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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Get Fit Like a Pro - Win a Trip to Srixon/Cleveland with MyGolfSpy

GolfSpy Barbajo

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Don Collister


18 handicap


Without fitting and hitting I couldn't tell you what my dream set would be. I currently hit Cleveland HB3's 3 -PW plus 2 niblick wedges, a cg10 60 degree lob and a Bridgestone 445 driver. Can you say game improvement? Also I would be hard pressed to give up the HB3's. I'm just saying...it would be fun to try though.

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Jack Riekhof - Mississippi - 6


Z 765 Driver

Z F65 Fairway

Z 355 Hybrid 19*

Z 565 3-P Steel

Cleveland RTX-3 Black Satin 52* and 58*

Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado CB 35"

Z-Star XV Pure White Golf Ball


Thanks for the opportunity!




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Steven from Washington state, 4.3 HCP


Z 765 driver

Z F65 15 degree fwy

Z F65 19 degree fwy/Z U65 18 for windy/links courses

Z 965 4-P

RTX-3 Tour Satin 52/58/64 (mid/full/low)

TF 2135 8.0 counterbalanced


Thanks for the opportunity!

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Dave Miller,  Jacksonville, NC 18 HCP



Driver: Z565 10.5 degree

Woods: ZF65 3 and 5 wood

Hybrids: ZH65 19 & 22 degree

Irons: Z355 Irons 5-PW

Wedges:RTX-3 48, 54, 58 degrees (mid)

Putter:  TFI 2135 - 8.0 Counterbalanced 34"

Bag: Srixon Tour Cart Bag

Balls: Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow


I'd really like to see what the fitting would put me in and how it might help my game.

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  • Kyle Tendick, Elm Grove, WI - 3.9 idex

  • Driver: Z765 - 9.5*, Fujikura Evolution 661 X Flex
  • Z F65 - 13.5* Diamana Blue 62 X Flex
  • Z U45 Utility - Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
  • Irons: Z765 - Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100; 2* strong
  • Cleveland RTX-3 Raw Wedges: 52* & 60* V-MG
  • Huntington Beach 1
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Jonas, Sweden, hcp 1


Driver: Srixon Z565

FW: Srixon ZF65

Iron 3: Srixon ZU65

Iron 4-5: Srixon Z565

Iron 6-9: Srixon Z765

Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3

Putter: Clevekand Huntington Beach 1, Winnpro X Grip, 34"

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Arjun Malik

Bangalore, India


Dream-Setup : 


1. Driver : Srixon Z565 in 9.5 Loft with Stiff Flex

2. Fairway : Srixon F65 in 13.5 Loft with Stiff Flex

3. Hybrid : Srixon Z H65 in 16 Loft with Stiff Flex

4. Irons : Srixon Z565 irons 4-PW Steel Shaft with stiff flex

5. Wedges : 50 V-MG, 54 V-MG, 58 V-MG

6. Putter : TFI 2135 Mezzo at 33" Length and lie angle customised to 68 Degrees. 


This is would be the dream set-up - however, I'd love to be fit for any club that suits me...eventually, what matters is the numbers!!!



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Mike McFerron  USA  - Florida


USGA Hdcp. Index 10.0


I would choose the following:


2135 Mezzo putter (33")

Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin wedges 50 V-MG, 54 V-MG (mid) 58 V-LG (low)

Srixon Z565 5-pw with stiff graphite

Srixon ZH 65 Hybrids 19 & 22 degree

Srixon Z F65 15 deg. Fairway

Srixon Z565 Driver - 9.5 - stiff


& lots of other Srixon/Cleveland swag!!


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Very cool opportunity, thank you Cleveland and Srixon Golf!


Tony / Detroit / 19


Srixon Z565 Driver 9.5 Stiff


Srixon ZF65 Fairway 13.5 degree Stiff


Srixon ZH65 Hybrid 19 and 22 degree Stiff


Srixon Z565 Irons 5-PW Graphite Stiff


Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges 52.. / 56.. / 60. in TOUR RAW!


Cleveland HB 6 Putter 34"


Srixon Z Star XV Balls in white


I already play Cleveland's 588 wedges and TFI Putter, love them all! Keep up the great work!

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Dave, Minnesota, 11.7


My dream Srixon/Cleveland setup would be determined by fitting experts, but this is what looks like a good starting point to me :)


Cleveland Huntington Beach 4

Cleveland RTX-3 CB TOUR SATIN 56 & 60 degree
Srixon Z765 5-9, PW, AW

Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 & 22 degree

Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degree 

Srixon Z565 Driver, 9.5 



Have to say that this is a great giveaway! Hats off to MyGolfSpy and Srixon and Cleveland Golf for such a great opportunity.


Good luck to everyone ...

