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Last week I bought a 38" putter and am trying a somewhat arm lock method with my stroke, something like you see Matt Kuchar do.

Not that I want to get into to a massive debate over whether or not Bernhard Langer is cheating with his anchored putter, where he says he doesn't anchor, based on nothing more than his word, I'll simply say that even the mere impropriety of what he is doing doesn't sit well with me.  But again, I'm not really wanting to go down this rabbit hole, because the rule itself brings too much debate into the equation, and I think it's another example of how the USGA has screwed the pooch with certain rules being vague enough for someone like Langer and McCarron to basically flip the USGA the middle finger and keep doing what they did prior to the rules being changed.

Meanwhile, changing that rule has cost players like Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott and Webb Simpson millions in prize money, simply because some suit in New Jersey didn't like the look of the stroke.


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My dad does. He always feels like he had a better look at the putt.

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One of my regular playing partners does this, he is a very good ball striker but only an average putter.  Which equals out to a very good golfer.  He does it because of the yips.

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I still use a belly putter. No, I don't anchor. I actually use a stroke which is kind of a cross between a regular putting stroke (with the top hand) and a hockey shot (with the bottom hand) with sort of a claw grip. The closest pro I've seen using something similar was Natalie Gulbis. I saw her using something similar about three years ago on TV. 

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Though I don’t use my belly putter on course I practice with it daily. It really helps me groove my stroke with traditional length putter. I make sure the grip is pointing at my belly just like it did when it was anchored there. Also both are Odyssey White Ice 2 balls.

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I didn't start playing until age 55, and most of your athletic skills have deserted you by then.  I was always a horrible putter, so I tried about everything: conventional, belly, long, and was never very good with any of them.  I had a good friend give me a blade custom built Kenny Giannini putter about 3 years ago, so I was determined to use it exclusively.  I putt better than I ever have, and it was basically just getting a couple of solid tips from a young coach at our university, and being confident in my approach to putting.  Never going to be great, but I'm light years better than I was.....

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Just went back to the broomstick this year. Used one for many years and even before the ban I didn’t anchor the putter.

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