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Pro's & con's of different number of dividers


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7 hours ago, DStar said:

I'm looking to buy a new cart bag and lots seem to be 14 way dividers yet most tour bags are 6 way. 

My current Titleist bag is 14 way and my carry bag is an old 8 way Mizuno. No real problems with either but was wondering what are the advantages & disadvantages of both? 

I guess 14 way is easier to put the clubs back in the right hole..

How many have you got and what's good/bad about it? 



Give me a good 14 full dividers.  I like them to be in the same place all the time it speeds things up for me.  I will never be an iron head cover guy but the 14 divider bag keeps the dings and dents to a minimum from bag chatter.  They have more storage spaces and tend to last longer too.  

Cons: they are heavier and not great for walking.  Oversized grips can still get hung up at times.  

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All clubs have Winn Dri-Tac Wraps oversized



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I have the Ping Pioneer 15 Divider Cart Bag. Lots of room with plenty of pockets, light weight, and I highly recommend. I sent the cover from the front pocket to Ping and they embroidered Mr. Ping and my initials on it. Great company. By the way, parts of the bag are actually manufactured at the Ping Phoenix factory and assembled there. I saw that on my factory tour.

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Ping 4.0 Eye2 Glide Wedges 54°-58° w/Recoil SmacWrap

Ping Redwood ZB Putter w/PP58

PING Pioneer Cart Bag

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I much prefer my 14 divider plus large putter well, and I’ve never used a 3, 5 or 6 slot bag. How do I know if I haven’t owned one? Because I pull and return clubs to those bags for other players from time to time, and like noted above grip tangle is an unnecessary PITA to me. YMMV

I’m old enough to remember tubes, grew up with them before 14-15 divider bags were available. Tubes haven’t been necessary for a long time.

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  • LAB DF3 w Accra
  • Maxfli Tour & ProV1
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I have a Ping Pioneer, which has 14 individual, full-length dividers, and a putter well. The extra slot allows me to carry an extra wedge or fairway wood when not playing in tournaments. I don't think I could go back to a bag that wasn't divided into 14 full-length slots. 

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I don't use cart bags, as I walk 99% of the time. However, I've tried "hybrid" bags with 14 slots, and they're not great, the grip (midsize) catches the fabric often, the space in which you have to insert the club back is rather small (obviously we don't have bags with a 15 or 25" opening diameter).

I've had bags with 5 slots, now 4, and they end up being much more practical, sure the clubs can get mixed a bit but you end up have a larger space, even if shared, and therefore clubs go in and out easier.

I doubt the added 1" or less diameter in cart bags change things that much. That's probably the reason why tour bags have a limited amount of dividers : less catch!

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14-way and be sure it has true full-length dividers that go all the way to the bottom.  Had one a few years back and the dividers stopped about an inch short of the bottom, which led to all my grips wearing quickly at the bottom.  I think most new bags have addressed this issue, but always good to confirm. If you’ve never had a Sun Mountain, their C-130 is tough to beat. 

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I used to hate searching for clubs, the noise of irons clacking, realizing too late I lost a club.

Then I bought this bad from nevrlooz.com which solved all those problems.

The only downside is that the guys at the bag drop don't know how to properly secure the bag to the cart.




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Titleist 15 way cart bag is the only way for me.  Allows me to keep my Sklz Gold Flex in the bag.  Looking to get a new Titleist Cart 15 as this one is showing wear and a couple tears after seven years.  Has worked fine for me with either my Clicgear Model 3.5 push cart or riding carts.  Club pull out fine.  I like the organized look and ease of grabbing the club I want with a glance.

On a sort of related note, does anyone flip their clubs in a 14 or 15 way bag before travel and checking the bag on an airplane?  My coach (6 way devotee) flips his irons upside down in his bag before putting everything in his travel bag.   I haven't done that and am not sure how well that works with 14 or 15 way bags.  I've never had damage with un-flipped clubs in a Club Glove travel bag with a Stiff Arm and some additional bubble wrap.

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Love my 14 way bag that I can put in my push cart,  but makes it tough to use my Christmas present :


What's in my  :cleveland-small: bag:

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Hybrid:  :cobra-small: King F7 18° KBS Tour PROTO Hybrid 95 S+

Irons:   :srixon-small: z585 4i - 6i,  z785 7i-PW, Nippon Modus 120X

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX  50.11, 55.11, 60.10  TT DG S400 Black

Putter:  post-53756-150768041262.jpg Honey Badger 34" 

Ball:  :srixon-small: Q-Star Tour


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I like a bag that has 14 slots.  I can place my clubs in the right order helping to reduce the selecting of a wrong club that may happen if you have less than 14.  The disadvantage of having 14 slots some golfers use oversize grips which may make it difficult to get clubs out.   My guess is, that tour bags have less than 14 slots as the caddy will make sure the correct club is pulled from the bag.  

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I like 14 divider bags. Keeps things organized, let’s me keep track of clubs and general OCD bliss 😂 I have a 14-divider C-130 for golf cart use and a 14-divider Four-5 for my push cart.

