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Does iron shaft launch make a difference?

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I am playing a set of mp18 MB with the NS Pro 950 GH (a classified high launch and high spin shaft when i did my research) i like the feel of it and the control i get with it. However the ball flight seems really high for my liking and i think im loosing a fair bit of distance in my irons. I have my eyes on some "lower launching" shaft such as the KBS tour 90. Should i switch to a lower launching shaft? And if so what should i go with? Thanks for your helps. 

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Height especially to high is a perception issue and most people don’t hit it high enough.  With that there’s several variables that go along with it.  The information needed to answer the question is peak height, launch angle, descent or land angle depending on the launch monitor, ball speed. angle of attack.

Without that information it’s all a guess by anyone on whether you are hitting to high and losing distance as a result of the height and if a lower spin and launch shaft would change anything.  The amount of spin and height a shaft changes isn’t as significant and many think 

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To add to the above just because a shaft is considered high or low launching doesn’t mean it will be that way for you. Also there is no standardization in the industry to indicate what high means or what high is being compared against.

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@LouisBao I have wondered the very same thing. But, the two shafts you mentioned are very close in launch Nippon - High, KBS - Mid/High. I have found that trying to find a lighter weight and lower launching shaft is like a 🦄 unicorn. 

There are so many dynamic measurements that just one piece, the shaft, is only a portion of the puzzle. How you deliver the loft - dynamic loft, impact location - high/low, swing speed, angle of attack, club face open/closed, etc all can negate the shaft performance. 

Get fit, get lessons, or just try one shaft and see. 

Questions I would think about: would a heavier shaft help lower dynamic loft, can I lower the flight by altering swing delivery, if I launch it lower would it still perform well upon landing or run out too much, would a stiff flex or R+ have lower launch, and lastly, am I the reason it launches high no matter what shaft I use?

Have fun and enjoy the journey. 

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I was playing the KBs Tours (Mid/High) Launch in my previous set, thought I moon balled them.  The current set has the C Tapers...(low launch) unnoticeable difference in height for me.  I’m sure the land angle and all that is different.  I found that maybe... maybe when I started hitting the C Tapers they were lower... then I adjusted my swing to get them up more... just a theory I have.  I am just so used to seeing the ball in the stratosphere that I unknowingly changed my swing to make the lower shaft go higher...?

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Funny enough, this was one of my main concerns in my recent fitting. 

Previously, I played the Callaway X-Forged irons with KBS C-Taper 120 shafts.  I felt as though I shot them straight to the moon.  When I moved on to the Mizuno 919's I actually went with the Nippon 105 shafts.  Thinking that I was still hitting them through the stratosphere.  I was sure that the shafts were my issue. 

When I went in for my re-fit with 2nd swing to ensure shafts, lies and lofts along with gapping were all on I was quite shocked to learn that my perceptions of ball flight were actually way off.  What I thought was to the moon ended up being 95ft peak height for my 7 iron.  The KBS was 105ft.  From what the fitter told me, these numbers are well within standard deviation of what they would aim to see. 

Where I happened to see as issues was more a result of spin and swing than anything else.  The total package and combo of head, shaft, speed along with the angle of attack, swing path, delivered loft etc all combine into what we see.  That's an obvious statement, to be sure. 

So I suppose what I'm getting at here is that Iron Shafts are but a small component of the end result.  Low Spin or Low Launch for one person might not necessarily do that for another.  Guess that's why it is absolutely imperative to get a fitting and have a trained professional lay out the numbers for you to see what really is going on. 

Hit-em well though.   

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What ball are you using as a high spin rate will cause a high ball flight. I would suggest going to your local pro shop or range and trying a similar lofted club with a different shaft. BTW I hit a high ball and I found the little difference between shafts when I was getting fitted.

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Generally speaking, irons shafts aren't going to have the same level of impact on the ball flight light a driver/FW wood shaft. Steel iron shafts (regardless of flex) don't really flex much during the swing and don't add very much dynamic loft for those with normal human swing speeds. That is not to say they don't make a difference but I have yet to find a steel iron shaft (reg or stiffer) that significantly increases or decreases the ball flight. I've found one of the biggest things to get right is the steel iron shaft's weight. Shafts that are too light or heavy adversely affect tempo and swing speed. The change in tempo is probably more likely to impact shot height than iron flex. The other factor is how the swing weight of the club (how heavy the head feels) impacts the way you swing. If you want to play around with swing weight, purchase some lead tape and put it on the bottom of your one of your irons to test if a change in swing weight and feel affects your ball flight. Lead tape comes off easily and will not damage the club head. 

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