What's in my  :titelist-small: 14 Way Stand Bag

Driver:   :callaway-small: Big Bertha Alpha 816 DBD 9° (Regular Flex)
Fairway:  :callaway-small: Big Bertha Alpha 816 14° (Regular Flex)
Hybrids:  PXG 19° (Regular Flex)
Irons: PXG 0211 4-GW (Std Loft/Lie, Regular Flex)
Wedges: :callaway-small: MD3 50
°,54°,58° (Std Loft/Lie, Regular Flex)
Putter: post-56870-0-25810000-1458757651.pngZAAP Alpha (35")

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Cleveland Srixon bag:


Not sure about Cleveland/Srixon drivers

I'd like a high launch 3 wood

19-20* hybrid

Not sure about the irons, I'd have to demo.

Wedges, the rtx-3 CB tour satin look great.

Cleveland TFI 2135 ELEVADO CB 38 -

(I'd like to try that, I use an Odyssey tank 38 CB currently)

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John Mullett, Ohio, handicap 18.8 (The Grint)


Dream Bag: (all specs/bag configuration based on current, but changeable with fitting)

- Driver Z 565 10.5 Stiff

- Fairway Z F65 Stiff

- Hybrid H65 Stiff

- Irons Z 765 5-PW Stiff

- Wedges 50, 54, 58 RTX-3 Tour Satin 

- Putter: TFI2135 8.0 CB

- For the Z-Four Stand bag - Charcoal

- Z-Star XV Pure White


Wow, just wow! This will be totally awesome for whoever the winners are, way to go MGS & Srixon/Cleveland! Currently my bag is all Ping, but the only reason I didn't give Srixon/Cleveland more of a look at the time I bought my current set, is because my fitter doesn't carry them. They were on my radar from online research, but I didn't go anywhere where I could actually try them. The company and tradition of Cleveland has always intrigued me and there's no disputing Srixon makes some of the most beautiful irons out there.

Driver: Cobra King LTD
Fairway: Ping G25 (3)
Hybrid: Ping i25 (22 degree)
Crossover: Ping G 5
Irons: Ping i25 (5 -PW)
Wedges: Bridgestone J15 forged 50 and 55 degree
Putter: Cleveland TFi Elevado w/ Winn Pro grip.

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Name is Jeff G. residing in Illinois with a 10 handicap at my home course.  Dream bag would include (subject to this fitting of course!) Z 565 right handed driver/9.5 loft/stiff aldila Rogue I/O 60 shaft/cut down1"/Winn Dri-Tac grip/+2 wraps

Z 355 right handed fairwary wood/15 loft/stiff shaft/ standard length/Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps

Z H65 hybrids/19 and 22 degree/both right handed with standard length aldila tour green hyb 85 shafts with Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps

Z 565 right handed irons/5 -PW/Steel Project X 5.5 shafts/standard length/+1 upright/-1 loft/Winn Dri-Tac grips with +2 wraps

TFI Elevado CB right handed putter/38"


Thanks for a chance to make this great dream come true!

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David, NY, 25 (new to the game so this would be perfect!)


Driver: Z565 10.5deg Stiff

Fairway: ZF65 15deg Stiff

Hybrid: ZH65 19deg Stiff

Irons: Z565 4-AW Steel Stiff

Wedge: RTX-3 CB Tour Satin Steel 54

Wedge: RTX-3 Tour Satin Steel 58

Putter: Huntington Beach 1 WinnPro X 35"

Ball: Z-Star XV Tour Yellow




Driver - TaylorMade M3, 9.5 deg, Stiff Tensei Blue 60

Fairways - Callaway Rogue, 3W and 5W, Stiff Project X EvenFlow 75

Hybrid - Cobra F7, 3-4H, Stiff Fujikura Pro 75H

Irons - Ping G, 5-UW, Stiff Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105

Wedges - Titleist Vokey SM6, 54M and 58M

Putter - Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M

Ball - Srixon Z-Star Yellow

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Kelvin Lee, WA, handicap 14


Cleveland tfi 2135 1.0

Cleveland RTX-3 CB Black 54 & 58 degree with ns pro zelos 7 R
Srixon z765 5-9, PW, AW with ns pro zelos 7 R

Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 & 22 degree with fujikura pro 63

Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degree with fujikura evolution ii 661

Srixon Z565 Driver, 9.5 degree with fujikura evolution ii 569


Will XXIO be an option as well? =)  Awesome contest, love their clubs, been playing some form of Japanese golf clubs all my life, they have the best designs, forgings, and feel.  Good luck to all!

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Aubrey, PA, 13


Dream bag depends on what the fitter has to say.


Based on my current bag:

10.5 degree Z765

4W F65

3/4 U65

5-P 565

50/56/60 RTX-3

HB 4 putter

"I can't" means one of two things:
1) I'm not willing to try, or
2) I'm more afraid of failure than I am excited by success.

I can.

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