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To say that I am an equipment junkie is like saying “water is wet” but with that comes some trepidation especially with all the online content out there that may not have your best interest at heart.

Enter MyGolfSpy. You guys have provided us an honest layer of protection from the Marketing Departments along with tremendous insight and for that, I am sure, we are all thankful for. Golf is a lot like life and there are many lessons to be learned, the beauty of it is that the learning process is never ending. Golf is a journey, not a destination and I am happy to have MGS along for the ride.

With Much Appreciation,

Michael Pasvantis 

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13 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:



You, yes YOU.  We want to hear about everything that makes YOU an interesting person.  This community is full of a diverse range of individuals and our unique backgrounds should be celebrated.  We (and by we, I mean the golfing world) need to hear your unique stories describing your relationship with GOLF and MyGolfSpy.

We'll be hand picking unique stories to feature on the MAIN MGS HQ BLOG throughout the season.  This is your chance to be featured in the brightest spotlight MyGolfSpy has to offer.  You could see your name right next to a Most Wanted article if you've got enough to tell.



TO ENTER: Reply to this thread with a brief (200 words or less) description of your background and your relationship with golf and MyGolfSpy.  We'll send PMs out to folks whose stories are chosen for the next step.  


Note: There is no deadline for this opportunity.  Stories submitted at any time could be used.

Hello...   My name is John and I''m 72...  Started golfing around age 28...  didn't golf as a kid, came from coal mining area in western PA. I built and repaired clubs for about 30 years part time... old time stuff...  refinishing heads, removing sole plates and inserts, re-whipping, re-gripping... persimmon and laminate...old reminder grips... neumann leather grips...  currently a 13 handicap at local club, have served 9 years on the club board, both as greens chair and golf chair, vice pres....  have been a volunteer for the GAP Golf Association of Philadelphia for 21 years ... doing starting, scoring, pace of play and rules... I enjoy golf and learning about every aspect of the game, so GOLFSPY is and has been a wonderful source for the truth regarding clubs, balls, etc. etc.  Your articles and NO PUTTS GIVEN are fun and educational...   THANKS for everything to do.     

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My Name is Timothy Sloan.  Although I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina I have moved 18 times over the past 32 years.   These moves were dictated by a military career that spanned the aforementioned years.  I didn't start playing Golf until 2000 at the ripe young age of 36.  The very first time I ever hit a golf ball was on the Golf Course with some class mates from a leadership academy I was attending.  It was love at first sight!  

Over the last 19 years my progression as a Golfer was interrupted by military duty for long periods of time.  I started playing the Spring/Summer of 2000 but was soon transferred to Germany where I completed multiple tours in Kosovo and Bosnia.  Needless to say I played no Golf for those two years.  I returned from that assignment the end of 2002 and immediately immersed myself in the game once again.  From 2002 to 2004 I routinely played 36 to 54 holes every Saturday and Sunday.   Even though at the time I didn't fully understand the strategies of Golf my handicap worked its way down into the single digits.   Another break followed with the beginning of wars on two fronts and missions that took me into both theaters of conflict.  The Winter of 2004 to the Summer of 2008 I played no golf, hit no balls and visited no ranges.  

From the summer of 2008 until now I have played routinely only taking short breaks because of either injury or frustration.  I retired from the military 31 December 2018 and I probably play less now than I did when I was working full time.  Such is life :).  

Miura MB 502 Irons

ping G400 Driver

Cobra F7 3 wood

Mizuno putter

Mizuno Wedges. 

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I started playing in 1984 when I was 14. A municipal golf course was built by our summer cottage that year and me and my buddies went to play. Never had a lesson.  The old ranger gave us all a quick one before we teed off. This was the good old days... when you could hit wild boomerangs and regularly cut balls.  We didn't have two sets of clubs (blades and persimmons from the 70s) between us.   The low score that first round was 68 for 9 holes.

I am still playing with that group of friends 36 years later.

:ping-small:G410 plus driver,:taylormade-small:Aeroburner 3W, :cobra-small:F6 Baffler 
:callaway-small:XR 4, 5 hybrids
:titleist-small:2021 T300 6 - GW, SW irons
:callaway-small: Mack Daddy CB 58/12 wedge
Axis1 Rose putter

Alternates: Srixon ZX4 MKII irons

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Greetings everyone!  My name is Bill.

I'm about to turn 64 years old and I have been golfing since I was in grade school.  The entire family were/are golfers.  Many of our vacations were golf vacations, fondly remembering the 'old' days at French Lick!

Over the years, golf and friendships have been synonymous.  I still get together with several of my high school buddies for an annual golf weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin, where we play at Lawsonia and Mascoutin.  A traveling trophy is involved, and this past summer I finally got to engrave my name on the winner's list.

