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  1. Good morning MGSpies on a beautiful last Sunday in May in WNY, perfect for a second day of mulching, this time my own gardens having completed the in-law's gardens yesterday.  Hot coffee is already making it a better day ☕ and seeing the Clicgear 4.0 push cart test announced, what could make it even better?!  Maybe someone else to do the mulching haha hope golf is a part of your day ⛳

  2. 5 minutes ago, sloshko said:

    I joined to gain some knowledge from your testing of the best new golf clubs and balls. Very informative. 

    And congratulations are in order for your first post, and what an auspicious post it is!  Welcome in to the Forum and post as often as you want to in whatever threads you want to comment on.  It is after all as much your forum as it is mine and I hope you find as many good friends here as I have.

  3. Good morning MGSpies on this weekend that marks the "official start of Summer" in WNY that runs through to Labor Day weekend.  Brilliant sunshine already in the low 40s that is forecast to high 70s going up to the 80s through to next weekend.  Hot coffee ☕ keeping the calm going while getting the enthusiasm engaged to get mulch from HD for in in-laws gardens and our own.  

    Thankful for comments in Random Thread for yesterday's round "atrocity" of the random player who made my threesome into a foursome, on the 4th green approach, pulled my 6 iron from my bag to talk about it while I was chipping on with my 9 and later I discovered he had put it back where the 9 goes so pulling what I thought was the 6 for the par-3 6th hole, the cleanly hit shot splashed the sand bunker short of the elevated green, and my disappointment in my club became an internal outrage that the creep had caused the switched clubs and I chose to let the creep act that way alone.  I can read numbers and letters as easily forwards as backwards, upside down, and inverse so 9 and 6 are easily missed.  I believe someone doing something similar will not evoke unpleasantness from me because golf is my peaceful place and I refuse to let anything disturb my serenity.  I will never however extend anything more than a social greeting as 9 holes of association exceeded my tolerance.

    Hope your day and those in it are agreeable and pleasant and hope golf is a part of your day ⛳

  4. A tale of playing with a favorite threesome and a tag-along fourth.

    We arrived at our 5:30 tee time early and watched the 5:20 foursome play out the par-4 1st when we were joined by a very kind and equally vivacious man who quite resembled us in many ways.  Apart from just meeting there was good chemistry and the round started out well through the next 4 holes.

    At  the 4th green this fourth, I will call him Bob, reached into my golf bag and pulled out one of my clubs talking about how unusual the design was, First Strike hybrid irons.  Said something about how he has a 6 iron of similar design blah blah blah.  I was not upset because I was right there but thought he was taking liberties reaching into my bag as he was without asking first.

    The 6th is par-3 with a guarding sand trap short of the green.  I pulled out the 6 I usually use and hit it clean only to have the ball splash in the sand (low level sun does that kind of display) and I was disappointed my usual club for that hole had failed me this time.  As I put it back into the bag I discovered I had hit with the 9 and the 6 was where the 9 should have been.  When Bob had pulled out the club he had put it back in the wrong place because I was using the 9 to chip onto the 4th green and without thinking put the 9 in the empty 6 slot.

    The resentment descended like a curtain on stage in the theater and all the way up the 7th fairway he was walking nearby  as the other two were going up the left rough to the green while I was hitting middle of fairway to right rough.  I filled in my regular partner about the parting of the ways and he said "oh boy" when I pointed out that my friends would never touch each others clubs but this newcomer took liberties to help himself and then didn't take care to undo what he had done without leaving a trace.

    What do you think?  Was this an over-reaction on my part and should be accepted as something people do or was it a predictable reaction based on an inappropriate act by someone who should not have reached into someone's golf bag to handle a club belonging to someone else without asking if he could?  

    Signed: Not Amused in the Empire State.

  5. 3 hours ago, sirchunksalot said:

    It's going to happen, I was thinking about tomorrow evening or Sunday after I didn't go today. Tomorrow might be a wash as far as playing, the wife has plans for me to do some grilling. 

    I have an 8:20 tee time (Central Time) on Tuesday at Fall Creek Falls golf course in Pikeville, TN with some friends at work. Should be a fun round as I have never played there. Lots of bunkers around the greens, the Snakebite wedges may be getting a workout. 


    I'm super excited about that round, it's all me and my work buddies have been talking about since Tuesday. 


    Totally awesome Jason!  Can't wait for the photos and report of your first round!

  6. 1 hour ago, jj1010 said:

    It honestly depends on the day, but most of the time I'm scared to death if I have a 3-4 footer and that's just because I have no confidence my stroke will be the same each time!

    Go to the basics and remove as much movement in your body as possible.  Do it at home standing on a carpet without a ball.  Everything waist down should not move.  Everything from shoulders to clubhead should not move.  Only motion should be shoulders around the spine.  Think of a grandfather clock how it stands there not impressively doing more than not moving except for the pendulum going back and forth.  The pendulum is fixed and doesn't wiggle, just an easy back and forth motion.  My eyes actually follow the clubhead which is why I prefer a mallet design with the longest line so I can see if it is going in a straight line against the background blur of the carpet or grass.  The ball is only important for contact at the leading edge of the alignment line.  Speed of putt is about the amount of backswing that dictates the speed of the clubhead going forward.  Then add a ball and see how it reacts to contact with your putter swing and adjust contact not the swing.

