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    Testers Wanted (4) Among all major companies these days marketing claims around drivers are getting out of control. Manufacturers would love for golfers to buy new drivers every year or two, at seemingly increasing prices—it’s what helps pay for those flashy advertising campaigns and big-name tour contracts. As a result, the price of drivers has exploded, and it becomes a vicious circle. Ben Hogan Golf is primarily thought of as an iron company, and rightfully so. But when it set out to design and build the new GS53 Driver, it did so with the serious golfer in mind. They feel they have developed one of the best looking and best performing drivers available. They feel it’s a driver that lives up to the Ben Hogan name and promise. So if you’re a regular reader of this space…you know what’s coming next……….. TESTERS WANTED; we’re going to select four of our trusted forum members to see for themselves—and of course share with the rest of the forum— if the GS53 drivers live up to the Ben Hogan name. The testing is open to all forum members in the US, Canada and UK. At this time the driver is available in Right Hand only. To Be Considered Please Provide the Information Below BUT DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST First Name City/State or Country Driver Swing Speed Handicap We'll be choosing the testers sometime next week
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    From time to time, MyGolfSpy does brand-association surveys. Titleist is among the brands that fare best in these surveys: they have a reputation of no-nonsense quality and performance. Here's my hunch: if the survey asked to identify a brand with the phrase "Tour Proven," Titleist would win in a landslide. So here in the MyGolfSpy forums, we're delighted to work with Titleist to get four sets of their newest series of irons into the hands of our members for testing and reviews: T100S: @chisag @THEZIPR23 T200: @blackngold_blood, redeeming his golden ticket from being our 2019 fantasy golf champion in grand fashion! @DaveP043 This was among our highest-demand testing opportunities, and I know we'll all be following along eagerly as these great forum members put their new sets of Titleist irons to the test!
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    Thank you Titleist, MGS and mods. Congrats fellow testers. This is going to be awesome!!
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    ... Kinda unexpected but very much appreciated so thanks MGS. I play P790's, 760's and Cobra Forged Tours and the Titleist T100-S should be a great challenge to those irons. I really look forward to comparing the T100-S with the same specs and then sharing my thoughts and experience.
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    The MyGolfSpy Forum is a true Community in every sense of the word. For the reader, by the reader. We aim to be a welcoming place where all opinions can be heard and all members are encouraged to participate. One of the greatest barriers for this (and other forums for that matter) is the on-boarding process. New members fresh to the site are searching to find their way around and often have too much ability to handle up front. Enter, the Recruit Group. The Recruit Group will be aimed at assisting new members by guiding them through the process to learn 'how to forum' before they're full-on members. With that, comes a few restrictions as well. These restrictions will hopefully encourage new community members to discover all that we have to offer while limiting the impact on our existing and established members. The following permissions will be disabled for Recruits: Display Name Change Content Reporting Chat Box Posting listings in Buy/Sell/Trade Apply for Forum Testing Opportunities The following permissions will be limited for Recruits: 10MB max photo uploads Max 15 posts per day Limited to 5 recipients per message, 50 total, 10/day Rest assured, these measures should not be looked at as punishments but rather view them as the rails to keep you on the tracks until you're ready to be a contributing member to the forum. Want full permissions? It's quite easy to get promoted to Member. You just need to hit the following criteria: Make 15 posts AND Receive 15 likes AND Spend 2 total days on the forum. That's it. Easy enough? Get posting! Be sure to hit up the FAQ for assistance. Questions?? Either reply to this thread or reach out to one of our great staffers: Yours Truly, @Golfspy_CG2, @GolfSpy MPR, and @GolfSpy Stroker To the rest of you who are established, please make every effort possible to help lead new members to the information they need to find success and camaraderie. We're all in this together! Note: If you've suddenly found yourself in the Recruit Group but have already satisfied all criteria to be a member, just reload your sign-in. It's an automatic rule that runs when a member logs in to the forum.
