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    ... Other than Allen Iverson I will never understand why people pay for AAA Used balls having no idea where they came from when you can buy PRACTICE balls for less than 50% of the new price. For those unfamiliar, they are the same as brand new balls they just have PRACTICE stamped on them. Not second quality, not blemished just PRACTICE. Here is a great deal on some TP5 Pix PRACTICE balls and they also have the TP5 and TP5x in plain white for $19.99 and if you buy 5 dozen the shipping is free: https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-2019-tp5-pix-20-practice-bagged-golf-balls?___store=default&nosto=nosto-page-category2
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    Thanks Puma and Cobra and MyGolfSpy #COBRACONNECT4 #TeamCobraONE #Teamonelength Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I like it too much in the 5-wood to not try in the driver.... prob hitting a bucket on lunch tomorrow. Dry swings felt reallly nice.
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    ... LUCY!!! You got some Splainin' to do!!! I have always been a fan of getting fit. I have been fit for individual clubs many times for reviews or at the PGA Show. But thinking back it has been 5 years since I was fit for any club. And evidently 5 years from age 62-67 is kinda like dog years. My swing speed with a driver has always been a pretty consistent 99-100 with a few 101/102's thrown in if I really went after it. Turns out I am consistently at 94-95 so I have lost a good 5 mph or more and with a smooth swing and transition, I was playing drivers with too little loft, too stiff a shaft and too heavy. Spin was pretty consistent at around 1800-1900. This fitting facility uses Titleist Tour Soft balls and they certainly spin less then my TP5's but still too low. Going from a Tensei Orange 65 gm stiff flex to an Atmos Blue TS 55 r flex increased my launch and spin to 2300. Going above and beyond, he busted out a few new TP5's from a dozen he had and my spin increased to 2600 giving me max carry and my highest total distance. Smash Factor with my driver was 1.45-1.47 but with the lighter r flex it was 1.50 with a few 1.49's. What an eye opener. ... Here is the problem for better players. I told him I shot 5 rounds in a row under par with my T100-S and KK 105gm stiff shafts this summer. He did not blink and said "I have no doubt you are capable of that. But you did it with your equipment working against you, not for you." He would only let me swing 1 or 2 times with a combo he didn't like because he said I changed my swing to accommodate the club and of course my club should accommodate my swing, not the other way around. He knew before I said it felt too light r too heavy or too stiff or too soft. The iron I hit best was the P770 with a Recoil 95 r flex shaft. Icing on the cake was when he had me hit a few knockdown shots with my irons, then handed me the 770/Recoil r-flex combo. The knockdown was just so much easier with the softer flex because of course I was unloading the shaft with the r flex but not the s flex. ... One of my go to clubs is my TM UDi 2 iron with a stiff flex 95gm HRZDUS Black. He watched me hit 2 shots that I hit well and said "Is your typical miss a push and sometimes a weak push?" He handed me the new #3 DHy and first shot was really nice, higher and dead straight and 5 yds longer than my UDi. I hit a few more all virtually the same and it was just so easy. He had me hit my UDi again and it felt like a tree trunk after the lighter and softer Diamana. Again, I thought I was hitting the 75 gm s flex but it was the 65 gm r flex. LUCY!!! ... So the good news is I can make the game easier on myself with equipment that fits me better at age 67. The bad news is I have a lot of thinking, selling and buying to do. I just can't recommend getting fit enough. I have always been a big believer but spent most of my golfing life with similar swings and swing speed. If you have over come any ailments, gotten older, been away from the game or most importantly never been fit I think it is an absolute must and will make this most difficult game a little easier. We have to fight the course, the elements, our swings and our moods so not fighting your equipment should just be common sense. *Side notes* He said he successfully fits a lot of golfers into the Taylor Made Ventus shaft, but very few into the Ventus with Velocore as it is just too much shaft for most players. And he is also very excited about the new Titleist drivers and said it is the best driver they have ever produced by a wide margin. We spent so much time with my irons/driver/putter that we never got around to wedges and he told me once I get my irons where I want them, I should book another full wedge fitting as he would like to spend a good hour with me and it was included in my full bag fitting, so no additional charge.
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    Shot an 80 today. Should have been better, but they just punched the greens and they're heavily sanded. Putting was, to say the least, a challenge for everyone.
