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Follow along as our five testers put the brand new Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges to the test. Accuracy and consistency are the name of the game here. The center of gravity has been moved closer to the center of the clubface, the grooves are high spin, and the sole options are extensive enough to fit any conditions. How do these wedges stack up? Stay engaged to find out!



With that being said lets meet our testers!




jayjay0808        Stage One       Stage Two      Stage Three


                                                                                                                                                              singmech         Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three     


   Lowell               Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three  


  PMookie           Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three  


  HeathS16         Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three  




Let us know what you think!




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Stage 1:

Whats your story? What makes you love the game?

Hi ya'll! First off, I am so very excited to have this opportunity to review some AWESOME clubs! So thank you Cleveland Golf and MyGolfSpy. I was a baseball player for years, in high school and all four years in college. As a result I picked up golf! I had been introduced to the game by my grandpa, who played every other day at a small club in Duncan, Ok.  I was never that good at golf so I never focused on golf, just tunnel-vision on baseball. I was reintroduced into the game about 2 years ago and started taking golf very seriously, practicing, training for golf and thinking about it non-stop. I only read, eat ,sleep, watch (save for OU football) golf.  I love the game, it is so much fun and can be played for a lifetime. However, the best part about golf is how unbearably hard this game is. No matter how good you get, you feel like you can always get better, I love having that drive and motivation, its addicting. Anyways, that is a bit about me.  Here are some points on my game...Insert Action Shot (Headed Left <_>



Handicap: 9 Average score is 82-85

How long have I played? 2 years

What Region? South-Central

Strengths of your game. Iron play (mid-high)

Weaknesses: DRIVING

What is in your bag?

  • Putter: Odyssey White Ice #1
  • Wedges: Snake Eyes 60* Nike :(  SV 54*
  • Irons: Nike :( Vr-S Forged 4-AW
  • Fairways: Nike :( Covert 2.0 3W
  • Driver: Nike :( Covert 2.0

How did you choose your clubs? I am/was a Nike :( snob

Ball flight? Mid ball flight

Miss? Irons: Left Driver: "FORE RIGHT!"

Swing Tempo? Medium

Driver swing speed? 105-108 MPH


What kind of golfer are you?

I am your average mid handicapper. I can birdie a hole or two and then forget how to swing for a hole and put up a 9. My iron game is pretty solid, if I can get within 150 yards or so. The problem with me is I am off on random adventures in the trees and tall grass too much. I lose too many stroked off the tee box that the iron game doesn't help all that much. My pitching and putting is decent and I can usually get up and down when needed.



Describe your short game.

My short game is ok, nothing flashy but steady for the most part.  The biggest struggle here is the 3/4 and 1/2 shot that get away from me sometimes.  I get so focused on taking power off of the shot that I dig a trench into the ground. The reason is (like most golfers) I am way too focused on the full swing and not enough on the "finesse" of the short game. Searching for that time where I put it all together and start rattling the pins.


How is your wedge play currently?

My wedge play is about the same as my short game. Nothing spectacular but not necessarily bad.  I can hit a green at least. This is where my lack of a full wedge set (the Cleveland's are my first) has hurt me as I don't have consistent distance gaps. All in all, its hit or miss for me as I consistently find my self outside of "gimme" range. 


What are you hoping to get of the Cleveland wedges?

I am hoping they will help with several things.  The first is with distance control (yardage gaps).  This is my first custom wedge set so I am hoping I can be deadly accurate inside 130 yards. Secondly, I hope that the wedges can help me produce more spin and hold a green.  The Bermuda greens here in Oklahoma are extremely hard and combined with the fierce wind, impossible to hold. Third, I need some forgiveness.  My last wedges had zero room for error and would not come close to performing when mis-struck, seeing as I am not Jordan Spieth, I need all the help I can get....



The set up:




 This ends my stage 1.  Please feel free to comment, or ask me anything! I am just so excited to be a part of this review! Hit'em long guys!


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Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedges- Official MGS Forum Review by: HeathS16


Player Biography

So here is the setup: All bent 1' Flat and standard length. Raw finish and bladed model.

I received a three wedge set that included a 50', 54'  and 58' Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedges.


50' V-MG Standard mid bounce (2 dots) fitted for a KBS Hi-rev shaft. Stock weight and grip.


54' V-MG Standard mid bounce (2 dots) fitted for a KBS Hi-rev shaft. Stock weight and grip.


58' V-FG High bounce (3 dots) fitted for KBS Hi-rev shaft. Stock weight and grip. All shafts are stiff.


So, as I mentioned in my stage 1 these are my first full wedge set and the first set custom fit for me.  Before I got the chance to review these I never was very confident or excited when I pulled wedge out of my bag.  I was always thinking, "Don't skull it, chunk it or screw this up." Constantly searching for those few wedge shots in a round where I could hunt down a pin.  I liken the feeling of sticking one close with a good wedge shot is a lot like an at bat in baseball. You don't aim to just find a hole and get a single, you want to place that ball in between the outfielders and run for days. There is nothing like watching a for-sure double soar into the gap, singles are for chumps, I want to take dead aim and see if I can't hit that gap. Basically, "Go big or go home." But the catch is I wanted to still be able to control the ball or at least feel like I could when I needed to. Tailored aggression is what I like to call it. My number one complaint with my old set was the lack of control I had both in accuracy and distance, I needed to be able to count on a pitch shot holding the green. Let's see what the new RTX-3's can do! 

Performance: Course and Range  



In order to test out my new wedges I went to my club's range and staked out a tub, yes tub not basket of balls. I made sure to get to the most secluded spot and measure a distance of about 120 yards, 110 yards 100 yards and 90 yards (there were flags at 120 and 90). I started with the 50' and hit about 40 shots with it and every other wedge, 10 full swings, 10 3/4 10 1/2 and 10 "touch" shots. Here is what I found. Accuracy was tremendous, out of 40 shots I hit the flag at 120 yards 3 times with full swings. The rest of the spread was not large and everything went in the right direction.  Overall I felt like I could most definitely make the ball go where I wanted it to in relation to target. 


Wedge table.JPG


How did I get this data? I simply measured out using a laser rangefinder and a walking wheel tape measure. These data points are all measured from the 120, 110, 100, 90 targets mentioned earlier. As you can see from the table the Cleveland's outperformed my old wedge set in distance. They were more accurate as well by being WAAAAAAAY more consistent. This gives me the perfect transition into forgiveness, which is awesome, even on the bladed model.  Generally speaking you will not get the same distance on miss-hits but you will certainly not suffer the ball going too far offline.  I found that I could catch the heel of the club and still get some good distance out of the shot as well as still be within an acceptable range of being offline. The same exact thing happened with the toe strikes, distance was OK (generally about 10-15 yards shorter) and the ball stayed within an acceptable distance of the target.

This leads me into my final portion of the range testing. I was so impressed with how easy it was to get the ball in the air with these wedges.  It did not matter if the ball was on a good lie, fluffy lie or buried in the long grass next to my range station. The launch is definitely high with these, at least with my swing. I am not one who shapes too many shots but I was able to manipulate ball flight relatively easily so if I really needed to I could flight one low or hit a massive flop shot. Workability was easier than I expected, but I guess it usually is on the range, when there are not consequences for missing.


Range Score: 8 out of 10 points 


Put this here to show the divot  :D  that turf interaction doe....


Course Performance:

As excited as I was to get the wedges to range I legitimately could not contain my excitement to get them on the course. So far I have only been able to play two rounds with the wedges and one tournament round. However, I was able to mess around with them in the many different locations and lies that my untimely bad shots allow me to be in.

On course accuracy: One word, DEADLY.

This held true from round one thru round three as I stuck at least five shots per round within about eight feet. Even the touch shots were less stressful, which I think had something to do with the forgiveness as I tend to miss-hit more on partial shots than on full swings. There were several 50-60 yard shots I had to finesse in, no problem. I was very impressed.


