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    OK, let's start with the disclaimers: Odyssey's R&D is better than mine. Their machining tolerances are tighter than mine. I probably totally missed the point of Stroke Lab. etc. Listen, I tinker for fun. Could I have just bought a Stroke Lab putter? Absolutely. But I enjoy this kind of thing. Like others on this forum, I've been impressed with the Stroke Lab putters in the limited experiences I've had with them in golf shops. I can't put my finger on exactly what it is about them, but they're that kind of putter that when I pick it up and roll a few, it feels great and I seem to make everything. Odyssey's own marketing for Stroke Lab emphasizes the way the shaft distributes weight. This is a contrast from the similar-looking (and very pricey) Stability Shaft, which makes claims about torque and such. This is good news for a tinkerer; I'm not going to be able to replicate a whole different graphite construction, but I can approximate weight location in a shaft. Plus, let's not kid ourselves: one reason for the cool multi-material design is that you notice it when a TOUR player is using a Stroke Lab. TaylorMade has been brilliant about this with their drivers (white heads, then the distinctive M-series crowns); they are immediately recognizable on TV in a way that most Titleist/Srixon/etc. drivers aren't. I could be wrong, and maybe I'm just a wee bit cynical, but I'd guess that this was a factor in the Stroke Lab shaft design. But it also looks cool, and that's a plus. So here's where I started: I found an old putter shaft I had laying around. It was a single bend and I needed a straight shaft, but the tip was uniform even up to the straight section. A little hacksaw and file work, and viola, I had myself a roughly 10" straight steel putter shaft section. Next, I needed the graphite section. I figured I'd go with something that was also a .370 tip, so that meant I needed to order an iron/hybrid shaft. So my choice was this X-Flex Matrix Kujoh from eBay for $20. Now the fun began. My original thought was to slide the steel tip onto the graphite, mark where it stopped, cut about an inch or two below that, prep the tip, and epoxy. But I quickly found that that wasn't going to be ideal. The steel fit very low on that graphite. That was going to result in my cutting a lot from the butt end of the shaft, probably weakening that end, and also making the grip installation problematic (because I'd have to build the tapered part of the shaft up so much). A lesser problem was that the shaft graphics would be in an odd place. I'm keeping them on the underside of the shaft at address, but I still tend to be a stickler for club aesthetics. So I ended up deciding where I wanted the steel to start on the graphite, and then gradually working the graphite there with sandpaper (as evenly around as possible) to create a peg on which to seat the steel. This took a bit of patience and a steady hand, but I eventually was left with a good inch+ on which I could epoxy the parts together. The actual joint turned out well. It's not perfect; you can definitely nitpick with close inspection. But it's cleaner than I probably expected going in; I was already considering something like auto pinstriping tape to hide the seam, but I don't think that will be needed. I built this shaft to go on the putter that I've been playing all season: my Odyssey EXO Indianapolis S. I really come to enjoy this putter, and it's working well for me. In my last 10 rounds, I've averaged 30.6 putts, 3-putting 4% of the time. Again, some might protest: why mess with a good thing? Answer one: I'm probably just not rational. Answer two: my putting (still) could get better. Pulling shafts from the slant necks is really easy: a little heat on the shaft and off she comes! (Another good thing: if this experiment goes south, reinstalling the old shaft with the grip already on it will be a breeze.) So I got my new Frankenshaft on in no time: All that was left was the grip. I'd been intrigued by Evnroll's Gravity Grip for a while now, and was able to pick up a barely used one on eBay. This fit the goals of the project nicely: the genuine Stroke Lab putters are also weighted in the grip end. It also seemed to me that by lightening the shaft, the face-squaring properties of the Gravity Grip should be accentuated. If a putter with a black shaft and grip is called murdered out, my grey shaft and grip are merely assaulted out. So that's my latest experiment. I've rolled it on the basement green, and the early returns have been positive. It should see some time on the course this week, and I'll report back here with my observations.