Last year I was picked by MGS to try out the SuperSpeed Golf Training system.  It required quite a commitment, but I definitely saw results, as others have indicated who have tried the system themselves.

I was first introduced to MGS by a good friend and fellow member, RevKev.  He's a super golfer and just a wonderful individual!  We used to play a couple of rounds together before he up and moved from wintery Wisconsin to fun-in-the-sun Florida.

The season is relatively short up here along the shores of Lake Michigan.  But that doesn't keep me from thinking about golf year-round.  Great group of guys at MGS!  Really enjoy the camaraderie!!

I've been a Lutheran pastor for almost 40 years.

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Christian - 40 - Aloha, Oregon 

Growing up near a golf course in Northern California, I always wanted to learn the game. Luckily my best friend in middle school had a father that was eager to teach. My buddies dad taught the game with a strong emphasis on etiquette. 

I ended up playing on the high school golf team and then at my local community college. Around that time my older brother started to play a lot so we began regular golf trips to places like Vegas, Arizona, Southern California, and the greatest trip of all....St. Andrews. 

Now I live in Oregon and do my best to play year round no matter the weather (today its a high of 40). I love the game, and love to tinker with my gear all the time. 

Planning a trip to Bandon in the next few months, and Palm Springs next year. 

Huge fan of My Golf Spy, & the No Putts podcast. 

Driver:  :taylormade-small: SIM Max w/ Ventus Blue

3W: :taylormade-small: M4

Hybrid: Nike Sumo 2

Irons: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg 0211 w/ Aerotech SteelFiber 

Wedges: :taylormade-small: MG 52, 56, 60

Putter::cameron-small: Studio 3.5

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RX 

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Golf saved my life, I was 357 lbs, had diabetes, diabetic retinopathy (which basically means I was going blind) diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was taking weight loss classes at Kaiser at mr Dr’s suggestion. They asked us to draw a picture. A picture of us when we were young and healthy. I drew a stick figure of me riding a bicycle. She asked if I miss riding bicycle’s. I said no but I miss playing Golf. She said I should go play Golf, I said I can’t I can’t even walk 9 holes without getting exhausted. She said so walk 3 then work your way up to 6. Then 9 and eventually 18. Since then I’ve lost 140 pounds. I am off almost all of my Meds. Just had my eyes checked and they are good. Went from a size 56 waist to 36. Thanks Golf.D78224AD-380E-4F63-ABAA-2EA9F6AA55E2.thumb.jpeg.0505fbb6c3d3639c8fc84d99f2a6fecd.jpeg

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Talk about a hobby gone a stray,,,, I exited the nuclear navy some 20 plus years ago and headed to southern Ohio (just about 20 miles south of the banjo music), And started "the life" coaching baseball , wood working projects, 2 kid and the picket fence (well no real fence).  It was then time old man time slinked into the house and said no more sports for you. I took up golf,,, Ya I know, way to go bonehead, however, the kids notice my enjoyment of the game and asked to join. A proud dad with out knowledge and two boys made it around the course without incident. The only unfortunate part of this is that only a few months later the boys hit a growth spurt and I needed new clubs, FOR THEM?! Another golfer mentioned that I could build these things. No kidding,,, I can turn a wrench, sand a project, how hard can it be to building a club? OH the humanity, after a one day class at the now defunct golfsmith, a one week class at golfworks, the bug not only bit but infected my entire being. I became the educational director of the PCS, the last international club maker of the year with them. Started a business and with my wife of (we will keep that us) years. We have a pretty nice set up that people will drive other 2 hours to come.  Some of that can be attribute to the MGS forum where I try to keep to the equipment stuff. I can appreciate the attitude of the crew to provide the proper information as myth busting is a function of most of us in this category.  Now if this old man can grasp the social media side of the house outside of the YouTube I might just live the dream lol.

Driver - 44.5" 5.0 flex 10.5 deg Graphite Design XC 6S GP MCC4+ 1 deg closed

Irons - 5-pw, GW stnd length 5.0 flex same grip 1 deg flat. Type low medium offset cavity back, no diggers

Wedges - 56 and 60 tour grind wedge spinner and mcc4+ grip 2 flat 10 and 8 in bounce

Putter - Makefield VS LH

Ball - truvis

Carried in a Sun Mountain C-130 USA bag - BE PROUD.

HC - LH but 85 is a good number, playing in Ohio.

