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    Testers ANNOUNCED! The four forum members who will be testing the new version of the Evnroll ER2 will be: @ncwoz @KurtActual @Tsmithjr9 @Wedgie Full announcement found here. ____________________________ A few years ago before they were a household name Evnroll burst onto the scene with a win in the Most Wanted putting category. Then another win and then a succesful forum testing a couple years ago, and well now they are more of a household name, and still winning awards. So we and the folks at Evnroll thought it was time for another forum testing. And boy is this one a doozy! Without a doubt one of the most popular heads for Evnroll has been the No. 2. Now with it being available in the popular trendy murdered out black, you can only imagine the demand for this beauty. But four trusted members will get to see and hold first hand this newest version of the 2. To enter as potential tester just follow the below instructions. This testing is available to Right Hand golfers who live in the US In a separate post DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST provide the following information. First Name/State Current Putter Used Handicap We'll select the testers next week, so be sure to keep an eye on this thread to find out if you've been selected. Good Luck!!
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    Do you remember your first set of clubs? Or even just your first club? I do. A Wilson Blue Ridge wedge and a putter. They were old and beat up and were made when Sam Snead was at the top of his game. They might not have been the new Ping Eye 2’s that were taking the golf world by storm, but they were enough to start me on my golfing journey. 35 years later, equipment has come a long way, not just for adults, but kids as well. Today’s junior golfer has access to quality clubs at a price that won’t break the bank with size and weight optimized for a kids size and strength. I’m sure we all wish we could have had the options for junior clubs back then that is available today. The tools of the trade for the young beginner A wedge and putter, that’s what grandpa said I would start with. Learn to hit a wedge and we will move on from there he said. For the last 35 years I’ve continued to dig the answers out of the dirt and while life has sometimes interrupted my golfing journey, I can get around the course averaging low 80’s and am quite content with my game. I enjoy reading the teachings of the classic players like Hogan, Nicklaus, and Armour and try to pass on bits of knowledge to my daughters, but they have resources available to them that I never dreamed of including weekly kids clinics with a club pro and clubs that are fit just for them. When the review opportunity was announced for the Wilson Profile Junior Sets I had planned on applying for my oldest daughter Emily. She is a sporty, athletic kid that has taken to golf and is progressing nicely. Her set of Nicklaus Golden Bear Junior clubs fit her well and perhaps an upgraded set would help her progress even further. But the more I thought about it I thought it would be helpful to have the input of kid that is really just beginning and maybe isn’t a natural athlete. Enter The Konger..... Layla or “Kong” (Korean for “little nut” or “little one”) as she is known in our family due to her Korean grandmothers inability to pronounce Layla, is a great kid that loves reading and Girl Scouts. She isn’t as athletic as her sister but is so bright she figures out how to do things on her own. She is like the character Egghead Jr. from the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. While her older sister Emily really liked golf from the beginning, Layla warmed to it a little more slowly. At 7, Layla is just starting to learn the game. The first few months of her golfing journey I offered very little instruction, I just wanted her to swing the club whatever way felt comfortable and most of all have fun. I wasn’t surprised when she started making solid contact on her own, even if it isn’t the prettiest swing. Like Egghead Jr., she might be little and not as athletic, but she figures out how to get the clubface to the ball her own way. [/url] After a few months with the old wedge and putter we saw that she liked golf so we decided it was time to get her a real set. Wilson Profile Junior Set A big thanks to MGS and Wilson for the chance to test the Profile Junior set. Layla couldn’t believe she was picked! Before opening the box we saw that Wilson included a handy size guide printed right on the side of the box. To get the right size all you need to do is have Jr. stand next to the box and measure where their hands align on the chart. We opened the box and were impressed with the kit. The fit and finish of the clubs are fantastic. Consisting of driver, hybrid, iron, wedge, and putter, the medium set has just the right amount of clubs for a Junior age 7-10 to experience and practice all facets of the game without being overwhelmed by too many clubs. The bag is lightweight and seems to be of average quality though not quite as nice as the clubs which, again, are very nice. Layla’s game is a work in progress. At this stage of her journey we are focusing on having fun and learning to hit all the clubs in her bag. Performance at this age is not at the top of our list of testing but ease of use and durability will be. The next few weeks we will go through the bag and see how she fairs hitting a driver and hybrid for the first time. But we thought we’d go to the range and get some first impressions for the new Wilson Profile set. It looks like her putting might need some extra attention. [emoji16]. We’ll work on it. Stay tuned!
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    Still awaiting the link to the official posts on the DCP website, but I can forward along Kirke's results from today. He was one of about 25+ boys in the 7–9 bracket. He didn't have a strong showing with driving: his first and third drives finished between 75–99 yards, good for 4 points each. He pulled his second drive left of the grid. On chipping, he finished with 14 points. I don't yet have the details on each chip, but that would mean on average he was finishing in the 6–8' range, which is not a terribly strong showing. So he needed to putt well, and he did. He finished with a putting total of 58. His first two putts must have been very good, because my dad said that his third putt (from 30') finished well short of the hole. His total of 80 is a solid number for his age group. If you check the results link (https://www.drivechipandputt.com/results) for Boys 7–9, you'll see that 80 is going to finish well in most local qualifiers. Here, it was good enough for a tie for third. The tie-breaker, unfortunately for Kirke, is the score on the 30' putt, and that knocked him to fourth. The top three advance to the next round. So on the whole, he did very well. He's a 6-year-old competing in the 7–9 bracket, so he has two more years to grow and compete here. It was his first taste of formal competition in golf. My dad said he kept a good attitude, which is what I care about most. Right now, I'm looking forward to my parents and Kirke getting back, so I can give my son a big hug and tell him how proud I am of him.
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    I think I hit the putter lottery this week. The wife waited in the car while I ran inside a thrift shop to check to see if they happen to have any disc golf stuff. I came out practically bouncing off the ceiling carrying this. And I spent a whopping $3.20 plus tax for it. My other putters refuse to even look at me now. I also snagged a pair of Titleist 910F fairway woods and 2 Vokey wedges and a Mizuno T-Zoid sand wedge for same price each. A very nice Bridgestone stand bag set me back $12.
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    Stage 1 First off I would like to thank MyGolfSpy and Lynx Golf for the opportunity to review the Prowler VT irons. This is my first review for MGS so any and all advice/suggestions are extremely welcome. Let's dive right into the personal stuff shall we! My real name is Mark Kramer. I am a 38 year old HVAC Technician. I spent just about every Tuesday and Thursday last year doing night school to work toward getting my license. I have been married to my beautiful wife for just shy of 4 years. She understands that my one track mind is almost always on golf, whether it is playing, reading, buying, selling, or watching golf on t.v. So much so that our anniversary is the day after my birthday so I won't forget it! I have a 17 year old daughter that will be graduating from high school this coming school year. She is one of the most amazing artists I know and I couldn't be more proud of her! My wife and I live in Wesley. A small town in north central Iowa. While the golf season isn't the longest in the world. I do have 6 golf courses within 30 minutes of my house. I first started golfing in high school when I was 17. This was right around the "Tiger Boom". I decided I didn't want to run track my junior year but definitely wanted to stay busy so golf was an experiment. I never thought it would escalate to this kind of addiction. I have come to really enjoy buying and selling as well as the club making side of golf as much as playing. Until this year I was lucky to get out 2-3 times a month. Now I try to get out at least once a weekend, sometimes twice. I have even taken 2 vacation days just to golf, which until now would have been unheard of for me. My current handicap is 8.3 according to The Grint. My main goal this year is to shoot par over 9 holes and would have already accomplished it had I not finished bogey, bogey, bogey a couple weeks ago. I don't really practice much since if I have the time I would rather be playing. My swing is no where near conventional. I tend to have an arched back and bend over too far. This is probably the main reason for fighting an OTT swing. While I have started to embrace the fade, I would still love to hit a draw consistently. My big miss with the driver is a push slice but with the irons it is a fat chunk or a shank straight right. I tend to think of my short irons and wedges as by far the best part of my game. Putting has been better this year. I really struggle with my 4-7 irons. Like others I received the clubs in a beat up white box with Lynx on it. Upon opening the box I was greeted with beautiful, undamaged 4-PW Prowler VT gunmetal irons. I was pleased to see that each iron had the head weight on it. This was completely unexpected but a nice touch. They are shafted with KBS Tour 90 stiff shafts and come with Lamkin Crossline grips. At address they look amazing and provide very limited glare. I took the irons in to my local golf shop to have the lofts and lies check. I was surprised to hear the results from them to say the least. My order was 4-PW standard loft and lie but -1/4" in length. I measured the length at -1/2" but that could simply be a difference in how they were measured. The standard specs per the website are in one column and what I got are in the other. Standard Received Loft/Lie Loft/Lie 4-iron 22*/60* 23*/62* 5-iron 25*/61* 25*/63* 6-iron 28*/62* 29*/64* 7-iron 32*/62.5* 33*/63* 8-iron 36*/63* 37*/64* 9-iron 40*/64* 40*/64* PW 45*/64* 44*/64.5* I was going to have the shop adjust the lofts and lies back to what was ordered but while doing the loft on the 4-iron, the guy said that as hard as it was to adjust he didn't recommend doing the others. He advised with the gunmetal finish and the chance of breakage it may not be the best idea. I agreed as I didn't want to have a partial set simply because of a couple degrees of lie. I did manage to get the 4-iron to the standard 22* loft for better gaps at the top end. So is the Cat Back? I, along with my fellow testers have begun a 6 week journey to find out. While the first set of real irons I bought were Lynx Parallax irons, I have never thought about Lynx as a company since then. Can these Hollow Bodied Players Distance Irons hang with the big boys? Can they provide consistent distances without hot spots? These are just a few of the questions that need answers. Let's find out together shall we!
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    When it comes to PING many things come to mind, quality, engineering, performance and irons are among the first things most people will think of. And with the release earlier this year of the G410 irons, PING has hit on each one of those characteristics. Following the huge success of the G400 irons, PING has hit a home run with the striking black and red colors of this iron, as well as a being a bit more streamlined in all the right places. PING has achieved the rare feat of providing an iron that has a profile appealing to even the most discerning of golfers, but yet still offering the forgiveness and help that higher handicaps look for. We are looking for three forum members to join staff member Golfspy_Stroker in testing, reviewing and keeping a set of these G410's built to their custom specs. Testing will require a nearly two month commitment of putting the irons in play on the course, at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum thorough out the process. As an extra bonus to the irons, the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos. The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to arccos. After that the tester would be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it. It will be a great way to add data to your review. PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence. All you have to do to be eligible for the testing is follow the below instructions. In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying! First Name/State or Country of residence Handicap Current irons in Play The carry distance of the your 7 iron That's it. Good luck to everybody We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!
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    FedEx just arrived..... Great Outfit from Puma....Thanks MGS and Thanks Puma....y’all are the best! #CobraCONNECT using the new F8’s from Cobra Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    A few more #finditxrayit Titleist Pro V1 Callaway Chrome Soft Titleist Velocity Wilson Duo Soft Titleist Pro V1X Found my first obvious off centre core, surprisingly the Titleist Pro V1X. I included the measurements to provide a bit more information. It looks bad, but in reality the core is only 1mm off centre. I plan on putting this ball into play (during a practice round) once I get my swing going. High density "impurities " seem to be more common in cheaper balls, although so far it's a very small sample. I'll work through my shag bag to try to find some more to have a look at. 4 piece balls certainly look more interesting, and are probably technically more difficult to manufacture to tight tolerances.
