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    A virtually new set of Hogan ptx pro’s on kbs tour V 110 stiffs, 5-P. With a bonus equalizer couple of wedges for $500 on ebay. ive kind of been lusting for a set of these for over a year
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    Guys, probably time to wrap this up. This thread is one that is repeated over and again on golf forums, often to no resolution, often (I suspect) started without any intention of a resolution.
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    Can’t wait to stop hitting flop shots with my new driver!
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    All I can say is wow and just shake my head. Ultimately play what you want, but I have tested quite a few clubs on launch monitors and I don't want blades in my 7-PW. I like forgiveness on mishits and blades just don't do that for me.
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    ... Sweet! I think a lot of young golfers don't understand the anticipatory joy of waiting to purchase something. I love looking at something every time I go into a store or see ads or other golfers playing something and waiting for the right time and price to finally own it.
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    Where's the emoji for spitting water out of your nose? That was my reaction. Hilarious! Sent from my SM-N975U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    This has been discussed and discussed in another thread. Take the conversation there. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but we won't permit you to continually shout your 'get off my lawn" take on this where it doesn't belong. I suggest any comment about this post be made via PM, not in this thread. TY
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    I didn't really play today, but I did go out and play 4 holes so that I could take pictures for my review of the Sky Caddie SX400. By myself (aka no witnesses), I go birdie (par 5), par, par, birdie (par 3). Go figure! Should have played at least 9, but it wasn't an option today.
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    This [emoji1376] right [emoji1376] here [emoji1376] Taking jabs at these guys is so easy. I’d love to hear people discuss the good he’s done. In 2018 he won the long drive contest at the PGA and donated all $25k to the family of Jarrod Lyle. Bryson is different and in this world, different is always an easy target for criticism.
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    I have an idea. Maybe when the guys on tour are being jack wagons, smashing up the greens, or “raking the bunkers”... they could pan the camera to a different hole. No one is perfect, the behavior doesn’t set a good example. But I haven’t been under that amount of pressure I don’t think. I’m a hot head, and if I were in contention in a major sporting event and I screwed up... I might happy Gilmore a club off into the woods. We should be better critics of ourselves sometimes. Another reason social media is inherently bad. Much like normal “news” the bad stuff always takes the highlight reels from these “news outlets” making a huge spectacle about it. Much like the dudes on Instagram jumping a cart over a sand trap... that is better off deleted from anyone’s news feed.
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    Time to test it against the "made for" that came stock Blue 6S if anyone was wondering
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    Screamers are better than fatties IMHO. Oh wait! I shouldn't have written it that way. Please be kind!!!
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    Had a really nice weekend weather-wise here; temps reached almost to the mid-40s. This meant that SkyTrak in the unheated garage was much more pleasant, and I got a lot of shots in. Unfortunately, so did Kirke, so I had a hard time kicking him off long enough to do focused testing with the Sterlings. Temperatures are headed back down right now, but are supposed to rebound again this weekend. My plan for LM testing is going to focus on two SkyTrak features: gap testing and skills assessment. My plan is to do at least two rounds of gap testing. SkyTrak tracks the distance and dispersion with each club and graphs everything. I plan to do two rounds of the gap test, 5-PW, with both my G700s and the Sterlings. While I'm doing it, I'm planning to avoid watching the results along the way. That way, I'm not trying to hit a specific target yardage. I just want to put a clean swing on each club and see what kind of results I'm getting. With the gap test, I'll be looking for three things. The first, obviously, is usable gapping between each iron; this is especially something I'll be scrutinizing at the top end of the bag. Both sets of irons present reasons for concern: the 3° gapping of the G700s, and the standard concerns with single length irons of generating adequate ball speed in the long irons. The second aspect of the gap test that is important is how the set itself fits into the rest of my bag. I've currently got a hybrid that's covering the 200-210 slot and a GW that's my club from 100-105. So I need my 5-PW, in whichever set, to fit in between these (or else I'll have to rebuild my bag). And finally, I'll be giving special attention to the dispersion numbers in the gap test. This is where the single-length irons ought to have an advantage over the variable length SGI irons. After I finish the gap tests, I'll know the stock yardages for each club, and that will allow me to take an intelligent approach to the skills assessment. I'll likely set it up so the target greens fit with my current bag setup: PW: 120 9i: 135 8i: 150 7i: 165 6i: 180 5i: 190 Speaking of skills assessments, I squeezed one in this past weekend, using my current set makeup. I was pretty pleased with the results:
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    Had not even thought of that. Definitely a great point and will make me sleep a little bit better. With daylight savings time right around the corner, hopefully the weather can start to get near 50* more often so I don't have to go all the way down to Miami to play.
