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play 9 or 18 holes ??

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I enjoy either 9 or 18 depending on my schedule. For me its all about whether time is a factor. I absolutely hate playing when rushed. In last few years if I think I will have to rush for whatever reason, then I will just go to range and practice. Guess its all about planning now. IF I play 18 its on my terms. No problem with later afternoon 9 either. 

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If you have the mindset of 18-holes; consider executive courses, as you generally get through within 2-2 1/2 hrs.  When I had even less time, some courses offered paying to play certain holes.  I considered. Not sure if still an offering, but may be an option if you want to get some holes in. 😉

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a. Ladies Flex/10-12 degrees loft/25"-27" (male equivalent)

b. Adjustable/Ladies Flex (male equivalent)

c. Right-Handed

d. San Diego

e. -18

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Much prefer 18 holes as 9 seems incomplete.

Last year I would play 9 with the kids after school but 18 on weekends.

Driver - Callaway Rogue Draw

Woods - Callaway Rogue 5 wood

Irons - Srixon Z565 5-PW

Wedges - Ping Glide 2.0 52-56-60

Putter - Mizuno Black Carbon BC3

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I do enjoy executive courses but if the course has 18 holes to, I much prefer that.  It's also from a green fee perspective where it's not that much cheaper to play less holes.

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Five years ago my wife and I were members at a 9-hole exec course; it was just off the runway at our local airport and my wife's business was located at the airport so it was close.  We played anything between 9 and 54 holes, depending on how much time we had, how much daylight there was, and how crowded the course was.

Then we joined our 18-hole muni.  My wife was still working up until last fall, so we only played 9 holes in the evening after work during the summers, then played 18 holes on Sat and Sun.  She retired this year, and we have been playing 18 holes on Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun.  I also walk 9 holes with the "old guys" on Monday.  I'm not sure how long I can keep this schedule up, particularly when the temps get over 100º.

I prefer to play 18 holes.  The front nine is par 37 and hilly; the back nine is par 35 and flat.  I have played 9 holes a lot but mostly only the front nine, since there is no starting on the back nine unless it's late in the day on an empty course.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I really enjoy 9 for a lot of reasons. I can fit that in after work and still be home in plenty of time, or vice versa - I can walk a quick 9 before work in the morning (or, I used to be able to before having to stay at home). 9 works out great with my son to keep him interested and engaged, and it's also short enough for him to walk so he's getting in some good exercise. 

Plus, it's short enough so if I'm having a bad round and getting frustrated, I know I'm done sooner rather than later 🤣

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I was playing 18 two or 3 times a week and at least one 9.
That has changed w age. Now it’s 18 once a week and three 9’s. Not really missing the additional play as much as I thought I would.

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Left Hand, 

Driver; Ping G410 Plus

5 Wood; Cally Steelhead 

5 Hybrid; Cally Steelhead

Irons; Ping G410 5-SW & Mizno 919 Hot Metal 5-SW

Putter; Waaay too many to list

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I usually play 18 once or twice a week. I used to play 9 on top of that in a golf league. But we haven't had a work league in the past two years.  Once I start playing I dont want to stop after 9 holes.

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Driver, Ping G400 11* SR Flex

3 Wood, TaylorMade SLDR 17*  R Flex

5 Wood, TaylorMade SLDR 19* R Flex

Hybrid, Cobra Amp 24* R Flex

Irons, Sub 70 699 Pro's S Flex (5 - AW)

Wedges, Cleveland CBX 56* & 60*

Putter, Odyssey Marksman Fang 35"

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I’ll play 9 during the week after work when I can, but on weekends I like getting a full 18. 

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On 5/29/2020 at 1:09 PM, Nolan220 said:

I was always an 18 hole guy but lately this year I been playing mostly 9 holes during the twilight after work and I really it .. just wondering what everyone has been playing and what you preferred ?

I like playing 9 holes during a twilight rate, I'm finding I can play more that way and its not as much of a cost burden. Save the 18 holes for when I can play with the remaining of my preferred foresome or when I play with my dad

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Right Handed 

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I would rather play 18 just because its 18! The more golf the better. This year has been the first time I have played before work though (1 time so far) and LOVED IT. Got 9 in under 2 hours and headed to work, great way to start the day. 

So final answer during the week 9 holes, weekend or days off 18 all day.

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