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    79 8/14 fir 9/18 gir 32 putts I. Finally. Did. It! I tried my hardest to choke and shoot an 80 but managed to chip in on 18 for birdie. After shooting even on the front I was pretty stoked. Double on 12 and a triple at 15 I basically was throwing it away. Squeezed it out and it feels great. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Stage One – Prowler VT by Jmikecpa First off, a big thank you to Lynx and to MGS for allowing me the opportunity to test these irons out and give my thoughts. This is my second time reviewing an iron from a company that is trying to get back into the golf equipment spotlight having previously tested and reviewed the Hogan Ft. Worth 15s when they were launched a few years back. So a little about me and my game. I am a 42 year-old married father of three children and we currently reside on Long Island with our Great Dane. I am fortunate in that all three of my children play golf and my wife does not (just kidding if she reads this). We belong to a private club on the South Shore of Long Island that has golf for me and a beach club for my wife so it is best of both worlds. My wife is very supportive of my golf habit and has given up on trying to talk me out of new clubs when I find something I want. Hence the amount of putters that are sitting in my golf room these days. My game these days has a lot of ups and downs or more accurately a lack of consistency. I don’t practice nearly enough and when I have time to devote to golf I would prefer to play over time on the range or putting green. I have been scratch or better for pretty much my entire adult life (currently playing off a 0.4 index) and played a lot of tournament golf in my 20’s and early 30’s. My game these days is contingent on how well I can drive the ball and if I can make a few putts. I still can move it pretty good for being over 40 and my driver swing speed is still 116 mph to 118 mph. I have always been a consistent ball striker with an above average short game, but putting comes and goes for me. I don’t three jack a lot of greens but have a propensity to miss putts that I should make. I can still create a lot of lag for an old man. My current WITB (all of which I have been fit for) Driver: Titleist TS3 9.5* HZRDUS Yellow 75g 6.5 Fairway: Titleist TS2 15* Diamana Blueboard 83x Hybrid: Titleist 818 H2 19* Tensei CK Pro White 90x Irons: Titleist 716 TMB 4 – PW TTDG S300 AMT Wedges: Titleist SM7 50* (F) TTDG S300 Callaway MD4 54* (S) & 58* (X) KBS $ Taper 120 Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 34” Ball: 2019 Titleist ProV1 The driver and three wood are new for this year after a failed go with the Epic Flash Sub Zero. The rest of my bag was a holdover from last year and the year before. I have found a setup that works right now and doing my best not to change it up. I have been with the exact setup above for a few months now which has to be some sort of a record for me. When I was selected to test these irons I was very intrigued because I played Lynx irons back in the early 90’s when the company was one of the equipment leaders. Reading the story of how the currently company has evolved left me really wanting to see if the current offerings live up to what I remember from the older Lynx clubs I played in my youth. The iron set that I received was the Lynx Prowler VT 3 – PW in the gun metal finish with lie specs to match my current gamers and the shafts are KBS Tour 90 S. Not the best fitting shaft for me but will give them a good go none the less and heck maybe I may find something that works that is a bit outside the box for me. My first impression of the irons when they arrived is that they were just absolutely stunning to look at. Well that was after hoping they survived the trip in the poor packing material and box that looked like it was drug behind the truck for a few miles. Note to Lynx that they really need to work on the packaging and shipping boxes, small touch that goes a long way. The other cool thing was the head weights listed on the irons, well on most of the irons. All the irons in my set had weights on them with the exception of the six iron. Was a cool touch but not sure why all but one iron. The gunmetal finish in a bladed looking club with minimal offset is something that is right up my alley. Considering that I played blades most of my life the new crop of hollow muscle back irons are just what the doctor ordered for me. I still love the look of a blade but with my lack of practice I really need a little bit of help. The interesting part of these irons are that the face is forged while the body is cast. Best I can tell this is one of the few, if not the only, iron in this category that has this type of construction. I have been a huge fan of hollow body irons for years. My gamers are the first iteration of the TMBs from Titleist and I reviewed and gamed the Ft. Worth 15 Hi irons for several years. For guys like me that grew up playing blades that need some help these really check a lot of boxes. For my testing and review I will put these up against my gamers to see if they can kick them out of the bag. I would like to say that I will just be throwing them in the bag and giving them a go straight away but with the club championship starting next week that will not be the case. The Lynx irons will get a methodical testing to make sure that I can hit the stock shots that are my go to shots these days and that I am able to flight the ball the way that I want to. I also plan to give them a go in the longer irons against some of the driving irons that I have collected over the last few years to see how they may function as a long iron replacement. Hoping to give you guys some perspective on how I test clubs and what I try and do to get the most out of my gear. A little sneak peek of the testing...
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    Stage 1 Placeholder Hello My Golf Spy enthusiasts! This is by far the best place for all things golf on the planet. This is not just because I was chosen to test a “New” set of irons. For those who do not know me…. “Hi I’m Tim and I am a Golf addict”. On the forum I’m known as kardboard.kid, or KK. As of late I have been pretty busy. Work, I am upgrading my design lab, including the install of a new CAD table. Son #1, and fiancé moved into a new place a couple weekends ago, my Daughter in Australia was engaged and their wedding will be next year. (For any father with a young daughter out there…. Start saving half your paycheck now, so you can afford the wedding!) I have 2, one here in the states and one back in Australia a couple months after the first. Son #2 finished his Military duties as a Marine, and will be moving back into our area with his soon to be fiancé this fall. I play golf whenever I can, and I have been a sub for one of our customers leagues, this year having been almost every Thursday. I am not a young man, and my swing (self-taught) is what I know. This last spring, I was fitted for clubs, and those have performed wonderfully for me. My average 18-hole round will be between 95 – 105, with my best round being a 93. My goal this year was to bring that down to an average of 85 – 95. I am not there yet, but Hey, this is golf, and then next round could be it. I live in Central Ohio, and as a result we can get out for soggy golf in April, and usually still have an opportunity for a round end of October. I would say that I have been taking playing golf seriously now for About 15 years, mostly a way for me to spend time with my children. They all like and play golf. My wife on the other hand, puts up with my golf because she loves me, not golf. Her words about me, “obsessed, genuinely in love with, and always striving to improve” I will add a video of my golf swing, although I realized after I watched the video the matt where the ball is placed sits higher than my feet. I usually just hit off the grass, but wanted a clean look for the swing. The result I was a bit choked on the swing. It is close enough to my normal swing that I decided to leave it as is. With my current fit irons, my ball path is high left to right in motion and my 7 iron on average carries 145yds. I always miss to the right, unless I am consciously try to move the ball to the left and close the club face too much. Then all bets are off and the surprise game shows up. I really cannot put into words the reason I am so taken by the game, but I am truly in love with it. So the clubs arrived on my door step in a very beat white box with the Lynx logo on it. I was sure they were all bent like horse shoes, but to my joy all was there and in great shape. Lynx a few years back was a club trusted on the PGA tour, and well known. With all the new startups, it appears Lynx felt it time to bring it’s name and clubs back into the game. Apparently there are not many places that provide the forging needed for clubs, as all the clubs I received had a “Made in China” sticker on them. I have to say that did put me off a bit at first. Mostly because this is a company from the UK, not China. The initial feel of the club was heavy. Compared to the cavity backs I currently play, and the KBS Steel shaft felt strong. Even though they are regular flex, to me after my graphite shafts, felt stiff. The Black Cats look amazing in the black finish and even at address have a nice line. The foam fill head is for better ball control on miss hits. That is something that will be a big plus for me on these. I had also given my fitting information to Lynx so these clubs should be fit for me.
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    Took the day off of work, and I am sooooo glad I did! Walked 18 holes this morning and then did another nine this afternoon. Morning 18 - 41/38 = 79 (+7) - 7/15 FIR - 9/18 GIR (2 birdies, though one was a chip-in) - 34 Putts (2 3-putts, 13 2-putts, 2 1-putts, 1 chip-in) - 3:00 Round Time (Got caught behind a shotgun start group on 16, 17 and 18...) I finally broke 80! I really got off to a shaky start this morning, hit two not great six irons on the second hole, but before I knew it I was even after a birdie on No. 5. I doubled the par 3 sixth after finding the greenside bunker, and then hit an awful pull on No. 6 leading to another double bogey. Easily the worst holes of my day. Chipped-in on 12, which is such an awesome feeling. I'm most proud of my focus after getting cut in front of by the shotgun start. The owner didn't realize I was out on the course, so I played the last three holes in 50 minutes after playing the first 15 in just over two hours. I have The Grint app hide my score, and all I knew is that I was pretty low on the back. Hit a poor tee shot on No. 16 after waiting a while, but recovered and saved a bogey. Two pretty good drives and approaches on 17 and 18, followed by two awesome two putts from quite a ways away. Massive credit to Utley's chipping techniques and Rotella's mental techniques. They have been a huge help over the past couple of weeks. Afternoon 9 - 43 (+7) - 2/7 FIR - 2/9 GIR (0 birdies) - 16 Putts (7 2-putts, 2 1-putts) - 2:00 Round Time I really wanted to play 18 again this afternoon, but course was busy and I was behind a couple groups. Ho-hum round compared to the morning. I did not strike the ball well with any club at all. Hit some pretty massive slices with the driver, shanked a 4 iron off the tee on a par 3, hit a couple of chips fat. 'Tis golf, I guess! Didn't feel like my swing at all. All in all, a great day. Had a lot of fun and it's awesome to see my work throughout this season paying off. Our season is winding down, and I probably only have three or four more weekends to have good weather for 18 holes on Sunday mornings.
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    Testers ANNOUNCED! How do you make the sweetest face in golf even sweeter? OK, not that kind of sweeter. But I think we can all admit: the new blacked-out look for the ER2B is pretty sweet. Most Wanted Testing suggests that Evnroll technology is a real improvement over no-tech putters. The four forum members who will be testing this tech in the new look of the Evnroll ER2 will be: @ncwoz @KurtActual @Tsmithjr9 @Wedgie Join me in congratulating these members, and we'll all be looking forward to their reviews.