Chipping, I usually like to use only one or two different clubs when I chip. I have been using the 54' and the 58' depending on the distance. I have found that the grinds on the soles are great off of any lie around the green as the sole-turf interaction is smooth.  Seriously I think this might be the best thing about the club. The sole just glides through the turf and it feels easy, even on tight lies with minimum face alteration. I manipulate the 58' more than I do the 54' and it plays just as well with an open face. Chipping is now more of a strength than a liability as I am more consistent and can count on a controllable roll each time. As far spin goes, on full shots I have noticed more of a 1-2 hop and stop kind of deal.  I rarely generate enough spin to reel one back and cannot do it on command, it is always an accident. What I do love is I feel that I can now hold these super hard bermuda greens! The goal is control and these wedges are most definitely helping.


The last thing here is sand performance, I loved the clubs out of the many different lies I had outside of the sand but I was super nervous about getting into a bunker. My sand play is easily the worst part of my game. I did not see a huge difference in these wedges than my old ones but I am not sure how much of that is the arrow and how much of it is the Indian. I'd say average performance in this category.

Course score: 35 out of 40



You can see the edge of the V-grind sole here in this pic on each one. It is more pronounced on the 50 and 54. 

Performance Notes

  • How did they perform?

The wedges performed so very well, I love the confidence i have pulling these clubs out of my bag. They are extremely easy to hit and launch the ball way up in the air, from any lie.

  • Were you pleased with how the club(s) performed?  

I was extremely pleased with how the wedges performed.  They were everything I was looking for.  I was looking for a way to hold greens and control my touch shots, these wedges provided that avenue.

  • Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing?

The proof is in the pudding, just take a look at the table in the range performance section, the RTX-3's beat my current wedge set in every single category, distance (by a ton) accuracy as well as forgiveness and control.  The control aspect is something my short game has truly lacked in the past.

  • What factors were you pleased with?

The two aspects that pleased me the most was the forgiveness and the control. I have struggled in the past with consistency in this area of my game. With more forgiving clubs I have already noticed a better short game.

  • Did you notice better production on the range or on the course more?

I noticed the on-course production more, as that is the only production I care about. I mean it is nice to hit some good shots on the range and pepper the flag stick holing out on a couple chips and pitches is definitely more worthwhile.

  • What factors did you find lacking?

I legitimately cannot complain about anything in the performance category that was lacking.



Subjective Portion:



Time for the subjective part of the review, the looks, sound and feel. Starting off with the shape of the head.  I love the shape, not overly big but you definitely look down and feel confident about your chances of hitting the ball well. I would say that the head might a bit bigger than others on the market but it does not take away from the beauty of the club. As far as the top-line goes, I can say the bladed model is not a butter-knife like my old wedges but the top line is not huge either, I'll insert a picture comparing the two, the Cleveland looks to be just a tad thicker, comment on what you think! The wedges are offset slightly but not noticeable when over the ball. The color and graphics of the club are gorgeous. I went with the tour raw finish because I love the way it wears over time. The color is bright and looks really good behind the ball, the Cleveland stamp and graphics on the back are good, nothing bugs me about them. The bounce and loft on the sole are easy to read and clear. Overall, visually the clubs are beautiful, well designed and the raw finish is perfect. Looks wise, I think the RTX-3's are on par with Vokeys and look better than the Callaway Mack Daddy's which have too much going on for me (personal taste).

Looks Score: (15 out of 15 points)




Sound and Feel

This category I feel is where the RTX-3's shine. The sound off of the face is crisp, not a clicky sound unless the ball is poorly struck.  I found that the strikes on the center of the face were very soft, which also held true on strikes towards the heel.  This did change however, when struck on the toe of the club, and the sound was much more of a thud when hit on the toe. The good thing for the Rtx-3's, and my hands, was that the vibrations of miss-hits were not harsh on the fingers, everything is relatively soft feeling.  I attribute this to the larger head and slightly thicker top line. Compared to many other wedges I have hit/tested, I would say the RTX-3's rank on the softer side of things.

Sound and Feel Score: (13 of 15 points)


Here is a quick clip that can give you a good indecation of the sound off of a good strike. 




Likelihood of Purchase

I would be very likely to purchase this product. Not only is Cleveland a respectable brand in wedges, I fell in love with them from the moment I started hitting them in the hitting bay. They promote a confidence in the shape and size of the head and the feel of the club is just as good if not better than any other brand I have tried.


LOP Score: (20 of 20 points)




Subjective Notes

In the area of performance the RTX-3's speak for themselves.  I think they are very high performing wedges and can benefit many a golfer, no matter their handicap.  Because of how easy these wedges are to hit shot selection on approach, pitching or chip shots is not limited. The sole/turf interaction is so smooth that any shot is available in any lie. I was blown away by the performance, look, sound and feel of the RTX-3s and am so glad to have had the opportunity to review these clubs. I truly do believe that these clubs can help anyone's game, not only because of their performance but also because they have made me so excited to go out and practice! It is so fun to sit on the range and hit shot after shot exactly where I want to.




Questions & Answers.

I did notice someone in the comments put in that they had the RTX-3s and had the minor issue of sand particles getting wedged in the grooves. I found this to be true as well, it is also what I blame for my horrid sand game :).




Example of dirt getting wedged (pun intended) in the grooves. 



When I first set out on my RtX-3 review journey I was extremely nervous. I am a relatively new MGS member and I could not believe I had been chosen to review these clubs. I imagine that this is what Daniel- san felt when he first started training with Mr. Miyagi, “Crap, everyone is going to see this…” However that feeling soon disappeared when I hit the range for the first time. The RTX-3s made it easy to review, they felt like a cloud, sounded great and the ball went where it was supposed to. How easy of a review is that!? The thing that I keep coming back to is the performance of the v-grind sole. The turf interaction, even here on the hard courses I play on is wonderful. The pasture-like grass does not feel like the cast iron skillet surface I am used to hitting off of, with the club not bouncing into the ball. The distance is consistent even on bad shots and the only bad thing I can find is the dirt and sand particles get stuck inside the grooves sometimes. Great product and a great experience.


Thank you Cleveland golf and MyGolfSpy!    



Total Score: 91 out of 100 Exceeded my wildest expectations.


Wedge pic.jpg


Sorry for the creepy pic but I love these clubs so much! 

This ends my stage 2 portion, please feel free to ask me any questions or to expand on anything! Thank you guys for being the best online golf community.  

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Stage 3: 

So I was so blessed to just get back from a trip to PGA West out in La Quinta.  Man, a beautiful course.  I thought this would be a great time to post the stage 3 of my review.  Considering I was able to play a perfectly manicured course I figured that would be a great opportunity to see the RTX-3's in the perfect setting.  So let's get to it: 


1. Will this product go into my bag? 


     Yes, a big yes actually.  These wedges are great, I love them.  The turf interaction is perfect, I feel as though the spin is incredible (whether or not that is true doesn't matter I'll take the placebo effect) and the forgiveness is good. 


2. Would I recommend to anyone? 

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good wedge set. Particularly someone looking for a wedge that is not hard to hit by offering good forgiveness. Easy to get airborne and distance control is consistent. 


3. Did this change or impact my perception of the brand? 

     This actually gave me more confidence in the brand.  I had never owned a cleveland club and had only hit a driver back when I worked at Golfsmith (RIP) and wasn't impressed.  I do use the Z-star which feels buttery off of these wedges. 


4. Would I change a feature? 

    Yes, at first I did not mind the sound of the club being a little "clinkish" so maybe I would address that, however, the results of the shots are more than worth the slightly annoying sound. 


5. What feature do I love? 

     I LOVE the sole grinds on the bottom of the wedge head. The turf interaction on these clubs is great and the club sits well in any position. 


Overall, I love these clubs, I want to thank Cleveland and more importantly MyGolfSpy for this incredible opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed the hours on the range hitting balls with the new RTX-3's this wedge set has reinvigorated my desire to practice, especially wedge shots.  Thank you all.  

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Cleveland RTX 3.0- Official MGS Forum Review by PMookie


Player Biography

I went with the Black Satin heads, True Temper Dynamic Gold TI Onyx S400 shafts, all +1", with MCC+4 black and gray midsize grips, + 2 wraps. I went with 48* 2-dot, 52* 2-dot, and 56* 1-dot all based on my fitting on the Cleveland Wedge Analyzer and with some input from the Cleveland/Srixon rep here.