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    I tell my wife that...she isn't amused.
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    Playing golf is a lot easier when you know it doesn't count.
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    A second testing of the two didn't go as well for the SIM. And this time the TS1 was the longest at 227. I had my SX500 out to measure the drives. So the SIM Max was sold and a MAX-D at 10.5 ordered in its place. So we'll see if it fares any better Ok m Wed I'm going to a Callaway event where we will hit it's whole line. So I'll see how the MAVRIK does. But that's a different thread for a different day.
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    One troll in this thread and it’s the guy who started it
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    Oh... the blade thing again. As a guy that had a stance much like you. My new outlook on golf is..... Give me some forgiveness from top to bottom. Currently playing Blueprint irons (thank you MGS)... but I took my old Taylormade RBZ Tour goo filled CB irons out for a ride and played some awesome golf. So good, I am looking at the Glide 3.0 wedges. Yes, blades are fun, they look good, the give you the ability to shape the ball. But, CB irons give me all of that plus a hint of forgiveness on my misses. Not sure why in the heck I ever decided I needed a full set of blades, bring my some elastomer filled forgiveness. I’m glad you are having success with blades, I used to think the only clubs built should be blades, but now... I’m thinking they should be sent to the museum. Golf is so much easier with forgiving clubs. Thanks for the thread, it’s a fun one.
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    Was lucky enough to get down to Miami last week for a few days to play Indian Creek Country Club. Certainly was a tale of two very different days. First day, while still shaking some rust off, played a 78 and the second day my golf game was no where to be found and shot an 86. Also, hit several shots fat from 125 and in, which really doesn't happen to me. Guess I'll chalk it up to early year rust and leave it at that. Still, a much better way to spend a couple days than in the office!
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    I pulled a total bonehead move and accidentally posted this in the wrong place. Sorry for the testers who have to see this twice.. So I very recently (as in since being picked for this testing) made some swing changes that I'm very happy about. In turn I have picked up about an extra 3-5 MPH which I think officially might put me in XS land at 110+. It will be interesting to see which shaft suits my new swing and #'s. I've always been on the line between S/XS. My transition and release is fairly smooth so I'm able to control a softer flex and bend profile. My launch angle, SS, and ball speed all changed for the better, but my spin jumped way up. It's interesting how a few hundred revs in spin can lose that much roll out and the end results are only 1 yard different. These 2 sessions are literally within 3 days of each other and show Old vs New. I also have videos of both swings. Such a subtle change made such a big difference and now I'm even more stoked to see how either shaft recommendation will possibly improve my stats. Would be interesting to see if I can tighten things up further and bring spin down to the lower 2K's. If I can accomplish that goal, I'll be a VERY happy camper. In watching the video that @GolfSpy Stroker posted, it was interesting that the 2 leaned more toward the F3. I'm sure we'll all learn more as we go as to why the F3 worked better for them. @Rtracymog this is one of the things I was talking about earlier. In preparation and throughout the process, you'll find yourself looking at your own numbers and swing and realize little areas that even you as a lower handicapper can find improvements. For my first LM session video that I recorded, I realized that I had a very abrupt takeaway that I'd picked up over time and I was standing very neutral which was causing a very low and flat flight. I had to force myself to slow way down which wasn't slow at all.. just more natural looking. In the 2nd session, you can see that I slowed down my takeaway quite a bit and I was able to set my transition much better and more efficiently and became easier to hit up on the ball. I'm posting these here because they're all simply prep work to get my swing ready for "game time". It's like training camp for a boxer/fighter. And yes, it might be overkill.. but I know no other way