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    PROWLER VT Never ever start a review without first giving credit where credit’s due.. A very sincere thank you to both MGS and Lynx Golf for allowing the 8 of us to take part in what could possibly be considered an historical resurgence in golf. Anybody reading this has to have some level of interest, knowledge, nostalgia, recollection, or whatever you wanna call it regarding Lynx golf clubs. When Lynx was in its prime circa early 90’s, I was a teenager. Needless to say, golf to me in my teenage years was just a game unfortunately. Even in my oblivious innocence, I still knew about Lynx Golf. Me and my game in a nutshell.. except I’m allergic to nuts.. So maybe me in a taco shell.. MMMmmm tacos I’ve been playing this game since about the age of 12. I’m completely self-taught with only the help of the University of YouTube. I’ve got a nearly savant-like obsession with all things golf. Before I got married and started a family, my attention was divided between multiple extreme sports and semi-dangerous hobbies like dirt bike racing, snowboarding, and Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). I’ve pretty much packed all of those things up and golf is what keeps me sane.. well sort of. If you happen to watch any YouTube instructionals, Mark Crossfield, Rick Shiels, Me and My Golf, and Chris Ryan are my personal instructors in my living room after 8 pm when the kiddos are out cold. Most days I’ll shoot mid to low 80’s on most of my par 72 home courses. I live in Chandler, AZ (PHX area) where it’s not uncommon to have a good 10 home courses in regular circulation. Just recently, I’ve been able to break through a barrier that I’ve been stuck at for a couple of years and shoot into the high 70’s. I don’t have an established handicap but I’m thinking that maybe late 2019 I’ll start holding myself to a higher standard and register. I would say that my typical ball flight is pretty high but with distance. I’ve got a decent understanding of ball compression and hip-core-shoulder rotation. @Golfspy_CG2 can attest that I’ve got no problem getting the ball up in the air. I’m not really horrible at any particular golf skill.. but I’m not particularly great at any of them either. I’m definitely not content with my game and probably never will be. It’s just how I am. My typical miss is a left pull with both my driver and irons. If I have to say that I have a strength, it would probably be my wedge play from about 120 yds on in. Additionally, I do feel that when my driver’s firing, I’m pretty OK there too. My irons are seldomly hot or cold.. they’re usually about lukewarm. I think that maintaining consistency is my biggest area for improvement. I’ve been told that my swing tempo is rather smooth. I might be what some golf commentators would call “sneaky long”. By the video, you wouldn’t think that my avg. driver swing speed is around 112 mph. All that aside, my biggest objective this year is to improve in consistency and control. My go-to club for 145-150 yds is my 9i @ a traditional 42*. I’ll pretty much golf with whoever can go. I’m a pretty easy going fella that just likes good company. For years, my dad’s probably been my most consistent golf buddy but over the past year he’s had some physical limitations rear their ugly heads. He’s recently however undergone a very successful hip replacement surgery. Tomorrow (7/27/19) in fact will mark the first golf outing in about a year for us and I’m about as excited as anyone could be to see my pops get back on the course. We’re only playing 9 holes at an exec but it’s a huge step in the right direction and I’m jazzed about it. WIMB Driver: Cobra F8+ with / UST Proforce V2 Black Cobra Amp 4 wood / UST Elements Chrome UDI: Dynacraft 18* / UST Proforce V2 Irons 4 - GW: Maltby DBM / Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH (S) Honma 48* Wedge Wedges: Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 56*, 60* Putter: Cleveland HB #11 / Superstroke Flatso 3.0 Current Irons My whole life, I’ve been somewhat of a non-traditional traditionalist.. wait.. what?? I like classic, clean, and simple things.. but I also like to wander off the beaten path to get to where I’m going. I play a set of irons designed by a guy named Ralph Maltby (no relation to Roger Maltbie). You’ll find me blubbering about how much I love the clubs all over MGS. The club model is called the DBM which is a nod to the actual process of pigmenting the steel black. It’s a very clean and basic looking cavity back soft-forged club. I would say that it falls on the “better player’s” side of the fence but doesn’t limit itself to just single digit shooters. I feel that I can play the club well even with my abundance of inconsistencies. As you can see, the heel to toe profile is maybe just a tad longer than the VT but with a much slimmer top line. The graphite black pigment is actually implanted into the steel and wears very well. Family I’m married to a wonderful woman (Amber) who only does her best to try and understand this sickness that so many of us share in this underworld of golf. We just turned over 9 years of marriage in June. We have 2 little ones. Kaylen is almost 7. She accompanies me to executive courses and enjoys putting. She hasn’t picked up the game completely yet but by her own request, we’ll be getting her started in the junior league this year. My little guy Logan is not quite 2. He’s definitely my dude. He somehow has an acute understanding that daddy’s golf clubs may as well be his younger sibling and my 3rd child. Whenever the clubs are out, he can’t help but try to snatch one, and in the event that he gets ahold of one, take cover!. I look forward to the day when I can get both of my kids out on the golf course. My wife Amber looks forward to that day as well. Enough about me I was chosen to review the Lynx Prowler VT. This has been a rather interesting group to be a part of up to this point. The interesting part is that we’re reviewing sets of clubs that come from a company that hasn’t really been a presence in golf for quite some time. Research material has been slim to almost non-existent to say the least. The only opinions that any of us can have up to this point is based on what we see in the few pictures available on the web. The Lynx web site has been about 50% functional and the amount of detailed marketing on these clubs has been.. well let’s just say scarce. From my understanding, Lynx’s intent over the next couple of years is to creep slowly back into the industry and eventually settle themselves back amongst the giants in due time. This is why this particular opportunity to me is so interesting and unique. As a testing group, we’re not just simply reviewing another version of a club that already existed from a familiar company that has an established presence. Were reviewing clubs that have no predecessors and from essentially a brand new company. Sure, past Lynx models have shared the same names (Black Cat/Prowler), but this is still new territory for Lynx with these particular tech-infused designs, and in a space that that they haven’t been a part of for so long. Will their claimed technical features be ahead, on par, or behind what today’s OEM’s are doing? it’s presumed that these reviews should have some very important and influential eyes tuning in. Delivery/Unboxing Unlike my counterparts, I was lucky to have the box show up relatively unscathed. The packaging left a bit to be desired. Being that the sticks were shipped from across the pond, I might have expected some foam separation or something just a bit more robust as I've seen in so many other reviews. Instead, the clubs were simply protected with crumpled up packing paper. The individual heads were shrink-wrapped in plastic so there didn't really appear to be any issues with shipping wear. Looks The Prowler VT’s define “classic” appearance. As you can see, they are clean, simplistic, and just everything that hundreds of years of golf history and present-day tech can put into 1 single club. The heel to toe profile is actually a tad more compact than I was expecting and I absolutely love that! Top line is a bit thicker than what I’m used to but with the compact profile, it doesn’t put me off in the slightest. Offset is next to nothing and uniform throughout the set (another plus). 8-PW are a little more rounded in shape which does make the clubs look slightly bigger but not out of place with the rest of the set. 3-7 are just perfect in every way. Tech & Stuff The Lynx VT is a hollow design similar to the Ping i5 and Titleist T-MB. As the name suggests, the face is a “Variable Thickness” construction. Both the leading edge and top sections of the face are thicker than the center to help add extra support on off-center hits and for better positioning of MOI (moment of intertia) therefore adding an extra element of forgiveness. The club is a 2-piece construction with what is rumored to be a 1020 soft forged face combined with a cast body. As you can see in the pictures, the face also has a bit of texture. It will be interesting to see how that texture interacts with the ball. From the tech specs that I could find, the lofts are about 3* stronger than what I’m used to playing so distance and gapping will definitely be talking points. The clubs come standard with some nice KBS Tour 90 Shafts. In waiting for the clubs to arrive, I had a chance to demo the shaft in a Titleist T-MB. The shaft itself feels very smooth and seemed to be very consistent. Height was maybe even a bit more than I’m used to but time will tell how these clubs perform with this shaft. Testing Objective I’m really not interested getting any more distance out of these clubs. My hopes throughout this testing are that I’ll be able to improve my consistency by possibly slowing things down just a little. If I’m able to maintain my current distance per club while finding the center of the face more often, I’ll be a very happy man. Ultimately the questions to be answered through this entire segment will be: Is the Cat really back? Is it ready to be a fierce predator again? Or is it merely a domesticated house cat with only bits and pieces of its original DNA? Teaser At this point we’ve had the clubs for about a week. Would anybody guess that most or each of us at minimum have had the clubs to the range and/or played a round or 2.. Bet your boots we have.. There’s something special to be said for the top end of the set..
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    Stage 1 Personal Questions: The black cat likes the Black Cats!^ Hey everyone, my name is Alex, and I am extremely excited to be chosen as a tester for MGS and Lynx! Growing up in Maryland, I played lacrosse and hockey (ice and roller) 6-7 days a week on various club and school teams – and probably played golf once or twice a year in high school. I started getting much more into golf in college, where I was able to play all the time for low low student prices. That was about 6 years ago, and I’ve been doing my best to play weekly (weather permitting) ever since. I am currently playing in the Richmond, VA area, and just joined Meadowbrook CC south of the city. About a year ago I started to become more serious about my game, had a few lessons, and am starting to figure out some swing troubles I have had since way back when. Generally I am the type of golfer who will have a great day driving the ball, but miss-hit everything else OR vice-versa. The classic “woods, irons, and putter: pick 2 to hit well” situation. My favorite thing about golf is how frustrating it is, and how rewarding it is to figure something out, make a tweak, and see the results right in front of you. The competition doesn’t hurt either. Golf Questions: My handicap hovers between 13-16. My typical miss is currently changing, as I have been taking some lessons. BUT my biggest issue is swing path. I have an over the top out-to-in path that I am trying to correct. So slices to the right or pulls to the left were commonplace. Now my typical miss is either a pure slice where I let myself go back to the old swing, or an overcorrected hook/draw. I’ll pull out a 7 iron to hit a 150 yard shot, my ball flight is typically high, maybe mid/high. I’m beginning to realize the strength in my game is actually mental toughness. I am just now seeing how one bad shot will DESTROY the entirety of most of my friend’s games – for sure not the case for me. My weakness has always been consistency. My irons have been pretty interesting in the past few years. I own Adams Idea Pro Black Forged cb2 irons, and Cobra King F8 irons. Both kind of just fell into my lap with really great deals. I had never been fit for clubs before this experience. When I was selected to be a tester for the Black Cats, I went to Mulligans Golf Shop in the Richmond area (http://mulligansgolfshopva.com/) I would highly recommend seeing Matt there – super nice guy, very knowledgeable, and has all the newest equipment (I want to go check out the Mizuno line he has). Matt hooked me up to the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer, had me take a bunch of swings, and it spit out a bunch of statistics to his iPad where we talked through shaft options, flex profiles, lie adjustments, everything. I took those details to Lynx for my order. Typical Driver SS: 100-105 Iron/shaft specs: KBS Stiff shafts 1* upright +.25" First Impressions (I had the 8 and 9 irons mixed up in these pictures^) These pictures are to show the "black" color, set against a black visor 7 iron Foam port, 7 iron^ According to their website, the Black Cats are hollow body, foam filled irons (similar to the Taylormade p-790 and Ping G500?). Generally, these irons are supposed to have more of a players-iron shape, game-improvement iron forgiveness, and the foam is supposed to improve feedback and feel. This type of iron is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I think this would be perfect for a player of my skill level. My current Cobra King F8 irons are a little lacking in feel. The 5-7 irons are hollow body (non filled), and it pretty much feels like nothing if you hit it perfectly, and like you hit a rock if you miss-hit. So I’ll be looking for any kind of “feel” property that may come through with the foam filling (I’ll be able to compare this to my forged Adams irons). I was a little irritated they did not provide the gap wedge I requested. so I am still using the gap wedge from my Cobra set. After reviewing what the irons are “supposed to be” and looking them over (playing a few rounds with them) – here is what I’ll be especially looking for: The lofts of the Black Cats are much more “traditional” and similar to my old Adams Irons. Will I lose any distance? Maybe gain some? The grooves seem very shallow compared to my Cobra irons, will I be able to spin the irons similarly? Any impact at all? If these irons can be more forgiving (go similar distance on thin/fat/toe/heel shots) AND go at least similar distance when compared to the cobras, they will be the new irons in my bag! My testing will be conducted mostly on the course, and at the First Tee of Richmond. Hopefully I can get down to the MGS HQ and use some of their launch monitors to get some real data. I look forward to this process, and let me know if you have any other questions for me, I’d love to give my insight wherever possible.
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    Lynx Black Cat Review: Stage 1 Hi! My name is Doug. I live in New Jersey with my wife and dog. I'm a mechanical engineer by day, and I also own a snowboard brand with a friend. Golf became part of my life later on. I didn't actually get into golf until 2011 when my office held an outing. I had a blast, I've been hooked since that day! This is my second review this season! I've been getting quite lucky, and I'm extremely fortunate for this opportunity. Check out my Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Review. I’m a 19 handicap. This year’s scores state a trend toward 17. I’m shooting mid to low 90s on a tough course on occasion. My tempo is medium. My driver swing speed is about 95mph. My swing has an over-the-top move that I cannot shake. My ball flight is typically a left to right fade off the tee, sometimes a slice or a pull. Irons are relatively straight, with a high ball flight. I just made a swing change after a chance range shot sent a ball soaring. I'm hinging more at the top and focusing on whipping the club. The resultant swing path is still OTT but on a plane that is far less left. The club head is traveling through the ball down range, rather than across the ball. I still hit bad shots, but it seems my bad mishits have been reduced. I’m hitting an 8i for a 150yd shot, when I was previously at a 6 or 7i. Here’s a vid of my swing. My current bag consists (prior to test) of: Cobra Fly-Z+ at 10.0D. Cobra BioCell 3/4w at 16° Cobra AMP 3H 19° Cobra BioCell 4/5h at 23.5° Wilson C300 cast 6-PW, Graphite R shafts Cleveland Rotex CB 50°/08° Taylormade ZTP 56°/16° Walter Hagen putter I won the C300s from MGS in their end of year donor raffle! This was my jumpstart into my forum activity and being more involved. I figured I had an opportunity to write an unofficial review of the C300s. They have graphite shafts which are now a pinch whippy but the ball soars high and far. I was not fit for these as I won them. I have since regripped them when I was picked for a grip review. I cut 3/8 in. off the ends during the regrip. The new grips and reduced length made them more comfortable and easier to hit. I also have Mizuno JPX 825 Pros, and Cobra AMP Cell Pros. I was playing the Mizunos prior to the C300s. The 'Cats are most comparable in shape to my Wilsons, with perhaps a little more bounce. I'll get to a shop soon to find comparable irons. My guess was PING G700 or Callaway's hollow body irons are comparable. However, these have lofts that are much weaker. That being said: Below are the specs for the Black Cats. They were provided to me via email. They responded immediately with the info I requested. (Their web site still shows the specs for their prior generation Black Cat irons). Fitting was unavailable for these irons, so once we knew the Cats would have KBS Tour 90s, I checked the KBS site which stated the Tour 90 R was their recommended shaft. Since my swing change (after ordering), the new recommended shaft is the Tour R+. The Tour R+ is a 115 gram shaft vs. the 95 gram Tour 90 R. I initially thought they were the same with different flex. I hope the difference is not so great. The 90R doesn't feel too light or whippy, and it should be a little stiffer since it is shortened. I ordered mine 1/2" short, 1° flat lie, KBS Tour 90 R shafts, and medium Lamkin grips, logo down. They appear to have done as requested. Though, the lies look more upright. Both the grip and the shaft are logo-down, a really nice feature: totally unmarked clubs from address. First impressions: The packaging was horrifying. The box at some point was opened, and re-taped with just two pieces of clear tape. The box was actually open on one end with noticeable impact damage. Somehow, the clubs appear absolutely fine! I didn’t see any indication that Fedex opened it to inspect. Since this was a custom order, my guess is they were opened to modify and then resealed badly. The heads were covered in protective paper but no extra packing material was added. The appearance is stunning. The black PVD heads with black logo-down grips and chrome logo-down shafts is awesome. The green cat-eye logo looks great, along with the smaller name badge. I wonder how well these will stick after a few hundred swings. The white paint fill in the grooves is inconsistent. Some appear filled more than others. This has been reported in other reviews. It doesn't seem distracting though. The 9i has a nick/scuff above one of the grooves. Initially they look amazing; though, I wonder how they will age. Lynx Claims versus my first impression: So far my first impression is: what are these, and what are they intended to do? The website still has their prior version info. Colin Fairweather Golf from the UK states: A review on todaysgolfer.co.uk states these irons are "Designed primarily with the dedicated golfer in mind...A carefully crafted 2-piece head includes a beautiful, forged steel face, hollow body with polymer filling for enhanced feel and progressive face thickness for forgiveness. This winning combination produces superb feel, distance and control and offers playability for the better golfer." Another email from the Lynx rep states "These irons are forgiving, with a slight offset and high launch. So the player profile is for mid- high handicappers." A video of a Lynx rep states they're for every golfer! So confusing. I suppose it will be up to us to figure it out. The thicker top line and slightly more face width, as well as the larger sole, leads me to believe these are a bit into the Game Improvement category and a bit less of a Players' Distance iron. The offset is also noticeable in the 8, 7, and 6i, but not too abrupt. However, the weaker lofts are even weaker than every one of the MGS Most Wanted Players Distance Irons! Compare the ‘Cats to lofts of the MGS Most Wanted Players Irons. Furthermore, they are available with R flex steel and R flex graphite? We might be blazing a new trail: Player's distance high launch game improvement? Champions' Tour spec? Shot straightening AND shaping tech? Hollow body high launchers that provide more distance and forgiveness via material thickness, WITH stopping power? What should I expect? When these 'Cats are uncaged, will they be wild uncontrollable beasts, flag hunting precision predators that bite when I misbehave, or cute, toned down kittens that only hit high and straight? As I get more comfortable will I be able to hit different shots? I can go over trees, can I go under or around them? And, will they do things consistently? I have questions . I have hit these and played a few rounds so far. It’s too soon to draw any conclusions but so far I’ve not lost any distance. Check out how the first swing went! Haha. Thanks everyone!