Chasing my ball around the cow field, trying to avoid the “ruff.”


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I was using a wonderfully constructed and thought out bag by Titleist for about 10 years. It had 4 individual dividers and a putter slot on the right side. There are plenty of pockets as well. The dividers allowed for plenty of room for the 1)woods, 2) long irons, 3) short irons, and 4) wedges. It offered plenty of room and I love that bag but it started to wear out around the upper edges and it looked rather nasty. I went to another well known bag manufacturer that had a putter well, 14 individual dividers and it's been nothing but a pain in the ass. Clubs get stuck as I take them out and would never buy another like it. Give me a bag like the Titleist bag I described and all will be well.  

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8 hours ago, Lefty19 said:

Everyone is different... I like the:

14 individual full length dividers plus a discrete putter well.

I'm not bashful about using the fifteenth slot.   Me either when I figure that out.


I use a BagBoy Revolver XP Cart Bag but is the last model that doesn't protect the putter as much on the outside. I got it for a cheap song, like it and need to get a smaller grip for the putter to fit right... haha. Haven't had one issue and like that it locks my forged in place and see if anything is missing.


To each their own though.



Also bagging the Revolver XP Cart Bag - it's great to quickly rotate the clubs in the right position where I'm using a push cart or riding in a cart.  If something happened to this one, I'd buy another one tomorrow.

-- Peejer

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image.png1500Li Cart

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I currently use a Ben Hogan stand bag, 5-way full length dividers. Has plenty of storage, durable and good looking. Love it (even have a spare brand new one in a bag). I also have had a 14-way divider cart bag that I like a lot, but I'm not worried about picking the wrong club. It's more about storage, for me. Probably a good habit to look at the club you pull just to make sure you pulled the right now, regardless of which style bag you use.


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Hi all,

I have been using 14-full length divider carry bags like forever. One of my go to bags were the Datrek IDS (Individual Divider System stand bags. They had basically 14 full length individual dividers. But the only problem with all 14-full length divider bags is that they are not fully full length down to the bottom of the bag. All of you who have bags with 14 full length dividers can go check that out.  So even with the almost full length dividers, the club grips still get tangled a bit occasionally. Presently, I have an Inesis Water Proof bag with 14-full length dividers (sold by Decathlon.com). I go down to Florida every summer, and as many of you probably know, Thunderstorms can occur most any day. And this bag keeps my clubs dry. For me, this is the complete bag I always wanted. I have a Super Stroke putter holder that I used to attach to the outside of my bag, so I could use the 14th slot for my ball retriever, but with this bag, I decided to just put the putter in one of the lower slots. And I put the retriever in the same slot as my 7-hybrid club. I have never liked bags with only a few dividers because I have always had trouble pulling clubs out or replacing them as the always got jammed up/tangled with other clubs and not only wear out or damage the grips, but also more wear and tear to the shafts. And I have never liked nor used cart bags which are usually to big, heavy and bulky. 


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Do golfers with 14/15 slots tend to use iron covers more than 4/6 slot golfers?

The bags are heavier and for the size do not offer storage comparable with a Tour or Mini Tour bag. I try to walk so a 14 bag size/weight is a detriment. When on a trip expecting to use a cart, I use a mini-tour for rain gear, etc. 

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 Titleist SM9 50-54-58 TT AMT Red LH

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I prefer 14 full length dividers for cart bags. Every club has its own home, I can grab the correct club without needing to search. Also when ever I go to my bag I instantly know if there is a club missing and which one it is. I don't generally leave clubs behind, but sometimes someone will grab one of mine by accident. Knowing which one is missing before leaving the hole saves a lot of drama. 

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19 hours ago, Riverboat said:

I like the old fashioned 6 way. 2-3 clubs per slot, and just toss it back in when you're done with it. Club rattle sounds like golf. I hate the fastidiousness of all the modern accoutrements. 

I have a huge staff bag with that configuration in which I keep my putters.

The location of the pockets makes it useless for actually playing.

I need the front facing pockets of a modern cart bag, and find the individual slots to be a bonus.

I can see liking the traditional format in a lighter bag if you walk and carry.  A staff bag would really be for playing with a caddy, though, and there aren't many caddy shacks still up and running.

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I really like my Sun Mountain 14-way bag and will likely go this route for its replacement.  The OCD side of me likes having a place for each club and the ability to know all the arrows are there, in their assigned spot 😂, at a quick glance. 


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:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

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17 hours ago, handsofstone said:

I find 14/15 bags to be a PIA, especially if your using a push/pull cart. If you can find a 5/6 way with full length dividers that works well for me.

Interestingly, I find the exact opposite. With fewer dividers, my clubs seem to be in a clump that I have to move around to identify and get the correct one out of the bag.

I also like the 14-way divider because I have Arccos sensors on my clubs. The dividers seem to help so that one club does not knock the sensor off another when being extracted.