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    Okay time to throw in the towel. It’s tough sledding in Florida this time of year. I had two cracks at it and shot 78,79. Same course, same tees so I’m going with the 78. 7/14 Seminole Lake Country Club (home of the old LPGA St Pete Open) Par 71 Course rating 68.2 Slope 122 Clubs used Driver 7 wood 8 iron 52 Putter Key holes: I was actually the first guy to complete a round and thought my 78 was pretty good. I had two birdies including a chip in. A triple and a double did me in. If I had this to do again i would have worked on the 52 out of the bunker a bit prior to playing if. I frequently chip with that club which is why I chose it. My favorite hole was the last one. Par 3, 152 over a pound, I had to lay up left and trust my short game. The joke went as planned. It was a great old school type challenge, I truly enjoyed it. Thanks to Bucky for choosing me as his partner. We SuperSpeeders played well. I think we won gross but sadly this is not a gross/net affair. Thanks to the group, MGS and of course Cobra for arranging this season long set of challenges. It’s a wonderful and fun way to highlight a great line of clubs. Good luck the rest of the way guys and go Bucky, go!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I just noticed that I've hit and passed the 1,000 mark! (This is 1,002) While I've been mostly sidelined the last few years due to various physical issues and a few others you can read about in here, and my handicap has gone from around a 10 to I wouldn't even want to know, this site and the fine ladies and gentlemen on it have kept my love for the game- and really my outlook on life- going strong. Thank you to my Sweet Lady for putting up with my ridiculous hobby and all its/my frustrations, and I've got to give a special shout out to the Rev, Nifty, Chisag, Jmike, BigStu, Djaid, KennyB, Peaksy, Camcart, Dadivots, Ole Gray, and of course the big boys upstairs and all the official GolfSpys- I'm sorry if I'm missing anyone- you all are the best!
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    My entry for the best shot/hole contest is up. I'm going with "Eagle for the Win". Head over to the first page of this thread to read the story of the hole that led to my first tournament win ever. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/32002-2019-official-cobraconnect-challenge-3/?do=findComment&comment=546378
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    Week 6 Recap and announcement for Week 7 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 6 Recap... This week was all about the teams and they each turned in some really good scores. Glad to see how much effort was put into this week's challenge. A special THANK YOU goes out to the recruited players that gave it the full effort and even played multiple rounds trying to do the best they could for their competitors. Also, really cool to see that 1) the scores aren't much higher than usual and 2) some guys actually went much lower using 1/3 of the clubs they normally carry. What do you guys think? You think this 4-club challenge is something you would like to have on larger scale? For those keeping score at home, here's the Net formula we use: (Gross Score - Course Handicap) + Adjusted Course Rating = NET or, to break it down further: {Gross Score-[(Slope Rating/113)*Handicap]}+(72-Course Rating) = NET And here's our results. They're listed in a "Gross/Net" Format: Team Bardle: 183 / 142 @bardle: 101 / 69.8 @Wedgie: 82 / 72.3 The Super Speeders: 155 / 145.1 @Bucky CC : 77 / 70.6 @revkev : 78 / 74.6 Kiwi and the Iceman: 156 / 142.8 @Nunfa0 : 77 / 70.1 @Apolloshowl : 79 / 72.7 Weapons of Grass Destruction: 174 / 156.7 @palvord : 90 / 77.6 @yungkory : 84 / 79.1 The Blue Bloods: 161 / 135.1 @robertson153 : 81 / 66.1 @fozcycle : 79 / 69 After an out-of-whack baseline, we fixed Robertson's baseline handicaps but he and his teammate still had a stellar week as THE BLUE BLOODS took home the victory. Which means....the forum member challenge for Week 6 goes to Mr Cobra himself, @fozcycle. Foz, Your whole wardrobe is going to Puma soon enough. Finally, the week-by-week rankings changed a little bit once we fixed @robertson153 up. Props to him for doing the legwork with Arccos to get proper HC numbers even if it hurt him a little bit in the challenge. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Week 7 Challenge... Competitors: As we reach the home stretch, it's time we give the competitors a week off from playing (should they choose to do so) and bring back one of the fun challenges that Arccos enables: The Best Shot/Hole. Competitors will tell you a tale this week about their best shot or best hole they played during this entire challenge. Screenshots, pictures, and stories are expected. Can anyone top @Joyzee10's MONSTER BOMB from last year? The winner this week will be the player that accumulates the most votes by the time the poll closes on Sunday at 10pm EST. