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    Check it out: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/28411127/introducing-small-group-trying-take-change-golf-equipment-industry
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    Hemmed and hawed for a bit, but just pulled the trigger on these shoes for @Kirke: It'll be his first pair of real golf shoes. He'll be excited because they're Rickie's shoes. I'm happy that his feet won't be soaked through every time we play a dew-sweeping round. They were new on eBay (from a PGA seller) for $35. More than I like to pay for kids' shoes (I'm cheap), but he'll be thrilled.
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    Picked up the new Pup today. Trying to figure out a name for him. I’ve already been denied any sort of golf related name. So far we have: Fisher Crew .... Any that’s about it.
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    I’m with @GSwag here. Like most of you have said, nobody BUT Reed would get this reception after what happened at the Hero. And why is that? Well, because he has a reputation. If it happened to someone with a clean past, we could chalk it up to a honest mistake and move on. But since Reed is a notorious cheater, he deserves to have the moniker follow him around for a while. I also don’t mind him being called out for being a cheater. If you cheat, you need to be prepared for the consequences. I think people should be allowed to voice their opinion on someone whether or not those opinions are positive. The only thing I have a problem with is that we continue to drag Reed’s family matters into this. It should in no way affect our opinions of him as a golfer. While I agree the optics of his family aren’t great, I know firsthand how much things can get twisted. I personally don’t have a relationship with my father, and if y’all were to only hear from him, you’d receive a completely inaccurate portrait of him and me. He was an abuser, emotionally and otherwise, but if you heard from him, he’d portray himself as a saint, and wonderful father. This isn’t/wasn’t the case, but you wouldn’t know that just hearing from him. So please, stop bringing personal matters into a public setting. Nothing good comes of it, and we will likely never have the full story.
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    Golf has often had a—shall we say—tense relationship with its tech and innovation. [Irony alert: Nike isn't "playing in the now" anymore.] Be that as it may, there are still extremes with golfers and tech. Some head to the course with enough distance-measuring tech to open a land-surveying company. On the other extreme are those pacing off distances from every available sprinkler head. It's time to give sprinkler-head guy a heaping of modern tech! Ten MGS Forum members will be reviewing the SkyCaddie SX400 over the next couple of months. They'll give us the lowdown on its features, ease of use, and accuracy. And they'll let us know if they're ready to give up on the sprinkler heads. Testing the SkyCaddie SX400 will be: @SteddyGolf @gregh729 @Will_the_thrill @Quigleyd @gobama84 @CarlH @JohnSmalls @TR1PTIK @dbdors @TxRedMan Congrats to these members, and we're looking forward to reading your reviews!
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    I posted the same comment to the writer on Twitter. Sean Toulon is one of the most stand up guys in the industry. So it' not surprising. What a great read, those loud groans you heard though came from the land of THP
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    Basically look at performance results to determine what you need. Compare what you have to the “new” and see what changes. This is the same thing most people on here and fitters say. Like the SIM thread until you try It you don’t know what improvements you may or may not see. Who cares what the latest YouTube star sees with the club. The Gucci shaft options at club champion are partially the fault of your friend; he should have communicated price ranges and goals during the initial conversation of the fitting.
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    +1, well said. I watch the highlights on YouTube but I stopped watching the WM event a couple years ago. That's not my idea of golf and I hope that nonsense doesn't infect other tournaments, though it seems acting up and encouraging same is only becoming more common.
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    My first purchase of 2020. And m ok st will be shocked it's not clubs. But part of my commitment to practice with a purpose. Not just hitting balls.
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    Any fitting that doesn't start with a discussion about goals and budget is a bad fitting. Edit: and not blaming the fitter. The person getting fitted shares equal blame
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    We're a small but mighty bunch...ha And of those 12 there are really only 4 at HQ, Adam, Harry, Matt and Sam's open position. Tony is full time but is based in NY and Chris is full time in CO. The rest of us are all part timers.
