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how many single/one length players do we have?

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I've been thinking about single length for quite some time, but lately I've been wondering whether going single lengths in threes might be better.

From LW through to GW, play at SW length.

From PW through to 8i, play at 9i length.

From 7i through to 5i or hybrid, play at 6i length.

Beyond that I think you could still maybe go one length for the next three clubs before getting to driver.

Curious what others think about this.

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I have played the Cobra Forged Tec one lengths for about a year loved the accuracy of them but I lost a lot of distance

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"Obviously my iron play is incredible, and when I get going I can get hot, but this course just fits my eye. The shaping of the holes, and just a couple of the doglegs, I'm able to shape shots."

 Bryson DeChambeau


In my  :ping-small: Hoofer Lite


:srixon-small: Z765 9.5 with Miyazaka Kaula Mizu 6 Stiff Shaft (TrueGolfFit Recommended!!!)

:cobra-small: F8 3-4 wood 16* Aldilla Blue 70 Stiff shaft

:taylormade-small: Rescue mid 2 iron 16*

:cobra-small: One Length Forged Tec 4-GW with AMT Black shafts

:cameron-small: Futura Phantom 2

:bridgestone-small:Tour B330 RX


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On 6/12/2019 at 3:24 PM, TwoCoatsOfWax said:

I don't mean to derail this thread, but how was your experience with gigagolf?  Does the stuff seem like its of decent quality?

Two years ago I ordered a set of Gigagolf single length irons for myself, as a Florida set.  I bought them during one of their discount sales of used equipment so the set was under $100.  I was fortunate that a used set in my specs showed up on the site.  I played them for three months in the Sunshine State and I play them on short trips when I don't want to carry my gamer set back and forth.  I liked the clubs enough that I ordered my wife a set to try.  


The Gigagolf clubs are fine.  They don't look or play like a very inexpensive set.  I don't use them as my main set because they have a lot of off set and are game improvement to super game improvement clubs.  My main set has been the Forged F7s and then the Edel irons.


The company has been excellent to work with.  The clubs arrived earlier than promised and were in good shape, despite being uses.  I like that you can order the clubs customized for length and lie.  


On new equipment, they have a 30 day play guarantee.  If you don't like them, you can return them for a refund. I have not availed myself of this so I don't know all the details or how easy the process is for returns.  But I bought used, so they must take clubs back.


If you are looking for an inexpensive entry into single length, and you want game improvement irons, Gigagolf is a viable option.    



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I am a single length player.....I literally had no curve settling in with them......but when I tried to go back to variable I hated it. Ill prolly be SL for a while and im very good with that. 

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