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Does anyone walk anymore?


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 Some of us as we age just cannot do it anymore.  Even though in our minds we feel young, we really want to walk but certain parts of our bodies will just no let us do it.  My neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon both say enjoy the game but with your pain from walking, get a cart and make golf fun.   I prefer not to have any more back surgery and hip replacement is not something I look forward to.  Neither doctor seems in favor of surgery at this time either.  At I want is to continue playing and having fun but to walk 18 holes is very painful after about seven of those holes.  Some of the elite courses do not take this into account for seniors with limitations.   For those who can walk, which I did for many years, do it while you can, because someday that will be taken away from you when you least expect it.   


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I used to walk tons. Had to stop 4 years ago as my hip and knee just couldn't handle the pain. OTC drugs did very little. My avg drive was 180 and I was OK with that at my age, 68. I had hip replacement surgery last fall. I was able to walk again and as I extended my range was able to start golfing again walking. Totally love it. Oh and my knee pain vanished as well. All because of my hip. Best medical decision I have made since quitting smoking. And my avg drive is now 225. I can actually get weight shifted to my left side now. It gives me time to think about my next shot...and how I screwed up the last one. Oh well. Good with the bad.

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I walked about 50% of my rounds from about 1991-2012.  Then I moved and started playing in a company golf league that didn't allow riding.  9 holes every Tuesday night.  Carried my bag the first two years and then got a push cart.  Now all of my local rounds are walking.  When I go on a trip I will ride.  I prefer walking.  Just play better when I do.  


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Always walk until the days start getting to 90+ degrees.  Too many times I would walk it in the heat and start to drag about 14/15th hole.  Play golf for fun and it just wasn't.   

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I regularly play a course here in N MI and walking is the only way one can play-no carts. I have a 4 wheel Sun Mountain cart and have used it for at least 10 years. When the pandemic hit last year, the only way you could play here was to walk. That cart came in mighty handy! I love to walk!

Golf Gear Head

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I walk unless the course says you can't. I switched from a carry bag to putting my bag on a cart this year, but that's mostly so I can shove a few beers in my bag and not suffer. I'm 63, but my main exercise is hiking, and I do around 40 miles of that a week outside of golf. As a result most gold courses qualify as an easy walk in the park, punctuated by brief moments of joy and frustration.

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I play 9 after work once a week with my dad.  If it is cooler out, we will walk. 

There are not a ton of courses in Pittsburgh that you would want to walk or are even allowed to.  

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Live in Phoenix area. Walk exclusively in the winter. Have started already and usually quit in May depending on temp. Electric trolleys for myself and my wife.

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I am still walking, for over 40 years but in the market for a good push cart.  I had an old Sun Mountain Speed Cart, it died.  Bought a new Sun Mountain Speed Cart .  It is already broken in 3 months.  Any reccomendations?

Doug Lewis

Avid golfer and middle handicapper



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Every chance I get!! Always amazing to me how many able bodied people ride. Frankly, really sad.

On a separate but related note, what's come of the caddie? Even at private clubs, many offering policy to use push carts. Again, really sad.

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I like walking shorter courses or nine hole courses mainly since I'm flat footed. The longer courses I'll muscle through it but the feet don't feel great afterwards. The rest of me is fine. Legs, back, arms, ect. I'm good for another 18. Feet don't agree. I don't mind carting if the price is right or I'm forced too like on a packed course on a weekend.

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I rode in a cart for the first time in ages this weekend and, I have to say, it was amazing. I still prefer to walk "connected" courses (green flows to next tee box) but I was in a cart by myself and had an amazing back 9 because I felt so fresh. Still the best way to appreciate a course is to walk it but man, my ankle was not bothering me at all. 

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The two weekend leagues I am in are walking only. 


I surprisingly find it easier to carry my bag than it is to push a cart 

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