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    I played the original and then the Apex cf 16 irons up until about a year ago when I decided it was time to switch to graphite irons. I tried a bunch of clubs, but was blown away by the performance of the M2 and Steelhead irons distance wise. I went with the SHs, and they were good, but not great out on the course. My buddy convinced me to try the Rogue X, and they were the longest iron I’ve ever hit. I kept them for 6 months, and my iron game has gotten worse. They just look too big, the long irons are fantastic, but the scoring clubs were just are all over the place. I knew I needed to change, and I again tested a bunch of clubs. I talked to a few of you here and want to thank all of you for your input. (Especially my fellow lefty @Rickp). I had narrowed it down to the PING G, Mizuno HM and the Apex 19. The Apex were my first choice, but $1400 for 5-aw is a crazy amount to spend in my opinion. I was just about to go with the Mizunos ( I loved their policy of no upcharge for shafts and grips, good on them!) for about $900, when lo and behold CPO had a 40% sale on irons. I talked to the rep, they had a set 5-aw with the exact shaft I needed, the Catalyst 60 5.5. for $745. Sold!!! They came yesterday, and they were brand new, never hit. Took them to the range yesterday and again today. I love them. The Catalyst shaft is perfect for me. I’m getting the rogue x distance, with a straighter, higher ball flight, not to mention the softer feel of a forged club I also love looking down at the thinner top line, and smaller head. I never felt comfortable using the rogue pw or aw around the greens, but I was immediately at ease with these at the short game station. I hate to sound shallow, but looking drop dead gorgeous in the bag doesn’t hurt either, lol. They just really appeal to my eye. So it looks like my “new irons journey” has come to an end. Thank goodness. It was exhausting, stressful, and nowhere near the fun I hear a lot of people say they have when looking for clubs. I hated it... The funny part of it is, I ended up back with the Apex. A newer version, yes, but the same club basically. Go figure.
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    I applaud Callaway's response to dedicate resources to improve their product. Wouldn't it be nice is all OEM's would use MGS test results to make their equipment better? Maybe they do, and we just don't know it.
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    you should come to a football match here in the UK, the organised hatred and disgusting vile abuse thrown at the opposition would make a Navy Seal blush! I took my young son to a local game a few years back, his face was in shock with what he heard.........at one point the police had to tell the guys in front of us to calm it or get removed. We left at half time! Remember Colin Montgomery used to get very badly heckled particularly in the States, all of it personal. Takes a certain type not to take it personally or not affect his game. We all want to be liked, even on here, but it only takes 1 or 2 individuals with an uncalled for throw away comment to start down a slippery slope. Usually these people are craving for attention and are narcissistic. I spent decades in psychology and these are 99.9 times out of 100 the reason. I have noticed golf crowds over here are fighting back -not literally- but will say something to anyone acting out of line in the crowd, if they challenge back then more get involved.
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    Just a normal, quiet two days. Nothing much going on. My new Apex 19 forged irons arrived yesterday, (I looooove them!,,,) and today I ordered two Md 4 wedges and two Cobra hybrids. Yawn....
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    Today was a chilly (43*) start at Babe Zaharias GC which found me shooting 41/49:90. Talk about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    I can get back in this thread after standing pat for 8 months. Have a 5 Hybrid on its way. Going to compare it to my 5 Iron. I did stock up on Srixons Z Star XV’s, but that’s not sexy enough to post! Can’t wait to go to simulator and let the games begin! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Working on developing the masters legendary swing. Here is my progress so far in pursuit of Mr Ben Hogan. All comments welcome
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    I am pretty new to MGS, but I immediately see a difference in the types of posts. With WRX the negative people really come out aggressively while the positive people rarely post anything. It makes it seem that only negative things are being said about a product or story. MGS members are more apt to post positive comments and there doesn't seem to be a fear that by doing so you will invite a storm of negativity down on you. The "troll" effect is much higher over there.
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    I think it is awesome that a team of 12 is making changes to a industry as big as the golf equipment industry. That these billion dollar companies are listening. Good work guys.
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    Time today for a quick 9 hole jaunt. Many of my problems were the result of rushing myself! Course was 32.5/105 good conditions Shot 44, 15 putts, 5 penalty, only 25% fairways, 3 pars and 1 rather ugly double bogie. I needed to finish prior to heading off to a full scheduled day; I tended to not take as much time just before a shot to make sure I was truly ready to swing.
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    And spectacular golf was what Patrick provided us spectators. Brendan Chamblee stated something to the effect that Reeds final round performance at The Sentry was among the best he'd ever seen from a scrambling, grind it out perspective. I don't recall what his one putt numbers were - only that he was double digits ahead of the field. I really admire his ability to scramble... round situations I can relate too .