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    Is anyone watching this show? It’s about the McDonalds Monopoly scam and my entire family is addicted. All those years I thought I had a legit shot at winning after all the McDonalds I ate was all for not. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    ... Honestly ballplayer, I don't think it is the golf community as much as talking to yourself. I have been paired up with strangers that have admired my game or score waaaaaaaay more than anyone that admired my clubs. It has been my experience that about 95% not only don't care what I am playing, they don't even notice. When it comes to my ego, I find it more rewarding to hear "great shot!" much more than "nice sticks!" Not once in my life has anyone ever said something like "You hit your 5 iron 193yds with a beautiful high trajectory that was right at the flag, hopped and stopped right next to it for a 1 foot birdie putt! Just think how much more rewarding that would have been if you used an MB instead of your P790!" I just don't understand the desire to play any club that penalizes your ability to hit your best shots and post your lowest score. (Of course this doesn't apply to those that really don't care about score and play clubs for the sheer enjoyment of hitting them)
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    We had a string of very unseasonably mild days here in NY - 50s, clear and mostly calm. Got out Saturday for 9, family brunch Sunday and then went back to the same 9 on Monday. But here's where it gets (kinda) interesting: ..on the same course, the same golf dude, with the same set of clubs, same golf balls, etc. (You can see where this is going!) ..Saturday the tee shots were all over the place and the wedge game was just non-existent (at least putting was mostly ok); lotta mistakes and poor shots and ended up +17 for 9 (Par 36)..... ..but then... ..Monday all tee shots were in the fairway or close and playable; short game wasn't spot-on but was good and although not all shots were good ones they were all moving in the right direction - even the two grounders in a row on an uphill Par 4 still left me in a good spot to get to the green. Approaches were mostly short, one or two were long so distance control of course needs more practice; lag putting was pretty good and left me close several times; but I think the real key was I didn't make two mistakes in a row! The highlights... 4 Pars (yea) 4 Bogeys (including #7 where I habitually f*** up) 1 Double (topped second shot on a Par 5 and then added a 3-putt where I pushed the 3-footer for bogey...) And what I'm really happy with is... * an up & down out of a footprint in a deep greenside bunker on an uphill Par 3 after I pulled the tee shot left and watched the ball hang for a second on the crest of the slope but as it rolled it caught the slope and went down down down. Also finished with the same ball I started with! So finished +6 on a Par 36 which is a new "PB" .. whoo-hoo! (I made one 42 last Summer but that was on a Par 35) --- Here's the view looking back from the #1 green towards LI Sound...
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    Ironically, many of the same "mashed potatoes" yelling jack-wagons posting videos of jumping carts are the same guys on "Woke Twitter" vehemently pissed off at Bryson and Reed!
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    Thank you for this. Even before I worked at a course I didn't find these funny. Now that I've seen for 5 years how hard our Super and his crew work to provide the best conditions they can for play. Well I don't want to say what I truly think about these videos. I might violate a moral code or two
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    Received these today, and man are they in perfect condition. Looks like they've hardly been hit! What a deal. I may give these a go on the range as is just to see how they perform. The KBS Tours were on my Shaft Optimizer report, too, so I'm curious how they'll feel. They are roughly the same weight as my C-Taper Lites, so now I have to test.
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    I remember the anticipation I had waiting for my Hogan Ptx irons...... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Golf is designed to be enjoyed however one wants. Old equipment, new equipment, expensive equipment, hand me down equipment. Play for fun, play for score. It's all golf and it's great. I'd never tell someone not to play blades if that is what made them enjoy the game.
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    No correct emoji available!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Beautiful morning in FL. Played 9 holes, 4 over. Hit a few low screamers but was able to scramble and make no more than bogie. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well, here's another one... 84 year old grandma sinks 94 foot putt to win a car!! She's looking good for 84.
