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2019 Official Forum Member Review - Galway Bay Rain Gear

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2019 Official Forum Member Review - Galway Bay Rain Gear



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@No3PuttLaLa  -- STAGE 1 -- STAGE 2

@Sluggo42  -- STAGE 1 -- STAGE 2

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Galway Bay Rain Gear – Official MGS Forum Review by Josh Anderson

I want to start again by thanking Galway Bay and MGS for this testing opportunity.  It is always great to try new products and see how they perform.  That being said, anyone living under a rock here in the mid-west has stayed dry while the rest of us are looking for higher ground.  I guess that is a good thing when you are testing rain gear.  Now onto the review!




Looks (9 out of 10)

·       The packaging for the rain gear was very well done and very neat.  It is always nice to get a sturdy shipment.  Gives the feel of quality right from the start.

·       The pants fit perfect.  I ordered 32W x 30L.  I could not be happier with the fit in the pants.  I will say if you want to wear something under these that you need to order a size larger than normal.  These are also the unlined pants.  More on that later…..

·       The jacket fits a little big.  I ordered the large and I think I could have gotten the medium.  Being a larger fit, I can wear layers underneath the coat and still have freedom to swing.

·       From the 2 months, I have had the pants I can tell they will last.  I have washed them 5 times and have not had any issues with the seams or anything.

·       I do enjoy the black on blue look. I feel it is a refreshing look.

·       Zippers on all are very strong and work with ease. 




Features (7 out of 10)

·       The front pockets on the pants do not have zippers, which I like.  No scratching of hands or anything like that.  They are deep enough to hold what golfers need, balls, tees, ect.  But not too deep you lose things.  The pockets on the coat do have zippers and are the same, good size as the pants.  For me I do not use the pockets on the coat.  The zippers work very well and for me will stay shut as I will not use the pockets on the coat.

·       From the use I got I did not see any vents in the coat or pants.  I feel it is rain gear and this is a very hard feature to add in.  The goal is to stay dry from the elements you do.  But you will sweat.

·       The coat and pant are very functional for rain gear.  There are no fancy features such as Bluetooth or anything else.  Its rain gear.  Pure and simple.  And it keeps you dry.




Fit (8 out of 10)

·       I stated above the pants fit very well.  I got the unlined pants in 32W x 30L.  They are perfect.  The coat I got in a size Large.  I could have gotten away with medium, but I am happy as I can wear this coat with a sweater when it is 40* out and still have a lot of freedom to swing.

·       With the coat being a bit big the sleeves are long.  But with the Velcro around the wrist helps keep them in place. 

·       On fit alone I would say these get an 8 out of 10.  The pants are really good. 




Durability (8 out of 10)

·       This is a hard category for me as with expensive rain gear you want it to last years.  We have tested this for just over 2 months.  I feel the rain gear will last but I will have to keep updating this as we go forward. 

·       I have washed the pants 5 times.  No issues so far.  The coat is holding up nicely.  I feel it should last a couple of years if not more.  Time will tell.

·       The zippers are very nice and work as functioned.  They will not let water in which is a great thing.

On Course Performance (22 out of 30)

·       I will start this with the pants.  You will not slip these on over shorts or other pants if it starts to rain.  You will have to change into these.  Could you order larger and do so yes, but I believe these were designed to be worn as pants and not slipped on over clothes.  I enjoy them as golf pants.  The downside is they are hot.  You will sweat wearing these pants.  They do not breathe well.  Could some vents be put in, yes I am sure they could be these are RAIN pants and they are to keep you dry.  They will stop all water from getting in, but you will sweat.

·       The coat again fit is a little big, I am sure you can see that in the pictures, but stops the rain and a hose.  As a raincoat, it works very well.  However, the down side is you will sweat.  When I played in temperatures over 60* it was almost too hot.  In the summer heat, I feel these will be too much. 

·       The combination of pants and coat would be perfect for a cooler climate and constant rain.  For the pop up thunderstorms, here in the mid-west they are not perfect.  Did I mention these are the UNLINED option?  I will say I do sweat, but I felt it was a bid much for being mid 70’s for most of my rounds when it was raining.  You need to be able to say dry and not get soaked from the inside out.

·       My score is lower here, because I am torn.  I really do enjoy the pants, but when I sweat like I do in them that hurts the performance. 