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    Hard to impossible to make that a blanket statement. Some people may see losses, some no change, and some improvement. Depends on how well the driver fits the player. This is independent of the player having gone through a fitting or just picking the club off the rack.
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    Every good show has a villain. Reed is falling nicely into the spot and seems to be running with it. He seems (I say seems because I do not know the guy) to have a complete crap attitude but the guy is as mentally strong as anyone ever out there. He has the game to not need to cheat, but still does. Maybe it is just that he wants to win so badly he loses his mind. If your not cheating your not trying kinda thing. He seems to make a lot of bad PR moves, and it appears he is even not liked on tour so there may be a bit of fire to the smoke. He does make things more interesting when he is near the top. You can feel the dislike for him through the TV.
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    My aunt lived next door to the Reed's in Augusta for about 7 years while PR was in college and for a few years after. All I will say is, the general public certainly only has one side of the story. Sean O'Hair was willing to tell his side of the story and gained some sympathetic press in the process. Reed has never been willing to air his dirty laundry in public so, the media (especially the Shipnuck piece) hammers the only side they have available. In my opinion, it's irresponsible journalism but that's just me. Either way, PR needs to deal with his issues with the help of professionals or he will continue to be his own worst enemy.
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    Tolerated behavior becomes the standard. If the Tour will continue to allow clowns to yell and scream, there is no limit to what we’ll hear. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Our own Tony Covey stated awhile ago that manufactures were aware of how different launch monitors read head speed and that they could even manipulate the head in terms of color/finish and shape to make the monitor read slower or faster and thus influence the smash factor. Tony's point? Only ballspeed matters
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    I don’t get people’s need to heckle anyone regardless of sport or action. How bad is ones self esteem they have to rag on someone to feel good about themselves or act like they got the better of the person. Also don’t get why anyone cares. Whose life is affected by either Reeds actions intentional or not or if the guy was right or wrong to heckle him? i get it that it’s a good forum and the season is still not really under way but that event is in the past and life goes on. Wish society to get back to just booing bad plays, cheering good ones and if you don’t like something avoid it. need more positivity than negativity in the world
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    ... Did you say some new P790's? Epoxied them yesterday with a new GAPR Mid, so I just gotta cut the shafts and install the grips now that I am moving around like a human being again.
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    I have a good feeling about the young Lad. Choosing to go toe to toe with the Big Cat shows he has nerves... and he did well aside from a few shots. Great player, and I think more good tournaments are headed his way.
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    my sleeper is Abraham Ancer. I think he is due.
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    Completely outside of my career field. But I think we are going to name him Bosun. Going to get a few odd looks from the actual “Bosun’s” at work... but it’s a cool name. I tried for Han, Lando, Finn, Luke, Yoda... no joy. Working on Bosun Burk Eight so I can sneak a few BB8’s in there.
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    +2. Look at those eyes - can you deny giving him/her a treat.
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    Looks like a Seve to me! Adorable....
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    I believe Quagmire would say “Giggity” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The heckling may get worse with golf betting. As to Reed,.relative to the family comments, that has nothing to do with golf, but journalists today with latch on any negative story to get peoples attention. Remember ladies and gentlemen there are always 2 sides to a story.
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    You did your due diligence and found what works for you. Give it a few months and see how you feel after that. I guess I'm a bit different than you in that I am brand loyal to PING, because I've never hit a bad club from them. Bad swing perhaps, but never a bad club. And distance off of the irons is irrelevant to me, as I am looking for CONSISTENT distance with each iron. I don't need them to fly crazy long, but I need them to fly the same distance every time, because these are your scoring clubs and shots into greens need to be from a club you know will fly the same distance or similar distance every time. That's why I just shake my head at some of these commercials on TV where OEMs are advertising their irons as the "longest irons ever". Well, distance is great for driver and fairway clubs, but irons need to go what I expect them to every time.
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    Refer back to the picture above of the two of us. I'm the shorter one, and I'm 5' 10". @Tarheelvolvo definitely has some height. My neck was sore after the round from looking up
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    Update. wiped with damp cloth. cleaned with magic marker (worked well) Further clean with saddle soap (worked even better) Finally applied white shoe polish (not liquid) and a light buff. They look superb for a shoe I've worn on average 2 times a week for 3 years in all weathers! Final part is put in new cleats to have a pristine 'new' shoe for the season. Heres the kicker though-see what I did - they are Adidas Adi Power boost, all internet searches say the cleats were never intended to be removed and would last 2 seasons!!! so I have plastic stumps and not cleats now. Meh!