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forum Members: By now, you know the drill. Vote for your favorite shot to be entered into a spin for the wheel of fate. The vote gets you one entry and you've got a chance to earn a second entry if you comment in the thread telling us who you voted for and why. Good Luck! Q: Where can I view all of the shots in one place? A: Placeholders were posted in the beginning of the thread just like Stages in normal reviews. Because I like you so much, here's the list: @bardle -- Week 7 - Best Shot/Hole @Bucky CC -- Week 7 - Best Shot/Hole @Nunfa0 -- Week 7 - Best Shot/Hole @palvord -- Week 7 - Best Shot/Hole @robertson153 -- Week 7 - Best Shot/Hole Weekly Prize: This week's lucky winner will bring home a Puma Hat and Shirt ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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    Well good afternoon to everyone from here in sunny London, My name is Cam, and I'm part of the PuttOUT team and wanted to see if I could jump into the conversation and directly answer any queries or questions you had, along with following up on what's been touched on so far (I'm also the one who put those little notes in the box so greetings on another platform). From the sounds of things, it looks like the first reaction to the products themselves have been great (woo!), followed by moment from a few testers of shock when checking stroke, alignment and setup. For those concerned, don't worry, from experience we've found this to be a pretty normal part of getting into a proper practice routine, and clearly there's already been some realisations and 'corrections' hopefully leading to improvements! Double whammy. So firstly, a big thank you to MGS, specifically @GolfSpy MPR, @GolfSpy STUDque and @Golfspy_CG2 for asking us to come onboard with the renowned MGS Member Testing. It's truly a privilege. Secondly, a thank you to all the testers themselves (@Kanoito, @HardcoreLooper, @Peaksy68, @tommc23 and @gaussman1) for taking up their time, getting stuck in and offering their opinions and feedback on our first three products - mat, mirror and trainer. Obviously there's a lot that goes into being thorough in testing so I can assure you that we're all very grateful here for your hard work. Thirdly, thank you for all the exceptionally nice comments so far on different aspects of the products. It's fantastic to hear that the small details have not been taken for granted and it makes the toiling over the seemingly insignificant bits worthwhile (when it took us five rounds of prototyping just to get the cardboard tube used inside the mat packaging the way we'd like it, you quickly realise it's the tip of the iceberg). 1. The first thing that came to our attention was the question about the height of the mirror from the ground so let's see if we can offer a little more detail and get a few more thoughts from there: The mirror itself is made up of three individual parts: a back-printed acrylic mirror part (1.5mm), a steel inner plate (1mm), and a spiked rubber outer that encases everything as one (5mm). To put this into perspective, the industry standard putting mirror stands fairly consistently at 3mm (a little less than two stacked quarters). This could have been the goal but we saw it as an unrealistic one when adding two extra layers onto what already exists. It should be noted that it did come up amongst us and we wanted to put our own minds at rest so in prototyping we sent out more than a dozen mirrors to PGA professionals, tour pros and equipment geeks with one of the follow-up questions being: "does the height cause any issues?" Without exception or prompting, the answer was that it wasn't a problem for anyone who uses or has used a mirror before. The only way we believe we could have made the product any thinner would be by glueing it all together instead of creating a casing. However this option would have meant more cost, risk of quality control (imagine trying to perfectly align and ensure the correct gluing of 30,000 three-part mirrors!), but most of all would have meant that inevitably the glue would have become unstuck. We tried to design our mirror to theoretically last forever, with the removable outer casing, it means you can take the product apart, clean it, and put it back together without any faults creeping up over time. 2. The second question that has come up so far is about our mat forming a very small ridge along the central putting line. This is an interesting one but rest assured it has a happy ending. As mentioned, we went through five rounds of prototyping simply for the mat packaging so that's a little precursor of how much care went into making the product itself!: In creating our mat, to start off we looked at what already existed on the market and decided that there were two categories of putting mats: either the absolute top of the line putting mats out there which were very expensive, immoveable and often a rigid, permanent structure; or the more temporary options which were very low-quality, felt cheap and had constant problems (as well as big return and refund rates from retailers). We wanted to be the ones who designed a product that was great quality, discreet and portable, as well as affordable to those who didn't want to spend a huge amount kitting out an at-home studio (I know, it's the goal for us all someday). When it comes to the possibility of a ridge being created through use, we like to use the analogy of the humble