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    I had a fun idea for a shot that used Kirke and me, but the degree of difficulty ended up being beyond us. So here's my entry:
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    Okay, so this is my official official entry into the MGS Trick Shot Challenge. I had to go through great measures and tape my phone to the wall for this angle [emoji23] [emoji23]
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    So I'll add two new twists to the mix. 1) CC guy responded to my email and changed everything except irons to stock shafts based on my "balk" at the price. Haven't really dug into it yet - but clearly he was able to "get close" with stock shafts (his words). 2) More interestingly - I had bought my son (30 year old) a Ping G400 for Xmas. Told him we would go back to PGATour Superstore and have him try the LST, SFT, etc so that he got the one he really hit the best. We did that this morning - and he ended up with a G400Max (yes, I'm a pushover dad who paid the $100 for his present "upgrade"). But the most interesting part is that I hit the G400Max with their stock shaft and the dispersion and distance were equal to and for 3 swings better in distance than the Titleist TS2 + $400 shaft. I also tested 3 of the 4 options for stock shafts on the TS2 and the PGATour Superstore guy (and the data) said the G400Max was a better option for me. My conclusion is that the approach described by Steddygolf and others is likely the way I'll go. Having read the thread about Fitting/Lessons vs Off the Rack, I can confidently say that I'm that "very motivated guy" in terms of improving my game. The club we've joined has incredible practice facilities and they are literally a 5 min drive from my house so I have no excuses not to improve. I'll take all the data from the fitting - be thankful for what I've learned there, and here from you fine folks - and piece together a set that should work great for at least the next couple of years as I work hard on my game, with lessons and lots of practice being key for me. That - and I'll send my current clubs back to the Smithsonian so they stop calling.... Thanks again for the thoughts and guidance.
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    @tchat07 We would be happy to send you the new revised protocols via email. We are close to having them up on the site. If you'd like send us an email info@superspeedgolf.com and we can get you squared away. Thanks! @Mike Lambert We would be happy to email you the new protocols as well.
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    I hope not to make many changes this year but I am sure there will be a few. With all these new drivers coming out and incredible claims that club will likely change at some point. Everything else is pretty set. I may refresh the wedges and get new grooves. I have been trying the PXG mini Gunboat H and its been so good. It may finally beat out my beloved Buttonback Newport 2 that has been in the bag for 5 years. The thing I like most about the PXG is the alignment line, with it I have been able to start more putts online. The biggest issue is adjusting to the difference in feel off the face. Ping G400 LST 8.5 set to 7.5 with Tensei Pro White 70TX PXG 0341 3 wood 13.5* HZRDUS Yellow 76 6.5 Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 20* KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan FT Worth Black 4-P KBS Tour V 120X Ben Hogan Equalizers 50,55,60 KBS Tour V PXG Mini Gunboat H/ Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport 2 Snell MTB Black and Red
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    That feeling when you're in a store and you see the sticks in your bag still selling for over a grand, and you know yours were free because you're part of the greatest golf site ever (before I was ever a moderator!):
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    Well, I'm through the first two weeks and my first impression is very impressed. I started at 101, and that had been where my swing speed has been at for a couple years now. The included radar unit matched my SC200, so that provided some peace of mind that my numbers were what I see on the course. 6 sessions later, I hit 113,112&113 tonight with my driver. So... 12 MPH in 12 days. I was hoping for a 10 MPH gain by the end of this. And if I don't get a single more MPH for the rest of this process, I'd still be happy with the results.
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    One thing to remember is at Club Champion you PAID FOR THE FITTING. Now, you get all of your information, and you buy the clubs elsewhere for a LOT less. They make money on the clubs, and then even MORE on the “build”. Make sure to communicate as Joe has said so the fitter knows what he’s looking at and how best to help you. I’ve been to CC three times and each time I told them up-front I’m not buying the clubs through them. Once they fitted me to a shaft and said it would cost me $400. Nah. I can get that shaft a LOT cheaper elsewhere, and did. They wanted $350 for an Oban Devotion. I got it brand new at Dallas golf, with the adapter, cut to my length, for $190..... Anyway, take the specs they give you and buy elsewhere. You’ll save a TON of money!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Place a few colored metal targets out there that offer a loud “bang” when hit. Guys will drop a bucket of balls around 120yds trying to hit them.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    So please share your secret... How did you get your wife's approval? I need to know
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    Just wanted to update on week 15. With the exception of the lightest club on my dominant side, all my top speeds were with my regular swing. The double step swing is getting better, but getting my body to learn the step back is going to take a minute. I ain't the most coordinated guy. I've had to pour over the videos to at least get it figured out there. I did get in nine holes yesterday and shot 48 with 4/7 fairways hit according to Arccos. I'm still struggling with my ball going more up than at 'em. Between that and the cooler weather I averaged 197 off the tee with a long of 215. It'll get there, I don't have as refined a swing as most of my fellow testers. I'm working on my Stage 2, just got to refine it a little more. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Connors report card came in and he's now a straight A student, 3.97GPA, whatever that means.
