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Forum Member Testing - Super Stroke TX1

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Ten MyGolfSpy forum members were chosen to test the new Super Stroke TX1 club grip.  This thread contains their reviews.

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First Impressions


After a long day at work I came home to find a couple packages on the porch. Since I'm getting married in a few weeks this had become a frequent occurrence, but that day was something a little different. There was a package with my name not my fiancé's. She gets all the good stuff, but not that day. I brought the packages inside and waited for her to get home from work; I got in trouble for open a gift without her once. After what seemed like hours she arrived home finally, it was probably half an hour.  We opened the box that had her name on it first, a tea kettle, nice gift from the registry. Next was my package, I opened the manila style bubble wrapped package; it was filled with black and white gloriousness.  Inside was a clear bag filled with the new Super Stroker golf grips.



Grips 1.jpg





I open the group package and each grip still had the individual sale wrapping on the butt of the club.


Grip 2.jpg



Now my thoughts shift to installation. I've never installed my own grips I, but have seen it done a few times. So at first I tried to save my old grips but they were a little more wore than I had thought and just ended up cutting them all off.


Grip remove.jpg


It took a little longer than I had expected, and I didn't do all of them in the kitchen just the first one, but I got them all on and I am ready to play. 


Grip 3.jpg

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Official Review


 I got my grips just in time for my first lesson of the season.  I went out to the range for an hour with my coach; working on this wicked fade I've been hitting with everything, even my wedges. Going the entire lesson without a glove might have been an error on my part, I got a nice blister. The cords are a bit rougher than my old grips but still felt pretty good until I realized I had a blister (and it had popped).review pic 1.jpgreview picture 2.jpg


  After the first day I wore a glove for a while. The grips do their job and keep the club firmly in my hands. Usually I play a mid-size grip and these were standard size so I added extra tape on install, but they stay put like they should. As far as playing while wet I have only taken a few swings. I dropped my 7 iron on the morning dew and the grip just felt super slick, I dried it with a towel, but the club still turned in my hands. I was wearing a pretty old glove at the time so that may have helped to contribute to the club rotating, but the grip still slid. This was the only trouble I have had with slippage of any kind.  I read a few of the other reviews and they loved that the grips stayed tacky while wet so I will have to test this again a little more thoroughly.  After about a week I went back to playing again without a glove, I have a tendency to swing too hard while wearing a glove and have to slow down just a touch for fear of throwing my clubs. The chords still get my hands pretty tender after nine holes and I do switch to the glove. I'm sure this will go away eventually as my hands get more used to the chord material.

   A few weeks of some pretty steady action at the course and range the lower white section of the grips is still bright and clean.  I also like how soft the section of the two piece grip reacts when choking down and chipping. You get a nice soft feel of the club down there, almost like I can feel the shaft flex in your hands with a solid shot. I personally tend to lean towards the softer side when it comes to my grips. I have a more relaxed grip pressure when they have softer grips. Chipping works out so much better when your hands are relaxed and the softer section on these grips give you the touch feel you need during your chips.


  These grips do seem like they will be good for quite some time, one of the drawbacks of the soft grips, like a wrap, is they tend to wear down fast. The quality of these grips even though it has only been a few weeks still seems to be quite high.  The chorded area and the softer area both are showing no signs of wear. I had a nice soft wrap once that I wore a big thumb groove in after about a week.     


  As far as recommendations go I would recommend these grips for any players that like the chord style, or those who do not want to replace their grips very often. They will take some time getting used to if you have never played with chord grips before, but once adjusted they do their job well and still have the soft section for touch shots.

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Follow Up


I played these grips For a few more weeks. Got into some rain in a local tournament where I was grouped with a gentlemen who had went out and bought these grips. I was not impressed with how they handled the wetness, the other guy was having all kinds of trouble clubs slipping on just about every shot. I wasn't experiencing as many problems as him but i wasn't using full power swings. He ended up buying a new glove at the turn and played much better on the back so i think glove condition is what determines the wet grip for these Grip. 