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1998 I answered an ad in the Mich State paper: "Writers wanted. No Pay. Free golf." A PhD student with a baby on the way who couldn't afford golf, I replied. Began writing for MichiganGolf.com, part of a network that grew to 200+ sites around the world. Got my PhD, did postdoc in MA (Cognitive Science); kept writing & started early weekly blog. Traveled around the world for golf. Started getting paid, writing to companies for equipment, became editor of GolfInstruction.com & equipment editor. Started holiday gift guides. Sites got sold to investment group; everyone fired but me. Got tenure-track job. Kept writing. Golf Channel bought sites. Nearly everyone fired but me; kept writing, back to freelance. Kept up as equipment editor. Traveled more for golf, got tenure at "real" job. Wrote tons of content still on GC sites for pennies. Wrote for several other mags/papers, too. Finally GC decided to fire me after 20 years via an email, sort of. Still blog for them. Chair of my department now. Starting my own regional websites (10 so far). Still writing, traveling, testing equipment. Now playing with my son (second child). Hoping to keep "gigging" in golf for rest of my life, even after "real" job ends.

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In 1992 I got out of the USAF and started back to school  During those college years I made a couple of friends, one turned out to be a life-long friend who it became my major goal in life to destroy him on the golf course.  Over the course of the next two decades I became an addict. I was playing 3-5 times a week. Upon completion of my degree I took a position teaching at an Alternative school in my home county.  I found golf to be a welcome respite from the stresses of attempting to teach science to at-risk students.  While rewarding, teaching was very demanding.  

During my teaching career, I managed to break 110, 100, 90, 85, 80, and par (once) (each goal taking me a year, except 80, which took 3 years).  I also managed to work in time for a masters degree.  During the year I worked on that degree, I also won the club championship at the club I was a member of, Three Oaks Golf Course, Harlem, Ga.  Shortly afterwards, my friend moved to Houston, Tx.  With him gone and my daughter's life becoming more demanding (she started college at 16, after being homeschooled), golf fell by the wayside for about 10 years.  The time was just not available.

However, in 2017 the addiction returned.  I joined a local club and began to stalk par again. I couldn't believe how much I missed that irritating dimpled sphere. It was a scrubby little course, but it was cheap and let me get back in the game.  I have since retired from teaching, joined a better club, and my pursuit of par has begun in earnest.  In the ten years I laid off, apparently my body changed greatly.  I am not the player I once was, but I do believe that I can score just as well.  I never could over power a course, but my distance has suffered a bit and now I have to be more of a tactician than before.  

As I have aged, as many others have, I have experienced more losses in my life.  The deaths of family members, friends moving on, etc.  Golf provides me the solitude to reflect on the great life that I have led and continue to lead.  I usually play alone, the vast majority of the time I walk the course.  Even when the "special" golf words are being used, I cannot fully give into my frustration, because I am so genuinely thankful that I can still play this great game.  

Even for those of us who will never be on tour, there is a Zen quality to golf that cannot be found in other sports.  Wandering in the woods looking for that poor lost ball, wading into the creek for his brother, burying his yellow friend in the sand, stomping to just before the women's tees for that much anticipated 2nd, ...  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  The peace and tranquility of the experience broken only by a constant assault on one's ego, pride, and self-esteem.  

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I grew-up in the shadow of my father, a teacher/coach of 45 years. Whatever sport he was coaching, I was at practice, and games/matches. I was with him as much as I could be.

After long Michigan winters in the gym hooping, I would go to the golf course with my Dad’s golf teams. He would bring an old set for me to hit balls here-and-there on the course, and he’d even let me drive the cart a bit. These were my favorite days... If he had $.50 in his pocket at the end of practice, he’d let me get a Hostess Apple Pie!!!

Years later, I’d visit him in retirement, and we’d golf every day, and instead of a Hostess pie, we’d grab a tuna sandwich at the turn... My love for golf grew because of my Dad.

I joined MGS to keep-up with the launches, but to also continue a “relationship” with others through golf. My Dad’s not here anymore, but MGS’ers have become family, even playing with them when I travel. MGS is home, and I love to get on here everyday and see what’s going-on.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

Driver: Ping G430 Max 9*, Ping Tour 70X

Fairway: Ping G425 15*, Ping Tour 70X

Hybrid: Ping G425 22*, Ping Tour 80X

Irons:  Ping i230 4-GW, TT DG X100

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50D/54V/58D:Nippon:Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Putter:  :edel-golf-1: EAS 1.0

Ball: Titleist 2023 AVX

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First, I’m a career Navy man. I enlisted in 2000, got commissioned in 2010 and will retire in 2023. I’ve been playing golf pretty much the entire time I’ve been in the service, aside from deployments and other periods of time that I have resulted in a break from the game.