The main reason I went with black was I thought the combo of the black heads with the all black TI Onyx shafts would look pretty sick... They do!!! They look incredible! I almost feel like Darth Vader when I pull them from my black golf bag!!!


I went with the 48*/52*/56* because after switching from Callaway Apex irons to my Srixon Z545 irons, I picked-up about another 5 yards and the distance gap between my Z PW and my Ping Glide 50* had moved to around 20 yards! I had the RTX 2.0 previous to my Ping Glides, so I was curious to see if the distance had picked-up a bit on the new 3.0. That was why I ultimately switched to Glides, the extra distance. I had worn out a set of Ping Rustique wedges and moved to the RTX 2.0 when they came out. Distance became a problem, but at the time I couldn't afford new wedges. My main attraction to the Glides was the look. Simple. That satin finish they have... Man, they just looked GOOD!!! I've been pretty happy with the Glides overall. No real complaints. They feel ok and they work well on the course. All was good.


I wanted to gain more versatility with these 3.0s. My Glides all have standard soles. Just flat, no grind for being able to create shots. Our fairways here, where I play, are generally pretty hard, so in order to prevent digging, I had picked the "SS" version on all three. With the RTX 3.0, I was determined to add at least ONE wedge with the low bounce, one dot, just to have some options around the green. This is where I took the advice of the rep and went with the one dot on the 56*. I don't hit many flop shots... Never have. So the overwhelming ways I use my wedges is for full-shots, first and foremost, and then chipping and pitching. I liked the idea of having a thinner sole on one of these JUST so I could have a better chance of sliding the leading edge under the ball on our tight, hard pan areas around the greens.




Performance at the Range

The day I received these clubs in the mail, I went IMMEDIATELY to the range!!!! I started out hitting them off of the mats just to get a sense of the feel and distance without having to worry about digging or hitting fat. Initially, I wasn't so much concerned over "accuracy". I just wanted to get a sense of feel, sound, distance, the weighting, how it looked to my eye right away, etc. Just some "first thoughts" I guess. So, I grabbed one of the wedges, put a ball down and swung... "Holy cow, these feel AWESOME," I thought! I look down at the face, and low-and-behold, a ball mark in the DEAD CENTER of the face! I thought, "Yeah, these might work out just fine!"



One thing became very apparent, and I'll touch on this later in my review to a greater degree, but the club just LOOKED different at address... I couldn't put my finger on it right away, but after reading on the Cleveland site I finally figured out what it was. More to come later...


After going through the bucket on the mat, and then another off grass, I was able to get a sense that the accuracy was very similar to what I had seen with my Glides. I wouldn't say they were a TON more accurate than my gamers, but they were a LITTLE more, so I was good here. At my range we have a flag that sits right around 110 from where I normally hit. It has a "green area" around the flag that might be 20 yards wide and I was able to hit this area quite consistently, more than with my Glides. When I missed, I tended to miss left with these, but with my Glides I missed in both directions.


I CAN say this: THESE RTX 3.0 ARE LONGER THAN MY PING GLIDES. But, that is because all of the lofts are stronger! HA! Since I went with different lofts to match the gaps in my bag and not to match the lofts of the wedges I had, I won't be able to review if these are "longer" or not. I do have yardages for these, but not a true comparison.

(Ping 50 shots 1-5, Cleveland 48 shots 6-10)


(Ping 58 shots 1-5, Cleveland 56 shots 6-9)




(Contact areas on face from the LM data from above)




Trajectory was definitely NOT as high as my Glides, This was one area that stuck out immediately and made me smile! I am a VERY high ball hitter and sometimes I have issues playing in the wind, so I REALLY enjoyed seeing a more penetrating ball flight!


My mishits at the range have been generally fat with the Pings. They have a bit of "heft" to them, they feel "head heavy" and I have a tendency to really lose it on the way down, causing my fat shots. The mishits I had with these 3.0 are the opposite: they're THIN. Is it because of the different sole design? The value of the V-Sole making sure the club doesn't dig? I actually think this IS the reason! I just never got down deep and plugged with these on the range at all! Hitting them off of the mats was especially nice because I wasn't "bouncing" the wedge in to the ball anymore. On face contact, my miss with wedges has historically been closer to the heel because of my "in-to-out" swing. My arms extend away from me, the club head moves out and away from my body, and I make contact inside toward the heel. With my Glides, this caused a very drastic drop in distance. I noticed on the range that the distance loss with the RTX was negligible at best. The feel was better when this happened as well.


In all of my range time with these RTXs, I have been able to flight my shots very easily. For the most part, I only swing full and hit a spinner/grabber from about 75-80 yards and I don't mess around with much else. These did very well with those shots when I was trying the "knockdown". I don't hit draws and fades on command anymore, so I didn't try to move the ball left to right and then directionally high or low either...


I learned a lot about these wedges around the chipping green, which I hoped to do since it's the weakest part of my game. The one thing that stuck out the most was the increased roll I had with these compared to my Glides. There was a feel/sound difference, and the look was very different. I was much more consistent with the RTXs from shot-to-shot around the green and a lot of that was due to the V-sole preventing me from digging and hitting fat. The one major benefit to these has been how the sole has given me confidence off of the shaven tight lies around parts of our greens. I'm not so scared anymore that I'm going to "duff" a chip. Do I still duff some? Yep. But since I've been practicing, these wedges have helped me find a stroke and gain some confidence. That's huge! "Bigly" even!


Range Score: 8/10 These performed well in practice. Exceptionally? Nah. Good? Yes. Did they meet my high expectations? Yes.


Performance on the Course


I spent the first three weeks playing these EXCLUSIVELY on course, meaning I didn't carry my Pings with me at all. These went into the bag and they were gamed right away for scores. I worked out my distances on-course with these by guessing where they should be at first. I expected them all to fall in to these lengths: 48* should be 125 yards, the 52* should be about 115-ish, and the 56* should be right-on 100 yards. I came-up with these distances based upon my Glides and how far they went. The whole goal was to find wedges that hit these yardages... These turned out to be right on with what I needed! They filled the exact gaps I needed! BOOM!


One thing that showed-up on course was the lack of fat shots here as well. I wasn't hitting those diggers that always cost me in almost every round. Playing down here in Bermuda, with tight fairway lies, one has to learn to get down and get the ball! I was EXTREMELY happy to not see this shots as often! Those V-soles really do their job! Because of this, my accuracy improved just by having more consistent action through the turf. There has been an improvement in my thoughts now and looking down at these in the fairway or rough, I don't have the mind creeping into worry about digging. It's been nice! I have picked-up a greater degree of consistency with these and that has helped my scores.


As stated in my Stage 1, I am not very good with the wedge game around the green. My chips and pitches are killing me. On the course with my Pings, I had a tendency to hit my touch shots fat, just like fairway misses. The club just plugs in to the ground. Well, with the RTXs, this has improved, and any misses around the green are actually thin now! I'll take thin all day! I'll at least GET to the hole! HA! The narrower soles, and having the 1-dot on the 56* has made my chipping and pitching easier to perform. I really like my 48* right now after practicing a lot with it in the short game. I really have increased some consistency around the greens because of this one club. We all know, once a bit of confidence starts to show-up in the old noggin', things just seem to get a bit better!!!

First pic are Ping chips, next are the RTX




Going back to the point I made about being a high-ball hitter, I don't much see a ball "back-up" just because my shot comes down so steeply. In order for me to make this happen, I have to put the ball back in my stance and hit it as a three-quarter "knockdown". Spin with these was very similar to my Pings on these shots. Where I really noticed less spin was in chips and pitches right around the green. The RTXs spun less and had more rollout than my Glides did... I was past the hole more than I came-up short, which is better than being short, but I did have to adjust. One note on this spin difference- was I seeing this because my Pings and the RTXs don't match-up exactly in loft? I'm hitting a 48* just off the green instead of a 50*? When I do try a "flop-ish" shot is it rolling-out more because it's a 56* and not a 58*? Not sure, but, it was noticeable and I had to make adjustments.


