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Wood or plastic tees?

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Plastic.  I use the short ones on the par threes and the long ones elsewhere.   They last.

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:PXG:0211 3 & 5 Fairway Woods 

:mizuno-small:  Mizuno Hot Metal JPC 921 Irons

:PXG:0311 Wedges--56° & 60°

1937606363_Screenshot2022-11-1321.28.32. Blade Putter

Maxfli Tour Golf Ball



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I like wood, trying to save the planet one tee at a time. Tee time.

Brandon Johnson, MBA
COO / Co-founder North American Golf Tour 


e: bjohnson@northamericangolftour.com


  • D - Taylormade M1 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 3w- Taylormade M1 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 2i - Srixon 
  • 4- 5 Srixon 785 
  • 6- 9 Srixon z blades 
  • PW, GW, SW, LW Cleveland rtx 
  • true temper shafts in all of my irons 
  • putter - Odyssey #9
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Wood or composite.  Plastic leaves marks on the face.  In cold temps (Michigan weather) sometimes 45 degrees, it's like hitting stones. one in our group just got a stealth this past spring and the carbon face was actually damaged. The place he bought it replaced his driver but THEN the guys says you shouldn't use plastic tees with the carbon face especially in cold weather.  Combine the cold with the club AND the tee and the ball.  My personal use/feeling is, though the plastic last longer the trade off isn't worth the scars and the mower blades

Been golfing 63 years.  Consider myself better than average. Play 54 - 72 holes a week in season. 

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Plastic tees for me, for two reasons. First, they do not break as easily as wooden tees so I can usually use them much longer. Although there are some exceptions to this. Some plastic tees can be more brittle than others and bad ones can break as easily as wooden tees. But there are some great plastic tees that are very resistant to breaking. Second, I like the castle or similar design that easily tees it up to a consistent height. These are usually easier to find in a wider variety of heights and colors with plastic. So, I have found my current favorite plastic tees by trial and error.

Chris F.

11 Handicap 

Nike Covert 2.0 irons

Titleist TS Driver, woods, hybrids 

Wilson Infinite putter 

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Plastic tees are wayyy more durable but retrieving it and throwing it in the trash (or re-use the top part on par 3s) is an obsession as I can’t consciously leave plastic rubbish scattered in nature even if it’s on a golf course.

Basic plastic tees will last me until I forget to bring a small wood tee or cannot find a broken tee on a par 3 and then have to use one with a short iron. Otherwise, it will last 10+ rounds!

Edited by Shlax

WITB with picture

D: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.0ebce72d60b9ee4e1161e241fbbd9429.png Rogue ST Max LS 9° / Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d0d357367dfa8603e4c4c28d6264026b.png Rogue White 130 MSI 70X

3W: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Sim Max 15° / Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.6803317b2b3571b718d8c629a4de5c56.png Ventus Blue FW 6S

2i (alternating)Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Stealth UDI 18° / Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d0d357367dfa8603e4c4c28d6264026b.png Ascent Black HY 100X

3H (alternating): Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.6cb9c9932faadee028fda9a351832472.png TSi3 20° / True Temper Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.9a635b7848f15fd4613c0dfb4aad00e0.png Smoke Black RDX 6.0 80HYB

4i-PW: image.png.54cd730cdbf83f1301bb01ca97353cf9.png 01CB / Capturedcran2023-10-05111734.png.2d7f7e831dcd320c5c5d06d9d07a8556.png Tour 130X 2023 tester

52°-56°-60°: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png Milled Grind 2 / True Temper Capturedcran2023-10-05111734.png.76d14504ff83a37b897afbd6c4a1f0e0.png S200

PCapturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.cf5a492ebe80529a929e3f89cb5060c7.png DFX 2-ball

Ball: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.9ff2829469d46ce26b695253efbcd6a1.png Q-Star Tour & Z-Star and Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.4a59074c9744cc7e092f2c36e18ab3de.png TP5 & TP5x

Grips: D-2i: image.png.ec39cb9c1e60dc5987a37598700b82cc.png Z-Grip Cord / 4i-PW: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d618cbfa3b9983eb4bb68d740c266b8a.png Crossline 360 / Wedges: Capturedcran2023-10-05105502.png.d618cbfa3b9983eb4bb68d740c266b8a.png Genesis Crossline Cord

Bag: Ogio.jpg.a670225d3596cda3cd22c4084575c2a2.jpg Fuse 14 and Stat tracking: image.png.d3672a19dde52cc71c030458c62e5421.png X5

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Plastic. I eat wooden tees. I have no idea why, but if I use a wooden tee I will notice as I’m going down the fairway that I am chewing on it. This doesn’t happen with plastic, and as general rule, I do not pick up random pieces of wood off the ground and start chomping on them. 

