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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Tommy Armour Atomic Irons

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Five of our trusted members have been selected to test and review the Tommy Armour Atomic irons and report back their findings to the forum.  Their journey with these irons has begun and below you will first read their Stage 1 reviews which will give you some insight to the person behind the forum name and learn a bit about their game to see if what they find in these irons will relate to your game. 

Along with that they will share some pictures of the clubs straight out of the box and give us some initial thoughts on them.  So tune in and follow their journey over the next 4 to 6 weeks as they see if they can gain more distance in their iron game and more importantly, see if that translates to lower scores. 


Our Five Testers are

@sirchunksalot                       Stage 1                        Stage 2

@Tsecor                                  Stage 1                        Stage 2

@josmi15                                Stage 1                         Stage 2

@BigtazzGolf                          Stage 1                          Stage 2

@ZenGolfer                            Stage 1                           Stage 2



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Official Forum Member Review   Tommy Armour Atomic Irons        8/9/2019 By sirchunksalot I want to thank MyGolfSpy and Tommy Armour Golf for the amazing opportunity to review the Atom

Stage One – Tester Introduction Hey everyone, this is my first opportunity to be a tester for ANYONE in the golf industry. I’ve applied many times and finally broke through. Let me give you a li

Let me introduce myself, My name is Josh and I'm a golf-a-holic.  I'm from NE Indiana and have been an avid golfer since 2012.  In the years between 1997 and 2012 I was a weekend hacker.  You know the

Posted Images

Tommy Armour Atomic Irons
Official Forum Member Review
By sirchunksalot
I would like to thank each and every one of you who have either read or participated in our review of the Tommy Armour Atomic Irons. I would also like to welcome you all back as we all talk about our experiences with these clubs.
Since the day that the long, brown box showed up at my door, I have been able to play 14 rounds and make 5 trips to the driving range. Thank you to the guys over at the Lynx review for inspiring me to make one of those rounds an iron only experience, I’m looking at you @blackngold_blood. I appreciate you taking the risk and inspiring me to do the same.  
Tommy Armour was once a major player in the golf industry, especially with their 845 irons and are looking to make a comeback. Have they been able to accomplish this? Let’s find out.
To me, this is the most subjective part of the test to really quantify, but I will do my best to let you all know how I think the Atomics look in the bag.  
They really compare in shape nicely to the Cobra F8 irons I have been gaming for the better part of the last year. The one difference I see is that the head of the Atomics stands a little bit taller than the Cobras.  
Looking at the long irons, you know these are unapologetically game improvement clubs. They have a thick topline and you can see the back of the club at address. I like this, I feel confident they will launch the ball as easy as a hybrid. I've taken my 3 wood out of play for the duration of this test and instead opted to use the 4 iron for my fairway shots.  
If I could change anything about the looks of the Atomics it would be to change the back of the wedges to look different from the rest of the set like Cobra did.


The back of the clubs feature black badging with the Atomic name underlined in red and the Tommy Armour signature beneath that. On both sides of that, there are raised dots on the cavity portion that give these clubs a bit of a retro feel. The numbers are featured on the tungsten that is placed in the toe and are really easy to pick out in the bag.