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    Well, I did something very stupid while practicing today. It’s been three weeks since I’ve gotten up to the simulator to hit balls, and during that time, I’ve been putting for a few hours every day. Well, my putting grip is a reverse overlap and my regular grip is just a plain overlap. So in my incomprehensible genius, my instinct was to just grab a club and swing with a reverse overlap. Needless to say, the first 30 minutes didn’t go that well. (Not that the next 30 minutes with my proper grip went much better.) At least I identified a grip that isn’t for me.
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    Bases on some feedback the testers received from @GolfSpy Stroker, I got a little ahead of myself. Wanted to take it back to the start and show everyone how the product arrived and some initial thoughts. Great looking balls, crisp packaging, much like you would expect, but since golfballs.com had to repackage them after the custom Align XL printing was applied, I was even more impressed that it looked like OEM packaging from the start. Also, there was a great personal note from their Dir of Marketing, which was a nice touch. The line itself goes halfway around the ball, much like their site described. I've included a pic and video to get a better sense of the line. Yes, it's a caddy shack reference The color is true, lettering is legible and clean, and it has the same sheen as my ball. Unsure if the printing would be matte on a like a Volvik vivid ball, though... maybe another test needs to be conducted. My only very minor gripe is that the printing can be a bit faded in spots. Others have taken close-up shots of the line and some of the printing issues that show so I didn't include mine here. I've got a few of those too, but it's not a distraction on the tee or green since the ball is over 6' away from my eye when I'm bent over the club.
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    Robot testing would likely only do an even better job of showing gains over M5 as that’s part of how these clubs are tested at the OEM and where a lot of the marketing claims come from. What really matters though is how golfers swing the club because nobody is out teeing it up with a robot. You are correct though. Year over year improvements are typically quite marginal - especially for slower swing speeds. That doesn’t mean an individual golfer won’t see significantly better results. It just means they shouldn’t expect it.
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    Ian did work as a fitter for TaylorMade for awhile but TXG is brand agnostic. They've also had Chris Voshall from Mizuno on the channel on multiple occasions. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    As Ian explained the monitors don’t always rea speed the same for every head and the different shapes of m5 and sim could cause different readings and he’s more interested in the output rather than the input which is why when you look at ball speed increase with better standard deviation, consistent spin and a more stable head Matt gained 10 yards, basically eliminated one side of the course all of which come a YOY comparison sim is significantly better than m5
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    Watch the video of their initial impressions on the clubs where they have a TaylorMade engineer speaking about the technology. 10 times better, probably 1000 times better, than watching Rick Shiels videos! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Way to finish off strong! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We all had a great time. But the penalty strokes were out with a vengeance. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Testing the SkyCaddie SX400 will be: @SteddyGolf @gregh729 @Will_the_thrill @Quigleyd @gobama84 @CarlH @JohnSmalls @TR1PTIK @dbdors @TxRedMan Congrats to these members, and we're looking forward to reading your reviews! Full announcement and reviews are found here.
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    So, my wedge game has been TRASH lately, (I mean WORSE than the rest of it [emoji51]). Had some free time today and stopped at Haas Family Golf (shameless plug for Jay, Jay Jr & Bill) and hit nothing but wedges for an hour. Moved a bit away from the ball and moved the ball position back a good bit, and “Voila!” I love this game again. BTW: If you’re looking for wedges, and don’t have Ping in your list, it’s a mistake, IMO. These beauties are money, even in my less than stellar hands. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    The results are going to vary from person to person and a golfer swinging 90 might or be a fit for the sim. It’s another reason companies offer various models so that they cover all the golfers. I’ve seen on other sites that people have gained 1-3 mph is clubhead speed or ball speed depending on who was posting. TXG is going to do an m6 to sim max comparison. This will be where we can see how a design that is more beneficial to slower speeds compares to the previous year. Ian and Matt both think that the difference between those two heads will be closer to each other than the m5 and SIM are. The facts in the TXG video show that from the m5 to the sim there were improvements made. But as TXG, MGS and various others always say go test for yourself and get fit.
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