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Let me preface in saying I love grips and clubmaking.  I am always tinkering with something.  Included in that are grips.  I have tried dozens of grips over the years.  Lately I have been using the pure grips.  They are tacky but I usually had an issue with them being slippery.  So when the opportunity came to try these grips, I am so glad that I was picked.  I will say after my first round I am so glad I was selected.


I played this weekend in Ohio and the temp was a crazy 88 degrees (very warm for this time of year).  I am sweater.  I usually have to change my hat, towel and glove at the turn.  I am always wiping down my grips and my hands to make sure I keep my grip.  So, it appeared to be the best day to try these out.  If you read my first impression, you will see that I was initially impressed.  I will continue the theme from first impression.  These grips are awesome.  These grips never slipped in my hands while swinging.  The feel from these grips are so soft it surprising.  Granted I have never played winn grips, but these have MUCH better feel than the tour velvet that I was gaming.  I am still surprised how soft the cords are.  I remember playing cords awhile back and they were sharp.  They would cut up my hands after 9 holes but these don't.  Choking down on a short iron gave great feedback and the tackiness was still there with the non cord bottom of the grip.


So am I glad that I got to try these out? Hell yes.  Now is the bigger question.  Would I purchase these grips and install them on my next set of irons? YES.  The tackiness is there and cord is soft.  You will get your money's worth with these.  The only thing that might be an issue is the transition from cord to noncord.  The grove is a little deep but that didn't bother me.

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First impression


Okay ladies and gents it has been a hectic summer I was not anticipating. sorry for the delay 


Always good to have new toys show up when you return from work. Also, even better when you don't have to explain to the wife that you spent $XXX on the “toys”. At the unboxing, the grips felt awesome when they were installed they felt a little slickish especially at the bottom half of the grip. Now this could be because I stretched them a bit to accommodate my hands (-1/64) but I have done this with many grips without similar results. Originally I was unsure about the cord because I have smaller hands and never wear gloves. In the past cord grips caused considerable loss of club control and tore the hell out of my hands. Surprisingly enough, the cord section of the clubs felt awesome and didn't cause anything resembling the cords I tried in the past. However, I have to disagree with the rubber portion provides feel and feedback.

Below are some much needed supplies to start the escapade. I hate pulling the old tape off. Any tips outside of peeling bit by bit are always welcome.  Even better went he kids fall asleep allowing the supplies to go to use.


wanted to get this up having issues with my photos stay tuned








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Superstroke set out to expand their product line with the Superstroke TX club grips. The grips per Superstroke are   â€œupper half cord design with a soft tacky cord and a rubber lower half providing soft feel with enhanced feel and feedback.”  The product sent was the black and white standard grips with the following specs:

·         Length- 10.75

·         Core - .600”

·         Weight – 52G

Much like the competition the multidiscipline grip construction is pretty standard (half cord/half rubber) but not until writing this review did I notice the grip is about 2-4 grams heavier than what I previously used.

I have recently switched, as have many others, to the SuperStroke putter grips and couldn't be more pleased. The Superstroke club grips were on my mind but the cost per grip was an original deterrent. I couldn't have won a contest and had this opportunity work out better if I planned it. The price didn't hurt the cause either (THANKS AGAIN SS/MGS). Over Memorial Day week I had three rounds plus two range days in one week which, when having a 4yr old and a 4 month old, come very infrequent. Not too many times you get this midday to help the cause of regripping either…things are working out perfect.




Performance on the Range (Lack of play could play a role)

I felt a little lost at times like the club was going to slip. On occasion, in the rain, it did with the ensuing “NAME YOUR PRO HERE” one handed follow through. This was even with brand new out of the package FJ rain gloves which never give me trouble at all. At least I wasn't chasing the club into the range or down the fairway/in the woods or a lake to boot. The club felt slick from the start causing insecurity throughout the swing. In the rain there were instances of losing the handle.

Range Score: (80 of 100)




Performance on the Course (varying weather conditions + Slick grips = UH OH)!!!!

