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    It's been a while since I have posted. On January 1. I became a retired Virginia Gentleman. My participation on this site was available through the use of my office computer that I no longer have daily access. Due to my computer illiteracy, without its use, one could say that I am "off the grid". Occasionally, such as today, I am asked to come in to assist in projects that I was involved. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and to let you know how much I will miss my daily discussions with my MGS friends. The bad news is that I am "off the grid", the good news is that my retirement plans have been realized. Specifically, my desire to do something associated with golf during my retirement. I now work part time at a local Annapolis golf shop called Dukes Golf. To say that I enjoy the experience would be an understatement, the interactions with fellow golfers is better than I expected and I am learning a lot about golf equipment. The one thing I have come to know is how much I don't know.
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    ... I will admit putting can be unique. There are many ways to get the ball to roll into the hole. But there are also many ways to almost assure that ball will go anywhere but the hole. When I taught golf I gave a free short game lesson with every 5 lesson program. By far the biggest mistake I saw and continue to see is golfers breaking down their wrists, especially the right wrist for a right handed golfer. In the old days when greens were shaggy and slow, a pop stroke where the stroke was a flip of the wrist and it was successfully used by some on tour. Some were legendary putters. There are 2 reasons why this has a 99% chance of not working for you. 1) Pros roll hundreds of putts every single day and their feel and control is fine tuned and constantly maintained, so a flick of the wrist worked for some of them, but only with consistent daily repetition. 2) Todays greens are so much faster and smoother and it is very rare to see a Pro with a wristy stroke. ... I feel the best way to have a repeatable stroke is to allow your arms to hang naturally, then just like a pendulum, swing them back and forward the same length and same tempo going forward as your tempo going back. This gives you the best opportunity to hit your putt the same distance over and over again. Breaking your wrists and flipping them thru impact means every stroke is different because it is impossible to have the putter head pass your hands at the same spot on every putt. I found that even though hanging your arms naturally is the best way to putt as well as the most natural, for a myriad of reasons both physical and mental, many students were not able to just let their arms hang. But regardless of how you decide to stand and hold your putter, it is essential to not have the putter pass your hands going forward. ... This is my favorite drill to fully understand, as well as instantly check your putting stroke. Take a white tee and put it in the butt end of your putter so the top of the tee is pointing at your chest when you address your putt. Choose a distance and then stroke a putt like normal. With the feel of that distance still in your head, stroke a 2nd putt but do not look at the ball. Keep your eyes locked onto the top of the tee pointing at your chest and stroke the putt with the same speed concentrating only on keeping the tee pointed at your chest for the entire stroke back and forward. Many of you will see the tee point left of your chest on the backswing and even more of you will see the tee point right of your chest just past impact. Some of you may not even know you do this. Many of my students were surprised how much they moved their wrists in the stroke. For those of you with a very good sense of feel, you may actually release the clubhead just a little going back as well as forward and your tee with still point to your chest but a little left moving back and a little right moving forward and that's perfectly OK. This is a drill you can do on your carpet at home, but it works best on a real green with a hole. Good Luck!
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    It seems like we have more members participating in the discussions. Not sure if that's a seasonal 'thing' or more new members signing up and sticking around. Either way that's great news for MGS.
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    I'm leaving the office now and want to thank everyone for their well wishes, suggestions and comments. Darn, I'm going to miss this place. The next time, I'm asked to come in for any reason I will check in. I have purchased a laptop and now need to find out what to do with it and how to do it I wish all my MSG friends the best and hope to be back sometime on a regular basis. Until then, enjoy the game, appreciate that you can and do play the game and your fellow golfers. I don't know if its because the game attracts good people or creates good people, but it is my experience that the vast majority of golfers are good people.
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    What? No love for Patrick Reed to defend?
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    It definitely feels like both, I'm sure its partially seasonal but hopefully everyone sticks around. I know I went mostly dark during the winter months. It's torturous to talk and think about golf when you can't actually play, and thats coming from someone who lives in the southeast and has a relatively short winter. I can't imagine the pain people like @Shankster must go through. He might as well live in the arctic circle...