Miscellaneous (7 out of 10)

The Galway Bay rain suit is that.  It is a very good rain suit.  It will protect you from all elements.  Rain, snow, garden hose.  Will you still get wet?  In my opinion yes you will, but not from the outside elements.  If it is warm, you will sweat in this rain gear.  I stated above if you want a good fall early spring rain suit I would get this.  As for summer wear, at least here in the mid-west, I do not think you want this option.  I know I will get a lot of use out of this suit in the fall and early spring.  Great quality, durable and functional. 




Play in Rain or Shop again? (15 out of 20)

Is it worth the $?  This is up to the individual.  I need to see what the life span is on both to justify that.  If I get 5 years, out of each then well worth the investment.  I will continue to update this thread and if there are any questions please ask away!


76 out of 100.  That is right about where I feel I am on the Galway Bay rain suit.  It is fully functional as a rain suit.  The way I sweat in this makes it functional for me in the fall and spring only.  This is not a summer rain suit and I got the unlined version.  It will keep the elements off you as designed.  Galway Bay got that part right. 



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Again, let me say how honored I was to be selected by My Golf Spy and Galway Bay for the opportunity to test this premium rain suit!

I put the Galway Bay rain gear through both wet & dry testing.  I spent 2 wet & 1 dry day on the range and played 27 holes in the rain & 9 during a 60* degree dry day. I also spent an entire day wearing the pants around my home doing everyday activities and chores and wore the jacket while running errands on one rainy day.  In a cruel twist of fate we had the wettest year on record prior to me receiving the rain suit and since that time we have been in a drought, go figure!

Looks: (10 our of 10 points)

The black suit with the blue accents is just dead sharp looking and everything I want from a style perspective. The suit is well branded, but you don’t feel like a NASCAR driver.  The color-coordinated vest adds a nice warm base layer under the jacket and looks good with the pants when you shed the jacket. Paired one day with a black hat, black rain gloves & black golf shoes my wife said, “Who are you? Golfing Johnny Cash!”


The jacket looks great paired with jeans. I wore it while out running errands in the rain one morning. The lightweight material was great when going from outside into stores. With a traditional raincoat it’s just too hot & noisy to wear inside so I end up taking it off, but the Galway jacket was light, quiet & comfortable wearing it indoors. 

The black pants look great by themselves with a golf shirt & belt. In fact, most people would never recognize these are rain paints due to the material & finished look.

FEATURES: (9 out of 10)

The suit is incredibly lightweight which makes wearing it all day very comfortable and when it gets wet it does not pick up much additional weight. One downside to the lightweight materials is that having a lot of items in the jacket pockets really weighs the jacket down pulling it below your waist.  With balls, tees & a divot tool in the left pocket & my phone in the right pocket the bottom of the jacket started to sag & get obstructive when standing over the ball. My guess is this probably is an issue with any light rain suit, but you may want to consider spreading items out to the pants and leaving your phone in your golf bag or car. I would like to see an internal pocket higher up on the chest as that may allow for storage while alleviating the pocket sag I experienced. Also, with the suit being so light, it does not add much weight when stored in your golf bag, so you can keep it there all the time. 


The zippers were water tight and easy to open with their pulls even with my rain gloves on. The Velcro sleeve adjustments can be easily adjusted to keep the water from running down your arms. 

FIT: (8 out of 10)

The online sizing guide was very helpful in getting the correct sizes. The suit is incredibly comfortable in rain or shine. I wore the pants both with shorts underneath and without and I did not find any issues with comfort or performance one-way or the other. 

When doing any physical activities I tend to like more form fitting than baggy clothing, think Under Armor versus a Champion T-Shirt. When clothing gets wet it starts to hang off you and for me I find it aggravating. Knowing that, I probably could have gone down one size in the vest because it has a lot of elastic and probably gone with pants that were 1” over my current waist size rather than 2” I selected. If the vest had a drawstring at the waist that may have given me the fit I was seeking. This is probably a personal preference so if you are a shirt tucked-in guy consider my preferred measurements, if you are an un-tucked guy the sizing chart will give you a comfortable fit.

Pulling the pants on over golf shoes was a bit of a challenge and getting them off over the shoes was also a bit laborious. I wear a size 10 in golf shoes so your mileage may vary here based on your shoe size. I think ankle zippers would be nice upgrade for these pants.  


I do like the raised rubber “Galway Bay” lettering around the inside of the pants waistband. The rubber keeps the pants up, really helpful when they get wet.


Durability (10 Out of 10)

While I have not owned the suit long enough to totally judge durability, there were no frays, rips, or tears or impaired functionality at the end of testing. The zippers that I found tight when I first got the suit loosened up nicely over time.  I jammed the suit in a side pocket of my golf bag and when I pulled it out there were not a lot of wrinkles and it was ready to wear. 

