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    Headed out in a few minutes for my regular Saturday game. Hoping for 36 today. It’ll be my first recorded round at my home course. Spent 2 hours on the range yesterday afternoon, feeling good today. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Guys and Dolls scramble (seniors and ladies). We didn't win, but I got KP with a perfectly executed 8 iron from 137 yds using a Snell MTB Red for this shot....
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    I've been chasing that little white orb since the late 70's. Started with a used set that was a little on the short side, I was told that they were cut down to shorten the shaft. Finding used left handed clubs in the late 70's was difficult to say the least. But I hacked and slashed my way around the course for almost 10 years with those clubs. Then I found another used set a little better fit for me, over the years I would find other used clubs that were better each time. I made a promise to myself that one day I would get myself new clubs. That day has finally arrived. I got fit by Ping and ordered a complete set of Ping G410's. Driver, 3 & 5 Wood, 20* Hybird, 5 thru LW irons. Not sure if my game will improve but I'll look good out there (LOL) It's like Christmas in June Chris
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    So far the weekend has been a bust. Rained out today but looking better tomorrow. Playing at Terrace Downs for the first time tomorrow. Will try to get lots of photos to show off.
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    LOL I can only assume you can pull the look off---- I know I can't I would look like one of those concrete pylons at the end of a runway warning pilots they are about to screw up and run out of runway. BTW off topic but when searching for a Emoji and scrolling through them it has the same format as my phone including the "birdie" finger
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    I dunno but now have a craving for a pepperoni pizza! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My SCOR 60 is pretty much spent. It’s been in my bag for around 6 years perhaps longer. In fact it’s the last piece of equipment still in the bag from the MGS tour staff contest. We had a rough start together, in fact I’m sure it only stayed in my bag because I gave my Ping Wedges away to a friend who helped me win the contest by putting together a huge voting block of Lutherans in the upper Midwest. I had trouble with the V sole at first especially since it was very wet when the wedges first came. But after a few months I had it down and it was almost magical out of traps - magical for me and my shallow AoA being I could get the ball out and on the green nearly every time. The past several months I’ve noticed that the ball isn’t grabbing on the greens around the green like it used - the trajectory is still there but I can’t get that little grab that has made it so effective. I’ve replaced my other wedges with a second round of SCORs and they are great. I also have a back up set of Hogan TK 15’s in the closet. I’ve practiced with them some and while they are different they are similar enough that I will be okay whenever they come in. But this is a biggie. I couldn’t find another new SCOR or Hogan TK 15 60 with the shaft that I wanted. The Equalizer looks too different to try for $200. So for $50 brand new this TK 15 61 should do. It’s getting wet here so I may be able to live with my SCOR for just a bit longer. But it’s days are numbered. I’m scared to write it but meet my new go to wedge: Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I cracked it!! Shot an 88 today at Da Club...with 42 putts. Hit some very good, some good and some bad but I was just humming along playing my game. The driver is coming along. I changed the setting to upright and it seems, at this stage, to be what I needed. Longest drive was 257 and shortest (off the heel) was 193. All in all, I'm happy.
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    He's really getting dialed in.
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    Went to last nights game. First four innings were sloppy and slow - each team was charged with an error but there were several marginal plays. Nice to see Mike Trout for sure. And then some baseball broke out. The beauty of this game is that if you can just keep hitting you don’t loose your turn. The Rays scored 5 in the 6th and 4 in the seventh batting around both times. Penny enjoyed KK’s pinch hit single - I’m an Avisail Garcia guy - his hit tied the game. Her buffalo chicken Mac and Cheese looked amazing. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Have just received the first set of new irons I have ever owned, have always had second hand gear before. I bought the Ping i210 irons 4 through U. Got them with Dynamic Gold s flex. Had one round so far and managed 34 points so not too bad, need to work out the yardages as these have a more traditional loft than my old Shark irons and I found a couple of shots that I thought I struck well came up a little short of what I expected. Love the look and feel of these irons so looking forward to hopefully getting my handicap down. Am aiming for 18 by years end!
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    Today during a chaiity scramble, two kids from a college team were playing. On the CTP hole one hit it to 3 feet and told his buddy. "Looks like I'm going to get some $$$$. His buddy said. ...Hold by beer......and of course holed it out for a Hole in One!!
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    Went to the range yesterday with a guy from work. He hasn’t played in years. But I inspired him to take it up again, along with 2 other people over the past few years. Anyways. I have been struggling with the driver for 2 years. Something clicked yesterday, I ended up hitting a whole bucket, and I actually enjoyed hitting the thing, because they were going where I told them too. Weird. Next time I go I won’t remember any of it.