All-in-all, these soles are VERY effective! One of the main reasons I LOVE my Z545 irons is because of the V-sole and the consistency it gives me shot-to-shot. I don't have to worry about digging! With these RTXs I'm at the same place. I'm still trying to learn their intricacies, and I have a ways to go, but the sole on the RTX is as good as billed!

RTX soles vs my Glide soles




I've always been a pretty good sand player, so this area of the course hasn't really been an issue for me. I would get out my 54* Glide and go. I use the 56* with the RTXs just because it has the narrower 1dot sole and I like the idea of that sliding through the sand below the ball. We don't have many traps on the course where I generally play, so it's rare if I have to hit a blast during a round. I dropped a few balls here and there in the greenside traps just to give these a test, and the 56* performed as expected. It slid right through and out popped the ball. It seemed that I got a TAD bit more rollout, but not enough to say, "These RTXs don't spin out of the sand as much as Ping Glides." No issues with the sand at all.


Course Score: 35/40


Performance Notes


These wedges performed just as consistently on the course as they did on the range. One place I feel I've gained an advantage with these is actually out of our deep Bermuda rough! One shot I had in my last round was to the 16th hole from the rough, which is about 3" deep right now, where I had to go over a huge tree to the green that was 92 yards away. I grabbed my RTX 56* and went after it. The club worked its way down to the ball through all of that rough and I was able to make great contact! It felt AWESOME! I knew it would be good. Up it went, cleared the tree, traveled another 20 yards, came down and died three feet behind the divot! PERFECT! I had a very similar shot on the 1st hole a day before. 100 yards out of the rough, grabbed the 56* and BINGO. On the green. They don't have that "head-heavy" feel my Pings do and it helps me with confidence that I'm not going to dig. Add-in the sole I've been gushing about and I'm pretty happy.


One item of note is the grooves needing more than a wet towel to clean all of the grass and dirt out of them. I noticed this day one on the range and if one buys these, you gotta have some kind of steel brush, or some type of groove cleaner available. With any set of wedges I've previously owned, a wet towel has always been enough to clean everything off. Not these. Outside of this, there isn't anything performance-wise I'd do away with here. These are solid wedges that allow one to make all of the shots necessary with a great degree of consistency. Whether out of the fairway, rough, or around the green, these have all of the versatility one could ask for. They improved the distance issue I had with the 2.0 version, and maybe that has something to do with the movement of the center of gravity more toward the middle... I'm not positive, but these are a definite improvement over the prior model. Cleveland/Srixon have really done a great job with the soles of their clubs. Until one can put them to the test versus clubs with no V-sole, one might never know what all of the fuss is about. I remember a few years back making a comment on one of these sites that "turf interaction" was one of the most overused terms in golf forums ("stripe show" owns that now), but now that I have irons and wedges with these soles, talking about how much a difference they make can't be talked about ENOUGH! HA!


A pic to show the grouping of shots with my RTX 48 on the LM







When looking at the back of the club where the "RTX" is stamped, this club looks sick! That satin finish is just awesome! The black color is perfect and the blue color of the "dots" is just the right touch of color. They're a great looking club... Until one looks down and swears there is "offset", or the club is hanging off just a bit oddly. I couldn't figure out what it was that I was seeing, but I figured it out over time. Cleveland took weight from the hosel to help move the COG toward the middle of the face. The hosel has a curve to it. It narrows a bit from the top, widens in the middle, then narrows toward the bottom. What this did to my eyes was make me think there was an extra degree or two of offset. To me, it looks like the head just sits out there on this LITTLE bit of metal. I've become used to it, and I'm glad I figured out why it looks like it does because it was very odd at the beginning. One thing I think it has done mentally is give me a little bit more confidence at address seeing that the leading edge isn't right there! It is, but my mind sees it as more offset. Overall, it's a really great looking club. The plain silver satin may actually be better looking than the black too!

Here are a few pics at different angles to get you the sense of the "bulge" in the hosel as it moves from ferrule to head. A couple pics to compare the Ping to the RTX as well.









Score: 12/15


Sound and Feel


As I stated before, the first shot I ever took with these I flushed it! The only clubs I can compare these two at this point are my Glides. Do these feel better than my Glides? Well, they feel DIFFERENT than my Glides. The Pings have that "head-heavy" feel, as I've stated, these don't. The overall feel of these, just holding them, they feel lighter than my Pings... Crazy thing is... They aren't! I went to Dick's and weighed them. Here's what I found:


Cleveland RTX 3.0

48* is 37" long and weighs in at a D9 swing weight

52* is 36.75", D9.5

56* is 36.5", E.5


Ping Glide

50* is 37" long and weighs at a D8 swing weight

54* is 36.75", D9

58* is 36.5", E0


First 2 pics are of the RTXs on the scale, 2nd two are of the Pings.








Same lengths, but the Clevelands weigh MORE! But in the hand the FEEL lighter to me! Is the hosel and head heavier in the Ping, but lighter in the RTX 3.0??? What gives me that sensation with the swing weight being different than what I sense??? I was shocked to see that the Glides weighed less! SHOCKED! The RTXs seem lighter when chipping, pitching, and especially in the full swing. When I'm practicing my chips vs the Pings I still have a tendency to duff/hit fat, but I tend to thin the RTXs. I re-weighed them. I was sure I was wrong, or wrote down the info wrong... Nope.


So, the "sound" matches what I'm sensing. There is a higher-pitched "click" with the Clevelands than with the Pings. The Glides just have a softer, deeper sound to them, no matter the shot. It's most noticeable on chips. I tried to video it yesterday so y'all could hear it, but all the video sounded like was me hitting through grass... Oh well. I've become used to the deeper sound of the Pings just because I've been playing them for more than a year, and I do like a more muted, quieter, softer sound off a wedge. I don't like a click. It's not the type of ball used as I tested these wedges with urethane covered balls and non-urethane covered balls. Soft cores, harder cores. It didn't matter which ball was used, the sound and feel of the RTXs was "clickier" and "lighter" respectively.

Pics of the wedges and balls used for comparison




Sound and Feel Score: 9/15


Likelihood of Purchase


Hmm. How would I decide in a real-world situation? I'd be at a demo day and I'd have been to all of the tents hitting wedges and I'd have to choose. Are the graphics appealing? Yes. Is the performance there? Yes. The soles on these are amazing! Do they perform on chips, pitches, full shots, 1/2 shots? Yes. Are the distance, ball flight, and consistency there? Yes. Could I open up the face and not BLADE every shot? Yes. How do they look at address? Hmm. Different. Not bad... Just different. How do they sound? Hmm... A little clicky. How do they feel in-hand? A little light. How do they feel during the shot? A little light... Would I buy them? Yes. Would I buy them after ONLY trying them at a demo day? Well, if all of the shots felt like the first one I ever hit with these, yes! Man, I'm finicky. I don't like a "click". I want a "cushiony" feel like the ball got lost in some kind of liquid on the face. These had that feel day one. I've been picking them apart for the better part of three to four weeks. I've torn them down and paid attention to every SINGLE difference between my Pings and these. Based on my initial first few days with these, I'd say I'd be very likely to buy these. After having them for a bit now, do they satisfy all my wants and needs for a wedge? They miss in the sound and feel category. Performance is there. No doubt. Am I better with my wedges today than I was with my Glides? Yes.


LOP Score: 16/20


Subjective Notes/Conclusion


I think all of what I've been thinking about these wedges is covered in the LOP... Look, these wedges perform and I'm a better wedge player now than I was with my Glides. I really do believe that the sole of this club is pretty dang close to perfect. Could there be a little more spin? I do. Could the feel and sound be better? I do. What have I told those who've asked me, "How do you like the wedges?" I've said, "I really like them!" If someone were to ask me what wedges they ought to try out for purchasing, I'd tell them these IMMEDIATELY! It would have been AWESOME to have needed the exact same lofts as what my Pings are to have an EXACT comparison, but these definitely fit the yardage gaps below my pitching wedge much better than what I've had. My scores should end-up reflecting that in the next few months.


