbirds. However it's because of the water resistant nature and warmth. I spend half my day Walking on ice for work and need something that is warm, water resistant and provides grip on ice. I have yet to find a better shoe then allbirds for this.

Plus the durability has been great. I still have the pair I first bought in 2019 and they are in good condition.

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I'll try to keep this short and simple. Looking for recommendations on a new golf shoe. I currently own a pair of FJ Freestyles and a pair of cheap Pumas. Neither are comfortable for me to walk in. The Pumas don't have enough cushion to be comfortable for 18 holes and they aren't waterproof (water-resistant for you special people). The FJ's no longer keep water out and something about them causes pain in my big toe on my right foot. Anyway, I'm looking for something that will be comfortable for 18 or even 36 holes and does a good job keeping water out. Spiked or spikeless doesn't really matter. Just looking for a good comfortable shoe. The best shoe I had previously was the FJ GreenJoys from a couple years ago. Anything like that would be great!
I have seriously been eyeing the TRUE Original, but I'm worried about the wide toe box - their description says up to EEE for that section of the shoe. I'm worried that would allow too much movement for my foot. For reference, I'm perfectly suited to a US Men's 10.5 D...
I have been exclusively wearing Sqairz spiked shoes for about 12 months straight and for another year off and on before that. I'm fully convinced that they're the best shoes for MY feet, but that's always going to be my answer for these types of footwear questions. There's no way you can take what works for me and say for sure it will work for you unless you know you have the same shape of foot I do (and I pity you if you do).

My feet are so stupidly shaped I have to buy custom ice skates to play and officiate hockey, which comes at about a $200 premium on what is already a $1000+ purchase. What the vast majority of other people have to say on footwear is useless for me, since I don't think many people have a AA width (i.e. narrower than a teenage girl) heel with a slightly wider than normal, so DD or E forefoot...oh, and my right foot is a 13 3/8 and the left is a 13 3/4...yeah...

At any rate, thanks for tolerating my little rant here and I hope you have found something that works for you.
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I’m on my feet at work a lot, so I wear cushioned running shoes like brooks glycerin, Hoka bondi, or on monster clouds. I wish someone would make a golf shoe with that amount of cushioning for walking. I assume it doesn’t make for a stable platform while swinging or something or someone would already be making them. 

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Someone liked my old post, so had to go back and check it for accuracy -- still stand by the New Balance recommendation for walking, but there's a new leader in the clubhouse: Olukai. They're phenomenal. When I initially looked at them, I was worried about the support because of some of their non traditional features, but that has not been an issue in any way. I now have them in 4 😬💸 different style/color combinations. 

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Adidas Codechaos and Ecco Biom are my favorites.  Ecco's are a bit heavier than most shoes but offer the best arch support out of the box IMO.  I usually put an insert called Superfeet into all my other shoes at the recommendation of a podiatrist for support.


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