The other big new is I had to take these grips off my clubs and get new ones. They were just too rough on my hands. after about two months of playing I was still getting new blisters, blisters on blisters even. I just kept getting new blisters on my left hand index finger thumb and ring finger. I am used to getting blisters early in the season, as living in the north we don't have a lot of winter golf so the hands need to be built back up, but I have never gotten calluses and then get blisters in those calluses. I just couldn't get used to these grips. They made my hands hurt and my game suffer. That is not to say they are bad grips they are just not the grips for me. I did go with a similar style grip where you have to two sections I really enjoyed how they preformed that way. I went with a softer material not the corded type. I have been playing the new grips for about two weeks and I my hands are feeling so much better.


If you are a cord player then i suggest giving these grips a try, but if not my recommendation is to go another route. They have some good qualities but my hands just couldn't hand the cords.   

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First Impression


I also was happy to receive a package in the mail from Super Stroke!  There is a wonderful scent to a bag full of new grips!!


I promptly took the grips to my club and Viola:




There are a few things I noticed right away about the Super Stroke grips, I will reserve judgement until I get some more time with them, but they are different from any other grip on the market in a few key ways.  First, it is a true split grip - its one piece, but there is a distinct line, a small gap even almost a millimeter, between the full cord top section and the no cord tacky lower section.  Secondly, the full cord upper half is longer than all other hybrid/split grips I have tried.  Check this pic and compare it to the Golf Pride New Decade.  Also, notice the distinct line that separates the sections on these versus the blended sections on the Multi Compounds.  Again, no judgement, just an observation.




In my hand, the upper cord section feels softer, almost slipperier than other full cord grips I had tried.  It is grippy with a glove, but not so much bare handed.  I hit a bunch of balls with and without a glove and didn't feel I had enough traction bare handed with these.  I did get the 8 iron grip nice and wet and went to the rain gloves, no problem there.  Funny thing happened after that, once the 8 iron grip dried out a bit, the cord took on a little different look and now feels tackier than when new.  The newfound tackiness helped so much that 3/4 bare shots, where I want tons of feel, are no trouble at all.  After that I got all the grips a bit wet, ran a towel over them with some authority, and now they all feel like I can use them with or without a glove.


The lower section of these grips is very tacky.  A close second to the extreme tackiness of a Pure grip.  I love the feel, however, as I mentioned earlier, the top half is so long, I have to grip down at least 1/2 inch if not a full inch to get more than a finger or 2 on the sticky part on the lower half.  I will get a few rounds in on the course and decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing.


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IMG_2776.jpgSorry it took a while to get to my official review of the Super Stroke TX-1 Grips.  On the plus side, I have definitely put them to the test.  To date I have logged nearly 50 rounds of golf; 6 Tournaments, countless hours on the range, virtually every weather condition imaginable.  I played the grips in 8 different states everything from frozen rain to extreme humidity, 105+ degrees in both the high desert and a strange humid heat spell with 100+ degrees in Seattle. The grips served me well in those extremes, as well as a cold snap in North Carolina where ice pellets threatened to end the round early.

None of the and extreme weather conditions even phased the Super Stroke Grips. The final test I had planned was the lunatic event a few crazies at my golf course call the Solstice Challenge. It goes something like this, each golfer is given a golf cart equipped with a special flag that when other golfers see coming, they step aside and let us play though. After 18, there is a fresh cart waiting for each golfer, golf continues, repeat until you are thoroughly exhausted. This year the champs logged 108 holes, this reviewer's back gave out after a mere 81 holes. No fault to the Super Strokes, in fact they were actually begging for more golf and had not so secretly wished to be in the champs bag...

So how do the grips stand up to the testing: EXCELLENT! I give the grips a perfect score. They have far outlasted my Golf Pride NDMC grips this summer. The Golf Prides have been since replaced with more Super Strokes.  Here is a pic of a well used grip, it shows basically zero wear compared to the exposed cord, bad spots and very degraded look of the NDMC grips have in the same amount of time.



Grip - 9.5/10     They are not quite as tacky as the stickiest grips I have used, especially in the corded portion, but that said I have never experienced grip slippage, as long as I used rain gloves when conditions obviously warranted them.


Durability - 10/10    Enough Said


Looks/Feel - 10/10    Other testers have commented that the Super Stroke grips, especially in the tested Black color, don't have much in the way of Flash on the course.  Very few people asked me about the grips, they blend in with the crowd.  Not a bad thing, but not what I would expect out of Super Stroke, which made a name with very different and flashy products.  That said, no complaints here.  The grips feel wonderful, are a bit easier on gloves than other cord grips, and look great.