In conclusion, I really do like these wedges. I didn't even notice a huge weight difference or a sound/feel difference when I put these right into the bag. I thought they were lighter, and it has taken a bit to get used to the hosel, not that it was bad, just that it had a different look at address. I will not be getting rid of these. The Glides will be sold, soon! I will say it is very important to at least go grab the Cleveland Wedge Analyzer before you buy these, then talk to a rep, or fitter about the grinds to get, just to confirm that your swing matches what the analyzer spits out, and that your playing conditions and "likes" fit it as well. I will be using this 48* around the fringe and just off the greens for some time to come! I just love how it sits there, how it looks! I'll just make sure to keep buying metal brushes for keeping my grooves clean for the foreseeable future!


Total Score: 80/100


A couple pics to show the grooves and faces of the RTX and the Glide




A couple pics to show where I got the LM data (Rob Noel Golf Academy, Big Easy location in New Orleans)




and the short game area at my course



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Stage 1


Hey everyone, from the wet Pacific Northwest! I wanted to start by first thanking MyGolfSpy for giving the five of us this great opportunity to review some of the hottest wedges on the market. As well I want to thank every member on here that ends up reading this and getting involved by asking questions about our test drive of these Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges. Without you this would not feel like such a tight community.


With all of that out of the way let me give you guys a snapshot of who I am, what type of golfer, and what my expectations are for this test.




What's My Story


My name is John-James (I much prefer JJ) and I am a 27 year old account manager based in Blaine, WA. I grew up in Vancouver but my company has an office in both cities and I commute between the two. Growing up my main passion was wrestling. Thankfully my wrestling coach in high school suckered me into playing golf when I was 16. I had numerous offers to wrestle in college in the US (IOWA and Penn State being my most likely destinations.) Sadly in my senior year of high school I tore both my MCL and ACL, and was told I would never be able to wrestle competitively again.


After recovering and starting university in Vancouver I was looking for something to fill that competitive void left from wrestling. Long story short I walked onto the university golf team and played 4 years there before graduating.

After getting out of university like most people who get office jobs I went from 180lbs to 235lbs at my heaviest. My golf game suffered greatly during that time. Then about 3 years ago I was on a business trip in Austin Texas and picked up a virus that swelled my throat shut to where it was hard to breath and I could not even drink water. I was hospitalized for 30 days and went from that 235lbs to 138lbs in hospital. I did not have solid food for nearly two months. For the last three years I have worked on getting into better shape and adding muscle. I am now a comfortable 165. The last few years has been a struggle trying to reconstruct my swing for a new body shape. I am now at the point where I can play tournament golf again when it fits into my schedule. As well as playing matches with good friends trying to take their money.



What Make Me Love This Game


Having wrestled for so many years and having that one on one completive field taken away from me, I craved that adrenaline rush of wanting to beat someone. Golf is the only sport with my history of injuries that allowed me to get the blood flowing, having that pressure to come up with the shot of the day when you need it. Even when not playing a tournament I am one on one with the course, and I always want to beat it, but we all know that doesn't always happen haha.


Player Bio


Handicap: +2.7


What region I play out of: Pacific Northwest


How long have you been golfing: 11 years


What is in your bag:


Driver: Tour Edge E8 Beta, 8.5° Aldila Rogue Silver 70X
Wood: Tour Edge E8 Tour 14.0° Diamana S+ 70X

Hybrids: Ping Rapture Driving Iron X-Stiff
Irons: Taylormade Rocketbladez Tour with DG TI X-100
Wedges: Mizuno S5 52° & 58°DG X-100

Putter: Nike Method 001 
Ball: Nike RZN Tour Platinum 


How did you choose them: I play what works for me, I have been fit for every club in my bag from qualified fitters. And as you can tell I have no brand loyalty. I play what gives me the best chance of scoring well.


Swing tempo: I would confidently say fast. My friends say my backswing looks quicker than my downswing


Driver swing speed: 112-118


Typical ball flight: High draw throughout the bag


Typical miss: I tend to get stuck and block the ball right


The Type of Golfer I am


I would like to say I am your average golfer but my buddies tend to disagree because the majority of my rounds at our home course are below par. However, there are rounds where I can shoot 66 and rounds I can shoot 80. I am nowhere near as consistent as I was in college when I was playing and practicing 6 days a week. But I will say that I am a much smarter player now.



Strengths of my Game


At this very moment I would have to say that the strength of my game is my iron and wedge play. Because of my length I am able to back off on tough driving holes and leave it to my mid irons to do the work from the fairway. And on shorter par 4's I will use my wedges to give me make able birdie opportunities.




Weakness of my Game


This is a very easy answer for me, like most players that hit the ball a long way, my weakness is my driving accuracy. Due to my quick tempo when my timing is off I can miss the driver 2 fairways over. Funny thing is if I try to slow it down I end up 3 fairways over.


Current comparable equipment


Since I went with a 46*, 52*, 58* wedge setup for my Cleveland RTX-3's my comparable equipment would be my Rocketbladez Tour PW, Mizuno s5 52, and Mizuno 58*


Describe your short game


When I think of short game I think of anything around the green. At this point in my golfing life I would say my short game is a large strength of mine. When I was in college I was able to hit 15+ in a round. But now since I don't play as often I am usually in the 12-14 range. In order to still put up good rounds I have learned to be smarter around the greens and it has really helped me get up and down more often. Like many other individuals, due to work and not having as much time to practice the full swing on my lunch I will take a couple wedges and chip around a green at a course near my office for 30-60 mins.




Wedge Play Currently


In contrast to what I define as short game, I believe wedge play is anything from 135 to 50 yards. Again as I had stated earlier this is one of the strengths of my game. I find this one of the most enjoyable facets of the game to practice and execute. There is nothing better to see than a well struck wedge that hops around the hole and stops.

Quick story, I was playing my first round at the club I belong to. In my group was the long time club chairman and the previous club champion. On the second hole I had about 110 yards on this par 4 and hit a low stinging 52 it hops once hits the flag and stops about 6 inches from the hole. It was just one of those days as I knocked down 3 flags in the round. After the last one the club chairman turns to me and says “I finally know what JJ stands for, Jar-Jar.” That name has now stuck at my club.




What I am Hoping to get out of the Cleveland Wedges


This is a very interesting question for me. I really am happy with my wedge game but like Tiger has always said, you can always get better. Going through my wedge fitting for these Cleveland RTX-3 wedges the pro suggested that I go with S-400 in the 52 and 58 as he could see that I mostly use them for partial swings. He thought that the slightly softer tip would help increase my spin on those partial shots. This is a big departure for me as I have always played X-100's in my wedges to match my irons. I guess you could say I am just like everyone else, looking for more spin around the greens with my wedges.




I guess I should stop writing this stage one now, I got to get out and put these beauties through their paces before our courses up here get put under water until the spring. Boys please feel free to ask me any questions, the more the better.


I am having trouble posting pics from my laptop. Will put them up tonight once I am home!


Hit them long, and somewhat straight!

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Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges – Official MGS Forum Review by JayJay0808




Player Biography


Welcome everyone to my Stage 2 Review of the Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges. Once again, I would like to thank Mygolfspy for this opportunity.


If there is one thing Cleveland Golf knows it is wedges. Since Cleveland golf was founded in 1979, they have produced nothing better Tour Quality, Precision Wedges. It was my job to take their newest creation the RTX 3 through the rounds and see if they lived up to the legacy that has been built by Cleveland.


For the last three years, I have been loyal to Mizuno for my wedges of choice. My current setup is Mizuno's S5 Wedges in 52 and 58 and they are shafted with Dynamic Gold X-100.


As testers, we were encouraged to be fit using Cleveland Golf's Wedge Analyzer. So, I headed over to Bellingham North Golf Club, and got acquainted with the system which spat out what it believed would be a good fit for me. Cleveland's Wedge Analyzer suggested a 50 standard bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-400, a 54 standard bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-400, and a 58 high bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-400.