I went back and looked at the photos of the irons that were tested in the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Game Improvement category, and this is where the Atomics underperformed. If I were just the Average Joe looking at irons I would probably pass these up comparing them on looks alone against other similar irons. Mizuno, Cobra, Bridgestone, Ping, Titleist, and Srixon all beat them on looks.  
One of the unique things I like about the Atomics is the duller color of the titanium face. There is no sunlight reflection off these, and that’s a good thing. I can’t handle sunlight, always wear sunglasses outside, and love the lack of the sun bouncing off and hurting my eyes.  
I have been told that these are good looking irons by the people I have shown them to, but no one has come up on the course or the range and asked me about them. In other words, they’re a good looking set of irons but not to the point they draw a crowd.
(Looks 7/10)
Sound & Feel
The Atomics definitely have a discernable click to them, especially when you hit the sweet spot and with short shots around the green. The first few times I hit them, it was a little loud and different from the Cobras, but over time it became a reassuring sound of a pure strike. I can see where it might be a turn off for players who are affected by sound, but I have grown accustomed to it.  
The Atomics feel hot! It feels like the face is just cradling the ball momentarily before launching them into the sky.
For GI clubs, I think they do a great job transmitting the feel between a good and bad strike. They’re definitely more harsh when you blade one, but not bad enough to make your hands hate life for your bad shot.  
(Sound & Feel 9/10)
Basic Characteristics
While I don’t believe there is a club that is just point and shoot, the Atomics are the closest I’ve hit. I still miss a lot of greens, but with them my misses are closer. The long irons tend to fade a bit, while the mid irons seem to want to draw. The wedges are definitely the straightest to the point I’ve had a couple of longer shots I thought were going to go in the hole.  
The big feature that Tommy Armour Golf was able to fit into these clubs is the distance. I’ve gained pretty much 10 yards overall. My only discrepancies are with the 7 and 9 irons. If it wasn’t for trees, the 7 iron distance would be better, but it seemed to like to hit them on a couple of par threes… religiously. The 9 iron I just can’t figure out, I’ve actually seen a drop of 7 yards. It might just be that I have not used it as much as some of the others (15 shots). Also, one of my biggest concerns is the fact that they are too tightly gapped toward the top of the bag with only an 8 yard difference between the 5 and 7 irons.  
Don’t let the strong lofts fool you into thinking that you can’t get them airborne, they hit the ball high. I can even launch the 4 iron into the sky, to the point where it has become more reliable off the turf than my 3 wood.  
I’m not the most consistent ball striker. Remember that click I told you about earlier on good hits? I can tell you I only hear it a few times a round. I have hit the entire face of these clubs (I call it being thorough) and I’ve still seen decent distance and accuracy. It’s not perfect, but neither is my swing. For my skill level, I’m happy with the performance I’m seeing with the Atomics.
For the most part, these clubs start out on the line I intend them to go. I struggled early in the review with a severe over the top swing that you can see in my stage 1 video. I’ll occasionally revert back to it if my concentration falters. This led to a lot of pulls and pull hooks that I probably would have deducted for, if I hadn't noticed it.  
Are these clubs workable? I can see the potential in them to be, but I just can’t do it. I just play the stock shot shape with whatever club I’m hitting and go from there. I have tried in the past to hit fades and draws, and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.
Basic Characteristics (17/20)
On Course Performance
Now we’re getting down to what really matters, how the Tommy Armour’s did on the course. Looks, sound, feel, and all the little things are important, but performance is king.  
I play more for fun than anything, I’m just not to the point where I feel my game is good enough to compete. Most of the pressure I’ve dealt are the tee shots on a few holes that provide certain challenges.
The first is #1 at Waterville. Most of the time the middle tees are just in front of the blues and it’s a straight shot to the fairway. Lately, the tees have been moved closer and to the right. The problem? The fairway has trees down the right side that are now directly in front of a good shot. I’ve tried to go over them, but haven’t been able to pull it off. Most of my shots have been pulls that still find the fairway, but aren’t getting within range for a short pitch shot.
The second hole is #5 at Waterville. It’s a straight shot over a pond. I’ve actually navigated it pretty well by only skipping one into the drink during the irons only round. I’ve also hit my longest drive with the 4 iron here that travelled 207 yards.
The last one is the 10th at Chatata Valley. It has a narrow fairway with trees bordering the left side and a pond on the right. I HATE this hole, with a passion. If I play this course and have to start on the back, I know I’m in for a bad day. I’ve only played this hole once during this review and ended up in the pond.  
I did play one round with only 4 clubs (thanks CCC#3 guys for the inspiration!) and that had my heart skipping. I took only the 4, 7, and AW from the set and my putter. I shot 52 and walked away happy with the results. Looking back, I wish I would have opted for the 5, 7, and PW, but that was just not optimal planning on my part.  
When I started testing my Arccos handicap was 19.6 and have lowered it to 16.2 overall while having an 18.6 handicap with all my rounds with the Cobras excluded. Can’t figure that one out, but Arccos has it’s mysterious ways.  


My first couple of rounds with the Atomics were an emotional roller coaster. I shot 104, 89, 103, 63 (9 holes), and 108. It’s settled down since then and I’m playing some of the most consistent golf of my life. Three of the eight full rounds with the Atomics have been below 90, and three of the six 9 hole rounds have been 45 or better.  
Tommy Armour Golf has definitely changed my impression of them. Being a DSG/Golf Galaxy brand shouldn’t deter some golfers from giving them a try.  
On Course Performance (28/30)
The clubs arrived packaged well, each individually wrapped and surrounded by paper. They definitely take care to assure your new clubs arrive looking good.