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    Our Wednesday traveling group went to a muni called Thunderbird in Huron, Ohio. We played the north course which is a hilly parkland style with narrow fairways and lots of trees. The greens were just punched and sanded and were extremely slow. Ended up with an 89, mostly due to my putting. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Played the jewel of the LA city golf system - Wilson at Griffith Park. It's a course I have never played well at, but do really enjoy for the look and feel of the place (1927 course, so old school style). Insanely hard to get a day tee time there these days, so when I saw a time open up (at a discount no less!) for 11am today, I had to cut out from work (much easier during these WFH days) and play. A few things happened during this round: -I didn't get a single birdie -I got stung by a wasp -I shot a personal best on the course (+4/+2 - 78 total) There wasn't anything to really write home about, good or bad. Decent off the tee, but the fairways were shaggy and not giving much roll. Approaches weren't horrible, but nothing close enough to kick in. My putting speed was actually really good, but just not dropping, so easy two putts (30 putts total). Made a beautiful bunker shot right after the wasp stung me, guess I was too distracted by the pain to overthink it, but I then missed the easy putt for the save. Weather was beautiful, air relatively clear, pace not as incredibly slow as it can be there. All in all, a pretty good Wednesday.
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    Total disaster of a round. 46/46:92. 5 was a magic number: 5 fairways, 5 greens, 5 3 putts, 5 doubles or worse. This was just a round to forget and move on.
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    47/46 93. Driver was off its' chops all day leaving me in a bad position a lot. First time out with the D7's and while I didn't hit any in the power holes, they seem to be working well.
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    Shot an 88 today in sunny but chilly weather. It was about 60 when my wife and I teed off, however, the wind was blowing 15-20. Driver worked for the most part today, but the greens were challenging since they were just punched and sanded a few days ago. An issue that's surfaced is my short game. My wedges 52*, 56* and 60* have all lost distance. Need to figure what's going on - back to the practice holes next week. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    WOW! Congrats @B.Boston! @daviddvm a well fought competition and it was an honor to support you during all of this! @GB13 @edingc, well played gents. Such a fun few weeks competing and seeing some kick butt reviews. @Headhammer the last two weeks have been very rough as school has started and I haven't had time to so much as even check in on this thread but seeing these babies left on my porch yesterday certainly helped alleviate my stress: Thank you for the sick swag!
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    Still struggling some with the 3i, but wanted to share a couple things that stood out to me tonight following last night's range session: I've got my hands lower at impact, so contrary to my initial rounds, I've now got a baby draw working (and can still easily call up a fade, which was very difficult for me with my Pings) D7 PW about 5 yards longer on comparable strikes (n=2, soooo...) BUT the peak height is pretty similar D7 6i about 10 yards longer on comparable strikes (n=3...) and the D7 is markedly lower/more piercing. My Ping seems to just float. It's hard to tell without a launch monitor, but I'm starting to wonder if the spin rates are a little lower on the D7 or if it's just the flatter descent angle (or, you know, both). I was playing ProV1x tonight and the Pings were drop-and-stop with mid irons and coming back about a foot or two with short irons. (The greens were so firm tonight that ballmarks were hard to find!) The D7s were definitely running out more. Here's an 8i from 160 (I would have juiced a 7i if playing my Pings). I added in the dotted line to help illustrate, but that's approximately 10' of run-out. Don't love that, but a) it was off a tee and b) there are spinnier balls. And one thing that I'm definitely noticing is the predictability of a well-struck shot. I can already tell by feel exactly where that ball is about to end up and that's not something I would've ever said about my i210s. D7s? KBS shafts? Combo of both? No matter, the dispersion is excellent. Case in point, par 5 9th, I flushed this 6i and just from the feel, I immediately had the thought: that's going to be damn close. Watching the ball track right at the pin, I thought, "that's going in." Well, I was wrong. Sure would've liked an albatross though.
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    Got out for the first time in a few weeks today, as I’ve been dealing with back pain. Played awful on the front nine (+8), but rebounded on the back and shot +4. Finished with an 82, not too bad considering I haven’t been able to play very often of late!
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    Shot 36 today. One birdie, One bogey, 7 pars. Pretty good. The 4 iron off the tee on a few of these shorter par 4's is deadly. It keeps me out of trouble and im able to still have about 140-150 in. Could have been under par, but putter wasn't cooperating.