On the course nothing much changed. The feel led to uncertainty in swings and for the most part erratic tee shots and a lot of punch outs. Is this due all to the grip no but the difference in feel definitely didn't help the cause.

Course Score: (85 of 100)

Performance Notes (Hopefully better results to come)

Very disappointed from top to bottom with the performance. Weight aside this felt like I was holding nothing but the shaft (insert Joke here) 99.9% of the time. Super stroke is better than this and I expect much change in the future.

Total Performance Score: (Range/Course average)

So I start out on my week long mission. After day one I chalked it up to not playing. Day 2 a little skeptical but day three I started to wonder. Now I haven't been playing much and 2-4 grams in the grip end of the club can only change the swing weight slightly. Not saying with lack of play I can feel the change like I used to but something was kind of different especially with my driver. I play a D6 weight so the slightest change can be felt. The only thing I changed recently was…MY GRIPS. Why the hell can't I find consistency with my omnipresent consistent clubs? (Gap/Sand wedge and the driver.)  We aren't talking just accuracy; yardage and feel were off even when I hit it solid (40% of the time). However I did hit a couple irons shots closer than I have in the recent past but even the blind squirrel finds a nut.

With lack of play I couldn't harp on the total bag performance too much but speaking to feel and performance I used my wedges which are the go-to part of my game and things I still work on in the back yard.  Even though there has been a lack they felt a bit off at the top of the backswing where I can normally feel the club/clubhead. I don't believe that the little bit of weight change can cause all of it so I blame user error for the majority. 


Material Composition: Multi Compound – half cord and rubber


How I Tested

Testing was done in a two part sequence.

1.       At a local driving range matt and grass.

2.       On course - I played in two individual tournament events and one match play event. Each event allowed me to use all clubs as we had varying conditions (wind/chilly/rain/calm/hot) calling for different clubs at some of the same distances. Couldn't be better for this type of test too.


Performance Scoring


Performance Overall: (82.5 of 100)



Looks  (NOT the standard “Thinking out of the box” Super Stroke Grip)

Describe the following:

  • The general construction is nice the cords were visible but not intruding. The dual color is pretty standard into today's game.
  • Graphics are SS standard
  •  I did like the touch of putting the “S” on the back side of the grip (not sure if that was intended) but I like flipping grips in installation sometimes. Didn't do that here. Might be good to have something made without the grip graphic as with adjustable clubs sometimes changing settings means an off center grip. (see photo). Simple sophisticated and to the point.
  • Visually pleasing
  • In comparison to other grips I would put it middle of the pack. Color options are nice but again standard for today's game.

Looks Score: (85 of 100)





Sound and Feel (Wish we had better)

·         Grips are slick and after sitting for a month have even more slickness. Regardless of cord very concerning.

·         Feel is consistent with every club and not something you want in your hands at a premium price.

·         As for when striking the ball I didn't notice anything that stood out  as “soft” or “comforting” the slick grip made things a bit difficult to judge feel.


Looks Score: (50 of 100)










Likelihood of Purchase (LOP) (Opponents Beware)

I would not purchase these grips in store on sale or any other way unless I knew changes have been made. Due to the name I would give them a shot if they told me a change to the slickness has been addressed. Price would definitely matter

·         Complete uncertainty throughout the golf swing. Numerous occasions of slipping rain (with FJ rain gloves) or shine.

·         Price a bit much see Photo…at $11.19 per grip that exceeds the golf pride multi-compound by $1.20


 LOP Score: (50 of 100)









Subjective Notes (SIZE 3)


The look for the SS putter grips was something that stood out. With the club grips not so much. The white didn't get beat up as some of the other high prices grips with color (Iomic) that I have used in the past but nothing out of today's norm.

I was very disturbed by the performance as since I made the putter grip change, like many others, I was expecting top performance and quite frankly this one might fall under the category…stick with what you do best. Putter grips are the SS thing; clubs grips, from my perspective, not so much at least on the first try.