On Course Performance (29 out of 30)

On course the suit performed very well as I stayed dry. I did sweat quite a bit in the suit during range sessions, but no one complained about me smelling foul after our rounds! During my rounds of golf I didn’t notice that I was sweating any more than normal. I was able to swing freely with the full suit on and the soft material limits the noise you get when moving in a raincoat.  




Galway Bay nailed the collar design on the jacket. It’s tall in the back preventing rain from running down your back yet low in the front so you stay dry, but don’t feel constricted. If you have a heavy beard, like I do, you will appreciate the collar not rubbing against your neck on every swing. Bent over while putting the rain quietly hits the fabric & the water just rolled off my back and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or distracted.


Miscellaneous (9 out of 10)

The rain suit has a lot of nice features, but as mentioned I would love to see an internal jacket pocket in the chest area. The addition of a zip-in hood would have been a nice feature for super heavy storms and ankle zippers would make for faster on/off for the pants.

Play in Rain or Shop Again? (19 Out of 20)

Is the $485 asking price worth it? I think the answer is “It Depends.” If you bag on your tee times when it rains or if you live in a desert climate or only play a handful of rounds a year it would be tough to stomach the cost. Additionally, knowing you can get a rain suite for $299 from the major golf accessory companies has to be taken into consideration.  

But if you are an all weather golfer who demands top performance from your golf equipment, play in rain or shine, snow or monsoon, then the Galway Bay gear is absolutely worth it. Especially when you compare the features and performance of the Galway Bay suit to the top of the line Foot Joy and Galvin Green rain suits that retail for twice the price.

Being able to stay dry for 18 holes allows you to focus on your game & not the elements, which is what the Galway Bay rain suit did for me. With this rain suit now stored permanently in my golf bag I just lightened the load of my bag considerably by ditching my umbrella. 

Galway Bay Rain Suit


Keeps you dry on the wettest of days

Lightweight, breathable limits sweating 

Stylish looking

Well fitted

Excellent & responsive customer service



Would like an interior jacket pocket high up in the chest area

No hood 

No ankle zippers, can be challenging to get on & off over golf shoes

TOTAL SCORE: 94 out of 100



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Stage 2 Review Added
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Wow… it is already time for Stage Two. I feel like the last few months of testing have been a blur. Three months since I received my initial shipment from Galway Bay. Over the course of three months I logged 24 rounds of golf. Some wet and others not. It has been a weird spring in the Pacific NW. The product definitely did not leave any middle ground for me, it is either a love it or hate it product.


The look of the product itself does not suit my 31 year old style. It definitely has more of an appearance suited towards older players in the game. The pants aren’t bad, but the stripe down the back of the jacket and large sleeve logo are not appealing. I imagine some of the cost of the product is absorbed by the extravagant packaging that this product arrives in. Glossy blue boxes with a textured water droplet pattern on top of it. As soon as I opened it and took the product out, these went in the trash. The look of the fabric is great as it looks like a high end rain suit. I have a grey jacket and black pants. I do not think the grey product looks as sleek as the black. 

Total Score: 6/10


The product is pretty straight forward with no fancy bells and whistles. The pant pockets have a stitch on the edges of them and if you have a bigger hand, you are likely to rip them quickly. I think they could do away with the stitch and provide more room to get your hand in the pant pockets. The entire suit could desperately use a zipper to vent some body heat out. I now know how my Thanksgiving Turkey feels after sitting in the oven for multiple hours. These were HOT! I can’t begin to imagine how much hotter the lined version would have been. Nothing on the Pants/jacket stood out as a superb feature of the product. Pretty basic gear. (And no those are not my painted nails below)

Total Score: 4/10



If you read my Stage 1, you know I have issues when it comes to fitting. I originally ordered a 38x32 pant. The length was great but the pants were very tight around my thighs and booty. I had to get another size sent out in 40x32. The pants fit properly around my thighs this time. However, the waist was EXTREMELY large. With a belt cinched, the pants often fell below the belt and I was constantly having to adjust the waistband. I think the pants desperately could have used an internal drawstring for an added touch of adjustability. The jacket was a XXL. The jacket felt great around my back, chest and shoulders. However, the jacket is short. It barely meets my belt line and in a full swing I look like I’m swinging in a long sleeve crop top. As mentioned above, I am a sweater. So playing in the jacket often leads me to pulling the sleeves up so they’re not interfering during my swing. It was hard to get the sleeves to stay on my forearms as no matter how I cinched the Velcro, they kept sliding back down. I think some elastic may have been better. Also, the collar on the jacket is a tad high, often pocking me in the throat if I didn’t have the jacket zipped to the top. 