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    We gambled today with $29 rates at Rose Hill Plantation just off the island at Hilton Head. We played the back nine first, shooting 43/39:82 for 5,682 yards. Last three holes: #7 Par 5, #8 Par 5 & #9 Par 3. I went par, birdie, par. Very enjoyable round today and the Staff were over the top friendly. BTW, first time playing this course and did not lose a ball! Using Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue regular shaft; Cobra King F8 4W & 6W w/Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue regular shaft; Tour Edge CVX 119 4 Hybrid , Irons 5-PW Wilson Staff D-7 w/Recoil 460 regular shafts; Cobra King wedges 50/54/58 & Bellum Winmore 707 putter. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I've played nine holes of golf in the past 7 days. Weird feeling after playing so much during this... The course where I practice at punched and sanded their greens on Monday, practice green yesterday. Leaves are starting to turn, also. Hopefully get some good fall golf weather yet. Couple updates to my initial reviews: Woods and Hybrids I stated in my original review (way back on July 27) that I wasn't sure if the 2 hybrid would find a spot in my bag. Well, after its performance during the irons only and woods/wedges weeks, where it double-dipped as an eligible club, it firmly locked down a spot as a fairway finder. I've actually been hitting it a lot as of late, especially when I followed the recommendations of Arccos during the final challenge. It's slotting in nicely in the 225-235 spot off the tee. Irons After a pretty rough transition period, I'm starting to really like the feel of the SpeedZone irons. I'm guessing it was the competition mixed with the move to x-stiff shafts that just had me overswinging really badly. The last few weeks I've been working on getting back to solid iron fundamentals and am striking the ball much better. And I'm beginning to appreciate the solid but smooth feel of the x-stiffs as well. They are a different animal than the regular stiff C-Taper Lites, but that's not a bad thing. And they still crank out the ball speed (from a 6 iron during today's range session): I did make one change to my iron setup. I dropped the SpeedZone 4 iron in favor of my Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten driving iron. They are both 19 degrees, but the Tour Edge has a graphite shaft. Off a tee, I was seeing significantly better results from the Tour Edge. This change is hopefully shortlived! I have a brand new 75g X-Caliber rapid taper shaft coming from @Popeye64 that will be going into the SpeedZone 4 iron head. My hope is that I can exceed the performance and forgiveness of the Tour Edge. Wedges The wedges are fantastic! I said I might look into bending the 54 a degree strong, but I don't see the necessity of that anymore as I have gotten pretty good at hitting less full gap wedges. (On the wedge note, I played in a work scramble last Tuesday. On the first hole I had a long fringe chip that I used my 54 degree for. I hit it pretty hard purposely, letting it bump into the ridge of the green and it bumped and checked hard, stopping about four feet from the pin. We made the putt. My group couldn't believe how it stopped - they said they thought it was going off the green - I just smiled because I had full confidence the wedges just work for me.) Bag I immediately switched back to my personalized Sun Mountain Sync cart bag, which has a putter well, insulated cooler pocket and 14 full-length dividers. The SpeedZone bag has made a wonderful practice bag, having plenty of room to store everything I need for a range session. As a major bonus, the five way top is large enough to hold my Amazon Basics tripod. Because I no longer need to carry a bunch of things separately, I have videoed almost every range session in the past two weeks after not doing so almost all summer. This has been a huge help to my game because watching video led me to fix a few things I noticed had gone awry. Thanks again to all of my fellow competitors, to commenters, MyGolfSpy, Arccos and Cobra/Puma Golf. I still have a hard time believing I was chosen for this opportunity, even after living it for the past three-and-a-half months.
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    Career First Alert! My daughter, Raegan, recorder gets first ever Hole-in-one today! #futureLPGAstar [emoji7]
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    Did the fitting after lunch today, and bought it. https://edelgolf.com/collections/eas-model-putters/products/eas-2-0-putter
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    Winter is coming.... After enjoying a nice PNW summer of 75 degrees days and mild to no wind, today that all changed. I was the lone player from our standard 8 man Wednesday game to tee it up. I haven't played in sustained winds in a good while. Throw in some rain and it was a different day on the links. So, I got to hit lots of 3/4 knock downs... I hit more GIR today than in the last month and shot my best round in the last few weeks. Golf. Very easy to fight the ball down and got through the wet grass nicely. Surprisingly pleased with the day.
