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Designer Leather Putter Grips

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Designer Putter Grips are a niche selection of specialty leathers. The name comes from their use in the fashion industry by the big name Design Houses. Depending on the thickness you will see these types leathers in handbags, shoes, jackets, luggage and high end vehicles. You will also find these unique leathers as putter grips and putter/drivershoes at BestGrips!


Designer leathers are notoriously softer than standard leathers. They come in more vibrant colors as well as unique textures. However, the trade off is the lack of ProTac (the golf grip equivalent of Captain America's Super Soldier Serum). In putter grips and, especially, headcovers, this is not a big deal (as I have always said, "I have yet to see a leather grip that is as slick as a rubber grip after 50 swings).


With that said, here are the first three Designer Putter Grips joining the Tiffany Blue Putter Grip in the Designer Section (Carbon Fiber will be relocating to the Standard Putter Grip Section).



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