Total Score: 5/10


The very first time I put the pants on, I ripped a belt loop and tore the stitches out of the front pockets. There are definitely some stitching issues that could be improved. Outside of that, both jacket and pants held up well! The pants trudged through the swampy golf rounds in the PNW with no leaking issues. The jacket was worn as a regular jacket outside the golf course and I have had no issues with any of the quality. Both items were very easy to clean. Either by brushing off the grass clippings or tossing in the wash after the round. The jacket tends to wrinkle pretty easily which is hard to prevent when packing it into bag.

Total Score 9/10


Now to sum up the performance of this product on the course. HOT! That is the very first thing I will say. I played a couple rounds where it was just dumping rain the entire time. I love walking the course and did so both times. Both times, I was miserable with how hot I got inside the jacket/pants. The pants are designed to be worn as golf pants and not pull over pants. Due to this, I was trapped inside an oven while walking the course. I was soaked to the bone underneath the jacket and pants when I was done. The moisture was all sweat. I would have been equally soaked had I opted to just walk the course in normal clothes and let the rain beat down on me. I had to remove my jacket just to get some kind of cooling effect as there is no other way to vent the product. You can wear just the jacket or just the pants if you desire. I kept the jacket in my bag as a rain coat in case a shower popped up mid round. It fits in the bag nicely and is easy to pull out and toss on to stay dry. 

Total Score 15/30


In my conversations with the owner, Terry, of Galway Bay, he was immensely helpful and passionate. He was quick to address the fit issue in my original pants, even let me keep the 38 waist. Which my cousin absolutely loves. He also sent a complimentary vest along with the rain suit. He offered his personal cell phone and said to call him with any issues, concerns or questions. 

Total Score 10/10


As much as I liked the owner of the company, it pains me to say that I would not purchase this rain suit. I have a $110 Jacket/Pant combo that does just fine and is not near as hot to play in as the Galway suit. I like the idea of creating a rain suit that is fit to the body as opposed to being a baggy over layer, but this missed the mark for me. It may be that I have an awkward body shape and am larger than your average bear, but if I am going to spend upwards of $500 on a rain suit, it better be made to fit my body to the T. I live in the rainy PNW and am not shy to go out in a downpour to play 18. But when I do, I want to be dry underneath and not soaked in sweat. 

Total Score 8/20


I think the product is appealing to the high end golf market. Those individuals that are adamant on riding in a cart and have money to throw at a suit priced this high. The product is fitted and would be great for anyone who has a body like most tour players. If you run hot, are muscular(Not just when you look in a mirror), and like to look good on the course from head to toe, then I think this is not the product for you. I believe there are other options that work just as well for considerably cheaper price tags.


Total Score: 57/100






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Stage 2


[Galway Bay] – Official MGS Forum Review by [Sluggo42 aka Doug]


I was afraid i wouldn’t get many chances to use this gear, but this year the rains have been steady here in SoCal, so I’ve been able to wear and test the gear quite a few times, and am pretty happy I’ve got it now. Another thing I’ve learned is that rain gloves are an important component of a complete bag.

Looks (9 out of 10 points)

I have to say that this is easily some of the best looking rain gear out there. The light grey with the aqua-blue highlights really looks sharp.


And I’ll tell you what, anything that makes this fat old boy look good has definately got something working... dig it? 

While the jacket reeks of some serious cool styling, the pants are just the opposite, but in a good way. They really just look like a pair of boring black slacks. But that, combined with NOT being big, baggy, plastic tent looking, makes them extremely cool.. I would suggest that a few more belt loops be sewn in, us fat guys need that. 


Putting it on and using it is when it started to click for me that hey, this is some good stuff! However, for the price, it sure better be.
After you put them on and start walking around, and looking at yourself in a mirror you think..”dang!, i look sharp!


I got the grey jacket with aqua blue accents. And i got the black slacks. I originally wanted a black jacket, but they didn’t have my size at that time, so i was fine with the grey. Now, I’m pretty happy because i personally think the grey jacket is extremely good looking, and the black pants will obviously go with anything. The seams and zippers are all extremely clean and tight, and very top notch. Obviously an area where great attention to detail was used when these were produced. Zippers are are a little tight as it’s brand new, but they work flawlessly, and seem to also be quite waterproof.