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    I greatly appreciate the replies and all the perspectives. The advice on lessons is spot on - and I should have also told you that I'm already signed up for lessons with the head of golf instruction for our club group. I'm clear that it's a lot of the "carpenter" as opposed to the "tools". But I do think my tools are way off. One thing that came out from a "quicky" session with the PXG rep at our club - which was confirmed by the CC fitter is that I need 1/2" longer shafts in my irons. As I mentioned in my original post - there was a lot of "good" in the fitting experience - meaning that I now know which irons I like best, and that I need a lighter weight graphite shaft - and have a sense for the specific shaft weights and types that felt the best and produced the best result. Having had a look at both the Srixon site and Titleist site it's clear that there are lots of "no up-charge" shaft options and I think I can get close to the specs from the fitting. Since I also have the Trackman data, and know what the dispersion and distance looks like for the driver and 6 iron (key test clubs in the fitting), I'm going to do a little experiment of my own at PGATour Superstore and hit the Titleist TS2 with the shaft that most closely matches to the one he spec'ed at a $400+ upgrade charge. Two of their four shaft options for the TS2 look like they have potential. I doubt they have the exact shaft choice for the irons that I saw on Srixon.com - but who knows - I may get lucky there. In fairness to CC and my fitter, I think "in the moment" I was shocked enough at the pricing and the pressure (after reading reviews that said "no pressure to buy") that I didn't think to propose alternatives that would drop the pricing - so have now sent the guy an email asking him to reconstitute the "bag" with lower cost shaft options, as I'm curious to see what he'll come up with. Again, thanks for the help and I'll report back as I progress.
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    70 at Bethpage from the tips and a 71 at Pebble today. It was indoors but will take it considering it is 12* out right now. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I'm with @PMookie in that you can probably build that exact bag, or at least one very close, for half the price. If you get the Srixon irons, that's $1500 off the PXG's, see, you can cut a lot of corners and still end up with a great bag. But DO NOT!!! buy directly from Club Champion. They will gouge you for prices. Take the fitting info and buy the bag yourself!
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    I’m interested in this answer as well. I’ve got AMEX points out the rear and SkyTrak is offered. Probably cost me more convincing her we need it than to just buy it. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Wowsers. That would be one impressive(ly pricey) bag. So is it the responsibility of the client to set a ceiling right off the bat or should the fitter ask what the budget is? If I were to go into one of these, I would specify that I only want to test shafts that are a minor upgrade cost. I might hit a few high end models at the end for giggles to see if I could tell the difference. I wonder if you tried any reasonably priced shafts or once he heard "I on a con$ulting company" if the only options you were given were high margin shafts. I have contemplated one of the Club Champion fittings as they are 50% off through January, but this sounds like purchasing a car, which I like as much as paper cuts under my fingernails. Does the trackman data show what other shafts you hit? Were there some cheaper options in a close second place? I don't know what your ultimate budget is. I would look at things in a $ per yard or $ per dispersion point of view. If I could deck out a whole bag for half that cost that is a few yards shorter and is a few percent less accurate, I would say I'd pocket the $3750 and take a few lessons.
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    Just checked my trending Handicap for the next revision, via The Grint... trending to a 15!!!! So freaking stoked about it! I’ve been grinding HARD for the last year. Start with a new coach tomorrow to try and get that down even further for 2019! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I don't have a lot to add here, but just want everyone to know the current thought on a national tournament. It is very much something Adam and the rest of the staff wants to do, but like most things that MGS does, we want to do it right and make it something special,. From the course, to the format and to the activities surrounding the outing. We don't want it to end up being 4 to 7 guys all from the same area showing up. That is more of a local/regional thing which I try to get at least one of those a year together here in the DC/MD area. And I highly encourage others like HarintheHat is doing, that Plaid did in Texas, and that Matt/Max/Mr. Theo did last year for Ohio. But this idea is still high on the "must do" list that we have, whether it ends up being this spring/summer or fall, and where that's all TBD. But we will keep you updated if and when anything definite starts taking place.
