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Does the ball impact the game?

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Great thread and research.


I've played Titleist NXT Tour and Bridgestone e6 for the past 3 years. My brother (3 hc) gave me a sleeve of Pro V1's to try. He said my short game was paying the price for the balls I was using. I ended up finishing last season playing Pro V1's and knocking off around 3 strokes a round.


I'm going to give the Penta TP5 a fair shake as soon as this fickle Ohio weather will allow.

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I hit the callaway tour balls farther than anything that I ave tried, they also spin very well for me. During the spring and fall I use the older models that I can get pretty cheap,( tour is) and during the season I am going to play the tour black. Pro v1, and penta's are also good, if you don't mind the price or can find some gently used, I have said for a while now, everyone benefits from the high end golf balls. If I am looking for a distance ball ,without worrying about any other part of the game I would play the callaway hx hot, I can hit that ball really far, up into the 330-340 range. The problem that It is too difficult to stop on rock hard greens or any green for that matter from anything outside of 130 yards. I tried the Bridgestone high end balls (B330 all) before, and lost 20 yards from the tee consistently, I just didn't find them on the same level as the others mentioned above.

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Lefty three things.


1. When are you outside of 130 if you hit it 330? :)


2. I found the same thing that you did with the earlier generation of Bridgestone balls but that hasn't been the case of late - I pretty much find the same results with all the tour level balls Bridgestone included.


3. Penta's are super cheap right now because TMag is replacing them - you can find them new for $25 a dozen.

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I didn't always hit the hx hot that far, but on occasion I would catch it just right I guess. So there were plenty of times I would be outside 130. I just was not able to stop that ball. Now with the tour type balls, I really did lose some distance, but I still hit it pretty far, but around the greens I can stop the hex black quickly, which allows me to carry the ball to the hole without worrying whether or not it will stop. I think even high handicappers can benefit from that, you just need to make good contact on the ball, and it will stop.


Maybe I will try the newer bridgestone balls, but I really like the callaways.

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Conventional wisdom is that someone with my swing speed (75-80 mph) needs to use a 2 piece distance ball and tour quality balls are simply not to be considered.


Had it not been for the fact I got setup to practice at home with a GC2 a couple of months ago, I'm sure I'd still be planning to game the Precept Laddies, Wison 50s and Bridgestone E6s that I have stocked up.


That's not what the numbers tell me, particularly since my "short game" starts with my drive! :blink:


I decided to conduct my own ball fitting a few weeks ago, using not only my "gamers" but the shag balls that had accumulated in my bag.


I had to keep re-testing the Pro V1's in order to convince myself what I was seeing.


Perhaps it's even due to the fact I'm a senior player with a low swing speed that I get the "non-conventionl" result, but I DON'T LOSE DISTANCE with the Pro Vs, if anything I may actually gain a few yards! Spin results for irons and wedges are FAR better for me than any of the distance balls. My comparisons, thus far, are using NEW distance balls vs OLD used ProV1ss I found in the woods last year. I'm pretty sure than when I recover from surgery and can try this again using new ProV1's that my results won't demonstrate that old balls work better than old ones. - lol


The only way I can achieve decent scores is to keep my ball in play without penalty and have a good short game. My results indicate to me that the only way I can do this is by using a tour quality ball.


As JSHIBONE and Silver & Black point out above, some of us are throwing strokes away by trying to play with "distance balls". Accuracy is FAR more important to me than distance and, as I'm not ever planning on participating in any Long Drive Contests, I just want to get the ball in the hole as close to par (or make birdie) every chance I get! :P


I don't see how ANYONE can expect to do that with distance balls, based on what I'm seeing now.

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Has anyone played the Penta TP5 and Calloway Hex Black Tour? If so, what did you think?




edit: I should have worded that better.


Has anyone compared the two around the green? If so, do you prefer one over the other, and why?


I'm only asking because I can get a killer deal on either ball, but I have never tried either one.

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They are remarkably close in both performance and quality. I found the Calloway to be a little more susceptible to scuffing. Though I personally prefer the TP5, I think the Calloways is close enough that it would boil down to personal preference.

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I actually found what looked to be a brand new TP5, so I tried to play a few holes with it, I did no t like it at all. I just didn't feel right coming off the club face, so around the greens again didn't like it. I play the callaway balls as my everyday ball, I play them because I get really good distance off the tee, and I like the feel I get around the greens. As dru_ stated it really is a personal preference decision. All of the top line balls perform in similar ways to each other, so since you can get them both at a good price, try both, and find out what you like.

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