The tech they packed into these is just mind blowing. Low CG, tungsten weight, cup face, brazing, and premium quality DAT 55 titanium in an extremely affordable price is a plus in my book.  
I would like to see more shaft selections, even if it’s just a graphite shaft like in the Atomic Max. I know the price ($399) doesn’t scream custom fitting, but the original MSRP of $799 does. Other than that, they are winners.  
Miscellaneous (9/10)
Play Them or Trade Them
I’m definitely keeping the Atomics in the bag. After the initial “getting to know you” phase, I have been playing consistent, better golf. The extra distance, accuracy, and forgiveness has helped my scores drop.  
I am going to continue to play some rounds with the Cobras to see if I can replicate the results since I’ve been working on more consistent contact with my irons and they were custom fit. This alone keeps the Atomics from getting a perfect score in this category.  
The price is a steal, the performance is great, and I’m having fun playing the Atomics. My issue is fitting, the shaft/head combo works for me, but could it be better? This has nagged me the entire review.  
I think these irons are worth a look for golfers who are looking for more distance and forgiveness. Did I mention the price? There are irons out there that don’t offer the same benefits that cost twice as much. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a long, forgiving iron set to at least hit these before making a decision.  
Play Them or Trade Them (19/20)
Tommy Armour is back! The Atomic irons are long, forgiving and fun to play. They are packed with features of a premium club with an affordable price tag. They have lowered my scores and made iron play a joy. They’re not at the top of the looks scale, but good cooking beats good looking all day long. I think anyone who bypasses them as being a “house brand” might be missing out.  
Thank you again to MyGolfSpy, Tommy Armour Golf, my fellow testers, and everyone for following along for joining us for the ride. You guys are what makes this the best golf community on the planet!
Final Score (89/100)


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Welcome back to my review of Tommy Armour Atomic Irons.  It has been a thrilling ride.  I tried to put these through every test I could think of to make sure I do My Golf Spy proud.  I believe that I've done a thorough job on this review, so bear with me.  I've posted videos on my Twitter "Josmi15" and I also tagged My Golf Spy . I apologize in advance, everytime I tried to add it to the reviews I failed. I even had my teenager assist.  Dicks hit a hole in one with this product.  I didn't want to use a baseball phrase here. This is golf, this is serious business!  With without further delay, here's my review.

Looks 8/10

The graphics did take some getting used to.  I thought they were too clunky, I was wrong!  I really was amazed at how well these things looked when I took them out on the course.  They won me over, and that's a hard sell. I really liked the larger Iron designation the Tungsten i thought was a bit much.  

Sound & Feel:  17/20
These Clubs felt great. When I hit a shot, the ball seemed to jump.  The 7 Iron had some moves. It actually felt that the ball was just scared and it seemed to know when I was pulling Iron.  Below are some results that I did during my side by side comparison.  I used a 7 Iron from my Pings against the 7 Iron from the Tommy Armour Atomics.  As you can see it was close, but the Atomics outperformed.  

Club  7 Iron    Swing Speed    Ball Speed    Carry Distance    Total Distance    Offline

Tommy Armour    72.3        98.3        155.8        161        11.3    
PING        70.5        95.9        145.2        156.3        6.5

Tommy Armour    68.3        92.8        145        157        5
PING        67.4        91.6        142        153        3

Tommy Armour    67.7        92        151        159        11.3
PING        65.8        89.5        149        157        -2


On-Course Performance:  26/30

Hitting outdoors, i perfom better than the indoor information shows. I guess it's my nerves.  I recently hit the 7 Iron 160 pin high.  If only I hadn't pulled it just a tad I'd have my first hole in one. Then we'd be talking about how these are the greatest things since sliced bread.  I posted that Video on my Twitter. Again, needing my teenager to step up her game and figure out what I'm doing wrong.  These clubs did inspire confidence. I took them out numerous times to more than just 1 course.  I wanted to see how they performed at my favorite courses and my go to course, when it's just me.  

#5 at Garrett Country Club.  Garrett, IN  Stuck the green.



Rock Hollow, Peru IN.  Missed green short, but par was saved!



and my pulled 160 pin high New Haven, made my par.