However, with my bag setup I prefer to carry both a 2 Iron and 3 Iron there for I only had room for an additional two wedges after my pitching wedge. After speaking with Jay there and figuring out my yardage gaps he suggested to go with a 46 standard bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100, a 52 standard bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-400, and a 58 high bounce with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S-400. The 46 would be a direct replacement for my Rocketbladez Tour Pitching Wedge.


A quick little snapshot of who I am as a player. I am 27 years old and a +2.8 Handicap. I was lucky enough to play college golf for a few years. But like so many once they get into the real-world golf has taken a backseat in favor of my career. There are days I can shoot a low number and other days that I shoot a high number. I would consider that my wedge game is one of my biggest strengths so it is quite fitting that I am able to test these Cleveland RTX 3's.






Performance for a club is split into two categories: Range and Golf Course. The point of this split is to show what happens when you go all out (range) and what happens when you're actually playing. How does the product perform for your playing style? Does it hide deficiencies? Does it accentuate a strength? Or take things in another direction?


Performance at the Range


After having Santa come a couple months early I packed up my new Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges and took them to the range to see if these wedges would be naughty or nice.

With these wedges, I would have to say they are more accurate than Santa's list after he has checked it twice. I found that with the softer shafts in the 52 and 58, my partial shots had a lot tighter dispersion.


The most important aspect for me when it comes to any wedge is distance, and I mean distance control. From the sight test on the range I didn't see any noticeable difference in distance control over my Mizunos


I touched on this a couple times already but I made the switch from X-100's in my 52 and 58 to S-400's. This did make a noticeable difference in launch on full swings and partial swings. The 46 compared to my Rocketbladez Tour Pitching Wedge which is 47 degrees launched actually a tad lower as they both had X-100's in them.


I always find forgiveness is a tricky one to judge on range mats especially with wedges. Sadly as we are getting closer to the day that the big man in red visits us all of our grass ranges in the Pacific Northwest are closed. From what I could tell from hitting off the mats is that there is probably no more than a 5-yard distance loss when I made a bad move on the ball.


As we all know as you get into your shorter clubs it is harder to move them left to right or right to left. For me I am comfortable hitting a couple yard trap draw with my wedges. With these RTX 3's I could move these both ways with ease. I don't know if it is because of how the weight of the sweet spot is moved closer to the middle of the blade or if it was the softer shafts but either way it was a welcome finding. I tend to deloft my shorter clubs quite a bit but I found that the softer shafts did allow me to hit higher shots a lot easier in my 52 and 58.


Range Score: 8 Out of 10 points








Performance on the Course


Before the Pacific Northwest starts looking like the North Pole I took these things out to the course and put them through their paces harder than Santa with his reindeer.


Any time that I have a wedge in my hand I am looking at a 10-foot circle from 135 yards and in. After only a few approaches on course these wedges make that 10 foot circle a lot larger. My accuracy has improved on both full, half, and three quarter swings. Having the S-400 in my 52 and 58 allows me to get the ball closer to the hole on those tricky pitches by imparting more spin.


Typically, when I play and have to chip back onto the green I always reach for my 58 and either shut or open the face depending on the trajectory that is needed for the shot. With these RTX 3's I find myself chipping with the 52 a lot more with a bump and run technique which gives me a better overall average when it comes to proximity to the hole.

Chipping with these wedges has become a lot easier for me and simply put they inspire creativity around the greens.


Whenever I get a new set of wedges I always am expecting to have quite a bit more spin for a few rounds with some fresh grooves. As Tiger always says in order to create spin you need speed and that has never been an issue for me. I am able to hop n' stop these wedges with ease and they do back up especially with the soft greens we have in the Pacific Northwest right now. Where I noticed, the biggest difference is chipping around the greens, when I first got on course I was leaving everything a few feet short because the 58 would just grab even on the smallest of chips. Trust me, I am not complaining it was just a bit of an adjustment period.


I had mentioned earlier in the range section that I couldn't exactly tell if my distance was any better. When it comes to full swings I would have to say I saw no difference when compared to my other wedges. However, when it came to partial swings and pitches I saw a noticeable difference with my 52 and 58, again I will chalk this up to the change in a slightly softer shaft.


When it comes to my wedges like I had said before I would usually always look at the high option when it came to chipping, pitching, partial swings, or full swings, but with the RTX 3's the control of spin I now have the ability to hit lower trajectory shots that stop on a dime.


One of the new features of the RTX 3 wedges is the V-sole. I would love to say that I have been able to really put these wedges through different turf conditions but sadly with the time of year I have been playing in soft conditions. I do find that the higher bounce in my 58 has made it a lot easier to play pitches and chips around the greens.


When I am playing out of the sand my go to is my 58 wide open. My miss tends to be fat as I get very steep and dig in on some occasions. With the RTX 3 I found that the sole grind and bounce allowed the club to just pop up from the sand and with a fresh set of grooves it just grabs like Santa going for his milk and cookies.


Course Score: 36 Out of 40 points


Performance Notes


After being able to take the RTX 3's for a few spins on course and at the range I can honestly say that these wedges delivered everything that I could ask for. Whether it was full swings, partial swings, pitching, or chipping I was able to hit a variety of shots with confidence.


When comparing them to my Mizunos I did not increase my distance but I made a significant increase in consistency when it comes to all of the partial shots that are so important if you want to score well in this game. Again, I believe this could be partially due to the fact that I switched to a softer shaft in my 52 and 58.


I would have to say the factor that I was most pleased with is the amount of spin I could generate on partial and short shots around the green. As well the sole grind and higher bounce out of the sand was a welcomed change as it helped to eliminate my major miss coming out of bunkers.


The Cleveland RTX 3's matched up to my Mizuno S5's and outperformed them in multiple ways. It is so hard when it comes to the scoring clubs to find such a vast improvement. But with the RTX 3 I saw the benefits of a proper fitting and discussion with a professional, getting the proper bounce and shaft options allowed me to gain a lot of control around the greens when compared to my S5's.


What I loved the most about testing these wedges is that on the range I had no idea if they would perform better than my Mizunos. The positive impact was only showcased once I hit the course in a real playing setting.


The one thing that I would say was lacking in comparison to my Mizunos is feedback. I have been spoiled the past few years with the Mizuno Grain Flow Forgings and when making the change to a cast wedge like the Clevelands. At impact I sometimes was surprised to see a not so great feeling swing end up close to the hole as well as the opposite. With my Mizunos knew based on the feedback at impact where the ball was going for better or worse.


As per my previous statement if Cleveland could produce a forged version of the RTX 3 I think they could have the perfect wedge.


As for all of the improvements and features Cleveland has built into this wedge, I would not get rid of a single thing.









When it comes to the looks of a golf club this can be all be up to personal preference. The general shape of these wedges is absolutely perfect in my opinion. I would not say that these are a teardrop shape but more rounded which is very Cleveland.


As a handsier player I look to have very little offset especially with my scoring clubs. The RTX 3 do feature a small amount of offset but nothing that would be off putting for a better player.


I know the entire rage right now is to have wedges that have a bunch of stampings, I myself like to see a cleaner looking club head.


The stampings and graphics are what I would classify as minimal and I love it.


I enjoy looking down at the ball and seeing the extra micro grooves. Just adds to the player's confidence that he will be able to generate enough spin to control the ball.


The overall presentation of the wedges is perfect, my favorite feature of the looks is the Raw finish. Prior to going to Mizuno I had Vokey Oil Cans and I love the way that they looked after playing for a couple seasons. I can only expect the same type of wear to occur on the RTX 3's as well.


The most direct comparison I can make is against my Mizuno S5's. The look between the two of them are incredibly similar which I believe helped make the transition between the two a lot easier. I would say looking down to see a Raw finish is a lot easier to get used to then the Blue Ion finish on the Mizunos.

Looks Score: 15 Out of 15 points






Sound and Feel


As with the looks of a golf club sound and feel are also very subjective. I had a small concern when putting the RTX 3's up against my S5's due in part to going from a forged head to a cast head.


The magic point in any golf swing is the feel that travels up the golf club to your hands that split second at impact. I would describe the feel at impact as crisp, The RTX 3's aren't the softest when compared to my S5's but for a cast club it is very good.