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    Stage Two - Ping Long Game Gapping/Testing – Official MGS Forum Review by mr.hicksta Intro The majority of my time with these long game clubs was spent on the course with the occasional range session to see if the numbers matched what I was seeing on the course. This combination gave me a good feel for how the clubs performed in various situations, which puts me in a position to be able to give you all some solid feedback to look over. My goal while playing was to use all the clubs as much as possible even in some situations where I normally wouldn’t. This includes lots of use off the tee as well as various approach shots sometimes in the spirit of not laying up ;). Looks (10 out of 10 points) I’m a huge fan of the matte black crown and combined with Pings signature turbulators, you have what I believe are some fantastic looking clubs. The G410 line has a bit more color in it as well with the addition of the red, and it really complements the overall look of both the FW, hybrid and crossover. The color scheme is a huge improvement over the G400 line in my opinion. G410 3W: Prior to the fitting, this was the club I was most worried about adjusting to because I was not a fan of the G400 fairway woods. They probably performed just fine, but I was so turned off by the look of the club head that I didn’t even have it in my bag a month. That concern no longer exists with the G410 3W! The club head shape is perfect in my opinion and it looks fantastic at address. The matte black crown with the turbulators is a great combo and the use of red for the lettering compliments the overall look nicely. The graphics are subtle and there’s nothing about the look that’s over the top. Overall the design is simple and screams ‘performance’! G410 2H and 3H: I was most comfortable with the Ping hybrids having gamed the G400 3H for almost two years and the changes in the G410 are all welcomed. The most noticeable changes are the slight larger turbulators and overall size of the club head. It is still nice and compact and is certainly not one of the chunkier hybrids. It sets up beautifully behind the ball! G410 4 Crossover: If I had to describe the look of this club I’d use the word ‘subtle’. As far as driving irons go, it’s quite compact, which I think most would enjoy given some of the criticism I’ve seen about other driving irons. The finish is the traditional brushed satin, with the typical branding you’d find on an iron. Ping can’t get too carried away seeing how there’s not a lot of real estate, and they certainly didn’t here. Simply put, it’s a clean looking club that performs beautifully minus one little thing (keep reading!). Sound & Feel (8 out of 10 points) G410 3W, 2H and 3H: The 3W and hybrids sound fantastic. I’d describe the sound at impact as a crisp, metallic ‘crack’. There are slight differences if you catch the heel or toe, but it’s not a crazy departure from flushing it. As we all know, feel is very subjective, but the G410 fairways and hybrids don’t have any issue in that department. I can clearly tell when I don’t catch it around the center of the face, which is all I care about when it comes to sound and feel. G410 4 Crossover: Bottom line up front: this club sounds terrible, especially off the tee. It’s slightly better off turf, but the sound is my single biggest issue with this club. It’s beyond me why Ping didn’t address this as I know the last Crossover sounded terrible, too. I understand that around MGS performance trumps sound and feel, but the sound of this club is borderline obnoxious. Some won’t care, but if you do, then chances are you won’t like the Crossover based on acoustics alone. It is much better in the feel department, and for a driving iron it’s quite forgiving. Mishits aren’t terribly punishing, but there is a distinct difference between flushed shots and misses on the towards the heel or toe. Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points) G410 3W and hybrids: Hands down the longest and most forgiving clubs I’ve played in either category. The G410 3W is performing for me like I imagined it would. Easy driver replacement on tight tees, and for longer approach shots on par 5s. It has eliminated my fear of FWs and has just about replaced my hybrid as my go to club off the tee. My comfort level with the hybrids has increased, and they’re my second favorite clubs out of the lot. The hybrids have shined out of the rough and I’ve held several greens when I’ve used them for approach shots. My 2H in particular, played at 18.5, perfectly fits the gap between 3W and 4 Crossover and my confidence with it is sky high. The forgiveness of the hybrids is impressive as well and some of my best shots have been where I missed towards the toe. It’s nice to flush it obviously, but knowing you won’t get hammered for a mishit is one way to increase ones comfort with a club. I’m quite comfortable with the gaps at the top of my bag now and both of these clubs fall within their respective distances lanes and I’m able to work them if necessary. Finally, I’ve only adjusted my 2H, but the 8 possible settings on the FWs and hybrids make them extremely versatile. G410 4 Crossover: Admittedly, this is the club I struggle with the most. I have hit some terrific shots with it, but I have also hit some ‘WTF’ shots. Normal for an amateur for sure, and I think a lot of it has to do with my setup. With that said, the well struck shots have been very consistent in terms of accuracy, distance and trajectory. Even though I’ve hit some crap shots with my Crossover, I still find it to be very forgiving. I’ve just had some swings that no amount of forgiveness could save! It is my go to club for most par 3s in the 190 to 210 range, but I haven’t held any greens with it as of yet. Here are some numbers from a recent range session that will give you an idea of what kind of distance I'm getting with these clubs. G410 3W teed up: G410 3W off the deck: G410 2H off the deck: G410 4 Crossover off the deck: On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points) I’ll preface this section by saying that all poor shots are 100% on me, but it has been years since I’ve had long game clubs that I’ve felt this comfortable with. During my time with the G410 long game offerings, I’ve made every effort to use them in situations I’d normally use FW/hybrid/driving iron as well as situations where I may be in between clubs just to see if I can hit a range of shots. The results have been mostly positive, and highlight the positive attributes I’ve discussed with each of the clubs. Over the last two months I’ve often been left in positions where I can get to a green with a short iron or wedge, so from the long game perspective they’re fantastic. My issue, however, has been with irons/wedges lately so my scoring average has been about the same or slightly higher because of issues not related to these clubs. As far as Ping goes, I think the G410 line builds on the already impressive G400 line and these clubs are a legit upgrade over their predecessors. The feature that stood out most to me is the more streamlined shape of the FWs. They look fantastic and setup WAY better than the G400s. Finally, I know there’s no such thing as a perfect club, but Ping knocked it out of the park with these clubs. Despite my mild criticism of the Crossover, I believe that these clubs can help a wide range of handicaps and they flat out perform! Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points) The design of the G410 line is what stands out the most to me. It’s not super flashy, and the black and red compliment each other nicely. It’s a clean and efficient look that I’m a huge fan of! The only other knock is the limited number of shafts available, but I’ll admit that’s nitpicking. And I mentioned this in my fitting review, but the turnaround time from the day of my fitting to the clubs arriving was around 5 days. The fitter said it would be fast and he was not joking! Kudos to Ping for getting the clubs built and shipped in such a timely manner! Lastly, I usually only play with a few local friends and all of them have commented on shots I’ve hit with these clubs. So if my thoughts aren’t validation enough, give these a spin and watch the compliments start flying! Play it or Trade it? (18 out of 20 points) The G410 3W, 2H and 4 Crossover are staying in my bag! I’m very comfortable with the gapping, and the sound of the Crossover isn’t justification to let it sit on the sidelines. Bottom line is the top of my bag has never been better from a performance perspective! With the range of the G410 line (standard, SFT, LST) and the ability to adjust the FWs and hybrids to 8 different settings, these clubs can help a wide range of golfers from high handicappers to scratch players. Conclusion The G410 fairway woods, hybrids and crossovers are the REAL DEAL. They straight up perform and you’d be hard pressed to find a more forgiving clubs in each category. The adjustability makes it easy to set your gaps at the top of your bag, and I believe these clubs can help a wide range of players, in a variety of situations. Since putting these clubs in my bag, I have definitely improved off the tee, but unfortunately my irons and wedges have regressed so my index has stayed about the same. I think with more time, that will change and any improvement will be somewhat attributed to these long game clubs. In closing, I'd like to again thank MyGolfSpy and Ping for the opportunity. I truly enjoyed the experience and I'm grateful for the chance to contribute to this fantastic golf community. I hope that readers find all of our reviews helpful, and I'm happy to answer any question you all may have. Thanks for reading! Final Score: (90 out of 100 points)
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    OK .. good news.... But first... A really big THANKS!!! to everyone on here (and there are two in particular) who has offered me encouragement along the way. Next... the disclaimers: - a short, relatively easy course - 9-hole Par 35; 2,624 yds from the Forward tees; 65.1 / 110 Finished @ +7 .. better than bogey golf!! (...which has been my continuing quest the past few seasons) 4 Pars .. 4 GIRs 3 Bogeys 2 Doubles No penalties (finished with the same ball I started with!) 1 x 2-chip 1 x 3-putt Didn't count fairways hit but was in, or was just on the side of, most of them - including one astoundingly lucky "tree wedge" on the one Par 5 where I pushed my tee shot right .. right into the tops of the trees .. and was looking for it to drop into trouble but instead it got thrown out into the MIDDLE of the fairway! Lost like 1/2 the distance on the shot but I will take that! (Note to self: make a contribution to the National Arbor Foundation.) Ended up with a bogey on that hole after I chunked my 100 yd approach and still had to chip on. One of the Doubles was not "bad" shots but the second and third shots there were just not good enough .. and then I 3-putted on top of that. Second Double was definitely attributable to three poor shots and ball still not on the green.... But today's round actually follows up a previous 'better than bogey golf' 9-hole round two days ago, where I finished a shorter, easier course @ +8, so I had to have this second one in the bag to "claim it" Whoo-hoo! Oh, PS: I don't know what 'switched on' recently but I've stayed calm out there, thought about and focused on my shots, and just kept the ball moving in the right direction. Maybe the bunch of lessons - technical and mental - I took earlier this year, and I mean literally waaay back in January and February, are finally starting to permeate in through my thick skull......
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    Moved my daughter into her dorm for he freshman year of college. Lots of emotions, but proud of her and excited for all the opportunities she has in front of her. Gotta get used to walking past the empty shelves in her room. Already ready for the next 3 1/2 hour drive to visit and drop off the few things that didn’t fit into the car.