Conclusion:  I highly encourage readers to give these grips a try.  The best part - through the year, the Super Strokes don't seem to have developed a huge following and can consequently be found online at a nice discount to the Golf Pride, Lamkin, or Winn competitor's grips.  

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First Impression:


I received the package from Super Stroke the other day.  I was expecting a box, but it came in a padded envelope.  Once open I was very surprised there was not a rubbery smell.  Usually all new grips smell like Akron, OH, but these did not.  Once out of the package I noticed how tacky the lower white portion of the grips are.  Very nice feel.  Also I noticed that both sides of the grip have a logo.  Top side says Super Stroke and the under side has the S logo.  Very cool.


The upper portion of the grip with the cord is great.  Tacky but with cord.  I love this feel and the combination of the two sections is a winner in my book.


One of the grips did have a blemish and photos are attached.  For a $12 grip a blemish like this is not favorable.


The other thing I could do with out is the little plastic wrap on the butt end of the grip.  I think all grip companies should go to the single package like WINN. 


Overall my first impression of these grips is great.  I like how they feel and I think these will be a great long lasting grip. 

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After playing many rounds with the Super Stroke grips, I feel that these are a great grip.  It has been very hot and humid in central Illinois and the grips have held up very well.  The only thing I do not like is the white get black streaks on it from going in ad out of the bag.  This could easily be fixed with a white cap on the end of the grip.  And I believe this happens with almost every white grip.




As you can see from the photos the grips are holding up very well and I believe these will hold up for at least one year.  These grips helped me qualify for the Illinois State Amateur which will be in the middle of July.  That event will really put them to the test over hopefully 72 holes. 


I am a lover of cord grips and I think these feel better than the competitions'.  I have had some of the other multi compound grips and these feel and look better.  I like how the cord is placed and how I can feel it through my glove.  With the competitions I had to run a towel over the cord to get it to come out, these I do not. 




I still would have a hard time paying $12-$13 a grip for these.  They should be at the $10 price point.  And after looking on the website I wish they would offer a solid color option.  It is getting harder and harder to find a full cord grip in a solid color.  I will report back after the state am as I am planning on playing at least 10 more rounds. 



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Unboxing/Initial Impressions


It's a good day when you come home to find a package on the porch and you know it's golf related. It's like being a kid on Christmas morning all over again. The only desire you have is to rip open the packaging and see what's inside. Last week it was 13 brand new SuperStroke TX-1 grips. I was excited to be selected to participate in the review. I've been a fan of SuperStroke putter grips and was intrigued to hear that they would be introducing club grips. Taking them out of the packaging I immediately noticed the resemblance to the look of my current Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound grips. It was clear to see what style of grip SuperStroke is looking for their new TX-1s to be competitive with. 


20150518_174435 (800x450).jpg


So I started my routine of setting up my towel, vice, and various gripping supplies on the counter in the kitchen. My loving girlfriend was sitting in the office studying for grad school finals and came out to see what all the noise and excitement was about. "More grips? You re-grip your clubs every 3 days." Clearly her perception was skewed. I ran through some quick options in my head of ways to reply to her question. Ultimately, I decided to be conservative and lay-up with the 7 iron instead of getting aggressive with the 3 wood and simply explained to her the situation of being selected as a reviewer. It turned out to be the correct play and she thought it was cool. While she doesn't play golf, she certainly supports me in my addiction to the game and never holds me back. She's an angel. And so I set forth regripping the 13 clubs in my bag, battling with my self-diagnosed OCD to make sure each one went on perfectly. The install was easy and the grips went on without issue.


20150518_174345 (800x450).jpg


My first impression with the new TX1 grips out of the packaging is that they seem to be of higher quality in terms of looks, feel, and construction when compared to my current Golf Pride NDMCs. They seem to feel softer while at the same time appearing to be more durable. At a price point higher than the NDMCs, I expect them to be. They say you get what you pay for. That remains to be seen. My ultimate hope is that they will be more durable and will be able to hold up to my schedule of practicing and playing 4-5 days a week while giving me the performance I need in the varying hot, cold, wet, and humid conditions that I play in.