tennis ball: when the ball comes out the tube, the fibres are long but compact to the rubber inside the ball. Over a few games, the fibres begin to stand on end and become more 'fluffy', but then over time they become shorted from wear and flattened again with use. This is the same principle we applied to our putting mat: it comes out the tube and the fibres stand on end with complete uniformity. With a bit of rolling the ball down the same line over and over in a practice session, they can begin to lay down only on that one line. Over time as the mat is used more and more, the fibres flatten across the entire surface, creating an even smoother roll all across the putting surface. Where some products wear and deteriorate over time, we've found that this is one that actually gets better with play, and like our putting mirror, will last as long as you want to use it for. (We'd love to claim this bit as our lightbulb/genius/foresight moment, but really it was something we only discovered as we put our prototypes through the testing phase back in 2017 before launch) In the meantime, the solution to any ridges is a nice, quick fix: just rough up the surface and then smooth down the fibres with your hand back to their original state aaaaand we're back! Hopefully this is a nice little hello from us and has answered the two questions that have come up in testing so far, BUT we're here to get the best possible feedback from you to help us do even better going forward. We're doing everything we can to make the best products out there and you've shown incredible support in helping us get to a position where we can keep going and keep creating so when you have a question, just shout because with any luck, we're here for the long run. Cam
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    All about the bag this week, and I gotta say, it’s one of the nicest bags I’ve ever had. Before this bag I gamed a Callaway 14 way cart bag. Even though it was getting old and a little wore, it was still a good bag. The first thing I noticed, besides the fact that the bag is pretty good to look at, was the zippers seem to be well made. I like the all dark colors, not much of a flashy guy. There are plenty of pockets for everything you’ll need on the course. I keep a lot of balls, tees, sunscreen, money, rangefinder, biofreeze, the rain cover it comes with (I don’t have a pic of that, sorry), driver wrench, and there’s still plenty more room to spare. It also comes with a built in cooler pocket, that I still haven’t used, but looks well made. I ALWAYS ride, but if I didn’t, I could see me using the cooler pocket. It’s not that big, but I’m sure you could fit a good 4 cans or bottles in there, with room for ice. There is also a umbrella pocket on the side, but once again I always ride, so no need for that either. Plus I don’t plan on playing in the rain. The 14 way divider is awesome! I use midsized grips, and I’ve never had a problem getting a club out or putting one back in. The putter slot is massive, don’t think any size putter grip would have a problem there. Don’t that look just lovely. I would rate this cart bag 10-10, and would highly recommended it to anyone wanting a light, stylish, well made cart bag. They also have many different color options. The bag is one of my favorite pieces with the CCC3. If I got rid of every club, the bag would most definitely stay with me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Oh yes! Almost forgot the irrelevant award. I wasn't going to post this one but it's literally ONE person in the entire pool who pulled off this amazing feat. Luckily, this person is a good dude and I hope he doesn't mind that I'm calling him out: @perseveringgolfer He managed to pick a perfectly, wrong team His team of Woods, Dechambeau, Cabrera Bello, Sullivan, and Rock was the ONLY team in the entire pool that entirely missed the cut. Sure there were worse teams that accumulated less $$ but his was the only one that had 5 complete picks of players actually in the field who all missed the cut. Great Going!! I think this would be a fun challenge for the future. Like those elimination brackets people do for football
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    Why are some of you voting before all entries are in?? Seems your minds are made up regardless of what anyone post. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This weekend, I was on a golf trip and that limited my interactions in here to just reactions to posts. As I mentioned, I took a golf lesson on Tuesday, and was seeing some success in the four club challenge round. Well, during the golf trip the lesson really paid off: I broke 90 for two consecutive rounds! These two rounds are some of my lowest handicaps in Driving and Approach in Arccos for the Cobra Challenge. I was more successful with self-correcting on the course, and was better mentally throughout both rounds. Through these last few weeks of grinding on the course, I have firmly believed that the fault was with me, and not the clubs. These two rounds are proof of that. I need to continue practicing to keep pushing my scores lower, but I am just excited to finally see some results that look like what I believe I am capable of.