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    It’s RTX 4 Review Day!!! Introduction: First, a huge thank you to MGS and Cleveland for this amazing opportunity to take part in this review! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike. This year marks 30 years of age and my 6th year of golfing. Over those 6 years, I’ve completely became a huge golf nerd! I’m blessed to have an amazing wife, and a corporate accounting job that lets me fuel the obsession. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me. This season I’ve really been exploring if my wedges are set up correctly in terms of gapping and the course conditions in Indiana. One of the biggest things I noticed was that I have a 100-yard problem. I have to take a lot off of my 50* set gap wedge to hit that distance, and my 56* maxes out at 90ish-yards. It’s to the point where I’ll take less than driver off the tee to make sure to avoid that 100-yard distance. To determine if my wedges are set up for the course conditions, I’ve been exploring my grinds. I am currently gaming the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges. This grind is made for diggers and soft conditions. While I can be known for taking a good divot, a lot of the courses I play are hard and fast. This is extremely true for the bunkers as well! I’ve been struggling with blading out of bunkers and always thinking it’s my swing rather than the bounce. Current Wedges: As I mentioned, I’m currently playing the Ping Glide 2.0 WS wedges in a 56* and 60*. I bought these wedges in 2017 after going through a wedge fitting through a local course. This was before I reviewed Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Academy, so my swing needed serious help as you may have read. The fitter suggested going with a wedge that has a lot of bounce to help me fight the chunk and trying to get out of the bunkers. He didn’t care on the brand, just as long as I had a lot of bounce. After hitting the Glide 2.0’s in thick rough, I knew those were the ones! Fast forward to a few weeks ago, a local pro shop was kind enough to lend me a demo Glide 2.0 wedge of the TS (low bounce option) grid to compare to my WS. The bounce difference….6* vs. 14*. We figured let’s play the extremes to see what I really like/need. The first few hits with the TS grind and I realized this is what I’ve been missing! These are all things I took into consideration when selecting the RTX 4 wedges. RTX 4 Wedges: If you haven’t read the MGS article on these wedges, you definitely need to check it out! https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-cleveland-rtx-4-wedges/ To recap that article, what’s new about the RTX 4 wedges over RTX 3? First, as you’d imagine, there’s a focus on getting more spin. What did they do to give you that spin? The other difference between the generations, and I believe more significant difference, is offering grinds with these wedges. With the RTX 3 wedges, all of the wedges had the v-sole. You can see below that the bounce just determined the position of the V. The RTX 4 wedges offer 4 different grinds, full, mid, low, and xlow. I think this makes them extremely more versatile in their offerings. We saw a similar trend with the Bridgestone wedges in an earlier review this year. They moved from a 1 grind option to 3 in their new wedges. I’ll be testing the “Mid” grind in the 54* and the “Xlow” grind in the 58*. What are each of those grinds meant to do? The “Mid” Grind: This grind would compare very closely to the RTX 3 wedges by having the V-Shaped sole. This is Cleveland’s all-around wedge grind. At 54*, this is the only option in terms of grind. I would have loved to see the “Low” grind in this wedge to cater more towards firmer conditions. I’m assuming that Cleveland believes that this degree of wedge will be used for primarily for approach shots into the greens rather than around the green. When looking at the options provided by Vokey and Ping at this degree, 1 grind seems a bit limiting. The “Xlow” Grind: If I had to choose a favorite before we started this review, this would be the grind. This grind has 3* of bounce. This grind is designed for extremely tight lies and hard conditions. My favorite wedge shot is to lay the face wide open and flop it. This grind should give me the ability to do that off of any lie. First Impressions: So I may have been watching my home security cameras all day at work until I say these clubs delivered…at last the FedEx guy comes!! Rushing home from work, I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning just waiting to tear into this box to see what’s inside. It doesn’t matter if you know what’s in there, you still can’t wait to see it. That anticipation didn’t disappoint by any means! See for yourself! These wedges look amazing! From the shine of the tour satin finish to the grooves laid into the toe of the club. Just looking at them makes you want to go out and swing them! I do have to say that I did a few practice swings and I noticed these feel heavier than Ping Glide 2.0’s. That is something I actually really love with my clubs. It allows me to keep track of the club head better during my swing. I can’t wait to get this review underway! What do I really need out of a wedge? Ability to open the face Flop it like it's hot! Distance control/trajectory Play off hard surfaces Both bunkers and fairways Confidence to get out of ROUGH Of course, stopping power Luckily, I have a great short game area at a nearby course that’ll be doing a lot of initial testing before I take them out on the course. Let the testing begin!!!
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    I beg your indulgence as this wrap up is going to contain a few Shakespeare references. As a former English teacher, some of the lines help me with this part of the process. Parting is such sweet sorrow... (Romeo And Juliet, Act 2, scene 2, 184) I've struggled to put down properly the correct emotions and stats to wrap up this challenge and review. I'm going to try and be clear and concise, but do apologize if I ramble. I guess the best place to start is with my overwhelming feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you MyGolfSpy, Cobra, and Arccos for this opportunity. It has been an incredible privilege and honor to participate in the challenge. I hope that I served the needs of the forum. Thank you, @GolfSpy STUDque. I am thoroughly impressed with your hard work and dedication to helping us and the forum members throughout this challenge. You helped guide and advise us competitors time and again to create a fantastic product for the forum. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of effort that went into this. Thank you for your effort. Thank you, @yungkory for being my partner in the 4 club challenge. I'm sorry that I didn't help in anyway give us a chance to win, but I appreciate you being willing to join me in the competition. Thank you, @Nunfa0 @Bucky CC @bardle and @robertson153. The banter and support has made this something that I never dreaded or felt was real work. You all inspired me to create content that benefited the forum, and to try and shoot better scores. I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks. (Twelfth Night, Act 3, scene 3, 14-15) Well. I guess it's time to talk about my play. At the beginning of the challenge, my Arccos handicaps were: And at the end of the challenge, my Arrcos handicaps are: Sooooo.... What happened? As I mentioned throughout the challenge, my scoring was not improving the same way as my fellow competitors. I've really tried to be honest with myself about what changed in my golf game throughout the challenge to cause my Arccos handicaps to change. (Please note, my USGA handicap is the same as at the beginning of the challenge, 14.5.) Was it the clubs? NO. Very much no. The best hypothesis that I have is that I stopped practicing during the challenge. I chose to spend my time and money playing rather than practicing these last 8 weeks, and that clearly was a mistake. I do not regret for a second that choice, as I have learned that I need more practice than play if I want to truly improve. As a competitive person, I strongly dislike that I had to learn by coming in last place in nearly every challenge week, but sometimes I'm too stubborn for my own good. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. (Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2, 250-251) While I did not set the golf course ablaze with amazing overall scores, I did have quite a few personal bests throughout the challenge. I am most proud that I finally had a round with more than one chip and down. Too bad I saved it for 3 days ago, not when the actual chipping week took place... This above all, to thine own self be true. (Hamlet, Act 1, scene 2, 78) So where do I go from here? The driving range of course! Did you see those handicaps? I'm so grateful for the last few months and what they have revealed about my golf game. I know that I need to focus on my work off the tee as it will hopefully set up the rest of my handicaps to fall. I am excited about the work to come. Getting better at golf takes work. Real work. How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? (Othello, Act 2, scene 3, 273-274) I know that I am one lucky and privileged S.O.B. Again, thank you. It sometimes can really hurt being the caboose, but this has been such a fun time, and a privilege to participate in this challenge. Whether we shall meet again I know not. Therefore our lasting farewell take. For ever and for ever farewell. If we do meet again, why, we shall smile. If not, why then this parting was well made. (Julius Caesar, Act 5, scene 1, 116-120)
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    71 7/14 fir 11/18 gir 28 putts Could’ve been a great round today, 3 lip outs and a skulled bunker shot. Overall hit it good. Putter is coming around which is very encouraging.
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    I love my Mizuno irons! Played 9 Big Boy on the cart path only wet course. Shot a 2 over 38 with one bird. Even the Cobra F8 Driver was working as best it could in wet fareways. Greens were perfect but a bit slow. No shoulder pain!!! None, nota! Did I mention I love the Mizuno irons! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    ANNNNNNND we're done! Well, the competition part is. There's still wrap-up to do but let's focus on the final week of another successful season: +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 8 Recap... Competitors: This week, our guys followed Caddie's advice through and through. This optional feature introduced some new course strategies to each player even if there was a touch of crazy in each. Shawties went low low low low as 4/5 competitors lived under Net Par. Great shooting guys!! Forum Members: There were many guesses, but only one that wins the prize. Over the course of the challenge, our golfers improved their handicap by a combined 14 strokes -- 21%! Would you like to reduce your handicap by 21%???? How about the whopping 47% that @Bucky CC reduced his by? The rich keep getting richer as our champ took this challenge by storm. So there you have it, the answer is 14-stroke improvement. @Wedgie with 13 was the leader in the clubhouse for most of the guessing until a late revision came in of 14.7 which beat him by .3 points. Congratulations to @MaxEntropy for earning yourself the power of data!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ What's Left? Sometime this week, the competitors will post their final wrap-ups to the challenge. This will include their current handicaps, "Personal Bests" list, total rounds played, and final thoughts. After that, I'll do the churn to establish the points for our "Overall Standings" and award our prizes. The big carrot remains out there for the Overall Forum Member Prize: F9 Driver Stay Tuned!
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    A couple we play with quite a bit at our course won a round for 4 at The Links at Moses Pointe in Moses Lake, WA and they invited my wife and I to play today. I was the only one that had played the course before... maybe 22 years ago in a pro-am when I was a 20-something handicap. I remember that I didn't play well at all because of my BIG slice. Today I shot 83 with 3 doubles. I hit 11/14 fairways, but only 6/18 greens. 32 putts. The greens were smooth and quick; I liked them, but I would need more time to get familiar with the subtle breaks. My wrist is still bothering me, and I found it difficult to get the most out of my driver. I was left with longish approach shots. When I got close enough, I did hit a few really good 7i and 8i shots. The #9 hole was one of the few holes that I remembered from the pro-am. It's a par 4 that if you hit a good tee shot by aiming at the "barber pole", the ball will roll down a steep slope to a flat area where the approach shot is over a pond. 22 years ago I hit probably my only straight shot of the day, but it got only halfway down the slope. Try hitting a 140y shot off a steep downhill lie to a green that is just over the water; no rough between the green and water. Today, I went to the right of the "barber pole" (pushed my tee shot) and it ran down the slope, but through the grassy rough and into fescue. I had a fairly flat lie 120y to the front; 138y to the back; green sloping back to front and the pin in the front. I wasn't sure I could get any club on the ball that would clear the water; 8i was the safe play to clear the water, but I would likely be on the back of the green with a quick downhill putt. I chose 9i. No guts; no glory! I took a mighty cut at it, and landed the ball between the water and the pin for a 4 foot straight uphill birdie. I know... stupid choice, but... #toursauce!
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    Today has been a trying day. First I backed into someone and caused a bunch of damage to my vehicle. I haven’t been in an accident since I started driving. So I was extremely embarrassed and shocked that I could possibly back into a parked car... [emoji15] Then 5 seconds after I asked my boys to stop rough housing they shattered a big slider window, and one of my sons is in the ER right now getting stitches on his hip/butt... thankfully it wasn’t his face or a major artery/vein. Definitely will be going inside at any signs of a thunderstorm from now on. Tell your kids you love them people! A reminder today for me that although his pain caused me pain, it could have been extremely worse.
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    I played fairly well... for me...lol. I shot 39 both sides for a 78. I'll take any score with a 7 in front of it every time!
