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Iliac Golf in 2014-Bert Goes Lifestyle!

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The business of writing about the golf industry is complicated.  It's layered with skepticism, advertising dollars, and media speak.  Ask any of the varied Golfspy writers, and I am sure they'll tell you, it's not easy to provide content that sustains your interest over time.  The age of rapidly evolving product cycles certainly contributes to this.  As readers, you don't like seeing much of the same or advancements in technology that renders your 6 month old product, obsolete.  Even more challenging is providing innovative ways to present new product in golf apparel.  A friend of mine got so tired of it, he just started his own apparel line.

There are basically three ways to classify golf apparel brands.  New brands that are simply looking to expose their name and designs.  They leverage sites like ours to bring their concepts to life.  Then there are the established companies. They appreciate sustained coverage because of their proven track record of consumer confidence and are often partnered with equipment manufactures.  The third is my personal favorite.  Boutique companies that are not new, nor are they common household names in apparel.  They've got a reputation for quality, and usually do not need to seek out media because the writers will come to them.  Why?  Because they produce a line of apparel that's different than anything else in the market.  They continue to produce product that maintains reader interest.

Since 2005, Iliac Golf has grown into that third category of golf apparel.  Iliac Golf isn't new to you, nor is the guy behind it, Bert LeMar.  He's transformed what began as a golf accessory business into broad-spectrum apparel line in eight years.  This year, Iliac has expanded their outerwear line, and have started to dabble in lifestyle selections.  This has become a growing trend in golf apparel, offering items that can be worn off the golf course.  I believe more golf apparel companies should do this.  If you have a great brand, why limit your design portfolio.  If a customer likes what you're doing on the golf course, they're going to like what you produce off the course as well.  

The Feathery Fleece Dual Layer-British Red Pure White Jacquard

Yes, I'll give Bert some credit, it certainly is a creative name to describe this piece.  If I were asked to name it, I would simply call it the red fleece pullover that fits perfect, is extremely soft and ultra warm.  That's exactly what it is.  The pullover is designed to provide a great deal of warmth without the weight.  It's a tailored fit that was designed with the golf swing in mind, not too loose, and not too tight.  I am 5'11”, 185 pounds, with a 44” (granite-like) chest.  I found that although the large did fit, it was just a bit too restricting in the back, chest and shoulders.  In an XL, this fit perfect, so I recommend ordering up one size unless you want this to fit close against the body.  Retails for $175 


iliac golf apparel01.jpg
iliac golf apparel02.jpg

iliac golf apparel03.jpg

iliac golf apparel04.jpg

Apres Golf-Iliac Denim Jean

I believe the Iliac jeans are the beginning of the future of Iliac Golf.  This is their first venture into their lifestyle, or off-course offerings.  As I mentioned previously, this is a trend in golf apparel that is a welcomed addition.  If I am a customer on the golf course, I want to be one at work, out to dinner, or around the house.  True to form, you can readily detect that a lot of planning went into the design of the jeans.  They are a slim-fit denim that offers plenty of stretch properties as to not cause discomfort in areas that need a little extra give.  They're not in the “skinny jeans” category, but they're not loose fitting either.  They're a slim fitting, mid-weight jean with a tailored appearance.  They are a dark wash denim with the waist fitting true to size.  Unlike almost every other denim offering, the length is cut to your exact inseam specifications.  They also feature the red leather, Iliac Golf our crest on the bottom left pant leg.  They truly are a fantastic pair of jeans.  Retails for $185


iliac golf apparel09.jpg

iliac golf apparel10.jpg

iliac golf apparel12.jpg

iliac golf apparel13.jpg

iliac golf apparel14.jpg

iliac golf apparel16.jpg

Apres Golf-The Date Night / Wrinkled Light Weight Cotton Flannel

The date night shirt is the perfect pairing to the Iliac jeans.  It has the fit and finish of a tailored dress shirt and fits true to size.  Although this is described as a light weight “flannel” is has the feel of a casual cotton shirt.  It's designed with “Checked Ginham, luxury poly” which is an easy care fabric.  It's designed to go right from the dryer to the hanger, with no additional maintenance required.  The Date Night features the leather red tour crest on the left sleeve as well.  Bert describes the Date Night as one of his favorite pieces in the line.  Like the jeans, the Date Night is well designed, and a perfect companion for a sophisticated, casual dress-up look.  Retails for $165


iliac golf date night shirt01.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt02.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt04.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt06.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt07.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt08.jpg

iliac golf date night shirt09.jpg

I believe 2014 is a transition year for Iliac Golf.  They are the full-line apparel company that I consider to be the best in golf.  They are lead by a man who's sole focus is on his product and the game we love.  He's just like us, and golf is a big deal to him.  Iliac's tour presence is dominated by their leather head covers.  However, he's building an apparel staff and currently has three on the PGA Tour, and two more on other professional tours.  

Iliac is now offering lifestyle selections, which I believe is going to be a trend for sustainable consumer loyalty, especially with the boutique brands.  It will also cross pollinate into consumers that do not golf, but appreciate the designs.  The new lifestyle selections are so well designed, I believe Iliac will generate attention from high-end retailers that have the same feel as the prestigious golf courses that currently carry his line.  Much like his golf apparel is displayed and sold at Hazeltine here in Minnesota, his lifestyle line would compliment selections inside Neiman Marcus.  Is this the next step for Iliac? I am not sure, but it does seem logical from an outsider looking in.

Iliac Golf is one company that does not reach out to me here at MyGolfSpy.  They remain one of the few brands I believe to be good enough to initiate regular contact. They seem to have that perfect formula and in my opinion, produce the best full line apparel brand in the game.  


iliac golf apparel05.jpg

iliac golf apparel06.jpg

iliac golf apparel08.jpg

Iliac Golf Highlights

-Apparel designed and Made in the U.S.A.
-Selections are made to order, and can take 15-30 days to receive.
-Not available in “big-box” retailers for a unique look unlike any other in golf.
-Lifestyle selections available to wear off course.
-Thoughtfully designed, well constructed garments designed by a man with a passion for golf.
-Keeps the line fresh and updated with detailed interaction on social media.
-Full line of golf accessories and head covers
-Increasing presence on the PGA Tour.

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Where does the waist on those jeans sit, they look super high waisited from the photo.

They sit normal, I can take a picture with them on.  I am pretty good at that.

Strange direction, but interesting

Why do you believe the direction is strange?

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The jeans, casual more off course feel they are going for, that's all.

John Barry

Bring the Funk, Back to Golf

The Golfer's Trip






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Bert and his team are wonderful.   I have ordered several items from their shop.  Their customer service is outstanding and the quality is top notch.   If you want to elevate your game to the next level then look no further then Lliac Golf.   They are the best.  



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Bert and his team are wonderful.   I have ordered several items from their shop.  Their customer service is outstanding and the quality is top notch.   If you want to elevate your game to the next level then look no further then Lliac Golf.   They are the best.  



Have to agree with that Scott.  But, when you're small business, if you don't have top notch personalized customer service, you're sure to fail.  Almost a necessity, but iliac has that nailed.

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