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    Apologies for a long post. I'm 59, and just got back into the game after 20 years of 2-3 rounds a year. At my best I was a 13 and now after starting back (about 8 rounds so far) I'm averaging low to mid 90's, but improving at decent rate. Clubs were 20+ years old - so I scheduled a full bag fitting at Club Champion. It was a very interesting experience - but I walked away at the end feeling like I had been at a used car dealer. The press to buy immediately was stronger than I expected - and I suspect that the fitter basically spec'ed me as a guy that can afford anything I want (he asked what I do and I told him that I own a consulting company) - so the full bag came to $7500 +. I didn't establish a "budget" going in - nor did he probe much on that front - and I didn't want to rule out things like PXG without a try (maybe my core mistake?). When the fitter realized that I wasn't going to buy on the spot, he said "what would it take to get you into the irons today?" I completely hadn't expected any pricing flexibility or high pressure and frankly was turned off by the way he handled the price discussion overall. So that's the bad part. The good part was I was surprised (pleasantly) about how the approach helped me get an idea of what might work best for me. For irons the Srixon 585 and PXG 0311XF were my favorites - with the Srixon having slightly better control - but about 8 yards on average less than the PXG's. I'm torn on whether the investment in PXG is the right answer - still open to it - but not convinced. Both irons were fit with a KBS Tour Graphite 80g shaft. The shafts added $85 to each iron cost from Club Champion. Where things got really crazy was driver, 3 wood, and hybrids. The driver that worked best was a Titleist TS2 - but he had me hitting a $405 upgraded shaft (Fujikura Speeder Evolution V) - which basically makes the total driver $1000+. For the 3 wood and hybrids, I preferred the Srixon Z F85 (3W) and H85 hybrids, but again the shaft upgrades were $315 for the 3W (Fujikura Atmos Red 6) and $165 for the hybrids (each) (Fujikura PRO 2.0 Hybrid). So just in driver, 3W and two hybrids we were at $2500+. Here's my dilemma. I'm going to buy new sticks for sure - and am frankly ok with spending a lot of money (but well short of $7500). What I'm not clear on is whether a guy that's shooting 90-95 currently is honestly going to get value from these high cost shafts. I do have a bad enough taste in my mouth about the guy that I can't see going back to Club Champion - so may explore a club builder that could work with all the data from the fitting (as I have all of it from the Trackman). Alternatively, I'm curious if there's a simple way to "map" the core characteristics of the shafts he spec'ed to the "stock" offerings from Titleist and Srixon, as again I find it really hard to believe that I'm worthy of the higher cost shafts. For example, Titleist offers 4 options in the TS2 - and I realize I can look at the specs and try to compare them to the specs of the Fujikura (as an example) but have zero idea if that approach even remotely makes sense. I suspect the PXG guy that comes to our club can likely spec that KBS shaft in a fitting - so if I can get my head around the price point and brand of PXG, that might be an option on the irons at their standard price without the Club Champion uplift for PXG. Srixon appears to have a lot of "no upgrade cost" options available too. I'd appreciate hearing from you folks on what you might suggest as a next step. My gut says that if I pick a stock graphite shaft in the Z585 offerings that's close to what he spec'ed - that it's likely to be very similar - but having read a lot of the forum posts I know how learned many of you are with respect to these things. Given my current abilities, I just have no feel for whether I could tell any real difference between 2 similar spec shafts that vary widely in price. Thanks in advance for any coaching or suggestions!