Features (6 out of 10 points)

There are only two pockets on the jacket, and they are secured with nice waterproof zippers, but these would hold a few balls, tees, and a scorecard well enough. The zippers are very tight, probably to keep the water out, and i personally, wouldn’t be inclined to be trying to zip them up and down while playing in the rain.


I haven’t found this jacket to be warm per say, but rather a very thin membrane. It’s not a stand alone for warmth, and the pockets would do nothing to keep the hands warm, except perhaps as a wind breaker. There aren’t any interior pockets or any fancy additions to run headphone wires or anything along those lines. It’s a very basic rain jacket with two decent sized exterior pockets. The one option this jacket fails to provide, and for the life of me, i don’t understand why it’s not a standard feature, is that it doesn’t have a hood. I’ll save you the rant, but in a nutshell, it’s raining! Why no hood? My hat isn’t rainproof!... ok, mini rant over..

Fit (7 out of 10 points)

Being one of Natures true Greek gods is a difficult trait to bear. I mean at 5’-9” and a svelt 230 lbs, everything fits well, am i right? For instance, the pants i wear for a perfect fit should be at 38 waist, and 29 inseam. These came in 38/30, They fit quite well, and i would say they are accurate in size. I eventually took them in and had them hemmed up 1.5”, and they are now perfect.

My Jacket is a 2XL, and it is a little snug. It could use a little more room in the belly region, and it seems the sleeves are a little short for an active wear jacket. I wish it was a 2-1/2XL, because it’s a hair small for a 2XL. This is almost a little too snug to fit another layer underneath. i think it’s not really a design for the really chubby guys though.


The only adjustments are the Velcro wrist bans and the little pull cords on each side on the bottom. But in my case, no need to tighten anything up. The gear is fairly “form-fitting”, but it all seems to have a little stretch, so you don’t feel too “bound up”, but overall, I think they run about 1/2 size small, because a 2X is normally a comfy fit.

It is also quiet material and you’re never bothered by any funny noises as the material rubs and moves during a swing. It’s actually nice in that regard. I would give it a solid 7/10 for comfort, it’s pretty nice.

Durability (8 out of 10 points)

I have worn this gear about 5 or 6 times now due to California finally breaking out of its drought, and, they still have that “new-car” effect working. Have run them thru the wash a few times now without any problems, and washing instructions are sewn in just like normal clothes.


They do seem to take a while to dry out, especially on the inside if they happen to get wet in there. So I decided to give the rainwear an immersion death test.


There wasn’t any “shrinkage” after the wet and dry cycle, so I’m pretty sure that won’t be an issue. They never had any discernible odor to me, they’re definately not like some of those “rubber” type suits that reek. Everything about the construction of this set of rain gear screams “quality “, from zippers, seams, flexibility, and quality of materials. I can see this gear lasting for years, easily...

On-Course Performance (20 out of 30 points)

When i see a possible spot of wet weather, my golf pants for the day are my Galway Bay rain slacks. They are on for the day and i don’ t worry about needing to put them on or off as the day rolls on.

The jacket is is just that, a jacket. It goes on or off in a matter of less than 10 seconds, closer to 5 seconds actually. My jacket is a hair tight because I’m a little broad at the belly line, but it still is a comfy fit. It’s fairly easy to swing in as it seems to move and stretch as needed. The arms seem a little shorter than i would expect, so i kind of extend my arms as i address the ball which makes them slide up my forearms a little, which actually seems to make the swing easier. Not sure if that’s by design or not. I’m not a double XL due to my height and length, so someone who is a skinny and tall XXL might find the arms a little short.

The jacket is very thin and lightweight, and would easily fold up and stay in the bag. I personally wouldn’t do that because in my eyes, it’s way too cool of a jacket to stuff into a bag for that “whenever” moment. Guess where it lives now? Yea, in the bag haha. I’m also using the jacket in the mornings that are a touch cool. While not a jacket built for warmth, it is a “layer” that sometimes is all that’s needed. Also, if a chilly wind pops up it’s great.


One feature of this rain gear is that that it “breathes” much better than my old gear, and that’s really a fantastic thing. I’ve had a few early rounds in the cool of the morning where i actually forgot i was wearing the jacket. That’s just a HUGE plus.

Items in the pockets are of no negative consequence as far as a swing goes, and will easily hold whatever you need. My main problem with the pants pockets is that they’re TOO deep. I mean you gotta reach deep to grab a ball and a tee.