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    So purchase a tablet and hook into the internet, plenty of free WiFi out there, McDonalds, Starbucks, Chikfila, etc. You can spend a couple bucks by going to a pawn shop and getting a used tablet/iPad. We miss ya, Wahoo! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Sorry to hear things haven't worked out so well .
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    Not really golf related, but I finally bought myself a proper set of frames. Started wearing glasses full time a few years ago, and just been wearing the issued frames. Nike SB 7110’s (SB stands for SkateBoard) but I am saying it means Seve Ballesteros.
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    We appreciate the new members jumping in and wanting to tell us what's in your bag. Speaking for myself, I want to SEE your set-up. Please post pictures, too!
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    Are you playing the correct putter loft that allows you to put the proper forward roll on the ball to avoid skidding or hopping? Are you playing that correct lie angle putter that allows you to start the ball on line Are you playing the correct putter length and grip that allow you to make a consistent stroke? Is there a putter style and alignment aid system that helps you line up correctly more often than not? Is there a putter head style that matches your putting stroke, which allows you to deliver the head square more often than not? All of those things would be addressed in a good putter fitting.
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    HEADS UP!! Had to update the playoff bracket since there's only 3 weeks of FedEx Playoffs instead of 4. Same number of teams still make the playoffs (top 8 in each conference). Since we can't give out byes, we're giving a bonus to the top 4 teams in each conference for round 1. Plus, this keeps the spirit of the whacky scoring bonuses the tour added for this year too. Any questions? Just ask!
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    I'm hoping there's a support group we could point mackdaddy to to help him. if not, I have one question for him, "do you want an assistant?"
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    I posted on here in 2016, so since I’ve changed jobs, here’s an update: I work for the world’s largest Eye Bank.... Our company is one that will come and collect the eyes of organ donors, then we use the various “parts” for corneal transplant. I specifically call on Ophthalmic Surgeons, try to get them to use our corneal tissue, and sell them the devices used for the surgery, as well as train them HOW to do the surgery. Being in the OR is enjoyable, and it’s pretty crazy that I teach SURGEONS how to do their job! They went to school for 14 years, not me! Hahaha! I cover 8 states and travel WAY too much for my liking. I’d still love to figure out how I can get back to coaching, but I’m 50 with 15/11/7 year old kids... Not gonna happen until I’m 70! Hoping I can stay in Ophthalmology, but work for another company with a smaller territory. [emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374][emoji1374] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    How do you improve on a line of drivers that had a member of the family win the coveted Most Wanted Driver in 2018? That's certainly a tough task for any group of engineers. But the really smart guys in the lab coats in the rooms where nobody is allowed to go in Phoenix are betting they have done just that. And they have gone into uncharted waters to do so. PING has been if not the last , then most certainly the last major equipment company to produce a driver with movable weights. For years PING has stated that it had enough technology built into each version of it's drivers that you need not worry about unscrewing plugs, or sliding bars, or inserting cogs etc. They had done all the work for you and the driver would work just fine, and they did thank you very much. Well take a close look at the rear of the new G410 Plus pictured below. You'll see three possible ports for a movable weight, center for neutral, on the heel for draw bias and out on the toe for fade bias. People have finally gotten what they have clamored for. And for those who prefer a driver with a bit of a draw bias and don't need to change if from that, well PING hasn't forgotten you, as it made the G410 SFT--Straight Flight Technology--and it otherwise has all the same technology. Will this movable technology along with all the hosel adjustment that can moved into eight different configurations make one of the best drivers on the market year in and year out even better? Well we're going to leave it to four dedicated and trustworthy and oh alright, it's OK to say-- LUCKY as well-- members of the My Golf Spy forum to test, play, review--and keep-- these drivers. The members of the forum will anxiously be awaiting the results. The testers will be getting these drivers pretty much the same time they will be hitting retail shelf's, so you will be among the very first consumers on the course with these incredible looking drivers. HOW TO APPLY: in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following: 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and CN eligible. 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 3. Your current driver 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT Pretty straightforward! Good luck, and we'll be announcing the testers in this forum early next week! WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! Congrats to the following testers: @jlukes @fixyurdivot @tony@CIC @PING Apologist #9 Please see the post below for more details: Edited April 2, 2018 by GolfSpy Rob (see edit history)
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    All right Fess-Up!! Who's the wise guy? I got a personal call today from the General Manager of the Club Champion that will be opening in our area tomorrow. He said my name had come to his attention as someone who would be interested in coming in for a fitting!! They are going to be offering their 50% off Full Bag Fitting price during the Grand Opening period I thanked him for his time and appreciated the call, and told him I'm sure I'll be up to check it out at some point. So I've got this guy on the case to find out who did it
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    You can have Broke 80 but you owe us all a review before you get that 2019 Tester badge. Patience young Padawan.
