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How long do you keep a pair of golf shoes?

JP Balajadia

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For me it’s this long. 😂


These shoesbwere about 7 years old. I play twice a week in season. They started leaking about a month before the blow out. I have feet created by a committee. My left foot is size 9 EEE and my right foot is size 10.5 EEE.


:ping-small: CB-P226 Hoofer Cart Bag

:ping-small: G400 Max 10.5° w/Ping Alta CB

:PXG: 0311 XF 3 wood 16° w/Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue

:PXG: 0211 19° Hybrid w/Project X Even Flow Riptide

:ping-small: G410 Crossover 4 w/Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue

:callaway-logo-1: Paradym X 6 - GW w/True Temper Elevate MPH Official Forum Test

:vokey-small: SM9 54°/12° D and 58°/12° D w/KBS Tour 110

:ping-small: Anser Bronze 34”

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Pro LX+ Official Forum Test

:Snell:  MTB prime

:Clicgear: 3.5+

:EVNROLL: Evnroll ER11v Official Forum Test


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I play in Mass. Wet spring conditions, humid summers, dry fall season.  To play frequently, one needs at least two pair of golf shoes.

Puma are my go to shoes, although Sketchers have also been great, but the waterproofing didn't last as long.

I have one pair of lightweight spikeless for dry summer days and another pair with spikes for wet conditions.





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Currently have 4 pairs of spike less : Asics Glide, G?FORE MGX4X2 , and 2 Foot Joy Casual Comforts . I play probably twice a week. I tend to switch out my shoes about ever other round , so they usually last longer .



Driver : Callaway B21 12°

Hybrid : Mizuno Clk 19°

Putter : Ping PLD Anser 2

Wedges : Titleist Vokey 50,56,60 D grind 12°

Irons : Mizuno JPX921 4-PW

Bag : Ping Traverse 

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I'm in the 30-40 round a year range, but I also wear my shoes at the range and occasionally even in indoor simulators.  I normally game two pair of shoes so that if I am playing on back-to-back days I have a dry, clean pair.  I also change the spikes at least once a year.

Having said all of that it's not unusual for me to get four-five years out of a pair of shoes.  My last two pair were Nike Lunar-Ion that finally lost enough stability that they were not playable.  At the beginning of the season, I swapped them for two pair of Nike Victory Pro 2 shoes.  We'll see how many rounds I can rack up with them.  

Driver; Callaway RAZR Fit

Fairway and hybrids: Callaway X2 Pro

Irons: Mizuno JPX 825

Wedges: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2



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Three pairs. One pair I keep at home / in my car for when I head to the range etc. The other two pairs I use when playing golf — picking whichever pair suits me that day. I’m pretty intentional about rotating shoes out. So I’ll drop a pair and get a new pair about once a season. So I usually have a new pair and a pair that’s maybe a season old. 

Driver: :taylormade-small: Stealth2+

3W: :taylormade-small: Stealth2

4H: :taylormade-small: Stealth 2

Irons 4I-9I:  :titleist-small: T200

Wedges P, 48: :titleist-small: T200

Wedges 54, 58: :titleist-small: Vokey SM9

Putter:  :odyssey-small: O Works #1 Black

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Like most it seems - I rotate. Early morning times I have the solid water proof Adidas or Puma, and on dry days/afternoon tee times I have a mesh Puma. Any shoe that is no longer waterproof - they become my lawn mowing shoe!


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I have 6 pairs of golf shoes that I rotate depending on what I am wearing.  Yeah I'm from the east and its got to match.  I keep them until they start breaking down and hurt my feet.

I'm 72 years old and I enjoy playing golf at least once a week.

PXG 0211 Driver 10.5, with graphite senior shaft

PXG 0211 3W, 5W and 7W, with graphite senior shaft

Cobra F-Max Hybrid set 6,5,4 Hybrids, 7,8,9,PW,GW, graphite senior shaft (I'm old)

C3i 59 degree Sand Wedge, steel shaft

Odyssey DFX Double Wide 33" putter

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I tend to walk more rounds then ride so I usually have to replace my golf shoes every year/2 years. If there are no holes or issues with the spikes I will keep them longer. I have tried replacing the spikes but haven't had much luck because I wear the spikes down so much they end up getting stuck in the sole but the spikes get torn off. 