    Practice practice practice until it feels wrong to putt any other way.

  7. 6 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Because of all of you (MGS Community) absolutely killing it and creating so much activity and work I finally broke down and got a second screen which is much needed and will hopefully help me keep a little more organized. 

    When you're working with multiple apps it's the only way to be able to jump between them easily. This is my at home basement office space (and it's only warm enough to not need extra layers for maybe 3 months a year. (All screen content chosen for the photo)


    1 hour ago, StrokerAce said:

    I cannot imagine working without one. I actually picked up a 34" widescreen on amazon over the holidays and it's amazing. 

    Mine accumulated over time but work supplied a 24" that's perfect for working at home in combination with my 20" and laptop screens. Red Rooster box on the work laptop and screens center and left are 3 screens for my finance office job.

    1 hour ago, BKervin said:

    Loved 2 screens when I was working!  Good luck

    Still just 2 screens with my personal laptop on the right of the Red Rooster box. Kinda obvious with the Forum page showing.

  8. 12 minutes ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    For when and if we are able to get this off the ground we likely won't be doing much in the way of clothing to start. 

    It will more accessories and and patches etc. 

    Start small and work our way up. 

    The main site will likely have a larger catalog of items and clothing options.

    Sounds like a good way to grow the Forum membership by being able to Rep the group.  Starting small might be good to begin with t-shirt and then go to polo design.

    @GolfSpy TCB could have a line specifically to the Forum Tour players (though probably best to not put the QR code on the front as people might get the wrong idea taking a photo of someones chest) as the bag tag would take care of that requirement.  Once we get a breakthrough player onto the PGA Championship the demand is going to exceed supplies, just saying,

  9. 3 hours ago, Q22Golf said:

    AW is on the chopping block! I got it to have another distance into the green, but I cannot hit it! It is a Taylormade M6. I'm also for sure keeping my PW TM M6 and other wedges that are Lazrus. I do love them!

    Noticed this is your first post and congratulations for choosing to join the MGS Forum and with your photo too!  Keep posting in any thread that interests you and you should get plenty of positive responses as this really is a place full of like minded friends which is my experience.  That's the sure fire way of when you put in to become a tester to be selected 👍 as last check 45% of this year's testers are new to the Forum.  Glad to have you join us and welcome in!

  10. Date 05/24/2023
    Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course
    Gross Score 97
    Course Handicap 24
    Gross Strokes over/under par 27
    Net Score to Par 3
    Net Score 73
    Net Birdies or better 1
    Longest Drive 192

    Double triple EAGLE single double to start the front 9 and could not get a par to drop after the 2 hits on the 3rd par-4.  Hit driver from the seniors tee 189 and then 5-iron from 143 that bounded up to the green and rolled towards the pin as I have seen many times before but this time it disappeared which I am used to seeing end up over the back.  But the others said they thought they saw it drop so I kept from jumping to conclusions, finished measuring the shot and then changed the phone display to camera handing it to my regular partner before seeing my OnCore Avant with my purple mark in the bottom of the cup.  Didn't drop my handicap down much because there was plenty of "normal" golf going on for the other 17 holes.

  11. Red Rooster would be a good one to add seeing how much they are interested in our Forum group.  

    Maybe going forward that could be a checklist item, add the OEM logo from whatever we are testing into the emoji line-up so it can be clicked and added to reviews.


  12. 8 hours ago, Merlin1313 said:

    GM Y'all- Hope y'all had a great weekend. The Tournament that I was supposed to play in on Saturday got CNX'd. So, since I was there, and my clubs were there, and the course was beckoning........... I ended up shooting one of my best overall rounds in a LONG time (DESPITE a 4 Putt double. In my defense, that particular green has more dips and changes of direction than a Coney Island Roller Coaster🙃). Everything (except my putting) just fell into place. This was my approach to #4 from about 100 out(yes I DID make that one). Got another tournament (that WILL  actually happen) on Thursday at one of the better courses in the area. Hopefully my putting will improve and the rest of my game will carry over. I was extremely impressed with Michael Block and I was hoping that he was gonna finish a little bit higher than he did. He made a helluva good showing though. Hope that golf is in everyone's day and if it's not,- we'll get there soon.


    Really great photo capturing the ball bruise in the grass but also has a Spy VS Spy look to your shadow! LOL

    Oh new idea of head to head competition between MGS Forum members, Spy VS Spy on whatever captures the imagination, would make a great thread in the competition threads 🏆

  13. 14 minutes ago, tony@CIC said:

    Interesting because everything I read says it's a buyers market. I'll bet the window and plumbing problems were just the top of the iceberg. 

    6 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    I agree, those problems might just be the tip and it was worth the 13 hundred to find out before closing.  

    Must concur with these comments, has a real canary in the coalmine feeling to it, glad you escaped that one because for the seller to react that way there must be so much more that was no uncovered that might be discovered once those problems are in process of correction.  

    I remember when we were in the home buying position how careful we were to not put our hopes into any one property including older homes and new builds, both can have hidden surprises and I avoid any transaction with someone who has an attitude that triggers warnings.

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