Most players would like it so that mishits don't give you that harsh feel in the hands. And the RTX 3's deliver that, I found it very hard to distinguish between a mishit and a good hit. But for me I would actually prefer it the other way around. But then again, I am a sucker for punishment sometimes.


Sound and Feel Score: 12 Out of 15 points


Likelihood of Purchase


When going through this review this is the one section that I really wanted to be careful when answering because I know many will look at this to help them make a decision on a possible new equipment purchase. Being as unbiased as possible these are the best wedges I have ever played. Performance wise they gave me everything I could ask for. I am able to hit every shot needed on the course, and all of them are made a lot easier with additional spin. Looks and feel wise the RTX 3's can hang with any wedge on the market. The fact Cleveland is one of the few offering a Raw finish is a major plus for me. It is one aspect that I have missed over the last few seasons.


LOP Score:  20 Out of 20 points




Subjective Notes


When it comes to performance of any golf club the numbers never lie and give you a full understanding of the golf club. However, when it comes to looks and feel there is no one right or one wrong, everyone has a difference in opinion. For me the RTX 3's are one of the most pleasing to the eye wedges on the market today. The minimal stampings on the back of the club are perfectly done. Adding to the great shape and minimal stampings Cleveland spoils us by giving us the option of three different finishes. The sound and feel of the golf club usually go hand and hand. The RTX 3's being a cast golf club are not the softest on the market, but they do provide a solid and crisp feel across the face.


Questions & Answers.


After we as testers had posted our initial thoughts there were a few thoughts and questions about the most valuable technological change in these wedges.

In my opinion the most valuable technological advancement on these wedges is the shifting of weight towards the center of the face. It seems to make the ball fly a little straighter and the feel more solid at impact.




I was one of the lucky ones that was selected to test Cleveland's new RTX 3 Wedges. Over the years that I have played golf I have never played Cleveland Wedges, and I was skeptical whether they would stay in the bag after I completed my testing. I can happily say that these are planted in my bag for next season. I touched on it many time throughout this review but having made such a big change in shaft selection in the 52 and 58, I was ecstatic to see it make a big change in the amount of spin generated on partial swings and chipping around the green. As well I didn't think that I would consider keeping the 46 in the bag in replacement of my Rocketbladez Tour Pitching Wedge, but the added versatility of another lofted wedge is a welcome addition to my bag. I would encourage everyone that sees this review to go out and use Cleveland's Wedge Analyzer and take the RTX 3's out for a test drive. You will not be disappointed.


Total Score: 91 Out of 100 points



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Stage 1




Hello everybody! First off thank you MyGolfSpy for giving me the opportunity to test out Cleveland's new RTX-3 wedges. I own a previous model of Cleveand wegdes of which I have been playing for about 8 years so having the chance to work with this new generation of wedges is very timely. 


My Story:

I started playing the game later in life in my mid-30's. Before then I never picked up a club or went to a golf course before, however I was a fan of the sport and always watched golf on TV whenever I could. We could thank someone with the initials TW for that. I recall fondly nearly every sunday afternoon my infant daughter sleeping on my chest with a golf tournament on in the background. But it was'nt until 4 or 5 years after she was born that I started playing the game. It all started with a work related 1st inaugural scramble event for the members of an industry association that I belonged to that was played in Utica, NY one cold and rainy day. But as many of you have experienced, for whatever reason I got the golf bug that day and was hooked from then on. Here it is 8 years later and my passion for the game is stronger than ever. I guess it's the aspect and challenge to always improve that I love most about the game but I must confess I love all the gear that comes with it too.




What region do you play out of?

I live in the upstate NY region and I'm a member of and play at Copake Country Club about an hour south of Albany NY.




My Game:

I am about a 14 handicap currently and score in the low to mid 90's on a good day. It's those one or two blow up holes that usually hurt my round of golf so I would say being consistent is a weakness of my game. That being said,  I would say patience is the strength of my game as I really don't get to bent out of shape over a bad shot or two. My ball flight is typically mid-high with a little fade. If I miss it will be to the right. My tempo is a bit quick. My current driver speed is in the 95 mph range.




My Bag:

I have a mixed bag right now and play a Nike covert driver, Cleveland Mashie 2I hybrid, Mizuno forged JPX-EZ 4-PW irons (2014 versions), Mizuno S5 60 deg and 56 deg wedges which I just started playing this year and an Odyssey White Hot blade putter with a Fatso 5.0 grip.




Wedge Play and Short Game:

My wedge game is strong on the full swing shots. I can always count on the distance and accuracy when making a full swing. It is the half pitch shots and chipping that I have trouble with the most and I'm not very accurate. Sand game is good and improving. 


What I'm hoping to get out of the Cleveland wedges is first maintaining an accurate full shot wedge game and maybe gain some distance. I'm also hoping to get my short shots to bite a little more on the green and get closer to the hole with Cleveland's RTX grooving and milled face. And finally I'm hoping that I could get through the turf a little more with their V shaped sole and bounce.






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Reserved - Stage 1

Hi Guys! My name is Lowell. I want to thank Cleveland and mygolfspy.com for the opportunity to try out these wedges. I started playing golf relatively late. (mid 30's) I was managing a night club outside Boston, the owner was an avid golfer and played every day. He was always looking for someone to go out with him, I said "I'm in"! Went to the local Hermans Sporting Store (it's a Boston thing), picked a set of clubs off the shelf and started playing 2 or 3 times a week. The best thing was I got to call it "business golf" so I wasn't worried what time I got home and the owner typically picked up the tab. I didn't suck but I had a lot to learn. The thing that I remember most was that first time I had a perfect swing and golf shot when everything came together and the ball had a perfect flight and I held the pose. That's when I caught the "golf bug"!




Player Bio:

Handicap- 15

How long have I played- 20 yrs

Region- New England

Strengths- used to be short game, now I'm getting off the tee better and short game went south!

Weaknesses- see above

Whats in your bag:

  • Putter- Ping Crazee
  • Wedges- TaylorMade Rocketbalz
  • Irons- TaylorMade Rocketbalz
  • Drivers- TaylorMade M2
  • Fairway- TaylorMade M2 rescue


I'm a very competitive golfer. Like to make bets and I'll keep pressing until I win. (or we run out of holes!) I can shoot an 84 one day and a 100 the next. I don't generally like people to give me tips on my game BUT, I have listened a couple times that have helped. If my driver is working I will consistently hit it 250+. Another strength I have is the ability to scramble. (driver doesn't always work)


My short game has evolved over the last couple years. Historically I would just use the pitching wedge for any shot inside 100 yards. The closer I was I would open my stance and/or "choke up" my grip and/or shorten my back swing. One of the "tips" I payed attention to a couple years ago was to take a fuller swing and hitting down on the ball. All of a sudden the pitching wedge is now my 120-130 yard club. Started using my sand wedge inside 100 yards. It worked for a while but then I realized I'm doing the same thing I was doing with my pitching wedge. (open stance, choke up grip, etc) Then I dug an old TaylorMade Burner Bubble lobe wedge out of the garage! On so the battle goes.


Currently my wedge play has been inconsistent, I'm often using the same club for shots from 20-100 yards out. One thing that has improved is my chipping just off the green, I used to rely on the "bump and run" shots using a 7 iron. (safe but hard to make it accurate) I've been focused on the short chips with some success.


I just received the Cleveland wedge set and it will take a while to dial them in. Played twice and I really like the feel and control. I'm running out off golf season up here and hope to be able to begin to tighten the distance control before the snow flies!


Again, I'm really appreciate the mygolfspy community and Cleveland for the chance to test these wedges. I was playing in a member/member tournament when I got the notification that I was chosen to test them, told all my golf buddies and they were just as excited as I was! (and a little jealous I think) I would be remiss in not thanking my wife for her tolerance of my "8" hour rounds, golf trips, more golf hats/shirts then I can ever use, etc!


golf buddies.JPG


See you guys on the course!

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Thanks Heath.......after reading your post, I feel like I know you!...LOL.  You did a terrific job introducing uour game to My Golf Spy.  I look forward to your wedge review.