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    Better Ball tourney on Saturday. Didn't go well. Shot 89 on my own ball, partner scored even worse (considerably). Didn't hit enough greens or get close enough to the hole when chipping/pitching up. Putting was good though - no 3-putts all day. Ball striking was decent. My biggest issue was just getting yardages right with the wind blowing a constant 15+ MPH all day. Hole of the day was the most difficult on the course, #11. It's a 456-yard downhill par 4 and the pin was in the back on a relatively small sliver of green and tucked behind a bunker. I piped driver down the left side where there is a speed slot and a good angle into the green. With 163 left in, I pulled 7-Iron and flushed it, ball mark was within 3' to the right of the flag - ball stopped about 10' past the flag. Missed the right-to-left putt for bird, but made an easy par which is much more than I can usually say about that hole.
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    So, I finally got out after 12 straight days of 12-15 hour shifts. I played with a member in an Alternate Shot event, and put that poor guy in some spots that he didn't know existed on the course. (we still won the thing by one.) Then we went out for a 6 hole feature. 11 players in one group. We played a 3 team scramble. ended up going extra holes. Finished Birdie/Eagle in extras for the W. All in all, it was a good day on the course.
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    Struggled with the flat stick on slower greens today -- 34 putts. Playing the back tees and couldn't reach most of the greens in regulation (6/18) and my up and down percentage wasn't up to par (not getting close enough to one putt too many times). Walked off with a disappointing 86. The group I played with was such that I was hitting from the gold tees, 2 others from the forward blue tees, and the other far forward white tees (this group I play with sets what tee you play by age -- under 70 plays men's tees, 70+ plays senior tees, and 80+ plays forward tees). Not fun being a shorter hitter and having to play the back tees.
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    I lipped out two par putts that would have me at 79 for the round. Instead I ended up at 81..... 40/41.
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    With apologies to a few of the holes that I posted in the P.A.T.T.S. thread (Par After Terrible Tee Shot) there was really only one clear choice for me this week. I'm officially calling it "Eagle for the Win". The public course I'm a member at holds a season long event race that finishes with a Ryder Cup style tournament in October. There's a wide variety of tournament types (single, partner, stableford, 40 ball foursome, etc) with four 36 hole majors sprinkled in. My shot comes from our first major of the year - The June Cup. After a great first round I slept on a five shot lead in my flight. That good feelings quickly evaporated as round two got off to a discouraging start. We began on hole 4 (shotgun start) and I immediately bogeyed the first four holes to all but evaporate the five shot lead I had built. A few more bogeys and one double later I was +8 for the day with only two holes left. I was feeling a bit like this guy: Thinking that my lead was probably gone I had to be very aggressive on the next hole. Hole 2 at Western Lakes is a 486 yard par 5 that usually plays into a strong wind. There is a nasty fairway bunker along with water on the right and a stream you have to cross on your approach shot. Arccos Caddie suggests I play the hole with 3H and a six iron. I'd love to try that strategy but it would never work with the hole playing into the wind. . Feeling a mix of crushing disappointment and quiet aggression I grabbed the big stick and aimed way left to avoid the water. I hit the exact drive I was going for 271 yards safely into the next fairway over That left me with 215 to the hole and a big decision. Do I go for the green or play it smart with an iron to get back into my own fairway? Of course I go for it! I hit a high draw with my 4h that started out a little right and came back to the green perfectly and stopped 28 feet from the pin. The putt found it's home and I ended with an Eagle 3. After a par on the last hole the tournament ended with me 11 shots (net) on top of the nearest competitor in the 1st flight. I later found out the closest guy to me went double-triple over his final two holes when he heard I was struggling and he was close. Thanks to the Cobra clubs and this hole I won my first ever tournament. Since then I've been playing the best golf of my life.
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    It was really fun to be able to compete/help out in the challenge all the way from the middle of the Pacific! That said, I'll never do a 4-club challenge again LOL.
