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Oakley Factory Lite Review

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Hello. Wanted to share a review of the Oakley Factory Lite Stand Bag. Approx. 2.8 lbs


I purchased April of 2016 and have played over 100 rounds with the Bag. With no regard for the lightweight construction, I have treated this Bag the same as I treated my last bag which lasted me over 8 years. I recently donated to my younger brother's first set of clubs and he is still using it 2 years later.


99% of my golf rounds I will walk if the club allows it. I also don't carry much in my bag. Tees, balls and not much else. So I fit the description well for this bag. If you typically ride or prefer more pocket space, this may not be the bag for you.



Thanks for reading the background. Here is my review of the Oakley Factory Lite Stand Bag.


First Impressions: I was initially impressed with how the bag looked when it first came out of the box. I was expecting to see a cheap looking back due to all the lightweight plastic parts but Oakley did a great job with the overall design.


Weight: The bag is obviously vey light at 2.8 lbs but I never truly appreciated how light it was until I had become used to the weight and would try other people's bags. This thing is light. It also holds up amazing in the wind. The material it's made from allows their air to pass through the entire bag. Has not fallen over once due to gust of wind.


Materials: Not waterproof in any which way however. If it's raining everything in the bag will get wet. Once you get past that, it's great. All materials are lightweight. The bag is made from a tent like material and utilizes plastic hardware to keep the weight down. You can see how the bag has held up below in the photos section.


Looks: I give Oakley an A for looks. Great simple design that looks high end.


Club Divider: A 4-way divider with fabric separators on the interior. It fits my driver, 3W, 5W, 3-PW, (3) wedges, and a putter. They slide in and out of the bag fairly easily. Depending on how you load the bag, it can get jammed up sometimes.


Strap: Backpack style lightweight foam strap with a back support is comfortable. The carrying handle is also soft and sturdy. Some of the stitching holding one of the strap loops came loose and needed repairs. Photo of this below.


Stand: The Stand mechanism works well. Legs can over extend in certain situations but not enough to collapse the bag.


Pockets: There are (2) main pockets on this bag and each has a small mesh pocket within. I can hold everything I need including keys and cell phone. There are no waterproof pockets.


Final Thoughts: This bag does what it was designed to do very well. If you are making decisions on your golf bag based upon the weight than this bag needs to be on your list.


Photos: These were taken on 10/16/2016. After 6 months of use playing 4-6 times a week.




















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Nice write up Choc. Oakley is not a company I think of for bags. Not sure I even knew they made them so I looked them up. I found a few they sell including your exact bag on Amazon. $128.

Personally I like a little different design in my bag but looks decent. I'll probably buy a new one next year and I'm thinking about Sun Mountain this time.

By the way... I think your bag is about ready to be retired. Looks like it's seen a few rounds. 

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