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Edel Torque Balanced putters

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So I was at my fitter yesterday and I asked about the Edel torque balanced putters. They had one built up so I started putting with it.


All I can say is WOW!! What a trippy feeling. I swear the thing just doesn’t do anything but stay square to the arc and hit it where you point it. You literally hold it and rock your shoulders. It doesn’t suck to the inside, loop, want to hood or open too much. It’s crazy.


I was asking the guys if this should be illegal. They said no, because obviously you still have to pick the line/speed to make any putt, and no putter can do that for you.


They showed me you could try to cut the putt and it would still go in the hole. It was unbelievable.


Any MGS’ers have one? In strongly considering getting fit for one in the future. The thing that is unfortunate is that they don’t exactly look all that appealing considering what we are used to in a putter. The shaft angles, etc...



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My first impression of this this line of engineering is the exact opposite of high MOI tech prevalent in a lot of other putters. Removing weight in the toe and sole will reduce the resistance to the toe opening and closing - reducing MOI. It is similar to center-shafted putters because they have less resistance to twisting. 

The reality is the same as always - it will fit some and not all people. 

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