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The Good Morning Thread


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6 hours ago, Samuel09152 said:

Good morning Everyone! Glad to be back online. It has truly been a wild month. Child, work, child, work, blah, blah, blah.... AC just cant catch a break goes from pink eye to croup to hand, foot, and mouth now. Her momma is a saint, we have been taking turns taking off work, which could not have happened at a worst time. Working close to 55 hrs weeks right now to pay for day care that AC cant go to because of sickness. But we are blessed to have a baby girl, a daycare, and two jobs that are understanding of what is going on. Just wishing AC would start feeling better, hate seeing her sick...

But this has given me time to read alot about the mental game and diving into that aspect of golf. Still have a problem with accepting shots, but will get better. Changing mindset is the toughest thing I think in golf, and that is why I have started playing with alot of older guys around me. Playing with them seems to be about fun while competitive. They seem to care but not care all at the same time. I am hoping it rubs off on this "way to bad to be this competitive guy".

Thank yall for still being here, I have been trying to read to keep up when I can. Y'all are the best. As always, BE THE BLESSING!! HIT EM STRIAGHT!! and ROLL TIDE!! 

Welcome back!  Was about to send out S&R to find ya!  Hope everyone pushes through the crud kicking around!

WITB-Foremost 551's - 3w, 5w, 5-SW (circa 1998), Top Flite 460cc Driver, Adam's 7w, Warrior GW and 60⁰, Odyssey AI-One DB putter.

Just an old newbie golfer, trying to learn and improve 1 club at a time.



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9 hours ago, ParFore74x said:

Good Tuesday morning spies. Decent day on tap, starting out at 37° with projections for 67° and the slightest chance for rain. Of course, 29° for the high tomorrow. 🙄

Received notice that my Sub70 wedge shipped yesterday with an estimated arrival of tomorrow. Just a wee bit excited about that.

Time to get things ready for work, have a great day spies. 

Sounds like our forecast too 😆

Current WITB:

Driver:   default_benhogan-small.gif.bd4aea80f46a0fd64e2b8412d1ee19dc.gif Big Ben CS3 9.5deg Aldila NV-h 70-R

Fairway: Screenshot2023-10-09155350.png.f5298944b93169e969fa080bb4230249.png KE4 3W w/KE4 75-R

Irons Screenshot2023-10-09155350.png.f5298944b93169e969fa080bb4230249.png MMB Forged 3-PW w/TT Dynamic Gold Lite

Wedges:  Screenshot2023-10-09155350.png.f5298944b93169e969fa080bb4230249.png56 Deg, 60 Deg

Putter:   Sub70.png Sycamore 008 Mallet

Preferred Balls: Titleist ProV1

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12 hours ago, Placasse61 said:

Good morning from Currituck, 

Having a cup of joe enjoying the sun rise. Beautiful morning (50's), so great to feel that spring weather is getting closer.  Taking my mom out to lunch and relax with my sister and brother inlaw today. Hope you all have a great day



Taylormade  Stealth 2  10.5*   Fujikura Ventus 5 S (tipped an inch)  @ upright /9.75*

Taylormade Stealth 2    HL 16.5* 3 wood Fujikura Ventus     6 S 

Taylormade Stealth 2   7 & 9 woods   Fujikura Ventus   7 S

Taylormade P7MC  5-PW  Aerotech Steelfiber  95 gm  R 

Tileist SM09 54 & 60* wedges

Ping Anser    

Bridgestone BXS         

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