20150510_130120 (800x450).jpg









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Superstroke TX1 Grips – Official MGS Forum Review by jbil8802 





In my four short years of playing golf, I've had the opportunity to try out a myriad of different grips. Yea, myriad, get you some of that. This results from a combination of my incessant club ho'ing along with buying new grips just because I want something to do in the winter when it's 30* outside with a foot of snow on the ground. This process has led me to be extremely selective about the grips that I use. There's also the the fact that I have small hands that sweat a lot, which leads to the requirement that I have a great connection to the club via the grip.





Over the past month a half with the grips, I've hit thousands of balls on the range and played roughly 30 rounds of golf in just about every type of weather situation - hot, humid, rainy, windy. These grips are excelled in all areas. While they're not necessarily "tacky", I had zero issues with them at any point. They're as secure as any grip I've gamed although they'd probably take a close second place in this category to BestGrips.


20150714_105134 (800x450).jpg


Performance Score: 100 out of 100




Durability is where I was really hoping these grips would shine. I typically game the Golf Pride NDMC grips but for whatever reason, I wear through them pretty quickly which frustrates the hell out of me. I have to say that after the stupid amount of use that I've put these TX1 grips through, they have way exceeded my expectations.  Both the NDMC and TX1 pictured below have had pretty close to the same amount of usage and the durability of the TX1 speaks for itself.


20150714_105032 (800x450).jpg20150714_105143 (800x450).jpg


Durability Score: 100 out of 100


Look and Feel


I love the understated looks of the TX1 grips. They're not as "loud" as the Superstroke putter grips tend to be. They're just clean and simple looking.  


In terms of feel, they're definitely less harsh on the hands when compared to the Golf Pride NDMCs. Softer, yet more durable. What more can you ask for?


Look and Feel Score: 100 out of 100


Likelihood of Purchase


When these grips first came out a few months ago, they were pricey. I think around $12 or $13 each. It seems that they've now dropped down to be more in line with the grips they're competing against. The other day I saw them for around $9.50 each. Honestly, after having the opportunity to put them through the ringer, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them at their original price point. At the current price point, it's an absolute no-brainer.


LOP Score: 100 out of 100




Again, I'd like to thank the staff at MGS for giving me this awesome opportunity. I can't say enough good things about these grips. They're nothing short of amazing. Looks, feel, durability - they have it all. If you get a chance to try one out, do yourself a favor and take advantage of it.






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First Impression


Easy open package. No crappy hard shell.


Good looking grip - classy black and white half-cord.


Cord seems a bit less prominent, less rough feeling than various Golf Pride cords I've used.


Installation as expected. Initial feel is excellent, properly sized. Feels like a quality product, not some cheapo grip. Will take to the course tomorrow.




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I've played almost 40 rounds in all kinds of weather, extremely cold and windy, rainy, hot and humid, to perfect, with the TX1s since posting my Initial Impressions. Several tournaments, single day and multi-day, plus normal rounds have been included.

The TX1 has been a solid performer in all conditions. It still feels soft in very cold temps, maintains a good tacky feel when my hands are wet from rain or sweat, and the cord provides the right amount of grip assist for the glove hand.

As expected with the amount of play and practice time the grips have seen, some stains and signs of wear are cropping up. The stains are inevitable on the white portion of the grip.


Wear seems pretty normal, except for the 56 degree wedge, where the grip transition area seems to be failing faster than the rest. Overall, I would say the TX1 seems to be about as durable as other premium half-cord grips.



Given all that, the questions for me have been –
1. Do the TX1s perform better than the Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound cords I normally have installed?
2. If the performance is better, is it sufficient to justify the price increase over the GPs?

I find the performance of the TX1s to be really good, but I can't say that they are better than the comparable Golf Pride Multi-Compound. As I noted in my Initial Impressions, I think the TX1 has a slightly softer feel than the GPMC especially in the top section, the cord feeling less pronounced and sharp. That has proven to be neither good nor bad for me, it's just different.

As far as value, the TX1s are now popping up on sale, so I think the price will eventually settle similar to the GP.

Bottom line, my opinion is that the TX1 is an excellent top-of-the-line grip, with performance at least equal to the Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound. If you prefer a softer feeling grip, try the TX1. If you prefer a firmer grip, the GP may be better for you.