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Yes grips can get in the way slightly with 14 divider bags, such that a club may not seat all the way at the bottom when you put it in. So occasionally you have to pull the adjacent club and drop them both in to seat both. But it’s nowhere near the grip tangle you frequently get with 3 or 6 divider bags where a club can be sticking up a foot or more - I see that all the time from players with those bags who just let them stick out. And clubs can hang up coming out of a 3/6 divider bag, never the case with a 14 divider bag. No comparison.

  • Titleist TSR2 11° HZRDUS Red CB 50 6.0 w Lamkin UTx Midsize
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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm sure 14 way is very popular these days.  I can certainly see the benefits of organization and being able to quickly identify a missing club.  My issue is that I have MCC Midsize grips with 4 extra wraps of tape.  The diameter makes it almost impossible to get them in and out of a 14 way bag when on the back of a golf cart.  I am very happy with my C130 5 way.  And I am careful to remember to exactly which clubs go in which slot so it's easy to note one missing.  I'll agree with most everyone that full length dividers are very helpful.  Of course my stand bags also have 5 way tops.

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  • 1 month later...

I have the Titleist 15 divider cart bag, I like the extra divider for ball retriever.



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  • :ping-small: Ping Anser 2 putter 
  • :titleist-small: Pro V1
  • EZ Go 4 seater
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  • 1 month later...

7 way top all day.  I have the Callaway Org 7 and it's the best bag for walking or riding. Plenty of room for clubs, balls, rangefinder and a lg pocket for windbreaker, etc. For me the 14 way is overkill.  

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Me I guess I am the old school odd man out again. I prefer a old school 3 divider bag. One of the reasons I went back to my old Jones Classic non stand. I do not walk rounds anymore because of my health but it carries well from the practice green to the range. I do not carry a lot of stuff like some folks do even riding. Even my Mini Staff bags I have the center divider out making them a 3 way bag. In fact I am fixing to pull the trigger on a new Original Jones. Someone on here did say that the mini staff bags were lighter than most 14 way cart bags. I know the kids at the bag drop said that my mini staff was way lighter than any of the cart bags. Of course I only carry 6 balls ,some tees 6 gloves , bottle of ibuprofen and a range finder. For you guys that carry I also learned something head cover weight can add up. I was using a couple of thick leather covers and some older Ping Barrell covers. I went back to a set of cheap knit covers from PGASS and it lightened the bag a lot. But yeah I admit I am set in my ways

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I currently have both; a Bag Boy 14 slot here in Fl. and a new Sun Mountain 5 (or6?) back in Ohio. Like many of you I prefer having the clubs in my bag organized by individual slots - that way I know if I'm missing one and/or can automatically go to the slot and pull out the right club without checking. The downside? I have an older Sun Mountain bag which use to have full length dividers. After a while the constant pulling/insertion of the clubs ripped the dividers (10 yr old bag) and that ended up being a royal PIA.

My new Sun Mountain was an experiment in fewer slots and my initial take is that they do get banged around a bit. So my preference is with the 14 slot  I just won't wait as long to replace.  

I guess I'll have to get a pocket protector as one member mentioned since like @fixyurdivot I also use iron covers 😱


Left Hand orientation

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:odyssey-small: O Works putter

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:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy

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Golf Balls: Vice Pro Plus 

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2019 Official Tester :ping-small:  410 Driver

2018 Official Tester :wilson-small: C300

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I briefly had a 14-way bag. It turns out I’m one of those guys who can’t move forward till each club is its correct slot. I’m the guy who puts the spoons with spoons and forks with forks in the dishwasher. It’s endearing to some, annoying to others. On the golf course, it’s unnecessary stress.

I have a 4-way now, and I’m breathing easier now. But my best bag was an Ogio and their Woodé system with a putter well.


I know it’s back minus the putter well.


I think it makes the most sense visually. The cart version has a decent layout IMO. 


That’s a 14-way that I could probably live with.

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I like 15 - 


When I walk in the winter months I use a push cart and I have a founders club bag that is designed for carts, push or riding.  It stands nicely on its on when I take it out of the trunk and get the cart ready if I'm using it.  I like the 15th slot because I can put my warm up stick in it.  The bag has plenty of storage for me - I don't bring lots of stuff.  I also don't like to spend a lot of money on bags as no matter how good they are I seem to need a new one every three years or so.  

Driver: Taylor Made Xi10 10.5 Diamana S plus 60  R flex   - 44.25 

Fairways:  Ping G410 5, 7, 9 wood  Alta CB red 65 R flex

Hybrid:  Ping G410  26 degree  Alta CB Red 70 R flex 

Irons: Ping G430  7-PW, 45, 50 Alta CB black 65 soft R flex 

Wedges:  Ping 195 S54, E58

Wedges and irons are - 1/2” and one degree flat 

Putter: Sacks Parente Duke 32.5”

Ball: Titleist Pro VI or Callaway Chrome Soft X ls


While not at the same time I was fit for every club in my bag as well as the Pro VI ball. I use the chrome soft x ls on my league course.  It has much softer softer greens than the club that I belong to. 

I’m on a mission to shoot my age - lifetime lowest round is 66 and I’m currently 67. 


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