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    So you’ve got an imaginary budget of blind bidding dollars. That’s how the waivers are determined. When you put in a waiver request, you bid blindly how much of your budget you’d spend on the player and the highest bid wins. You’ve got $100 to last the whole season. Same! Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I’m thrilled to have him. I think there’s just multiple strategies to it. As the season goes on, the waiver pool gets thinner with talent. The past few years I’ve made it to the end of the season with plenty of budget left, no one to spend it on, and having missed out on guys along the way. By the playoffs, you’re already boned if you’re relying on the wire to make or break your matchup. I think it lets that happen just to push trades through but it forces your roster to be the correct size before you can submit your lineup. Yeah, of all the platforms I’ve used, this is my least favorite UI but at least it works as intended. I do like some of the fantasy sharks integrations so that’s a nice touch but I....... think..... Fantrax has......themorefriendlysetup. Ugh that was tough to get through. I think I threw up a little in my mouth.
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    @MattF will be upset with me, but I hit some range balls this evening. I know I'm going to be kicked off of team #NoPractice, but my daughter wanted to hit her new driver, and I didn't want to be the typical junior golf dad and just watch her practice. Besides, it's all in the name of the review. I do it for the readers. Don't worry, I didn't hit a ton of balls, probably less than 20. I've done plenty of testing off the toe already, especially the high toe, and I'm convinced that it costs me about 20 yards. But what about the heel? And not just the heel, but the hosel? Purely in the name of science and for the purposes of the review, I subconsciously decided to hit an 8 iron left of the grooves. And as expected, the ball flight was low and nearly perpendicular to my intended target. Just as you would expect. My shank experiment notwithstanding, the range session was pretty good. The feel and sound of these clubs are just brilliant. It's not that my F8s are bad, just that these are so much better. I'm also loving the increased height. The question is - can I live with the dead shot off the high toe, knowing that I'm good for at least one of these per round? Stay tuned.
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    Sunday and Monday? Not so good. Lots of shots thin and heely. But nothing a little Dr. Scholl's can't fix! Sharing my 6i and 3i work from tonight (yes, that's a couple strikes on the 3i) And yeah. These feel gooooood. I am ready to get back out there. Bringing my pw, 6i, 4i from my i210s to do some head-to-head.
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    Played the Robert Cupp course at Palmetto Hall Plantation on HHI yesterday, shooting 43/47:90. There was water hazards on every hole and was more difficult than the Arthur Hills course, playing 5700 yards with a 120 slope. I did birdie the 2nd hole. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Cobra F8(12.0*)w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular; 3W & 5W Cobra King F8 w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular shafts; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW + GW + SW w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts; Cleveland RTX Zipcore LW(58*) w/DG Spinner shaft. Putter: 33” Slotline SSi 693; Bag: Cobra Ultralight Cart bag, Peaccoat Blue.
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    Monday morning played lousy. 1st 8 holes a few pars mostly bogies until the 8th. Par 3, 155 yards over water, 2 tier green and windy. What could go wrong[emoji12] IMG_1433.HEIC Hit it to 6’ under the hole and got the bird. My Bud 5’ above the hole also got his bird. See easy game[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Played 9 regular holes and shot 38. Then hit all irons on the back for the D7 test. The wind was 20 mph with gusts going up from there. Not ideal test conditions. But I saw the value of carrying a 4 iron. :) Oh and I walked.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    7am tee time this morning, usually never get out that early, so maybe I came out a bit cold. Scramble-fest on the front, but did alright with a long birdie on 7 really helping (wound up being the only one for the round). Back 9 was generally a lot more steady with 8/9 greens in regulation, but nothing too tight so I wound up with a bunch of two putt pats. Only exception was on 13, a dogleg left perfect for my draw, but I wound up with a pull hook and unlucky bounce off the cart path for my first OB in like a month, leading to an ugly double. 39-38 for a 77 (+5). Currently dropping my handicap below 5, but I’m thinking there should be a PCC adjustment as the blacks and blues were playing essentially the same.
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    83 again today. It was mid-40s temp at a 7:30 tee off. 43 on the front which usually means bogey golf or worse on the back. Missed 4 greens with a wedge (3 hit and rolled off), a 4 foot bird on 9. Rallied for a 40 on the back, no doubles, and chip in on the par 3 17th. I wasn't consistent with my plan or swing thought on the front. Still working on it. Take Dead Aim
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    Thank you for your recent Like of one of my recent posts. You just pushed me over the 20,000 Likes barrier.
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    OK.. in honor of #TBT here are actual screenshots - from today, a Thursday - from another online forum... ..and.. Ya just can't make this stuff up!