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    So what are you doing during this Time of quarantine? About 6 months ago I started refubishing clubs and giving them to children that wanted to play golf but for what ever reason did not have the means to. Mostly high-school children. I got these clubs from thrift stores mostly but as word got out people have been giving me golf equipment. I have found fir the most people like to help people. I live by a large army base and play on there golf course quite a lot. Ressently about 5 days ago they opened the course up so the soldiers that have been on a lock down can play 9 holes ,it is walking only they have keep distance and have thete own golf clubs. A young soldier stationed 1000 miles away from home doesn't usually have a set of clubs . So silver lining I have given out 9 sets so far and will be give golf clubs away until I have no more to give!
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    Ordered this in My Spider X Shop from TM back in February. Just came in late last week. looking forward to getting some practice in with it.
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    With this post ladies and gents, may I present my 2500th post on MyGolfSpy! And, oddly enough it occurs on my 64th birthday as well. What are the odds? Stay safe and be smart, and looking forward to the next 2500 cheers!
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    What a gorgeous looking club head.... very classy!
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    How has he irons and cannot used them because of COVID-19. I got the MP-20 HMB 4-PW
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    Hey MGS Community - How's everyone doing? We at Fujikura are using this time to do our part to turn our attention to education and having a conversation with golfers. We want to get back on the course soon just like you, but in the interim we hope we are able to chat with you and answer some questions. We have looped in our sales team, product experts and Tour fitters to participate in the Q&A and help answer your questions. Please feel free to use this as an opportunity to ask us anything, it does not have to be just about shaft specs. Also, please let us know how you’re doing during this tough time – how are you trying to keep your game in shape? or what golf content are you watching on YouTube? Things like that. Also, if you’re looking for some reading material about Fuji and how we design and make shafts, check out ShaftU which is educational content in collaboration with MyGolfSpy: https://fujikuragolf.com/education#shaft-university maybe some of this will inspire questions that we can address here! Thanks for chatting with us and we hope to hear from you. Also please follow us on Instagram and twitter and you can engage with us there also. Sincerely, The Fuji team in Carlsbad, CA
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    I'll update on my son and daughter in law. They are recovering. They no longer have a high temperature. They still have a bit of trouble breathing, but they now have their energy back. She says that she feels 80 percent and my son is about 70 percent. They were in social isolation for a week before coming down with it and were really sick for over a week. They are not looking forward to the two weeks of quarantine after the last symptoms. My worry level is down from full on panic to only an intense worry. A guy who works for me part time also (probably) has it, along with his wife. They are in their 60s and are having a hard time. They have not been hospitalized. But both say you do not want this. It is the worst they have ever felt. They've been sick for over two weeks. The irony is they have not been tested. They called the hospital and were told not to come in. They live in one of the few counties of Iowa that "doesn't have a case." Yeah, right.
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    I don't know but... Personally I'd like to see "them" make a rule where you don't have to use a golf club on approach shots. Instead you simply place it on the green where you think you'd hit it. That'd be a great rule change IMO. Anyone else go for that?
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    Hey gang, been a member for over 8 years but have always just read the great content here and never posted. I used to be on staff as a writer/reviewer at another forum and spent most of my time there. Excited to engage in golf talk again!
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    Dog chewing stick on beach. Thought you guys might like it.
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    Well, I have been married for 31 years...
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    One big thing I'd like remind everyone that testing isn't a random thing. We hand pick people to test based on trust and contributions to the site. We owe it to the OEMs to pick people that will deliver quality reviews on time and can't ever verify that if the applicants have no resume to speak of in the forum. Encouraging more people to post more gives us more chances to pick new testers.
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    I have a package from Bettinardi arriving tomorrow AM. Can’t. Wait.
