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What's your on course style?


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Saw this ad from Puma today and it got me thinking.

What's your on course style?
Are you a traditionalist or do you lean more toward the casual?
Belt and collared shirt with everything tucked in?

A mix?





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As comfortable as possible. Most places I play that means shorts (non-athletic) and a polo, never tucked in, and no belt. If they let me out in gym shorts and a t-shirt sign me right up. I am out there walking generally so its all about comfort. I just can't get behind the overly strict dress code just not my style. Of course if I have to play a bucket list course I guess I will break down but wish we would accept more casual and not the other direction.

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I wear and cap, I have grey or tan pants. Sometimes black and my shirts are normally blues, grey's, greens. I often wear a quarter zip or light weight hoodie.

Nothing crazy or flashy here.

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Along the lines of everyone else. Comfort. I live in Texas but I'm also a golf junkie and love walking the course. I always wear a Mission gaiter to keep cooler but generally comfortable stretching golf shorts and a polo or henley. Always a hat though. Also try to wear a polo that won't show the excessive sweating I'll be doing  lol. I definitely lean more traditional with some flair here and there. I refuse to wear a belt though and tucking depends on the course.

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I like patterns/prints on polos. I have a few solids but mostly patterns. Nothing really loud but some bright colors like yellow. Then I wear shorts mostly until it’s cooler in the fall/early spring and I’ve got some Primo golf joggers I really like. I also always tuck my polo and wear a belt, I like the weave ones. I do wear hoodies when it’s real chilly. I have an UNRL hoodie I love and also a lightweight Zyia hoodie. Then I’ve got some lighter weight quarter zips I’ll wear too. 

If you can’t tell by now, I love apparel 🤣


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Casual here as well. In Texas and it's hot so golf shorts, polo and hat. If I play in a tourney, I'll tuck in shirt depending on event.  

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:ping-small: 3W

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It depends on the course for me. Most of the time I'm in chino shorts. If it's a fancier place the polo will be tucked with a belt, otherwise it's untucked. I'm a big fan of quarter zips, so if the weather allows it, I'll be wearing one of those. For the more laid back courses, mainly just my local one and another one close by, I'll go out in gym shorts and a tee or jeans in the winter months.

As far as colors go, I'm a neutrals guy. Lots of blacks and greys in my wardrobe with a few other dark colors rotated in every once in a while.

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Dry fit button up shirt.  Got a few of them when I was in Hawaii and they are the literal best.  Pity the off bx prices though lol.


plus literally no one else has these shirts in my men’s league so it stands out too. Oh and they are flexible.

and some Walter Hagen shirts.  Also dry fit.

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                  Jaws MD5 56°-12° (Bounce) W Grind

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Always been a shorts and polo guy. Wear a hat because I shave my head every 2-3 days. If it’s cold I’ll wear an extra layer like a long sleeve medium weight shirt but I hold off on pants unless it’s below 50°. 

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Putter:  odyssey.png.58c727e37eb7efda62bce4f7b8881bd9.png Ai-One 7 T CH, 34"
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I'm somewhere in the middle I'd guess - not casual, not stuffy. But I'd play in athletic shorts and a t-shirt if they'd let me.

I have my Haggar Cool 18 golf shorts (black, gray, tan) that I wear with a belt (always). I don't really have golf pants as I've never played in weather cold enough that I felt the need to have on pants. That may change next year.

I wear a base layer of UA Heat Gear fitted shirt, either short or long sleeve to help with wicking, sun protection, etc. Then a polo, tucked in. I just feel better with it tucked in. The back generally becomes untucked by mid-round. The polo's are generally solid colors with some mixed - reds, blues, grays.

Ankle socks, hat, and my Oakley's (frames and Prism lenses vary).

My closet needs a complete overhaul, especially in the golf clothing department. Nothing's really changed in like 2-3 years, so it's time.

In My Sun Mountain C-130 'merica Cart Bag:
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Fairway: :Sub70: 949x 5w, 18*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 60g
Hybrid: :Sub70: 939x 4H (21*), Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Black, 90g
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Wedges: :Sub70: 286 @ 50*, JBFG @ 54* & 60*, :truetemper: DG120 S300
Putter: :Sub70: 002 Mid-Mallet @ 35", Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, Desert Camo
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Black, gray, navy, light blue, tan khaki pants plus a knit golf shirt and usually a Hogan cap, matching socks and shoes.