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    • By cynogriffin
      This is a thread for those who are interested in reading or sharing golf ball comparisons! 
      Personally, I am in the stage of personal ball testing to try to find my next gamer for the next season or two. As such, I have been and am in the process of testing a variety of premium golf balls to see which fits my game and personal preferences. My posts in this site will be coming from off my new website (linked here for those who might want to check it out: https://griffinc6.wixsite.com/golfreviews) and will be in the form of a head to head matchup between two of the balls I am considering. During my tests, I will be taking two different models to the course and playing 9 holes with each in the same round, same day, and same conditions. In my posts, there won't be much in the way of technical data other than distance (measured via Shot Scope) but will rather be how I experienced the balls in terms of distance, spin, flight characteristics, performance and fell around the green, putting, quality, durability, and consistency. Once again, for my posts here, these are by no means a scientific test, but rather what I prefer, what I see, and how the balls perform for me. Therefore whatever performs for me might not translate to your game or your experiences with these products. I also invite everyone to post your own comparisons, head-to-heads, and reviews here as well!
      Now that that is out of the way, let the discussion begin!
    • By Ryan Pb
      Have been going through a complete overhaul of my bag the last 2 seasons. 
      Have upgraded Driver, 3 wood (both Cobra)
      irons just this year with some custom fit M5s
      now looking to upgrade wedges and putters
      Im about a 13 handicap. But have been always been a better than average putter. 
      Looking for a new Blade style putter. Read the recent testing review article but just wanted to see if anyone had any personal recommendations or feed back. 
      Wedges I am open to anything although I have been playing with a 56 and 60 degree last few years. 
      Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. 
    • By cksurfdude
      Saw this in a newsletter from On Core; TK "keeping it real" on what most am players should (or not) be looking for in their wedges.......
    • By edingc
      I received these wedges a few weeks ago from the Golfworks, and I thought I better post something since I had asked for opinions about them in another thread. I'll do my best to make this as real of a review as possible.
      I ordered 54-degree mid-sole and 60-degree wide sole M+ Series wedges with regular shafts from Golfworks for my birthday. I have completely rebuilt my bag over the past few months. Prior to owning these wedges, I only played with a 50-degree gap wedge from my old iron set and a 56-degree Nike SV Tour wedge that was almost exclusively used for flop type shots.
      The gap wedge in my Wilson C300 irons is 48 degrees, so these fit in six-degree increments from my irons.
      These were part of what Golfworks calls "Club Paks," which are grips, shafts, ferrules and heads sold for cheaper than the individual component cost. They also come with free assembly if you so desire. I opted for free assembly as I don't have my golf workshop fully setup (or even stocked!) yet.
      Golfworks offers three different sole widths (tour, mid, wide) from 50 degrees to 62 degrees in two degree increments. The packs offer a choice of regular or stiff shaft and undersize, standard, midsize or oversize grip.
      The package I purchased included the wedge head, a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 regular flex wedge shaft, ferrule and a standard Lamkin Crossline grip. Each package cost $52.99. For two wedges, with taxes and shipping, I paid $123.99 total, or about $62 each. 
      First, some pictures for those interested. Please note these pictures were taken after an indoor range session. The ball marks were not there when purchased!

      Customer Service and Shipping
      I placed the order in mid-January, requesting free assembly and the clubs to be assembled to +1/2" from the Golfworks standard. The C300s are +1/2" from standard Golfworks lengths as well, so by opting to make the wedges a little longer they fit into the C300 lengths.
      Almost immediately I received a call from someone at Golfworks confirming I was requesting the clubs be built longer than their normal standard. I unfortunately missed this call and neglected to check my voicemail for more than a week. Whoops. Thankfully, within the next week someone else reached out to me and this time I caught the message.
      After calling to confirm the length, I also received a follow up email confirming my build specs. On this email I was able to request the grip be placed logo up and the shaft label to be placed logo down. Once the order was released to the club builders, it took only a day or two for it to ship Priority Mail, and then just another two days to receive the clubs.
      The clubs were securely packaged in transport and were received in perfect condition.
      Build Quality
      These seem to be built very well for the price. The heads look very finished. The black DBM finish Golfworks uses is very nice, and it is supposed to hold up much better than PVD. The grips were put on straight and the Crosslines feel as expected (the C300s come stock with Crosslines as well). Perhaps the only thing I could say is that the ferrules were not buffed to a perfectly smooth surface. Small gripe, I know.
      Size / Shape / Etc.
      I don't feel I am overly picky with wedges. The head shape seems traditional, not too big or small, and fits my eye fine. Black finish is matte and shouldn't cause any problems with glare.
      I opted for the wide sole 60-degree wedge as an "easy to swing" option from the sand or close to the green. You cannot really open the 60-degree up because of the wide sole. Until I can get out on the course and actually play, I don't know how this will affect my use of this club. I do think it will be very nice from thick rough as the wider sole should help keep the club face from being grabbed too much.
      The mid-sole 54-degree wedge has the perfect sole width for what I envision its use to be -- nearly full swing shots from the fairway. It feels more like my short irons than a "blade-y" wedge.
      I would probably opt for the mid-sole on the 60-degree wedge if I could go back in time.
      Feel / Playability
      I got a chance to hit a few range balls two weekends ago. I don't particularly care for hitting wedges from mats, but I probably hit 10 balls or so with each club. As you may be able to see in the pictures, I had a few poor strikes and a few good ones.
      The new grooves and milled face definitely shredded some cover off of the balls. I am still working on some swing changes, so there were some ugly hooks mixed in, but I was impressed with the ease of which the Hi-Revs launched and the stopping power. Using the 60-degree wedge I was able to get a ball to stay on the ice-covered 70-yard green, impressive to say the least.
      I was also able to hit the 54-degree wedge consistent in the 70-100 yard range, which is my expected use case.
      Because I ordered these +1/2", they come in a little heavier than standard specs. Based on my cheap Golfworks scale, they both are about at D6 swingweight. For comparison, my C300s are D2 across the set.
      I won't be able to play outdoors for another few weeks at the earliest, but I am excited to get these into real action.
      Final Thoughts (For now...)
      I think these are an excellent value for $62, especially given the more expensive shaft option. They do have cheaper "pak" options with this head in the $40 range as well. I doubt there is a ton of reason to spend more on a wedge. 
      Golfworks also routinely runs a free shipping promotion on orders greater than $60, so you can save a couple more dollars by waiting for that as well.
      My biggest concern at this point is whether the regular flex shafts were too soft of a choice, though I won't know for sure until I get out on the course.
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      With JB Holmes highlighting it, Srixon had a big day on Sunday with 3 worldwide wins.  Here's the Srixon Equipment for each of them.   Note they all had the new Srixon Z-Star ball in play. 
      J.B. Holmes – PGA TOUR – Genesis Open – Pacific Palisades, CA (5th PGATOUR win)
      What’s in J.B.’s Bag:
      ·       Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron (20º)
      o   Alternates this utility with an 18º depending on the course setup.
      ·       Srixon Z 785 Irons (4-PW)
      ·       Cleveland RTX 4 (50º MID, 54º MID, 60º LOW)
      ·       Srixon Z-STAR XV
      o   On a day that got more and more difficult as the wind wreaked havoc on players ability to control their distances, J.B. leaned on the stability and consistency of his Z-STAR XV and hit the shots he needed to coming down the stretch.
      Ryan Fox – European Tour – ISPS HANDA World Super 6 Perth – Perth, Australia. (1st European Tour win)
      What’s in Ryan’s Bag:
      ·       Srixon Z 785 Driver (10.5º)
      o   Known as one of the longest player on the European Tour, this was just Ryan’s second week of competition with the new Z 785 driver. 
      ·       Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron (20º)
      ·       Srixon Z 785 Irons (4-PW)
      ·       Cleveland RTX 4 (50º MID, 54º MID, 60º MID)
      ·       Srixon Z-STAR XV
      Miguel Angel-Jimenez – Champions Tour – Chubb Classic – Naples, Florida (7th Champions Tour win)
      What’s in Miguel’s Bag:
      ·       Srixon Z-STAR

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