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    Trying to get to the range as much as possible to familiarize myself with these. It’s really tough for me to just “play” with new irons. I need time. The one time I played I also experienced the ball not holding but it was exceedingly windy. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    They can't afford them
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    ... I love reading these tests as well as seeing the results. 5 Layers has to be pretty tough to get perfect and the TP5 is my favorite ball so I will continue to play them, especially when the negatives are accompanied by " though none were significant enough to be of concern." and "unlikely to cause a notable performance issue." Since I just bought 5 dozen for $99 my True Price is still pretty low.
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    Look what ups just dropped off. Again, thank you @GolfSpy STUDqueand the whole MGS team for the awesome prize.
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    another update: some very basic googling got me Calvin’s home phone number. i just got off the phone with his dad, real nice guy basically told him at this point if Calvin can’t produce proof that he sent my clubs, i’m gonna need a refund and that it can either come direct from Calvin now, or paypal can take it from his bank in a few weeks. dear old dad is gonna have a talk with Calvin
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    38/40 today. 3 birdies today, 2 of them were gross skins and one of them paid both gross and net. Double bogeyed a par 3 when I 3 putted
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    Absolutely beautiful day today!! No smoke, sunny with temp at 65º at 7:30 tee time and warmed up to 80º when we finished at 11am. Ball striking still continues to be much better than the last few weeks. Still having trouble getting the ball to the hole on chips and putts on our greens... still slow; beautiful looking but slow. Shot 42 on the front nine, better than the 48 yesterday, and another 39 on the back nine for an 81 that included four (4) 3-putts, but I had NO doubles or worse!!! I'm reading the putts well, just leaving the putt short, dead in the heart. I also need to fly the ball closer to the hole on chips/pitches. I had been playing more bump 'n runs, and they just don't run like I think they should.
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    45/42:87 at Palmetto Hall-Arthur Hills course, Par 72, played it at 5631 yards, 67.8/117. I had a birdie on #17 Par 3, 143 yards. Tomorrow we play the Robert Cupp course at Palmetto Hall. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy Tour Edge Exotics EXS(11.5*)w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular; 3W & 5W Cobra King F8 w/ Mitsubishi Tense ck Blue Regular shafts; Tour Edge CBX119 22* Hybrid w/Project X Evenflo Regular shaft; Wilson Staff D-7 5-PW + GW + SW w/UST Mamiya Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts; Cleveland RTX Zipcore LW(58*) w/DG Spinner shaft. Putter: Bellum Winmore 707; Bag: Cobra Ultralight Cart bag, Peaccoat Blue.
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    - 43 (+7) - 3/8 FIR - 3/9 GIR (1 birdie) - 16 Putts (7 2-putts, 2 1-putts) First post-#CC4 round, which I had to shorten to nine holes because of an outing. That meant teeing off the back nine, which bought me a little more time because you can track your tee shot into the sunrise. Definitely getting to the end of the season both with light and temperature. I couldn't play yesterday because of frost, and this morning it was somewhere right around 40 degrees. Brr. I didn't swing particularly well, really blocking a lot of stuff right at the moment, but really just killed the round with a triple bogey on No. 11. Short tee shot, blocked 5 iron down the right side into the trees and then trying to get out of the trees I squared up a trunk and sent the ball about 25 yards behind me. Also thinned a 54 wedge on No. 13 after a really nice tee shot to turn a good birdie look and guaranteed par into a bogey, and then slipped on the wet grass on No. 14 which led me to have to lay up twice before reaching the green. Still, I putted the best I have in a while this morning so I'm happy about that. And I'm not striking the ball terribly, just think I'm swaying/sliding just a little and that's causing the blocked shots. Overall everything has way less movement than I had previously, and that's a good thing because trying to play a 10-20 yard slinging hook on every shot is no easy task.
