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my set up

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Taylormade m6 and m4 driver d7 with graffaloy pro custom pured shafts and all clubs wear jumbomax l grips.

taylormade m2 5 wood also graffaloy pro custom pured shafts at d7 .

taylormade m2 hybrid 4 and 5 graffaloy pro custom pured shafts set at d7 

all woods and hybrids set at d7 it helps me form swinging too fast and is much straighter.

taylormade irons m2 6,7,8,9. all set at d3.

pw is callaway 48* mac daddy at d7

gap wedge is taylormade hitoe 52* d7

sw and lob taylormade hitoe 56* and 60* d8

putter is sik 

for some this seems heavy but it really isnt at all. tryed lighter sw and was swinging way too fast this weight gets me good height and distance and with the jumbomax grips i have a straighter ball flite too.

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Nicely thought out setup... This upcoming season will be my 3rd gaming an M4 driver, and I’m still not planning to upgrade.  

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