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I can tell golf shoes are going to be a rabbit hole for me... I used to play 70ish rounds a summer and then had kids... That went down to maybe 10 rounds. In that time I bought a pair of New Balance roughly 6 years ago. This summer I finally got back to playing regularly and put in about 40 rounds along with weekly matches indoor in the offseason. I'm thrilled to be back. My 6 year old shoes bit the dust in a major way in August. I always walk and I probably got about 100 walking rounds and 50+ sim rounds out of them. Just picked up a pair of Adidas CodeChaos and am looking forward to seeing how long they last. I am always on the hunt for a deal so if something presents itself I will probably grab a second pair (not necessarily the same) and rotate. Ended up finding the CodeChaos for $65 which I was more than happy to part with given the normal cost of high quality waterproof golf shoes.

Driver: Ping I25 9.5 degree stiff

Wood: Ping I25 3 wood stiff

Hybrid: Ping I15 3 Hybrid Stiff 4-W

Irons: Ping i230 blue dot True Temper steel stiff elevate shafts +.5

Wedges: Cleveland CG15 52 degree 12 bounce Cleveland CG15 56 degree 14 bounce Cleveland CG15 58 degree 12 bounce

Putter: Scotty Cameron Tryllium Newport

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I struggle to throw them away when I probably should because I like them. But with being on my feet majority of the day and having flat feet I'll get a season maybe a little more. The appearance of the shoe might be okay but the insole is flat and just not worth it so onto the next one.

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My kids gave me my first pair of True's for Christmas in 2021. Everything else I own has been sitting in my garage (New Balance and FJ Pro SL). I track rounds on a spreadsheet I have set up in my office. I average about 135 rounds a year since my kids have gotten older and self sufficient.

Based on that, I'm guessing I have more than 200 rounds on those True's. I am currently about to buy a new pair. It's doubtful I try anything else for the foreseeable future. I love the fit, feel, comfort and durability of the True's.

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I usually buy 3 to 4 pair of shoes at a time and currently have a shoe rack in my garage that would hold about 20 pair.  I live in the desert southwest and play year over 200 rounds a year (4 to 5 rounds a week).  Yes, I have been retired since 2008 and wear a different pair of shoes daily.  I also wear golf shoes when I work as a starter at two different courses 1 day a week because they are the most comfortable shoes that I own and supportive for my feet.  I am crazy and wear the shoes until the shoes separate.  Some of them last 3 years and some well longer.  I have a pair of footjoy classics (at the time they called them the professional teaching shoe they are spikeless) that are about 15 years old.  I think the leather will split some day but not yet.  I would say that in the last 4 years that I have probably only bought shoes once.  I clean them after the round, put shoe trees in them and rotate the shoes so they all get worn at least once a month.  My lovely wife bought me a pair of shoes about 5 years ago that lasted only one season and I showed her how they wore out and that even though I pay 2 or 3 times what she paid, the shoes last a lot longer.  She will no longer look to buy golf shoes.

Titleist TS 1 Driver Stiff graphite shaft

Titleist  TS2 16.5 degree 3 wood Stiff graphite shaft

Titleist  TS2 18 degree 5 Wood Stiff graphite shaft

Titliest TS2--21 degree Hybrid stiff light weight graphite shafts

Titliest T200 regular multi-material graphite shafts 2 degrees flat 5 thru gap wedge

Titliest Volkey wedges 54 and 58 stiff multi-material graphite shafts 2 degrees flat

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Trillium Te3 32" putter




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I start to feel the cushioning wearing out in my hips and knees before I see it on the shoe itself. I can usually get 2-3 seasons out of spiked shoes, but only 1 season or so out of spikeless. I like to have 1 pair of each on hand. 

Cobra LTDx Max Driver & 3w
Taylormade M2 3 hybrid & M6 4 hybrid
Taylormade Burner irons 5-PW 
Pinemeadow Wedges (52, 56, 60)
Cobra KING Stingray putter

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Very dependant on performance loss. I have about 40 rounds on my FJ Flex and the soft spike system they use isn't much anymore. I have worn these to work a few times too. 