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    I intended to play 9, but ended up at a different course so I played 18. It was a beautiful day out [emoji41] 88 (44/44) - 6 doubles killed my round [emoji849] 6/14 FIR 6/18 GIR 37 putts with three 3 jacks [emoji24] My ball striking has improved and I did hit a number of good shots. Putting has been streaky as well, but it's a work in progress so it's all good. This shot was from 95 yards and was easily my best shot of the day!
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    ***NOT AN OFFICIAL TESTER**** I hope y'all do not mind my two cents being added to this post. I bought the Tour B X, as it is what I am familiar with, but I intend to use the V-fit once I get past my off-season rust. My first impressions was that Bridgestone stepped up their game with the visuals, I liked the graphic on the box. It's a vanity thing but imo it really seems they are wanting to move up in sales and it has shelf appeal. Now as far as the ball itself, when I first touched the ball, I was blown away by the texture of the cover, and the dimple pattern looks noticeably different than the previous generation. My current gamer is the Pro v1x, but I did try the 2018 model Tour B X last summer, so I will compare this one with both models. 2020 Tour B X Round 1- I put this ball in play without practicing at all with the ball prior to my round, I really wanted to go into this in game mode without any ideas of how it would preform and just see how it would go. It was a chilly, windy and a little rainy day in College Station, so the odds were not in its favor, nut I had the best round of the season so far and I really enjoyed this ball. It is very firm off the woods, and solid off my irons, so I can really notice the "REACTIV" cover is not just a marketing term, and I will touch more on this when I compare it to the previous model. As I mentioned earlier the cover is noticeably textured, and I am not sure if it was subconsciously adjusting but I really felt confident standing over the ball when 60 yards and in, and had the best pitching day I have had ever. The ball really checked up, and I had several pitches from 50-60 yards that I left within 3 feet, and for me that is exceptional and unlike my game. All I can really chalk that up to is that I felt like that cover was gonna make it stop, and I could really put a confident swing on it and it preformed amazing! On well struck hits the ball held its line perfectly, which was needed on a day that the wind gusts were 30 mph. Another highlight of the cover and spin claims, I hit an 8-iron out of the deep stuff( 2" thin grass) I hit it clean and it launched high, when it hit the green it rolled out about 5 feet. I was very impressed with the stopping power it had for a distance, not the spin ball in the line-up. I rotated a sleeve throughout the round, when one was plugged in mud I would switch it with a clean one( lift,clean,and place). I hit a tree and a cart path funny enough, and in several bunkers all cleaned up and miraculously all 3 balls survived the round(rare) and all three look brand new. 2020 Tour BX vs 2018 Tour BX- This is not a same day comparison, so this will not be a performance based comparison, but I have a ball or two left and can do that when I have a free day. The big difference is in the cover, the big reason I did not make the previous generation my gamer is because it felt too soft. Off the tee, I felt like I was hitting a tennis ball. The 2018 was long and straight and had great durability, I just wanted more spin on my short shots, and a firmer ball. Enter "REACTIV" cover, from the first hit off the tee I was amazed, it didn't even feel like the same ball. It was not a rock or hitting marbles, it just felt strong is the best way I can describe the way it felt. Then with the irons it was softer, not soft, but again it felt solid. I had a great wedge day but I felt alot better about the chipping, and I was coming up short due to expecting more rollout that the previous model would give me. The durability is top notch as what I have noticed about Bridgestone balls. The 2018 was a great ball, but 2020 imo improved, and is an excellent ball. 2020 Tour BXvs Current Gamer Pro V1x- Again not a same day comparison, but can do one in the future. Pro V1's have always been my go to ball, I will try a different brand but always gravitate back to Titleist. I play(ed) the X for the spin it had over the Pro V1. I like the confidence I get knowing they make a great product and have alot of checks the balls go through, same as Bridgestone which are positives for both( I do not need another reason for a ball going off line). I stayed with Titleist over last years Bridgestone's due to the control I had on the greens. In this round I am playing my home course, and familiar with where I normally hit the ball, but still strike is king and I had a good day, and because of that I noticed increased distance even on a wet day. On the first tee I was introduced by the distance gains the BX gave me, I hit 3 wood where I normally hit driver( working on mental game and playing a more conservative appraoch help that, and thats why I was laying up), my 3 wood went where I normally hit my driver. I noticed this throughout the round, well struck shots were about a club longer. The major performance category that I base my ball decisions on is how it performs on the greens, and it performed much like the Titleist which is my Gold standard in that category. Something that is important to me is the durability, I would have to give that one to the Bridegstone, most of my Titleist's can go one round or one bunker and then it goes to my chipping bag, and so far the Bridgestone ball holds up a little better. So as far as I see it, the 2020 BX is a real contender, and checks all my boxes. I will be doing further testing with it as it warms up, but this very well my be my new gamer. Thanks spies
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    The eBay vendor that usually sells the Ping midsize Tour Velvet 360s had some back in stock so I ordered the 5 he had available!
