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First Time Getting Fitted - What Should I Know?

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Alright ladies and gentlemen,

This is my first post on MGS but I have been a long time lurker and reader. I am going for a fitting on Sunday. I currently have 7 year old clubs and I had some good luck recently so I am treating my self to a new round of clubs. I have a full bag fitting although I probably won't buy a putter. What are some questions I should ask, things I should look out for, and things I should know for when I get in there.

They already told me to bring my clubs and a sleeve of the balls I normally play which are (TM TP5) but I am wondering if you guys have any advice for me heading in.

- Stephen

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I think most importantly is where are you going? Just remember some (not all but definitely a few) who specialize in high end club fitting make money by upselling you.  You don't need your shafts "pured", there isn't one perfect shaft for you, for every handcrafted or custom high end shaft, there's probably one that comes stock from the manufacturer or with a very small manufacturer upcharge that will be perfectly fine. 

Do a variety of different swing speeds (i.e., Smooth swing, normal swing, giving it a little extra/top speed) to help get an idea for average and max speed for shaft, don't just try and swing as hard as you can each time so you can get into the shaft you want (i.e., don't try to swing yourself into stiff or x-stiff). 

Its okay to have opinions on what you like or don't like, some people hate offset and it comforts some, some people don't mind a thicker top line or like it and others hate it, just like above there isn't one perfect club that is going to give you ridiculous numbers over other clubs if you try everything.  If there is something you prefer it can be helpful to say it upfront so you don't waste time testing clubs you'll never actually buy.

Along those same lines, don't worry what you're supposed to be playing based on your handicap or skill level.  Technology is advanced enough these days where some of the "players" irons are actually pretty forgiving on non-center hits, and some of the "game improvement irons" could be mistaken for players irons.  Go with what performs or what you like best. 

Also warm your body up to hit balls don't warm up by hitting balls. Dynamic stretches are great (leg kicks, step over stretch, windmills, mock golf swings) to get loosed up and if you loose before you hit balls, your first couple shots will be better and that sets the tone for the day. 


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All good comments above. Have fun and make sure whatever you select that every single club feels good to you in your swing. This is your first fitting, its a full bag fitting so it sounds like you are choosing an experienced fitter.

The fitter will take care of the technical details but the clubs/shaft/grip recommendations have to feel good to you.

The only technical thing I would suggest is you ask the fitter to look at your release (i.e. do you cast/release early, midway release and/or late release. A good fitter will understand this and it helps with down selection of the shafts you fit into.

Finally, IF you do buy from this fitter/fitting center ask for all specs of your clubs. A printout or email that identifies length, loft, lie angles, etc. This will help you for future club comparisons and follow up fittings if needed. Good luck. 

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Great advice from everyone. Ask questions. Do your Wishon research. 

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Watch this video. Will give you everything you need to know


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1 hour ago, tommc23 said:

I appreciate this, I don't want you to think I didn't search because I did. None of them seemed to be a first time fitting what I should know type thread.

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Focus more on consistency with smallest deviation and smallest landing area more than distance. A good fit will feel like you can swing more freely. Distance is usually a good biproduct of a good fit. 

Yes, use your game ball.

And, if you're having an off day then ask to reschedule. It's better to get fit when you are close to your normal. 

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6 hours ago, stephenmatt said:

I appreciate this, I don't want you to think I didn't search because I did. None of them seemed to be a first time fitting what I should know type thread.

Not saying you didn't I do vague searches and read through posts to see if something is in there that may answer your question. 

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Once fitted, try getting a few of the recommended clubs off eBay or a used club site.  If you like them, you can always get new ones.


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Where are you getting fitted? I ask that because what kind of data will they be giving you to back up your idea. You should first and foremost have a set budget. Depending on that budget it will give the fitter an idea of what clubs or after market shafts are no goes. I think a full bag fitting will be difficult, I did an iron only fitting and hit over 100 shots and was gassed.

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The one thing I didn’t see mentioned Is to communicate your budget so the fitter can work with that. Wether it is exotic shafts or upcharge OEM shafts, if you don’t want to pay the price don’t include them in the fitting unless you want to do it for fun.

Also don’t try to impress the fitter with how hard you can swing; try to take a normal swing and ignore the results of the prior swings. That later is the hardest part because we always try to change things based on our last shot.

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Also make sure that you match the type of club to your ability. But the key is look and feel. If a club does not look right behind the ball then don't buy it. I am old school and the new irons with the broad top line look wrong - I am used to play blades. Secondly, do you want to be able to work the ball. Some of the new game improvement irons make it difficult to do that.

Lastly, compare the lofts as there may be a huge difference between two 4 irons for example Taylormade M6 is 19* my Callaway Steelhead Pro is 21.5* my old Wilson FG Tour was 21*.

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Go in with an open mind.  Hope where you are going allows you to see the ball flight outdoors. And as somebody else said, look for consistency and not just what is longest.  I've had several fittings and have always learned something about my swing, etc.  One of the best fittings I've done  was for a putter done at Club Champion.  Absolutely eye opening and having a fit putter really has improved my putting and confidence on the greens.  My best iron fitting was at True Spec earlier this year.  Best of all, enjoy your time and get a copy of all of the results.  And if you can afford it, get the clubs from the fitter so if you have issues down the road with them, they can do adjustments, etc.  I personally wouldn't spend money on a fitting then go on ebay and try to find a set to save a little money, but that's just me.  I want to have the fitter on call after I get the clubs from them.  Have fun and let us know how it goes.  

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Any update on how the fitting went?

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