I learned how to play from a friend I was stationed with early on and have been hooked ever since! I’ve been fortunate enough to be stationed in several golf friendly locations to include Hawaii, Augusta, Virginia Beach, Monterey and San Diego. As a result, I’ve managed to play some amazing courses 😎.

Like many folks around here, I love playing the game, talking the game and enjoying all the great equipment that’s available these days. I’ve been on several golf forums, but ultimately settled at MGS for the content, excellent equipment and gear reviews and a forum that is very friendly! Golf is a huge part of my life and if I’m not playing, I’m reading about it or trying to improve my game. I aim to be a good ambassador of the game, and a major part of that is sharing my experiences around the MGS forums!

:cobra-small: LTDx Black 10.5º | UST LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 6F4
:cobra-small: LTDx 3W 15º | UST LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 7F4
:ping-small: G425 3H 19º | UST Recoil Proto Hybrid 85F4
:srixon-small: Z785 4-PW | UST Recoil 125 Proto F4
:cleveland-small: RTX ZipCore Tour Rack 50
º Mid, 54º Mid, 60º Mid | UST Recoil Wedge Proto F4
:EVNROLL: ER5BV | BGT Stability Tour

:bridgestone-small: Tour B X

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Perhaps the was a random shot in the dark from you, perhaps not. I am Russ, owner of https://www.Fit2Score.com a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter. Also owner/editor of https://www.golfshaftreviews.info and www.youtube.com/devotedgolfer . If you want to hear my story, look at the featured video on my youtube channel. 

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I'm not good at doing this but here I go. I started out as a teenager with my dad. He would take me out every couple of weeks and I would play with him and his friends. I was a horrible listener and created my own grip and played the game how I wanted to. Fast forward many years I was living in Minnesota of all places. And one day I drove by this farm land and there was some plywood spray painted saying golf course under construction. At that moment I decided that above all else is want I wanted to do. I started out laying 36 pallets of sod daily and started building tee boxes on the weekends. Granted I had no idea what I was doing. But I stuck it out and stayed on to continue all projects and maintain the course as well. While this was going on I was also in the Navy Reserves as an heavy equipment operator. I worked at the course until I was deployed. After 8 months I came back home. I stayed at the course. It happened to be the one thing I loved to do. Now just because I can build and maintain a golf course doesn't mean I can play. But every chance I had I played. Wasn't all that good but enjoyed the hell out of it. I moved to Indiana and got married to a beautiful and sweet lady that I met thru the military. I was sent to new Mexico to help construct the border fence. That was 2008 anyways I was there for months and when I got done I packed and moved here. I maybe played 5 to 10 rounds a year. Anyways fast forward to 2018. I'm a disabled veteran with severe PTSD. I was offered this program specifically for veterans with PTSD and after researching it I went ahead and did it. That put me in Michigan of all places during the winter. One day I went out to smoke and the snow had finally melted away. And I had looked at this land behind my building for months and I never realized it was actually an executive golf course. My vehicle and clubs were 3.5 hours away. But I went to the recreation room and was able to find a couple sets of golf clubs. Me and another veteran with a car there went to a sporting goods store and got a couple of bags of practice golf balls and tees. Every time it got above 32 degrees I would go out there with these 20 plus year old golf clubs and just practice. In April I came home and 5 minutes from my house is a golf course. So I started going there once a week until I got comfortable being there and then I played multiple rounds a week. At one point my wife swore playing golf meant having an affair. Still makes me laugh. Near the end of the season the superintendent stopped me and told I should work for him since I was practically there every day. At this point golf became very therapeutic for me. So I accepted his offer and I started getting free golf. Now I work not for money but for the love of the game. I go in 4 days a week change pins and then turn around and play. During this past summer my 10 year old daughter decided she would get up with me at 4 in the morning and go to work with me. She enjoyed the heck out of it. And everytime I go to play for fun or league she was right there with me. Now my wife has a set of clubs and my daughter and they are starting their own journeys into the love of the game.

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I found golf around 6 years ago... NEVER Thought I would golf EVER LOL BOY was I wrong!!! 

I had a very serious right arm injury and wanted to find something that I could get back outside doing since my active lifestyle was no more... and golf seemed to be the answer. I got into golf because a friend runs a local tournament for a great charity for families of children that have passed away (Lucy's First Step) and they had a team drop out last minute and while over some drinks they asked would you want to play... Obviously the drinks were talking and I said yes. Next day after realizing what I committed to I was worried because of my injury I had NO idea I could even swing a club and took a trip to the range to find out. Well low and behold I was able to make contact and swing not great but at least attempted. Now fast forward 6 years and I am still physically limited and Playing competing on the Golf Channel AM Tour local tournaments etc. and winning due to my competitive nature. I am now a self proclaimed golf nut! I love reading the articles and youtube vids on My Golf Spy for all the reviews, tech tips insider notes etc. and always look forward to the information! I am glad I found golf even at a later age, but plan on playing till the end of my days now that I have found this amazing sport that has helped me grow as a person, but also challenge me every time I tee it up physically and mentally! Thank you My Golf Spy for being the amazing resource!!!! 