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    The CHAMP is back again! To Bucky and everyone else, I will leave you with this Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Hats off to Global Golf. Bought a certified pre owned spider from them last week that came without a headcover and a gauge on the top line. Easy to replace and this showed up today. Still in the plastic! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    And the winner is......EVERYONE Thanks to everyone who participated throughout this fantastic Major season with #SpyStaffSlam. For the second year in a row, this challenge proved to be a resounding success and the source of a lot of fun for all involved. Of course, none of this would be possible without their sponsorship so a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Wilson Staff. All 15 of the people who picked Shane Lowry to win The Open Championship made their way to the top of the list as no one else had a solid enough full-entry to overcome the winner's check. For you statisticians, that's 15 out of 806 entries. 1.9% total. And he boat raced the field! AMAZING. There was a lot of meat left on the bone for our standings. A perfect team would've been the odd group of Fleetwood, Lowry, Westwood, Van Rooyen, and Macintire for a total of $3,925,850. Even our winner was well off that mark. Time for some results, here's your Honorable mentions: 10. @msst8er with $2,030,578 Rory, Lowry, Pepperell, Wiesberger, Reavie 9. @Patin29 with $2,036,342.01 Tiger, Lowry, Simpson, Oleson, None 8. @bens197 with $2,045,692 Rory, Lowry, Simpson, Watson, Neimann 7. @Camcmart with $2,109,725 Rose, Lowry, Simpson, Harrington, Mitchell 6. @Shankster with $2,476,800 Koepka, Lowry, Pepperell, Sullivan, Beef 5. @Chrisincarlsbad with $2,556,056 Koepka, Lowry, Cabrera Bello, Wiesberger, Frittelli 4. @Christoffer with $2,567,000.01 Fowler, Lowry, Hatton, ZJ, Kinhult On to the winner's circle: Third Place - ANY Dozen Wilson Golf Balls @MsGolf with $2,545,813 Koepka, Lowry, Phil, ZJ, Sabbatini Second Place - D7 Driver Built to Spec @danielmpagan with $2,625,525 Koepka, Lowry, Pepperell, Kisner, Cam Smith First Place - ANY CUSTOM Wilson Staff Irons @TurnMaker with $2,709,050 Rahm, Lowry, Westwood, Bradley, Cam Smith Fun Fact: Lightning can strike twice as @TurnMaker was a ball winner in last year's PGA Championship. This is our first repeat winner in #SpyStaffSlam. Time to buy some lotto tickets! The pennies in the standings indicate a bad pick of someone who wasn't in the field or no pick at all. If you'd like to see where you fell, the full list can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RRiDBlLOeOQpB9jIKbyNsXvDbfW6qzXq-5l7Q-9izhw/edit?usp=sharing Congrats to the winners, keep an eye out for a PM from me. See you all next year!!!
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    I can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted. Thanks for carrying us to victory. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Thanks for letting me participate in the Challenge....I had a lot of fun and confidence with my Cobras [emoji216] . And of course my partner, Blake, aka Robertson153. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Got my shipping quote from Vessel for my replacement bag. $130 to Hawaii or $19.97 to my dad's in CA? Hmmmm, that's an easy choice! So I paid for the shipping and have a Vessel 14-way Player Stand Bag 2.0 that'll be ready for me next week. Gotta love some solid customer service!
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    75 (par 73) 7/14 fir 13/18 gir 33 putts Hit the ball well, still can't make a putt. 2 birdies and both were 2 putts. Going on vacation without my clubs for 9 days so hopefully when I come back I remember how to make a putt.
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    This week is about the bag. And, Cobra continues to impress. I chose the stand bag as I have begun trying to walk more rounds this year. I was using a 14 slot divider cart bag, and needed to upgrade in order to walk more. I have really enjoyed carrying my bag or strapping it into my very old pull cart. (a Wilson cart found at a garage sale) The shoulder straps are comfortable and easily adjusted depending on how high you want to carry the bag on your back. When I walk, I do have some bag chatter, but that is easily remedied by putting your hand over the guilty clubs. The legs deploy quickly and easily with the EASYflex base, however it does cause some of the clubs to become jumbled at the bottom of the bag, or pushed up in their respective slot. If you're not careful when putting the club in the slot the entire way, you risk the club falling out when picking up the bag. Also, it can be tough to smoothly pull a club from the bag when this pinching occurs. (To me it is a minor inconvenience, but I can see where it could be annoying) The amount of pockets is perfect for my needs, and the sizes are excellent as well. I find that everything is easily accessible and in a logical place for where I would want specific items kept. I especially appreciate the size of the valuables pocket as it can hold my wallet, keys, cellphone, and sunglasses easily. The location of the water bottle holder is very convenient for access when walking. You can walk down the course, reach for your water, and return it without needing to set the bag down. This point may seem minor, but I really like how smooth the zippers are on the bag. I am notoriously successful at binding zippers unintentionally, but I have not had that issue at all with this bag. No seams or loose thread hang over the path of the teeth of the zippers, and the pulls easily move up and down. Overall, I would rate the bag a 89/100 with the minus points for the club binding that occurs when the legs are extended, and sometimes when the bag is vertical on a cart.