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:Sub70:3 wood Sub 70 pro

:titleist-small:4 wood: Titleist 815 d

:Sub70:Hybrid Sub 70 839 21*

:Sub70:Irons Sub 70 639 combo

:Sub70:Wedges Sub 70 659 approach 50*, 286 full face groove 54*

:seemore-small:Putter FGP

:titleist-small:Ball  Titleist AVX

Grips: Best Grips std leather

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Casual(ish). Shorts and Polo, almost never tucked in, Hat always coordinates with the short/shirt combo. Polos are all sold maybe a subtle stipes. I think "bold" or "flashy" shirts from OP look cool but I'm not confident/bold/flashy enough to pull the trigger and buy one. My local course is a 9 hole Muni so cold weather days are jeans(Yup). I don't travel to nicer courses when it's below 60 so I haven't had the need to buy golf pants. However Costo has/had some nice Greg Norman branded pants(sorry Liv haters) for $20ea. I picked up 4 different colors for work and possibly high class golf.

Edited by BillyEnforcee

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I wear shorts and golf shirt, but will switch to long pants when temps drop into the 50's.  I never wear a T-shirt or denim, although they are allowed at our course.  My shirts were always untucked, and I only had one belt and it was brown.  After I lost 60 pounds shirts were too baggy so I had to start tucking them in.  Well, then I had to buy belts because they are seen now.  I had to eventually downsize shirts and shorts, but they are still tucked in.

I try to color match shirt, shorts, belts, ankle socks and shoes.  Lots of shirt colors both solids and patterns; shorts are black, gray, khaki, and white; belts are black, white, brown and two blues; many Kentwool socks in many colors; shoes are black, gray, two styles in white., and I'd like to work in a navy pair that needs to be broken in.  I know, I know TMI... but I do feel like I play better when I look better.  I have played with strangers that thought I was a much better player than I really am... so there's that.  😂

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Traditionalist for me. I’m usually on nicer courses or private courses that have a dress code. Golf shirt tucked in, belt, golf shorts. But I do like to go with brighter colors and patterns. Always a golf hat. Got to protect the dome.



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:cobra-small: 5 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 5 Hybrid King Tec MMT R Flex

:cobra-small: Irons, Tour UST Recoil 95 R Flex (6 - Gap)

:cobra-small: Wedges, Snakebite KBS Hi- Rev2.0 54* & 60*

:cobra-small: Agera 35"

image.png Ultralight 14-way Cart Bag

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Depends on the course. Khaki shorts and polo if the course requires a collar. The local public course we play often has a very casual attitude towards dress, so t shirts and hoodies with khaki shorts. If it’s colder, I will break out the golf joggers. Overall, I like to be as comfortable as possible without looking like a slob.


D: TBD ??? 🤔

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3h: :ping-small: G430 19° Tour 2/Stiff

4u:   :titleist-small:  T200 Utility Build 24° Hzrdus 6.0

5i-7i:  :titleist-small: T200 25°-30.5° Recoil 110 f4

8i-PW: :titleist-small: T150 36°-44° Recoil 110 f4

48°:   :vokey-small:SM-9 Recoil 110 f4

54° & 58°:   :taylormade-small: MG3 stiff

P:   :L.A.B.: Mezz1.Max

Ball:  :callaway-small: Chrome Tour X

Bag:  Jones Trouper R stand bag 

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But I have promises to keep,   

And miles to go before I sleep,   

And miles to go before I sleep. - Frost

"That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Whitman

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Depends on the course for me - if I’m walking, I go full comfort. However, if I’m playing a nicer track (Inc guest at a private club), I always ask the member instead of making an assumption.  

Cobra 50th Anniversary Member Special Challenge/Testing Bag (Link Here)

Driver:  image.png.f54d2adeca80979bef0a4e22ab464b6f.png Aerojet Max 10.5* with Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 60 Stiff

Fairways:  image.png.c4f821ba6925e5e146c31600685bf103.png Aerojet Max 3W & 7W with Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX 70 Stiff

Hybrid:  image.png.c21137d282a252fb544e47aceb520176.png King TEC 5H with KBS PGI 95 Stiff

Irons:  image.png.6621a18e06b1717c1f774c4a561fd7d8.png Forged TEC 5-GW with KBS Tour Lite Stiff

Wedges:  image.png.ca83f4e6716da9276cf90826f633daca.png Jaws Raw Plasma 54 & 58

Putter:  image.png.c8e6824d2c38fa85d20ca21913fbb2b1.pngPhantom X 5.5

Ball: 2023 Maxfli Tour



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I’m pretty relaxed on course. Golf shorts and untucked polo most of the time. Quarter zips when temps get below 60° and golf pants when temps go below 50°. I’m all about just being comfortable more than anything. Usually wear just a regular hat, sometimes a full brim if the sun is brutal that day. 