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    And that's a wrap! We've reached the end. It's certainly bittersweet but I hope you all have enjoyed the competition throughout the summer. Special thanks to last year's group for blazing the train as we were able to use many of the lessons learned to benefit this year's challenge. Let's get a round of applause for our competitors who stuck it out the whole season! Alright. Let's wrap up the final results. For the overall category, the competitors were ranked based on their results throughout the whole challenge. This is where that hard work pays off in a measurable game improvement. It's a lot to describe so here's a table of everything that went into it: The overall category is worth 2 weeks value so it's not one to take lightly. With the late season surge, @robertson153 managed to jump over @bardle and make his way into the winner's circle. The two constants at the top remained as is with @Nunfa0 in 2nd and @Bucky CC as your champion. @Bucky CC won this challenge with consistent excellence as he only failed to place in one week of the entire challenge. It should be noted that he and @revkev BOTH put up amazing scores for the 4 club challenge but were overcome by lower net rounds. Everyone shot hot fire that week. Here's how the season played out: This leaves us with the following prizes: @Bucky CC Head to toe PUMA makeover (hat, shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes) PLUS a special trophy. I don't have artwork at this time, but Cobra is developing a special Euro License plate for Bucky's trophy case that signifies to all of his guests that he is the #CCC3 CHAMPION @Nunfa0 Wins the combined forum member prizes as he brings home a PUMA Hat, Shirt, and Shoes @robertson153 Can now match his fellow "Blue Blood" teammate @fozcycle with a PUMA Hat and Shirt And.....one final prize. The forum member GRAND PRIZE. 1600+ posts is a lot to go through so I called in the rest of the staff for their opinions. As a group, we came to the conclusion that the following member has earned the F9 SpeedBack Driver + Arccos due to the quantity and quality of posts to go along with the sheer stamina of participating in this thread, day by day, from start to finish. Congratulations @JohnSmalls !!!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone that participated to make this challenge the best test anyone could desire. I hope you all found it informative as well as entertaining. YOU are what makes this challenge so interesting. From MGS, a SUPER SPECIAL thanks goes to COBRA, PUMA, and Arccos for enabling this ground-breaking test. Hope we see you all back next year!!! Finally, to you data heads. Here's the link to the tracking spreadsheet in case you'd like to see how the sausage was made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZEe2Hv7tTMzL3vIdEe3WnvsLEir4u51v6G0D6VhmmSo/edit?usp=sharing
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    Coming Christmas Day! Baby #3 is a.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    - 40 (+4) - 6/7 FIR - 3/9 GIR (1 birdie) - 14 Putts (1 3-putt, 3 2-putts, 5 1-putts )  - 1:20 Round Time Normal Tuesday morning round was definitely great! The course got 3/4" of unexpected rain last night, on top of being irrigated, so it was pretty wet and slow. Epic Flash with the HZRDUS Yellow is a beast of a club. Hit all but one fairway, and the one that I missed, I missed long through the dog leg. Won't complain about that one. Birdied No. 1, nearly chipped in from 15 yards on No. 2 for birdie, left my birdie putt on No. 3 six inches short, and had putts on No. 4 and No. 6 lip out. Again, nearly a very low round for me. Had a great look at the green for my third shot on No. 9, and unfortunately, tugged my approach from 75 yards a little long and left behind the green. Hit a poor pitch that stuck on to the fringe before getting a great chip near the pin for a one-putt. Only shot I'm really kicking myself about! I read about half of Golf is Not A Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella last night and applied much of what I learned to my round. Amazing how mental state affects your game!
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    I'm gonna step in here and lock this one up. There are other places where this conversation is continuing on social media, and I don't expect we're likely to make things better by having another instance of it here in the forums.
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    Wilson Profile SGI Teen Set Review Old and Tom Morris, Davis and Dru Love, Jay and Bill Haas, Chad and Connor. What do all these duos have in common…okay what do three out of four of these duos have in common? I’d love to say my son, Connor, and I are as amazing a father and son golfing combo and the other three but sadly I, at least, never achieved my full potential (still holding out hope for the PGA Champions tour in a few years though). There’s still plenty of hope for Connor though. Which brings me into part one of the review for the Wilson Profile SGI Teen Complete Set. Let me back up a bit though and tell you a little bit about my fondest memories of golf. I’ll never forget playing golf with my Dad up in Michigan. He was a great golfer back in those days and I just liked to go out with him, swinging out of my shoes, trying as hard as I could to keep up with his monster drives. Even though we played quite a bit when I was younger, the golfing bug didn’t really hit me with full force until I was in my younger 20s. This was when I decided I wanted to put some effort into the game and play as well as I could. Flash forward 20 years and I’m hitting the ball further then my Dad ever did and we still love to play together. It’s how we bond. It’s also the same bond I always hope to have with my 12 year old son Connor. (Connor was 7 in the pic above) To tell you a little about Connor, he’s pretty big for his age. At 12, he’s already 5’6” and weighs as much as me. He attends golf camps every summer, at a local course in South Carolina, where he quickly earned the nickname “Tank”. We’ve been playing golf together since he was six years old and he’s gotten better and better over the years. In addition to the golf camps, he’s also taken private lessons with the golf pro that runs the camp, and he thinks Connor has tons of potential, especially with his size and strength. We are building that same bond my Dad and I had. He’s already got the golfing bug it took me too long to acquire. I haven’t gotten him into playing competitive golf yet, but I think he’s close to being ready. When we go out to play, I normally have him play from the red tees and his drives are very often further than mine are from the back tees. His biggest strengths are his length and chipping. His biggest weaknesses are his putting and a lack of understanding the rules (he loves that foot wedge!). These are two things we can work on though. I’ll have him ready for PGA in no time! (Tank) Connor has had many golf sets over the years. He grows so quickly that sets don’t last him very long. Last summer, Connor was playing a set of US Kids golf clubs meant for 10-13 year olds but his golf instructor told us he had outgrown them,when he was eleven, so I purchased him a Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 13.5 degree driver playing at 44.5” with a lightweight, regular flex shaft and a Big Bertha Fusion 5 wood at 41”, also with a lightweight, regular flex shaft. Those two clubs were game changers for him, as you could really see how far he can hit it with better equipment. His irons/hybrids on the other hand probably aren’t great for him. They are a set of Pinemeadow PGX clubs that look like Taylormade knock-offs. They were purchased with the intent for my wife to learn the game, but after sadly collecting dust for a couple of years, I figured maybe my son could get some use out of them. He’s hit some good shots with them but he’s also been inconsistent, so I’m not sure if they are the best fit. His sand wedge is an old Cleveland 588 RTX and his putter is a 33” Spider Tour that I kicked out my bag about a year ago. Protecting his driver is a Darth Vader head cover and the fairway wood is protected by none other than Yoda (good thing they are friends now in the afterlife). He’s has a golf towel with the words “MAY THE COURSE BE WITH YOU.” Housing all his clubs is Carolina Gamecock golf bag that he got for Christmas (as a Michigan State Spartan fan, this one hurts me a little). It’s a great golf bag though, with plenty of pockets and individual slots for every club. Now, on the new sticks. The Wilson Profile Teen SGI set comes with a 10.5 degree driver, a 5 wood, a 5 hyrbrid, 6-SW irons/wedges, a blade style putter and a golf bag. Most of the clubs, and bag, have yellow highlights on back of the clubs, which is perfect since yellow is Connor’s favorite color. The shafts are a made for Wilson shaft with a teen flex. The driver and fairway wood have graphite shafts and the rest of the set, including the hybrid, all have steel shafts. The grips are also made for Wilson but feel nice and soft in the hand. They are made for teens in the 5’3” to 5’8” range, which Connor is right in the middle of. Putting them up against his current set, they are about an inch shorter than what he has now, but he usually grips down on the club, so that should be perfect. (At least he's got the right shirt on in this pic) Initial impressions from Connor is that they look “cool” (he’s very insightful and descriptive). I think they are sharp looking clubs. Although Wilson makes some of the best clubs on the market, especially irons, most people look at their complete sets as cheap, but it looks to me like some thought went into this set. The driver presents a lot of loft and I’m convinced it’s more than 10.5” but I think Connor needs that. The 5 wood and hybrid look very forgiving, like it will be easy to get the ball up in the air. The irons have a thick topline and also look to pack in a lot of forgiveness. The wedge looks forgiving but also very playable from a variety of lies. The blade putter has soft looking insert and feels very light. It also comes with a thin grip which is very different from the Superstroke he has on his Spider putter. The bag is decent, but it lacks pockets (3) and isn’t nearly as nice as his current bag. If he didn’t already have a bag it would be sufficient. (Current iron on left, Wilson iron on the right) (Current driver on left, Wilson driver on the right) Our initial thoughts are as follows. He prefers his current Gamecock golf bag to the Wilson bag, so that contest was over quickly. The Wilson irons/hybrids seem to be a lot better fit than his current irons, so these will most likely make it into the bag and stay. The driver/fairway woods will battle it out to see what will make it into the bag. The putter will also have a tough battle to beat out the great Spider Tour but, if it performs, it might make it into the bag. Over the next several weeks, Connor will be putting all these clubs to the test. He will try them head to head on the range. We will use my Swing Caddie SC300 launch monitor to see what’s giving him the most consistent distance. He will also test some of these clubs on the course against his current set to see which one he strikes better. It will be a tough battle for some of these Wilson clubs but I think they have a good chance. Which clubs will win this epic battle? Stay tuned for the stage 2 review to find out. I know we’re excited to see what these things can do. (Time for a test run of the new sticks)
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    First, let me say THANK YOU to MyGolfSpy and Wilson Staff for this opportunity! Also thank you to my wife for helping get some great photos! My name is Gabe and I’m the proud dad to my daughter Mya. As any proud parent would do, I'll start with a photo. Mya is four years old and is at the very beginning stages of being introduced to golf. She has tagged along in the cart with mom and I for nine holes and attempted to hit balls in the yard or basement. Mya’s “beginner set” was a toy: One of the ranges nearby really tries to involve kids into the game of golf. They have a mini putt course and cut down clubs that are available for kids to use free of charge. The first time I took Mya to use the kids putting course, she turned to me and said “Dad, these clubs are my size, can I take them home?” It was then that I started to look into purchasing a set of real clubs for my daughter and wouldn’t you know it, just a few weeks later Mya was selected to review these clubs for Wilson! The other really cool thing about all this was the timing because these clubs arrived the day before Mya’s birthday. What a great gift! Mya really enjoys bringing her own clubs to the putting course. Just a few quick thoughts about me. I’m 34 and began playing golf in the late 90’s during the Tiger Boom. My plan is to just share my love for golf with Mya and hope that she develops a passion for it, as I have. I don’t plan to teach anything technical to Mya about the golf swing, I just want her to enjoy herself. The only thing I’ve corrected her on is hand position because she instinctively grabbed the club cross handed. While playing nine holes I like to let Mya putt when we reach each green. As she improves I’ll put balls on fringe and let her chip and putt while incrementally moving back until she tees off from about 25 yards, then 50, 100 etc until she can consistently hit full shots. Between rounds we will practice at the range and putting course and for a special treat we’ll hit Top Golf which was what first excited Mya about the game! This set was the Wilson Profile JGI Junior - Size Small. Mya was coming from a plastic set, so needless to say these clubs are a gigantic upgrade. Right out of the box I can tell these clubs are quality. The heads are heavy and you can really feel the weight of the club. Here are pictures from many angles, let me know if there is anything else you would like to see. Assuming this is a quality product (which all first impressions would indicate), this product should last Mya 4-5 years until she outgrows it. Mya currently falls into the low end of the recommendations at 43” tall. I’ve always viewed Wilson as a budget option and while budget may be accurate in terms of price, the quality is every bit as good as the leaders in the industry. Our main testing goals with this product is to determine the quality of the clubs (i.e. how they hold up to frequent use) and how easy they are to hit for the suggested age group. We will be testing by frequently hitting balls with all clubs and see how Mya gets better over time with practice. I will be tracking progress as Mya goes from hitting putts to getting the ball airborne with the iron and wedge. This has been her first time actually hitting real golf balls and some were airborne. So far so good! I’m very much looking forward to helping Mya test these clubs and reporting back to the community. As every parent knows spending quality time with your child creates such special memories and getting to do it on the course is just a cherry on top. Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do frequent updates on Mya’s progress. I’m eager to start this journey and I hope that those following along will benefit from our sharing this experience. Stay tuned...