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    Dumb weather. Storms rolled through Friday night and we were lucky to have power Saturday morning. Spent all morning Saturday trying to get housework done in preparation for my Sunday round. At 3 p.m. another brief storm rolled through and knocked out our power. Spent the rest of the evening babysitting our generator, and most of today, too. No golf this weekend because of that. Otherwise gorgeous day today. Our neighborhood is tree-lined with red maples planted some time ago by the city. It's like no one ever thought they would grow! They are all woven through the lines now and they don't trim at all. Very frustrating.
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    You can pay pal me the $29.99 for the online instruction tip
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    What a strategery to pick another fairway off the tee and then the execution to make an eagle. What a hole @Bucky CC!
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    I had two this weekend on back to back holes: This one, I cold topped the 3w, and then relied on my 5i to get me back into play. A crazy good sand shot and 1 putt saved a par on this long par 5. The very next hole: I smashed the 3w, but so far offline to the left. I was against a rock wall needing to hit up a hill. I punched the 7i into the side of the hill, and was able to get it to roll to the top and rest. Another good pitch shot and 1 putt saved par. The more I really look at the game, the more I have learned that the short game is how you can save strokes. The ability to get up and down from any situation is possibly the best way to lower your score. I need to find a better practice facility to really work at honing this skill.
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    Oh there’s this one from today. Windy, wet, 213 was into the wind, plugged. Had 185 to the middle and shoved it right, short sided in thick rough. Tried the flop that turned into the sh...nk. So now I’m staring at a tougher pitch but from a better lie. Pitched it in for par!!! Ruined the great feeling on the next hoke after hitting it on in 2 on a par 5 and three putting. :( Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’ve found a repeatable swing. Now to convince myself not to stray from it. It’s a nice little open stance cut shot. The “go to” as the announcers would say on The Open about 9,000 times this week. I present a lot of loft at impact anyways, I think this is why I can scorch long irons no problem, and why I got along so well with a 8.5° Driver. This swing I’ve found is a little trap fade. I’m sure it’s ugly, but it’s deadly accurate, and less stress on my shoulder, and back.
  33. 4 points
    Made up a six shot deficit to tie for 1st place after 36 holes. It was a three team playoff which was won on the first hole when a competitor made birdie (net eagle). Sucks that my team didn't win but I'm pretty happy with a 2nd place finish out of 22 teams. I did manage to make 3 birdies today but shot 78 compared to my 76 yesterday. Time for a nap!!!
  34. 4 points
    Hit the ball well, but struggled on the green 39/40-79 6 FW (most misses were just off the fairways), 12 greens, 38 putts (5 three putts)
  35. 4 points
    Dang, tough luck to go 4-1 and still move down in the standings. Lots of big scores all around me. Congrats to the following owners for going 5-0 in our final major: @GolfSpy Stroker @jahren01 @poprocksncoke @DannyDips @Camcmart As we sprint to the finish, WGC St Jude is our final Tier 2 event of the season and the last big opportunity to set yourself up for the playoffs. Digest matchups are already set. In Truth, @GB13 has locked up the #1 seed with the first round bonus but slots 2-4 are anybody's game. Digest, on the other hand, has a 4 way tie for the lead with multiple teams close behind. Top 8 in each division (playoff qualified) also has a lot of flexibility depending on how the next 2 weeks go. Should be a free-for-all to the finish as the Wyndham is the only event between St Jude and the playoffs. Good luck everyone! Edit: I added a stat category as well. The text is "Albatross in Major" but that's the category we'll use for the regular season bonus in round 1 of the playoffs. None were made this year so that category won't affect any previous results.
