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PXG Gen 2 Win for Kokrak

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Kokrak is playing the Gen 2 irons with DG X100s. I play Srixon blades and they are great, but maybe a little unforgiving. It is interesting to see a guy win on tour with an older model of club and makes you think as a weekend warrior it would be beneficial to play something more forgiving. The Gen2 irons are discounted right now. Might wait for their black Friday deals. 

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Mine are on order now. The 0211 were a slightly better fit, but was unable to hit the 0311 or 0211 with the fitted lie angle (lefty problems). I did hit the gen 3 with the correct lie and the dispersion was pretty much on top of each other. So I ended up getting the 0311 figuring with the correct lie the dispersion difference between the 0211 and 0311 would be evened out. Now I can blame my next couple scores on the wrong lie angle of my current clubs 😂

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Only real difference from Gen 2 and Gen 3 is feel despite what PXG says. I play Gen 3s but could easily play Gen 2s with no issue. My 4 iron is a Gen 2 and works just fine.

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In the Bag for 2020

PXG 0811XF Gen 2 10.5* (set at 9*) AD VR 6x

PXG 0341X Gen 2 15* AD TP 7x

PXG 0317X Gen 2 19* KBS Proto 95x

PXG 0311T Gen 3 4-6 KBS $ Taper 130

PXG 0311 ST 7 - PW KBS $ Taper 130

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy 50/10 KBS $ Taper 130

PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy 54/10 & 58/07 TTDG TI S400

:rife-putters-1: Two Bar Blade Long 47"


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