:ping-small:  G430 LST 10.5° on :projectx: Hzrdus RSX Smoke

:ping-small:  G425 LST 3w  on  :projectx: Hzrdus RSX Smoke

:ping-small:  G425 3H on  MRC Tensei Blue 80S

:taylormade-small: P790 Black 4-S 
on :kbs: TGI 80S

:taylormade-small: Hi Toe 58°  on :kbs: Hi Rev

:L.A.B.:  DF2.1 on :accra: x L.A.B. White

:titelist-small: AVX  

:918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All Iron grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated Mid

Driver, 3w, 3H are JumboMax JMX UltraLite S 

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I started with wood tees. Then I switched over to plastic. But now I'm back to using white tees only.

My reason is simple. I like to get a feel on the shot and understand if it is a toe or heel strike. 

As for driver, the marks at the bottom provide an insight to how I hit the ball.

Taylormade M5 Custom Aldila Rouge Black 130MCI SST Pure Shaft

Taylormade M6 3W Hazardus Yellow

Taylormade M6 3H Hazardus Black 

Callaway Apex Pro Forged SST Pure Irons KBS C-Taper Lite 110 Shaft 1degree upright with each 1/2 Shorter than Std.

Taylormade 50, 54 58 Wedges Custom s200 Shaft Stiff

Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter 34'' Custom Fit Via Golftec.

Ball Srixon Z Star xv.

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I found a plastic martini tee last year and have used it ever since. Now our tee boxes can get very hard, and I will then us a wooden tee. The plastic tee is quite flexible, so it seems to never break. I think that would be better for the environment than either plastic or wood on the tee box or preferably in the waste can. 

Coming back to golf

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No preference. A tee is a tee. I have so many tees, that I haven’t bought any in years. Some courses that I play I have almost found a perfectly good tee on every hole. Some players are too lazy to pick them up. Each year I go through the tees and end up donating some to junior golfers.

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I don't really have a preference, other than length -- I like the longer tees for my driver.  What does bother me are people who slam tees in the ground and don't pick them up.  My son is working on our course's grounds crew this year and tells me how much damage is done to mower blades when they hit tees that have been slammed in the ground. Yesterday, as a quick experiment, I started picking up tees that we buried in the ground. In 4 holes I had 27 tees. I would assume the wooden tees would ultimately deteriorate to the point they wouldn't do much damage, but the plastic ones would certainly dull of not chip mower blades.


So regardless of which tees you use -- pick them up.  If it's broken toss it in the trash or in the rough (rough mower have a much heavier blade and they just chop them up.


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Fairway:  :titelist-small:  Titleist TSi3 15* with HZRDUS RDX Black 6.0, 1/2 short, A4 setting

Fairway:  :callaway-small: Callaway Apex UW, 19* with HZRDUS RDX Black

Irons:.   :taylormade-small: Taylor Made P790 4-9 with KBS Tour Flt 120 Stiff shaft

Wedges:.   :vokey-small:Titleist Vokey SM9, 50, 56 with KBS Tour stiff shaft

Wedges:.   :vokey-small:Titleist Vokey SM7, 60* with Tour Flt stiff shaft

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Odyssey Ten mallet

Ball:.  :titelist-small:  Titleist Left Dash Pro V1x

Grips:. Golf Pride MCC+4, 3 wraps

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Definitely wood tees! Even though wood tees break easily, plastic tees leave those annoying “skid”marks on your clubs that take some effort to rub off. Since I just spent large sums of money on new irons and woods, I’m a little obsessive compulsive about keeping them clean!

:callaway-small: Jaws 58 wedge

:callaway-small:Paradym 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, AW, GW

:callaway-small: Paradym 3wood, 5wood, 7wood and Driver

:odyssey-small: White hot OG Seven putter

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I’m a wooden tee guy.   I like the look and feel. I tried plastic and they seemed to deform or break at a fairly quick rate, and buying tees isn’t breaking the bank. 


Callaway Epic Max LS

Callaway Apex 21 3H, 4H

Srixon ZX5 A through 4I

Taylormade MG3 50, 54, 58

Bettanardi Studio 17

Scotty Cameron Newport

Taylormade Spider GT


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The answer is yes. I don't have a preference. I sometimes prefer wood, because I don't like full tees on par 3's or when using my hybrid or 3 wood off the tee. I'm happy to have a good broken tee for these situations. I haven't bought tees in 35 years. I guess I find a lot per round and just keep accumulating. I mainly find the plastic, so I guess I use those the most.

When my wife asked if I wanted to leave Maine and move to where she grew up, I couldn't say no to Pinehurst, NC. I honestly don't spend much money on golf equipment, but I'm constantly reading reviews in case I ever get ready to buy

I swing left handed and have been the State of Maine Left Hander's champion since 1997, the last year they held the tournament. I'm currently a 7.1 handicap. Trying to get lower, but my gut gets in the way.


