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How do you mark your ball (not ball marker)?

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Green dot to the right of the number and green smiley face in the empty section.  




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  • Fairway- Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3 Wood 16.5*
  • Hybrid- Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 19* & 22* 
  • Irons-PXG 0211 DC, 5-GW
  • Wedges-  Taylormade Hi Toe 54* & 58*
  • Putter- Ping Sigma G Tyne (Superstroke grip)
  • Ball- Snell MTB-X Maxfli Tour
  • Grips- Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize
  • Bag- Ping Hoofer USA Edition 
  • Arccos 
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37 minutes ago, GolfSpy_BOS said:

Is this because you miss the Chicago **** flakes out there in the AZ desert? 


***USER 'GolfSpy_BOS' BAN.EXE***





Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special Challenge/Testing Bag (Link Here)

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Fairway:  :cobra-small: Aerojet 5 & 7 ... Kai'li Blue 60R
Hybrids:  :taylormade-small:  Sim 22* ... Diamond LTD 65r
Irons:       :cobra-small: King Tour 4-Pw ... Steelfiber i80r
Wedges:  :taylormade-small: MG3 51*/58* ... Steelfiber i95r
Putter:     :cobra-small: King Sport-60
Ball:           Maxfli     Maxfli Tour/Kirkland V3

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I put a blue circle around the number, all the guys I golf with know my mark so if they find one that I lost  they give it back. We were on a golf trip ,the group ahead of us was with us. I found 3 prov1xs, every one was from the group ahead of us. He had his company logo on them so I gave them back, so it pays to mark your ball.

Frank musolino 

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I draw a black 1inch square on it, never seen anyone else do that  😂 

I’m a hacker who loves nothing more than to change how I play, be that grips shafts and heads its all fair game lol…

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I normally just put a little JD for my initials. Nothing crazy... I'll get a photo and post it later today!

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Irons:   TBD

            :Sub70: 659 TC w/ KBS Tour V 90 Black

Wedge:  :mizuno-small: S23 54,58 w/ KBS Tour Hi-Rev Blackout

Putter:  Screenshot 2023-06-02 13.10.30.png Mezz Max!

Balls:     Vice Pro Plus Drip (Blue/Orange)


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Golf Dotz Skullmania , unfortunately have just used my last ones and they no longer deliver to Scotland ☹️  


Srixon ZX7 Driver Hazardous Smoke Stiff Shaft 

Titleist TSR 15* Fairway wood , Diamana Blue Stiff Shaft 

Srixon ZX , 5 Wood , Hazardous Smoke Reg Shaft

Titleist TSR 21* Hybrid Diamana Blue Stiff Shaft

Taylormade P770 5-A Wedge Irons , KBS Tour Stiff Shafts

Cleveland RTX 5 Zipcore  Wedges 54* & 58* DG Spinner Shafts

Tayormade Spider X Blue Putter

Titleist 14 Way Sta Dry Stand / Carry Bag

Srixon Z Star Xv Ball Yellow


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Just a simple marking. I find a bright green sharpie and hilite (mark over) the entire brand name of the ball.  I find it very easy to see from a distance.

The number of guys that do nothing about marking their ball amazes me.


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Different ways actually. I just bought a dozen AVX balls yesterday and marked each of them with a purple sharpie by coloring three dots on each side of the ball right under the number. That should be my last markings for a while though; I bought four-dozen Pro V1s with my name on them. Whenever Titleist gets around to shipping them.

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Sadly, very few I play with mark their balls... or play with the same ball each round. I use a single dot under the number and a line off both end of the model but also don't use the line for putting like the OP stated. I like the line for the visibility when identifying my ball from a distance. I rotate between three color Sharpies so I usually have the same number Pro v1 with a red, green, and blue dot and line in my bag, in play, and as a Provisional, if needed.

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  • TaylorMade M5 15° - Fujikura Ventus Black VeloCore 6-S
  • TaylorMade Gapr Mid 3 18° - KBS Tour Prototype 80 S
  • Srixon 4-AW Nippon Modus 3 105 R
  • Cleveland ZipCore 54° Mid and 58° Mid DG Spinner
  • Sub70 Mid-Mallet Sycamore 002 34.5"
  • Titleist Pro V1
  • Arccos Gen 3 sensors
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Easy. I use and buy golfdotz. Check out their website. They sell great decals to stick on your golf balls. I use the Swedish flag or the Bald Eagle.

All Taylor Made clubs except I got Srixon 585 irons. Buy new TM driver every year. 

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I'm an engineer that plays golf.  I decided long ago to mark my balls with a blue Pi, some think it's a double TT, but it's the symbol for Pi.  Two vertical lines with a horizonal line on top.  My goal is to shoot 3.14 on each hole🤪🤔.  That would be a nifty score!

Dave Mueller

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I mark two balls when play starts, One I put an orange dot beside the number and a line on each side of the writing on the side of the ball.  The second ball I mark with 2 orange dots and the lines on the side of the ball.

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:callaway-small: Mavrik Three wood

:taylormade-small: M2 Hybrids 3, 4 & 5

:taylormade-small: R7 irons 5 - AW

Volkey sand wedge

David Musty putter


Retired educator who loves this game.  It is challenging and a game of integrity.

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I use a yellow ball, and use a Check-n-Go in red Sharpie, to get the "equator line" on the ball. Takes a little time to do a box, but in my mind, I feel it helps my game. I use it on the tee, and on the green for alignment. I don't get anal about the alignment, and change it 3-4 times, especially on the green. I just line it up in the basic direction, and play away. Easily identifiable from a short distance on the fairway, as I show my playing partners my ball on the first tee. Does it help my game? Maybe! At least, again "in my mind", I have done something for my game that takes away any question or doubt about equipment I am using, as I am a high capper. Confidence in my equipment is paramount to me, so I can enjoy my game. 

Driver-Ping g410 SFT, 3W-Callaway Diablo Octane, Hybrids-Snake Eyes Viper 18*+ 21*, Irons-GigaGolf Reva Hybrid Irons 24*- 46*, Wedges-Cleveland CBX2's 50*54*58*, Putter-Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11c

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I draw a smiley face in blank space. Its supposed to remind me that I'm having fun. Too often i find myself wanting to wipe the smile of the balls stupid..smug face. 🤣 

Does a FIR care WHICH fairway its in?

:PXG: Gen 5 - MCA Diamana S+ 60g - S

:PXG: 0211 3W MCA Tensei AV Raw Blue Hybrid 75 - S,

:PXG: 0211 22 Hybrid MCA Tensei AV Raw Blue 75 - S

:PXG: 6i - Pw - V2 Elevate Tour S

:cleveland-small: CBX2 54, 58

:PXG: Gunboat

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