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

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As the year progressed, I had increasing problems with the grips wearing and separating at the transition area from cord to rubber (shown in the section above). This failure happened way too early in the life of the grips in my opinion. The useful life of the grips seemed well short of GPMCCs.  Other areas of the grip seemed to experience a much more normal rate of wear, but when a critical area fails, the grip has to go. I replaced a number of worn grips throughout the year and used SS to keep some consistency.


The performance of the grip (other than wear) was excellent in all sorts of weather.  Feel also remained good. The cord provided excellent traction in rainy or hot, sweaty weather. The rubber remained soft and tacky, as you would expect from a premium grip.


I had an off day today so took the time to regrip my entire set. I did not regrip with Super Stroke. My golf bats are sporting Golf Pride MCC Limited Edition Platinums now. I would certainly consider Super Stroke again if they resolve the separation issue. It's a good feeling, high performing grip that just has one big flaw.   


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First Impressions


Kudos to SS and MGS for the opportunity to be one of the testers


When golfers think of SuperStroke, it's safe to assume, they think of putter grips; giant, non taper, putter grips. The marketing firm at SS has an awesome sense of humor; Super Stroke? Insert joke here, hell, they even named one Fatso! Super Strokes are easily the most popular putter grip offering today and I have been using a SS putter grip since the original brick grip came out with the screws and glue. Remember that one? Instantly counter balanced your putter for terrible feel. Thank god they moved to lighter foam materials because without them, SS probably wouldn't be in business right now! Well, maybe, golfers will buy anything. Speaking of idiot golfer purchases...


My current grips are Grip Master leather stitchbacks. I've never felt so ripped off on a golf purchase my entire life, but now is neither time nor place to talk about those. My favorite grips of all time are GP Tour Velvet cords. It's what I grew up playing and boy are they durable. Little sand paper, soap and water, and they can last a long time with consistent feel. Golfers like consistency right?


When I first saw pictures that SS was planning on offering wood/iron grips I thought to myself, oh man, why do companies always do this? And more expensive than GP ND MC? Yikes these better be good! Just be happy with your market share on putter grips. Don't over extend!


Fast forward and these showed up in my mail last week:




Packaging- nothing special. They're rubber grips. I didn't expect a humidor like cigar box for them to be enclosed, although some kind of special packaging would have been cool, it would have been entirely unnecessary and extremely unexpected.


Thank god they shipped me white and black. I'm not a real big fan of colored grips, if they made this in all black, I'd probably like the look of them even more. No distractions when gripping the club are a bonus.




Upon taking them out of the bag I took one look at the cord portion and said to myself "wow that's a lot of cord"- initial impression before touching (due to cord qty) is these look "slick" and my initial impression is that the others are NOT going to like these grips.




The logos and overall design are very appealing to me. Very understated and I like that. Pretty shocking though because I expect the opposite. Super Stroke grips have grown so quickly because not only do they perform well, but partly due to the fact that they stick out from the crowd. You can easily pick out a SS grip from any other putter grip. I think this is how GP NDMC grips became so popular so quickly as well. Even when in the hands of a tour player, Joe Schmoe on the couch can tell that Rory is using a GP NDMC grip. For me, I don't want a very busy golf grip, just something that performs well. This grip has a very modern looking design and am interested to see what kind of traction the "plus signs" provide. The cord portion extends further down than expected and I like that as well.


My first impressions were that this grip is designed to be another option for the GP NDMC crowd. However, once I have it in hand, I feel as though this grip is going to perform more like a GP Tour Velvet cord grip. Time will tell I guess!


Going to the work bench to put them on now!

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Super Stroke TX1 – Official MGS Forum Review by Apprenti23

SS Group Shot.JPG


As previously stated, I have always been a huge supporter of Super Stroke grips and even used the screw and glue job original brick putter grips. My oh my has Super Stroke come a long way since then! Unlike their putter grips, these bad boys are much understated. My first impressions just from looking at them were that the grip would be a little “slick” and that this grip was designed to compete for the GP NDMC crowd, but after having them in-hand thought they would appeal to more of the GP Tour Velvet BCT crowd. I have no factual data, but I would hazard a guess that over 90% of the golfing population is using either improper fitting grips or worn grips. Even if I don't play, my grips get cleaned once a week. If I'm playing and practicing as much as I would hope, I'll probably change them out once a year. The grip is your only connection with the golf club, so if this doesn't fit correctly or is worn excessive you may have improper grip pressure leading to poor shots or hand and joint pain. Another problem is that people will use different grips and different sizes throughout their set. No need for those inconsistencies! I've tried most ever grip on the market and have always gone back to my old faithful, Golf Pride Tour Velvet cords.