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    They are both pieces of steel at the end of a shaft. The Putter like the driver helps put the ball in the hole. A 1* face issue with a driver will cause you to miss the fairway and will cause you to miss a 10’ putt. Having the putter that enables you to setup consistently and return to the current impact position is the best putter. This can be accomplished with a wide variety of manufacturers. Evnroll separate itself from Cameron based on how If helps mitigate misses based on off center hits
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    MGS has provided me sanity this off-season as I've barely touched a golf ball since November.
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    I really NEED some new wedges!!! Right now I kind of have a mixed bag of wedges, but really want to get a completely new set-up. I haven't gone anywhere to try any out, but I hear really good things about the Glide 2.0. I've always liked Vokey, but it's been a while since I've had a set of those. I guess I just need to go try some out.
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    Just ordered the Putt-Out putting mirror off of Amazon.
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    As I have posted in other threads on this, my issue isn't whether or not Schwartzel was worthy of a pace of play warning, bad time, or whatever, but for his conduct towards the rules official. Maybe it's just me, but when I was involved in organized athletics as a kid, if I mouthed off to an official, I was either thrown out of the game, or given a severe reprimand. The rules official is in charge, and you must respect his authority, right or wrong. If nothing else, I think Schwartzel deserves a huge fine, and a suspension from the Tour for his conduct towards the rules official. Again, this has nothing to do with right or wrong with regards to the pace of play issue, but everything to do with Schwartzel's conduct on the course towards the official. And in this case, Schwartzel is clearly in the wrong.
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    Hope it works out for you, I know how hard it is to raise kids those ages and have to travel a lot for work. I have 11 & 7 yr old boys and just recently retired from the Air Force. Thankfully I found a good paying job, where I don't have to travel anymore. I'm currently an estimator and do some design build projects for a mechanical contractor.
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    Good call. I think I’m going to jump on the SlingTV 40% off for the first 3 months thing or whatever it is, so I can watch proper coverage of golf tournaments, and that’s it.
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    If they cut it to $10, I MIGHT think about it. Until then, forget it.
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    I have looked into the Precision Pro a lot over the past year. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. Great product at a great price and stellar customer service at every level. The only thing holding me up is if I want to go with a GPS watch unit (thinking Garmin S20) or with a laser finder. Hoping to make a choice soon... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    http://www.masters.com/en_US/players/invitees_2019.html Well, unless he wins a tournament between now and the week before the Masters, or cracks the Top 50 in the world by the week before the Masters (currently #150) your pick would be one helluva story, because he's not even in the field of invitees currently. (He had a T7 at the Players last year, FYI http://www.owgr.com/en/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=16602)
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    Retired MMCM/SS ( US Navy Submarine Service 1970-1990), former stock broker, and now fully retired and full time golf nut.
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    For the last 12 years I owned a Pub and got to play lots of golf. I sold the pub and retired. I got bored and took a job as General Manager of a country club. I play split rounds now. In the morning the pro and I play nine and in the afternoon the Super and I play the other nine. Some days I play with the members if the invite me.