Total Subjective Score: (average of Looks, Sound & Feel, and LOP Scores) (61.67)




While not having much time in the recent past to get out; the gift from SS/MGS was perfect timing. A full week of tournament and practice to review the grips very pumped at first to see how this would help my game even though I was a bit worried about the cords. Although the original fear was tearing up my hands it shifted to slick grips and uncertainty if I was going to hold on at/after impact.




Total Score: (average Performance and Subjective Scores) (72.09)



The Six (answer the following questions)

1.       The grips will come off in the very near future as I have one last tournament end of august.

2.       I would not recommend these at this point. Maybe to my opponents..But that isn't golf etiquette.

3.       Performance was iffy and my go to clubs were disconcertingly erratic

4.       Get rid of the cord. Work on a little cushion throughout.

5.       The “s” on the grip (bottom side) nothing else on the grips but that. Maybe imprint it or build it into the whole grip so you don't lose TV time if the pros switch over.

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First impressions

When I first unboxed the grips, the first thing I noticed was the color. I had thought I had ordered red and black, but these were white and black. Like golf pants or anything else, I was concerned that the white would stain and get dirty far too quickly. I was also hoping to get 14 instead of 13. I would be putting these grips on myself, and fully expected to rip at least one of them in my bumbling attempts to grip my first set of clubs. So the short version of my first impression can only be described as mild disappointment.


But alas, my fears were unfounded. I was able to put the grips on every club without damaging the clubs or the grips, and the white still looks bright as ever. One thing I noticed though was the cord feels really rough. I don't think it would be wise to use these without a glove. But I have played with and without a glove for long periods, so I'll probably give both a try and report back. The lower end of the grip is extremely soft - makes me think they'll wear out faster. I'll keep an eye on that too.


As luck would have it, I had to cancel my plans to play two rounds this weekend - A tournament on Saturday and a leisure round with my wife on Sunday. I tweaked my back getting out of the car (getting old really sucks), so the spasms had me almost to the point of being bed-ridden all weekend. It's getting better, but I still have yet to swing the clubs since the re-grip.


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Official Review

Range today! Yay!


I started with the wedges hitting punch shots - I wasn't extremely confident in my grip installation. But all was well. Good feel to these.


The first thing I noticed was an almost spongy feel with my lower hand. These have a much softer lower section than my GolfPrides.

The glove hand obviously didn't tell me much. But after a few full swings I tried it with no glove. I definitely felt the cord was stiffer, but not uncomfortably so. I wouldn't recommend playing without a glove if you haven't before. It began to wear on me after a dozen or so swings, and I put the glove back on. And I've played without a glove for years at a time. I wouldn't call the cord roughness a negative for these grips - just that it's the same as any others, basically.


Next up - wet weather,

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I played both a competitive round and a causal round (in rain, no less!).  Overall I am still pleased with the grips.


Ungloved on the range the cord started to get painful after a few hits, but when I played on an actual course, where the swings weren't quite so frequent, they were fine. 


The really cool part was when the rains came.  The leather of my glove seemed to stick like glue to that cord grip.  I really liked the stability.  This is where they beat the heck out of my GolfPrides.  In wet conditions, the GolfPrides got more slick - not horrible, but definitely less tacky.  The SuperStrokes, if anything, got better in the wet conditions.


Conclusion -

If you're in dry climate, it's pretty much like any other grip.  Nice soft lower section, but otherwise unremarkable.

If you play in rainy or wet climates (or possibly in the Midwest where it's super humid), this would be my grip of choice.

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I will post a full review soon with some pics. I am enjoying the grips so far. Playing rounds with the TX1 on some of my clubs and my Winn Duratechs on others to compare.  I leave for Myrtle Beach next Wed and will be playing 4 straight days.  Right now it looks like we could see some rain and I know it will be hot so should be a good test. It's been pretty hot here lately (my hands sweat pretty bad) and I haven't had any problems with slippage and I have the TX1s on my 4 iron, hybrid, and 3 wood right now which are clubs that are more likely to slip than my shorter irons. I'm going to put them on another iron or two and my driver before I leave for the beach.

