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    Maui, Wailea Gold Course Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    anyone else keep their scorecards? I have kept all of mine from day 1 Sent from my SM-G900W8 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    As my brother keeps telling me "no-one ever said on their death bed, I wish I'd spent more time at work!" Enjoy the game, you're worth it!
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    So, I asked my wife when she started keeping scorecards. I never did. She pulls out 2 boxes of scorecards dating back to 2004 which was the year we started living together. The first one was our trip to Orlando where we played in a tournament at Grande Pines, then we played at Shingle Creek and ChampionsGate. Every year since then we would go on a week long business trip in July, and a two week trip in January or February. We travel to play golf so we have a lot of scorecards! In October 2015 I retired and we joined our current club for 2016. She has every scorecard for rounds that we played together for the last 3 years. We need another box!
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    At the tail end of a 16 hour day today I got an email for a golf invite to Trump Westchester on Friday. My first thought was to say no due to work commitments and then well I sent my admin an email and let her know I was taking Friday off. Haven’t hit a ball in over two weeks but it is one of my favorite tracks so why not? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    43 40 31 Putts... no 3 putts until number 18! ARGH 33% FIR 22% GIR Struggling with my driver again but my irons have been able to help make up for some poor tee shots. Best round there so far. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I’ve held off on doing an intro up until now because I wasn’t sure if I would stick around. I didn’t want to be someone who came into the forum and be very active at first only to vanish into thin air. But I enjoy the forum, the members and all the content so I think I’ll be around for a bit. I also decided to donate and you should too! A lot about me: As my name suggest I am a brewmaster for a small microbrewery in Springfield, MO. I’ve been brewing commercially for 4 years after attending Siebel Institute of Technology which is a brewing school based out of Chicago. I started brewing at home, this is a very fun and rewarding hobby. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend it. It’s not as hard as you might think and challenges you in many of the same ways golf does. You never truly master it, only continuously learn and get better as you go. If you ever have any questions about it please ask! I’ve also shared a link in my profile to my blog site where I write about techniques, recipes and fun stories in the brewing world. Please check it out! Here's where I work I was raised on a dairy farm in rural southwest Missouri, me and my three sisters would milk cows before and after school. We would also bale hay during the summer breaks. It was always work, work, work from a young age. I somehow found time to take up nearly every sport I could; basketball, baseball, football, and volleyball. Interestingly enough, I never played golf. That would come later. After high school I went to work in the construction industry, I poured concrete and later would work for an asphalt paving company. I then decided to do a 180 and went to work in the restaurant business, first waiting tables, then bartending, and later management. I would spend 10 years in this industry and learned a lot. What got me into golf: There was a point in my life where I got a little out of control and was partying a little too hard. It started out as simple fun but somewhere a long the way I lost control of the situation. I’m not sure if my life was stagnate, I was unfulfilled, or I was just an addict. It didn’t really matter. I needed to get better. The process of getting completely sober is a difficult one. I needed something that could occupy my mind and keep me from relapsing. I’m not sure who introduced me to the game, somehow I ended up on a golf course. I wasn’t very good of course but I was a natural athlete so I HAD to get better! I was hooked from day one like many others. It kept my mind busy and something to look forward to. I started when I was bartending, my shifts typically started in the late afternoon so my days were free for me to play. I practiced 4-5 days a week and tried to play once or maybe twice a week. (Yes, I was hooked) I never did an official handicap but I could consistently shoot in the high 70’s.(If it got any warmer than that I didn’t play…;) You might say it’s hypocritical being a brewmaster and a former drunk but at some point I grew up and learned that I could enjoy beer and not take it to the extreme limits of intoxication, in fact making beer somehow made me appreciate it as an art form. I still do not drink hard alcohol however. and this is the least I've ever drank beer in my adult life now that I make it for a living. I’m very sympathetic to those who have suffered and continue to suffer from alcohol and any other drugs as it is a continuous battle for you that some never recover from. Help those you know who suffer, you never know when it will be too late. With my other hobby becoming a career I've since gotten back into golf and am hooked again and look forward to playing with my children, developing my game and chatting with you fine folks on here about golf, equipment, and many other things. I now have a perfect family with a lovely wife and two of the best children I didn’t deserve. Life is great and I enjoy every minute of it and I hope you do too! Cheers!
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    *raises hand while being a slight bit ashamed* I have a large tote with all of my scorecards. Over 30 courses and scores from 73-116. 116 was my first 18 hole round. They also serve as stat trackers. I keep track of FIR, GIR, and putts. It has been really neat to see my progress from early scorecards to more recent ones.
