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What golf ball do you play?


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... Feel is subjective. Those of us that started the game with a balata ball developed our feel with a very soft ball. For me at least, a harder ball has no compression feel at the low speed of a putter, so a 3 foot putt or a 30 foot putt feels the same. Not so with a medium soft ball like the Vice Pro+. Firmest urethane covered ball I have ever putted is the Maxfli U/6 TourX.  

Very correct. that may be why I never liked a Bulls Eye putter back in the balata days too soft. Back in those days I putted some with a Mac IM-5 then switched to Ping. I guess on your synopsis I would be middle of the road for someone who started on balata. Now today I do not like an insert putter with the one exception of the older TM AGSI in an older Rosa Daytona I have. I do not like softer wedges aka Miura or Mizuno. Really as "hard " as they are compared to balata I like both Pro Vs for some reason.


Those Maxfli U/6 balls you mentioned a friend of mine bought a boat load of them cheap at DSG. He gave me a sleeve for some reason I spin the crap out of them and was "hairing" them up even with a half worn out Wilson 65* JP wedge. I actually spun them too much with the driver. For me nothing putts like a Titleist. But as you correctly stated "subjective" or in plain language "different strokes for different folks"

Driver ---- TM M-6 Evenflow 65 G R flex---- 3 wood TM V-Steel Aldila 65G R Flex--- 7 Wood TM V-Steel Ust Pro Force 65 R flex---  Irons 4 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex #2 shafts-- SW Cleveland 588 56* S-400 Sensicore---- LW Cleveland 588 60* S-400 Sensicore--- Putter Rusty 1997 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe fluted Bulls Eye shaft- Bag My Old School Titleist Mini Staff





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Balatas used to terrify me, one miss hit and they would smile their disdain at you!!


I am liking the TP5X and the Oncore Elixir. I want to try the chrome soft next.


In my :cobra-small: Ultralight Stand Bag:

Driver:    :cobra-small: King F9 9° - LH - Atmos Blue TS 6 Stiff
Woods:   :cobra-small: King F9 - LH - 3/4 Wood - Atmos Blue 7 Reg
               :cobra-small: King F9 - LH - 3 Hybrid - Atmos Blue 7 Reg
Irons:      :cobra-small: King Forged Tec (2016) - LH - 4-PW - KBS C-Taper light Reg
Wedges: :cleveland-small:     RTX Zipcore - LH - 52° 56° 60° - True Temper Spinner Wedge shafts
Putter:    :rife-putters-1: Barbados Island
Ball:        :titelist-small: Pro V1x

Tracked By: :Arccos:

Follow me on Twitter @ham12_hampton and on Instagram @Nunfa0 


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All my balls are refurbished. The AAAA quality is fine for me because they're unblemished and the logos are an easy way to distinguish my ball.


Right now I'm playing these:


Pro V1 if my swing is feeling good and I'm ready to score low


Hex Chrome if I need to straighten it out a bit


Z star if I need to get my recovery game a boost


I can usually tell on the range what ball I'll be taking to the course with me



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Where do you purchase your refurbished golf balls from?



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Driver:  :taylormade-small: 2017 M1 Driver 10.5* Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.5

3 Wood:  :taylormade-small: 2017 M1  15* Project X HZRDUS Red 6.0

3 Hybrid:  :taylormade-small: 2017 M1  3 Hybrid

Irons:  Mizuno JPX 900 Forged (4-GW) w/ KBS C-Taper Lite Regular shafts

Wedges:  Mizuno T7 50*, 54*, 58*

Putter:  Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Newport 2

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Where do you purchase your refurbished golf balls from?



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To get free shipping, I'll usually get 3 buckets of 3 different types and go in with 2 other guys to share the cost. You come out of it with 48 quality balls of different types for under $40



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In my ATumSBM.jpg Pisa, riding on a hXf3ptG.jpg 3.5+

:ping-small: G410+
:755178188_TourEdge: EXS 5W
:cobra-small: King F7 Hy

:ping-small: i500 5-GW
wxW5hk4.jpg Equalizer 56/60
:ping-small: Heppler Ketsch

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Tried the B330RXS today, don't launch as fast as the Project a does, but was an all around good ball.

Will play another 18 with it again.

 :ping-small:  Driver G425 Max 9*
:ping-small:   3 wood G425 Max

:taylormade-small: SIM2  4i / AW graphite 

:titelist-small: SM8  54S 58M                          

:taylormade-small: FCG SB 

:taylormade-small: TP5 2021



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... I am guessing you meant TP5x. I have a swing speed right around 100mph and absolutely love the Srixon Z Star and still play it from time to time. But for me, the TP5x is longer off mid to long irons as well as off the tee and at age 64 I can't turn down some additional yardage. For my game, the TP5x is the best ball I have played. Fwiw, I do not find additional yardage with the TP5.