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My review is up here. Sorry for the delay.


Also, this should bump the thread to show off some of the work that the other guys have done.

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Thanks for the Reviews Guys.  I have stayed away from this thread for awhile, as i had just installed Pure Grips on my irons......but have now reveiwed the reviews...LOL  and enjoyed reading every one of them.  It appears these grips are a little pricey, hard to obtain except via internet but well worth their cost for frequent flyers.  I will def keep them on my radar.

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Only seems appropriate to bump this one this week.


As far as the grips go, it was disappointing to see durability and feel issues. But that's why we test them isn't it? Maybe SS took those comments to heart and incorporated changes into their newest offering?


As far as the test goes, seems like MGS picked a good group because these guys put A LOT of swings in over the testing period. Even more promising is that all 10 testers posted reviews. I've seen irons reviews that didn't even get that good of a turnout.



Sent from #throwbackthursday

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      In early August I started with an awesome putting coach. Before I started working with him I was missing everything and recently came off a tournament with two 4 putts in the round. As I’m beginning to enjoy and play tournament golf making putts was about to become really important to me. I used a Taylormade Spider Tour Red for about 9 months, but the look killed me. found it so irritatingly huge and wanted something a little slimmer. I then decided to switch to an OdysseyWorks #7 for 6 months. Was overall positive about it, but as my stroke got sloppy my confidence decreased and I pulled putts endlessly. I went into my first putting session with my Odyssey. By the end of it my stroke and set up were pretty pure. But I was still pulling putts. I aimed down my line and my coach looked from behind me, laughed and said “where are you aimed?” And I said “dead straight!” And he goes “nope your way open.” I set up again and wham. Same thing. We then found out that I am left eye right hand dominant or “Cross Dominant.” The double bend shaft style was causing me to aim left, when my eyes thought I was straight. Then he broke the news to me ... “yeah, uh, you need a new putter.” He then slapped a center shafted putter in my hands and I was dead on. The search for a new flatstick began. 
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      My name is Matt I'm 36 that lives here in Mechanicsville, VA (Richmond Area). I have 2 awesome little daughters who are 8 and 7, and an amazing gorgeous wife who is way too hot for me and out of my league. I'm pretty lucky. I work in IT for the IRS, love all Chicago sports teams Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bulls. I am obsessed with Disney as is my family, we go once if not twice a year every year. I have been an avid golfer since I was 13. Before I met the best thing ever to come into my life, my wife, golf really saved me when I got out of the Air Force in 2006 and was dealing with PTSD. I got my handicap down to a 5, because I fully immersed myself into it to get away from all my demons, and horrible thoughts in my head. For these reasons, I will never turn my back on the sport as it was there when I needed something that can't be explained the most at that point in my life. Unfortunately due to 4 knee surgeries a meniscus repair, a meniscus removal after tearing it for the 2nd time 4 years to the day after I tore it the first time, a meniscus implant, and a clean out around my ACL, my game has slipped severely over the last 9 years since my original injury in 2010, and only being able to play as much as my knee would let me. My knee is finally back to 100% and can dive back into the sport I love. I am currently a 15 handicap and working my way back down slowly. I never lost my swing, but I need to get back to where I was mentally. All of my extra strokes come from mental errors and minor misses, and getting down on myself because I know I can be as good as I once was if not better. I have gamed Mizuno JPX 800 Pro forged irons the last 6 years since 2013, and have always felt there is no better feeling iron to me than Mizuno's, then I went out on a whim, and decided to overhaul my whole bag from bag all the way down to putter this year. I got fitted for PXG 0211's and from the moment I hit the first ball, I was addicted to them. So without further ado here is the review below.
      These are from our Disney trip we just got back home from on Aug 18th. Also, sorry for such large photos (but details right?).