  36. 3 points
    I thought we weren't going to tell anyone about that?
  37. 3 points
    @robertson153 and @fozcycle, well done.. For some reason this feels very much like someone got a ringer.. but well played.. You guys are doing a fantastic job, Your in the home stretch keep it going and now is the time to push to the end..
  38. 3 points
    Just caught up on here from the last week. I said it before, but I'll say it again, you guys are killing this review! Really awesome stuff and good info. We made a Hole in One with this group
  39. 3 points
    I voted for @Bucky CC bc 'whos says you have to play from your own fairway.' And bc stories arent made about guys who laid-up!
  40. 3 points
    It's nice the testers have so many other spy's local to participate in this past weeks challenge... I would probably have to time the team event with a NW Spy Meet-up. More cattle and trout than golfers around here . Nice going @fozcycle!!
  41. 3 points
    A sprinkler head on #4 at my home club was struck by lightning Friday afternoon during a massive thunderstorm that dumped more than 2 inches of rain in less than an hour. The lightning strike left a crater in the ground nearly the size of a VW Beetle and blanketed the surrounding area with an inch of charred dirt/sand mix. It looks like it snowed an inch for 100 feet radius around the crater.
  42. 3 points
    I'd love to see the 4 clubs challenge on a wider scale. For sure. As far as this week's challenge... I think I'd like the Puma hat but I'm not sure about the other "prize" @GolfSpy STUDque
  43. 3 points
    This past Saturday in league play. 18th at the Innisbrook Resort's Copperhead course. http://www.innisbrookgolfresort.com/pdf/innisbrook-copperhead-yardage-card.pdf The final hole of Copperhead's 'Snake Pit' finishing run. Tee shot was pushed to the right and dropped into the first of the right side fairway bunkers (not a terribly struck shot, but a terrible result). That left me with 150 to the green, good lie in the bunker, with the bank/lip of the bunker about 2 feet above the ball but with probably enough to play to the green with 7 iron. Hit slightly behind the ball on the bunker shot, so did not make the green but advanced the ball about 60 yards into the right side rough. Next shot was a 'hat tipper' of a 3/4 wedge that never left the line to the flag and stopped about 1-1/2 behind the hole. Tapped in for my par of the day and a P.A.T.T.S. to remember I also made par from the trees left of number 6, but that was an unobstructed iron shot and a GIR. Here's a mental game insight I'll share because of the theme of this thread. After both of those tee shots (and after many other bad/poor/terrible tee shots) since they were still in play without a penalty involved I said "I've still got par from there", or I'll say to my partners "I can make par from there". Sometimes it gets a laugh. But, it is a good way for me to advance my mindset past the immediate frustration of the bad shot and maintain some confidence that I have enough competence with recovery shots (punch shots/bunker shots etc) to advance the ball to a position to get to the green and make a putt for par.
  44. 3 points
    Really, who says we don't get along! I'm a Scot with an English father, I have loads of English, Irish and Welsh friends. People try to divide us through politics and religion but in the end we have more in common than differences.
  45. 3 points
    The euros play links courses twice a year. The rest aren’t much different than the us courses imo.
  46. 3 points
    Had this after my tee shot on a par 4 playing with my 2 bros and cousins husband this morning before I left buffalo
  47. 3 points
    No effect for me. Friday’s round went terrible, tee shots all over the place. Saturday’s round was so good because even if I missed the fairways, I wasn’t in trouble with trees or anything like that. I’m seriously thinking about less than driver on several holes at my course now, especially the shorter par 4s. We shall see the next time I head out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  48. 3 points
    If I set up “square” I hit draws. Worked on it for a while and started hitting big hooks. I played a fade my entire life until 2014-15. Mr. Trevino, and more recently Mr. Holmes.. yes Mr. Slow Play Have inspired me to revert back to the fade. I try to remind myself to just play the dang thing, but always convince myself that the draw is better... Oh well. Just need to write it on my glasses lenses or something.
  49. 3 points
    79 5/14 fir 11/18 gir 34 putts Just can’t find the hole. Did figure out something in my swing so that’s encouraging.
  50. 3 points
    74 7/14 fir 11/18 gir 31 putts 16 pars 2 bogeys. Can't make a putt. Frustrating.
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