Miscellaneous: 18/20

I feel that these Irons would help any golfer out there improve their score.  Who is against shooting a better score?  So, if a weekend player can go out and get a set of these and save some strokes so be it.  When you start seeing the scores drop you'll come back and want to play more often.  I was able to see extra yardage with these clubs. Thanks again for My Golf Spy for affording me this opportunity.  If you're thinking of getting fitted for a new set of Irons, make sure you add these into the rotation.  I gave these an honest run and they have performed for me.  I'm happy with the outcome of these Irons.  

Game Bag material 17/20

Honestly, I'm still debating if these will replace my Pings.  If they don't they're still a great option if the Pings start letting me down. I do like to have a set for backup just in case.   These Irons will help you improve your game.  The performed very well on the range and on the course.  

Overall:  86/100

These are the real deal. Figurative and literal.  For those that are looking for a new set of irons, or a first timer out there new to the game and looking to buy there first set of irons. You won't be disappointed in the Tommy Armour Atomics!




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Titleist 816 H1 23


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Cleveland RTX 3.0 58/12 V -FG


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Stage One – Tommy Armour Atomic Irons

by BigtazzGOLF August, 2019



Hello Spies,

I’ll be reviewing the Tommy Armour Atomic Irons from DICKS Sporting Goods. Normally in past reviews of products I’d do a product vs what I currently play. I’ll do this review from scratch and do my best not to compare it the irons I currently play.  

The Personal Stuff

My story is similar to a lot of others here. Late getting to the game then once I did I fell in love for it hard.

Living in Memphis, I usually get to play year round. I’ve been playing for maybe 20 years and golf has a love hate relationship with me weekly.

I’d like to think of myself as an average golfer, maybe a hair above at times. I carry a 13 USGA index and play in a local handicapped league called the GolfNuts. We play all over Memphis and always have a little side money involved in the game. Nothing crazy, but it seems to add spice to our matches.

 The Golf Questions

  • Handicap? 13 (12.7 last revision for those keeping track)
  • Swing Tempo Freddy Couples? I’d like to think so lol
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of your game? This has been a revolving door for me the last 5-6 months. One weekend, my tee box game is stellar and around the green game is weak. Then the next week, just the opposite.
  • What are your currently gaming? My current irons are the Taylormade Speedblades I really like these and they feel great to me. They are stock off the shelf except for the grips. One day I plan to do a full bag fitting and tweak things to see if I’m able to squeeze out a few more strokes or at least eliminate some excuses 😃

Posting some video's of my swing, hopefully they come thru.

Slow swing

Swing from front

Swing from behind









First Impressions

My first impressions of these irons right out of the box was how they all looked like hybrids. They have a wide sole but from above it really isn’t noticed.

The grips are standard Lamkin Crossline 360, which I’ve been in an internal battle in finding grips to replace the Lamkin R.E.L. ACE 3GEN that were discontinued (for some unknown crazy reason). The Crossline 360 feels good, but only come in standard and I play midsize and oversize. I blew them off and replaced them with some Karma grips that I hoped would give me the feel of the Lamkin’s, a few range sessions and it isn’t looking good. Could be just the humidity from going from inside to the Memphis heat, but I’ll dive more into that later.

Below is my last session at the range using the Toptracer launch monitor to track my shots. I'm getting more comfortable with the wedges up to the 7 iron. The 4-6 is still touch and go.


One thought of why the 4-6 are causing me issues is they are a little longer than my normal irons. I'll put some thought into this when I get back to the range this week and before our league match play event this up coming weekend. 

I'll continue to update stage 1 as I also work towards stage 2. Hope you guys enjoy the ride and holler if any questions. 


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:cleveland-small: CG16 Satin 52*

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0 56* and 60*

Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


Proud tester of the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons 


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Stage Two – Tommy Armour Atomic Irons

by BigtazzGOLF Oct, 2019

Hello Spies, let me start off that I would like to apologize for the delay in getting my stage 2 posted for you guys. I’d like to thank MyGolfSpy and Tommy Armour (DSG) for the chance to review these irons. I started off hoping not to make it a competition between what I currently gamed, TM Speedblades, and these, but it just didn't happen. A month into the test and I was putting them against each other. Sadly to say I loved them equally and can’t pick a winner.