I'll have multiple pairs but won't buy new until I notice diminished performance

I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 10.5, ProjectX HZRDUS Smoke Black

Titleist TSi2 18 Degree Hybrid, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Hexcel

Takomo 301CB's, KBS Tours S

Vokey SM8 48 10F, 52 08F, 56 08M, 60 08M

Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball 10 

Nike VR Tour Staff Bag

Titleist Pro V1x and Vice Pro Plus


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Great timing with this thread! Wondering what issues, if any, other golfers were having with golf shoes, with the waterproof guarantee & the durability of golf shoes. 
I play over 150 rounds a year, in Florida.  90% of those rounds are walking and walking in the Florida morning dew.  I've not had great success with golf shoes, except for the Sqairz shoes.  

I presently rotate with 5 pairs of golf shoes.  If I know I'm riding, I'll mostly wear the Footjoy Contour or Pro SL or New Balance mesh.  Range time - rotate between the Footjoy Pro SL & Squairz Ice. When walking I'll switch between the two pairs of Sqairz Ice & British Golf Shoes.  I've not had too much luck with with the waterproof guarantee, lasting 2 yrs. If I get close to a year, it's acceptable.  I no longer wear Sketchers or Nike, very disappointed in their customer service and standing behind their product.  Sqairz was absolutely the best customer service, followed closely by New Balance.   I also wear the New Balance Mesh pair when doing Ranger duties.  

Like @Tim McCarthy, when the golf shoes get worn out, they are my lawn mowing shoes 😆!

Titleist T200 Irons - 5i thru Gap Wedge - Stiff AMT Black

Callaway PARADYM X 9.0 with Hazrdous X Black 6.0 Stiff Shaft

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (22 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM8 - 54 (D Grind) wedge flex; SM8 58(M grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5

Ball: Titleist ProV1

Handicap: 0

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For me golf shoes last years, that’s the easy answer, but doesn’t tell the true story.

Truth is at last count I think I have at least 12 pairs, probably more. Why? Who knows. At least 3 I would call winter only that rotate and too many for summer that I like to swap out with what I’m wearing. Bit of a problem maybe. I don’t wear any one pair enough to wear them out, but I see a new pair I like the look of and enough said, I barely wear out the spikes.


:tour-edge: C721 9.5 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge: C721 15 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge: C721 18 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge:EXS220 22 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black
:tour-edge: EXS Pro Forged 5-PW True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Stiff
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 50/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 54/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 58/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:mizuno-small: M-Craft VI with BGT Stability shaft and Super Stroke Zenergy XL Flatso 2.0 (25g CounterCore weight)
seed.png.34e6908c56b2f4a28f3511fa62a86f0d.png SD-01 ball 

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I have three pairs as well, one being spikeless. I rotate them every few rounds. I keep them in a shoe bag with shoe trees, and they all look good. As long as you change the spikes and insoles when they’re worn I don’t see why you couldn’t have them for 10 years? The spikeless shows however would get tossed after the traction is worn to the point your footing is starting to slip. A lot of variables go into this as well. Do you only walk on grass, do you walk versus ride, etc.

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I am a big guy, 100 rounds a year easy.  I get new shoes every year.  Usually I pick up a new pair end of season when they go on sale.  My olds live in the cab of my truck. I have about 6 pairs back there now.  My wife claims my truck smells like a locker room.

Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

3wood: Titleist 917F

5 wood: Titleist 917F

irons Titleist T350 5-pe

hybrids Taylormade 4 

wedges: Titleist SM8 50/54/58

putter: Scotty Cameron Newport slotback

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I have one old pair of FJs that I can't even tell what the model is, they have a softer rubber bottom with rubber dots, they are my range shoes so to speak and they have worn like iron, they have been used indoors, outdoors scuffed around on asphalt don't really care. I sincerely doubt if they are still waterproof, but as long as they hold up, I keep wearing them for practice. Everytime I check the bottom the rubber spike nobs are still mostly there. I have other Fj spikeless with smaller plastic spikes if you will that haven't held up nearly as well.

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I rotate many pairs, so I still have shoes that have seen 12 seasons or more!  On average, it's about 5 years or bettrr.