      About the club
      These are PXG's first cast club. I feel they are PXG's answer to reach the masses, and make an affordable club for all golfers.
      According to their website they state "We packed our 0211s with three key GEN2 technologies. First and most important is a hollow body design filled with our proprietary COR2 polymer, the world's thinnest club face (made possible by the COR2) and a 360-degree undercut perimeter channel around the club face that expands the functional size of the face. These three technologies combined result in a club that goes farther, launches higher, feels softer, sounds great, is more forgiving and has a sweet spot the size of Texas."
      Looks 10 out of 10
      The PXG 0211 irons are a progressive iron set, meaning the amount of offset gradually decreases the shorter the clubs become. For example, the 4-iron has slightly more offset than the 5, and so on through the wedges.
      Progressive sets offer more forgiveness in the long irons, where it's needed most for all golfers. There isn't much offset needed in the 8-iron up due to golfers being more proficient with them.
      In the long irons, the 0211 have a very good offset and a little noticeable sole sticking out past the top line.  When you get to the scoring irons, the 0211 there is less offset and less sole sticking out.
      I would put these into the middle of a players and game improvement iron. They have somewhat of a slim top line, a decently wide sole, and the blades are longer than most players irons, and Bob Parsons wasn't lying when he said they have a sweet spot the size of Texas. 
      They are absolutely gorgeous at address. 

      Sorry these are the only photos I have at address and it's the PW. But aren't the center strike ball marks BEAUTIFUL?

      Sound & Feel 10 out of 10
      These feel absolutely smoother than any golf club I have ever hit. Forged or cast, this is due to hollow body design with their proprietary COR2 polymer. When hit they leave no doubt that the ball is going for a long ride. They are very very soft with a spring like sensation off center faced strikes. It has a very nice strong and clean mid pitch at impact, that gives immediate feedback for mishits, which are hard to do with their sweet spot.
      Performance 10 out of 10
      Having been fitted by a PXG fitter I had high expectations for what theses should produce, these expectations were met and surpassed in all categories. 
      Borrowed this from another site so I'm quoting "The 0211 features the same face material (HT1770 maraging steel) as the 0311 GEN2, which works in conjunction with PXG’s more responsive second generation COR2 polymer material – the goo filling that allows for the thinnest iron face on the market – to preserve ball speed across the whole of the face.
      Like the 0311 GEN2, it offers an internal face perimeter cut-out. It’s a design which leverages an undercut cavity and moves the weld lines between the two pieces to the outer perimeter of the club (as opposed to on the face itself). It’s a forgiveness-boosting feature that makes for an effectively larger face without increasing the size of the clubhead."
      The forgiveness and the wider soles is where the clubs really shine and help make thin misses playable and not penalize the player as bad as some other irons would.
      I have found the spin in the short to mid irons to be sufficient enough to hold greens, and not send the ball rolling off once they land, and the wedges paired with a good quality ball makes it easy to zip the ball back something I haven't been able to do in a long time.
      Where the progressive design helps me most is in the 5 iron, with the extra offset, I can launch the ball easier than my old 5 iron and not worry about it going anywhere but straight. 
      I have gained 10-12 yards of carry over my old Mizuno's. This could be impart to being slightly stronger lofted clubs as well, but I feel it has more to do with newer technology and a faster face. PXG also claims these have "the thinnest face in golf" and I haven't seen any other company argue this.

      Upgrades 5 out of 10
      I give the upgrades a 5 because they don't offer many shaft options comparatively to competitors (they have the same number of brands but the shaft models are more limited than other brands), and the upgrade price on shafts is on par with other manufacturers. I do feel the shaft offerings fit a large variety of golfers, and my fitter had me dialed into my shaft within about 20 minutes, then went through every club to ensure that it would suit me through every iron.
      The biggest drop in score here is there are no additional grips that can be upgraded to. The only option is the Lamkin Z5 which I gave a try, and hated after 1 round due to not being tacky and soft enough but this is purely subjective on how you like your grips. I quickly replaced them with my preferred Winn Dri-Tacs. 
      Quite shocking since PXG is known to be all custom built, the 0211s have what amounts to a true stock shaft offering for the first time. True Temper’s new Elevate is the steel offering. The standard Elevate is a 95g offering (available in R and S flex), and the Elevate Tour 115g (available in S and X flexes). I was fitted with the Elevate Tour through all my irons.
      Both Elevate shafts feature VSS (Vibration Suppression System) technology. A fresh take on the Sensicore principle, VSS reduces unwanted vibrations by 71% in the standard Elevate, while VSS PRO reduces unwanted vibrations by 56% in the Elevate Tour.
      The graphite offering is the just-released MMT from Mitsubishi.
      Fitters and buyers will still have access to PXG’s full shaft matrix, but there is a per club upcharge of $25 (both steel and graphite) to move out of the stock offerings.