Sounds like I need to give these a try when my inventory of zstars runs out.



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Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." John 20:29


Driver:   2017 M2 
3/5 Woods:  2014 Big Bertha 
4/5 Hybrids:  Mashie+ 
Irons:  Apex CF16 6-PW w/Recoil 110
Wedges:  RTX3 MB 48/54/58
Putter:  White Hot Pro #3 w/SS 2.0
Ball: â€‹Z-Star Yellow

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So, for the past two years I've been playing the older Maxfli U6 LC, with the triangle dimples inside the regular dimples. That ball is fantastic and I got a great deal on personalized dozens from Golfworks, 4 dozen for $60. Here's the problem, while working at Dick's I tried the newer Maxfli U6 and wasn't a huge fan.


So, I've been experimenting with some balls this summer. I still have quite a few of the Maxflis, but I'm really liking the Srixon Q-Star Tour. I also got a sleeve of 2016 Chrome Softs that I've been ok with, but the price difference it's gotta be the Srixons once those Maxflis runs out. I used to be a huge Srixon loyalist so I'm really happy that I can continue to support one of my favorite companies with a super high quality and affordable ball.

 :mizuno-small: ST180, 10.5, Kuro Kage Silver TINI Dual Core 60-S 

:callaway-small: Epic Flash Sub Zero, 15*, Kuro Kage Silver TINI Dual Core 60-S 

:755178188_TourEdge: CBX119 18* Hybrid, Projext X Evenflow Blue, 6.0

:ping-small: G710, 4-UW, Blue Dot, Nippon Modus 105-S

:honma: TW-W4, 56*, Nippon Modus 125

:mizuno-small: T20, 61*, Nippon Modus 125

🤮⛳   Flo-C

:titelist-small: Pro V1X, 2021 Model, #33

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Callaway Chromesoft is what im playing right now though I'm thinking of making the switch back to my NXT Tours. I do like playing Pro V1s like everyone. Also have played the Srixon Softfeels which arent bad.

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Really depends on how those 85's are happening.

If you are a solid contact guy 105ish plus I would really suggest a Taylormade tour preferred or the new TP5 (x if you are a lower flight guy) or Bridgestone B330S.


If you are a bit lower than that I think both of those balls can really still help snag a couple extra yards. But if you are lower or average swing speed I would try the Callaway Chromsoft. Decent price & overall great feel.

If shaping confidently isn't quite there yet would say try an NXT tour.

So many golf balls niches but that's why it's a blast!



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Also a great place in Kansas City called Golf Ball Pauls has great deals on balls found and cleaned but not recoated at all. Mark by quality as well. Prices are generally half. Got 50 Taylormade tour preferred X's for $60 with tax. (considered double rather than triple A grade)



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The Callaway Supersoft is an amazing performer for the price point (you won't believe it), so that's what I like to grab when in need. Otherwise, I'm buying the Vice Pro+ five at a time.

:ping-small: G410 LST 10.5*, Tour 65 S 
:ping-small: G400 14.5*, Tour 75 S

:ping-small: G400 17.5*, Alta CB 65 S
:srixon-small: ZU65 23*, Miyazaki Kayla 7S

:srixon-small: Z765 5-7 / Z965 8-P, AMT Tour White S300
:callaway-small: MD2 50*, MD2 Tour Grind 54*, 58*
:odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Ten S
:bridgestone-small: Tour B RX
:ping-small: Hoofer 14

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Snell MTB's here too.



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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Driver:  Mizuno JPX-900

3 Wood:  Mizuno JPX-900

3 Hybrid:  Mizuno JPX-900

4 Hybrid:  Mizuno JPX-900

Irons:  (5-6) Mizuno MH-5, (7-PW) Mizuno MP-5

50°:  Mizuno S18 (Gun Metal)

54°:  Mizuno S18 (Gun Metal)

58°:  Mizuno S18 (Gun Metal)

Putter:  Odyssey O-Works #9 (WBW)

Ball: Snell MTB-Red

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I switch between the Srixon Z Star and XV depending on the course and conditions.