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    So this happened today... [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks guys I am back--- LOL not a junkyard computer even though I will admit I did try a couple of junkers. Got a brand new Dell like the old one that lasted 12 years also got a brand new wireless modem. In other news the old pick up in the Avatar went out in a blaze of knocking and smoke but did bring me home one last time. In fact the old laptop went out in smoke too as in Zaaap but the screen was colorful kinda like a acid trip in the 60s. Actually loaded up the old pick up in one of our dumpsters from work and threw the old lap top inside
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    LYNX BLACK CAT IRONS Stage 1 Hello, my name is David. I live with my wife and daughter in Houston, TX. I am a veterinarian and accustomed to working with cats, so it is an honor to have been chosen as a tester of the Lynx Black Cat Irons. Growing up in Oklahoma, my Dad gave me a set of Walter Hagen Blades, persimmon woods, and a Gary Player Black Knight Putter. In junior high, I started playing with neighborhood friends. We had no idea what we were doing, but we had fun. (Our favorite part of a round of golf was a root beer float at the turn.) During college, I worked summers on a golf course so I could play. Starting out as a veterinarian, it was difficult for me to find time to play golf. For the last 10 years, I have not had to work as much which has allowed me to play weekly games of golf. I have become more passionate about the game. Last summer, our family was fortunate enough to visit the Monterey Peninsula. I played both Pebble Beach and Spyglass. (I was in heaven but did not have enough money to stay!) Currently my handicap is 15, but my Arccos Caddie after playing 16 rounds list my handicap as 13. I had a swing evaluation last winter at GolfTech. Watching the video allowed me to understand the improper mechanics in my swing as well as many proper mechanics. I have been working very hard to correct the improper mechanics. My ball flight has always been a fade to a slice. Implementing the teachings of Danny Maude and Clay Ballard (TopSpeedGolf) my ball flight currently is much straighter. Occasionally, I hit a slight draw, but my main miss is generally to the right. My tempo is smooth with a more effortless swing. I typically hit a 7 iron 150 yds. The first set of irons that I was fitted for was a set of Ping i3 Blades with Cushin Z Z65 shaft plus 0.5” and a 1* upright. My current clubs are Titleist 716 AP1 with KuroKage stiff graphite shafts plus 0.5” and a 1* upright. The specs I gave for my order of the Lynx Black Cat Irons were plus 0.5” and 1* upright, but I intentionally went with a regular graphite shaft to keep the weight of the overall club as light as possible. One of the things that I learned from my experience of winning the D7 Wilson Driver in the SpyStaffSlam 2019 Masters was that this shaft and driver combination was lighter than my current driver (so I have changed to a lighter shaft on my TS2 Driver). Lighter is more beneficial with a slow tempo swing that I am trying to encourage. I ordered oversized grips because I have large hands. https://youtu.be/o1O6qHUWayE The Black Cat irons ($650 in steel, $720 in graphite) are a hollow design that use a variable thickness face to improve ball speed consistency from on-center to off-center hits. Each head is filled with a polymer to support a thin face of just 2.0 millimeters. The standard set is six clubs, 5-iron through pitching wedge. In order to compare the new clubs to my current player improvement clubs, I plan on using the new clubs every time I play/practice until the evaluation is over. I will be evaluating their forgiveness, length, and accuracy to see if they get to stay in my bag. Through Arccos Caddie tracking and tour analytics, I will see if my play/statics with my irons are improving with the new clubs.
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    I bought the Eyeline Golf Impact Ball Liner after seeing an ad on Facebook, and I wanted to make sure I did a quick review for everyone here on the forums. I consider myself to be an above average putter. I two-putt more often than not, and recently with an improved chipping game I’m seeing many more one-putt holes. It’s not uncommon, however, for me to have two or three three-putts over 18 holes, especially if the greens are pretty speedy. GAME Golf actually places my putting strokes gained around that of a 15-20 handicapper, although because of the finicky pin system I’m not 100 percent confident in those numbers. Statistically, in my worst round this year I averaged 2.11 putts per hole; my best round 1.56 putts per hole. The Eyeline Impact Ball Liner made its way onto my radar after the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. The winner, Nick Lashley, was featured on Eyeline’s Instagram page because he is also a user of the Impact Ball Liner. I already was using the ball’s alignment aid for putting at the beginning of the year. After reading about Maxfli centering their alignment aid on the ball’s center of gravity, I purchased a Check-Go Pro, which I started using on all of my golf balls. I now use the Eyeline Impact Ball Liner in tandem with the Check-Go Pro. Using the Check-Go Pro, I mark the ball’s center of gravity using a washable marker. I then align the Impact Ball Liner along that line, and mark with a permanent marker. The remaining washable marker is easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Eyeline (and Hank Haney, the endorser of the product) claim the squared line will aid in making short putts, as the putter face is more easily-aligned to the desired start line at address. At $14.95 delivered for a three-pack, I figured it was worth a shot. Even if the line shaved one stroke a round, it would be well worth it. Initial Thoughts I’ve been playing with Eyeline-marked balls for 54 holes now, two 18 hole rounds and two nine hole rounds. During this stretch, I averaged 1.83 putts per hole. GAME Golf actually says statistically I am now a worse putter than earlier in the season. I’m not so sure about that. I love having the perpendicular line for alignment. It makes it much easier to place your ball with the center of gravity/alignment line on your intended line. Combined with the sightline on my TaylorMade Spider Tour Red, it’s now very easy to feel confident the face is matching the desired start line. Surprisingly, I am most enjoying the additional marking when teeing off. It’s awesome to have the line to better align my driver and irons from the tee box. I hit 6-of-7 fairways during a nine-hole round last week with my driver, and I believe the Impact Ball Liner is a huge reason for that. It is very nice to pick a target, align the line to that target and just make a good swing. It frees me up from having to find a divot or other item on the tee box to which to align my clubface. As far as negatives go, I wish these were sold in packs of two instead of three. I can see keeping a spare around, but I doubt I’ll ever use the third. I will probably end up giving it to my brother-in-law if he is interested. Also, the included marker is fatter than a Sharpie and a little more “wet,” if that makes sense. I marked my first few balls with the included marker, but realized it was bleeding under the cutouts and leaving smudges on the ball. The included marker also seemed to be easily rubbed off on the course. The second set of balls I did with a Sharpie and didn’t have issues with smudging or with the lines easily wearing. All in all, I find the additional marking to be very helpful to my game. I never used to be a big fan of heavy marks on my golf balls, but I think these marks in particular are going to help my score. I suppose if someone was handy with 3D printing these would be pretty simple to make. But for less than half of a box of premium balls, I think the price of the Impact Ball Liner is well worth it.
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    86 (45/41), 33% GIR, 36% FIR and 33 putts at Ko’Olina. Seeing how I had to borrow wedges, I’m pretty pleased with the round. This was the first round I played since I got back from my Tahoe trip and it was nice to get back to Hawaii golf!
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    *Disclaimer: I am happy with bogey golf. Driver was bombing it but 3 bogeys was the best that came of it. 1 FIR, 0 greenies, one ball OB, 4-three putts and a 53 on the front nine later and I’m reminded of why it’s called golf for my worst scoring round of the summer. My irons hit snap hooks allllll day long out of the middle of the clubface. And wedges were carrying10-15 yards long. Funniest bit, I didn’t lose my ball until the 9th tee shot. . But the best part is, I got to play golf today.
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    Played in a scramble today with a couple of my customers and all proceeds went to the Folds of Honor that benefits fallen and disabled veterans spouses and children. In terms of the golf, I played really well and had one of my best driving days that I've had in a long time. My team made alot of good putts, but I was able to sink a couple when it counted which was great. We ended up with a 58 for -14 and won the scramble by two shots. I also won a close to pin and long drive, but donated the winnings back to the cause. Really fun day and a lot of money contributed to a wonderful organization and cause.
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    A bit of an informal introduction to myself, my name is Chris and I’m from the upstate of SC. Most of my golf is also played in this area. I lurked MGS for a while, reading site news and user reviews, then finally made the plunge to become a member and donor back in January because I believe in the mission this site pushes. I’ve played golf for most of my life, but never more than 2-3 rounds, most of which were scramble tournaments and never practiced except for visiting the range the week before. I just relied on athletic ability alone and could manage to keep my game in the bogey golf range. About 1 1/2 years ago, I decided that I needed a new hobby, stepping out of competitive archery. Since I could already hit a golf ball fairly strong, figured I’d try golf out. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials and would spend many hours on the range, trying to get the right “feels” for what I was after. That got me pretty consistent mid 80 rounds, occasional breaking 80 but also not being able to break 90 some days. I knew I had more in the tank and I wanted more. I found a great coach based on the recommendation of my director at work (Todd Ellison @ TGM Golf Academy in Easley, SC) and started taking lessons over the past winter. That’s helped get me to where I am now, though I’m still not where I want to be. But, those of you with young children know, time is a very valuable thing and something more precious that a shot or two off a score card. This is me and my oldest daughter, my youngest will start the First Tee program this fall and I’ll have both of my minions on the golf course with me. In my game though, wedges and scoring irons are where I place the most emphasis during my range practice sessions. Depending on the length of the hole, potential trouble, etc… I’ll pick a target number off the tee and hit the club to get me where I want to be, whether it’s driver, 3w, or an iron. I’ve spent a lot of time on the range this past year, dialing in distances from <150, but really focusing on <125 as that is my goal for most par 4s in our area. Working on swings from 9-3, chest to chest, shoulder to shoulder, and ear to ear. I stumbled on this video on Youtube one day… …and took the thoughts to the range. It’s not perfect and is still a work in progress, but what a game changer this has been for me in learning to control my distances. I love the wedge game in golf. I have always loved to watch Phil Mickelson play and his manipulation of the ball around the green. When I see a video of Phil offering short game advice, I listen intently. Mmmmhmmm fresh grooves!! We all know that golf is an incredible challenge, but it’s also a great way to meet other people. Both of these are my top two reasons why I play this game. I love the fact that I’ll never beat it and will constantly be striving to get better, but I’ve also made some really good friends. Anyhow, on to the meat of why you’re all here. In my bag, you’ll find… Taylormade M3 8.5 with Project X Evenflow White 75 6.5 Callaway Rogue 15* 3w with Project X Evenflow Black 75 6.5 Srixon Z965 3-P irons with Nippon C10 X Prototype shafts Titleist SM7 50.08 F (bent 1* weak) / 56.08 M / SM6 58.12 K with DG S400 shafts Odyssey Black Series #3 I broke down this season and purchased new wedges. I had noticed that I wasn’t getting near the spin on my wedges and knew it was time. It was a night and day difference with the consistency in flight and holding on the greens. My Vokeys are only a few months old, so hopefully the testing with the RTX 4 wedges will be able to provide some interesting comparisons. I don’t have a huge gap difference in the last two wedges, but the main reason for this, for me, varying turf conditions and having versatility around the greens, whether chipping from the fairway, playing out of compacted or fluffy bunkers, tight lies, and early morning water run-off mushy lies. I have 100% confidence in that 58K grind from a greenside bunker, which is going to be interesting to see how the RTX4 58 Mid grind will compare. It doesn’t mean I always execute the shot, but I believe I can and that’s over half the battle. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked hard on my game since the beginning of this year. I’ve worked my handicap down to where my current trend is a 4.4. Scoring for me really depends on how my driver cooperates and I’m getting off the tee. If I can get off the tee and keep the ball between the stakes, it’s going to be a pretty good scoring day. I’ve always been a pretty good scrambler and would say it’s a strength to my game. I would describe my tempo as moderate to quick with an average swing speed with my driver 113.6 and 7 iron 93.2 mph from my last TrackMan session. When I reach 100 yards, I’m grabbing my gap wedge and swinging my smooth shoulder to shoulder swing. I can flight this shot high or low depending on the conditions, but my favorite is a lower trajectory, knock down that hops one time and stops on the green. It’s a swing feel that I’ve really grooved in since winter. My typical ball flight is a fade. I chased trying to change my swing to work a draw, but I found the fade more consistent and easier to control. My biggest miss with a driver is when I leave the face too open relative to my club path and hit a high, go nowhere, slice. With my short game, my biggest miss is usually a blocked out, push to the right. The strength of my game is definitely from 150 yards in to the green. I have confidence that from that range, I’m going to be able to give myself a decent look at birdie. My biggest weakness has nothing to do with my swing, but my ability to keep focused for a full 18 holes. ***INITITAL IMPRESSIONS*** Now to the dessert… So with this testing opportunity, I opted to go with 52 and 58 mid grinds. A good friend of mine, who’s also my club builder, asked what I thought and the best description I can give is they are a match made in heaven with my Srixon irons, especially the 52*. The mid sole grind fits as if they’re a direct extension from irons. The turf interaction is amazing. If I miss slightly fat, I don’t lose much at all as they just don’t dig into the dirt. I love a black finish on wedges as it helps reduce glare from the sun. I will say though, I prefer the look of the flat black finish of my Vokeys vs the satin black finish on the RTX4, but the finish on the RTX4 wedges after two 18 hole rounds and three 9 hole rounds show no wear, except for some sand nicks on the face, but that’s going to happen. The RTX4 wedges frame the ball well and are pleasing to the eye at address. I haven’t had a chance to hit these wedges on a launch monitor yet to compare them to my Vokeys, but from my on course testing they definitely seem to spin more than my Vokeys did brand new. With my Vokeys, on controlled swing shots from 50-100 yards, the best I ever got was the one hop stop and even a couple feet worth of roll out on some shorter shots where they weren’t picked as clean. With the RTX4, that roll out has disappeared and on the longer range shots with each wedge, the ball will pull back to near the initial contact point on the green. I hope to get on a monitor at some point so I can have some definitive numbers. The biggest difference though that I have noticed thus far is bunker play between the Vokey 56M and 58K grinds vs the RTX4 58 Mid. The Mid grind plays almost between these two. In the past, if the bunker was compacted or shallow, I’d grab my 56M. If it is soft and deeper sand, I’d grab the 58K. I’ve found that the RTX4 58 Mid is workable in both situations, but it’s not near as consistent in soft/deeper sand. It does tend to get caught up in those bunkers a bit more, but does fine in a bunker that’s shallow or compacted. There was one instance I was in a bunker where the sand was moderate, not super soft, but not compacted either. I opened the face on the RTX4 58 Mid, and tried to launch the ball up high because the green was elevated about 6 foot from the base of the bunker and the pin was short-sided. I’ve never had this happen before, but the wedge cut a ½” gash in the cover of my Srixon that went down beyond the urethane cover. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I got rather aggravated in the heat of the moment and slung the ball in the woods after the hole because it was on the first hole and a brand new ball. I’ll try to duplicate it again during my next practice opportunity to see if it was a one off thing or if this may be a problem with the combo. It hasn’t happened since, but I’ve not had any other shots where I was trying to pull off that type shot. Maybe it was just the super fresh grooves on the wedge which is where I lean towards being the cause. One last thought, so far there are things that I prefer with each wedge vs the other. I’ll expand on that more in the stage two portion of my review, but my initial thoughts are that you can’t go wrong with either one. The versatility in stock grind options from Vokey are what really separates them from the pack in my opinion, but the Cleveland RTX4 lineup is more than able to hold it’s own. Also, you can’t go wrong with a DG Tour Issue S400 as the stock option! It is a nit-pick complaint, but I do prefer solid black ferrules rather than the white rings. Please feel free to ask any questions or things you’d like to know!! Thanks again MGS and Cleveland for this opportunity.