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    Got my first one today! 137 yard 8 iron.
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    Got a V/M from the golf shop that my Mizuno irons were in, one week early! Not a surprise but I could tell from 20’ away that they were RH. All the paperwork was correct LH clearly stated. I can’t count how many times this has happened. They are trying to get my clubs by Tuesday that would be great. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I just got back from spending a couple hours at the practice green, mainly focusing on putts of 10 feet and shorter. Some trends are starting to develop, but I don't want to spoil it until I get more time on the green. I will say early results suggest the Stroke Lab has a fight on its hands. This may change as I get further away, we'll see. I'm sure a little bit is due to my comfort level with my Ping.
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    So in asking this question, I know there are about a million variables that can change the answer (which should make it an interesting discussion). This past week, I got a chance to play two different courses, which is unusual for me, as I play nearly all my golf at my home course. As I've noted in other threads, our course is short: it barely cracks 6,000 yards from the back tees. It's a par 71; my scores cluster pretty tightly around 90. My best round has been a 77. The first course I played this week is 6,297 yards from the back tees. The second course, SentryWorld, offered a mixed tee option that I expected to suit my game; the blue/white tee comes in at 6,401 yards. With those extra yards, I shot a 92 (+20) at Trout Lake and then a 91 (+19) at SentryWorld; that is, pretty much exactly what I shoot at 6,000 yards. In fact, over my last 8 rounds at my home course, I've been averaging closer to 21.6 over. So there's a strong argument that I played better with an additional 300–400 yards to navigate. This is an interesting question for me, because I normally play such a short course, and want to have a decent understanding, objectively, where my game stands. So in your opinion, how much do you expect that adding yardage changes your expected scoring?
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    There may be a happy ending to this story. A week later, I put a battery back in the drone, and it powered up. Connected it to my phone, and the wifi still works. Transferred over the video and photos on the drone without issue. Still haven't flown it yet; the phone that connects to it needs to be charged back up. But even for the drone to power back up after going for a full submersion in a lake is pretty impressive.
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    Tease for my round report for Monday... I suck at golf
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    ... Rev, I can send you my scoring tool that will bring those SCOR wedges back to life. They may begin to develop some rust but if you put some oil on the face and keep them clean and you were going to replace them anyway it is a great option. Unless you were looking for an excuse to start playing the Hogan.
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    welcome to the age of the drone! Stunning looking images they provide and an unusual perspective- I like it.
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    Mine arrived today. Can’t wait to try them out on the course! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Taking a new approach to practice. Shorter but more frequent sessions that end when I accomplish what I set out to do.
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    Shot a tidy little 73 today, with an eagle on a par 5. Solid drive and a smoked 4 wood got me to the dance, and a double turn 60 footer putt. Best part was a PB from one of my regular compadres at 71. You just couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, his old best was a 75, same track...
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    Does the camera work seem to be better at this event than usual? There’s been shots of Pebble I’ve never seen B4 especially from the water back towards the course. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    June 14th Update This Sunday I'm off to China to make some curling ice and sadly the stroke lab will not be making the trip. So although I have some material to keep everyone entertained during the lull of play I do have a bit of info after my first 3 rounds. So far I'm impressed. I have had all of 2 three putts so far and last rounds was completely my own stupidity and not the stroke labs. As for round breakdowns those I will save for future, but here is a good showcase of them so far. Feel free to compare to the stage one graph shows the same numbers but from the previous 60 some of rounds.
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    No excuses, the forum wants 8 weeks of great golf, hard competition, solid testing, excellent banter not 1 minute of laughing at an unfit middle aged man trying to look impressive and then 8 weeks of me crying about rupturing something and having to withdraw from the challenge Actually how about I make a deal with you all. If I win this challenge I will do a haka. How's that? #ohcrapwhathaveidone
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    Hit half a bucket. Hit it so well that I walked away and left half of my balls.
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    PING Apologist "APPROVED" Enjoy the snot out of them! The G410 series is legit and you will certainly have fun (and look damn good doing it!) for sure. Cheers!!!
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    Just ordered this from my now favourite golf apparel site.
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    Chisag may have just made Revs week
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    Well perhaps I was looking for an excuse to buy a club. Just maybe.... Tell me about the scoring tool? How does that work? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Ran across a couple of "oldies" that I can't seem to get out of my head... I remember going to the roller rink in the 70's and this always seemed to be on loop. Another classic one, but this time from the 80's... Vocals are impressive as it the guitar...