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    Been a while since I’ve done a WITB. I’ll be looking to remove the 3 iron this year. Try to add a new 3 and 5 wood, possibly 7 wood. And maybe some wedges... but it all depends on what the summer looks like. And maybe one of those PING Hoofer Tour Bags. Ball: AVX
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    my 13 y/o at dinner the other night said he's happy that he's going through this. He said that he feels like he's a part of history. I was impressed!
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    Good day all! Brand new to the forum. Can’t wait to get started. I’m currently playing Titleist 917 D3 Ping 3wood Nickent 3 hybrid 3-PW PXG GEN2 Irons Ping Anderson Sigma2 putter Looking forward to chatting it up
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    Been on the forums since Friday and I’m in love! I love seeing everyone’s WITB and how they got there, seeing golf course recommendations, and of course, people’s fitting experiences at different places. Really enjoying it here so far!
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    Diamana S+ 80TX for the Titleist fairway that’s coming. This was the shaft I was fitted to! $75 shipped from Pro Clubs! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm 4 hours into watching my grand kids... 4 and 2, with 5 more hours to go. I remember now why having kids is a young people job!
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    Can't swing a club because I'm having some back issues from cutting down a tree. and well, the ankle that I think I sprained during an intense game of kickball with the kids at the outset of outbreak has started to act up again...I had taken a walk to a nearby pond to fish (MD allows fishing as long as it was for sustenance) and now the ankle is swollen. Refuse to go to the hospital so I guess it's ice and advil for a while for me.. Here's a pic of the rainbow I caught (MD stocks certain ponds and lakes and rivers so this is a stocked one)...
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    ... This is my first MGS review, but I have never been involved in a review but my guess is Titleist will chose a shaft either through a Titleist fitting or a previous fitting . The last thing they want is someone like me playing P760's with Steelfiber shafts and loving the performance, then playing irons with a shaft that does not match up as well so the review is less accurate concerning the club than it could be. For instance: "The X irons did not feel as good as my X irons and while performance was very good, it was not equal to my X irons that produced a better trajectory and more distance club for club" all just because of a shaft would be counter productive. ... That said, I did notice the Recoil Prototypes are an exotic upgrade while Steelfiber's are not. I want my review to be indicative of what any reader can order so I will order my 100-S with Steelfiber shafts. Exactly what I would do if I were buying them.
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    Finally came-in after numerous emails, and contacting them via Instagram. Crappy customer service. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Now that I know ranges will be closed in NY for at least the next month I broke down and ordered an net and mat to install in the backyard.
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    Hello. I'm a 77 year-old golf fan who has played since I was 25. Love the game. I've been sort of looking for a good golf forum since the one at 4gea became a political minefield with terrible navigating. Looking forward to interesting discussions, especially those about instruction and equipment sales.
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    Gorgeous day today; temp was about 70 so the course was pretty crowded. Overall pretty happy with ball striking and score. 40/35:75 with 9 fairways, 14 greens, 37 putts. Punched greens and some long putts resulted in a 4 putt and 2 3 putts. Short game is still a work in progress and I figured out the putting issue on the back. Game seems to be trending in the right direction.
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    Great idea as I have been on a number of forums over the years where all you had to do was sign in and you were a "full member". I am relatively new to the MGS site/forums and have basically worked at it from the "lurking viewpoint". I love the reviews and unbiased opinions you present. Hope to achieve full member status soon.
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    Well said @tony@CIC great thought response. Unfortunately there are those that just want the free-bees. I have been on the site for a year now and just recently got involved. I joined and just watched for a while. The site is great and there is a lot involved in posting, signatures and getting familiar with who is who on the site (not to mention badges etc.) if you are willing to learn the in's and out's of the sites that is key to productive and informative posting, which you need for a good and thought out review on a product that people are actually going to take and utilize in their decision for equipment, its the least you can do for getting something for free. I think I speak for everyone this it not a "scarlett letter" but just a good addition to a site to assist mediators/admins in producing good forums/reviews. Thank you MGS.