:callaway-small:Driver: Epic, Kuro Cage Silver Tini X-stiff, 45.5

:callaway-small:3 Wood: Epic, Kuro Cage Silver Tini X-stiff, 43.5

:taylormade-small: Hybrids 3 & 5, Burner 2.0, Kuro Cage Black 80g, +.50

:callaway-small: Irons 5-9 Callaway Apex Black, KBS CTaper C-130 X-Stiff, +.25 

:vokey-small: SM6 46*, 52*, 56*,60* KBS Tour X, +.5

:odyssey-small:  2 Ball Fang (Tank)

Currently Testing  :taylormade-small: Mill Grind High Toe 60* KBS Tour X, +.5

Right handed)

Erie, PA 

Handicap 10.3

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I have a background in club fitting and repair. I managed a driving range and owned an original Vector LM. I own my own flightscope now and use numbers for practice daily. I have a HDCP of 2, and I consistently pursue a better game via technology and equipment. However, I also understand the importance of putting time into my game. Hence why I've purchased an indoor sim. 

I follow Mygolfspy religiously for all my equipment needs and inquiry. I've switched golf balls, I've changed my setup up, and I consider myself in the know all things equipment in the golf industry. 

I like to update equipment, but I trust numbers and try not to change if it doesn't perform better. 

I hope to be a part of this community more, and look forward to sharing my golfing story with you. I have always invested myself into this game, and I will continue to do so for years to come. 

Epic LS 9*, Stealth 3HL, Stealth 7W, TM 4 Dhy, Cobra Utility 5, Mizuno Pro 223 6-PW, Mizuno 50*, 54*, 60*, Odyssey Center Shaft 2-Ball Broomstick

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My Name is Damian Jackson. I have been playing for 5 years. I was forced into the game through work. I'm an attorney and my firm sponsors an outing for clients. One of my partners had to withdraw from the tournament for the birth of his grandchild. I had 2 months to try and become respectable (not get laughed at). I started out with a used set of clubs off of ebay that i bought just because the ad said "super forgiving". They were a set of hybrid/irons. Since I have upgraded twice. Once was a set of cobra max and then last year because I read your posts saying go get fit I am now in some PXGs. Unfortunately I het them better them anything else (unfortunate because of the price tag). I play a pro v1 after reading your the golf ball review and hearing soft is slow. I used to play the volvik matte green or the callaway chrome soft. Because of my work I travel all over the country and usually play wherever I can. I have visited all 50 states (havent played in all). I take lessons and my handicap is coming down. 


I think I'm a good fit because of more of your average golfer that is trying to get better who follows your site for tips to get better and not waste money.

Love to play in HOT weather

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Hi my name is Jay Jones 65yrs old

I have been around golf most of my life started as a caddie in omaha c c. Then into golfshop to wash clubs for the members. My family transfer to kc where i was married with kiddos. Golf on back burner. '89 started long drive competition and did good for my district in this midwest address. But breakin my right wrist in '94  was a big blow to golf swing so no golf for another 6yrs. 2001 after a divorce golf was a comfort again . Now after countless adjustments and fittings the body was failing so here I am at 65 yrs old with both knees replaced, my left shoulder  had a total reverse  replacement. I am finally doing a solid 7-8 handicap with 110 mph swing speed.  Hitting 300yrds still and playing local competitions like golf week am tour Kansas and winning in B flight (2). I love new technology and depend on Mygolfspy for the last 3 yrs (i think maybe longer) for a club and the balls cutting edge i would say just to  beat them young whipper snappers

Thanks again mygolfspy.com

Jay T. Jones 

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Hello! Bill Brott here. My MGS handle is also the same as my handle at the now defunct  epinions - Berniez40. I used to golf as a kid back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, woods were actually made from wood, and balls wore balata covers over their wound rubber innards. 

The golf bug bit me in the butt again over 20+ years ago. I was absolutely fascinated with how much the equipment had changed. Not only were drivers sporting titanium faces, but the ball had also evolved. It was a fascinating time to start re-learning the game and review some of this new equipment. 