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    For the record, I don't particularly care for Bryson either. What I can do, is give credit where it is due. After being placed on the clock on Saturday, he sped up significantly Sunday and played better golf in the process. If we're quick to condemn for negative behavior, we should be equally as quick to praise when noticeable change occurs. Maybe he goes back to old patterns, maybe this is the beginning of permanent change. Either way, he deserves some credit for Sunday just as much as he deserves contempt for Saturday. As for the "employment" analogy, Bryson is an independent contractor. The PGA Tour is a member owned, member run organization. If the Tour wanted a change in certain behavior, the impetus is squarely on the players to effect such change! To use an analogy of my own. Should the police officer you drove past this morning give you a ticket for speeding last Wednesday? Does speeding last Wednesday equate to habitual behavior you are incapable of correcting? When corrective behavior does occur and you change your driving habits, should you still be stalked by the police department? Food for thought!
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    Added the last few pieces to my vintage bag. I don’t know how in the world you guys learned how to play golf with these tiny things!
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    Same here. Nothing good comes of those videos.
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    Ordered another 5 dozen Snell MTB-X (high number)
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    While not a fan of B.A.D. I give him a lot of credit for going over to Reed to congratulate him. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Yep, and priorities change too. Mine was to play blades no matter what because that’s what I felt like was the purest form of golf. Now, I want to get some seriously low scores. There will be a lot of testing going on in the bag. I’ve actually looked at a possible 7 and 9 wood! If the gapping was correct at that range I could go 1,3,5,7,9 wood then a 5 iron. The woods would keep the snap hook at bay over a hybrid.
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    It was asked if we've ever bought any DTC brands? About 2 years after I started playing (15 or 16 years ago) I was in the market for a 3 wood, and after doing a fair amount of research I settled on a Bang-O-Matic 15 degree, because at the time it was the only 3 wood available that was pure titanium. Many still are made of stainless today. I've updated the shaft and still carry it because it's about the same head size as any club available today, and I'm convinced it's probably almost as hot as any newer brand. Sometimes older still works....
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    Ahem... There are other past fantasy golf champions around here. They just missed the draft and jacked up their rankings last year
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    You should tell that to Vikor Hovland. He won a PGA Tour event yesterday with Ping I210s. Oh and also tell 95% of the LPGA and Champions tour players, who are all +++ handicappers with ball striking ability that most amateurs can only dream about,who also use cavity back or players cavity irons
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    He is smiling [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Decided on the Kuro Kage Black HBP 60X. Did some range testing yesterday and so far the results have been great. Sound/feel of this club is fantastic and it has a great shape behind the ball. Sits nice and square which I like and I ended up configuring it to 9.25* and 60.5* lie angle on the adapter setting.
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    I was able to get out and play on 2/23 at Connecticut National golf course. It was the first time the course had opened and it was still pretty dormant. The greens were furry and the tee boxes were frozen about 1/2" below the surface (made it hard to get the tee in the ground!)..... I hit some great shots with the g410s and managed to get into the 70s. 160 yard 8 iron (which is big for me) 170 yard 7 iron (another big shot) 180 yard 6 to get on the green in 2 on a par 5 These go far and straight. Can't wait for the course conditions to improve this year!
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