I will say with 100% honesty that these clubs are very nice and I think anyone from 10ish handicap up would really like these clubs and at the price point, you really can’t compare them.

 Looks (9 out of 10 points) 

I really love the look of these irons from the top. If you look at the bottom, you’ll notice a wide sole that may put you off. So to fix this, I didn’t swing the club upside down 😃

In my opinion you can’t see it from above or when addressing the ball.

For looks I give it 9 only because the sole will be noticed when the club is in your bag and it may make you think bad things, like why is this shovel or hybrid in my bag.

Rest easy, you’ll be fine.

 Sound & Feel (8  out of 10 points)

These irons sound crisp when hitting the sweet spot and as expected, off center hits have a different sound. Not clicky just not the pure sound you are supposed to hear. They are forgiving on these mishits and feel really good during the swing. The club feels well balanced to me and if you ever sliced butter with a knife, then you know how these clubs feel on well hit shots.

Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points)

When I first started testing these irons, short irons were the first ones to get dialed in and to be honest I’m still having issues with the long irons, 4-6 but that isn’t the irons, that’s me. I injured my knee at the beginning of the season and since then I’ve swung the club to try and protect and guard against the pain and not put so much torque on my knee. This has caused a bad over the top path and we all know what happens then.

Distance, I had a mixed bag. I figured with the jacked lofts it would mean and increase in all my irons, but it didn’t happen that way. I did see an increase in some and none in others.

My trajectory is usually high because of a flaw in my swing and I’ve learned to play to it. I didn’t see any difference in the ball flight compared to the Speedblades. Just nice high long shots that would go a certain distance then drop from the sky like a duck shot during the season. Some will understand that metaphor.

At my skill level, working a ball and controlling a ball are accidental not purposeful. But I’d like to say that once I got used to how the ball would react I could depend on the flight and dare say “control” it.

Maybe you noticed my post earlier about making a bird from 103 yds with the wedge down at Ole Miss.

I’ve had on more than one occasion some very nice shots. Was it the club? Me? Ball? Dumb luck?

Who knows?

 On-Course Performance (25 out of 30 points)

This is where it all matters; I’ve mentioned the good and what to me could be bad. Playing with confidence is part of golf and if you have it then you’ll likely play better. After a week or so in my hands I was oozing confidence with these irons and didn’t worry about what would happen.Sometimes with new clubs you’re hesitant on pulling the trigger to use it in a pressure situation. With the Tommy Armour irons, I wasn’t worried. I just pulled the trigger and let it go. 

With these irons, what pleased me the most is the ease of getting used to them and how smooth they feel when playing from various lies. On the other end of the spectrum is the lack of customization. I mean you get what you order and ordering options are very limited. Here lies the curse of a big box store selling golf equipment. You really can’t have it your way, you have to have it their way for the most part.

Final Performance Comments:

  • Overall, how did it perform? 

These irons performed great for me and I really enjoyed hitting them

  • Did it help improve your scores? By how much?

Not really improve, but with new sticks in your hands, it didn’t hurt me either

  • How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of the OEM?

It really opened my eyes to Tommy Armour and I could only imagine how clubs built by them  really performed during the companies peak.

  • What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

Find a way for the consumer to get them ordered with more options, ie grips, shaft options.

  • What features do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

Love it as is, don’t change a thing except to give the golfer some options


Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points)

Here is where DSG is lacking and needs to improve, but the lack of grip or shaft options really hurt in my opinion. Then again, maybe these irons are marketed for golfers who care about this and stock is good for them. If that’s the case, then one of us doesn’t know the golfing audience like we think we do.

Play it or Trade it? (17 out of 20 points)

I will play these irons for the time being and will continue my search for a grip I like. Then will re-grip these again (3rd time) and hopefully the last time until the grips are actually worn.


My conclusion on these irons if you read nothing else is if your a mid capper or high capper and are looking for something new that won’t bankrupt you, then really look hard at these irons. You will be surprised and if able to demo them, please go do so and compare them to your own.

Final Score: (81 out of 100)

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Chicks dig the LONG ball

In my :callaway-small: staff bag

:cobra-small: King F7+ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60 - Graphite Tour X-Stiff

:755178188_TourEdge:  CBX 13.5 3 Wood

:1332069271_TommyArmour:  Atomic Irons 4-AW (reviewing)

:cleveland-small: CG16 Satin 52*

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0 56* and 60*

Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


Proud tester of the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons 


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Hello, all.  So, first off, a little bit about me.  My name is Chad and I currently live in Columbus, OH.  Im 39 years old and have playing golf for 22 years.  Im currently playing at about a 15 handicap.

