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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

GolfSpy Barbajo

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Kris : Murfreesboro, TN : 12 Handicap


  • Bag - Srixon Tour Stand Bag

  • Driver - Srixon Z 765 DRIVER 9.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue Shaft X-Stiff w/ Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Blue .60

  • 3 Wood - Srixon Z F65 3+ 13.5* X-Stiff w/ Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Blue .60

  • Hybrid - Srixon Z H65 HYBRID 16* X-Stiff w/ Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Blue .60

  • Hybrid - Srixon Z U65 UTILITY 4 Iron 23* Stiff Shaft w/ Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Blue .60

  • Irons - Srixon Z 765 IRONS 5-PW Stiff w/ Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Blue .60

  • Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 BLACK SATIN 51*, 56*, 60*

  • Putter - Cleveland TFI 2135 MEZZO, WINNPRO X GRIP

  • Ball - Srixon Z-STAR XV TOUR YELLOW


Being 6'4" it is impossible to buy anything off the rack and be able to play well so a fitting is a must.

Mizuno MP 57 Irons Rifle 6.0  +1" 2* Up ~ Ping G30 Driver 9* Ping Tour 65 X-Stiff ~ Right Handed ~ Murfreesboro, TN ~ 9.7

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Donald from North Carolina

I don't have a registered handicap, but it would probably be around 30.


Cleveland Elevado putter

Cleveland RTX 3 CB wedges, 50, 56, 60 degree

Srixon Z565 irons 4-PW, Regular flex

Srixon Z H65 Hybrid, 19 degree regular flex

Srixon Z F65 3W, 15 degree reg. flex

Srixon Z565 Driver, 10.5 degree, reg. flex

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Scott.  TN.  15.8.


Z765 Driver

ZF65 - 15* Fairway Wood

Z765 Irons 3-PW

Cleveland RTX3 - 50VMG, 56VFG, 60VMG



Fitting will determine best shafts.


One of my top 3 iron choices.


Sold on RTX3s and currently TFI2135 6.5 in the bag.

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Tim - ME - 6.7


Driver:  Srixon Z 765 10.5 - (Stiff) Shaft TBA

Fairway: Srixon F 765 15 & 19 - (Stiff) Shaft TBA

Hybrid: Srixon Z H65 22 - (Stiff) Shaft TBA

Irons: Srixon Z765 5 & 6 Iron - (Stiff) Shaft TBA

Irons: Srixon Z965 7 - PW Irons - (Stiff) Shaft TBA

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3.0 - 50 54 60 Tour Raw

Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado 33 inch



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Handicap 3




Putter - Cleveland TFI 2135 ELEVADO

Wedges - Cleveland RTX Tour RAW 52,56

Irons - Z765 4-AW Dynamic Gold S-300

Hybrid - Z H65 19 degree stiff

Fairway Wood - Z F65 15 degree stiff

Driver - Z 765 9.5 Stiff


I have been playing Nike golf clubs for 15 years. Now that they are out of the club game I want to expand my horizons! I would love this opportunity from Srixon/Cleveland!!!

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George/Illinois/4.7 index


Driver - Z 765 with a Proforce V2 72g stiff shaft tipped 3/4"

Fairway -F65 3(15 degree) with a Proforce V2 stiff shaft tipped 1/2"

Fairway - F65 5(19 degree) with a Proforce V2 stiff shaft tipped 1/2"
Hyrbid - H65 (19) shaft to be determined

Irons - Z 765 4-W with KBS C Taper Tour 120 Stiff +1/2" 2.5 degree up

Wedges - RTX-3 Black Satin 52.0 V-MG, 56.0 V-FG, 60.0 V-FG

Putter - TFI 2135 Elevado 37"

Balls - Srixon Z Star XV number 7's


Now if only I'm right with my shaft selections, and club selections, I could actually become a money making golfer every weekend.


Thanks for this opportunity!

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Srixon Z565 Driver, 9.5 Stiff

Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degrees stiff

Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 degree stiff

Srixon Z565 3-6 Iron Stiff

Srixon Z765 7-PW Stiff

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 52, 56 & 60

Cleveland TFI 2135 Mezzo

Ball - Srixon Q-Star Pure White

:mizuno-small: ST180 w/Tensei CK Series Blue 60 Stiff
:callaway-small: Epic Flash 3w w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 Stiff
:callaway-small: Epic Flash 5w w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 Stiff

:titelist-small: 818 h2 w/Tensei Pro Series White 90 Stiff
:srixon-small: z545 (5-PW) w/ KBS C taper 120

:cleveland-small: RTX-3 CB 50/54/58 degrees

:seemore-small: FGP Original

 :taylormade-small: Project a

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Derrick A. Bonar, 8 Handicap, Hailing from San Diego, Ca