      Stock Grips

      Miscellaneous 10 out of 10
      First and foremost the customer service is OUTSTANDING, they keep you informed through the whole process all you have to do is call and ask. You can call 844-PLAY-PXG and they will set you up with a fitter at no expense to you. They sent my fitter from 2 hours away and spent 3 hours with me. There was absolutely no pressure from his end either for me to make a purchase. 
      They have a 30 day playability guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on defects.
      Also, the boxes these come in are the nicest, sturdiest, best looking boxes I have ever seen golf clubs come in.
      Sorry the photo isn't the best, I was excited to get the boxes open and check the clubs out so I just snapped a quick photo.

      Price 7/10 out of 10
      My reasoning for the 7/10 out of 10 is if you're an Active duty member, Veteran, or First Responder and can be verified through ID.ME on their website the price is 10/10, you can snag these for the same price if not less than any other major brand out there. I paid $105 an iron for mine, but they have raised the price to $125 an iron for steel or graphite. Also, if you buy six of them you receive a free Gen 1 driver of your choice, and are offered a Gen 1 putter of your choice for $95, which I took advantage of both offerings opting for the 0811XF and Mustang putter. 
      If you do not fall into these categories they will run you $195 an iron for steel offering, and $210 for graphite and this is the reasoning for a 7/10.
      Shipping costs $30 for a single iron, $60 for irons and woods , and $100 for a whole set. Also, it is a direct signature required VIA FedEx this guarantees they hit your hands and not stolen off your porch. If you're lucky enough to live in the area, you can also pick them up from their headquarters for free.

      Conclusion and Overall 10 out of 10
      I give the clubs a 10 out of 10 overall because they are absolutely one of the best clubs I have ever gamed, demoed, swung. Now I know this is very subjective as well, and what works for me won't work for the masses. I would not think twice if asked if I recommend these clubs, because I would a million times over. PXG’s goal with the 0211 irons was to bring the performance and feel of their 0311 irons to golfers at a lower price.  They blew this goal out of the water.
      The progressive set is designed extremely well to fit the vast majority of golfers, although it doesn't offer the flexibility of the different 0311 models. If price has been scaring you away from PXG irons, call and get fitted because these are budget friendly comparative to their other models, and even more so for military, veterans and first responders.
      Please let me know what you think of my first review, and it's okay to be brutally critical I can handle it I'm a big boy.
      Thanks for reading,
    • By cynogriffin
      This is a thread for those who are interested in reading or sharing golf ball comparisons! 
      Personally, I am in the stage of personal ball testing to try to find my next gamer for the next season or two. As such, I have been and am in the process of testing a variety of premium golf balls to see which fits my game and personal preferences. My posts in this site will be coming from off my new website (linked here for those who might want to check it out: https://griffinc6.wixsite.com/golfreviews) and will be in the form of a head to head matchup between two of the balls I am considering. During my tests, I will be taking two different models to the course and playing 9 holes with each in the same round, same day, and same conditions. In my posts, there won't be much in the way of technical data other than distance (measured via Shot Scope) but will rather be how I experienced the balls in terms of distance, spin, flight characteristics, performance and fell around the green, putting, quality, durability, and consistency. Once again, for my posts here, these are by no means a scientific test, but rather what I prefer, what I see, and how the balls perform for me. Therefore whatever performs for me might not translate to your game or your experiences with these products. I also invite everyone to post your own comparisons, head-to-heads, and reviews here as well!
      Now that that is out of the way, let the discussion begin!
    • By ChasingScratch
      Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 – Review
      A little background
      Let’s just start with this:  I am not a stellar putter.  I’m not even an average putter.  I’ve been known to be the ‘take a 6 footer for birdie and turn it into a 7 footer for par’ kind of putter.  I’d like to think part of it is due to the wide variation in greens I get to play on (anything from Plinko on the Price is Right to lightning fast U.S. Open greens), but the reality is I just haven’t been that good.  I’m a dad with limited income to spend on golf and little practice time.
      I started this journey to become a Scratch golfer about two years ago.  Since then, I won a free full bag fitting through Club Champion and had a blast doing it.  My favorite part of the whole experience was the SAM PuttLab fitting.  According to the PuttLab, I’m a consistent slight puller of the putter.  My wonderful human of a fitter recommended mallet style with some toe hang.  He laid out a bunch of putters that fit this mold and I immediately started arching the putter rather than pulling it.  I had never really seen that arch path before and I thought I was going to push every putt 3 feet right of the hole.  Needless to say, I made 25 straight 8 foot putts before we re-tested with my favorite putter of the bunch (the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4, which also happened to be the cheapest, go figure).
      The thing that was instantly attractive about this putter was the fact that it could be adjusted for length.  I’m 5’8”, take an athletic posture with my putter, and have long arms.  Long story short, I need a short putter, but everything you can buy off the rack comes between 33-35” (or so it seems).  We cranked it down to 32.5” and bent the loft to 1 degree.  Oh……….my…………GAWD!!!  I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!!!
      Eye Candy (aka Looks)
      First off the looks.  This think is a beauty! 