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    I just switched out my 5 and 6 irons for the Srixon Z U85s I was looking for a more forgiving strike than my KZG Forge III's and I wanted a few more yards out of each club for some of the longer par 3s on my home course I'm either over swinging for a few extra yards or I'm trying to layoff a hybrid by hitting a fade. I just got fit for an Epic Flash Driver in 10.5 with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 and picked up 14 yards over my M1
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    Looking for the perfect classic Ping putter to finish off my vintage bag. Bought a 7 putter lot on eBay. Two O-Blades, Two Pal, Y-Blade, Day, and Anser. Hopefully one fits perfectly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So, as mentioned, the test that MGS did a few years ago shows no real statistical advantage for the line, but I too am a line guy. I don't draw one on there, I use the company stamp or my own text from a personalization to line it up. For example, I love the Truvis from Chrome Soft, but when the pattern interferes with the line it bugs me something fierce.
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    I not only use the line for putting, I also use it when on the tee. I started doing it for putting and found that my alignment and aimpoint was considerably more consistent. After making the turn during a terrible driving round I decided to use the line on the tee to try to eliminate alignment thoughts when addressing the ball. My driving accuracy has greatly improved since that round. I found it also helps to visualize my swing path through the ball if I absolutely need to hit a draw or fade. Sent from my Moto Z3 Play using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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    Nice. I had a few pairs of Nike frames and ended up going to Oakley. Went with these in my latest pair and love them. I only wear contacts every once in a while these days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Spend the few extra bucks and get the Pro model with slope. Great unit and very customer service oriented company. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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    Wohoo! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Well I’ll gladly store any of your clubs in my garage [emoji16]. I’ll even take them out for a round or two so they stay in playing shape! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    My brother brought a NX7 last year after his old Bushnell gave up. He says the NX7 is an easier unit to use. I can’t wait for my sureshot to die so I can get one too. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    There’s a thread on Precision Pro NX7 and NX9. The NX9 is brand new and the 7 was last years “most wanted rangefinder” I was a forum tester for the NX7 Pro and couldn’t be happier. You can pick one up for around $200 via eBay. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    We saw our named mentioned here and was going to say something but everybody has already said everything we wanted to say. We cannot thank everybody enough for all the support and love and just wanted to remind everybody of our coupon code MyGolfSpy to take $20 off. Now just for some warmer weather so we can get back out on the course!
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    Driver Cobra F6 3 wood Adams Superline Super S Hybrid Adams Super LS Idea Irons Cobra Amp Wedges 52*Vokey SM5 56* Vokey SM5 60* Cleveland CG12 Putter Odyssey Versa #9 And my awesome my golf spy pure gray grips Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    In his spare time he"s a moderator on a serviceman's family support group website. I'm sure that's keeping him busy.
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    I applaud the rules official for doing his job. It doesn't matter where a bad time takes place on the course. Schwartzel was notified his group was being timed on the 18th tee for conduct on #17. They are still on the course so, by rule, in violation. Not to mention, they were likely given warnings prior, as is Tour policy, I believe. Schwartzel even stated in his press conference later, they finished 14 minutes behind the group in front of them. The group in front of them were 16 minutes behind the group in front of them and that group was 14 minutes behind the group in front of them. The PGA Tour sends pairings off in 9 minutes intervals. It's a huge problem if every group is 5 to 7 minutes off the pace! Just my opinion!