:titleist-small: TSi3 10° w/ Mitsubishi Tensei 1K Black 65g

:titleist-small: TS2 15° 3W w/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 70g

:titleist-small: 818 H1 21° Hybrid w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 70g

:mizuno-small: MP-18 MMC 2 iron w/ KBS Tour C-Taper S 120g

:mizuno-small: JPX 921 HM 5-GW w/ Project X LZ 5.5 115g

:mizuno-small: T22 54° SW w/ TT DG S400



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Traditional, shorts (warm weather) and dry fit polos, ball or golf cap, sketcher spikeless shoes. My wife is a fan of Vineyard Vines so bought me 3 on-the-go shorts that stand up to sweat in high heat for a couple hrs and are very comfortable. Also a few polos from there, and of course when on sale.  In colder temps I have a few golf long pants from Callaway and VV and a couple quarter zips.  I always wear the same progressive lense sun glasses from Costco even when cloudy (I take off fir photos).  They have a larger vertical span than my regular glasses which makes a difference when addressing the ball and have excellent contrast even when very cloudy. 

Edited by GaryF

:callaway-small: Driver: Fusion, 9 deg, UST Recoil 450 ES F3/2

:ping-small: 430 MAX 4w (5w head delofted 1* with 3w shaft), 7w, 5h w/ Alta CB Soft Regular shaft

:mizuno-small: JPX923 HM 6i - GW w/ UST Recoil 460 ESX F3

:cleveland-small: RTX6 52* and 56* with Recoil 760 ESX F2 

:odyssey-small: Versa DB DoubleWide 

:srixon-small:: Z-Star Tour

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I typically start my rounds with tucked in shirt and belt. That being said, the shorts I wear are very light and feel more like swim trunks. Pants when cooler but the same style of lighter flexible material. During summer golf I tend to un-tuck the shirt for a cooler experience. I am a mid way guy, comfort is the largest goal for me.

Paradym Driver

Paradym Super Hybrid

Paradym 3 & 5 hybrid

6-PW Paradym 

52 Degree Paradym

56&60 Jaws Raw wedges 



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Traditional bias, with a pop of color at times - Golf shorts and polo tucked, belt, "dad's" ball-cap style golf cap or wide-brim sun hat.  Golf slacks and generally a quarter zip and/or jacket below ~50F.  Shoes bias to traditional style.  I walk and carry the majority of the time.  Summer temps around mid-90's.  Winter months I'll play into the 40's, and rain.

"Tempus Fugit"

image.png.bd059c22cb4050f8745b4220a721d428.png TSi2 9*, 15*, 21*, 24*H

image.jpeg.3f8d53cfb4a8695176ed565d8adc45f6.jpeg Pro 223, 6-GW

image.png.a363921e369c312272cc51d3cb30b903.png 54/10/S, 58/10/S (or 60/08/M)

 image.png.31fa724e472f35ff773c6121993189d8.png Several in rotation: Phantom X5.5, '98 "oil can" classic NewportSpecial Select Squareback 2


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Ever since my first trip to Ireland, I converted to links golf. If you ever go to Ireland, you gotta play Lahinch, Ballybunion, Tralee, Enniscrone, Rosses Point, and Portmarnock Hotel Links. There are also some lesser known courses that are shorter (69 pars) with spectacular views…like Spanish Point and Kilkee.

Ireland Golf Lover

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I’m also a tradionalist…collared shirt (no sleeveless “wife beater” shirts), no cargo shorts or slacks, shirts tucked, no backwards hats, belts, and I DETEST SLOW PLAY. You either hit it well or you don’t…it either goes in the hole or it doesn’t, so there’s no sense standing over it to long and being rude to the other players in your group or the groups behind you. Padraig Harrington, Patrick Cantlay, Azahara Munoz, and Carlotta Cigando…do you hear me!

Edited by Ireland Golf Lover

Ireland Golf Lover

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Depending on course, in good weather barefoot and ranges anywhere from tee or tank with gym shorts to polo and nice golf shorts and anywhere in between.  Gets down in the 40s and the shoes go on and as far as long pants go usually just nice rain gear type pants.