Epinions, an Internet 101 company offered an excellent platform from which to offer insights to the best of my abilities. I started following  MGS back when they first began.  Just as I was using the simulators at Edwin Watts, MGS was using Tark’s Indoor Golf. They were also able to use more testers and compile much more raw data than me. It was love at first read. Since then Epinions has gone the way of all who fail to evolve.  I watch and hope that MGS continues to evolve and debunk marketing hype via real data. 

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 Several years ago I decided I wanted to be a good poker player, 5 years later, and hundreds to thousands of hours of reading and practice I was rated 300th in the world for winning percentage in tournaments, 99.99% better than other players that were ranked.

  Skip two years, to 2009 when poker started to lose its appeal to me, so I decided I wanted to be good at golf.  At the time I'd only play 2-4 times a year and shot around 110-120.  In 2010 I took a few lessons and focused on the one piece takeaway.  

  In 2011 I discovered mygolfspy, and with your help bought a clicgear, and new clubs.  I also broke 90 for the first time.  Then in 2012 I took lessons again which focused unsuccessfully to stop my OTT move, but I was hitting the ball really solid.  Which led to me breaking 80 for the first time in 2013.

  Then 2014 came, and lessons with a new instructor, he really helped me 100 yards and in at the start.  And in 2015, with zen golf and taking Aimpoint for green reading I shot par at my home course for the first time.  I also officially signed up for mygolfspy.  And in 2016 I won my flight at a matchplay tournament.

  In 2017 I took lessons from a local guy, got my handicap below 10, and bought a skytrak for winter golf.  By 2018 my handicap had dropped to around 8, but still was battling the OTT move.  I won my Club Championship this year!

  In 2019 I went back to my coach from 2014 and worked almost exclusively on hitting a draw.  My handicap soared to above 14, but by the end of the year it was back to around 8 and I'm hitting draws for the first time in my life on purpose.  And my instructor believes we can get my handicap below 5 with my new swing.  I won my Club Championship for the second year in a row!

Through all this I've taken lots of advise on clubs, and play itself from you guys here at mygolfspy,  Thanks for all you do!

Edited by Shifty

:callaway-small: Paradym 9 degree Driver

:wilson-small: DYNAPWR 3 wood

:callaway-small: Apex 21  PW-4 Iron

:cleveland: CBX 50 degree

:cleveland: CBX 54 degree

:cleveland: CBX2 58 degree

:vokey-small: SM6 62 Degree   

:EVNROLL: ER2 Putter

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My name is Ed Tennison, 50, living in Roanoke, TX.

I'm a retired Navy Chief, disabled Veteran. After retiring I attended and graduated from The Golf Academy of America and now pursuing my PGA Class A. I'm an assistant Golf Professional at The Vaquero Club in Westlake, TX. Crazy how far I've come since taking up the game just to get off work. I feel like I've been following you guys at MGS from the beginning. Thanks for all you guys do to give us golfers the best insight behind the scenes.  

Ed Tennison 

Srixon ZForged blades.

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Hi Golfspies,
My name in Jon Alexandres. I'm from Des Moines, IA. I developed a product, www.PuttersVentPlus.com It has a long 20 year history. I actually invented it back in 1999. I received two Patents. 
Online shopping was new, no Social Media. In the Fall of 2000, I got an order for 15,000 from TJMaxx. Menards wanted to buy 18,000 just to give as gifts to their contractor customers for Christmas, but didn't work out. Walmart and Home Depot looked at it and kindly said that if someone didn't have a floor vent, than it is not functional. 
So, in 2001 I just let my mold set in Chicago at the plastics company for 17 years. 
In 2018, I thought hard about trying to modify my mold. I messed around with it and started coming up with an idea on how it could be made so that if the user didn't have a floor vent, it still could be used on top of a carpet or rug. In July 2018, I came up with a concept and made prototypes. I had my mold modified.  
In January of this year I began working on a way to try and get new Patents applied for. Amazing, with hard work and luck I found a program in Minneapolis that helps get Patent application's done on a Pro-Bono basis. On of the tasks I had was a phone conversation with the in-house Patent attorney at Target. He had to approve my concept. He said it was fascinating and told me that I was to stop all marketing until Patent applications were filed. Eight months later, in July the Patents were finally filed. 
After a lot of hard work and stress, I finally got the Putter's Vent Plus for sale on Amazon for $14.95. My website order page goes directly to my Amazon page. That is just the start. Now, I have to find ways for consumers to find it. I will also begin working on marketing to find distributors and retailers.
Hope to hear from you.
Thank you,
Jon Alexandres



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Snell’s my name. Pursuing ground holes is my game. It’s not a worthwhile profession but what else does a golf ball have to do?