This rainwear is easily wearable together, or alone. There is no reason one can’t use the jacket for more than just a raincoat, whereas the pants would probably only be worn for the higher chances of rain in my view. And I could see the jacket being worn quite often as it’s really good in actual rain, or just a little wind, or perhaps just for a few early holes when it’s a little chillier than normal. It’s super versatile, and it’s super good looking as well.

But, no hood... wth?

Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points)

Why no hood? This is my main problem with this rain suit. My only reason to play in the rain is to stay dry, and my hat becomes soaked and cold, and water drips down my back. And suddenly you’re uncomfortable...sort of defeats the the purpose in my opinion. I suppose I could go buy a special wide brimmed hat, and keep it in the truck or in the bag, but would it really have been so hard to include a hood?

Play in rain or Shop again? (13 out of 20 points)

My final analysis is that i wouldn’t pony up for this set of rain gear. While it’s a very good looking set, it didn’t fit quite right for being a size 2X.


A bit tight around the belly, (understandable cuz I’m chubby, but still a 2X? And the sleeves are a little short for a 2X. Maybe a 3X would have been better. I would suggest ordering one size bigger than you normally wear. The fact that they didn’t include a hood, for me, would make this a non-player for an important event. A cold and wet head with drips running down my back would not be comfortable position to have while trying to concentrate on a big putt. Perhaps wearing a big, wide-brimmed rain hat would be enough to get past these things, but that’s not something I would normally have in my bag, especially if they would have just sewn a nice little hood that you could have zippered up when not needed. That one thing would take this jacket to perfection and useable in a Major. I think it’s more for the “well-off” player due to cost. Someone who would actually have that extra “bank” for a seldom used article of clothing. Because there probably aren’t as many die-hards who will play in the rain to begin with.


Not having a hood is a downer, as my hat got soaked to the bone, and i had enough drips going down the back of my neck to make it uncomfortable. Pants were pretty good tho, although I’d recommend getting one inch shorter than normal, as the bottom of the pants soak up the water rather quickly, and will transfer the water to your socks.


The suit had much better breathe ability than my old gear, yet still got a little sweaty with a lot of walking during the cartpath only periods.

To me the “death blow” was the lack of a hood. Everything else was pretty good, and it’s a darn good looker.

Final Score: 

68 / 100
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10 minutes ago, No3PuttLaLa said:

Check out the Stage 1 from me!!!!


No3PuttLaLa Stage 1 Review

Great stage one! I think we have taken all of your rain here in SC so far this year.  If you miss it, come on this way and we will be glad to share it. 

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4 minutes ago, JohnSmalls said:

Great stage one! I think we have taken all of your rain here in SC so far this year.  If you miss it, come on this way and we will be glad to share it. 

Well, I can't say that I particularly miss it. Instead of rain, we got hammered with record setting snow in February. However, I am always up for playing new courses, rain OR shine! So maybe I will take you up on that! 😄

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8 hours ago, No3PuttLaLa said:

Unfortunately, we haven’t had too much rain since I have received the pants. When Spring comes, we will definitely get our fair share and I can’t wait to put these pants to good use. I can promise it won’t just be on the course but to see how else I test them, well…you’ll just have to stick around to see!

Oh man, I'm really hoping somebody on the review team has the guts to take video walking their Galway Bay gear through the car wash! Sounds like a job for the silver backed gorilla to me. Also, very nice Stage 1.

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1 minute ago, downlowkey said:

Oh man, I'm really hoping somebody on the review team has the guts to take video walking their Galway Bay gear through the car wash! Sounds like a job for the silver backed gorilla to me. Also, very nice Stage 1.

haha! That may be or may not be on the list... if I spoil it now, you won't have anything to look forward to for Stage 2! 😂

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Can't wait to read more reviews!

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8 hours ago, No3PuttLaLa said:

Check out the Stage 1 from me!!!!


No3PuttLaLa Stage 1 Review

Love it, this is just the sort of stuff I was hoping to hear about this gear 😁😎

For us more generously built guys comfort, breathability and zipper strength are very important 🤣😁😎

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Come on models! Strut your stuff. Let's see how the gear fits a real person!


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4 hours ago, Nunfa0 said:

Love it, this is just the sort of stuff I was hoping to hear about this gear 😁😎

For us more generously built guys comfort, breathability and zipper strength are very important 🤣😁😎

Couldn't agree more! Pics to come that show the excess in the waist in order to get the pants to fit correctly through the booty meat/thighs.

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Great stage ones guys, bring on the rain and the next installments 😁😎

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