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Custom Putter Covers (Puttershoes)

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In case you didn't know, BestGrips offers custom embroidery for putter covers!  These Custom Puttershoes are 100% your design. They start at $65 (Major Leaguer) and go up based on material, however, there are no minimum orders, hidden fees, set up fees, or digitization fees.  


That's right $65 for 100% custom, genuine leather, made in the USA, made to order, and insane turnaround times! You can buy your own custom creation here, and since it's over $50 you can get free shipping for the time being by using "golfspy" at checkout.


Here are some examples:




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How do you go about sending in a design?  I would love to do a cover with a Liberty Bell (as I am from Philly) with the names of my three children on it?

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How do you go about sending in a design? I would love to do a cover with a Liberty Bell (as I am from Philly) with the names of my three children on it?

Email it to me at zach@bestgrips.com. If you don't have anything a rough idea will work and I'll put something together for you. I'd be more than happy to mock it up for you!

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Let me know if you ever need a guinea pig for a mallet cover test! :D

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Let me know if you ever need a guinea pig for a mallet cover test! :D



I'll gladly volunteer as well.


Looking like mallet covers will be available as one-offs only in our new custom studio (coming later this month). So there probably won't be a large run or any test models. 

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So based on the thread above I reached out to BestGrips and got a prompt response from Zach on what I wanted to do with my custom cover.  I plan to start playing competitive golf next year and would like to have something in my bag that would remind me of my family and help keep me centered a bit and see the big picture.  In the past I have had some things from my kids hanging on my bag to do this, but saw this as a good opportunity to have something a bit more personal in my bag.


From first contact to finished design the experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone that is considering this to pull the trigger on it.  I am not the most creative of people and gave Zach an image and a basic idea of what I wanted and he took it from there and ran with it.  In a time when customer service is absolutely lacking in most business BestGrips went over and above any expectation that I had for this..........and all for a relatively inexpensive project that was personal to me.  It is very refreshing to see a company that understands how to market on a limited budget and get customers exactly what they desire through hands on contact.  I have lurked and admired their products for several months now and for whatever reason had not done business with them, but now I am converted and I can assure you that this will definitely not be my last purchase from BestGrips.  For those of you that have seen my WITB thread you can tell that I am a hoarder....I mean collector of putter covers of all types and this experience will just feed my obsession even further.


So the question still remains what design did we come up with?  Well I am originally from Philly and decided that I wanted something on the cover from my roots and the idea was to do a Liberty Bell on the cover with the names of my children.  From there BestGrips just ran with it and we the final design will be a black baseball glove leather cover with Liberty Bells on each side and the names of my three children across the top of the cover.  Again this was not my design but a basic idea that I provided that Zach ran with and knocked out of the ball park. 


I really cannot thank Zach enough for this effort in helping me create something that is special to me and really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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Yep, Zach's a Class act, and his products are top shelf!!


Can't wait ta see the pics of the finished products.


Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday


Fairways & Greens My Friend,



2nd 3rd 4th and 5th it. ZACH is the man. Dealt with him before and will again


Thanks for the kind words guys!



Best part is I should have the cover this week and will post pictures as soon as it arrives.


The cover is done. It would have shipped Friday, but I liked it so much I wanted to snap a few pics of it for the forums. Those should be uploaded soon.

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Here it is!  This features the new copper/burnt orange thread color! Coming soon.... Gold thread!












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      Well Sunfish is now making it possible to have any of those memorable photo's professionally placed on it's genuine leather head-covers.   Check out the link with all the info here as well as seeing some examples below.  
      The ideas are endless.  







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