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Thoughts on Shot Shaping?


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18 hours ago, Grit Golf said:

45 yards from the rough, especially if there’s some slope, maybe trees, maybe an awkward lies is not better than 100 yards from the fairway for my game. Tour player short game does not translate to my 16 handicap unfortunately.

What I had hoped to illustrate wasn't the Tour short game, but their game from that "full wedge" area.  They get up and down from 100-125 about 1 time out of 6.  That's 3 shots if they lay up from 190, just like you're suggesting, the rest of the time they take 4.  You say you hit the green from 190 better than 1 out of 6, so you should expect to make 3 (from 190) that often.  You're saying you'll take more strokes form 45 yards (average, including when you two-putt after hitting the green 20% of the time) than you will after laying up.  That just seems unlikely.  And it definitely points at where you need to focus your practice.

And when you talk about rough, don't some of those shots from 190 end up in the fairway just in front?  Don't some of them end up with easy chips and pitches?  Yes, the "worst case" outcome from 190 is worse than the same worst-case outcome attempting to lay up. but that's only part of the equation.

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19 hours ago, edteergolf said:

Zoom invites will go about around noon Sunday eastern time.  Still time to signup!

Thanks for the offer! I would like an invitation steven.hongw at gmail dot com 

It will be 2am for me, but I'll try 😉

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Zoom invitations have been sent.  Look forward to seeing everyone this evening. 

Ed, wanted to thank you again for your time last night. Lots of
good information packed into what you presented. I have some questions and want to talk about setting some lessons/coaching up now that we are starting to open things up. I’ll shoot you an email today or tomorrow to discuss.

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On 6/11/2020 at 7:58 PM, edteergolf said:

I simply want to share information that I have compiled as a coach that has helped my private students and my women's college team.  If you are interested, reply to this post with your email address.  I will use the address for the Zoom invitation only and you will never receive an email from me for any other purpose.  This offer is not about sales in any way!!

I'm thinking Sunday evening at 8:00 pm eastern time.  

Even though I likely missed the first offer, I would like to be added in the future, if they will continue.


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Seconded. Was really informative and enjoyed it a lot.

Ed, wanted to thank you again for your time last night. Lots of
good information packed into what you presented. I have some questions and want to talk about setting some lessons/coaching up now that we are starting to open things up. I’ll shoot you an email today or tomorrow to discuss.

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Sorry I missed this. Round took way to long. 

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Current stock shot is straight. Early on in my playing career I played a fade which then became a draw as my handicap lowered and became about distance. In the last handful of years Ive focused on course management so I now focus on straight and then work the ball either direction as needed. I'm also a believer in playing with whatever shot I have that particular day.

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On this hole, how far is it to the corner?

I think slightly different to most of the guys I play with. I have the ability to draw or fade a shot, however it is not something I try to do very often as the risk out weighs the reward. The course I play is short at 5350M, tight, has 7 dog legs and all the fairways slope left or right or up or down.

My playing partners use a Driver on almost all par 4 and 5's. Me, there are only 4-5 holes that I would consider using a driver as on the others I would need to hit a draw or fade and in some cases the fairway slopes away meaning the ball would kick when it landed and that generally means trouble.

The other course is long 6800M and most holes are straight but there is water in play on many holes. Again I make the call on what to hit based on where trouble is located, wind direction, how well I am swinging etc.

I hit my short irons well so I would rather hit my natural baby fade to the corner leaving me a short iron to the green. i have always found the key to success is play to your strengths. 

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