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    Would you rather play golf with no depth perception (and no distance aids), or with only one arm? My golf coach in HS only had one eye and his depth perception was terrible. He couldn't read a putt but was still scratch so you can still play without it. Would you rather have a helping breeze on every shot, or have friendly trees that knock your ball back in play? I'll take the friendly bounces. Would you rather have the starter tell you that the round is going to be six hours, or that somewhere on the course, there's a bear in the woods? If the bear stays in the woods and doesn't come out... I'll take this one. If the bear is coming out at all, I'll take the 6 hour round.... I'll just also need a cooler of beer.
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    Easy Rick! This is a family forum...
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    Unfortunately no golf for me this weekend. We're heading to the inlaws for a Father's Day get together. I'll try to socialize but more likely than not I'll be sitting in front of a TV watching the US Open.
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    I want (need) to hear the F9 is stunning, a beast, easy to hit, goes miles, off centre hits still get out there, hit every fairway etc etc
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    I've been enjoying it
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    And they will more than likely be sitting on the shelf after the Snell test----- Yeah the Snell is that good of a ball!!! I am a big fan of the Snell and Vice balls and have been playing them for a little over a year--- I would have applied for that test but right now do not have the time to put them through the wringer my way and write them up like I do
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    I've watch the interaction between Spieth and Greller over the past several tournaments. When the camera is on them after a shot, Jordan is talking and Greller doesn't say a word; not looking at him, not shaking his head, nothing. Jordan just keeps talking. Other than Greller doing his caddie duties, I don't see much discussion between them; it's all one way conversation.
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    They finally arrived Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Wow. 289. Is that real? I think in New Zealand golf must be different... After further review I don't see a single par 4 over 400 yards... Are you playing mini golf out there?
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    Did you play better because those courses were new to you and you were thinking about the layouts because they were unfamiliar, and paying more attention to your aim and shots? It may be that subconsciously you're not focusing as hard at your home course because of familiarity. Just a thought that the course being unfamiliar may have had more of an impact than the actual length...
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    I’ll take never 3 putt! Would you rather get a Hole In One and quit golf forever or knowingly go without one forever? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    What the fuh is a metre?! Can you convert to freedom units please?
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    Par 3 distance usually has more effect on my score than overall length as well. I have a higher chance of making par on a long par 5 than a 200+ yard par 3, because I have a higher chance of hitting fairway with a reasonable amount of distance with driver than I do hitting the green with a 4i or 5w. I play courses ranging from 6000 to like 6600 and I'll shoot 85 on either of them because I suck
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    Yeah great golf might be pushing it... but check out the start of this round Oh and the distances are metres not yards
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    So far they both feel amazing when you middle them and feel similar in miss hits. The Mizunos apparently sound "softer". The biggest difference so far is the Cobras stay straighter and fly further on miss hits. I hit one shot that felt like a high toe so I walked to where it would have been if it was the Mizuno and it wasn't there. I followed the same line and it was 40 yards further on
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    Am I the only one who thinks Fox’s broadcast is actually decent? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Good Day all, My name is Lynn Parker (male) I go by Alzo I've been playing since I joined the military back in 1984, but was only once in a while golfer, I have since graduated to a regular golfer. My current handicap is 7.3 and fluctuates between 3.5 and 8. I love being outdoors, the challenge of the game every day, hole, swing can be different, the playing in events or just your buddies on the weekends and I enjoy walking and carrying my bag as often as I can (even when it's over 100 degrees). I currently live in Las Vegas and do not have a home course but I have played every course in the area except for Las Vegas Country Club, The Wynn and Shadow Creek. So if you are coming to Vegas to play and need any course info let me know. I stumbled across MyGolfSpy while looking for some reviews on golf equipment. I am interested in the attempts to try new equipment and write solid reviews to help golfers of all types and ages. I have enjoyed reading the forums in the past and decided to give my own spin in areas of interest on the forums. The best thing about golfing in Vegas in meeting people from all over the world, I have met/golfed with players from England, Austria, Mexico, Spain...and many more. The worst part is the summer heat, it can be overwhelming in the afternoon, so you need to be up early and done early. I am retired USAF, but serve as a Unix/Linux Systems Admin for a contractor in town. My username is based off my middle name and my late fathers email address of alzoinVT; so in his honor I use alzoinNV. Thanks for having me and hope to get to know more people and pickup some knowledge along the way.
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