:Sub70:Driver : Sub70 839D

:Sub70:3 wood Sub 70 pro

:titleist-small:4 wood: Titleist 815 d

:Sub70:Hybrid Sub 70 839 21*

:Sub70:Irons Sub 70 639 combo

:Sub70:Wedges Sub 70 659 approach 50*, 286 full face groove 54*

:seemore-small:Putter FGP

:titleist-small:Ball  Titleist AVX

Grips: Best Grips std leather

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Back in the day of actual spikes ...... YEARS, 5-10 easy!  Now .... 3-6 yrs maybe?

Only recently, maybe 2021, I noticed during a two day 72 hole bender (more than I normally play in a month), that my sizing for adidas must have been wrong, so I had to get new ones the next half size up.

Since that point I have strictly worn the new pair for two-ish seasons now.  In fairness, I generally play 10-20 rounds annually with infrequent practice sessions on top of that.

So - if I were playing a ton, maybe every couple to three years.  But shoes don't matter that much to me provided they don't hurt and are quality to begin with.  

Dingy looks will have me switch quicker than I can wear them out these days.


Drivers: Cobra F9 w/Atmos

FW: Adams XTD Speedline 3W

HOOK STICKS(hybrids): Adams and Callaway  hook sticks!🤓

IRONS: Callaway CF19 (4-P)   /   CF16 (4-AW)  /   Ping Eye2 (3-S)   /   Tommy Armour 845s (3-W)

WEDGES: Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 56 ES  /   Cleveland CG14 50*, 56*    /  Smartsole  56*   /  RTX4 56*  /   NIKE VR 56*

PUTTER: Ping Zing2 /  Anser4  /  Bobby Grace LoPro   / couple of Odyssey No. 2's

BALLS:  :bridgestone-small: Tour B-XS   :srixon-small:  Z-Star    :vice:  Pro +

:ping-small:        :callaway-logo-1:   :cobra-small:   :1332069271_TommyArmour:      :bobby-grace-1:   :adams-small:      :cleveland-small: 


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Wear them til they no longer waterproof. Usually 2-3 years, but they are still in good condition to use when it's not wet, so I keep them lol

:cobra-small: SpeedZone 9* w/ Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S
:callaway-small: X2 Hot 3 Deep 14.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 S
:taylormade-small: JetSpeed 5W 19* w/ Matrix Velox T 69 S OR :adams-small: Super LS 3H 19* w/ Kuro Kage Black 80 S
:mizuno-small: JPX919 Forged 4-PW w/ Modus3 105 S
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50/08F, 54/14F & 58/08M w/ Modus3 115 Wedge
:EVNROLL: ER1 34" w/ SuperStroke Fatso 2.0
MfleKCg.jpg Pro / 9dZCgaF.jpgH2NO Lite Cart Bag / :Clicgear: 3.0 / :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro LRF

My reviews: MLA Putter // Titleist SM7 // PING i500 // PuttOUT

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Buy FJ with 2 yr waterproof.   I play in morning, heavy dew.  Swap every year, generally when they start leaking.

M1 Driver

Rocket Ballz 3 wood 3 hybrid

M6 Irons

Vokey Wedges

2 Ball Putter

Walker any weather.  Thank God for Golf

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I replace them after they start to break down with no real time frame involved. I run a half dozen pair at any given time and just cycle through them depending on color (to match outfit since I am turning into a clothes ***** as I get older) or waterproof needs.

I am brand agnostic. If it is in my bag it is because it works for me...

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I am playing around 100 rounds +/- a year, (shooting for more this year at 70 right now).  I usually buy a new pair about every 4-5 months and have 2-3 pairs normally in a rotation.  I rotate them each round and find I can get a pair to last about 9 months before failing happens.  Right now I have squairz, footjoy pro's and a pair of footjoy boas.  The pro's are walking on their own at this point (they are 1 year old and leaving the rotation as they are no longer waterproof.  Haven't decided on the next pair just yet.

B_LinksGolf "Any day golfing is better than a day in the office"

What's in the Bag:

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST 3diamond LS: Tensei raw blue 65g stiff

3w/5w: Callaway Rogue ST LS: Tensei raw blue 65g stiff

4i-6i: Callaway '24 Apex CB/Modus 3 130 X-stiff

7i-10i: Callaway '24 Apex MB/Modus 3 130 X-stiff

Wedges: Callaway Jaws Raw (matte black) 50ºs-grind/54ºs-grind/58ºz-grind

Putter: Callaway AI-one Jailbird mini DB 35"







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