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    45/37: 82 (+10, net even), 36 putts, 4/14 FIR, 9/18 GIR Personal best 9 on the back, and personal best GIR! I ended the round with 7 GIR in a row, easily the longest streak of greens in reg I've hit. Had a tough stretch to start, Double, Bogey, Double, Double, but didn't Double again the rest of the round. Honestly could have easily gone lower too; I hit a ton of putts on the perfect line but the greens were so much slower than I'm used to. Dew was still on the greens, and the ball picked up all the water and sprayed it, which I think really slowed them down. 3 3-putts and only 3 1-putts definitely doesn't do it justice. But my approach game was as good as it's ever been, and I was driving it really well on top of it. I came in the back 9 so well I almost just went back out for another 18! And missed a 30ish foot eagle putt by about 2 inches! But I'll never complain about tap in birdies
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    machined solid face impact feel and sound accuracy consistency ...all words golfers like to see when considering a putter and Ping brings these to you with their new Heppler line, packaged in a black chrome shaft and a stunning copper and black finish. join me as we follow along with these members while they test and review the new Ping putters: • @Shapotomous - Fetch • @MadMex - Piper-C • @Alf. S - Floki • @MyWifesSwingCoach - Tomcat and testing from the MGS staff: • @GolfSpy STUDque - Ketsch Also, don't miss @GolfSpy Dave's review - https://mygolfspy.com/ping-heppler-putter-review/
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED! The testers of the BirdieBall PuttUp mats are: @LeftyHawk @Chip Strokes @WaffleHouseTour @Manimal26 @EasyPutter @txgolfjunkie Full announcement post here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/40670-6-testers-wanted-birdieball-putting-mat/?do=findComment&comment=685363 ______________________________________ (6) TESTERS WANTED: BIRDIEBALL PUTTING MAT The biggest knock on artificial putting greens is that they don't roll like real putting greens. BirdieBall believes it's cracked the code. Using a proprietary foam material, it claimed status as MyGolfSpy's "Best Putting Mat 2020." Given the state of the world, it seems everyone is adding something to the "at home" practice arsenal, so here's your chance to keep sharp while locked down. This opportunity is available to current forum members residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information: First Name and Location How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Current/Past Experience with putting mats Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test
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    These are truly a one of a kind irons, Titleist T300 with TGI 80 shafts factory installed at KBS. 6-GW (48 degree) GP MCC Midsize Grips Standard L/L/L These shafts play so well in these heads, and provide a bit heavier feel for those wanting to move from steel but afraid of lightweight graphite shafts, but yet they are manageable as well for moderate swing speeds like I have. The red/black grips with the red/black shafts create an amazing looking iron. $600 is a steal and you get the privilege of saying they once belonged to the biggest Club-Ho on MGS!! So there’s that
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    As promised, some comparison pictures between the current testing clubs, the D7 Forged and the 699 Pros. So this last picture shows the biggest difference between the two. Notice the D7 has 7 groves that are full length, the 699's have only 6. This makes the 699 look incredibly narrow in the heel and high in the toe at address to me. I got the 699 to replace my i500 and to match my 639-CB set. But I could never get comfortable looking at it and kept the i500 in the bag. All that babble aside, if anyone has any questions for me in how the D7 Forged compare to Ping i200s or i500s, or Sub 70 639-CB or 699 Pros ask away.
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    Finally got a range day in today. Was a nice break
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    ... It will be interesting to hear about the specs because I have never had a set that came in with the correct specs. When I was on staff with an OEM (one of the big boys) I received my irons and the 8 iron was 2* strong and the 7 iron 1* weak so a difference of 1*. That is when I bought a loft lie machine. I was friends with the Mgr of Golfsmith and he adjusted them for me but I bought my first loft lie machine from them during Friends and Family. You would be amazed at even wedges that are not on spec. If you play a 52* and 58* and the is 51* and the 58* is 59* within a + or - 1 degree tolerance that most OEMs adhere to, you are dealing with an 8* gap and wondering why your wedge game is a little off. ... Since we are dealing with Wilson I will repeat a story about Bob Mandrella. When I was on staff with Wilson and my new irons came in I needed them 2* up and since Wilson was right here in town I was invited to meet Bob and have him adjust my irons. He had a big plywood board with some markings on it. No numbers, no lines just some black markings. He put each iron up to the board, then put it in a vice and using a hammer with a copper material splayed open he smashed the he!! out of the iron and then checked it again. 2 iron thru LW and he only had to hit 1 iron a second time. A true craftsman and it was such a treat to watch him work. I double checked them with my friend at Golfsmith and every one was perfectly on spec. I doubt there are any more old school guys like that around with all the digital equipment available today.
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    Noticed a stain on the ceiling in my master bath last month. As we have had a lot of rain, I called the roofing co. That replaced my roof a few years back. They said good thing I called and reported it as my 5 yr warranty on parts and labor runs out after September. Well, they came out and sure enough, the flashing between the front cupola and my roof over the master bath was not right and needed replacement. They are going to come out and repair it while we are at Hilton Head this week. Then will fix the stain after we return. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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