Driver-Ping G400 9° S shaft

3-wood-Ping G400 SFT 16° S shaft

5-wood-Ping TISI Tec 17° S shaft

5-SW Ping G400 Black R shaft

W2 Ping Nickel ISI 49.5°

Odyssey 2ball LH

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I enjoy wearing novelty print polos, shorts and Jordans or Footjoy Premieres.  Shirts are normally tucked, but will untuck based on the shirt design.  If weather is 60-70° and it’s competition, I’ll wear pants. I like the flex in tech fabrics and favorite designers are Peter Millar, Johnnie-O and RLX.  

 :titelist-small: Linksmaster bag  

:titelist-small:  TSR3 11° Fujikura Ventus TR Red 6 stiff

:titelist-small:   TSi2 16.5° and 21° Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7 stiff 

:titelist-small:  T200 Utility Build 22° Graphite Design Tour AD 85 HY stiff

:titelist-small:  2021 T200 5-P Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 105 stiff

:vokey-small:  SM9 48.10F Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 105 stiff52.12F Nippon Pro Modus³ Tour 120 stiff and 58.10S Jet Black Premium True Temper AMT Black-Black Onyx S300

Scotty Cameron   2022 Special Select Jet Set Newport 34" 350g

 ArccosSig.jpg.ebcfd079607adabd46a71d6125ee2ab6.jpg P3 sensor, Caddy Smart grips, and Apple Watch

:titelist-small:  ProV1x


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I will add another item that I wear - I wear my range finder on my belt.  It’s totally out of the way when I swing and it’s always handy.  Lastly, I’ll never be one of the dozen or so people this past year that backtrack along the course asking if anyone found a lost range finder.  I’ve never seen anyone else wear one but my case has a convenient belt loop.

Edited by GaryF

:callaway-small: Driver: Fusion, 9 deg, UST Recoil 450 ES F3/2

:ping-small: 430 MAX 4w (5w head delofted 1* with 3w shaft), 7w, 5h w/ Alta CB Soft Regular shaft

:mizuno-small: JPX923 HM 6i - GW w/ UST Recoil 460 ESX F3

:cleveland-small: RTX6 52* and 56* with Recoil 760 ESX F2 

:odyssey-small: Versa DB DoubleWide 

:srixon-small:: Z-Star Tour

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I have been mostly wearing pants, joggers, or some sort of stretch fabric khaki or lulu. That’s mainly because of when my balls goes in the trees or the rough I have come out with some terrible contact rashes on my legs  or ticks. This is probably my area specific but for that reason alone I will stick with pants.  For a shirt if it has a collar I think it’s fair game, funkier the better. 

P790s, Epic-LS,vokeys, LAB b2, ProV1s

handicap 11 

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No telling with me. When I  was a flat belly I always tucked just to show off. Now that that ship has sailed I'm untucked. Baseball hat if I play early or late, bucket hat mid day. 

  I usually dress fairly neutral but will pull out the bright pink shorts or flamingo shorts with friends just for laughs.

  For a practice round at the local muni I'm not against wearing a tee shirt.

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For sure, Mid Michigan retiree casual set for all 3 seasons when courses are open. Shorts when above 60* jackets when under 45 and umbrellas when lightning is around.(Tin foil lined inside reflects it).

D- Ping G 400 SFT

16*- Adams Tight Lie

19*- Adams Tight Lie

4H- Ping G 400

5-U- Ping G 400

SW- Nike

56*- Ping Glide 2

P- Sub70 004 Mallet

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  • 1 month later...

definitely in "the funkier the better" for shirt styles. all have a pattern or weird logo of some sort.

always a polo. summer is lightweight dry tech, colder months a midweight polo, and a 1/4 zip if needed.

always wore casual shorts and a belt, shirt tucked in.  wife got me some patterned lightweight pants off temu I will be trying this year (think Ian Poulter style loud...lol)

while I try to remain somewhat color coordinated, it doesn't affect my game if it's not exactly stylish either.

shoes are footjoy golf sneakers, and a pair of neon/black off brand golf sneakers. (molded soles,  no cleats)

my buddy always knows when my round has gone to crap. subconsciously I generally will look disheveled with a half pulled/untucked shirt. ( I didn't notice this until he told me)

always a hat too, whether it's a visor, bucket, or ballcap.

I 90% shop at thrift/goodwill type stores as I tend to find awesome high brand stuff for stupid cheap, and in near new conditions.


WITB-Foremost 551's - 3w, 5w, 5-SW (circa 1998), Top Flite 460cc Driver, Adam's 7w, Warrior GW and 60⁰, Odyssey AI-One DB putter.

Just an old newbie golfer, trying to learn and improve 1 club at a time.



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