 Ping G410 LST 10.5 set -1* Flat Accra TZ5 65 M5

Callaway Epic Flash 15* set -1 Aldila ATX Blue 75TX

Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 19* KBS Tour V X

Ben Hogan PTX Pro 4-P KBS Tour V X 2* Flat 4* loft increments

Hogan Equalizer 50* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 X 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 56* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 62* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

EVNROLL ER7 P2 Aware Tour
Scotty Cameron Newport2 Buttonback P2 Aware Tour Grip
Snell MTB-X

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Switched from ProV1x to a Vice Pro Plus. Love the ball. Better performance spinning the ball around the greens. My irons seem to be slightly longer when compressed well and no loss off the driver. Highly recommend the Vice. Only drawback is they can scuff really easy. I'll hit a hard spinny wedge and have cuts all over the ball. Only counterbalance is they are such a good deal that I don't min playing one round or so per ball. I usually order 5 dozen at a time and the pricing is around $25 per dozen at that amount.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Driver: Callaway 815 DBD Irons: New Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15's with KBS C-Taper Stiff Flex Shafts 21,25,29,33,37,41,45 Wedges: Ben Hogan TK with KBS Tour V Stiff Flex Shafts 52,56,60 Putter: Scotty Cameron Golo 5

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I'm currently playing Callaway Chromesoft (yellow), but with the member reviews, I'm considering trying the Srixon Q-Star Tour or the Vice Pro Soft. Both of those balls have appeared to rate favorably among the members using Chromesoft. To be honest, I would have tried the Q-Star Tour a long time ago if they had released it in yellow.. I've gotten so used to playing a yellow ball that I have been hesitant going back to white..

In the Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-way bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: M2 10.5° :: Accra FX260
Fairway: :taylormade-small: M5 19° :: Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec 7X Blue
Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS2 21° :: Mitsubishi Black 80G50
Irons:  :taylormade-small: P790 (5-AW) :: KBS Tour 110
Sand Wedge: :cleveland-small: CBX-2 54° :: KBS Tour 110
Lob Wedge: :cleveland-small: RTX-3 58° :: TT Dynamic Gold
Putter: :odyssey-small: Metal-X Milled #2
Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RX
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Forte SS3. Longest ball ive hit. Only thing I need to get my head around is the extra release on the greens.

<p><strong>Driver: </strong><em>Ping G400 Max 9*</em><em>, VTS silver S </em><strong>Fairway 5: </strong><em>Cobra F7, VTS silver S</em><strong>Hybrid 4: </strong><em>Ping G400, VTS silver S</em><strong>Irons 5-PW: </strong><em>Srixon Z765, Steelfiber i110cw</em><strong>Wedges:</strong> <em>Grindworks 50F/56F/60F 86 Series</em><strong>Putter: </strong><em>Evnroll ER2 CS</em><strong>Bag/ Buggy:</strong><em> Bagboy Hybrid Chiller/ Caddy Tek EZ Fold</em><strong>Ball: </strong><em>Q Star Tour</em>

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Just pulled off a 79 with 10 GIR. Like these 16/17 B330-RXS balls

 :ping-small:  Driver G425 Max 9*
:ping-small:   3 wood G425 Max

:taylormade-small: SIM2  4i / AW graphite 

:titelist-small: SM8  54S 58M                          

:taylormade-small: FCG SB 

:taylormade-small: TP5 2021



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... I played a ball that really surprised me this week. Greens were soft and it was crazy windy so I pulled out a Srixon Tri Speed Tour ball and had a very good round with it. Played pretty much like a premium ball from tee to green other than one aggressive chip I needed to stop immediately that rolled out a little more than it would with a TP5x. It performed surprisingly well on chips and pitches and will make a good cold weather ball.I have played this ball on normal harder, faster greens and it was unacceptable, but with the soft slow greens it performed OK. And on sale at $30 for 2 dozen it is quite a bargain. 

Driver:   TaylorMade SIM2 Max 10.5* ... Diamana Ltd 60R
Fairway:  TaylorMade SIM2 Max 15* ... Tensei Raw Blue 65R
                 TaylorMade SIM2 Max 18* ... Tensei Raw Blue 65R
Utility:   TaylorMade DHy 19* ... Diamana Ltd 65R
              Taylor Made Sim Hybrid 22* ... Diamana Ltd 75R
Irons:    4-Pw Cobra King Tour MIM ... Steelfiber 95R
Wedges:  Cobra Snakebite 50* ... Steelfiber 95R
                 Vokey SM8 58* ... Steelfiber 95R
Putter:  Cleveland Hunting Beach Soft 11S 33.5"
Ball:      TaylorMade TP5x (2021)

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I played the Srixon Z-Star XV for the first time last week.


Absolutely loved it.

Srixon Z545 Driver

Cleveland Classic 5 wood

Cleveland Mashie #3 Hybrid

Srixon H45 #4 Hybrid

Srixon Z-565 irons (5-PW)

Cleveland RTX 2.0 wedges (48° & 56°)

Cleveland CBX 60° wedge

Cleveland TFi Cero putter

Srixon Z-Star XV
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