SS texture.JPG


Being that the TX1 grip is Super Stroke's first product made for swinging clubs (irons/woods) I thought I would put up some comparable styles from the 800 lb. gorilla, Golf Pride.


Above we have the tour proven Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord, Super Stroke TX1, and tour proven Golf Pride NewDecade Multicompound Cord (or NDMC for short). Going just off of looks, the TX1 and NDMC look extremely similar. However, there are many attributes of the NDMC that you will not find on the TX1.


The biggest difference between these two grips for me is the upper hand texture portion. The NDMC has a very rough, textured rubber portion and the TX1 does not. The TX1 up top does have the + sign design; however, that design does nothing for extra gripping. It has an almost identical feel to the BCT cords.

SS v NDMC texture.JPG

Another thing you may notice is that the lower hand portion on the TX1 is much shorter than the NDMC counterpart. For me, with my Varden Overlap and XL glove size, this places my ring finger of my lower hand on the cord portion. This is the same if the grip is installed logo up or down. Having played cord grips my whole life, I have no problem with calluses or blisters. I was under the impression this was to be a “half n half” grip with top hand cord and lower hand rubber, but that is not the case.

NDMC v SS lower hand.JPG

SS gripped palm.JPG



The Super Stroke TX1 grips are extremely easy to install. The understated graphics line up very easily and they go on very easily. I prefer to install grips that are composed of all rubber with air and build up tape only. All grips that are cord or rubber/cord combos I install with air, but also use a little bit of mineral spirits. The TX1 grips feel a touch thinner than my normal grips, but it could just be me. I prefer to use three wraps of buildup tape and then one double sided. I had no issues with my air and dab of mineral spirits method and thought they actually went on much easier than NDMC grips. So, I decided to get a little crazy.

SS 10 wraps install.JPG

Had to get the install device because I went with 10 wraps of build up tape and then one double sided!!! Hey Bubba!!!

SS 10 wraps install 2.JPG

Very difficult to see a difference, but here's a comparison of my preferred (4 wraps total) to the Bubba installed 10 wrap behemoth!

SS 10 wraps v 4 wraps.JPG

SS 10 wraps v 4 wraps (2).JPG

SS gripped address.JPG

Performance on the Range

I'm not a real range rat, but I did happen to get three quality practice sessions in with these grips installed on my irons. I fight a left wrist issue, so repeatedly beating seeds on the range is something I haven't done in years. I was able to hit balls in high humid conditions with temps in the upper 80's and I was also able to hit balls in a slight drizzle and about upper 50's temps. The grips did not disappoint! Even with a little bit of moisture they still performed well. I take my time when practicing, but probably have about 6 hours of range time with these and there is no real wear showing whatsoever. The only reason I didn't give these a score of 100 out of 100 is that nobody asked me what kind of grips I was using. I always get interrupted by people on the range and they had plenty of opportunities to ask about the grips, but nobody took the bait!


Range Score: (85 out of 100)

Warm Up.JPG

Performance on the Course

Along with my three range sessions, I was also able to take these out on the course. I was lucky enough to play five rounds of golf with the TX1 grips. One of the rounds was during a rain and hail storm and they performed well! In extreme humidity the grips performed well again. Unlike during my practice sessions with the TX1 grips, during each round of golf I had multiple people ask about the grips. All of them were intrigued to hear that Super Stroke was expanding their line of grips. The Golf Pride die-hards didn't like them (shocker) and the club *****'s loved them! I'm taking five points off only because I didn't get a hole-in-one while using them.


Course Score: (95 out of 100)

NDMC v SS comp.JPG

Performance Notes

I really enjoy these grips! I still feel that they are a little smaller than my BCT grips with the same amount of tape underneath. The TX1 grips performed well in wet, humid, hot, and cold conditions. Not much more you can ask for from your grip! I am glad that they are not as rough as NDMC and feel much smoother like my BCT of the past. I think I am going to try and source some Midsized Super Stroke TX1's and put them on a different set of clubs to compare. They're too pretty to take to the knife!

