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Cracked Vice Pro from indoor use


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I have a net in the basement and I use a ball until it cracks and then put it in my cracked ball "trophy case".   Using different balls with various brands they all crack after awhile.   I wish I could say it is because of my incredibly high swing speed but it is not.  Most of my practice is done with an old 6 iron swinging around 80mph. 

Driver - Ping G410 Plus 10.5 - Ping Tour 65 Stiff

4 Wood - Callaway Rogue - Project X Evenflow blue 6.0

Hybrids - Titleist 818 H2 -  3(c-1) and 4(c-4) - Tensei CK Blue 70 stiff

Irons - Callaway Apex  CF 16 5-AW - True Temper XP 95 Steel Stiff

Wedges - Ping Glide 54 SS, 58 TS

Putter - Edel e1 Torque balanced


5.5 Index

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I've never cracked a ball, but I cracked open an old driver on the range once about 15 years ago.



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Annnnnnnnnnnd you have been one upped! lol

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I have cracked many balls and the ripped the net hitting into it. I have cracked Rock Flites to Pro V1s and everything in between. No ball can withstand shot after shot.

Wilson Staff C300 9.0* Fujikura Pro 58 stiff

Callaway Rogue 3W Mitsubishi Diamana D+ LTD 80 stiff

Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI 2 iron UST Mamiya Recoil 95 stiff

Ping I200's 4-W Aerotech Steelfiber I110 CW stiff

Ping Glide 52* and 58* stiff

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As many of us can attest to- you can literally melt a barrel by firing hundreds of rounds through it in a short period of time. This is because, even though it is inert- non operating, energy is expended through it's length during use. Energy expenditures bleed heat. Heat is bad for longevity. I don't see why it would be any different for golf balls.

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I owned a retail golf store 15 years ago and we had a Full Swing Golf Simulator. Don't pretend to know the science but we cracked balls of all sorts very regularly. Pro V to Top Flite, it made no difference. I guess if you hit just into a net it would take a lot longer but those impact screens are pretty firm and heavy so doesn't take long for a single ball. We made some of the OEMs send us free balls monthly to use when Demo-ing their clubs

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:vokey-small: 54 and 60


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Thought I’d revive this thread after googling cracked vice golf balls. I have their latest 2020 version of the Pro’s. have been hitting them in my sim over winter along with a mix of other golf balls (pro v1, Kirkland, etc) so all balls getting equal duty. Only the vice pro’s have cracked on me... 3 times!  While all the others the covers have worn down significantly but no cracks. 95% of shots with irons, a few with hybrids and next to none with driver. From my unscientific “tests” it appears there’s an issue with the vice balls.. I mean even the Kirklands are still going strong after an entire winter of hitting the same set of balls!!  I did post on their Instagram account but no response. Not going to bother with following up with their customer service will just finish off my boxes and look for another value packed brand.  Oh and my screen is a sawdust mesh. Super soft like punching into a pillow lol. 

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I've bought a batch of several dozen lime vice pro and vice pro plus before season began.

Not used in a SIM just on course and 2 balls did this... In one week...I swing at 99mph driver so I'm not a fast swinger.

Shocker. Posted on Facebook no reply from them. Not impressed.



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