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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Get Fit Like A Pro: Win a Trip to Cleveland Golf HQ & a Full Bag of Cleveland Gear

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1. Grant from Campbell, California

2. 12.4 Handicap

3. Dream Cleveland Bag:

Driver: Launcher HB 10.5º
Fairways: Launcher HB 15º / 18º
Irons: Launcher CBX 4-DW
Wedges: CBX 54º / 58º
Putter: Huntington Beach #1
Ball: Srixon Q-Star Tour


In the Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-way bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: M2 10.5° :: Accra FX260
Fairway: :taylormade-small: M5 19° :: Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec 7X Blue
Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS2 21° :: Mitsubishi Black 80G50
Irons:  :taylormade-small: P790 (5-AW) :: KBS Tour 110
Sand Wedge: :cleveland-small: CBX-2 54° :: KBS Tour 110
Lob Wedge: :cleveland-small: RTX-3 58° :: TT Dynamic Gold
Putter: :odyssey-small: Metal-X Milled #2
Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RX
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First post after years of reading & lurking - very cool way to start!


1. Joe. Cleveland, OH (great name for a city, too)


2. Handicap: 9


3. Cleveland dream bag (everyone should hit the easiest and most forgiving clubs they can):

    Driver: Launcher HB 10.5°

    Fairway: Launcher HB 3W

    Hybrid : Launcher HB 3H

    Irons: Launcher CBX 4-D

    Wedges: CBX 54° & RTX-3 MG 58°

    Putter: TFI 2135 Cero

    Ball: Srixon Q Star Tour


It's also not mentioned in the details for the contest, but I would dig getting a lot of pictures and having the chance to write up the experience for everyone to read about!

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1. Myung-Ho  McKinney TX

2. 13

3. Driver: Launcher HB

    3-wood: Launcher HB

    3 Hybrid: Launcher HB

    Irons: 4-9, P, D CBX

    Wedges; RTX-3 Black Satin 54 deg and 60 deg

    Putter: TFi 2135 SATIN, 8.0

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Thank you MGS and Cleveland Golf for this great opportunity.


Randy Malone - Milledgeville, Ga 


I don't have a current handicap, based on my average scores of late it would be in the 11-13 range now.


My Dream Bag

Driver - Cleveland Launcher HB

Woods - Cleveland Launcher HB

Hybrids - Cleveland Launcher  HB

Irons - Cleveland Launcher CBX

Wedges - Cleveland CBX

Putter - TFI 2135 Satin Elevado CB with Oversize Grip


I would certainly go along with the fitter as to lofts and set make up as far as how many wood/hybrids/irons/wedges would make up my set.


Thank you again MGS and Cleveland Golf!  Y'all rock!





















Driver -  :callaway-small:  Mavrik with Reg. Flex UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 Graphite Shaft
Woods - :callaway-small:   Mavrik 3 Wood & Epic Flash  Heavenwood
Hybrid - :callaway-small:   Epic Flash 4H
Irons - :callaway-small:   Rogue X 5 - AW
Wedges -  :cleveland-small:  CBX2 54* & 58*
Putter -   :EVNROLL: ER2
Rangefinder - Bushnell Pro XE
Ball -  :taylormade-small: TP5-X  PIC

Bag -  2020 Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag






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Gil, Vail, AZ

12 Handicap

Cleveland dream set: 12* Launcher HB Driver

3 & 5 Launcher HB FW woods

4 & 5 Launcher HB Hybrids

7-DW CBX Irons

52*, 58*, 62* RTX  RAW Wedges (2 DOT)

TFI Satin 1.0 Putter(35").

All clubs RH. All clubs 1* flat if possible.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

Thanks so much to MGS and Cleveland for the opportunity.

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Dan, Port Hueneme, CA




I think I want, but look forward to custom fitting recommendations - I need the help!

Launcher HB Driver 9.5° , 3 Wood 15°, 5 Wood 18°, 3 Hybrid 19°

Launcher CBX irons.-, 4-PW,

CBX wedges - 52°, 56°, 60°

HB6 putter

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Gary S. - Grovetown GA

14 Hcp

Dream Bag

Launcher HB Driver, HB 3-Wood - Stiff Shaft

Launcher HB 3, 4, 5 Hybrid - Reg Shaft

Launcher CBX 6i - PW Reg Shaft

CBX 52*, 56*, 60* Wedges

TFI 2135 Satin RHO Putter

Srixon Q-Star Ball

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1. Ryan B, Minneapolis, MN
2. Handi: 1.2
3. Driver/3-wood/19* hybrid (all HB), CBX irons, RTX wedges, TFI 2135 SATIN - 1.0 PUTTER

4. Ball- Srixon Z-star XV

Driver:   :nike-small: VaporSpeed Pro, 9.5*, 

Irons:   :nike-small: VaporProCombo  6-PW | Vapor Fly Pro 2,4,5

Wedges:   :nike-small: Engage 52/54/60

Putter:  Odyssey White Hot #3

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1. Doug - Chino Hills, CA


2. 6


3.  Dream Bag:

Driver: Launcher HB 10.5 Stiff

3-wood: Launcher HB 15 stiff

Hybrid: Launcher HB 4 Hybrid, Stiff

Irons: 5-PW Launcher CBX

Wedges: Cleveland CBX Wedges 52, 56, 60


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Birmingham Michigan

17.8 index ( With dreams of getting back to 7.6 index I was at four years ago )


Clubs in my bag change every round. Maybe that is part of the problem? Nahhhhh

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1. Bill S. Southeast MO

2. Handicap  12

3. Dream Bag

  Driver:      Launcher HB 10.5* Reg. Flex

  Fairway:   Launcher 3, 15*  Reg. Flex

  Hybrids:   Launcher HB, 19* and 22*  Reg. Flex

  Irons:       Launcher CBX  5i-PW Reg. Flex Steel Shaft

  Wedges:  RTX-3 50* 54* 58*


All Clubs with Golf Pride Mid-Plus 4 Grips


 Putter:     Huntington Beach 6C, 34" with Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 Grip

Ping G410 Plus, Graphite Design VR5 Reg Flex 

Ping G410 Woods 3 and 7

Ping G410 Hybrids 4 and 5

Ping G410 Irons 6 thru PW

Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge, Bent to 46* 12* Bounce SS (bent to 48*) and 52* 12* Bounce SS                                                          Ping Glide Forged Custom  56*-10*

Scotty Cameron 5s 34"

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This is the mother of all MGS giveaways! I want it!!


1. John - Fort Mill, SC

2. 16.4 handicap

3. CBX irons and wedges; Launcher HB Driver and hybrids; TFI Elevado putter with oversized grip.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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1. Benjie,  Alpharetta, GA


2. 22


3. Dream bag:

Driver: Launcher HB 10.5

3 wood: Launcher HB 3 wood 15 

3,4 & 5 hybrid: LAUNCHER HB HYBRID

Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 4-D

Wedges: 54* & 56* RTX-3 CB TOUR SATIN WEDGE

Putter: TFI 2135 SATIN - 8.0 CB 

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Alex - Ontario Canada


Hcp 7.2 (apparently!)


Cleveland Launcher driver and 3w, launcher hybrid 21*, CBX irons (hopefully with Nippon NSPro shafts) 3-pw, RTX 52* 58* and a nice Huntingdon Beach putter. Srixon Z Star would be the cherry on the proverbial cake!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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