So, about my game.  I would say that Im not the longest hitter in the world but I am pretty decent with my driver, wedges and putter.  The best part of my game is my wedges and putter.  Im a flop shot master and I excel at lag putting.

My weakness is probably my irons.  I just dont seem to be very good at getting my approach shots close to the hole.  Thats probably why Im so good at lag putting.  LOL

My typical ballflight is a lower trajectory with a slight draw.

So, first impression on the Atomic irons.  I actually think they have a semi-classic look to them in that they dont have super fat soles and dont have as much offset as some GI irons that Ive played.  They dont have thin soles either though and do have some offset, so for me they kind of sit somewhere in the middle of being a player's iron and an SGI shovel.  They actually are quite pretty as far as GI irons go, although the lack of a cavity gives them a somewhat intersting look.

Another thing that I noticed is just how light there are.  Compared to my vintage Spaldings from the '30s and my Titleist DCI 981s from the early '00s, they are super, super light.  At first Id though maybe it was just my bias but I had my wife hold them and didnt tell her that I thought they were very light and she commented at how light they are.

I will be interested to see how they play because they do have very strong lofts and I have some concerns for being able to hit the ball high enough to get the ball to check up on the greens.  With strong lofts when you get to the mid and long irons you get to where the launch angle is low and there simply isnt enough spin to keep the ball in the air but we shall see.  My normal set of irons right how is a set of Titleist AP1s and the TAs have stronger lofts than the AP1s do, so it will be intesting to compare them.

So, that brings me to the questons that I have for these irons:

1.)  With such strong lofts, will I be able to get enough launch angle with them to hit the ball off the deck with the mid and long irons and with all of the irons will I be able to get enough launch to get the ball to hold the green.  I typically play less expensive balls that arent quite so spinny, so I need to use height instead of spin to get the ball to stop on the green.

2.)  How much more distance will the stronger lofts give me?

3.)  How is the feel?  With the feel be clicky or will there be no feel at all?  Typically, GI irons are more forgiving at the cost of feel.

Edited by ZenGolfer
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Whats in my Top-Flite Gamer 2019 cart bag?:

Woods: Tommy Armour Atomic 10.5* and Top-Flite Gamer 2020 18*

Hybrid: Top-Flite Gamer 2020 22*

Irons: Pinemeadow ZR 3.0 5-PW

Wedges: Wilson Harmonized Black Chrome 52*, Tommy Armour VCG 56*, Wilson Harmonized 60* and Wilson Harmonized chipper

Putter: Pinemeadow PGX SL

Ball: Maxfli Tour X

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The Review

So, Ive had a little while to get accustomed to these irons and I think that I pretty well have it nailed down what these clubs are all about.

I'll cut to the chase:  these irons are looooooooong.  They easily are 1 or 2 clubs longer than whatever you are probably using now.  When you first start hitting them, you almost get the feel of what its like to be a tour pro because they are so stupid long.  I actually had to seriously adjust my feel for the distances on them and had to switch to a ball that gives more spin because the ball would just run and run and run.  Even still, if you struggle with distance and feel like hitting the ball longer would help you, these may be the clubs for you.

These clubs have beautiful chroming on them and for being a GI iron, they really arent all that chunky.  They are very friendly and easy to hit though and will reward you with long, high shots if you put a good swing on them.

The only real downside to them for me was the feel.  As someone who plays a half set, I rely pretty heavily on shotmaking and being able to use feel to take a little bit off a shot if I am in between clubs.  With these clubs, it was more difficult to get a feel for that and even if I felt like I was taking a lot off of a shot, the ball would still go longer than I wanted to.  After a while, I got a feel for gripping down and it and taking a 3/4 swing but the club doesnt give you a whole lot of feedback, so its something thats difficult to dial in.

So, that begs the question, are these clubs good?  Id say absolutely.  Theyre great clubs for the money, really.  If you want distance and forgivness, these are a great option.  If you are a better player who wants feel and wants to flight the ball down, these may not be for you.

For 90% of us weekend hackers though, these are probably the kind of clubs we all should be playing.