Total Performance Score: (90 out of 100)

SS Tripod.JPG



Describe the following:

  • General shape of the grips is similar to others on the market, size feels a touch smaller than standard to me
  • Graphics are somewhat understated when coming from a loud brand
  • If the end cap was white, you wouldn't receive rub marks on the lower portion
  • A very modern looking golf grip
  • Many people will say they don't like white grips because they get dirty faster- incorrect. White grips show dirt faster which is actually a good thing because they will force you to clean your grips!
  • Looks are right on par and comparable to all others in this niche on the market

Looks Score: (90 out of 100)


Sound and Feel

Describe how the grip feels

  • Upper hand portion feels very smooth yet offers great traction
  • Lower hand portion provides great tack and feels soft
  • I would never use these without a glove, not because of tearing up my hands, but because I feel that a glove combined with the cord provides great tack. Without a glove, these would feel slick

Feel Score: (95 out of 100)

SS gripped back of hand.JPG

Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)

I am actually planning on purchasing a larger size set of these to replace another set of irons that I have. I have never been a huge fan of other brands midsized grips; however, these feel a touch smaller, so I think the Super Stroke TX1 in midsize may be the PERFECT fit for me!

LOP Score: (100 out of 100)

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Subjective Notes

My initial impressions on the Super Stroke TX1 grip were way off. I really enjoy the performance of this grip and the value as well. Time will tell on how durable they are; however, they still look brand new to me!

Total Subjective Score: (95 out of 100)



Although Super Stroke is the number one putter grip on the market, they have a long way to go before they chip away at any of the market share for swinging grips. However, the introduction of the Super Stroke TX1 grip shows a sign of great things to come! The TX1 is a fantastic looking and well performing grip. Unlike the Super Stroke putter grips, the TX1 swinging grips don't really have that “wow” or “shelf appeal” that really stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, Super Stroke can convince retailers to set up their grips in a separate location than the other iron grips to draw attention to them. This is very unfortunate because the TX1 really is a fantastic grip option, but I feel that others won't be able to pick them out from the crowd and there is nothing to draw them to it. Golf Pride was lucky with the introduction of the NDMC because it looked like no other grip on the shelf. I'm sure Super Stroke knows this better than anyone, because if their putter grips didn't look different, nobody would be able to pick them out on the TV!

Total Score: (92.5 out of 100)


The Five

  1. Will the Super Stroke TX1's go in your bag? Why or why not?

I actually installed these grips on a backup set in case I did not like them. Unfortunately I love the TX1's and have been playing a four year old set of irons ever since installation!

  1. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend the Super Stroke TX1's? Why?

Unlike a Super Stroke putter grip, I would recommend the TX1's only to serious golfers. A $25 putter grip is a lot less of an investment than $130 for a full set. A serious golfer (someone who plays over 20 rounds a year) would realize the value in a quality set of high performing golf grips whereas a recreational golfer couldn't care less.

  1. How, if at all, did the TX1 grips change your overall impression of Super Stroke?

If you thought that Super Stroke was content in reaping the benefits and counting money from their ever so popular putter grips then you are quite wrong. I think that they offer almost ten different putter grip models and wouldn't be surprised if this time next year they have almost the same amount of offerings in swinging grip styles. They are a bold, colorful company who constantly pushes the envelope.

  1. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

In the next gen of Super Stroke TX1 grips, I would offer this in all black along with other colors and even country flag colors to try and entice some TV presence. I would also offer a full cord model along with a no-cord model to appeal to the masses.

  1. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

I really like the small Super Stroke logo (S in a circle) and also the plus sign design that they've incorporate in all grip models. Hopefully they can somehow swing that into a performance benefit.

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First Impression:


Opening the packaging I examined the grips and the first thing you do is hold them.  If you didn't know the grips are half cords.  First thing that you notice is how tacky the grips are at the bottom and how soft the cords are at the top.  Most of the time cords are very sharp but these aren't.  I also noticed how thin the grips at the bottom of the grip.  Compared to a golf pride grip this thing is like comparing a newspaper to a novel.  However, it doesn't feel cheap with the grip being so thin.  I usually use 2 layers of tape under my grips and it was a nice to see how it was install the grips and had no issue getting them on.

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