My owner, living in Wakulla Springs, Florida, has been a director for the Tallahassee Open, co-designed and built Wildwood Country Club and helped launch the Nike Golf Player Staff program. In 2006, Golfweek asked him to be a course rater and he is now their ambassador representing Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Finally, when not pounding on my guts, he masquerades as a golf journalist.


He’s sent me bathing in scum, created pain in my belly button, sliced me into the trees, hooked me out of bounds, stepped on me in the rough, and never once cleaned my cover. But despite a number of retrievals from water, a tattoo (hit the cart path) and needing a new paint job, I still reside in his bag, somewhat wounded, but forever intact and ready for another adventure.


My seasoned but not so spicy golfer has memberships in the societies of Donald Ross, Stanley Thompson, A.W. Tillinghast, Walter Travis, and the International Network of Golf (ING). The MyGolfSpy relationship has thus far been email related only.



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1970, first golf ball hit , fell in love with the game played all i could while playing lots of baseball as a chunky first baseman all the way to high school ..i always loved tinkering with golf clubs and cars  , so started refinishing persimmons and doing grips and shafts.

got married (twice), got hired as an assistant at a nice club that held a PGA tour event , before i could work a day a Japanese company bought the place and i didnt get to go to work, so i started selling tires and found a way to become a MIzuno demo tech rep .all the while had a home club repair shop and ran a weekly route picking up and delivering..had an uncle that was half owner of a driving range and shop, he passes away with a coronary. i get the opportunity to finally go at the club biz in a true business way , which led to my current status as a "pop and mom" retailer of many of the big brands ,i.e..Ping,Mizuno ,Callaway,Taylormade,Cobra, Tour Edge ,Cleveland/Srixon..and regripper of 200 or more clubs a week and cleaning the toilet and vacuuming the shop.

i have heard and seen a million different things in the retail business and can  give ole Adam and Tony a nod for the job they've done with this Spy thing .

anyway guys keep up the good work

Ray Pruitt Jr

RayRays Golf Shop

Danville Va.

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I've played golf since I was 5, more than 55 years. Played in High School, College at 34, PGA Apprentice for a short time. I worked several years in Retail Golf up to Golfsmith Sales Manager. I'm a Master Fitter. I have been developing my teaching skills over 35 years. I can fix anyone's swing, if they're willing to learn. I live Golf. 


4 Hcp Taylormade '21 TP5x

Taylormade TI M1 8.5 CT 249

Matrix TPHD 6X 46"/48" total

TM Tour Issue Jetspeed TS

TM TI Aeroburner 3 19° Rescue

TM PSI 4 iron

TM PSI Tour 5-PW

TM TI EF Tour Preferred 52/56/60   All 2° Up

UST Recoil PrototypeF4125

Evnroll ER 8.3 34.5"/70g Pistol KBS One Putter Shaft

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Hey guys ! My name is Scott,  and with out sounding like I’m kissing your asses you guys are a huge inspiration to me. I have a small following on a page called Hit Till Happy Golf. Originally I thought this was an original idea and I wanted to provide a page that would recommend only tested equipment, training aides, and instruction. That met the criteria of each level of golfers specific needs. Well as I did research I obviously stumbled across My golf spy and am absolutely in awe of how much you research you do for the golf equipment industry.  I started with just Subscribing to your pod casts and have now crossed over to following everything you guys do. Little about me, I’m your average golfer- 13 handicap that lives for the sport, community and anything that has to do with golf. My page Hit Till Happy or HTH Golf came from playing golf with a friend. On the first hole he decided he did not like his first drive, then his second, then his third, then he went to hit his fourth  drive! I yelled from the Golf cart , “ what are we playingj just Hit Till Happy Golf! We both laughed so hard and I liked the expression so much I’ve been trying to develop it ever since! You guys are rockstars in the industry and are the only true testers I would think in the world! So thanks for doing what you do!

Scott Rosenthal 

Hit Till Happy Golf 

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Hey Guys...

My name is Grant Dow, 56 years old from Scottsdale AZ. But my story starts in Aberdeen Scotland with my folks who emigrated to Arizona in 1962, I was born in AZ in 1963. You see I’m a first generation American and damn proud to be too...

Okay, back to the my story. I started playing golf as a young kid, maybe 5-6 years old. My folks divorced about that time and at the age of 9 started delivering new papers and one area I delivered papers to had a short retirement golf course, that’s where I started playing for emerald about the age 11. Fast forward through high school and into college where I really started playing. Got down to single digits thought I was good enough to play for cash and went to work cleaning clubs at a local club Orange Tree in Scottsdale. Well, fast forward to today (2019)and I’m a happy 4-handicap that’s a professional sales manager in the plumbing business. 