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    Ping isn't known for softness like Mizuno, miura, etc. Some people like their irons a little on the firm side. I'm one of those because I want to know where I'm hitting the ball off the face. A pure strike is a good, solid clip while a strike off the toe is felt with a little more harshness. I've got almost two dozen rounds with these clubs and they're not going anywhere. Not everyone will like the feel but they are a solid choice for distance, feel and forgiveness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I wish the Apple Watch had a good gps app feature Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    There are lots of thoughts and opinions on fitting a putter; probably more than fitting full swing clubs. Some of the schools of thought are: 1. Putting is a feel thing, it is a small stroke and you don't need to be fit. This school of thought works and is probably more for people that like to feel the head of the putter and how it swings through the stroke. They don't want numbers or analytics, they judge putters by looks and feel. Meaning when they are faced with a 10 foot putt, they use their senses to determine how to swing the club. There have been lots of successful players that use this approach. They will probably stick with a putter for a long time. 2. Based on your line of questioning, you probably fall into the more analytical approach and want to understand how putting works and be fit into a putter. There are multiple ways to fit a putter. Some of them you have already experienced: a. Edel - They fit based on aim and how you setup to the ball to ultimately set your putter square to the target line. Once they have accomplished that, they tweak the weight of the putter to smooth out the stroke to get you to roll the ball the same distance. They are fitting to the feel side of putting. b. Seemore - They fit you to a putting approach. Basically they designed a putter that is supposed to setup square to the target line and you are supposed to have a neutral stance and setup to try and return the putter to the same position. c. Fitting systems such as Quintic, Puttlab, iPing, Tomi, etc. - These systems measure the parameters of your stroke and try to figure out they style and design of the putter. They all do basically the same thing, they just measure things a little differently and label them differently. For example on iPing when they talk about slight arc, strong arc, etc.; they are talking about putter rotation and not the path the putter takes. Each has some algorithms that will help fit you to a putter based on what it considers optimal. Remember someone programmed these devices to analyze and make a recommendation. Is that recommendation right? You have to try the putters to find out. And from what I have heard, if you change to the recommended putter, it may recommend something else for you. d. other approaches - Based on setup or vision. Odyssey used to fit putters based on how far you stood from the ball the farther away, the more toe hang you needed; eyes over ball meant face balanced. My instructor fits based on vision. You can find a video on youtube with Mike Malaska and be better golf talking about this approach. In this approach you figure out how you best see the line to eliminate the issue of parallax. Why do you want to do this? Because the subconscious likes to take over and steer the ball based on what you really see; which is off due to parallax issues. Here is a putting study that kind of talks about this issue: https://www.adamyounggolf.com/putting-study/ . Once you are setup for vision, you then search for the putter that helps you roll the ball best. What does that mean? You need to be able to roll the ball at a particular speed and on a particular line to make a putt. There are multiple speed and line combinations, but you need to be able to execute that. Do you putt better with putters that are hotter off the face or that are slower off the face? This will impact your decision on inserts and groove patterns. How far away from the ball you stand will influence the arc the putter travels on and the putter will rotate more or less to stay square to that arc. You also need to consider if you stand open or closed to the line. If you are open to the line you may need a putter that remains open to the line to start your putt on the intended line. If you are closed you may need a putter that is closed to the line. This is where the design characteristics of a putter have influence such as CoG, MOI, toe hang, weight, offset, etc. How you swing the putter: arms, shoulders, one arm over the other will even influence the putters path and your putter needs. My non professional analysis is: Looking back at your iPing numbers we see the following: slight arc (rotation), slightly closed at impact (but that looks like it is based on 1 of 5, most seem pretty close to square at impact), back swing tempo varies a little, shaft leans back at impact (ball forward or hitting up on ball maybe??), tempo is 1.8:1 which is close to the theoretical 2:1 ideal, and you need a 70* lie angle. Base on the hands back, you want to deloft your putter which is why the 2* recommendation. The next question is what do you think about when you are putting? Are you person that likes to feel the head rotate and move the head of the putter, or do you focus on the weight of the putter and feel like you are moving your hands/shaft? The first may prefer a blade while the later a mallet. Based on the varying backswing tempo, I am guessing you miss short and long and the you occasionally pull the ball? Maybe I am wrong and if I am, what is your miss pattern? I know you are tall, but with a 37" putter, you are probably standing a little bit off the ball.
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    I've had the TaylorMade M5 or M6 driver on my mind. Two of my friends game the M3 & M4 versions and love em. One of the older dudes is cranking it out there pretty far. I hit his a few times and was pleasantly surprised! It wouldn't hurt to have a couple of drivers in my stall. I definitely will be in the market for a new gps watch this year. My current one is about to kick the bucket.
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    I’m 62 been retired almost 9 years now. Was the coordinating supervisor in the water works industry for ever. They did a restructure and decided to oust a few of us oldtimers with the “golden handshake” because we made too much in salaries/ benefits and retirements. I was very lucky and blessed in how things worked out for me. Wife’s an acct at a fancy city that keeps us in a great medical insurance system, so again, lucky and blessed. now my life’s goal is to shoot my age someday somehow...
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    Precision Pro NX7 is just as good as the Bushnell.
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