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    Stage One – Tester Introduction Hey everyone, this is my first opportunity to be a tester for ANYONE in the golf industry. I’ve applied many times and finally broke through. Let me give you a little background about myself and my game. I may not write like the average tester because I’m new to this and I want to try and keep your attention. I get very bored of the “typical” equipment reviews I watch, so I’ll try my best to keep it entertaining and it will definitely be a real honest review. The Personal Questions My name is Tim Secor from Wallkill NY. I am 25 minutes from West Point, approx. 1.5 hours north of NYC. I am 51 years old but still think I’m 19 for some reason. I play mainly in my immediate area at Mansion Ridge (Jack Nicklaus course) and Apple Greens in New Paltz NY. I have been golfing since 12 years old and my late father taught me the game and I have loved it ever since. Played in high school and went to the state championship my senior year. Had an opportunity to play D3 golf but passed on that opportunity because I was young, stupid and had no idea what I was doing as a 17 year old college student. I am an ok player, not great. I love this game for too many reasons to list here but mainly because it’s the toughest sport I've ever played and that includes football. Its so rewarding and you can play it until you can’t walk. I love the “gentlemen’s nature of the game. There is simply no other sport like it and the fact my dad taught me the game, well that makes it special. The Golf Questions I usually play to a 10 HDCP when I play a lot, but more realistically I hover around 13-15.My swing tempo is medium with slight aggressiveness (if that makes sense). I try to keep the tempo as smooth as I can or I start spraying it all over the course. I usually pull a 7-iron for my 150 club but I am noticing that distance is getting tough for me. For the first time in my life, I feel I am starting to lose a little distance. That bugs me. My typical ball flight is high. I like to hit high shots that land softly with not a lot of backspin. I am a straight player and do not hit fades. I’ll draw it a little when I can but usually I'm a straight shot guy. My misses are pulls normally and my strengths are scrambling around the green. I‘ll miss 50% of my greens during any given round but I can get up and down quite frequently when I need to. I think that’s my biggest area of confidence. Weaknesses? There are plenty. I drive the ball pretty good, hit the hybrid pretty good, but my long irons are in need of serious work. I hate pulling those clubs and will resort to a hybrid whenever I can. I don’t even carry a 3I any longer. I currently game the Titleist 712 CB’s which have been awesome but I am starting to miss more often nowadays. Maybe it’s time for a change. I was fit by a Titleist specialist and was fit into AP1’s or Ap2’s. He said I could play both but suggested AP1’s. I hated the way the Ap1’s looked and LOVED the CB’s. He did not recommend it, but I went with it anyway. That’s how I am. A pro makes a suggestions and I'm like “nah, I can play the CB”. That’s my mentality when it comes to someone telling me I can’t do something. It’s not that I thought I knew better, I took it as a challenge for some reason. I do not regret it at all as I have shot some of my best scores of my life with the CB’s. First Impressions My first impression of the set was a mixed bag. When I first saw the cavity back I thought the color scheme was nice (black and silver with a touch of red) and the black and red lamkin grips went well with the True Temper XP 85 shafts. The next thought when I looked at them from the address position was “OMG”! You can tell right away these lofts are jacked up and the number on the club means absolutely nothing. I am used to playing traditional lofts and these sticks are no doubt a completely different ball game. I am admittedly a traditionalist but am starting to embrace the modern club and game. Right after that, I thought “I am going to hit my 7 iron 190 now” and my friends I play with are going to be shocked. Given the fact I am concerned about losing distance, this could be a game changer……on the surface anyway. I understand the lofts are two clubs longer at a minimum. Dicks Sporting Goods describes the Atomic Irons as such “Distance, forgiveness and feel converge to form Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons. Featuring a traditional cavity back design, ATOMIC Irons combine a DAT-55 Titanium Cup Face and steel body through a patented brazing process to produce explosive distance. A 60g Tungsten weight designed into the sole moves the Center of Gravity low and toward the toe to elevate forgiveness and MOI. The multi-material construction unlocks optimal response and sound at impact.” This is where my brain starts going “blah blah blah”. We have heard this type of marketing for years and years, so while I read it, I basically ignored it. I looked for some key words but I’m more interested in straight performance, feel/sound and results. I hear guys talk like this on the course and I just chuckle internally because im a skeptic when it comes to putting “technology’ in pieces of steel. Dick’s also says “Traditional cavity back club head features a low Center of Gravity placement and a more classic aesthetic at address” – I disagree with this and maybe it’s an age thing, but my version of classic aesthetics are “blade-ish” . I don’t think these look bad or anything, but this marketing does not fit my definition. The 4I at address looks like a driving iron with the back cavity protruding past the top line (see below). That’s a more modern look to me. The Titanium cup face and hollow steel body is interesting to me because im interested in ball speeds and distance. Is this marketing or will you get real life on course results? It’s interesting because they lighten the construction, then drop Tungsten into the mix. I am very interested to see how the weight distribution plays into my game. Will technology change me as a player and change my archaic mindset I seem to have? “Back in the day”, the Tommy Armour 845 was a “sleeper” club in my opinion. Along with Ping, I think they used advanced groove technology to help with backspin on approach shots. A few of my friends used them and still game them today, so they have reached legendary status in some people opinions. As other companies took over the market, this brand disappeared. Once again, all marketing and nothing to do with the quality of the club. Now they seem to be making a comeback, similar to the Hogan brand. Teaser As I get these out onto the course, I’ll be looking mainly at performance. Who cares about how the club is built or how the cup face works. When you are on the course, you want your club to help you SCORE and attack pins. Once the marketing bug wears off, it’s all about how you flush it and how many birds or pars you can make. Even though im huge into how a club looks at address, I am trying to train my brain to ignore that stuff. These clubs claim to be longer and more explosive (than what club?, yea that’s marketing for you) and Dicks has used every marketing term to promote these clubs as a “forgiving performance” club, so I’m very interested to see how they feel on the range and on the course. I’m looking for a new modern gamer to replace my Titleist 712 CB’s, so I’m excited to find out if this is the club for me. If I start “hitting bombs” like Phil Michelson says, I’ll game these moving forward. The next two weeks will be critical as my testing will be hyper critical. I’ll be on the range, on the practice greens and then on the course. Stay tuned!! So, feel free to HMU and ask me anything you wish. If you want to see certain tests, let me know. This is about US as consumers, not just me. Let’s take this journey together. Ciao for now.
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    It's official!! My wife sold her photo business of 22 years today. She is still running her non-profit foundation, so she is semi-retired. Now what an I going to do with her around the house and golf course more often??
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    Before I start, I just want to thank the moderators, Cobra, and Arccos for putting this together. I've done my best to live up to their expectations and I truly can't say enough about how well put together this challenge was and how thankful I am to have been chosen to represent the forum. A big thank you to my other competitors as well for keeping things interesting and providing some really incredible reviews of the equipment. Of course, I have to thank my teammate @Wedgie for supporting me no matter what! I started this thread with some baseline numbers that were pretty representative of how I was playing: I ended up improving in a pretty big way and came out to a 19.7 overall handicap, here are the rest of the numbers: I'm VERY happy with my improvement. I'm sure no one here is surprised that the only stat that did not improve is my driving...I just can't figure it out. I'm beginning to think its a forgiveness thing and that I just do not have a consistent enough swing to make it work with this driver. I've tried everything possible. Higher loft, lower loft, draw setting, weight front and back, nothing seems to give me any kind of consistency or confidence. Other than that, I love every single club in the bag and of course, the bag itself. There was so much hype about the one lengths being problematic or not giving me good distance, short irons being too long, etc... I am here to tell you that is all a load of crap. They work, they just work. I've shown you distance, and accuracy. Checking my stats in Arccos now against my baseline stats: My long iron GIR % is up 10.3% (175 yds - 230 yds) My short iron GIR % is up 3.4% But my % of misses short of the green has dropped 26.6%!!! Wedge GIR % is up 31.2%!!! (inside 135 yards) Suffice it to say I am in love with the wedge and irons. I kinda like hitting those 275 yard bombs with the 3 wood too. Pretty good improvement to have not taken a lesson. Also this improvement is only over 13 rounds. Which is a pretty typical amount for me over an 8 week period. Its actually more than I would normally get by about 5 rounds. Here are my personal bests: My favorite is the 0 eagles achievement, kinda mean but also funny...I think... Again I just want to thank all the forum members for participating and keeping this thread alive, without you guys we would have been all kinds of bored talking to each other. I sincerely hope you've all enjoyed putting up with me and my sometimes ranting / lengthy reviews. Please continue to ask questions...in the meantime I'll continue to outdrive people with my 5 iron (Who needs that stupid driver anyway).
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    So I definitely didn't bring my golf game with me on this trip, but I had a blast regardless. Here are my scores from my last two rounds. Edgewood 98 (97 ESC, 47/51), 43% FIR, 39% GIR and 36 putts. Absolutely phenomenal course and while I'm disappointed with how I played, I'm happy I was able to play the course! Incline Village Championship Course 93 (92 ESC, 50/43), 36% FIR, 22% GIR and 32 putts. This course is a sleeper in the area and it was a CLOSE second behind Edgewood. But man there were some tight tee shots. I was wild off the tee on the front, but somewhat got my s*** together on the back. The views and course condition were amazing and I highly recommend this course! Overall I only shot one round in the 80s, which is a bummer, but looking back on the six rounds I've played since last week, I'm just grateful to have the opportunity to play such amazing courses. As for my game, I'm going to keep grinding to reach my golf goals!
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    While the honeymoon phase is over with these clubs, I can honestly say my tee game has improved since I’ve had the G410 goodies in my bag. My scoring, however, has probably gotten worse due to my iron and wedge play. Regardless it’s nice to have confidence on the tee because I’ve always believed that’s one of the main keys to success in this crazy game. All that said, during my second round of the weekend I used my 2H and 4 Crossover more thanks to several par 3s that were close to or over 200 yards and usually into heavy wind. The Crossover performed nicely, but my shot of the day with with the 2H. #8 at Mamala Bay is a 305 yard, dogleg left par 4. There’s a tree in the distance probably 20 yards past the dogleg to aim it and I hit probably the best shot I’ve hit to date with my 2H. I’m talking flushed, center face contact that sounded amazing. The end result? A 268 yard hybrid tee shot! I’ve said it several times before, but the G410 line is the real deal y’all!
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    First #finditxrayit done Callaway ERC Soft, new in box Seems to be lots of higher density imperfections, cores look a little inconsistent but this may be a technical issue. I’ll add more as I do them. It’s an interesting technical challenge, I might have to write a paper [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    36 (Par 37) 6/7 fir 4/9 gir 12 putts!!! (15 if you count 3 from off the greens, but Arccos counts those as chips so whatever) A bit of an anomaly putting-wise, but tied my personal best for 9 holes today. Had a clean card until #7 where a bogey brought me back to even. Drained a 20' putt from the fringe to finish with a birdie. Felt like I was just seeing the line and making everything center cup, very nice feeling!


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