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    I called Ping today to get info on the date the bags would finally hit the internet, and it was my lucky day! They were put online this AM. Her is the link. Mostly just new colors, but they did tweak a few things here-and-there. https://ping.com/shop/bags?page=1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Yes. I am also finding that ideas>>>>>>abilities. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ping G400 SFT Driver, stock PING G400 Stretch 3W, Tour 75 shaft PING G400 3 hybrid 19 deg, stock PING G400 4&5 Crossovers, Red dot PING i210 6-UW, Orange dot, DG 105 shafts PING Glide 2.0 Stealth 54 and 58, Orange dot SS grind. Scotty Cameron Futura x7m
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    Dollar Cost Averaging!!!! My guess is you are a pretty smart guy. Consider this.......a custom fitting at this point in your development could look completely different 8 months from now leaving you with a $7500 investment that does not fit. At 59 your feet are not going to grow any more so your shoes will always fit, however, your golf game will grow, change, improve and sometimes digress as you increase frequency of play. I recommend making a modest investment in some one or two year old clubs before jumping in with both feet into the deep end of the latest technology. A set of “almost” new clubs will bring you close to today’s technology at a fraction of the price. I’d use these clubs for at least one full season before replacing them one piece at a time. Once you start spending more time around Golf and more importantly Golfers you are going to have the ability to test all sorts of clubs [emoji6] as well as honest open discussion about said equipment. As a basic estimate see below using EBay: Ping G Driver $200 Callaway Epic 3 Wood $120 Srixon irons 565 4i thru PW $329 Taylormade Spider putter $100 Wedges I’d buy new and can be had at $79 each from Cleveland Total estimated cost is less than $1000. If you ultimately spend $3500 for new clubs after using these “almost new” ones for a season then according to my South Carolina Public School education you’ve saved yourself a cool $3 grand. You can use that $3 grand to pay for my consultation fee [emoji16]. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Close enough. Either way you’re getting screwed Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Personally I wouldn't walk.... I'd run from your local CC store. I've never had a fitting experience at CC and I've made comments before about my one and only "visit" to a CC in Austin Texas. I only went there to see a store and look around. Nice place. But here's what I learned. A "salesman" ehem... fitter came over and we talked a little bit about their process/approach. At one point during our discussion I picked up a driver head of some brand as asked what would this cost for example. The salesman plucked a shaft off the wall and said, "oh about $600-$700" I recall. Gulp. I then asked how much is the head and how much for the shaft he selected. He said the head was like $250 - $300 and the shaft $400. Hmmm? I then asked wouldn't it be possible for me to be properly fit into a great driver with a $200 shaft? The salesman replied, "absolutely!" I don't know where you live JeffRamm but you might want to consider seeking out an independent fitter - builder for your new clubs. They're out there and some have way more years experience than most CC stores. These new club fitting boutiques sprang up after the advent of Launch Monitors IMO. There's a lot invested in these fancy stores where they sell the sizzle and you pay for all the show and fluff. My irons were custom fit and built by a guy that's been applying his trade for 30 years. He's a nationally recognized, accredited, award winning club fitter. He also uses a LM in conjunction with his vast experience. His fitting shop isn't fancy. It's functional, clean and appropriate for the task at hand. In other words it all business and no frills. Give your journey some thought and take your time before you make any commitments. You'll end up with great playing clubs and save a ton of cash over a CC type of boutique.
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    What took you so long? And let the games begin
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    Only when they build them.... They take everything apart, make sure the clubs weigh the same, lofts are correct, and pure all of the shafts. Edel did the same thing when they built my irons, but for a LOT less! It’s not worth what CC charges. The info they give has all of the specs for each club, and they send all of the TrackMan data separated by club/shaft. The data and build recommendations are worth the price for the fitting. I chose different irons than they recommended, but I used their specs for my order from Discount Dan’s. I then found the shafts for the driver, and fairway metals, elsewhere, but again, I used their specs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    My provisions arrived yesterday, and this never ceases to amaze me... Thank-you Dean!!!
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    I’m also 59 and was scheduled for a full bag at CC. I saw my instructor’s boss, Todd Sones at the Buffalo Grove Dome. He told me they have a Foresight GCQuad unit that measures the normal radar stuff, plus what the club face did at impact. I canceled my CC fitting and met my instructor, Mason Wall at the dome. 90 mins later, we figured out what I needed (new irons and different shafts for my GBB (2015) woods). I ended up with Mizuno JXP 919 Hot Metal Irons and wedges (2* upright) with PX LZ graphite and MCC +4 midsized grips. All standard upgrades from Mizuno, and worked perfectly. Between that and shafts from CPO, I’m at about $1,305. No puring, undercoating or sore arms from hitting a bunch of balls. You should have gotten the spec sheets from CC, so you will have options, price wise. It’s amazing how much BETTER I hit balls with the more upright iron heads. With arthritic hands, the graphite shafts and MCC +4 felt great, with no “bee stinging” in my left pinky and ring finger (from a shattered knuckle, eons ago). Hopefully, you’ll find a more cost efficient version of what you need.
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    You remembered wrongly. Nigerian Prince. I get your bank info, you get putter. also, you get screwed.
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    I think it was a Siberian prince Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I sous vide all my steaks now. Finish in a cast iron with garlic and butter to get that crust. Perfect medium rare every time!