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    My current setup, which seems to change as often as socks, consists of: Cobra F9 Driver (10.5) with a Tour AD IZ-7 XStiff Titleist 917 F2 3 wood (13.5) Diamanta White 80 stiff shaft Titleist 917 F2 5 wood (18) Diamana Blue 70 stiff shaft Titleist AP2 718 irons KBS Tour stiff shafts Vokey SM7 48.10F Vokey SM7 52.08F Vokey SM7 56.14F Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Pro V1 or V1x balls Lastly, here is my caddie, "Trouble", he's a good boy
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    74 yrs old. Retired Army Aviation Officer, Two tours in Vietnam flying Hueys, Retired from a construction equipment sales career after that.
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    15 posts, and two days on the forum are easy enough tasks, but getting 15 likes from strangers on an Internet forum sounds like a much more daunting task.
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    Been thinking seriously about some new Mizuno wedges. I get home last night and a new oven has arrived to replace our dead one. I think the protective film is telling me the T20 in Blue Ion finish is what I need. Probably should get it installed before getting new wedges, but there's some good prices about.
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    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these guys! I know we're going to get great content out of this group. @DaveP043 can't wait to see your thoughts on the T200 vs 714 AP2 as that's what's in my bag now. From what I've read they should be similar sized.
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    I'm about an hour away from starting 2 weeks off. I'm not sure if I'd rather be at work dealing with sick people or home with the wife and 2 teenage daughters. We're still seeing an increases locally and nationally, but the doubling rate is slowing. Our testing rates are high (best globally per capita) which can only be a good thing. My hospital is probably one of the best set for the upcoming crisis. We recently regained possession of the private hospital across the street from the main hospital. This has had a quick refurbishment and will be used for Covid-19 if required. Currently it is being used for testing and assessment of possible cases and imaging of these people where necessary. We've developed some "no touch" workflow for X-ray to minimise risk to staff, patients are in and out in 2 minutes and barely touch any equipment.
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    Whats up everyone! I’m looking forward to connecting with you all and sharing our passion for golf! I’m a recruit so I need help with likes and would love to hear any tips you have for me being new to the forum and let me know what you think of my profile so far! Mahalo!
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    This is the most terrifying part of the whole pandemic.
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    Went out to the grocery store today. About half the people were wearing masks and gloves. The store was following some good practices. For example, after every transaction at the self service checkout, an employee wipes down the scanner, the credit card machine, etc. Was good to stock up on some groceries, hopefully I won't need to go out again for a while.
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    It’s been 5-6 years since I actively started tracking the states I’ve played in. I was curious what the number was back then and when I saw it looked feasible to get them all in, started going after it. The last state will be Alaska, family in tow. It’s been a fun adventure. Of course, some times you get in some interesting situations. Most recently, I was in Arkansas and had a round planned but it turned out to be the coldest day of their winter. I decided to play anyways. There were a lot of the members in the clubhouse, watching me and wondering why in the world anyone would be playing in such weather with 25 mph gusts. I found out they were taking bets if I’d actually finish the round lol. I did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks much MALyons31! Appreciate it I'm here for the long term...especially given current environment. Need my GOLF FIX!
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    @JScott yea, I was revered back to recruit today just because I join on Friday. I was only 3 likes away from meeting criteria to just be a member. I just commented in the recruiter greeting post and got the 3 likes and it all of a sudden said member again....
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    Played 9 unimpressive holes. A few decent drives w Ping G410 Plus though, I’m really liking this more each time out. Unfortunately my last outing for a week or 2. I felt uncomfortable not w guys in our groups but others who are crowding around waiting for their Tee Times. Starters and Rangers told them a few times to “separate” but there’s the 80/20 rule. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This should be saved as a sticky post at the top of this thread. While some may disagree, this IMO is the reason why were in for a longer bout of this pandemic.
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    Have a Tee Time w Bacon Boyz Friday, my 2 weeks up[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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