Driver: image.png.2a9745c9eca1e1dcd4c3ecfd5b2823e3.png Epic speed 9 degree

Irons: :titelist-small: 990's S300 Stiff shafts bought when I was in college. (Received a personal use discount, otherwise would've stuck with my Hogan Edge's)

3 Wood: :callaway-small:  Epic speed 15 degree or image.png.188f225bd9daa89b3976cdaa079d23d0.png PT15

52/56/60 :taylormade-small: Z Spin wedges (heck of a deal $100 for all 3 at Dick's in 2013)

Putter: :odyssey-small: OG Rossie




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Plastic. Prefer the durability and can’t stand the paint swapping on my driver when using wooden. And due to them not being biodegradable I think it makes me a little more self conscious of picking up broken tees and disposing of them properly rather than letting them lay. I have a superintendent buddy who can’t stand broken tees. I prefer the Pride PTS tees and have never had any issues with marks on my clubs. 

Edited by ccostel18
  • PING G430 LST 10.5 driver
  • Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3w
  • PING G400 5w
  • Cobra Speedzone 3h
  • Srixon z585 irons 5-AW
  • Cleveland CBX2 52
  • Cleveland CBX 56
  • PING Heppler Anser 2 putter
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We spent 5 min looking for a guy’s $15 plastic golf tee. I’ve searched diligently for thousands of balls, but never a tee. I empathized with his plight … but $15 😵‍💫 for a tee? The tee box was elevated, and his tee flew off the front. And I won’t let him forget about it. Whenever I play with him, or even when he’s paired with others, I ALWAYS warn them to watch his tee, not his ball. 😝

:titelist-small: TSi3 #1-3-5 all with Tensi Blue S-flex

:callaway-small: 2019 Apex Pro black 3 & 4H Catalyst 70 or    

:titelist-small: TSi3 #2-3 depending on how I’m playing. Tensi Blue

:callaway-small: 2019 Calloway Apex Pro black, 5-PW, Catalyst 100 - 6.0, Super Stroker Jumbo   

:cobra-small:  2020 RadSpeed OL 4H, 5-GW … won’t get to actually use till warmer weather

:callaway-small: 2019 PM-grind, 56° & 60°, KBS steel, Green Cap

:taylormade-small: Blue Spider EX

:titelist-small: Pro V1X

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The company I work for makes these.


The company also manufactures other plastic tees, plastic divot tools, and plastic ball markers for different resellers. 


So yeah, I'm wood all day long. 🙂



What's in the bag? This is....
IRONS         Srixon ZX5 5-AW fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts
WEDGE's     Vokey SM9 54* 14 Fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts and A 60* Jean Carlo Golf Wedge (Amazon)
DRIVER       default_taylormade-small.jpg M6
3 WOOD     default_taylormade-small.jpg M6
HYBRIDS     cobra King F9 Speedback 3&4  KBS TOUR HB GRAPHITE 75 R
PUTTER       cobra WideSport 35" 
Lamkin       Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Standard Golf Grips
I also use Garmin Approach S70 and a Bushnell V3 (no slope)
And a Full Swing Kit launch monitor for the three times a week or so when I practice. 


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I prefer plastic just because they are re-usable and don't chip.  Although I have both in my pouch that I use,  for some reason the shorter tees used for PAr 3's in wood I  prefer more. 

image.png.b89fa684b54b186f20c376e6af43ac1d.png 425's- 5i to PW, UW

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  G400 Driver, G425 3W, G425 7W, G425 3H

image.png.cf53a065a6e348c87221c4bf13510375.png 56 degree Hi-Toe wedge

image.png.4462ac5ffcc9491d68e78951b3a1a587.png  Glide 60 degree 

image.png.d4990c8d6330ecc392d9a5124b26165a.png Evnroll ER3

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Definitely wood. I started with plastic this year and they go flying and I can't find them after the tee shot. So I bought wood tees. They stay in the ground or are easily found after the hit. I know it sounds crazy 🤣

Maltyby Clubs

Titleist Bag

Sunday Bag

Round Golf Balls

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I actually use both. Plastic for driver, wood for iron, hybrids or woods. The odds are much higher with the latter that I can’t find the tee, it’s stuck in the ground after a shot, or it breaks so wood makes more sense. But plastic overall. 

Woo Pig

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Wood. The plastic ones tend to get crooked and the ball sits funny on them after that. Also, when the wood one breaks it’s good to use for par 3s and FW/iron off shorter par 4s. Just my personal preference 

:titelist-small: TSR2 10.0 Fujikura Ventus TR Black 5x

:titelist-small: TSR2+ 14.5 degree Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6s

:titelist-small: TSR2 18 degree Graphite Design Tour AD UB 6s

:titelist-small: T200 Utility Build 4iron Graphite Design Tour AD DI

:titelist-small: T100s 5-P Dynamic Gold TI X100 

:vokey-small: SM 9 50, 54, 58

:cameron-small: Super Select Golo 6

:titelist-small: ProV1X 


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