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    Hmmm we never did announce the winner of the 2018 Odyssey contest. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I'd be happy to replace golfinnut in the testing if you're looking for someone
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    I cant believe nobody jas mentioned balls or mats. This is a driving range. They are as essential to his siccess as beds and a shower are to a hotel. Dont skimp on balls Get a good quality range ball—Stixon makes a good one—and please for the love of all things good---dont get the restricted flight balls. Make sure he rotates them in on a regular basis. Keep them clean and I'm good repair. Don't skimp on mats. Good ones are expensive but if you get cheap ones that wear down in 5 months people won't come. Covered hitting area and heat are essential if you're in a seasonal climate. Ideally it would be nice to have a hitting studio. That has permanent walls and interior and then an open garage door type access to hit onto the range. And the door can close down in extreme cold and be an indoor instruction area. Hire a PGA pro if he is serious about lessons/fittings and club sales. Most OEM have a very reasonable fitting cart program. And as Har mentioned, lots of demo days! Also right after balls and mats, to me is the actual range area. As Cnosil said. Lots of short gsme targets. Well defined flags and landing areas for the longer shots. Hopefully a nice looking grass area that you can clearly see your shots land. A lot have mentioned a practice bunker. Nice thought. We have one for short and long shots. And is litteraly never used. Remember we are the 1% here. Most average Joe consumers aren't going to come in and spend $10 or $15 on a bucket of balls and go "waste" them in bunker shots. They want to bang the driver 50 times. Ha it's a nice thought. But trust me it will get next to no use. Rather she that money spent on balls and the labor time spent on keeping the range grass looking nice. All the ideas about reduced or free things for kids to get them involved with Dad or the family are great and we do pretty well with that. Consider a kids clinic in the summer. Those are the main things right off the top of my head.
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    Love Ping bags. It's a shame that I'm a headcase and can't use a bag of a brand whose clubs aren't in my bag haha
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    A “fairway” bunker, almost every golf course has fairway bunkers, yet I don’t see any driving ranges anywhere that have a bunker that you can full swing out of. There is no place to practice hitting out of a fairway bunker. Range memberships work well, or some type of discount for the guys that come often. Also a discount for juniors. Or family things, something like Dad buys a bucket, kid gets a small bucket free. Maybe a way to get more families together on the range
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    I currently have the I200's and I can hit a low driving shot quite easily. I think you should be able to hit a low driving shot with any players club and a decent fitting shaft. It becomes much harder with players distance clubs like the P790 though. They are designed to launch high and fly far.
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    - Buddy hits a worm burner: “Smart move keeping it under the wind.” - “Dead Sheep/Still ewe“ “You’re still away.” (No matter how it is said, that one hurts on the receiving end) - “You really cranked that one............ into the trees.” - “Nice shot. That was like my drive.... only shorter.” Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Can’t really add more than what was already mentioned. It is sad to think that in my area there is only one stand alone driving range in a reasonable driving distance. The 3 courses I usually play at all have a driving range area onsite. The closest one is revamping their practice range and adding in short-range and bunker practice areas which I am VERY excited about. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Similarly, my buds and I will always yell "GET THERE!!!" after a duff with no chance of getting there. Also, "Forgot to put your purse down first" on short putts. Finally, "You'll have to go to Narnia to find that ball" when a shot goes way into the trees. Sent from my Nexus 6P using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    LOL! I think that one might need to go into the, "What's your worst joke?" thread.
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    Played a quick 9 this afternoon. Sunny, 54°, couldn’t help myself. Ground is an absolute big right now after a week straight of rain. Shot 45. Had only one triple on a par 5. This round got me to 54 holes since last Saturday. Hoping to play 18 after my lesson tomorrow and then again Sunday with a buddy. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    This kind of positive review is bad for my bank account.... That said, my miss is a hook, and so I'll have to do a real fitting to make sure it isn't too draw biased.
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    Greetings from the sunrise side of Michigan. Hoping to get to your side this season, Arcadia Bluffs is on my list for April, weather permitting !!!! Welcome... Chris
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    Glad you guys figured out the radar. When the number blinks that means it recorded the same speed twice.
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    They use the local reps, don't think they send the trucks out here, I've never seen them. I know Kevin Na went to the same place I had my Mizuno fitting done to dial in some stuff a couple years ago. Side note, we have arrived boys! Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Thanks guys. He is adding some kind of indoor simulator that you can rent to play different courses I believe sial in your yardage . There is a bunker but it more designed for greenside play. Great idea on a fairway bunker. He has addded heaters and has most everything mentioned and just started carrying a major OEM of putters, metals, wedges, and balls. His merchandise is some raingear, balls, tees, gloves, local college bling, Footjoy, and basic odds and ends. The range is a mile from my club whixh is semi private with a bunch of retirees that are very frugal and in a capital city which is notorious for being very tight with money spending.
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