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    Wow I've never kept a single one sometimes they don't even last a whole round. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Played a short 9-hole course I hadn't played in a long time. Only had my practice wedges and an old putter with me as I was originally headed to a short Par 3 but got re-routed due to construction. This is a pretty short course, too .. just looked it up and it's only 1930 yds .. so with a PW as my longest club figured it would be good practice. And it was. Generally kept the ball moving towards the green and, despite a lot of very thin grass and mud, chipped/pitched onto the greens well enough. Think I made more bogies today - which for me is good - than any other round so far, so I guess I'll have to play this way more often!
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    It really is saying something. The 400 is very good. But it doesn’t have s thing over this for me. Additional note: Our Superintendent saw me on the course today came up to talk. I told him ti take a swing with it. Cold out of his cart in his boots and no warmups. He hit a drive 20 yards past where he normally is on that hole. He just looked at me and said “Holy MF’er, what the hell is this thing?” He couldn’t believe it and followed me to the next hole. Same thing. Two more just as long. We’ll see if he places an order tomorrow. Ha Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver and HF2 irons Pre Release Testing
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    Okay, it's time for a bit of an update on these irons. There were two particularly important questions people had with these irons. 1) How well would the black finish last 2) Could we really believe Hogan that the long-irons are easy to hit high? So, let's give you a quick mid-term. Here's my pitching wedge, it's hit probably a little over 400 shots by this point. This is it immediately after tonight's practice session. And here's that same club after a quick spit and wipe down. It still looks almost like new so far Impressive to me, so far and they remain beautiful. Far more important to most of us, though. With those ultra-thin long iron blades, can you really trust in them to fly high? VID_51310804_072447_399.mp4
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    I'll do my follow up this weekend as there's one or two more things I need to do before I can give my final thoughts.
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    Into hour number 14 today of building budgets and cash flow schedules. I miss the days that I just reviewed this stuff and was not the author.
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    Just wanted to give you guys some info on how the training is going. I did a session Tuesday night and I'm seeing an improvement, especially left handed. There's still a bit of a gap between hands, but the left side is getting closer in some drills to my starting SS of 89mph. I'm a little flustered that I'm having difficulties reaching 100, especially with my lightest club on the first swings. I have to remind myself that I'm doing these after working all day and most of the gas is out of the tank. I'm hoping to get in another session Thursday if the rain holds off and play Saturday. I probably won't have Arccos data, because the course isn't in the system. I've contacted them and they are going to map it. Their customer service is great! I hope any of you that are reading this that are affected by the hurricane are safe and our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    I change putters because all of the putters I use are no good, and you know as well as I do, it has to be the putter, because it can’t be the putter.
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    My first ever officially scored round I started 4,3,7,9,10. I had everything from birdie to septruple bogey (7 over). My Split was 60/42. I think that's the only 10 I've had. Thankfully things have improved since then. Another round at the same course years later I had an eagle followed by a quad.
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    Lately for me it’s hitting a fairway Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Was able to get a round in this afternoon. Local course did a Winter card for $198 including tax. Unlimited golf with no green fees from 10/1-2/28. Cart not included. I’ve used it twice so far, two more times and I get my money’s worth. Couldn’t pass that deal up. And I s*** an 83 today! Pretty good day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Not sure of individual holes but did shoot 77 in a tournament with a 47-30 split. I was a bit under the weather from a late night and started my round with three quads until I righted the ship. Actually birdied 8 and 9 to post the respectable 47. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    a hole out from a decent distance. (never had an ACE but I'm sure that tops anything) a holed put from a distance of 10' or more or a wild break landing on the green from a distance (100 yds or more) a blistered drive playing golf PERIOD!
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    In my prior life, I was a Hotel General Manager at a relatively small hotel 170 rooms. So I was involved in hiring and orientation for almost all employees. I would typically walk the new employee around and introduce them to all the department heads and managers. One day after doing so, one of m managers came to me and said, "Don't bother introducing me to a new employee until after their first week, I hate learning someone's name only to hear they quit two days later" LOL She was only half joking
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    Phil said last week after playing in the Ryder Cup at age 48 that he was done playing tight courses with heavy rough. Doesn't fit his game. Does that mean he won't be playing in the US Open anymore?
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    Saturday played a course that I know very well with my buddy Mark. Kokopelli. This games funny.. About 2 weeks ago I had a pretty stellar round there (for me) and shot an 80. I felt like everything was working that day. On Saturday I just felt like everything was off and not coming together like I'd like. My buddy was having an off day too. Not to mention the course was in pretty rough shape due to pre re seeding prep so there was just an extra added level of difficulty. At the end we added everything up and I shot an 83 and he shot an 86. I was honestly expecting something in the 90's by the way things seemed to be going. Sent from my VS985 4G using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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