Cleavland TFI 2135 - 8.0 Counterbalanced Putter


Cleveland RTX-3 V-Sole Raw 52*08, 56*11, 60*08


Srixon Z-765 7 Iron- P Wedge


Srixon Z-565 4 Iron - 6 Iron


Srixon Z-H65 3 Hybrid


Srixon Z-F65 3 Wood


Srixon Z-765 Driver


In all reality this would easily be my Dream set of Sticks!! I'm playing Titleist 714 CB now and had a chance to hit the 765 at a demo here in Carlsbad a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with them. After my first swing with them I knew those were them!! Even if I don't win this, which lets be honest odds are not in my favor... I will without a doubt be gaming these as soon as I'm able to afford them. Thanks Golfspy for the opportunity! Love what you guys do and also love your article's, they are all very interesting and look forward to your newsletters, reviews,  & the Golf's most Wanted you guys do and the Blogs!! Keep up the good work!!


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Eric Broberg

Miami, FL

Handicap: 5.3


Driver: Z565 9.5° Stiff

Fairway Wood: F65 3-15° Stiff

Hybrid: H65 19° Stiff

Irons: Z765 (4-6) KBS C-TAPER Stiff, Z965 (7-PW) KBS C-TAPER Stiff

Wedges: RTX-3 Tour Raw 52° & 56° VMG, 60° VFG

Putter: Huntington Beach 6 34''

Driver: Cobra AMP Cell 8.5

3W: Callaway X2 Hot Pro

Hybrid: Nike Covert Tour 2

Irons: 4-PW Callaway Xhot Forged (KBS Tour S+)

Wedges: Callaway Forged Wedges (52, 56, 60)

Putter: Callaway BJ-2

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Todd Miller, OH, 7.1


Driver: Srixon Z 765 

Fairway:  Srixon Z F65 

Irons: Srixon Z965 - 3-PW

Wedges:  Cleveland RTX 3.0 - 50, 54, 58 Black satin

Putter:  TFI 2135 Elevado 


If fortunate enough to win, I'll let the experts fit me for loft and shaft.

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Brian, Kansas, 9


Driver- Z565 or Z765 10.5* needs fitting like high launch, but not draw bias?...

Fairway- ZF65 17*

Hybrids- ZH65 19*, ZU65 23*

Irons- Z565 5-AW

RTX-3 TOUR SATIN 52* and 56*

Putter- TFi2135 1.0

WOW! What a great opportunity to turn this pipe dream set into a fitted reality. Thanks MyGolfSpy! 

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Tony, PA, 17 hdcp


My dream set up would be as follows, but could change if that's what the fitters think is best for me!!!


Driver: Srixon Z765 X-Stiff

Fairway: Srixon Z F65 15* 3 Wood Stiff

Hybrid: Srixon Z H65 19* 3 Hybrid Stiff

Utility: Srixon Z U65 23* 4 iron Stiff

Irons: Z 565 irons stiff flexx

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Black Satin 52 (Mid bounce), 56 (Full Bounce), and 60 (Low Bounce) degree wedges

Putter: TFI 2135 - 8.0 counterbalanced

Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV

Bag: Srixon Z-Four Red


I would love to get my whole bag fit to me. This is a great opportunity!!!!

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New York State

Handicap 14.3


Srixon/Cleveland  Bag Makeup:


Putter: TFI 2135 blade

Wedges: RTX 3

Irons: Z 565

Hybrids: ZH 65

Fairway Woods: ZF 65

Driver: Z 565


The fitting would most probably reveal that their are better choices for me. I'd like to find out please. 

Driver: Taylor Made SLDR

Irons: Taylor Made RSi2 4-PW

Hybrids: Adams Tight Lies 3 and 5

Putter: Taylor Made Spyder

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 50, 56, 60

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Brandon Allen from Orem, Utah. 4.8 handicap

Z765 Driver XS (time to beat my Sldr)

Z765 3 wood XS

ZU65 3 iron XS

Z765 4-6 and Z965 7-PW XS

RTX-3 wedges, black satin 52*, 56*, and 60*

Huntington Beach 4 34"

Z-Star XV ball (best ball out there)

Srixons Tour stand bag


Hope that I am lucky enough to get this chance. Great opportunity for me.

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Henry - Ontario ,Canada - hcp 20


All are graphite shaft regular stiffness

Driver: Srixon Z 355 12*

Fairway: Srixon Z 355 15*

Fairway: Srixon Z 355 22*

Hybrid: Srixon Z 355 26*

Irons: set of Srixon Z 355 4 - AW

Wedges: Cleveland smart sole 2.0 58* and RTX-3 V-FG (FULL)

Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 - 1.0


Wow what a dream if I could win this!!! Thx

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