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Whats in my Top-Flite Gamer 2019 cart bag?:

Woods: Tommy Armour Atomic 10.5* and Top-Flite Gamer 2020 18*

Hybrid: Top-Flite Gamer 2020 22*

Irons: Pinemeadow ZR 3.0 5-PW

Wedges: Wilson Harmonized Black Chrome 52*, Tommy Armour VCG 56*, Wilson Harmonized 60* and Wilson Harmonized chipper

Putter: Pinemeadow PGX SL

Ball: Maxfli Tour X

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bump. check out stage 1!! let me know what you think

Nice job on stage 1. At the price point these are going for I can’t wait to hear more about them.

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Driver - XXIO X Driver 9.5

:cleveland-small: - Launcher Turbo 2 hybrid

:cobra-small: - F9 One Length 3-G

:cleveland-small: - CBX 52 and 56

:EVNROLL: - ER 1.2

Top Flite Gamer

Play Right



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51 minutes ago, Wedgie said:


Nice job on stage 1. At the price point these are going for I can’t wait to hear more about them.

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Thanks.  The price is right, that's for sure. I will definitely highlight that as the testing continues. In a world of $1200 - $2000 iron sets, this hits the mark.  For anyone looking to enter the sport at a very reasonable spot, these work. A full set of GI irons with very strong lofts?? yea, that works.  Part of the issue with this sport is cost....I am sure that discourages a lot of people from playing. I've heard it myself from friends.....this could help younger kids get into the game and people looking to upgrade to a "modern" iron may take a look at these.  

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Good job on Stage 1 guys! I enjoyed it and I'm interested to see what you find!

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Ping G400 LST 8.5* Graphite Design DI 6 stiff 45"

Taylormade RBZ Proto 14.5* Oban Kiyoshi 85 04 42.5"

Adams 4555 19* Matrix Ozik Altus 80 S/X 42"

Ping G410 Crossover 2 Project X Even Flow Blue 85 6.0 40"

Ping i500 4-8 Modus 105 Stiff

Ping Blueprint 9-P Modus 105 Stiff

Fourteen RM-12 53* and 58* Tour Issue Black Onyx s400 

Odyssey Tour Black Series 9 35" Flatso 1.0 

Srixon Z Star XV

2018 Ping Hoofer 

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I thought I would go ahead and release a "Way too early to tell how the clubs are going to perform" bit of data and compare the Around to the Cobra's.

To be honest, I've been struggling a bit recently with my game. My scoring has been the worst it's been in a long time and my poor wife has had to listen to me talk about how bad I am at golf. Well, being an intelligent voice of reason she asked, "Didn't you struggle when you got your other irons?". I went back and sorted the data from the first five rounds I played and saw this:


Tommy Armour

With the 5 and 6 irons, I'm basically the same through the first few rounds. The 7, 8, and 9 irons are performing better, with a 12 yard minimum gain in this group.

The wedges are just a bit shorter, but by enough that it's minimal. For reference the comparisons are 5i (10i), 6i (11i), 7i (12i), 8i (13i), 9i (14i), PW (50), and GW (54).

I don't have a four iron to compare, but I left it out since I've used it quite a bit for knockdown shots.

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21 hours ago, Tsecor said:

 Stage One – Tester Introduction

Hey everyone, this is my first opportunity to be a tester for ANYONE in the golf industry. I’ve applied many times and finally broke through. Let me give you a little background about myself and my game. 

I may not write like the average tester because I’m new to this and I want to try and keep your attention. I get very bored of the “typical” equipment reviews I watch, so I’ll try my best to keep it entertaining and it will definitely be a real honest review.


Great stage one and  I'm looking forward to your stage two!   I game the Atomic Max irons and love em 😍

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Callaway  Epic Flash 10.5 Driver
Callaway  XR16 4- Wood
Callaway Steelhead 3 Hybrid
Tommy Armour 845 MAX 5 - GW Irons
Cleveland CBX 2 54 Degree SW
Tommy Armour Over N Out 58 Degree Lob
Wilson Harmonized Chipper 32 Degrees
Ping  Sigma G Tyne Putter OR Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide







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1 hour ago, ole gray said:

Great stage one and  I'm looking forward to your stage two!   I game the Atomic Max irons and love em 😍

Thanks. I have some short game tests and some full round tests to post.  

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