      I love the tynes off the back, makes me think of a fighter jet’s wings.  Who doesn’t love fighter jets?!?  As an added bonus, they are very useful when picking the ball up after you just lagged that 40 footer to inside of 1 foot! 

      The stock pistol grip is phenomenal as well.  It really helps me to get my thumbs on top of the grip and parallel to each other. 

      People seem to either love or hate insert putters.  I get it, there is soft and then there is too soft.  Not many people want to feel like they are hitting the golf ball with a marshmallow attached to a shaft.  The dual insert on the Ping Sigma 2 putter line is perfect for me.  Soft enough to feel good at impact, but not soft enough to make you question if you hit it hard enough.

      I absolutely enjoy putting practice now!  Get this, you ready for it?  I’ve taken nothing but my putter to the golf course and spent over 1hr putting with my kids!?!  Crazy right? Who does that???  Not a single driver, iron, or wedge hit.  Pure putting. That’s how much I love this putter and how much confidence it gives me.
      I’ve only had two rounds with it, but I’ve had 30 and 31 putts with it so far.  Both of those rounds had at least 3 putts that either lipped out or stopped within 1” of the hole.  Only one 3-putt (and that was on a 60 foot putt, all of my playing partners 3-putted that horrible green lol).  From 5-8 feet, I feel like it is going in all the time.
      Had I the foresight to know that I would be joining MGS, I would have taken stats with my previous putters (yeah, I’m the guy who had like 7 putters all on the bench ready to get in the game whenever the starter started 3-putting) and run an ANOVA on putting metrics to see if this new putter is significantly better or if it is all in my head.  I have since sold those putters and am on the road to a single putter relationship.  You have to give this putter a try if you like the looks of a mallet style fang putter.  It also scored well this year and the previous model as well last year in the MSG putter tests.
      Give this thing a look!!!!  I think I’m going to go roll some putts on my carpet!!!
    • By Green Sheep Productions
      Hey all, 
      Anyone bought one of Vice's stand bags? The barrel of my bag is about to die, have been eyeing these off... But I hate buying something I haven't seen in the flesh (?) before. My favourite bag was from a gone bust company called Lind Golf, but can't find a bag with as many features. 
      Unfortunately not heaps of pictures of the Vice bag that aren't dolled up and taken from a romantic angle. 
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