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Iron head covers!🙈

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My First Strike irons have a hybrid head design and whenever I look at neoprene head covers in the stores I can't get an idea if they would fit the clubheads. It would be nice to preserve the paint remaining on the clubhead backs not yet abraded from striking each other.  Less sound is preferred as there's enough unsilenceable ringing in my head already. 

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22 minutes ago, EasyPutter said:

My First Strike irons have a hybrid head design and whenever I look at neoprene head covers in the stores I can't get an idea if they would fit the clubheads. It would be nice to preserve the paint remaining on the clubhead backs not yet abraded from striking each other.  Less sound is preferred as there's enough unsilenceable ringing in my head already. 

You may want to check out the Craftsman headcovers on Amazon, if I recall they have some which may fit over the hybrid iron style head.

Easiest way to see them is to look at a Craftsman headcover, and then use the link to visit their store to see all they have available.


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10 hours ago, Alan Scalzi said:

Just wanted to know if I'm not the only one!! Just purchased a set of callaway rogue irons ( played 2 rounds , best 2 rounds of my life) I hate hearing them beating against each other in the bag during the round! So I just purchased a set of callaway iron covers! I can't be the only one?


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I use iron covers. I have soft forged irons, and I ride my escooter to the range most of the time, and don't want to beat the s*** out of the clubs bouncing around on my back the entire way there and back and destroy the eventual resale value.


I had a bit of Captain America theme happening with my Odyssey 2-Ball, and my partner found some semi matching ones on Aliexpress that are great quality and look great too.

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11 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:


Let's work on converting one golfer at a time in this target rich environment 

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Not for me, but there are irons that are pretty enough they could be justified!

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I had covers on my 2019 Apex irons and took them off after a year. Bad mistake. They still work but are all beat up looking now. On my new set of ZX5's I use these.


They work great, look like new after 2 years and you can mix them up and still see what club you are pulling. 🙂

What's in the bag? This is....
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I also use Garmin Approach S70 and a Bushnell V3 (no slope)
And a Full Swing Kit launch monitor for the three times a week or so when I practice. 


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I have used iron head covers for several years for the same reason. Just hate that "chatter" sound the heads make. I also believe, (just my opinion) that it keeps the gloves from being damaged. And, my covers have very large numbers on them that has saved me from gra bing the wrong iron for my next shot.


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I have used iron covers for thirty plus years now. It's a simple argument to make, imo. You put a head cover on your $500 Stealth driver and your $400 Scotty Cameron so why wouldn't you do the same for $1500 dollars worth of irons? Plus, as has been said previously, no dings and no annoying rattling! However, it's not easy to find covers that both look good and last. I'm using Craftsman covers currently and they will need to be replaced shortly as they have worn badly.

Just checked the link ckeller52 posted and they are "currently unavailable".

Interesting - me?

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I never used them when I walked and my Callaway x forged clubs looked great after 10 years.  Since I must use a cart due to a back issue, and  got Apex 19 forged, I use club glove oversized covers. The standard size was too small and the neoprene tore.  These stay on fine and are easy to remove.




I hated caddying for people (in the 60s) that had them, the old leather ones always fell off.

Edited by JohnFP

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It’s a fact that your irons will stay in far better shape with iron covers, no comparison. I sold my 20 yo W/S RM Midsize irons a while back, most people thought they were nearly new. The buyer was thrilled.

It’s a fact that most people don’t know or care if their irons get beat to a pulp in a couple years. Many of my buddies don’t even cover their woods, hybrids or putters so obviously not iron covers. And their clubs are trashed.

So you make your choice. I could care less what others choose.

That said, iron covers take time - so I use iron covers on every other club. Exposed irons only contact irons with covers, so just as effective as covering them all. Stagger rows. Works great.

I also leave the cover off my driver when I am playing, since it stands above all the other clubs it can’t hit anything. Cover goes on in transit only.


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When I got my Mizuno irons I bought head covers for them, but I didn't like keeping track of them. I just bought a new bag that keeps all the clubs separate and now they won't rattle so I'm excited to try that. 

D, 3W, 3H - Ping G 425 Irons - Mizuno SEL Tour 4-GW, Wedges Vokey S8 54° and 58°, Putter - Ping CA 70

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I never have used them, primarily because I've played Ping irons almost all my life - those things are tough, and you never seen bag chatter on them.  But the softer forged players irons are another story.  I recently bought a set of Miura TC-201's, and there was no way i was going to let those rattle around and get dinged up.  I've seen so many awesome used sets that just look horrible because of that (but they're probably still very playable).  So those have the iron covers, while my regular gamers (Ping iBlades) do not.

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I personally do not use them, but have never understood why anyone would give someone the side eye over it lol. Similar to the old “it’s YOUR money” ad, “they are YOUR clubs! Do with them what you want” is my approach. 


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I used them for the first year after getting the Mizuno's because I wanted to avoid that first ding.  But then after a scratch or two made their way onto the clubs I don't bother any more.  Kinda like parking that new car way out in the lot and then after a few months parkingcloser and closer to the store.

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On 5/6/2023 at 5:35 PM, Alan Scalzi said:

Just wanted to know if I'm not the only one!! Just purchased a set of callaway rogue irons ( played 2 rounds , best 2 rounds of my life) I hate hearing them beating against each other in the bag during the round! So I just purchased a set of callaway iron covers! I can't be the only one?

I use covers, same as you the about hearing the rattle. 

Ryan Gardiner 

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I am a Clicgear walker,  and several years ago I bought new clubs  and was looking at head covers on Amazon, well it was Fathers day the following week

ans quess what showed up for FD? Yep a nice set of head covers for my new irons!

Love them my clubs look new no club rattle as I skip down the fairway listening to my Classic Rewind! Highly recommend them

Thank you Amazon for sharing my search history with my wife! Now I do it all the time hoping to get other stuff. Now if that Alphard V2 would just show up!!!

I Play in SW WA and in the PDX area

I like to walk, I have a Clicgear with all the accoutrements and I am considering getting a V2.

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I use covers and have for a number of years. I have forged clubs so it only makes sense to me to have them covered. Steel might be another story for some. I use club glove covers. They last and they keep the clubs in great shape. Plus they havnt accidentally fallen off. 

Witb= Rogue max LS driver

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22 degree pxg hybrid 25 degree pxg hybrid  

6-pw Srixon zx5 mkII irons  traded in pxg 0211 from 4 years ago  

50-54-58 edel wedges with moveable weights  

labgolf putter with upgraded shaft  

thats 15 clubs  needless to say not all come to the course with me  


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I use them religiously.  Catch a lot of grief for it, from just about everybody I play with/against, but don't care.  Hate the clatter sound and am just not going to have a $1,200 purchase beat all to hell while traveling hole to hole.   Like others have mentioned, if you sell your old clubs, they bring much better prices if not beat up from bag chatter.  

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Not my thing, but live and let live. With a 14 way bag, I don’t notice any chatter. But I can see where that might drive someone nuts, so enjoy the little hats for your clubs.


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Bag:  Ghost MGS Anyday 14 way

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