James Grant Dow

Taylormade SIM 9.5 Driver

PXG utility clubs, 22, 19 & 15
PXG Gen 4 Irons 6-GW

Volkey 56 & 60 wedges

Scotty Cameron Fastback CT putter

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My name is Jeffrey and I’m 49 years old. 


Golf found me at the age of 15. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and instructed not to play high activity sports. A couple of my friends were trying out for the high school golf team and said I should give it a try. Long story short, I made the JV team and was instantly hooked. My first set of clubs were a 1960’s set of Sam Snead Champs which I still have today along with my school team bag. 


Throughout the years my clubs have changed several times, and my handicap has gone up and down, and my love for this ever in search for perfection game has grown stronger. As an adult with ADHD, golf is a great way for me to exercise my mind and body in a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere with great people. 


My Golf Spy has been a fantastic source of information for me. I’m a huge research person and love to read reviews and golfers feedback on products in the marketplace. I have both purchased, and stayed away from many products based on the wealth of knowledge found in the MGS Forums. 


I now work in the golfing industry spreading knowledge to my customers that I have acquired both from experience, and information obtained through MGS. 

Thank you My Golf Spy for going outside the box and being a disrupter in the golf industry. 





Edited by FiveGs

“I should of yelled Two!”


Driver: PXG 0811x Gen 4 / Tour AD TP6s

3W: PXG 0341x Gen 1 / Tour AD TP6s

3HY: :taylormade-small: GAPR / KBS Stiff

4-PW: :taylormade-small: P770 / Nippon Pro Modus 3 120 Stiff + 1/2”

Wedges: :taylormade-small: MG3 / Nippon Pro Modus 3 120 Stiff + 1/2” 50-09, 54-11, 60-10

Putter: :cobra-small: Grandsport 35

Ball: Pro V1

Bag: Sun Mountain C-130

Cart: Clicgear 4.0

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Golf is seeing a resurgence in my life.  Having grown up around golf, and played sparingly through my twenties, the game has once again become an important part of my life.  For me golf has become a refuge of self-improvement.  Unlike almost any aspect of our lives, getting better as a player is something we are 100% in control of.  Work, friendships, relationships, and almost anything else requires the help of others in order to be successful, but improving my game (and in turn myself) is something I am solely in control of.

Working in a place that embraces innovation and technology and how it can impact our lives, along with the work I did in getting a doctorate, have led me to fully embrace the work that MyGolfSpy does.  Social media and so much of the world we create for ourselves only serve to confirm our own biases, but using good repeatable data only confirms the truth.  This is what MyGolfSpy gives to the golfing community, truth through data and experience.

I would love to be able to contribute to this amazing community that you have built, as I continue my journey of self and game improvement through golf. 

Ping G425LST 9* Accra TZ6

Callaway Rogue ST LS 3 wood, GD AD IZ 6s

Titleist TSi2 18* hybrid, Evenflow blue

Taylormade p770/p7MC combo

Callaway Jaws 50 / 54 / 58

Taylormade Spider GT 33" w/ Stability Shaft

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I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2003. While I was in country, I was on board a CH-47 that went through a rough landing. My back was injured and I was flown to Germany and then to Ft Sam Houston. I underwent several procedures to get my back into working order. When I was preparing to be released for the final time, the doctor handed my a file with a couple hundred sheets of paper. I asked what they were and he said exercises that I would need to do to help my back. I asked for how long and he said, "forever". 

I asked if there were any other options. He asked if I played golf. I said I had played about 2 times in my entire life. He said that playing a round a week was his best recommendation if I wasn't going to do all of the exercises. I thought it was a great idea. I even had the Doctor talk to my wife on the phone when I told her my "prescription" was going to be a set of golf clubs and weekly visits to the golf course! 

To this day, my back feels pretty good!

Driver:  :nike-small:  Nike Covert 2.0 Tour KK 70g Stiff

Fairway Wood: :nike-small: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour KK 60g Stiff
Hybrids:   :nike-small: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour KK Stiff

Irons:    :taylormade-small: R-11s KBS Stiff. 

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:  Cleveland 588 Rotax  56*

               Some no name 60* I got at Goodwill for $5

Putter::  :ping-small: MGS Ketsch Special Edition   

Ball: :bridgestone-small: :e7, normally. If not, whatever I found while looking for mine in the Tall Grass
Bag :Birdies for the Brave Org.14 Desert Camo 

Shoes : Oakley Cipher 2

                 Addidas Adizero One Wd

                 Nike Lunar Control

                 6 other pair "just in case"


Founder: Texas BBQ Curtain (according to Jdiddyesquire)


Favorite #TOURSAUCE Move:  signing a ball and tossing it to a non existent fan as I walk back to cart. 

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