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Why iron shafts are not getting as much love as driver ones?

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On ‎1‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 2:38 PM, TR1PTIK said:

Not to argue that it isn't the case for you, but I'm currently reading Every Shot Counts and just covered this. While Mark Broadie admits that there are always exceptions,  the long game (driving and approaches >100 yards) makes up two-thirds of the average golfer's score. I wish I had the book with me so I could reference and make sure I'm getting this right, but I'm pretty sure iron shots >100 yards make up the bulk of the scores with driving/tee shots coming in behind that; next is wedges and then the putter.

Yes and within that driving is the most important element - Why?  Because you cover more distance with driver than any other club - pros have figured that out - it's why you see so much bomb and gouge - hit it 310 off the tee and you are going to hit a lot of wedges - it's way easier to hit a wedge from the rough (especially when your swing speed is 117 with Driver) than it is to hit 6 iron from 186 to a pin hidden over the trap with cement like greens.

Absolutely approach shots are important, too - that's not what I was responding to - I was responding to the fact that of those approach shots only about half are with irons for me - the rest are with wedges or fairway/hybrid.

Mmmmmbuddy is quite long - we can see that his usage percentages are fairly similar to mine - I'm finding 30 iron shots in a round very difficult to imagine.  That certainly would not reflect most people's games.

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I'll just throw this out as a possible answer to the question, not as a absolute answer but as a theory to be debated: there are clear and obvious differences among iron heads. At the extremes, a set

I’m thinking iron shafts will all be graphite within 10 years or so. The cats been let out of the bag, and pricing will come down. in my case, my last two sets have graphite. From Steelfiber 110’

I think that once many people find an iron shaft that works well, they stick with it. But if I’m a low launch/low spin shaft guy, I’ve got so many companies and options that if I don’t like the feel o

On 1/31/2019 at 5:36 PM, puttingpirate said:


I would think there would be AT LEAST one fitter within 50 miles from any of us, no?

Technically he's a little over 60 miles. A couple of the pro shops here have a fitting cart or two, but they're almost always going to be loaded with stock shafts from whichever OEM is supplying the cart.

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Not sure I understand the iron shaft LOVE comment. Is it that you don't hear about many new iron shafts of read about them as much. If it is you don't hear about new shafts you can look at iron shaft like this. 

You can take 1 iron shaft  tip and butt trim it into many different shot shapes (high, mid, low) and feel. That's where someone that knows shaft EL as well as, been there tried that comes in....AKA good fitter

If its about iron shafts making the news, well cant help there.

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FYI... I received a Club Champion newsletter with a post about TT's "Catalyst" graphite shaft with iso-6 material technology...


According to True Temper, Catalyst is the next step in graphite iron design. Featuring Iso-6 material technology, Catalyst is engineered to replicate steel alloy properties, which is a more than 100% improvement over traditional graphite laminates. This allows for an extremely stable shaft that maximizes constancy and distance control while providing the benefits of a graphite body design.
Catalyst also features a reinforced tip section which, unlike traditional graphite, delivers torsional resistance comparable to that of steel. In addition, the tip section improves stability during turf interaction for better impact on off-center contact or mis-hits. Through advanced material modeling and analysis, True Temper has created a graphite iron-shaft technology that bridges the gap between what a steel shaft is and what a graphite shaft can be. Iso-6 is a new material technology created by analyzing where existing graphite iron shafts lacked the symmetry of steel, then constructing a new laminate design to eliminate those weak points.
According to the company, traditional graphite laminates are only 35% as symmetric as steel. This produces considerable fluctuations in shaft deformation which can cause wider variations in carry distances. With Iso-6 being 75% as symmetric as steel, (over 100% better than traditional graphite laminates), graphite iron shafts made with Iso-6 can provide more consistent carry distances and tighter shot dispersions.




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